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JM_Runs #51

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/03/2009 05:03:41Copy HTML

Not sure if this is the right spot for this but here it goes.  Over the last weekend I took my 12 year old daughter to Niagara Falls and I wore my Flag thong while we were at the pool the morning we left. We had the pool to ourselves and the only one the came in was the girl that was bringing the towels in. I was a little nervous about wearing a thong in front of my daughter.  the night before I wore my black speedo with one inch sides, which she see's me wear all the time at the beach.  But I figured she's going to see it sometime so I went for it. At first I could tell it was weird for her but after about a half hour she was fine with it. I wasn't sure if she would go back to my ex-wife and tell her but I wasn't really worried a whole lot about it. I figure she has seen worse on the T.V. and in the movies.
dayne #52

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/04/2009 06:09:21Copy HTML

I hadn't thought of this for years.  One day my fiance and I were out shopping.  For the most part she'd only seen me in low rise Jockey briefs.  I had planned on giving her a surprise later that evening.  We happened by the men's section.  There was a mannequin with the newest and briefest fashion underwear that had just come out.  Just short of a thong.  I remember her remarking what kind of man would wear those?  Guess what her surprise was going to be?
JM_Runs #53

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/15/2009 05:37:53Copy HTML

My neighbours found out on the weekend - my wife told them.
Thongs and g's came up in the conversation (late at night after a few drinks) from the girls' point of view, then one couple mentioned a brother-in-law or some relative of theirs wore g-strings. At that point my wife pointed at me and said 'That's all he ever wears! He's got heaps!"
One guy asked me if I had one on at the time. I said 'Of course I have, it's all I ever wear and the only underwear I own!'
He asked me to prove it, so I pulled up the back over my shorts and showed him.
They were all surprised, and the following conversation was a little lively for a while, but the common consensus was 'Whatever you're comfortable with'. They ribbed me for a little while, and asked lots of question about comfort etc., but I wasn't ridiculed at all. Pretty good response really.
And nobody has even mentioned it since! But we'll see about that after a few drinks on another night...
John Howard #54

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/15/2009 08:03:34Copy HTML

Your wife was quite cheeky to dob you in, anyway your response of pulling down your shorts and showing them off was the best.  If you denied it or became embarassed, it would show lack of confidence and guilt.  I think that in these circumstances there is no middle ground:   or you succeed and react confident like you did, or you staff it up and end up looking like a shy little boy without personality. good on ya mate, and I wonder if some of these friends (male) do actually wear or have worn thongs, the rack for Maxx's g-strings at Target (the only store that still sells them as far as I know) sells like hot bread.  It's not possible that it's only us the people on this board, the guys who buy them. John Howard  
JM_Runs #55

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/15/2009 09:23:47Copy HTML

My wife calls it as it is - facts are facts - so there was no way known I could have denied anything. And I didn't want to. The only thing I don't want to happen is for people like that to banish me as a friend or lose all respect for me because of something as silly as underwear. I know it could happen, though, but that is more a reflection of the other person's character than my own. I also know my choice is not the common one, and many people may have a dim veiw of it. What helped a lot here, I think, is that I have become good friends with these people over the last 4 years or so, and they know that detail doesn't change the person I am. In fact it's all part of what makes me (however insignificant the fact).
In fact, I'm really pleased with the outcome!
JM_Runs #56

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/15/2009 10:58:45Copy HTML

By the way, neither of the two guys present would wear thongs. One is a meat-beer-sport kinda guy, who I actually get along with really well, and the other, well he wouldn't admit it even if it was only once in the bedroom sometime.

You're right about Target. The Maxx g's and thongs walk out the door at my local store, and it isn't all me either!
K-mart even stock them continuously. They actually had satin thongs printed with silver and gold designs recently. I bought a couple (even though the 'tack factor' was rather high), and went back a few days later to get more as they were great to wear. Guess what? None left.
There's at least 20 or so thongs in underwear drawers in my area!
JM_Runs #57

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/15/2009 03:29:05Copy HTML

Thongmad, congrats!  That's the right approach, right out front, no apologies.  None needed.  I'm sure I'd do the same now under similar circumstances, just part of who I am.  Awhile back I was less confident, but wearing my thongs/g's around the locker room with my mates and business colleagues all the time makes it all just so ho-hum, and our relationships haven't changed.  Doubt my wife would 'spill the beans', though, I think she'd rather people didn't know.  Really not a problem, for any of us, as it's a subject unlikely to come up, unless under circumstances like yours.  And my wife doesn't drink.  I do, and she has to warn me sometimes I'm getting a little loose, so if I get 'outted', I'm likely to be the culprit! 
JM_Runs #58

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/16/2009 07:49:56Copy HTML

Yeah, I would do the same absolutely stone-cold sober. Mind you, I had only had two beers in around 2 hours by the time this happened, and my wife was probably around the same. Can't say the same for the other blokes.
Anyway, like I said, my wife tells it like it is. She would in no way be embarassed that I wore a thong, or did whatever, She would see it that if anyone where to be embarassed, that would be me, if indeed I actually was. She believes you are accountable for what you do! Which is dead right, I think.
Anyway, she's not embarassed by me in a thong.
It's a good step in the right direction for my self-esteem!
JM_Runs #59

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/16/2009 01:26:49Copy HTML

God, man, your attitude is so refreshing!  Yes, we're responsible for our own behavior.  I hope my wife gets to where your wife is.  I'm helping her (and myself) by becoming a more responsible thonger than I used to be, and moving comfortably into the nude scene helps that, I find -- less need to push the thonging/stringing envelope.  Would she tell friends how much I enjoyed the c/o beaches on St. Bart's on vacation last month?  I would now, and I hope she gets there, too, even though she'll never follow my example.  That's okay, it's all about choice and respecting each other's choices.  All this is part and parcel of a healthy new outlook on life in general, just accepting ourselves for who we are.  Thanks for your upbeat postings, they're so life-affirming.
John Howard #60

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/18/2009 05:20:37Copy HTML

I haven't told my family or friends directly, all I know is that if they eventually found out, probably would not care.

My brother in law is quite conservative, and I suppose he already knows I wear thongs at least as underwear.
A couple of years ago, it was my youngest son'b birthday.  We organised a party at home, and just before the guests arrived, my boy had an accident and cut his forehead with a glass table.  My wife and her girlfriend took him to the hospital, and I stayed home to wait for the guests.

My brother in law's wife is quite conservative as well, but she is a very lovely posh young lady.  She helped me with the food, putting the beer in the ice cooler, etc.  I didn't change clothes and was still wearing my informal clothes (a singlet, board shorts and thongs (flip-flops).  
The problem I have with board shorts is that I always end up buying size 36 or large, but my waist size is 34.  The width of my legs is 36, but my waist is 34.    So it always happen that my shorts are riding at the middle of my bum, and I cover everything with a long singlet.

Well, suddenly she said to me "John Howard, your underwear is showing...",  I then said to her thanks, and pulled my singlet down.   I can guarantee that half Melbourne would have found out the following day.

All I know is that my brother in law has never said anything, and that whenever we go to parties at their place, a few girlfriends of this girl (in their mid thirties and above)  are soooo nice to me, and I wonder if finding out that  I wear what I wear would have anything to do with it.    I reckon is does.

John Howard
JM_Runs #61

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/19/2009 10:21:00Copy HTML

I like to wear my boardies a bit loose around the waist, so I know my thongs must have poked out plenty of times, but nobody has ever mentioned it. I even wear black ones under white or really light colored boardies in the water (if I really have to), and still no comment.
My wife will just grab the top between her fingers and give them a flick if they're showing.
I'd like to see the reaction from a few of her girlfriends actually. It'd be a bit of a social acceptance barometer, I reckon.
pkthong #62

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/21/2009 08:21:06Copy HTML

 After going on several vacations last year and wearing the rio's in front of friends and family, my self confidence has definitely improved.The idea of taking any nribbing in stride and being matter of fact about it is on point.
JM_Runs #63

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/21/2009 04:56:09Copy HTML

The boardies I took on vacation to the Caribbean last month were quite loose, too loose I thought until my wife reminded me that's the way guys wear them.  No further invitation needed!  They'd have shown a whale's tail for sure if I had anything on underneath, but they were just coverups going to and from the c/o beaches, so I didn't bother with a string or thong.  It was easy for a bit of crack to show under the circumstances, and no big deal.  But back home in New England this summer there'll be a string or thong that shows.  Friends and family who don't already know my swimwear choice will find out pretty quick.
ithongit #64

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/27/2009 04:26:00Copy HTML

Wearing thongs is a lifestyle choice, just like many other things are.  "Friends" and "family" are people you should know fairly well and should already have a pretty good idea what their feelings will be.  If you have the feeling that you will not be accepted, or might offend these people, chances are you are right.  If you think these people will accept you, again you are probably right.  You can do as suggested by others and quiz your friends and family about their attitudes before you show them yours if you want.  Unless you can corner each person and have a frank discussion with each, you might find general acceptance, but a few hold-outs. Perhaps

Again and again, I must say that attitude is a big part of thong wearing.  Those who are comfortable with their own bodies will come off better than those who are timid.  Another point is what the circumstances are.  If you are at a public beach where thongs are well tollerated and not an unusual site, you might be more quickly accepted than if you are going to Aunt Jane's condo pool, where no man has had the balls to wear a speedo, let alone a thong.  If the relatives are coming to "see you" or you are hosting the event, you are in charge, and your clothing choice should not be as big of an issue.  If however, you try to wear a thong someplace that is new, and get a request from the management to "cover up" your actions could alienate the supporters you have inside your friends and family.

I will tell you about a young man who I saw about 10 years ago at Ceaser's Creek.  I had gotten to the beach faily early -- about 9 in the morning, and quickly stripped down to my thong.  This cute guy with long hair walked by then set up on "the hill", the traditional thonging area in the grass.  After a few hours, he slipped his shorts off, and indead was wearing a thong.  Every time someone would get close, he would pull his shorts back on.  I could tell he was nervous.  I walked by several times, wearing just my thong, and on the third or fourth trip I made past him, he didn't bother to pull his shorts on, but did turn over.  I went closer and said "Hi", then complimented him on his swimsuit.  He admitted he was shy about wearing it in public, especially since he had some friends coming down to the lake to meet him later.  I told him he looked good, and to not worry.  I pointed out another female in a thong and a few other guys to show him that he wasn't doing anything that unusual.  After I left, he kept up his pants on -- pants off routine for another couple of hours, until some friends came along.  I assume they were friends, since they all seemed to know each other.  The whole clan went down to the beach and set up near me.  The cute guy, however, kept his shorts on, even when swimming.  I snuck off to get something to eat, and when I got back 45 minutes later, the cute guy finally was laying on his stomach and showing off his buns in his thong.  The others in the group seemed oblivious to his bare bottom, as he layed comfortably getting some late afternoon sun on his ass.  When he saw me, he came over and thanked me for encouraging him, then added that he wished he had stripped down earlier, since he and his friends were having such a good time now. 

I think the moral of the story is that it is worth risking a little embarasement or rejection from you friends when you compare those potential feelings to how good you will feel catching some sun and sharing the day with your friends.  They may snicker a bit, but true friends will soon forget your "costume" and will accept you as you are.
JM_Runs #65

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/17/2009 08:00:19Copy HTML

A user called  wedgieme posted this and I have moved it over here.  JM

wedgieme :  I've worn thongs secretly for years now. but I'm thinking of buying one and just putting it in my underwear draw like regular underwear. The problem is I still live at home. I'm only 18.  How do I go about it? 

The user ULRCajun then posted this thoughtful and helpful followup: 

I have noticed that most thongers on here do mainly as swimwear and tanning purposes. Wearing a thong for tanning and swimwear and wearing as underwear are two different things. Wearing as everyday use requires a good material so it dont chaff you in your every day where. Make sure the part that goes up there is spandex/nylon material. Cotton might work as well. There are some with an elastic band. yes the elastic is good, but is also great for chaffing. If you are trying to let your parents know you are thonging. I would get a thong or gstring that is not exotic, I mean that does not have lace or sparkles or something that really catches the eye. I would get basic thong, not something so small you barely fit in it. A basic one is one I would leave around for someone to find if I didn't wont to personal tell them.

The best solution would be just to sit down and tell them. Say I found a different underwear I like. Tell them why you really like them and why you want to wear them. They support you were you need and give you the freedom of movement you like. If you have other reason you can tell them that as well.

If you wanted to give them small hints you already wearing them. Live the string exposed when bending down and stuff like that.

I take it your parents go through your underwear drawer seeing you are afraid to put in underwear drawer. If that is the case you can just leave one in their and wait for them to find it and see what they say. Wearing a thong is nothing to be shamed of. Some People mark them as sexual item, but in reality they are just underwear.

If you have understanding parents, to me the best solution is just sit and talk, if one is more understanding than the other than sit and talk with the one. But if you come out openly and honestly and tell them why you wear them and why you like them. I don't think they will care. Your parents will love you no matter what underwear you wear. I know mine still do.

If you leave one in the drawer and they find out and start flipping out, you could always take the backdoor and tell them they were given to you as a joke, but you decided to keep them so you put in your drawer. But I think communication is the best route. You should know how you parents will react to the situation or not.

Also "wedgieme" you say your 18 but your profile says you were born 1/26/1969, I am not the smartest person in the world but I am pretty sure that makes you a lot older than 18. You might want to check out this forum:

JM_Runs #66

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/17/2009 08:07:54Copy HTML

 wedgieme  in 12/12/2008 you posted at this forum saying:

you posted you were 19, so you are decreasing in age?

This forum is not hear to hurt, it is here for people to communicate about personal experiences and get information on places (beaches, islands, and etc.) that others have visited and give feedback on places to thong.

There is no need to lie.
wedgieme #67

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/17/2009 11:01:53Copy HTML

it is a small world and i dont want people to know who i am so i have lied abit in my age. do you think i need to tell them i am changing styles i didnt when i changed to boxers then to briefs. would the best thing be just to put it in my underwear draw?
Rockin The Thong #68

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/18/2009 02:28:49Copy HTML

Why is it needed to "come out" as a thonger?  I recently started using v-neck shirts so it looks nicer when I'm wearing button up shirts, do I need to "come out" as a v-neck shirt wearer as well?  It's just underwear and nobody needs to know if and why you're wearing them.  If you don't want people to find out about them then put them in a spot where they can't find them, put them on where you can't be seen, and washing them when nobody is around.  It's that simple. 
JM_Runs #69

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/18/2009 04:38:30Copy HTML

 First off start telling the truth it will be easier for people to help you out.

And like "Rockin The Thong" said there is no coming out.

You didn't tell them when changed from boxers to brief, because in you mind briefs weren't a sexual object.  You think thongs are, so your afraid they are going to think you are sexual active if you aren't already. But a thong is just underwear. And if you exlpain that to them and tell them that is why you wear them there should be no problem

Like "Rockin" said if you change you under shirt to V-neck who cares. If wife beaters wear a sexual object you would worry from going to a v-neck to a wife beater. You might not have told them about changing to a V-neck but would worried about what they think if you wearing a wife beater.

Once again I think communication is the key. You keep asking if you should put in drawer but you did not answer if they went through your drawer. If they don't go through your drawer then putting them there does nothing. If they do go through the drawer and you don't personnaly want to tell them then stick one in drawer.

Although parents my be asses, they would rather you talk to them and know what is going on in their childs life then finding out the hard way. Luckily this is not a very serious issue, except for lack of confidence in yourself and the fact you keep think Thongs are sexual.

There just underwear. Different style but just underwear. The underwear doesn't change who you are or sexuality.

Like I said before, I take it you switched from boxer to briefs for the support. But you liked the freedom boxer gave your legs. So a thong is combination of both. You have support you want but the freedom of movement boxers give you. If you read my blog it talks about why I wear thongs. I was like you I were boxers, but with sports and being highly active person. I need support for my boys. So I wore whitey tighties. But I couldn't stand the feeling of the strape going around legs or always having a wedgie. (Ironic how always having wedgie is the reason I decided to go to thong that always has something up your butt, difference is you don't feel it) So I have been wearing thongs every since. Great support and great freedom of movement.

So stop thinking there sexual and start thinking there underwear and you wont have so much trouble talking to parents about it.

Also like "Rockin" said if you that worried about it. Why do they need to know what underwear you like, if you have been wearing for this long and they haven't found out. Just keep doing what your doing and wear what you want.

I know this statement is getting old but there just underwear.

One more thing, if you can't talk to them face to face write them a note. Explain the situation in a note. That way you can write all you true feelings down and allow them to read, this will also give them time to digest it before actually talking to you face to face about it.

Also start being honest with yourself and with others. There is no need to lie about wearing thongs. Or what age you started wearing thongs. If you read this forum you will find people who started at very young ages.

Good luck with this issue.  To me is more a mental thing. It is something you need ot over come.

JM_Runs #70

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/18/2009 04:48:12Copy HTML

 I just understood why you said you lied about your age.
" it is a small world and i dont want people to know who i am so i have lied abit in my age."

If they can find out who you are by your true age there good. And if they find out who you are by age and being in this forum, to me that is not a bad thing, that means they are wearing thongs too. This is a thong forum after all. So if they are signed up for this they are most likely wearing them too. I am not saying expose your full name and address, but I really doubt someone is going to know who you are by your age.

But that is not my choice and not my business to say. Just thought I would put my two cents in even if they shouldn't have been.

Wear thongs cause you want to and there is nothing to be ashamed about if you wear thongs.

Good luck.

wedgieme #71

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/18/2009 07:21:47Copy HTML

they dont go through it as such put they do wash my clothes and put them back in the draw, so if i put iyt at the front the draw my mum would probably see it. you say its just like any other undies but its not their isnt a boxers wearers message board. im going to buy a thong today, so please tell me what i should do with it.
bajaflyer #72

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/18/2009 02:11:29Copy HTML

   I would just wear them and leave them in your drawer.  You're from England, so there is a lot more tollerance then here in the states.  It shouldnt be a big a deal, if any for you, as to how it would have been for me when I was still at home.  They really are not going to care unless they are very very conservative, or have some religious objection. But even then, it would have to be an "extreme" religion, as far as most go.
   As far as friends go, you should know what kind of reaction to expect. As with anything new, it will take a little time for them to get used to the idea, even though it doesnt concern them. 
  It's underware, and or a swimsuit. Not a big deal.
JM_Runs #73

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/18/2009 04:50:01Copy HTML

All our friends know that I am a nudist (on holiday and in and around the house 100%) and that my wife sunbathes naked on holiday so when they come round I tell them I will wear a thong to save them any embarrasment - that seems to work.
armand_galleon #74

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/18/2009 05:00:10Copy HTML

 I've advocated in other postings the nature of underwear and how mundane as a topic of conversation underwear is, unless you're Charlie Sheen or Cuba Gooding Jr.
BUT, then there is...The thong.... maybe it's exposed buttocks, I don't know why but this type of underwear is highly sexualized by a lot of people; men in particular.  Maybe because people first saw them on strippers or exotic dancers, then in stores such as Fredreicks of Hollywood and Victoria's Secrets. The association was made between this type of garment and sex.
I'm surprised by the number of men posing in g-strings and thongs and posting photos on the net of themselves with erections very visible. Very sexualized indeed!
Sex has, since the Middle Ages, been done in privacy, and it's twin brother, nudity is also done in privacy--which is why people bathe or change clothes alone behind closed doors. In a lot of people's subconscious minds nudity is a precursor to sex. And the stripping away of garments and the revealing of more flesh has been the reason why so many parents have objected over the decades as to the "loose morals" of the younger people. Some people on this board may personally remember a time when exposing your midriff was scandalous. Above the knee skirts and shorts? Scandalous! Bikinis? Outrageous! Topless beaches? Illegal!! Thongs? Immoral!!
So we come to the current discussion. Yes, they're nothing but underwear. In and of themselves they're as insignificant as a pair of socks or a necktie. But the value many people assign to them is highly underscored with all sorts of sexual ideas, assumptions, stereotypes, maybe even perversions or deviance; which is fine if you ask me: I don't care if you wear pink thongs and dance around your house while wearing a tootoo and becoming sexually charged in the process. I don't care! ...But you might.  

And what if other people find you out? What will they think of you? Will they think is just underwear? ....Chances are they will. Specially if you tell them so and they look like underwear and not as some torture device or covered in rhinestones or pink hearts!  In fact, they might give you a sideways smile, a wink and a nudge. They may not know that to you they're more than underwear, but even parents today they're very sophisticated and understand about fetishes. If forced to confess they would admit to a few of their own!

When confronted by anyone with the question, "What's this?" say, "Underwear. They're called thongs."

If they insist with questions/comments don't sit there and try to reason with them. They're underwear (maybe very special underwear to you). That's it. End of conversation.

Good luck!
wedgieme #75

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/18/2009 06:09:22Copy HTML

im justngoing to take the thong off now and put it in the front of the draw, and see if my mum notices it tonight.
ill let you no what happens
JM_Runs #76

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:02/25/2010 06:18:10Copy HTML

I'm getting ready to vacation in April and I would love to thong the whole time.  Problem is the in-laws and the other 10 people i'm vacationing with don't know I prefer thong swimwear.  I've been told that there is lots of private beach that would be totally accessible to me but i'd rather thong at the resort pool.  The only other people i've thonged around would be my current wife and my ex-wife.  I'd say my parents know because between my marriages I did a load of laundry and my dad pulled my clothes out of the dryer and behold my old next-to-nothing pair in all it's glory was the last thing in the dryer after he removed the bulk of the clothing.  He loudly shouted "what the hell is this?"  I remembered and quickly walked to the laundry room and snatched them out of his hand and told him it was a pair of my underwear.  He told my mother and she asked me about it a couple of days later.  I joked around with my dad and told him i tried thongs after watching the guys on jackass and the wildboyz and he laughed.  A few weeks later he was in the backyard tanning in a speedo but i've never been ballsy enough to sport a thong while enjoying the pool at my parents house.  So I guess the point is I actually told my wife and ex-wife but my parents found out by an accident and in both scenarios both parties were cool with it.  I just wonder how I can set up an "accident" for my in-laws and the other vacationers.   
stanpuppy #77

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:02/25/2010 09:22:58Copy HTML

Joey....I'm not sure why you would bother.  If you want to wear a thong, wear a thong.  If in doubt, ask the people you are going to be with if they would mind.  I dont know why you need all the mechanitions and gyrations.
speedoman05 #78

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:02/26/2010 12:59:15Copy HTML

Joey, you could always start out with a smaller speedo to break everyone in (especially since you know your dad wears them) and then on the second or third day go for a thong, but I agree with stanpuppy, just be yourself. If someone has a problem, let them tell you, but otherwise, if you send the signal that you need others' approval, you likely will get their disapproval. If you're fully confident in yourself and have an aura of not caring what anyone thinks, then chances are it won't be a problem. Let us know how it goes! :)
JM_Runs #79

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/06/2010 08:12:29Copy HTML

 Ijust recently got in touch with an old schoolmate/co-worker of mine. i have talked to this woman off and on for the past two years now and i think we might be starting to develop a new relationship in the near future. anyway, i sent her a text message about going tanning at a place i know because it was just a very good experience. topic came up and i just came out and told her that i wear thongs. she was cool about it. don't know if she will next week but it sure feels good to tell someone besides the board here. no offense. :)
undercover20 #80

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:06/27/2010 10:39:40Copy HTML

I told my wife that when we go on our honeymoon, that whenever we go to a beach, I'm only wearing a thong, no questions asked. Today, I was out to breakfast with my in-laws and my wife told my sister in law that I planned on wearing thongs to the beach on our honeymoon. I was rather shocked that she had said that because she's not so keen on me wearing thongs on the beaches here. 
I said to both of them that I was wearing a thong at that moment which they thought was funny. My sister in law yelled across the street to her mom that I was wearing a thong, which I thought was funny.  Then my wife pulled on my thong and showed it to her mom, which was even funnier, but liberating. Later on, she called her fiancee to tell him that I was wearing a thong, also funny. So now I'm happy once again.
Johnny111 #81

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:06/29/2010 08:32:40Copy HTML

I was "caught" by my room mate/renter.  I had a pool and would lay out in a thong when I knew i was alone. and would wear shorts when he was around.  At the time I was very worried that it was not manly enough and woudl be thought effiminate or "gay".  One day I washed a 1/2 doz thongs and left them in the dryer, when I came back home he had neatly folded all my clothes including the thongs a left them on top of the stack. I was so nervous as he was not a "thong type of guy" and thought I was going to get a negatvie reaction. quite embarassed and couldn't believe I was so careless.  Needless to say and as most of these stories end not only was there no negative response, I worried about it untill a few days later when he asked me if I ever wear my "underwear" to tan in because he loved the sun too and wanted to wear less but didn't because he didn't want to offend me.  Its a lesson Ive learned several times over, be mature, be honest, be comfortable and youll find most people really don't care.  we both wore them often but still were careful not to run around inside the house etc, girlfriends were very cool with it!  

NewThong #82

Re:How to tell friends or family

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I bought my first thongs this week for yoga class and love em!  They're the best support and freedom of movement as an undergarment I've ever experienced -- hardly know I've got them on.  I spent my first two years in yoga class "discretely adjusting" during some of the asanas, but not since I tried these.  They are so comfortable (but still breaking them in), I've started wearing them as an alternative to briefs.

My wife and teenage sons don't know yet that I've started wearing mens thong underwear.  I'm not sure how to tell her before she does the next load of laundry and discovers them.  She has voiced her comments about others wearing butt floss, as have I before discovering what you all already know.  Any suggestions?

JM_Runs #83

Re:How to tell friends or family

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Over a up of coffee just tell her that you have taken the advice of your yoga teacher, or someone in the yoga class, and are trying out men's thongs.  Better to tell her up front, in passing, during breakfast or some other time you two are together and talking over the day that will be or the day that was.
NewThong #84

Re:How to tell friends or family

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 I took your advice and it went over very well.  She was completely okay with it.  Thanks.

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Re:How to tell friends or family

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i finally found my nerve and put my thong in the wash basket so my mum would find it and wash it for me. Unfortunately that was a week ago and its still sat in the bottom of the basket. Shes done washing sinse but never washs the thong she just leaves it at the bottom. Is she waiting for me to ask her to wash it?
JM_Runs #86

Re:How to tell friends or family

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 Yes.  Wash it and just add it to the normal rotation of underware. Your communicating with your mother through a laundry basket is rather sad. 

Since this is your choice of communication and she has not said anything negative you now know she has no, or wishes not to, raise any objections to your wearing thong underware.  BUT she is not going to wash them for you.

Time to grow up and start doing your own laundry.  Then you can wear what you want.
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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its still sat there. should i really wash it. or shall i just leave it and see what happens
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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 GROW UP -  If your mum is not washing your cloths you need to do so.  Don't be pathetic. 

I suggest you take it in the shower with you and wash it when washing yourself.
Tanned Bum #89

Re:How to tell friends or family

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It seems a few people are wondering how to let friends and family know they wear a thong.  More of my family members found out because my sister inlaw posted pictures of me in a thong on her facebook account. My suggestion is if you want you friends/family to know just post your pictures on facebook and let them comment on them.  I think with all the social websites it would be easy.

Good Luck

pkthong #90

Re:How to tell friends or family

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 I have a high school friend(female) who recently found out about my swimwear choice. She's totally cool with it. She saw me in one of my Sunup/Sundown rio's while visiting us (we were all out in the pool, wife, kids,and she)[Syntax Error{?} and did not batt an eyelid. My wife was probably a little squeamish about it earlier in the day(she is always like that whenever I am about to "display" myself in front of new people or those who are not aware of my swimwear choice) but she was ok with it especially after my friend did not react in an awkward manner.
 Most of our friends and family have been cool about it so far, yes I do get the occassional ribbing etc., but I have not had a situation that got out of hand yet.
 I think that if I went straight to the JS capri or other such minimal rio, as compared to the S/S in black or dark blue things might be a little different.
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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Just show off! A few weeks ago we had a party at my home and I showed of my thongs. The women loved it. I got even emails afterwards from them. The wife of my neighbour (which are good friends) goes even shopping with me to choose the right thongs ;-) Thongwearers, go for it and don't be ashamed at all. It is your choice, other people have to accept it.
pkthong #92

Re:How to tell friends or family

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 The just show off method may work among a group of adults, but when children are involved I believe it complicates things.I don't think my wife would care as much as she does about "what are people gonna think?" if it was just adult friends we invited over for pool parties etc.My children have become quite desensitized to my rio's but I will only thong in front of them if we are in the D.R. or some such place. I have worn my Sunup/Sundown rio's on occaissions whre there have been others' children over and my wife has had varying degrees of discomfort with this.I have noticed that those on this board who have children of similar ages present a mixed bag of attitudes when it comes to minimal swimwear around their children vs. without them. I have total respect for all perspectives on this as we all have different situations etc.However Kawasaki I do like your just do it attitude in the appropriate setting.
JM_Runs #93

Re:How to tell friends or family

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I can't say that I would recommend posting swimwear pics on facebook, unless you are either (1) completely open about everything in real life, thus whatever you do on facebook is just an extension of that or (2) you strictly control your privacy settings and "friends" list, ensuring that your photos are not stumbled upon by your boss, pastor, client, parents, children, etc.  I accept almost anyone as a "friend" on facebook, but I don't post anything there I wouldn't want my boss at work or his boss to see.  I treat it like a public bulletin board, announcement system, etc.

By posting risque photos, you invite reprisals from "concerned citizen" types, so it is best not to use facebook for that purpose, unless you exclude such people from your social circles.
richvpl #94

Re:How to tell friends or family

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If you put pictures on this site they may well end up being seen/reproduced by friends, family, or anyone else who stumbles upon them. Any photos visible to members are actually public and visible to anyone without membership, including kids
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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 Just wanted to share my experience of telling a friend that I wear thongs: for the first time in a very long time my best and oldest friend had a very personal conversation. My friend was telling me about how he was trying to deal with his lack of self confidence. At some point in the conversation it just suddenly seemed right to tell him that I occasionally like to wear thongs. So I did. I trebled while I spoke and looked down. I told him that I had found it difficult to accept that I just happen to like wearing thongs despite not being gay or feeling different than most men. Kind of lack of self confidence too. Well, his reaction was totally cool. He just said that I should wear what I feel like. And that was it. It almost felt a little stupid afterwards that I had even told him - because what's the big deal? But it is big to me! So now the next step is to actually wear a thong in his precence. Maybe I will in a couple of days when we are in Thailand. That is going to be interesting if I can build up the courage. But anyway, now the secret is out! Feels good!
steampowered #96

Re:How to tell friends or family

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That seems like a bit of a rare occurrence thongdk. sounds like a good friend to be sound so genuinely understanding. I can fully relate to conversations like that.

I find definitely telling people during a one on one helps ease the social pressure a lot! in fact, unless you're an all round really comfortable and really confident person (like a lot of regular posters on this forum) i would recommend exclusively telling people singularly or perhaps in pairs, like a couple or something. otherwise if there's any social atmosphere between people, people will tend to prejudge in a social mindset and somewhat adopt more of an "accepted" societal viewpoint (which i think most of us can say is that thongs are fairly taboo and therefore wrong). I also find it's much easier to talk about with one person because you obviously get a bigger say in the conversation because there's less people, but more importantly you don't have to entirely run the conversation like you do in a group, so there's less anxiety built up.

at least thats what i find anyway.
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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This is in no way judging you guys for you stories, kuddos for your courage.  But why tell friends?  I understand about telling the friend with low self-esteem, using yourself as an example to boost him.  My thought is that I never tell anyone when I wear boxers, that doesn't usually come up.  So why do it for thongs?

To me when you tell someone out of the blue, you are making it a bigger deal.  If we want thongs to be normal and accepted (which they may not ever be in the US) wouldn't it be better for your friends to find out in a normal situation, a locker room or changing when you are camping or something. 

"Hey man, you were thongs?" 
"Yeah, I've worn them forever."

In my mind when we make a big deal about them others will make a big deal about them.  Again, don't be mad at me.  I'm just posting a thought.

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Re:How to tell friends or family

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I agree that you have to be careful about outright telling people you wear thongs.  I imagine it could all too easily take on a "coming out" tone.  For some, the desire to wear thongs could be so deep rooted that it might be like that.  There just isn't any particular need to tell people, so making a point to do so makes it a bigger deal.

I told my two closest friends; no big deal there.  I don't remember how or why I told them (it was a long time ago), but I believe it came from a need to talk to someone besides my wife about it, perhaps seeking some kind of validation, and to gauge whether they'd be open to me wearing a thong swimsuit.  And I did wear a Speedo thong when my wife and I went swimming with one of those friends and his wife.  One other friend saw my underwear when we were changing to go for a swim.  His only comment was that his wife would probably have him wear those too if she could have it her way.
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Re:How to tell friends or family

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 I kind of agree with you both, ShadowT and Matt. It makes sense not to make a big deal out of wearinf thongs but talking about it - but at the same time wearing thongs is a big deal because its different from what the majority wears. And that's why I needed to "come out" you might say. I feel good about having told my friend about it, but I don't think that I will bring it up again to other friends. I just think its part of my own process of accepting what I like to wear. 
JM_Runs #100

Re:How to tell friends or family

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Although I've been wearing thongs for nine years, I have never told my friends and family that I wear them. Some of my friends know that I wear thongs because they have seen me in one before. But like what 'ShadowT' and 'thereal_matt' have said, I don't think it's necessary for others to know that I wear thongs. I mean, they are underwear that are supposed to be worn under your clothes.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
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