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thereal_matt #101

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/19/2012 01:41:17Copy HTML

 I just think when we make a big deal others make a bigger deal and it becomes a thing when it doesn't need to be a thing.  It seems almost exhibitionist-y and that turns it from a simple underwear selection to a sexualized thing.
nicksthong #102

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/19/2012 06:23:39Copy HTML

 Would you consider telling your friends or family that you wore boxers or briefs, or that you would be wearing a pink shirt or a tight pair of pants?  I know that thongs are 'weird', but may I suggest that you focus your attention on how you will react when and IF they naturally find out that you are wearing thongs. 

Would you rather have your friends become aware of your thongs by sitting them down and deliberately telling them what kind of underwear you wear, or would you rather have a perfectly natural response to their questions?

It just seems like your asking for trouble.

That's not to say that you cant tell your friends that you wear thongs, it should just come naturally, like you were talking about anything else.

thong_jock #103

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/19/2012 07:48:56Copy HTML

 I have to agree that telling someone out of the blue seems like you feel like you need to 'come out' about it and you feel there's something wring with your choice in swimwear and underwear. I've never done this but have warned buddies who want to hit the beach with me or go on vacations that I wear thongs and I say it in a joking manner. When they see me peel off my shorts , revealing my thong they quickly realize I wasn't joking. :-) Other times, I just strip off the shorts and they're like "WOW!" Have only received positive feedback on my thongs and how I look in them, but then again, I've never thonged with my straight friends and doubt they would be as open to the idea of me in a string swimsuit. I pick and choose where and with whom I wear my favorite swimwear of choice.

JM_Runs #104

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/20/2012 12:41:22Copy HTML

 As others have said, when we don't make a big deal about it, most others won't either. My family found out about my interest in thongs when I was still in high school. I had laundry in the dryer, which my mom needed to move to do her laundry. She found out about my thongs and string bikinis and even folded all of my laundry for me! Of course, there has been a little joking around over the years, but it has all been in good nature.
thongdk #105

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/22/2012 10:07:09Copy HTML

 Well this dicussion just goes to show that we all handle our choice of underwear differently. Which I guess is fine. For me it felt right to tell my friend about my choice of underwear because I would rather that he knew before I stripped down on the beach. Of course I won't tell everybody about my underwear just out of the blue but in this situation it worked well - because let's face it, wearing a thong is a bit different albeit beeing otally ok. I was on the beach with my friend and my girl friend in a thong today and no comments were made and we just had a good time. 
Happy telling or not-telling out there. Do what suits you.
steampowered #106

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/23/2012 12:59:44Copy HTML

I naturally tell close friends most things. Especially after a couple of beers or just relaxing, I love trading information and experiences with people especially around slightly taboo subjects that in social settings, you just can't talk about. I'm very open with the way I talk, so yeah, I would spark up a conversation about underwear and, yes, I would (and have) tell people I wore boxer or briefs (of which I do, as well as thongs). discussing the pros and cons of stuff like that, to me is fun and interesting.

I'm very comfortable with my rationale over stuff like this, so explaining to people why I wear them, to me, makes me feel better about it and makes them more open to talk to not only myself, but others about taboo stuff like this. I'm not a fan of conservatism, but I often suffer from it. damn you society!
thong_jock #107

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/23/2012 03:41:33Copy HTML

 What an awesome attitude steampowered. You're obviously a guy who really has his *$%) together and is confident in who he is what's important in life. You're GF is lucky - you're smokin' hot to look at too! WOOF!
JM_Runs #108

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/23/2012 05:12:44Copy HTML

 I don't normally bring up the underwear conversation, but in the past when it has come up I have not denied it either.  I have also had incident where either my mother or mother in law has been visiting and has helped with the laundry and started folding clothes and asked who's G-strings are these and have said either mine or my wife's depending on who's they were. I have also been on vacation with my in-laws and wore a G-string on the beach tanning with my wife with her parents on the beach.  The only comment was that you don't leave much to the imagination, which we said we usually don't wear this much when we tan.
JM_Runs #109

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:12/06/2012 01:30:53Copy HTML

 Like I have said in other post's I have been wearing G-string since the late 80's and back-in-the-day my mother came to visit me, and as mother's do while I was at work she entertained herself and did my laundry, and in my laundry was my G-strings.  So when I got home and saw my laundry washed and folded she asked about my "tiny" underwear, and I said those aren't underwear they are swimsuits! to which she said if you wear one of those you might as well be naked on the beach! I told her that if I could be naked on the beach I wouldn't need swimsuits but until I can be naked on the beach these will have to do!
IotaTheta #110

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:12/11/2012 03:07:14Copy HTML

 I have been wearing thongs now for a little while and have for the most part kept it secret from my parents. I have been more up front with my inlaws. My MiL has become accustomed to it and if she does my wife's and my laundry, she just makes a best guess as to who each thong belongs to. I recently went on a cruise with my wife. I only wore speedos while tanning or in the water during excursions so many of the pictures showed me in a really small muscleskin bikini. So when my parents saw the bikini, they made a comment on how small my swimsuit was. Without thinking I told them I liked the tan and they are bigger than my thong underwear. They had a couple questions about me wearing thong underwear but didn't make any other comments. Now it's not an issue and it feels so much better not having to hide it. 
Manu1418 #111

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:12/16/2012 06:24:45Copy HTML

 Last night I just reveled I wear thongs to some of my friends girlfriends. They all were talking about their leggings. I love those but had never the chance to try some one. They were arguing about the type of underwear to use. I started saying that thongs were so comfortable and looked so nice. One of the girls was like what would you know about it? so I just let them know I was wearing a thong and told them that love to be out in public like that. I hope they keep it to their selfs, non of her boyfriends use thongs. 
erik3000 #112

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:12/16/2012 10:37:25Copy HTML

  I come from a very conservative and religious home and both mom and dad know that I wear them even my sister. We were in florida on vacations all together and I just told them my grand mother was there and she said that was disgusting for a man to wear it but was fine. Other day we were driving to the mall and I was seating beside my sister and wife and my tee roll over and half of my butt got exposed and my sister was a little nervous and she said that im showing my butt and my wife pull down my tee. But I thing that the best thing is to come straight and tell them just choose the right time to do it and they are going to take it fine. This happens in my early 20 and now my mom jokes sometimes with her friends about my thongs
ministeve #113

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:12/17/2012 02:40:08Copy HTML

 I keep wondering about this.  I have very conservative parents.  They recently mentioned that they would like to tag along with us on a sun trip because they don't feel comfortable travelling by themselves.  They've never done a beach vacation trip.  I'm not sure if I could relax and enjoy a trip in front of them in a thong, and I know my wife would not feel comfortable topless in front of the in laws.  Might have to feel them out and make sure they can accept our swimwear choice before we go on it. 
rjthongs #114

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:12/17/2012 08:17:28Copy HTML

I seem to be part of the common story here -
My Mom was visiting with us for a few days and decided to help with the laundry while my wife and I were at work.  Of course, my thong underwear was in the laundry with everything else.  My Mom asked if that "string underwear" was mine.  I told her that it was mine.  Nothing else ever came up about it again.
Grabeach #115

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:11/22/2013 12:21:10Copy HTML

My sister, late fifties like me, lives about 50km away, so anytime we are in the vicinity of the other we usually meet somewhere for a meal. Recently she rang and said she would be in Sydney for a morning appointment and would I like to go somewhere for a swim after that. Although she knew I liked the beach and pools, this was the first time she had ever suggested we go for a swim somewhere. Not only that, but as my wife now has no interest in being in or near the water, yesterday was the first time in about a decade I have gone to the beach or pool as what I guess could loosely be called a ’couple’.

The beach being out of the question due to recent heavy rain, I found a public outdoor aquatic centre (they’re not ‘pools’ anymore!) close to where her appointment was. First time there, so I didn’t know what the centre’s attitude to thongs would be. More importantly, although I would classify my sister as broad minded (20 years ago she walked in on me sunning nude at home and it didn’t faze her at all), she is fairly conservative in attire and not a beach person. In short I really didn’t have a clue what her attitude would be. Do I simply not sun in my g-string for that day? Do I worn / ask her before we go? Do I just do what I normally do and strip to my g-string after doing my laps and wait for her feedback?

Eventually I concluded that if I chose to just forgo my g-string for the day, I would in affect not be trusting her to react in an intelligent manner, no matter what her opinion might be. I know I would far prefer someone to ask me if something was okay, rather than not do it at all because they thought I might not agree. As we lay out our towels on a small grass area by ourselves, I simply mentioned that I usually sun in a g-string and was she okay with that here. Almost straight away she replied, “Of course I don’t mind. Don't know what others may think, just don’t get arrested.” Although the arrested bit was not serious, I could tell that she was just a tad uneasy as to what others' opinion might be. After only a couple of minutes two women and a child set up next to us. After this my sister noticeably relaxed. From then on the subject was a non-issue. When we left, she told me what a nice time she had and that we should do this again soon.
Sharon73 #116

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:11/22/2013 01:02:21Copy HTML

 I can't remember really having to tell anyone I wore a thong - i think they just knew it - either from seeing a thong line under my pants or by me laying out in one or from my bf just telling all his friends that I wear a thong.
Tanned Bum #117

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:11/28/2013 12:29:02Copy HTML

        Today is Thanksgiving and I am sitting here typing this as the turkey is in the oven. I will have 44-46 relatives (ages 5-91) over for lunch and dinner and about half of them know I wear thongs or bikini also know as my "tiny speedo" I have a bunch of drink holders with a male torso in tiny speedo and a couple thong Iphone covers. Not to mention a couple coffee cups with me in a bikini on them to say for warn. Because this year a cousin had a bright idea after dinner to have everyone give a year in photos on the big screen. I have Apple TV where everyone with an Iphone/Itouch/Ipad (90%) is going to airplay their photos on what they did over the last year.  Since I am an avid boat/fisherman, my whole summer I was in a thong so a actually need to post a couple. Otherwise I don't have a picture of me doing any summer activities. The rest of the family will know after dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving

stanpuppy #118

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:11/28/2013 07:29:25Copy HTML

Sharon.....its a bit different for a women.  Being as probably 75% or women own thongs, and probably about half wear them regularly.  Not quite the impact for women as for a guy where the percentages are probably in low single digits
JM_Runs #119

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:12/01/2013 03:23:37Copy HTML

 Like I have said in other post's I have been wearing G-string since the late 80's and back-in-the-day my mother came to visit me, and as mother's do while I was at work she entertained herself and did my laundry, and in my laundry was my G-strings.  So when I got home and saw my laundry washed and folded she asked about my "tiny" underwear, and I said those aren't underwear they are swimsuits! to which she said if you wear one of those you might as well be naked on the beach! I told her that if I could be naked on the beach I wouldn't need swimsuits but until I can be naked on the beach these will have to do!  this was a copy of an old post from a previous account of mine, but the answer still stands, but to add to this now.

My mother was visiting over the holiday and she was looking out into my backyard and asked if I still wore my "tiny" underwear to sunbath in, and if my wife approved of them? I  I told her only when I can't go naked!! and she said aren't you embarrassed wearing them in your backyard where your neighbor's can seeing into it from their 2nd story balcony? I said no We don't wear them in my backyard, and that we go NUDE!! And she said you are kidding right? I told her we have gone nude since we bought our house and have caught by the neighbor's the first time we used our pool.
richard12181970 #120

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/05/2014 12:34:03Copy HTML

 If I remember it right the topic of wearing thongs and tanning in them just sort of came up many years ago with my brother's girlfriend (now wife).  My now sister-in-law tanned in a thong and wore thong panties and was always open about things like that.  Later she saw me tanning and really made no big deal about it.

I only have a few other friends that know and these are people I can trust and be more open to.  For me wearing thongs is more of a private thing, and I like it that way.

Like others, my mother most likely knows about my thong underwear because a few pairs got in the laundry last summer when I was visiting.  Oh well, nothing was said.
Thongmad #121

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:01/15/2014 08:09:50Copy HTML

 I had a pretty good experience while being 'outed' as a thonger on my recent holidays to a group of friends!
Our annual Christmas break is spent at Port Macquarie in the caravan park beside the main beach. Over the last few years, we have made some excellent friends who also return each year. A few of them have seen me on the beach tanning in my thongs, this I know for sure. Many have not, but know I love laying in the sun, and would guess by my absence of tan lines while wearing a brief that I go pretty skimpy.
On New Years Eve (OK, maybe NY Day around 1am) somebody commented on how well one of the lady's legs were tanned. She kicked off her thongs (the foot variety) and you could clearly see how well her legs and feet had tanned but under the thong strap had not. Somebody made the comment that she had a great thong tan! She came straight back with "It's not as good as his!" pointing me out. I kicked of  my thongs (from my feet) and said "No it isn't!" knowing what she really meant. She then said "Not that, show us the other one!" Well, the roar went up from six (slightly?) intoxicated women, and there was no hiding it! They were chanting "Pants off, pants off!"
So in front of twelve or so friends, I sat on her lap and pulled the back of my board shorts down a little (showed her half of my butt) and said "There, is it better than yours?" Because all of the women were sitting together, they all had a good look! Funny as! It actually went down really well, because I took it pretty well I thought!
I took a bit of a ribbing about it for a while, and we all had a bit of a loud conversation about why/where/when I wear them, and who else does/has. No other guys of course! Later in the night, as we all got louder and partied more, one of the girls decided she needed to dance in one of my thongs! I gave her a red DeeJay micro bather, and a pair of socks to put down the front! Hilarity ensued, and photos got taken and posted! She pole-danced for us with the thong over the tights she was wearing. Very funny times had by all!!!
It was all good fun, and she said to me the next day 'Thanks for being a good sport about it'. No harm done, and I don't have to be nervous in the slightest around these guys now!
easytoremember #122

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:02/26/2014 04:46:58Copy HTML

I've noticed a lot of wearers here are proud advertisers of their thong wearing. There's a time and a place for everything I guess. 
I guess deep down we all wear them for different reasons but for me it's a personal thing; it makes me feel sexy, free and sensual. I'm only part-time though. 5 days a week I work construction, and act as manly as anyone else, but I don't mind the odd day where I can just sit back and relax in a pair of delicate thongs or womens panties. I guess the secrecy kind of adds to the pleasure as well. I could never imagine telling anyone in real life. I don't want to tell them, just like I don't want them to tell me what they did with their girlfriend or what they fantasize about. Personal!
But anyway, am I the only one on here? Does anyone else wear them in secrecy for the thrill?  BTW I'm referring to womens thongs/g-strings. Not into men thongs one bit (they kinda creep me out lol :P )
Skidoo #123

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/05/2014 03:53:39Copy HTML

These are all great stories! As an admitted lurker in these forums, I hope one day I too can be brave enough to go public. For now I stick to private wearing because I like the way they make me feel and look. Props to you all! 
Krizay #124

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/28/2014 03:48:59Copy HTML

This is along the same lines, but instead of friends and family, it's my neighbor. I don't want to tell them to incite a sexual response, but rather to inform them that I want to lay out in the backyard to catch some rays. I want to tell them because they have kids, and I don't want trouble from the parents. Legally, there is nothing wrong with it, but morally, I don't want to cause any neighborhood drama. I was thinking either one of three approaches. First, strike up a conversation, bring up casual questions of how often they go in the back yard, and then just come out with it. Second approach, I would let us get to know each other better, and then bring it up at some point. Third approach, well, it's not an approach, but rather just getting caught. What would you do, or what have you done? Honestly, the exhibitionist in me wants to get caught by the wife; however, I don't know them at all and I don't know how she or they would react. God forbid I get caught by their kids and they say that their is a naked man in the backyard. That will not end well for me, legally, and not well for my wife career wise. I only mention the legal part for me because I wear g-strings, and I may look naked from their house; furthermore, kids, boy and a girl, their age, probably 8 and 10, don't know the difference between a thong or g-string and the thin strings will make me look nude.
I am open to all suggestions, experiences, or opinions.
JM_Runs #125

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/28/2014 05:28:19Copy HTML

Get to know them as people first.  Create an event. You and your wife can invite them over for a BBQ or just for appetizers and drinks.
I find that people who know me as an individual feel less insecure when seeing me in a thong.

Get to know the kids too, so they know you by first name. That's why a full family event like BBQ is good.

You never know, it is quite possible they are worried about their kids running around screaming upsetting you.

You have posted elsewhere on this board that your wife has "many thong/g-string bikinis" and likes to wear them.
If the kids from next door see your wife in a thong bikini they are unlikely to pull the fire alarm. 
After a few times seeing your wife then seeing you with her, both in thongs will seem like a natural extention.

I suggest you set your wife out a nice sun bed in full few of the neibours and get her to lay out in a thong bikini any time the sun comes out and it is warm enough.  Get the neighbors to see her more than once. Let that sink in.  Then when you join her in a thong it will seem perfectly natural. 

It is not like the husband or boy can complain much after they have been enjoying the view of your wife.

- - - - - - -

A good suggestion for anyone is to become a personal friend of your neighbors.  This is social inoculation.

Own a set of tools and be helpful. 
You might take to fixing all the bikes for kids in the neighborhood. If you are not a bicyclist become one.
You might be seen as a little eccentric, but a friendly and harmless eccentric they personally know.
jprob50 #126

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/28/2014 07:53:35Copy HTML

I would get to know them, tell them that you and your wife like to get sun when you can and like to wear less than most people. That should stand as fair warning. Then, on the next sunny day you can, just let them discovery the pair of you in your back yard. Act casual and be sure to say hello. They will quickly get the idea that this is perfectly normal and that their presence is not going affect your activities. 
argiethonger #127

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:03/31/2014 12:46:23Copy HTML

Hi Krizay!

I can't agree more with JM_Runs! That way of doing seems the more friendly and reasonable to proceed.
Getting to know them first and perhaps if they see your wife wearing skimpy suits will surely pave the way to see you too.

And as jprob50 suggested, if you have the chance to comment you both like to wear skimpy suits, that will surely ease things even more!

Hope it all goes well, and share with us how it turns out!
Krizay #128

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:04/01/2014 03:47:38Copy HTML

 I will definitely let you all know. I have found it difficult to make friends with them because I have seen them about 4 times since we moved here about a month ago. I'm still working on an angle to go and meet them!
showoffmark #129

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:04/04/2014 02:25:31Copy HTML

 Krizay, I don't think you need too much of an "angle" to meet your neighbors. Bake some cookies or make some rice crispy treats to drop off and say hello. Ask if it's a bad time and come back of ot is. Offer your name and phone numbers so they can call if there is an emergency of some sort. Then follow JM's suggestions. Do not plan to get "caught" by the wife. You are courting trouble. 
mrhb2008 #130

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:05/16/2014 04:34:15Copy HTML

 Walking in to work with a friend that I have known for about 10 years & we were planning a day on the beach. He was telling a story about he bought his ex wife a thong to wear to the beach, but she wasn't too keen on the idea.  I resopnded with, "I wear 'em all the time!  Not that big a deal"  He said, "Not with me, yr not!"  Made me laugh!  I'll eventually have to over ride his wishes as boardies are just too much material just to sit on the sand!  He'll have to get used to it!
Thongmad #131

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:06/12/2014 10:36:07Copy HTML

To add to my post above, we've just had four days away camping with the same group of people mentioned in that story, plus a further five more couples who are friends of theirs. They all now know I wear thongs!!!
To cut a long story short, on a lively night around the campfire, the pole-dancer (not really, just in the last story) told all the others about the events on New Year's Eve. So naturally the girls in the group doubted I wore them 100% of the time and asked if I had one on at the time and for me to show them. Same again, I just showed them the back of my thong, then my tan line.
A lively discussion obviously followed...and the pole-dancer ended up with one of my thongs on over her tights again, giving out lap-dances. Very funny, especially to the guy asleep in his chair.

Later in the night when only she and her husband, my wife and I, and two of the other ladies were left, the conversation again turned to my thong wearing. At this stage, let's just say all of our inhibitions were much freer ;)
For whatever reason, he ended up shirtless and only in his trunks. The girls all left for a ladies room visit, so for a laugh I dashed into my van, stripped to my thong, and joined him around the fire. He thought that was just great! Then he asked me for a thong to put on, and said we should just stand there waiting for the girls to return. Their reaction was hilarious. All taken in good fun! I actually got compliments from them about how I looked in mine. My companion and I stood around like that for the next half hour, talking thongs with the girls.

Yes, the stories and the pictures came out around breakfast the next day! Everyone treated it as the good fun it was. Got some genuine questions about thongs, and some genuine compliments from the girls once more. I was pretty happy with that!

As an aside, the campsite has a tree that people have taken to nailing their thongs to (the flip-flop variety) for whatever reason. There are dozens. Now it also has one of my thongs, right at the top!

pkthong #132

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:06/12/2014 03:20:32Copy HTML

 It's stories like this which keep me interested in this board! Good on you Thongmad, party on!!
JM_Runs #133

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:07/14/2014 08:47:06Copy HTML

Although most of us don't give a rat's ass what others think about our thonging ways, I always ask people what do there family and friends think about them wearing a thong. Just curiosity because most of the responds I get are usually positive or non-minding.

In my experience my mom knows because she directly discovered them drying in one of my bedroom windows and ask my in a joking matter what are those thongs about, I told them that I like them, there the most comfortable underwear I've had and they look cool. She was ok with it. Once I even showed her me wearing a thong and she said that they look good on me and humorously said that I was probably a stripper or gold digging a rich old lady.
DOnygaurnath #134

Re:How to tell friends or family

Date Posted:02/26/2019 06:08:11Copy HTML

So I had a really good few experiences recently telling my friends . To note, I am an Indian guy who has been following this forum for 8-10 years now . I started thongs as a gag gift for my 16th birthday whereby a bunch of my friends knew about it. I continued and it was quite fun but then I stopped in my UG. About 4 years back I shifted to Singapore and began wearing thongs again especially around the pool and in changing rooms without much negative comments . Being that India is a conservative country , it was difficult for me to try them there . Most recently, I went to the beach in Singapore and thonged in a public place for the first time (placed a separate post on my experience there in the Singapore section - it was awesome) . The reason I decided to bite the bullet was because I was really stressed out due to lot of personal and professional issues and I badly needed a break. This context is really important because all of my other friends here look out for each other since we have no other family members, especially in times of stress . So when I ended up telling them they absolutely encouraged me for it. The first friend I told was ecstatic since I used to be way more conservatively dressed around them in the beach . She asked for a pic and told me that she wants to push me to wear a thong with the rest of my group for a beach party we will have when she visits us in July. She couldn't stop expressing her happiness seeing how open I was to this now. The second friend was equally impressed and especially cos we blow a lot of steam together by gymming , he considered it awesome. Though I don't think he will try it. I also told my best friend about it and she told me she was speechless . But we then had a good conversation about how liberating it is . Plus again she was super happy that I thonged and destressed so much .I thought she had the most potential to poke fun of me but she was just taken aback. She even told me about how people did wear thongs for tanning etc and how she dint find it weird that it men wore them . One other friends even told me that she wished she could do the same but it was difficult to even wear bikinis cos she was in Qatar and it was super conservative. I guess as long as I didn't pose it as sexual fantasy or anything creepy it was well accepted and spawned interesting discussions on norms and roles. Also note that all these friends of mine were either Indians or Pakistanis with very liberal mindsets and up for trying out lots of different things . I must really thank this group for providing so much confidence. Would never have told them otherwise . Cheers !
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