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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:06/28/2012 12:56:02Copy HTML

I am heading to the Dreams Resort in Huatulco. Are any of the resorts/beaches thong friendly?
ministeve #1

Re:Huatulco, Mexico

Date Posted:06/28/2012 01:29:19Copy HTML

 I don't think they can stop you on the beach, but I don't think they will be common there.  I email that particular resort and got the response that topless was forbidden as they are a family resort and thongs are only allowed in the adults pool.  With that response conflicting with our swimwear choices we just decided to go to the other coast.  If you go blaze a trail for the rest of us, good on ya!
clubthongs #2

Re:Huatulco, Mexico

Date Posted:06/28/2012 05:19:49Copy HTML

I have worn thongs on beaches in Huatulco with absolutely no problem.
ivanjay99 #3

Re:Huatulco, Mexico

Date Posted:06/29/2012 04:01:58Copy HTML

 OK to be topless at Playa Zipolite ... only 1 hour away.
ivanjay99 #4

Re:Huatulco, Mexico

Date Posted:06/29/2012 04:05:19Copy HTML

Playa Zipolite ... Welcome to the Beach of the Dead!

ivanjay99 #5

Re:Huatulco, Mexico

Date Posted:06/29/2012 04:05:51Copy HTML

miaswim #6

Re:Huatulco, Mexico

Date Posted:07/04/2012 03:03:02Copy HTML

I stayed at Dreams (Huatulco) and wore a thong and small rio back suit on the smaller beach as well as at the adult pool without any issues.  Most of the rooms have a nice patio as well where you can sun depending on which way the resort faces.  Fortunately Huatulco is not as popular with the main stream tourists (like Cancun) and is much quieter, but it's still a popular beach destination for Mexican families.
butt_cheek_man #7

Re:Huatulco, Mexico

Date Posted:10/03/2018 03:06:05Copy HTML

Has anyone been thonging in Huatulco recently? Specifically on the beach and at th the adult pool at the Barcello Huatulco. They seem to be ignoring my e-mails.
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