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Date Posted:06/28/2018 04:30:46Copy HTML


Well, we started our trip.  Last night, we drove from the Dayton area to a park I had never heard off.  This park is in Ohio and called the Tappan Park Lake.  I looks a lot like an Ohio state park, but is many times better built and managed.  It is run by the Muskingum Watershed Conservation District.  I guess they have quite a few public parks they run.  This park has all the amenities we could want -- Lake, beach, trails, boating, and a trailer park.  

I hate to admit it, but I am going to become trailer trash for a while.  Randy and I bought a new very small travel trailer that is called a T@b Teardrop Trailer.  That is not a mistake in the spelling, it actually is called a T@b, but sometimes it is called a Tab trailer when the "@" can not be used, like on the license registration.  Randy and I decided to try something new from several respects.  First, this will be the first time in over 10 years that we will have time exclusively together without either Nikki or Mark or both there too.  The longest we have been able to get away from them before was probably about 2 days.  We love them both (Nikki is my sister and Mark is Randy's brother) but they also sometimes drive us CRAZY.  The T@b trailer is one of the ultra-light trailers available.  It weights less than 2000 pounds as sold, but has everything 2 people could want, including a bed, bathroom with sink and toilet, kitchen, and lots of storage.  Randy and Mark spent a lot of time re-engineering it and had a number of non-standard features added such as solar panels for battery charging.  They had a small stove with oven installed in place of the standard 2-burner cook top and no true oven.  It did have a microwave, but this could only be run when the trailer is plugged in or for a short time on battery power.  It also has a TV which can also be used as a computer display.  They added a satellite antenna which picks up the internet from a satellite and can also be used for cable TV, but we will only watch prerecorded videos and maybe occasionally something over the internet, like news or the movie channels we watch.  Some places we plan to go will not have any way to point the antenna at the satellite anyway due to trees, mountains, etc.  The boys also had the single small propane tank changed to two larger tanks, installed larger water tanks (which we plan to only fill shortly before getting off the highways and into the back-woods, etc.

The reason we went to the Tappan Park is that they guy at the trailer factory said it was nice and not to far away from the factory.  They wanted us to use the trailer for a few hundred miles, over night if possible, and then they would go over it and check all the water and gas lines for leaks, fix any problems we discovered, etc.  The trailer is made by a company with mostly Amish workers and is supposed to be very well built.  They gave us a boolet of other places we can go to get warrantee  repairs made or other things done if necessary.  The Tappan Park has a very nice and well kept beach.  Randy and I got in about 10:30 AM and got into our trailer slot right away.  It took us a while to get everything set  up for home life since we have not done this much earlier.  But by 12:30 or so, we were ready to go to the beach.  It was in the mid 70's, a bit of wind and some clouds, but we also had some nice windows too.  We did cover up (Randy in some of his incredibly short cut-offs and open-side shirt and me in some longer shorts and just a bikini top.) when we hiked to the beach.  There is a maraina, store, and over 500 campsites, and even a restaurant!  Once at the beach, we stripped down to our thongs, but I did switch to a minimal top that matched my thong bottom.  Randy immediately went over and talked with the life guard and came back.  He said there is no way the life guard could have missed his thong bikini (a real red Speedo one), but he said they just talked shop.  (Randy is certified as a lifeguard and also as a trainer of lifeguards.)

Anyway, we went up to the concession stand to get some Ice Cream, and while the reception was somewhat cool, they didn't say anything about our thongs either.  There were no other male thongers at the beach, but a couple of women in cheeky bikinis, one of which would have been considered a thong a few years ago.  After getting our ice cream, a couple of official vehicles came around to the consession stand and people in uniforms and one is a suit got out and looked at the beach and seemed to be looking mostly at us.  A couple of times they pointed our way, but also over at the young women in the extreme cheeky swimsuit.  In any event, they chatted for a couple of minutes, and then left.  We never heard a word about our swimwear, but assumed they were trying to decide if our suits were okay or not.  We have been back twice, and the second time, one of the young women who was with the girl in the almost thong was back and wearing a very high-waist swimsuit with a very narrow back that could not be called anything other than a thong.

We stayed at the trailer that evening, moving stuff around in the many little shelves and cupboards and trying to get things a bit more organized.  We did not use the restroom in the trailer, except for washing, but did use the shower.  We tried to use all the appliances and things we could and even turned on both the gas and electric heaters for a few minutes later in the evening when it was cooler.  Everything was working fine, but we are taking the trailer back for it's check-up anyway before heading to Ontario for the evening.  Several of the other people in the campground came over and ask us about the trailer and wanted to see it since it is so tiny but everyone seemed to like it.  In the afternoon I spent some time at the campsite in an even skimpier thongs and even laid out topfree for a while, but not bothering with a top when I went into and out of the trailer.  People in the adjacent lots didn't seem to care, and we had at two couples come around to talk about our trailer and the only comments we heard were not about my thong and being topfree, but about Randy's tiny shorts from one person and two middle aged women said they had been at the beach when we were there and wouldn't care if Randy wore just his Cute thong" at the campsite too.  Randy didn't need any more encouragement, slipped off his shorts right there in front of them, and didn't bother to wear more, even when he went to the restroom building later.  The ladies said they used to wear thongs in California when they were young, and that guys did too, and they hoped more men would start wearing them again, although Randy was the first guy they had seen in a thong for years.  They also said that women did not go topfree back then, but it seemed only fair if guys could wear thongs, that women should be permitted to go topless.


Da6772 #1

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

Date Posted:06/29/2018 01:48:56Copy HTML

A good, thorough report as usual.  Thanks for all the info!
I never could tell if the beach area at Tappan Lake was thong friendly because I never stopped there on my way to my aunt and uncle's place.  A nice drive along 250, as long as you don't have any slow pokes ahead of you.  There aren't many safe areas to pass along the twisty two-lane.  It's hard to believe the northbound coal trucks could go so quickly around the curves.  They would really fly through there!
How refreshing that no one batted an eye about your swimwear!
"A couple of times they pointed our way, but also over at the young women in the extreme cheeky swimsuit."
Don't they know it's not polite to point?  ;)   I think they were just comparing the "cheekiness" of your suits and the other women's suits and figured they were pretty much the same, so no sense in making a fuss out of it.  It is a semi-resort area, so you're going to have people wearing skimpy suits at times.
Congratulations on your purchase of the T@b Teardrop Trailer.  Sugarcreek is in the middle of Amish country, so the craftsmanship should be excellent.
The modifications made by Randy and Mark should make camping much more pleasant.  You always use more water than necessary at first, so the bigger tanks will be worth it.
You may also want to think about a broadcast TV antenna that you can hang on a window or wall.  Broadcast TV comes in handy when you have bad weather and need to keep abreast of the situation.  Either that, or a NOAA weather radio with S.A.M.E. (location specific) warnings.  Try to find a radio that will run on common AA batteries, then use rechargeable batteries to run it.  Recharge the batteries with the solar panel power.  Cheap electricity!
Good luck with your travels!  I look forward to further posts about your camping adventures.  I wouldn't be surprised if you found more people than expected who sunbathe in very little at the campsites.
If we don't hear from you for a while, it may be that you're checking out the mini-travel trailer discussion boards, like this one:  http://tabforum.nucamprv.com/#/discussions

BTW, how is the little one doing?
ohiothonger #2

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

Date Posted:06/29/2018 02:38:27Copy HTML

 Traci --

It is no wonder you were not bothered wearing thongs.  While I am not familiar with this park or any one operated by this jurisdiction, their website has 9 pages of all sorts of rules -- none involving thongs, appropriate clothing or swimwear, or anything else that might be the cause of an objection by officials.  ( https://www.mwcd.org/upload/rules_and_regulations_for_web.pdf ).  The only thing that is even slightly possible is that they could use paragraph 3.17 which states:  "3.17 All persons using authorized swimming areas shall obey and abide by the instructions of any dulyauthorized agent of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District.".  The park is in Ohio, where traditionally thongs and women going topfree is permitted at state park beaches, and where this behavior appears to be legal on public lands unless a specific rule prohibits the wearing of thongs or women going topfree.

I did look at the website for this park and it does really seem to be a really well kept secret.  It seems to have everything, and there are other similar parks in the same watershed jurisdiction.  If I know I will be going to the area, I want to check the park out.  The only thing I don't know is if I would want to give the park a heads-up that I plan to wear thongs (by specifically asking about them) or do as you and Randy did and simply show up and act like you are not doing anything wrong.  While I do think being a couple probably was in your favor if the issue was boarder line, I also think that sometimes getting a lot of pro-thong e-mails and questions sometimes forces places to come up with a policy -- one they might never think of creating if the "problem" of thonging and topfree park use were gradual, otherwise generally accepted, and something they only saw with no specific previous warnings.

ithongit #3

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

Date Posted:06/29/2018 03:42:11Copy HTML

  DAY TWO --

Well, things could have gone better today.  First, it took a longer time to get the trailer checked over than we thought it would.  But once we got on the road, we made pretty good time.  We only used about 3 MPG more with the trailer than without -- still over 20 MPG using my old Jeep 4 X 4 with 4 L engine and automatic.  Randy and Mark have been messing around with my old Jeep (350,000 miles) for years.  They rebuilt the engine, added some stuff so I can use e-85 or almost any combination of Gasoline and alcohol, did some stuff to the rear-end, transmission gears, and computer that limited the maximum speed to about 60 MPH, but also improved the MPG, etc.  When I took over the wheel, I barely noticed the trailer until I looked in the center rear-view mirror and panicked since I thought someone was way to close.  I guess I will get used to that in time.

Our first mistake was going past the Ambassador bridge in Detroit, and heading for the tunnel to Windsor.  They stopped us and told us trailers, even our tiny one, were not permitted, and suggested we go up to Sarnia to cross into Canada.  This is at the very end of Lake Huron and North of Detroit.  We did as we were told and then ran into the second issue.  We had forgotten to bring physical hard-copies of our car insurance, and didn't know that they did not always accept the proof that you can get on your phone or tablet.  The guy was nice and let us through, but did go into the trailer and poke around a bit before telling us we were ready to go.  He suggested that we get a physical copy of our proof of insurance and coverage limits at the first chance we had -- just in case.

Well, so far so good.  We were about three hours later than we thought we would be, but called a Provincial park and they had a place in their trailer camping lot where we could go that evening.  They did have electricity at this lot so we plugged in again.  DA6772 suggested we get an off-air antenna, and we already had one on the trailer.  We added the satellite antenna mostly for internet communications, but the signal speed is fast enough for our cut-the-cable TV provider.  We use a newer service from YouTube called YouTube TV which has a lot of stations in the basic package, and on which we can watch our local stations from Dayton wherever we are at (if we are on satellite.)  We had messed around with the TV antenna at home, but are too close to the stations and can pick them up even with just a paperclip in the back of the TV, so this was a chance to tryout the TV antenna.  We got Detroit and Windsor stations, but unlike the satellite antenna that you basically push a button and it aims the antenna right, the over-the-air TV antenna you have to fiddle around with some.  First you need to crank it to get it up and off the roof, then you crank it some more to aim it.  There really is no feedback on where you might find a station, so a good map is helpful.  Still, you can simply aim it, look for new stations, turn it 45 degrees and repeat.  This is 8 adjustments to start with.  Once you find some level of signal (as shown on the TV set) you can split the 45 degrees into smaller and smaller angles and find the one that gives you the best signal.  We were told that sometimes you actually will get a stronger signal aiming the antenna the "wrong" way since the signal might bounce off something.

Anyway, we spent even more time moving things back and forth around the trailer to make things more convenient and also choosing to bring a few things in from the car and taking some things from the trailer back to the car.  You have a lot more storage space in the trailer than in a dozen suit cases, but you also have a lot of stuff you probably would not take in a suit case like pots and pans, towels, bed linens, cleaning supplies, etc.  We managed pretty well, but will have to pick up a few things the next time we are at a store to make our life in the trailer easier.

This time we decided to check with the lady who works at the campground entrance about thonging.   The park we stayed at is called Pinery Provincial Park and is on Lake Huron.  It reminds me of the Outer Banks in many ways, except the water is fresh instead of salt, and the waves are a lot less.  We read a few reviews that there can be a lot of biting flies, but this was not a problem for us.  We told the lady that Randy and I both preferred thong swimwear and ask if that was a problem.  She said "of course not".  I then ask if I could go topless (topfree is confusing to many people). She said that I could do that as well, and it was only fair that women should be allowed to not wear tops in places where men can.  End of thonging ans tpfree conversations.  

We did spend time a the camp ground in our thongs (no negative reactions) and a lot more time on the beach.  Unfortunately, the water was too cold for me, but Randy who even does those polar bear swims thought the water was just fine.  It was breezy and pretty nice, but then clouded up a bit and the temperature shot down really fast and we headed back to the trailer to warm up and put more cloths on.  We didn't encounter too many people on the beach, but like so many places we go now, many of the young ladies wear cheeky or extremely cheeky swimwear.  One older man (probably about 55-60) was wearing a thong swimsuit, but was sort of hiding and pulled on some sports shorts when we approached.  He didn't bother with the shorts when we past the other way, but never said a word.   This time, I got the majority of compliments, mostly from very polite late-teen or early 20s aged men.  While they didn't find my bottoms to be all that unusual, they did say they didn't see too many women going topfree.  Three of them came over and visited outside the trailer for a while and spent the whole time complimenting me on my swimwear (or lack thereof).  Randy ask them if they had ever considered wearing a thong, and two said they would if they were more popular on men.  None were familiar with open side shirts like Randy had on, but said they would make some when they got home.  They had on T-shirts and one had on 505 jeans while a second wore running shorts.   The third was shirtless and wore pretty short cut-offs.  He said he really "didn't like" wearing much in the summer, but it still surprised me considering how cool it was getting.  He had been wearing a Speedo-type bikini on the beach earlier in the day when it was warmer.  I told him I thought it was cute and encouraged him to wear it whenever he could.  I guess he didn't understand me since he slipped off his shorts and still had on the bikini under them.  I told him to keep wearing men's bikini's and if he got the chance to try a thong sometime, explaining he might like them.  He and Randy got into a long discussion about thongs and people's reactions to them and how he thought they would be uncomfortable for a man to wear.  He said he didn't think any of the girls he knew would mind it if he wore a thong swimsuit.

We were glad we had both the electric and gas furnaces in this rig.  Here, we used the electricity (we were plugged in) but if we did not have power at the camp site, we could have heated the RV with just the gas heater.  Once we got dinner started and put the pasta on, it got pretty hot an humid and we opened some windows and turned the overhead fan on to cool things off again.  Tomorrow, we will be heading further along Lake Huron and then inland to some type of fishing camp place that Randy has been too before.  We plan to stay there two nights and rent a boat and go fishing.  

DA6772 -- If you are asking about our little son, he is fine.  He is staying with Nikki and Mark, and my Dad is going over and spoiling him every day too.  He likes Mark as much as he likes Randy (maybe even more).  I think this is because they are brothers and he has been around Mark his entire life.  He also likes Nikki, but I think he knows who his mom is and Nikki will never be quite the same.  He will have so much fun he probably will be upset we can''t do the same things when we get back home.

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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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I would encourage you to add a small inverter type generator to your list of toys.  I bought one a few years ago and it has been a great buy.  They are very light weight (50 lbs?) about the size of a small to medium sized cooler and are very quiet.  They are big enough to run a microwave, coffee pot, small ac unit, etc. plus most of them have a battery charger in them so if you find yourself someplace out there with a  dead battery they can get you started without any help.  And it is nice at home to run power tools without a bunch of extension cords or keep the fridge cold when the power is out.  They are designed for recreational use so they seal up rather nice and don't make a gas smell everywhere when hauling it around..  I'm sure this feature will go away in time but for the first few years there is no odor.  Honda was the first on I saw but I think most companies make them now.
Martylouie #5

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

Date Posted:06/29/2018 12:53:02Copy HTML

 The Honda unit is the EU 2200 and is very quiet. It puts out @ 16 amps at 120v. I use them to run small PA systems where there is no power.  Just makesure to get a good 12ga grounded extension cord. Also as with all small engines, use gas that doesn’t have alcohol in it. 
JM_Runs #6

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

Date Posted:06/29/2018 04:36:23Copy HTML

I ran into a man with a small teardrop trailer who liked his electrics but also liked to camp at remote campsites in the Rockies that had no power. The sort of remote sites that no facility other than an honesty box for putting in your overnight camping fee.  

He had a homemade micro trailer and an interesting power solution. He installed a large deep cycle gel-cell battery in the back of his pickup truck, with a battery isolator and a marine battery charge regulator. A battery charge regulator that was designed for managing the charging of two different battery banks at the same time, that were at different levels, and to charge both lead-acid and gel-cell batteries.

When his car was running both batteries were charged. When the engine was off the 'engine start' and 'house battery' were independent. He than had a cord to supply house battery power to the trailer.  This is basically the same system used by larger RV's (separate engine start and house batteries with common charging), except that in a large RV both sets of batteries are in the same vehicle. 

I believe the marine battery charge regulator had heat sensors for the batteries and controlled the exciter current in his high amperage alternator. This way he got maximum charging when the engine was running, but the heat sensors prevented overcharging so the batteries were not cooked. This is a solution much used on cruising sailboats who want to use the engine alternator for charging, and want as much electrical charge out without cooking the batteries, in the shortest time possible, so they don't have to sit at anchor with the engine running. 

Having the "house" battery automatically changed when ever the car is running is a distinct advantage. It also meant he could have a very large deep cycle gel-cell without taking up space or adding weight to his small trailer. He liked to move around a lot, not stay one place for a week, so his house battery was frequently recharged when driving.  Even if he un-hooked to go to pickup supplies or do a day trip his house battery came with him and got charged up while driving. 

When out camping in remote locations he wanted to soak up the tranquility. All noises off. So no generator.

This seemed like a good solution. When not on camping trips he removed the extra gel-cell and left it inside the trailer.  
Mary0826 #7

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

Date Posted:06/30/2018 06:08:00Copy HTML

How are the bugs?
The Swan #8

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

Date Posted:06/30/2018 06:10:53Copy HTML

And I thought I was going to have fun this summer.
This is a great read, thanks for posting.
ithongit #9

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

Date Posted:07/01/2018 03:52:10Copy HTML


Today we drove from Pinery Provincial Park to a private fishing/hunting camp north of Iron Bridge, Ontario.  We were so comfortable that we slept in a bit late before leaving.  I thought the bed would be uncomfortable, but it was very good for sleeping (and other activities).  It is almost a Queen sized bed, being just 2 inches shorter and 1 inch narrower than the regular queen bed.  Standard Queen sheets could be used, but they were a bit loose, so my Dad (who does upholstery work) re-worked the hems on the bottom sheet so it fits fine.  A standard Queen top sheet and blankets work fine, so only the bottom sheets need to be fixed.  We made breakfast, cleaned up, switched the fridge over to 12 volt operation, and got on the road -- about two hours late.   I think this will be the "late" trip, but since we don't have a single firm commitment, as long as we get places we want to go, we are okay.  

Even staying at Pinery was not planned.  We had another park in plans, but changed after not crossing over to Canada in Detroit like we had originally planned.We spent a lot of time along the Lake Huron North coast on the way to Iron Bridge, and stopped at many parks and beaches we encountered.  It was warmer than yesterday, so we spent most of our time at these parks in our thongs.  At the provincial parks, I went topfree too.  At the locally run beaches and parks (like run by towns and villages) we ask about our thongs if someone was available to ask.  All but one place said thongs were okay.  That one town park had this grumpy guy who didn't have an issue with me in a thong, but had some sort of problems with Randy wearing one.  I think it had something to do with Randy's long hair.  From the moment we first saw him, he was putting Randy and his hair down.  Certainly there are other long-haired tourists, but we did not see any men of any age in this town with hair longer than maybe four inches, or 10 cm.  I am just starting to get used to the metric measurements they use here, but still have to think a lot before I can convert back and forth. 

We also stopped and got a few hundred dollars from an ATM machine, and it gave us our money in Canadian dollars.  Dad had told us to take cash into one of the banks to get a good rate-of-exchange, but we really didn't want to carry a lot of cash with us or have to keep stopping at banks the whole trip.  We did stop in a small town to have the trailer bearings checked and re-packed with grease.  Randy said he could have done it, but we just went to a gas station and they did it in about 30 minutes while we got a cup of coffee across the street.  This is one of the things that Randy wanted to do -- change the lubrication and inspect the bearing after 500 miles or  so, a sort of break in period.We pulled into Iron Bridge about 8:00 in the evening.  We had been in and out of various thongs and "G"s the whole day, enjoying the warmer weather. We had been warned by a travel guide book to expect a lot of bugs, but we have not had more than a few so far in our trip.  We ate dinner at a restaurant which was the first food on the trip we got in a restaurant.  We also went to a bait shop to get fishing licenses.  They have this crazy two-part system where you have to get a hunting and fishing ID card (plastic like a driver's license) and then appropriate hunting or fishing licenses on top of that.  Fortunately, for non residents of Canada, you don't need the ID card, so that saves some money.  We got 1-day licenses and they were almost $24.00 Canadian each.  If we wanted to fish for more than one day, you needed a different license, and the ID card, and depending on how long you wanted to fish, you pay more and more for that "privilege".  We also got some worms which Randy insists work fine at this lake.  He has come here a few times before with his brother or buddies for a week or so at a time.

The trip from Iron Bridge to the camp was long and spooky.  The road was mostly unpaved, twisty, narrow, and it seemed that every time you turned a corner, there was a deer in front of you.  We even saw one black bear who just stood there in the center of the road and refused to move, even when we blew the horn at him.  We pulled into the camp about 11:30.  Nobody seemed to be up, but the did leave us a note telling us what camping spot we were to use and asking us to come by the next morning for breakfast (included in campsite rental) and to pay for our site.  We drank a bottle of wine, had some chocolate cake we got at the restaurant in town, and got ready for bed.

This was the first time I used the trailer toilet, and while I thought it would be an issue, it really was not much different than the toilet at home except if flushed more like the ones on planes.  We also set up the satellite antenna, watched a movie on TV, and did a little web surfing.  While the toilet was barely smelly at all, there was an issue with the shower.  they have shelves installed next to the shower where you can put your shampoo, body wash, soap or whatever.  They also have a shower curtain that basically wraps around the entire room and keeps the walls and toilet dry from the shower water.  (The tiny bathroom doubles as the shower stall.)  Anyway, the curtain worked fine, and so did the shelves, but the shelves were on the "wrong" side of the shower curtain, apparently to keep them dry.  So you had to open up the curtain to get your bath products out.  Then I realized that there were no places to put the bath stuff once you closed the curtain again -- except in your hand.  You could put them on the shower curtain covered toilet seat lid, but then every time you moved your feet or legs, the stuff would fall on the floor.  Maybe we will figure this out before we both go crazy.  I should mention that there is also a shower head on the outside of the trailer.  We got a little tent-like enclosure you attach to the side of the trailer so you can use it without showing off too much to others.  Because it was night, and everyone seemed to have gone to bed, Randy just took his bath out there.  But they need to put some accessible shelves outside too so a person can wash their hair or whatever at the outside shower.

With regards to the electrical setup on our trailer, we actually have four electrical systems.  First is a 120 volt system that plugs into an outlet at the campsite and runs all the plugs and most of the 120 v stuff.  Then there is a 12 volt system which is the main system for power off the grid.  This has Lithium Ion batteries instead of lead acid batteries.  These batteries are 14.4 Volts that are a close match to the 13,8 +/- produced in a car when the alternator is running.   This is very expensive, but you can pack more power storage into a smaller package.  The batteries are small enough that they put them in all sorts of almost inaccessible areas.  These provide 875 Amps of current -- enough for several days and nights without recharging.  (This is what JM calls the House Battery, but is Lithium instead of lead acid.)  These batteries can be recharged by plugging into the Jeep and running the engine (like when you are traveling), plugging into a 120 outlet at a camp site, or by the solar cells they put on the roof.  Even with all but the heaviest rain clouds, about a half-charge can be restored during the day.  On a bright sunny day, the batteries are fully recharged.  System three is another 120 volt system.  This one runs from an power inverter that changes 12 V DC to 120 V ac.  The last system is a dedicated 5 volt system that powers USB plugs.  This will recharge batteries in phones, tablets and other things that can be charged through a USB port.  Mark designed the electronics for this, and it uses almost no power when nothing is being charged.

All the lights are LEDs and run on the 12 volt system, as do the furnace fan, exhaust fans in the ceiling, water pump, leveling jacks, etc.  Our TV and the satellite antenna, DVD  player, radio, CD player and other things I can not think of right now run on this system too.  The 120 V inverter power is intended to be used only for thing that do not work on 12 volts.  We have our coffee maker and a few other things that can use this.  The microwave and refrigerator can use this power also.  This is not a very efficient system so we will use it for as little as possible.  

Someone suggested a generator (regular or inverter).  This would work fine for most applications, but we really want to keep the noise level down and are concerned about where to store the generator safely when it contains gasoline.  You can get propane generators which hook into the trailer gas system, but these take up valuable storage space and it is not easy to move them away from the trailer if you want to keep your noise down or want to keep distance between the trailer for fire prevention.  Generators, even the inverter type are not permitted in some forests, and California requires a more expensive generator for use in the state.  We have an older generator at home that we use if the power goes out, it we want to use 120 volt power tools away from the house without having to run extension cords, and similar purposes.  We never really considered using it or something else in the generator family in our trailer.  We think, but need to prove by actual use, that the batterys and 12 volt systems will be sufficient, especially if we use power with care.

We did 

The refrigerator is actually larger than standard and is a 3-way instead of a 2-way.  It will run on 120 Volts when plugged in at a camp site (most efficient), LP Gas which is almost as efficient but the trailer has to be perfectly level and you can not run LP gas things when driving in some places due to the fire hazard, and 12 volts (least effective, but can be used when driving).  So which way you set up the refrigerator depends on where you are.  This fridge has a small freezer that is good for making ice cubes and keeping small amounts of frozen stuff.   We lost part of a drawer to have it put in, but they did this and made us an undersized drawer so we didn't loose all the storage space.  The other kitchen thing that is different is that we have a real oven in the range, and most trailers now just have cook tops and microwaves.  We hardly ever use our microwave at home, so we might eventually take the microwave out and use the space for more storage.  Randy and I both prefer cooking in an oven, even if it is not all that big.

In summary -- we are still learning about the trailer.  We have had very little resistance to wearing thongs and in some places women can go topfree too.  The levels of acceptance of minimal swimwear reminds me of Ohio.  More private places will say thongs are okay, but like in Ohio, few private places accept topfree women.  I forgot to mention that the views are excellent and while the sand beaches are few and far between, when you find one, it is a very pleasant base to swim or sun at.
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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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We got up early, since the free breakfast included in our camp site rental is over at 6:30 AM.  Many of the others had already been out for an hour or two and some already had fish they brought back and compared on the porch.  It was also still cool, but was warming up fast.  The man at the lodge who was the cook and performed all other breakfast duties told us that this was the warmest summers he could remember.  He looked very old, and we talked to him while he fixed our meals on the grill in front of us.  He said he had been working at this same camp 69 years.   He offered us bluegill fish for breakfast which sounded like something  I would not like, but Randy told me to try.  I don't think I have ever had fish for breakfast, but enjoyed it so much I plan to have breakfast fish whenever I can.  

On the way to the lodge building, we got our first views of the camp (it was quite dark when we got there.   The almost full moon did help us not to bump into things at night, and there were stars in the sky I had never seen before.  The camp itself is owned and run by First Nation (Native American) people.  Besides the campground, there are a number of cottages or cabin buildings, a central hall which served breakfast and dinner for those who wanted them, a restaurant, boat launch, service facility for powered boats and a small beach and playground for the kids.  It seemed odd to have the kids stay at the camp and their parents take off in a boat for a  day of fishing, but it was almost like the camp was being used as a day care.  Kids seemed to be coming out of the wall, and there were two ladies who acted like they were camp counselors.  

I figured that with the kids running all over the place, thongs would be inappropriate around the camp.  So I ask about thongs and being topfree on our rental boat.  The breakfast guy, who seemed to be in charge, said something like "our ancestors would not have worn swimwear if they went swimming, so why should you?"  He then ask if we wanted to a small private beach on a nearby lake where we could do "whatever we wanted".   Randy and I both said yes, and he got out a camp map and started to mark it up with where the beach was, where we should portage our canoe from one lake to the other.  Randy ask about where we could get some specific types of fish and the guy added more marks and circles to the map as he kept up a rapid description of the what we would find each place.  Many of the descriptions were sort of vague I later realized.  Like when he said "go to where there is a large bolder on the shore" and every place we went had boulders.

Since our conversation had gotten sidelined several times, and interrupted twice by people wanting to put fish in the fridge and one man who needed more bait and gas, our original question about where we could wear thongs and places where I could go topfree had never really been answered.  Randy ask about our swimwear preferences again and this time the guy simply said that since the camp and lakes were privately owned by a First Nation tribe, we could wear thongs and I could go topfree anywhere we wanted, he then added that it was perfectly acceptable for us to go nude anyplace as well.  He said the only rule was that we needed to have some type of shirts and pants or swimwear that covered the top and bottoms when we went inside the lodge.  The guy said they had a lot of customers who were nudists and nobody would object.  He then took the map of the lakes and his red marker and drew more heavy lines on it, telling us that these were the extents of the First Nation owned land and that lands outside were owned by the government or other private people and the camp would appreciate it if we didn't go onto their land or lakes in the nude.  He said we probably would be just as welcome on their lands in the nude, since they let everyone fish there anyway.  

We had purchased the one-day fishing pass, and so we decided to do that first, and explore later.  Randy slipped out of his shorts at the cabin and spent the rest of the day nude.  None of the adults, kids, or camp counselors seemed to care, and a few came up an offered advice on good fishing holes and also chatted about where we were from and other things.  I had on a G-string, but abandoned my top at Randy's request when it was obvious nobody seemed to mind his naked body.  (We later saw a sign on the road going to the camp warning that the camp was "clothing optional" and that at any time, visitors might see men or women in the nude.)  There was a young Native American girl at the boat dock who took care of getting peoples boats ready and sold outboard motor gas.  She had on a bikini top and board shorts.  She was the only person at the camp who commented to either of us about our swimwear or lack of swimwear.  "Nice day to get some sun," she said to both of us.  "I like your thong," she said to me.  I thanked her for the compliment, then she added something like "You know that this is a clothing optional camp and you can strip naked if you want to like your man,"  She then took an inappropriately long look at Randy as he helped get the oars and life preservers on the canoe.  "Nice c##k" she said with a grin.  "I see a lot of naked men, but not many hung as good as you."  Randy thanked her for the compliment and we got on our way.  

We caught about half our limit in the first hour or so.  After that, we became very selective on what we saved.  I wanted to cook the fish in the T@G trailer but Randy said it was easier to just take them to the lodge and they would clean them, cook them, and serve them up with vegetables and other foods and this service was part of the cost of staying there.  The only thing they didn't do was furnish lunch in the dining room, but they did give you a brown-bag lunch at breakfast.  This is what we ate on the boat.  The whole day, Randy spent in the buff, and while I did put wear a bottom when we started, I didn't bother with it the rest of the day either.  We both took baths in our outside shower and after just letting the water evaporate, put some cloths on for dinner.  The couple in the camper next to ours was totally nude, as were their teen aged son and daughter.  They were obviously not the least bit shy about the whole situation.  The whole family dressed for dinner, and we talked well into the night.

Randy and I were not planning to stay here for more than two nights, but have decided to stay another day so we can have more time on the lake and using the facilities nude.  There were about 20 or 30 campers there.  I think everyone was part of a family or couple.  Two of the other men were nude most of the time and one wore a thong.  About half the women wore thongs or very cheeky swimsuits.  These were especially popular on the younger women.  The younger boys were totally comfortable nude, or wearing board shorts, but none wore a true thong.  A few wore Speedos on boats or at the beach at the camp, but switched to board shorts as soon as they were on real land.  Two brothers who appeared to be high school kids wore cheeky, almost thong swimwear.  These suits his the top half of their buns, but pulled into their cracks exposing all of the lower parts.  I was a little bothered that my nudity did not seem to bother them at all, and they only briefly looked at me when we got back to the camp, and then got back to tossing their frisbee back and forth.  I thought about offering to join them, but they seemed to only speak French.  Besides, Randy and I were both starving and wanted to get our dinners as quickly as possible.  What was especially amazing to us was that within family groups, some people would go nude, others would not.  Likewise, some wore thongs while others might not.  It was a place where people could wear as much or as little as they wanted and nobody was judgmental and nobody said anything that wasn't complimentary.  

No bugs to report yet.  I don't know how buggy it might be at night since we bundled up since it was cool.  One lady was being bothered by bees but she had on really strong perfume and I think that was drawing the bees.

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 I think you have discovered the true meaning of "clothing optional". Seems more common in Europe than the US. Funny, how the girl thought nothing about commenting about your husband's penis. Keep up the reports.
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We got up late today after enjoying a good night's rest in the T@B trailer.  Randy and I both missed breakfast, but we had eggs and bread and also fish from the day before to eat.  I was getting a bit worried about our fresh water supply and also how long we could go without having to dump the drain water.  There is a meter that shows the level of the various water tanks, but some guy at a rest area told us that they often were wrong and that we should have test-filled them with clean city water before starting our trip to insure they worked properly.

Randy and I spent the day much like we had the day before -- wearing nothing, but there were more people nude and in thongs, and more women seemed to be going topfree.  A young male employee named "Broadway" who was Native American was all over the campground in his birthday suit.  He mowed the grass, put fuel on the motor boats, sold bait and other fishing items at the "marina", and spent at least half his time hanging with the young lady, Sarah, who we met the day before who had admired Randy's love muscle.  She was even more graphic in expressing her admiration of Randy's body, but this time concentrated her comments on both his buns and his tool.  Broadway was equally complimentary about my body, expressing approval of my buns as well as my breasts.  He told us that we had missed seeing some of the other campers in their minimal swimwear and nude the day before since we were gone all day long.  

The two things we did differently was that we did not go fishing (since we only had a one-day license) and we used a row boat with a 10 hp motor to explore the lake instead of a canoe.  It started to rain a bit and we came in and Broadway tied the boat up.  For some reason, Broadway's member was "standing at attention" when we came into the dock, but he proceeded very business like on helping us out of the boat and onto the dock.  About 10 people were waiting under the eave for the rain to stop or slow down, and while they all could see Broadway's "problem", nobody seemed to care or make any comments other than Sarah who told those waiting that Broadway even impressed her with some of his "manly displays".  

Broadway ask Randy and me why we didn't go fishing, and we said it was because we only had 1-day licenses.  He then told us the bad news -- being a First Nations reservation and also private property, we didn't need a license, and there were no catch limits either.  This was something Randy did not know even though he had been there out-of-season in the fall and early spring.  We found out we waisted almost $50 for fishing licenses we didn't need.  Broadway also told us that they had just put in a number of hot tubs and saunas in a new building and we were free to use it, which we did that afternoon and later that evening.  Again we didn't look into things too well, and missed use of the hot-tub building.  I need to research things better I guess.

They had four hot tubs, one a very small 2-person which was very intimate with individual controls for heat, one a "cold plunge" fed from the coldest water they could find, and the other two 12 and 16 person units at various temperatures.  They had a dry sauna with cedar walls and also a steam sauna, with ceramic tiles.  There was no dressing rooms, but they did have nice (clean) co-ed restrooms.  As in the lake and elsewhere, people wore as little or as much as they wanted.  In the hot tub building, the Native American employees would simply shed any cloths they had on at a bench or table in the building.  The young men from other places often would go into the rest room to change into nothing!  Most of the young men either wore board shorts or nothing at all.  Only one I saw had on a thong swimsuit and I assume he was from Quebec since he spoke French.  I have seen this in Ohio as well -- the young men for some reason find total nudity more comfortable than wearing a thong or even a speedo.

Women generally wore traditional bikinis or one piece swimsuits.  (One 30 something lady had a thong-backed one-piece suit that was a big hit with the guys.)  Older women were likely to go topfree, but did not wear more relieving bottoms.  Young ladies were the opposite of the older women.  They were more likely to wear extreme cheeky swimwear or true thongs, but keep their tops conservative.  A surprising number of women, both young and old, stripped off all their cloths. Two young ladies wore see-thru when wet tops but were otherwise totally nude.

Some of the young men put their board shorts back on to use the saunas.  If there is one place where nudity should be the norm, it is here.  (Saunas were co-ed).  One young man had the odd habit of putting his Speedo on before getting into the water, but taking it off when walking around or using the saunas.  In any event, no matter what people wore, there were never any negative comments, and quite a few positive ones.  I was amazed at how many people had tattoos that would normally be hidden by traditional clothing or even traditional swimwear.  Some were quite impressive and detailed.  Randy is too chicken to get a tattoo.  He once fainted when they blew up the blood pressure thing at the doctor's office.  He heard that funny puff puff noise from the hand bulb and keeled over.  I have thought about getting a tattoo for years, but have been challenged by what to get, how big to get it, where to put it on my body, and where to have it done.  I know people who have had their tattoos botched up pretty bad.

To me, this campground is what a true clothing optional place should be like.  Too many places that claim to be C/O are actually "strongly prefer nudity".

Tomorrow, we will be heading up to connect to the train that runs to James Bay on the Hudson Bay.  I guess there isn't that much to do on this train trip, but how many people do you know that have actually been to Hudson Bay?  The train leaves in the morning and comes back that evening so you don't have to spend the night in Moose Factory or Moosonee, towns on James (Hudson) Bay.

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Today was boring.  Weather was not too great, not much scenery (unless you like hundreds of miles of small pine trees), etc.  Besides the trees, there were countless small creeks and rivers with no names, lakes, and some very large rocks and rock formations.  There were some smaller towns and some other business places like one or two pump gas stations, a few run-down looking restaurants, and similar looking places.  We knew it was pretty boring when we realized that we were looking forward to the business sign every few miles that pointed down some deserted dirt side road with the name of a lodge or other facility.  And it was buggy.  Each time we stopped, there seemed to be more bugs than the last place.  We had some insect repellent, but it didn't seem to do anything.   Because of all the bugs, we kept the camper sealed closed and braved restrooms and a restaurant in some of the small towns.  At least the bugs were not quite as bad.

We called ahead for reservations at a private camp ground/beach for the night, and soon worried that it would be intolerable.  We stopped in a Timmins Ont, for some groceries, stronger bug stuff and some bug sprays, and also some of those bug reducing citronella candles.  Timmins is or maybe was a mining town and was probably the biggest place we had been in since we left the USA.  Just outside town was the camp ground.  We were surprised to find no bugs and a very nice camp, complete with a beach and sandy waterfront.  We ask at the registration desk about thong swimwear and me going topfree, and got the "it's okay with us as long as nobody complains" but they did say topless beach use was not permitted by local laws.  I don't know if this was true, but the water actually felt slightly warm and there were others enjoying the beach too.  I choose to wear one of Randy's open-side shirts as a top, and I guess it was okay since we never heard any complaints.  It didn't hide much when I got soaked in the water.  It took us over an hour to get the bugs out of the car, but there were only a few in the camper, which we first tried to swat, and then used the candle and bug-spray on.  I don't think the candle actually kills the bugs but scares them away, so it did not help with the bugs inside the camper, but later we put it outside next to the door on the picnic table and no new bugs came in.  

We will be going to bed early so we can catch the train to James Bay.  It is called the Polar Bear express, but it has nothing to do with the movie with the same name.  You do need a ticket, but you buy it onboard and there are always lots of extra seats.  The seats are in two train cars, there is a snack and lounge car with tables, a bagage car and a bunch of other cars that are more normally seen on a freight train than a passenger train.  After our train expedition (which has the same type scenery most of the way as the trip we took today), we will come back to our trailer for another night.

We were warned that the area around Timmins has a strong French background, and many people speak French as their everyday language.  However, it also seems like the area is the most conservative area in some ways since they do not permit topfree women and apparently sometimes discourage thong wearers.   Near the grocery in Timmins was a small department store where I went to get get some souvenirs  to send home.  They had a small clothing section with swimwear just as cheeky as what I see back in Ohio.  But they also had some men's thongs marked (with a magic marker sign) saying underwear/swimwear.  The labels indicated they were underwear, but they were Lycra or Nylon or something like that and could be worn as swimwear as well.  They really were no different than what we can get online at a hundred places, but they were on the hanger and promoted as swimwear as well as underwear.  I just wonder where men wear this type clothing.

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I poked around the internet and found this site where you can get the available over-the-air digital TV stations in Canada:
Enter the nearest city and the province (at the bottom of the drop down list) and you will get a listing of TV stations by strength and direction.  That should give you a start to aiming the antenna in the right direction.
It's good to hear your son is being spoiled rotten by your Dad.  After all, isn't that what grandparents are for?
About tattoos:  I'm not crazy about them, even small ones on the shoulder, for example.  I'd rather admire a woman without being distracted by the inked drawing.  It's like seeing a woman on the beach who's lying face down and has undone the top to avoid tan lines.  I can admire her shoulders and on down her back to her waist, without having even a triangle top string catch my eye.  In other words, all the woman and none of the suit -- without even as small a distraction as a triangle top string would be.
It's the same on the front of a woman, especially those with a larger bosom.  For a woman with small to medium breasts, I can admire her hair, face, shoulders, breasts, waist, hips and legs.  When I admire a woman with larger breasts, I always get stuck for a second or two on her chest area.  I annoy myself by stopping at that area, as if it's such a better-looking part than the others.  I like the look of a woman with dark hair, a nice face and nice legs.  Maybe it's a guy thing, but I can't downplay a large bosom, even though I prefer a small to medium size.  I guess I went astray with that comparison;  I just don't like anything that distracts from a woman's natural body.  So, my "vote" is to forego the tattoo -- whatever my vote is worth.  Two cents maybe?
(Lest anyone think I only care about the looks of a woman; believe me, I learned long ago that personality is the strongest pull a woman can have on me.)
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 Tracy.  Your experience may only show the issues of one person, the one at the campground who told you the "unless someone asks" and that topfree was illegal.  They might be conservative and either warp the truth to get their way, or  perhaps only listen to those things that might bolster their opinions.   I saw it years ago when the state tried to pass a no-thong law.  The state House quickly passed the bill, while the Senate did not.  Regardless, the news reports locally said "House passes bill to make thongs illegal" or something like that.  People who wanted no thonging saw the report and assumed that thongs were now illegal.  The TV did no say "but this has to pass the Senate and also be signed by the governor.  I remember in the 1970's, even before thongs started to show up with any regularity, there were combination underwear/swimwear marketed as the latest thing.  They might have been a bit skimpier than other swimwear or underwear with styles starting at small bikinis to something like a Rio cut string bikini.  But in the days when Speedo swimwear and tightie whitty underwear, they were only slightly more exposing than these long time standards.  It was promoted as something you could wear at the beach or pool as swimwear, as a modern substitute for athletic shorts to play basketball, Frisbee, or for hiking.   Some ads even suggested that they were appropriate for wearing in stores and restaurants.  But it was also marketed as underwear.  The big point was that you didn't have to expand your wardrobe any more, you could simply shuck your jeans off when swimwear or even sports shorts were appropriate, and likewise you could simply pull your jeans back on when you needed to wear real pants.  As I said earlier, these garments were pushing the limits of exposure.  The thong underwear that the store labeled as acceptable for swimming sounds like an updated version of the same marketing plan.  It is too bad you or Randy didn't ask someone about them and where they could be worn.  Perhaps things are repeating like so many things in history.  As far as the bugs go, have you tried Skin So Soft by Avon?  I see it is now sold in stores with other anti bug products like OFF.   
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DAY SEVEN -- July 3  --

Not much to report about the incredibly slow train to James Bay.  The train goes as far as Moosone.  It is actually about 13 miles south of James Bay, but is a inlet and has salt water.  There was a shuttle boat over to Moose Factory, a larger town on a nearby island.  We had enough time  to take the ferry to the town for a visit.   When we got there, we met people who were there to view some of the wildlife on the shores of James Bay.  They spent their day at the Moose River Migratory Bird Sanctuary.  The more they talked, the more interesting it sounded.  We were being blessed by nicer weather, warm, not hot.  Randy had packed a few things in an under-seat sized carry on, in case the train back didn't run (this happens some days),  We decided to stay the night in Moose Factory.  This is small village with one small motel/hotel like place, and about 2000 population.  There are also some smaller bed and breakfast like places, but while the motel looks a bit run-down in places, everyone said it was nice inside.  Moosone has about 1500.  We went down to the dock to meet some lady that gave boat tours to the islands in the area and the bird sanctuary.  She looked like she was about 100, had no teeth, and was a Native American, like about 85 % of the people in town.  We didn't have return tickets on the train, since you can buy them on board.  We did call the campground where we were and told them we would be staying the night, and they said they would not worry when we didn't show up.  They also made some suggestions on what to do in the Moosone.

The motel ask if we wanted them to pick us up, but we decided to hike to the motel, which felt good after the long train trip.  The town is clean -- probably the cleanest town I have ever been too, and the people are very friendly.  There are some army looking places, and older buildings.  I was hoping to find some type of health club like place, but we didn't see one.  People here either look very young and trim and fit or very plump and like they never got any exercise.  It probably is partly true.  Now that civilization has come, people spend the long winters inside watching TV and not getting out much.  Younger people seem more active in the summer, while there were few older people on the streets, some were outside their houses sitting in the yard in lawn chairs and saying hi to everyone as they walked by.  It seems everyone here knows each other.  Not too surprising, young people are moving away for education, jobs and just to get away.  I didn't know before but this town was set up in 1673 by Hudson Bay Company back when they were trading with the Native Americans for beaver and other animal pelts to sell in Europe.  There were the same type stores in town you would see anyplace, but they were smaller and more old-fashioned and not a chain (except for Esso Gas).  Picked up some snacks for the boat trip the next day at the grocery store.  It was expensive compared with home, even after you did the math for different country money which is about $4 Canadian is $3 American right now.

When we went in, we knew our night was going to be special.  The building inside was like some of the best and most expensive lodges we have been too in the West.  They had high vaulted ceilings, lots of lounging areas, and a huge dining room which shared the high ceiling design.  We go to the desk and the person apologized again for not having a pool.  He then said he would upgrade us to a whirlpool room.  We went to the room and it was huge.  I looked in a couple of the other rooms that had the doors opened and they were just as big.   He told us this was the favorite room of the Governor of Ontario.  It was early afternoon and we had plenty of time before dinner, so we decided to use the hot tub for non-bathing purposes.  Naturally, we chose to go naked in our own room.  Anyway, we had just slipped into the water when someone knocked at the door.  Randy thru a thong on and opened the door.  There was a young Native American guy at the door.  He said he was from the restaurant and wanted to know if we could eat early at 7:00 since the restaurant had a private party later that evening.  Randy ask me (I was in the whirlpool) and sat up to hear them but I know he could see my nipples and breasts.  "Oh," the hotel employee said to Randy, "You know that swimsuits are not required in your room.  And I forgot to tell you that we include a bottle of Champagne with this room.  When would you like it?"   Randy told him anytime before dinner would be nice.  "I'll bring you your wine as soon as I can," he replied.

About 10 minutes later, there was another knock on the door.  Randy told me to get it this time.  I started to head over to where my cloths were, but he told me to give the young man a thrill and answer the door still naked.  I did as Randy suggested.  "Nice tan," the guy said.  This seamed an odd comment from a man who's natural skin color was darker than mine at the end of summer.  "You said swimsuits were not needed," Randy said as the young man became very business like and acted like I was fully dressed.  Randy even got out of the tub, dried himself off a bit, and came over as the hotel guy messed around with opening the bottle.  

The man said it was obvious we were not the least bit shy about what we were not wearing (cloths) and said he had a confession to make.  He bought a thong swimsuit and wears it when he goes down "south" meaning Timmins, where they have the closest public pool -- about five or six hours away.  At dinner a couple of young Native American girls said they had heard about Randy's c@ck and ask if he would mind showing it off again at a bachelorette party that was that evening.    We got into a discussion of the wearing of thongs and the girl said she had many thongs but that she had never had the opportunity to wear a thong swimsuit.  Randy then told her that he would prefer to go nude when thongs were not required.

Randy was a little worried about doing a show in a strange place and a different country.  He did go back down to the dinning room and was introduced as the "stripper" and the ladies were pawing at him and the next thing I know, he is slipping his jeans off to show off his thong swimsuit (which he wears as underwear).  He didn't show them anymore than that, but they really appreciated it.  Most had never seen a real man in a thong before, but admitted that "magic Mike" and other movies with male strippers were always popular with the women, as well similar movies with naked or near naked women in them for the men.  Each woman said the nicest things about Randy's body, tan, thong, buns or other exposed things.  About half said they would wear a thong swimsuit if they had the chance.  About an equal number said they would like men or more men to wear them.  What is interesting is that these percentages are about the same as for people who are regularly exposed to thongs where they are popular.  I guess this is a mind thing.  Nobody (except maybe TV) is making comments on thongs to this group of people living six hours from the closest public pool.

Tomorrow, the boat trip to the bird place and returning on the train.

I almost forgot.  The dinner was excellent -- at least 4-stars if not more.  Some people might find their prices high but we have spent more at other places and not gotten the great food or ambiance we got here.  We met yet another couple who had been on the boat tour that same day, and said they had come before and the small boat was the best way to go since they could take it into the shore most anyplace and we could get out and see where the birds nest and things like that.

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 DAY EIGHT -- July 4 --

This was not a thonging day.  We did the boat trip to the nature preserve, and Randy ask if he could thong there.  We had a young woman guide on the boat, about 25.  Anyway, she said there were no rules about swimwear, but she had never seen anyone swim there.  As we kept going North towards the bay, things got colder and rainier.  Randy was still game to try out his thong, even with no direct sun, but there are no beaches, only mud flats which are sticky goo and there was no way to clean up if he laid out there.  He put his foot in the water and realized that the water was too cold to do much in and with no place to warm up afterwards (like they have at the polar bear swims) that he would turn into a human Popsicle.  So we did the tour, saw a lot of interesting birds and other things, and then got back to Moosone in time for the train back South.  We had thought about going back to the lodge, but assumed that we had seen most everything and done most everything already that there was to do, and the weather might take weeks to clear up.

We had our dinner on the train (it was like a microwave dinner but still hit the spot after getting to cold).  We got back to our trailer about 11:00 PM.  Everything was fine, and we got the electric heater running and soon we were warm an toasty.

Tomorrow, we will be driving over to some place called the Nipigon river bridge.  It is at a place where there is only one road across Canada and a couple of years ago, they had some engineering firm that had never designed a bridge before.  So naturally the bridge failed and for a week or more basically all the traffic from one side of Canada to the other had to stop and the TSA in the US had so much paperwork and things that had to be done to reroute traffic through the USA.  Eventually they got it partly fixed, but it took months to make the proper repairs.  Apparently, nobody seemed to realize that the bridge would get cold in winter (up to -26 F for days on end) and this contributed to the bridges failure.  The Government of Ontario also should share some of the blame since while the new new bridge was actually two bridges, two lanes each way, they tore down the original bridge before the second bridge was completed.  The whole purpose of putting in the new bridge was to provide redundancy in the event of a single bridge failure.  With no old bridge and only one new bridge complete, they were at the mercy of not having redundancy -- the entire goal of the bridge update.

I will write about that trip later.

ithongit #18

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 DAY NINE -- July 5 --

Today we got up late again. We were so happy to be back in the trailer again.  I fixed breakfast and we took our time getting ready to go.  It was warmer again and the clouds had broken and we figured we'd get some sun and the campground beach.  We both wore our thongs, and keeping with the requests of the manager, I kept a top on.  There were several other families at the beach and some of the kids came down form their campsites without their patents.   As usual, nobody cared that we were wearing thongs.  A teenage boy came over when I was alone and Randy had gone back to get some bug stuff.  He said he "really liked" my buns, then added that he had seen a lot of women in thongs but I was one of the most beautiful.  This was a real ego builder, even if the guy telling me this was probably 17 or so.  He said he had seen Randy and loved his hair.  I mentioned that he had on a thong too, and the guy said he knew that.  He ask if he could go put on his thong and come back and lay out with us.  I said sure.  

Robert, who preferred to be called Rob, was from the Toronto area.  He said thongs and almost thong cheeky bikinis were getting quite popular there, and they were "everywhere" people went swimming or sun worshiping.  He said they were not common at all on the men, but he had never gotten any flack for wearing one.  He then left, but came back after Randy was back.  He was terribly comfortable in his thong and at one point reached into the pouch to rearrange things.  He and Randy went swimming, went back to get some cokes, and basically acted perfectly normal.  Eventually Rob's mom came down to where we were all laying to tell him lunch was ready.  I was surprised how casual she was about her young son wearing a thong as well as how she accepted our swimwear just as easily.  When I ask her about thonging, she said they see quite a few women wearing thongs, and all of Rob's girlfriends were into them too.  She said the first woman she saw going topfree was at a Lake Ontario beach and was one of Rob's friends.  She said for some reason, he attracted thongers like honey attracted bees.  I could see where she was coming from -- he was very personable, cute, and intelligent.

Randy and I had to get going, and we watched Rob and his mom walking back to their campsite for lunch and headed back to our trailer as well.  Everyone was acting like Rob's exposed ass was perfectly normal. I think it was his confidence and the fact he was with his mom, who also acted totally indifferent about his swimwear choice that helped him to be acceptable.  But it was also the people who were not judgmental at the campground.

Back at the trailer, we threw some cloths over our swimwear and got ready to leave.  We had gone this whole way without adding water or dumping the sewage, and Randy insisted that I learn how to dump the trailer too.  This did not appeal to me, but he did most of the work.  I think he was wise to wear long pants, socks and easy to clean rubber boots over his tennis shoes.  It really was not all that complicated and not at all messy.  Randy ran water through the hose as a final cleaning, then put in its special compartment.  We filled the water, and Randy ask if I had shut the valve and I told him of course I had.  But for some reason whenever we stopped someplace and used the toilet (there were not many places along our path with restrooms, and I though we were doing great and now we were getting along again with no connections to civilization.

This would have been great if I had not misunderstood what Randy meant when he ask if I had shut the valve.  I thought he meant the fresh water valve, he meant the sewage valve.  Each time we stopped, there was a slightly unpleasant odor.  Eventually Randy went out to see what was going on, and it turned out that I had not closed the sewage valve and he didn't either, since he thought I had done it.  Each time we stopped everything that went down the drain or toilet would up on the side of the road.  I guess everyone has first-adventure things happen when the take their rigs out for the first time.

The scenery between the campground near Timmins and the Nipigon river was just as boring as the drive to Timmins.  Only the last few miles did we have something interesting to watch -- the Nipigon river.  We had planned on staying near Nipigon, but had made pretty good time and ate dinner there instead.  We proceded on to another Provincial park called Sleeping Giant Provincial Park.  The park sort of juts out into Lake Superior, and we were able to make late arrival reservations over the internet.  We even got to choose the exact campsite we wanted, and chose one right next to the beach.  We ask the Ranger at the gate if we could thong or if I could go topfree.  He said something like "this is a Provincial Park.  As long as you keep your private parts covered you are okay.  Randy ask if a person't anus was a private part and they guy though for a moment and said he had never been ask that before and wanted to know why Randy would ask such a question.  Randy explained that he liked to wear baggies and after he explained what they were, the ranger said it would be okay as long as the baggie completely covered Randy's p@nis and b@alls.  As usual, we got in too late to do much, so we are now back in our trailer, having a snack and will hit the sack in a few minutes.  We will be staying two nights here, and hopefully will be able to get on the road at a reasonable hour when we do leave.  They are predicting hot and sunny all day tomorrow, and we plan to go to the beach (20 steps away) and just hang out.  We don't have any utilities here, but we can get water from a faucet across the road, there are nice clean restrooms and very nice (and hot) showers we can use, and we should have enough charge using the battery/solar system to live two nights and one day.  We did pick up some TV stations from a nearby town, Thunder Bay, and on the late-night movie, they had all sorts of nudity.  It was like having a premium movie channel free and over the air.  I don't know if this is normal, but we think seeing nude people is a lot healthier for kids who watch movies than seeing them mutilated or practically cut in half by criminals.

I will tell you about our experiences at the beach tomorrow.


csnipwb #19

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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Thanks for the trip report!  It has been an exciting trip even if Im sitting in a chair reading your adventures.Travel safe.
JM_Runs #20

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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Nudity on TV and in movies is much more common outside the US.  
Someone just posted a link to the Dutch reality TV dating show, where they are all nude on a tropical island. 

MNluvthongs #21

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 You two should drive down to Minneapolis sometime and visit the thong scene at Lake Calhoun or Lake Mda Ska ? as they call it now. Sometimes you would swear you are at Miami Beach!
tobias5711 #22

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 Wish one of the US networks would do a version of Adam and Eve- Really nice to see full nudity and both the guys and girls so comfortable being seen full frontal.  Would rather my kids see full nudity like this than any of the violent movies. Nudity is normal, natural and beautiful, where killing and gore is not.
Da6772 #23

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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Well, that day was sure adventurous!  Meeting Rob at the beach and hearing his mom say he attracts thongers like honey attracts bees.  (Boy, do I envy him!)  Then the mistake about the sewage valve closure.  The flies were probably happy to follow your trail until you closed the valve!  The ranger says you only need to cover the private parts, so you're free to have lots of fun at the beach the next day.  And then the surprising late-night movie with nudity.  Well, not every country is as prudish as America.  And I have to agree with you that it would be healthier for teenagers to be comfortable seeing that, rather than having a big taboo and then hoping they don't try to find out what the mystery is about when they're on their first date!
I can't wait for your next report!  Thanks so much for providing such entertaining reading for those of us living vicariously through your adventures.  BTW, it looks like the distance from Sleeping Giant Provincial Park to Thunder Bay, through the air, is around 40 km or so.  The TV signal should have been fairly good, but it depends on how strong the TV transmitter is and what the antenna strength pattern looks like at night.  (Some stations change their antenna patterns to avoid interference with other stations at night when the signals bounce off the ionosphere and travel further than during the day.)
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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 DAY 10 -- July 6 --
Well today was the best day of the trip so far!  Having a campsite right along the beach and lake made thing really convenient for us.  We have visited a few Provincial parks in other Provences, but so far Ontario parks seem to really excel in every way.  About half have services, the rest are only accessible by trail or boat and require a special permit.  This might appeal to outdoor types who want to fish in lakes and rivers where people rarely go, and where the "big ones" are still in the water.  A scientist type might also like such a place.  

Sleeping Giant park has a very nice camp ground.  They have places for tents, small campers (like ours or maybe a tent camper) and also sights for larger RVs.  Some sites are set up with electricity and I think others have water.  The guy dumping the trash said a lot of the campers run their hoses over to the handiest faucets to refill their fresh water, but these hoses can not be kept hooked up even semi permanently since they might have only one faucet for six or eight campsites.  I told you the other day about my little accident with leaving the drain valve on.  Well, we did get a good frexh water hose for the camper back in Ohio.  We had filled the water up at home and used the garden hose.  By the time we were at the factory, our water tasted like cheap plastic.  The guy at the factory said we should use a special non-toxic and flavorless hose for our fresh water.  Any other hose he said would make our water taste like the hose, and come to think of it, when we were kids, we used to get drinks from the hose and the water did taste like sh@t.

One of the neat things is that the campground (and camp beach) are on an much shallower inland lake, so the water is much warmer, and with all the warm weather they have had, it was as warm as any beach water in Ohio.  Lake Superior by contrast is very cold.  Another neat thing is that in Lake Superior and the Northern part of Lake Michigan they say you can literally drink the water from the lake without any treatment.  Sounds a little iffy to me.  I will keep using municipal water when available just to play it safe.

We spent over 10 hours in our thongs.  It was a bit cold in the morning, so we took a hike for a couple of hours, but then by 9:00 AM we were getting ready for the beach.  Randy put on a tiny, very tight baggie that has three pockets in it.  The largest if for his meat, while the others on either side handle what hangs down there.  I always liked this a lot better than a baggie that is simply a sack the guy stuffs everything in.  Randy usually can keep his composure, which is good because this suit will not hide any changes his tool might make.  There was a family at the next campsite that was from South Carolina, and they were not happy at all seeing me topfree, and in a G-string.  They hated seeing Randy in his multiple compartment sack.  The father threatened to call the ranger but we don't know if he did, since nobody came around to challenge the way we were dressed.  At the same time, others on the beach were more than friendly.  Some were amused or inquired about Randy's baggie or me going topfree, but nobody except the people in the South Carolina family were noticeably offended.  We were not the only people in thongs.  
I would guess that about 25% of the women wore thongs, another 25% wore cheeky bikinis, and perhaps 40% wore more traditional swimwear.  In the USA, girls will go out of their way to say they are wearing a cheeky bikini, even when it is in reality are true thong.  In Canada, the perception is the opposite.  A girls wearing a very modest cheeky swimsuit will call her suit a thong. The remaining 10% wore something else.  One girl wore just a long, thin white tank top without a bottom.  Everything was covered, but barely, and after a swim, she turned more than one head when the cotton material beacame translucent.  Several of the girls wore athletic shorts, and a few wore minimal cut-offs.  One girl also just wore a pair of jeans.  The swimsuit tops women wore were all over the place.  Most had some form of Bikini top, but these might cover every curve and crevice or they might be super tiny and barely cover anything.  One young lady wore an open mesh top while another had on just a scarf which she tied into a halter like top.

The guys were a lot more predictable in what they wore.  75% wore board shorts, most quite long, but a small percentage were above the knee.  There were no super short board shorts.  Most of the rest of the men wore Speedo type swim bikinis.  Two other men wore thongs, and one had on a very simple but nice black G-string.

We both got our share of compliments, and tried to make positive comments to the others in minimal swimwear.  There were a lot of "nice swimsuit" type comments we both got.  There also were some more personal but nice comments on our buns or the tan on them.  One couple with a heavy British accent ask us for directions to the nearest restaurant and we told them about one we saw not too far from the park gate.  Neither was a thonger but the man did have a pretty skimpy Speedo. After we chatted, the lady said to Randy "Cute shorts".  He gets one or two people a year who refer to his thong as shorts.  Randy also had another woman who was in a thong come up and tell him he had a nice bulge.  She said her friends put her up to it.  Randy has had a lot of compliments on his thong, but gets more compliments on his hair.  (He has very straight almost waist length hair.)  In Ohio, people almost never say anything about his hair, but will comment on his swimwear.  I don't know if this is because of regional differences in what is "important".  It would be nice to know that there is a place where other people care more about what your hair looks like than what your genitals look like.

We were having so much fun, enjoying the water so much, and seemed to have some other beach goer talk to us or engage us in other activities like tossing our Frisbee that we only had a few small snacks until we realized that it was after 7:00 PM.  We fixed some Pasta, made meat sauce for it, and enjoyed fresh bread we got at a bakery we past.  For some reason, the bread always seem a little fresher and more  tasty in Canada.  We also opened up a bottle of real French wine.  The European wines are more readily available and a lot less expensive since they either have no import duty or only a small import duty.  

We plan on asking the British couple over to play some board games we brought from home.  We will have to do this out on the picnic table and with some type of portable light.  I plan on opening another bottle or two of wine, and really finding out more about the couple.

Tomorrow, we plan to get as many miles behind us as we can.  If we are lucky, we will make it all the way to Manitoba tomorrow.  The long range weather indicates that we might get more good weather if we take the Yellow Head highway to Jasper instead of the Trans Canada highway to Banff.  We will probably have at least one more day before we need to make this decision.  Most people tell us to go the Banff route since you can see the mountains 60 to 80 miles in the distance and they get bigger and more impressive as you get closer and closer.  Banff has a hot springs pool and there is one also near Jasper, but I see that they no longer permit thongs at these places.  Too bad.  

BaltoBob #25

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 Looks like you are having a wonderful time. About 10 years ago I did the naked bike ride in DC. While topfree was ok, everyone needed their privates covered. One guy wore a baggie like you described except he kept the draw string so tight, he was hard the whole ride. He called it a penis glove. About 1972 I spent 10 days in a canoe in the Quetico Provincial Park  with the Boy Scouts. We had to bring everything EXCEPT water. Always drank from the lake. No cell phone or Sat phone. There were days where we were 3 days paddle from any medical help. Nobody got sick or hurt. Ten boys 15-18 plus an adult and a guide. We skinny dipped with our boots on, as a foot cut on a rock or broken ankle could be very bad. 
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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 DAY ELEVEN -- July 7 --

We actually did as we planned today.  We got on the road a little before 6 AM after eating a light breakfast of cereal and coffee.  We planned on another light meal at around 10:00 and another at 2 PM.  We didn't know how far we got, but gor all the way to some tiny town called Moosomin, Saskatchewan.  (Why is everything up here named Moose something?)   From a driving and scenery standpoint, the roads today were all in good repair.  The first part of our trip, about to the Ontario Manitoba provincial line, was much like most of the other parts of Ontario, but the area was a lot more rugged and there were solid rock formations all over the place.  Most were only a few hundred feet thick, but all were very steep.  This made the area "inaccessible" until the late 1960's when a highway was finally run through the area.  They did have the train in the 1800's but with the advent of cars, a road was really needed.

Starting around the provincial line, things opened up, and the area changed to some agriculture.  The road also changed from a two lane highway with sometimes dangerous passing to a four lane mostly divided highway.  Roads were less twisty and seemed faster.  Winipeg is the Capitol of Manitoba and actually had a bypass around it.  It added some miles (or maybe km) but we think it was a lot faster than going downtown.    Again, there was a heavy French influence with some suburbs of Winipeg being basically French in both their language and culture.  Winnipeg was actually the slowest part of our travels.  This would be a major city in almost any place, with all the familiar chain stores, and a few Canadian chains as well.  Some places with outlets in the US would put a maple leaf on their sign or add a phrase such as "of Canada" because the company is actually a Canadian Company.  Gas stations were a mixture of familiar brands like Shell and Esso and Canadian brands like Petro Canada and Husky.

We took our first mini-meal just about on schedule when we came upon a rest area located along a small river.  Randy said it looked like a good place to fish, but since we were in a hurry, and didn't have a license anyway, we just enjoyed the river from the trailer.  I had prepared sandwiches and we had chips and drinks also ready so it only took about as long as it actually took us to eat.  For some reason Randy keeps checking the valve on the waste drain every time we stop.  He is getting pretty good at going out and kicking the handle to check it.  Our second meal was at a fast-food restaurant in the Winnipeg area.  We only stopped for gas, rest stops and these two meals, and wound up at the campground about 6:00 PM.  It was still very light and sunny and hot.  The government has been issuing heat warnings almost every day, with temperatures into the 90's.  We were warned that driving much past 7:00 PM would not be any fun since the sun would be in your eyes as you went west.  It probably is the time of the year and also the latitude, but nightfall seemed to come later than what we had planned.

We thought that we made really good time, and drove over 1100 km which is the first time I had ever gone 1100 anythings in a car.  Then I found out that it is equal to 680 miles, still a respectable distance for a day of travel.  As before, we choose to stay two nights at the campground.  Then I realized that we had forgotten to change from Eastern to Central time, so we actually got in at about 5 PM.  The campground had a beach on a small lake complete with a pontoon type floating platform.  We put on our thong swimwear and went to the beach.  We both kept it conservative since nobody there had anything close to a thong on.  Some people pointed, some people laughed, and many just took it in stride.  Randy and I went out to the floating pontoon which was also being used by two girls in moderate cheeky swimsuits.  They were friendly and ask us and Randy in particular a lot of questions.  They were very impressed by his swimsuit and couldn't stop commenting on how nice it was to see a man's buns.  Randy said he liked their swimsuits too, but add he would like it even better if they showed more skin.  He ask if they would mind if I went topfree and they said it was okay with them.  I took my top off, and laid back on my back to see how much he could get these girls to take off.  He can be pretty persuasive without people knowing what he is doing.  Anyway, he suggested that they pull their suits into their @ss cracks so he could see more of their buns.  He pointed out that my butt was exposed for everyone's inspection, and nobody seemed to mind that much.  The girls ask him if he ever wore anything skimpier and he said he had some G-strings too.  The girls chatted bit and then said they would not only adjust their swimsuits so they showed more, but that they would join me and go topfree if he just shed his thong and skinny dipped.  He thought a moment, but decided that this might not be as well accepted as his thong, but did offer to put on his baggie.  They were not familiar with the term, but he explained it to them.  They said if he put on his baggie and wore it for him on the pontoon platform, that they would scrunch up their bottoms and go topfree like I was doing.  Randy didn't need a second invitation, and went back to the trailer to change, but put his thong back on as a cover up.  This time as he walked by, he got a "nice tan" and "I have a bet with my husband.  He says that you need a drawstring to keep something that little on."   A third young man simply stated that he wished he had the nerve to wear a swimsuit like Randy's.

Randy swam out to the platform and there was some back-and forth about who would do what first.  Finally the girls messed around with their bottoms and created surprisingly nice looking thong.  Both had a noticeable tan line where their suit used to lay.  Randy then slipped his thong off, and the girls really liked his baggie.  He laid on his back for a while as the three talked, but then flipped over on his stomach.  The girls took their tops off as promised.  I am not a lesbian but one of the girls was a real knockout and even I liked seeing her topfree and showing most of her buns.  The other was only slightly more average looking, but had huge kn@ckers, the type most men, including Randy seem to just love. 

We had sort of forgotten about the people on shore, but they apparently thought Randy was nude and called someone who worked for the park who came down and told him to cover up and also told us three women that we could not go topless.  Randy explained what his swimsuit covered and how it was legal lots of place like in Ontario, Ohio and other places.  He also explained that topfree was legal in most of the same places.  The man said he really didn't care, that while they did permit women to wear thongs and that it was only fair that men could wear them too, there was no way he was going to have his female customers go topless.  He demanded that Randy get up and show him that he really was wearing a strapless swimsuit and that it covered everything a thong would.  Well, the little show the other two women made when they took their tops off got Randy a little excited (or maybe I should say very excited) and when he stood up, he was sporting a huge stiffy.  The man saw this and told him to get the hell off the beach, and banned the four of us from the beach altogether.  He also told Randy and me that since it was late he would not kick us out of the campground that evening, but that he expected us to be gone by 9:00 the next morning.

We should have known better than to get into this type of trouble.  We had grown so used to everyone accepting almost anything that we just assumed when our thongs didn't bother people we could do more and not get into trouble.  The fact we had dressed the same elsewhere does not mean it will be accepted everywhere.  I guess this was a lesson we needed to learn -- don't assume thongs and topfree beach use is permitted without asking first, and don't wear anything super suggestive (like a baggie) unless the manager or ranger says it is okay.  We were lucky that we basically only got a chewing out and did not get into more trouble than we did.

Tomorrow we will be heading further West, probably getting into Alberta by day's end.  We will wind up being a day ahead of time because of the good day of driving earlier today, and the fact we will only be staying one day here thanks to our inappropriate choice of swimwear.  We are thinking of stopping at Alberta's Dinosaur Provincial Park and seeing where the Dinosaurs used to live.  The area also is a bad lands area with virtually no vegetation and strange rock formations.


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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 I guess looking nude from the back is the major disadvantage of baggies in attracting unwanted attention, although I don't think the outcome would have been that much different even if he was wearing with straps considering the upright status.  Safe travels.
BaltoBob #28

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 I rather doubt your swimwear broke the law, as the camp owner let you spend the night. Should you ever repeat this trip, just stop somewhere else. 
JM_Runs #29

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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Seems to me that the problem arose because, without any visible rear straps, from a distance, or close up, Randy looked nude. If he did not look nude from a distance the person making the report would probably not have bothered.  And again, when the park worker came over, if he saw rear or side straps he would probably not have bothered to ask Randy to stand up, to see if he was wearing anything. 

This is why I advise people to have visible straps. The smaller they get the more important they are of a contrasting color.  Be bold, go small or micro, but be colorful too. 

Avoidance of erections, missile suits, and lose baggies that are designed to show off rather than conseal is wise too.  It is all fun and games until someone gets kicked out of the park or arrested. Unfortunately such intervention sends the signal to others that it is illegal or unwise to thong. 

Have fun, but dress up the baggie with a pair of neon orange side and rear straps. In Canada you can pick up neon orange lumberjack boot laces that are about 1/3 of an inch wide.   Not normally elastic, so you may need to do a tie side. Narrow neon orange looks hot against a tan. 

I hope the girls you met on the float have the courage to try thonging again. 
BaltoBob #30

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 I also think the platform in the lake was much like a stage where people on the shore could have thought they were seeing a show more "R" rated they they liked. While, I still don't think you did anything wrong, I can understand that someone might be offended.
ithongit #31

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 DAY 12 -- July 8 --
After the experiences in Moosomin, Saskatchewan, Canada, I was ready to get to Alberta as quickly as I could, but Randy said he had a surprise for me.  We took off early (to appease the campground manager who didn't like Randy displaying a b@ner in a baggie)  headed West again on the Trans Canada Highway.  Now I said that the scenery in Ontario was boring, this turned out to be boring too -- and swelteringly hot!  The highway is four lanes with very few interruptions for some construction and other things.  We could go basically as fast at we wanted since there didn't seem to be a cop in sight anywhere.  Still, with my old Jeep (almost 300,000 miles) and the trailer, we kept to to 100 KmPH. 

On the average of every 10 miles or so, there was a town.  Some were barely more than a few houses, others were much larger.  One thing all the towns had were these tall, mostly wooden structures where they stored grain (grain elevators).  In the USA these are often made from non-flammable materials.   These sit right next to the railroad which the Trans Canada follows for over 1000 miles.  The spacing was caused because when the railroad was being built, they averaged about 10 miles a day, at which point, they would move all their offices, worker lodging cars, workshops, etc. to the new "end of the line" and give it a name.  But after hundreds and hundreds of miles of identical crops on each side of the highway, a surface road about once a mile, and the towns spaced 10 miles apart with their grain elevators, everything is just a repeat of what came before.

We got to a point called Moose Jaw (here we go with the moose stuff again) and then turned North.  We ate a late breakfast or early lunch in suburban Moose Jaw.  Moose Jaw is a large town, but we were heading towards another big town called Saskatoon.  After driving around for a while longer, we wound up at a park called Paradise Beach.   Now who would think there would be a beach park in the middle of the prairies? 

We drive down to the parking lot for the beach and head over to the sand.  Some naked guy comes down the path back towards the parking area.  As we get on the sand, we see probably 200 people nude.  Another 200 in thongs or G's and the rest in conventional swimwear.  Both men and women were nude or wearing minimal swimwear.  The nickname for this beach is "Bare Ass Beach" and it it the busiest clothing optional beach I have ever gone to. 

I had my beach bag with me, and Randy shed his thongs and suggested I do the same and we put them in the bag and spent the next five or six hours in the buff.  This has been a CO beach for 30 years or more, and I think I saw a total of maybe 10 women who wore tops, regardless of what their bottom looked like. Randy ask me if I liked it, and I said of course. 

It was very sunny and very hot, and the sun seemed more intense than it does in Ohio, probably due to clearer skys.  Anyway, countless others, families, and even single teens were mostly nude or close to it.  The local police and RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) came by from time to time, but they didn't hassle anyone.  It was like the way we are treated in Ohio parks when we wear thongs, but no clothing was necessary.  They were only cracking down on three things.  1)  Alcohol.  2) Littering or not following beach rules.  3) Intimate displays of affection.  One of the old-timers who was there with his wife said this included any contact between sex organs and a mouth or other sex organ, so a bl@w j@b would be bad, but applying suntan stuff to someone else's sex organ would be okay, as long as it did not appear to be sexually oriented and in the case of a man, the application did not result in a "surprise".

We hated to leave, but it was getting cool! and we still had to find the campground and get set up for the night.  They are predicting much cooler temperatures and cloudy weather on and off tomorrow, but we still plan to cum back and spend as much time here as we can.  If you are brave, you can swim in the river (Saskatoon River?) but it it swift and the currents can be bad for a non-swimmer.  You also can boat, but the same currents can make it hard to get back to shore unless you have a lot of strength.  In the day, the bugs were not too bad, except for Horse flies.  But as the evening approached, the horse flies were replaced with mosquitoes that were big enough to mate with a B-52. 

We found a trailer park that is right in the Saskatoon city limits and there are not supposed to be many bugs there at all since the city probably sprays.  We didn't have any bug issues that night.  We had electricity, but there was some sort of interference.  Our TV did work with over-the-air and we got about a half dozen channels, but some were not too good and froze from time to time.  Since the weather was nice, we sat out at our picnic table and cooked on the BBQ grill.  It was too cool for me since the wind was blowing at the campground so I bundled up.  But Randy wore a conservative thong. 

The people from two campsites over came by and said they thought we looked like people they saw at Bare Ass Beach.  The lady then said she was sure it was us since Randy was wearing a thong, and she never forgot a man's buns.  They brought over a cooler full of Molson and the other lady and I headed over to the laundry mat which is on the campground too.  We were running out of cloths and bedding, and the fact we could wash it here was great.  We were alone in the Laundry Mat and so we had lots of washers and driers and got everything cleaned in an hour or so. 

We will have to dump the sewage before we leave on Tuesday, and hopefully I will do it right.  Randy wants to check out one of Saskatoon's four public outdoor swimming pools which are run by the city.  He said he already checked and they stay opened, even in the rain as long as it is not a lightning storm.  He also said that they permitted thongs on men and women, topfree pool use by the women, and baggies on men, but would prefer if I didn't go topfree and Rnady didn't wear a baggie.  We will go there on Tuesday Morning, but plan to not push the limits with the things they don't want us to wear, unless the place is pretty deserted. 

Tomorrow, we will be back at Bare Ass Beach and hope to have some sunny times and not get too cool.
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 DAY 13 -- July 9 --
Today was a great day.  It was not quite as hot or sunny and the beach was not quite as busy as yesterday.  I have never been anyplace where there hae been so many bare butts, and so much nudity.  It was great!  In Ontario, there might have been 20 people nude at the campground we went to.  Here there were never less than 100.  
Most people were behaving but I saw a lady give a BJ to some guy and another time some lady was stroking so fast that there is no way it could have been confused with casual light contact like apply lotions.  Both times the police came down and talked with them and they stopped doing what they had been doing.  It was nice that the police did not throw the book at these people without a warning.  Maybe that is because there is a difference in the perception of  the police in Canada.  In Canada, the police are there truly to serve the people.  They don't even call it a "police force" but instead a "police service" like the mail service or park service in the USA.  I did work Randy up a few times when I put lotion on his shaft, but we didn't get into trouble since I did it very casually, the same way I would have put lotion on his arm.  
We stayed a second night at the same campground in Saskatoon.  Tonight we will get a couple of "adult" videos from a place we found that rents them.  Maybe we will invite the people two campsites away, but there really isn't enough room in our T@b trailer for four of us, and I don't want to watch this type material outside either.  The LeRoy family might have enough space in their type "C" motor home for us all to get together.

Tomorrow we will check out one of the Saskatoon Public Outdoor swimming pools then heading West again.  We will be taking the highway towards Edmonton, and plan to go to the large shopping mall there.   This has been written up in the Thong Message Board because they have a water park within the mall.  Don't know if it is still there (many attractions have closed) or if they permit thongs yet.  I am sure they almost must permit cheeky swimsuits and then the issue is how cheeky must a swimsuit be before it is called a thong?

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 DAY 14 -- July 10 --

The Saskatoon Public Outside Swimming pools were about what you would expect.  We said we were visiting at the one we went too, and ask if we could go in an look it over.  It was okay -- neither nice nor bad -- just okay.  I am sure people here enjoy them, and perhaps the other ones were a bit more likable.  There was the usual young women mostly in cheeky swimsuits.  A couple in thongs, and a single older man about 40 in a thong.  
About 25-20% of the men had Speedo type suits, and about half the board shorts were at least above the knees.  We didn't see a single topfree lady, but two women who were there together had incredibly tiny swimsuit tops with the teardrop design which showed off both the inside and outside and most of the top and bottom of the ladies breasts.  

One of the lifeguards said that there was pressure to limit how small people's swimwear was, and at some of the city pools, minimal swimwear had virtually been eliminated.  He said he had never seen anything about what swimwear was permitted in writing, but had been told at the beginning of the summer that all swimwear had to be "tasteful", whatever that means.

I have so many things I wanted to say, so I have split it up into several categories.

After two weeks of wandering mostly in Canada, I have some general observations on minimal swimwear in the US and Canada.  Some is based on my observations, some on information people I met have told me:

People tell me that in Canada, if someone objects to minimal swimwear or women topfree (which is rare) you can often negotiate with them and use logic.  Canadians traditionally are quite laid back and will put up with a lot of things they really don't like without complaining, so someone who does complain is usually really upset.  Another trait of Canadians is that most don't really want to mess up your life either, so if someone objects and you say "This is the only type of swimwear I use.  Maybe I can move further away from you." or "My wife really is proud of her body and likes to show it off. I wear a thong too, simply to keep her happy." In any event, suggesting moving away if possible, perhaps asking if maybe you can wear something a little less skimpy (a thong instead of a G-string) or putting on shorts when you are not laying in the sand or actually going from the water to the beach might be all that is needed.  

Bob told us that 9 out of 10 times, the people will understand that you are not wearing a thong/G-string to shake things up, and are willing to cooperate, and they will become more accommodating and say "Well, I guess your swimsuit really isn't all that bad.  Don't move (or change or whatever) on our account, and please feel free to stay where you are.)

While we did see more thongs in some places so far (like at pools) the percent worn at beaches was about the same most places, unless they are clothing optional, or know as a very thong-friendly place.  There does not seem to be the "thongs are gay" attitude when it comes to thongs on me, like we sometimes hear or "feel" when we are back home.  

Board shorts are popular on guys, but many use them only as a cover up.  Speedos are definitely more common on the guys here than at home, and even some Rio style (3/4 back or less) are not that unusual.  We have been surprised a few times when we thought a guy had a Speedo on, and when he walks by or turns around he really is wearing a Rio or less.  The most popular men's suits have full coverage front but the back can be anything. That is not to say that some guys wear the skimpiest G-strings and don't get hassled.  

Randy was amazed by the Canadian attitudes about long male hair, since he has very long hair.  First, guys in Canada seem more at ease with long hair -- I mean shoulder length or longer.  They almost get no flack.  However a few closed minded old men in their 80's or maybe even 90's seem to still be carrying the idea that all men with long hair must be some sort of revolutionary person.  

We were in Canada about 5 years ago, and then you never saw a woman (or man) in anything even slightly cheeky.  A person either wore a full bikini bottom, a Rio, or a thong or G-string.  In other words, you either covered your entire ass crack, or you exposed it in its entirety.  Now, the cheeky swimwear is filling the gap between the Rio and the Thong.  By cheeky I mean a swimsuit that  leaves about half a persons ass crack and buns exposed, but covers the rest.  

Cheeky swimwear was slightly less than what I see in the USA, but I think this is because people, especially women, are more likely to wear a thong, and if you added up the number of thongers and people in cheeky swimwear, the number would be more like the cheeky numbers from the USA.  

What did surprise us was that a lot of the men wore cheeky swimwear.  Boy that is a cool look, and I think if more men back home did the same, people would accept the cheeky look on men more places, especially since this is not as extreme of a look as jumping directly from a Speedo to a thong is.  

While I am on cloths, I will mention that guy's shorts are usually a lot shorter here, often with inseams four inches or less.  Guys in short cut-offs like Randy are pretty rare, but perfectly accepted and Randy has had a few nice comments when wearing his most distressed jeans and cut-offs.  

The one thing that seemed really odd is that many people here seem to have never seen an open side shirt.  Back in Ohio, (and Indiana) this is a summer staple for guys, who wear them almost continuously all summer when shirts are needed.  We see them all over the place.  In all the big-box stores, at restaurants, on the street, etc.  They also are popular for outdoor work (like mowing the grass) or working on a car, and of course beach and boating type activities.  Basically, any place where a guy used to feel comfortable in a tank top or even a t-shirt, they now seem to be equally comfortable in their open-side shirts.  I still am amazed that 98 percent of these shirts are homemade and that you simply never see them in stores.  People seemed fascinated whenever Randy wore one, which was most of the time.  They ask questions about where guys wear them and especially the younger people said things like "cool shirt".  I have been wearing them too, usually with either a sport bra of bikini top underneath, but sometimes just going topless under the shirt.  Like in the US, the guys really like it when I wear these shirts, especially without anything under.  

Observations about Paradise Beach (Bare Ass Beach) are:  It is such a nice beach.  The LeRoys, who may actually have been into thongs even more than Randy and I are, were going back to Paradise Beach, and like so many others there every day, were going to shed every stitch and enjoying the sun and water naked again.  It truly is the "Bare Ass Beach" because so many visitors choose to strip off all their clothing.  Almost everyone is friendly.  There are no people complaining about specific types of swimwear.  

Some parents have children nude. The kids, especially the young ones really love it.  What surprised me was the number of teens also taking in the beach in their birthday suits.  Traditionally, teen aged kids are too self conscious or perhaps too into cliques that might not like thongs on guys or nudity in general.  These kids seem totally at home wearing their thongs or perhaps nothing at all.  Perhaps it is because they have been going here as long as they can remember, and they consider going nude to be an acceptable way to enjoy the beach and water.  Some parents make their smaller kids cover up.  The parents themselves are split on the nudity issue.  Some practice skinny dipping, while others do not.  Regardless of which way the parents go, they don't seem to mind their little ones seeing the naked bodies of other people.  These kids, especially those who get to run around without any clothing and those teens with a casual attitude about nudity will probably grow up simply loving beach nudity and when that is not possible, I expect that they will wear minimal swimwear as well.

Things that happened today:  

We did not get a lot of sleep last night.  It turns out that the LeRoy's are thong wearing exhibitionists to an extreme.  They were glad when we suggest watching the Adult movies, and opened a couple bottles of wine.  "Beer is for outdoors, wine is for inside," Clair said.  I think this should be a thong affair, she said.  Why don't you and Randy put on a thong and Bob and I will do the same.  

We started a movie and it didn't have much of  a plot or anything, but it did have lots of full frontal nudity and while it did have some places where they showed sex graphical, most of the movie seemed to be an excuse to somehow hook up various explicit scenes.  The only reason I mention the contents of the movie was that it had a lot of thronging scenes, and the LeRoys especially liked watching them and often commented on them, saying things like "you have a thong like that" or "why don't you get a suit like that.  The tan lines will be so wild".  At one point we would have called these T & A films, because that is about all they had to offer.  

After watching the first film part way through we realize that Randy and I were calling out all the contradictions and impossibilities in the story, as well as the technical mistakes, like the time the people got into a canoe and they are in a row boat five minutes later, or the way the bed-sheets changed color back and forth during a sex scene.  I guess they shot it once, changed the sheets, and did it again, not thinking how funny it would be when the shots were put together.

As the plot of the movie dragged on, Bob (LeRoy) suggested that maybe we should stop the movie and some live show would be more appropriate.  I thought he might want to get into some wife swapping or something kinky after seeing the sex and nudity in the film, but instead he ask his wife if she would model some of her swimwear for us.  Randy soon had me convinced to do likewise, and our little show soon started after I got some swimwear from our trailer.

We changed in the bedroom of their Class "C" motorhome, where we had sufficient room, then wore our thongs out to the picnic table for Randy and Bob to enjoy.  Clair and I were not the least bit competitive, and sometimes would swap swimwear bottoms with each other.  (She had a lot larger "rack" than I do.)  Some of Clair's suits were very tiny and very sexy and Randy and Bob sat out at the picnic table and clapped and told us what they liked best and let us sip on our wine and munch on a plate of snacks each time we came out wearing something new.  

We didn't have to worry about bugs since the campground was right in the city, which was a blessing.  But Randy and Bob were soon not alone.  Each time we went out, more and more people -- men and women -- were in the audience.  Many went and found their own snacks, and soon the picnic table was covered with snacks and drinks.  Clair and I probably were drinking a bit too much, and soon were putting on our most extreme swimwear and sometimes going topfree.  Everyone, especially Clair and I, was having a good time.  But eventually, the manager on duty came around and watched for a bit, then told us he had no issue with the show, but that we would have to keep the noise down since it was after 11:00.  

Randy and Bob told us that it was time to end the show, but suggested that anyone who wanted to stay and socialize quietly were more than welcome to do so.  Clair and I put on our favorite bottoms, staying topfree, and went out and joined the others.  We had a lot of fun just talking with the people, got a lot (I mean a LOT) of compliments, and had a great time.  A lot of people admitted either that they had tried a thong but didn't know where they could wear it.  Others said they always wanted to try one or after seeing us so at home in our thongs that they wanted to try a thong or other minimal swimsuit style. The snacks and booze didn't disappear until about 3:00 AM. And we didn't get any complaints about the noise or our lack of traditional campground clothing.

We started the day early.  I made a hot breakfast in the trailer.  We have gotten our morning activities down to routine.  I get things inside ready while Randy hooks up the car, checks the turn signal lights etc.  He shuts off the gas tanks, winds up the hose, etc.  Today, he did this wearing a tight leather thong that is made from real chamois leather.  Nikki gave it too him, and I keep hoping it will unexpectedly come apart like other suits she has made.  It is a great looking thong, and feels so good to touch and I think this is why he wears it sometimes -- to get women to touch it.  Everyone seems to want to feel what the leather feels like.  Randy was going to wear this to an outdoor city pool, but decided to skip this since we really didn't want to go swimming in a chlorine filled tank when we have had such nice beaches to go to.  

We didn't want to get back into the habit of leaving later and later each day, like we had done earlier.  Stopping late for the night is fine when you just want to get somewhere and not do anything along the way. We finally got on the road and drove quickly to a town called Lloydminster.  This is a small town, but had anything you might want.  It is unusual since it is right on the Saskatchewan Alberta line, but only has one government, one police service, one jail, etc.  Randy walked down the board, one foot on each side for about a block and almost got run over.  He said he did this so he could say he had gone to Alberta hundreds of times.  He was looking pretty good in his very very short cut-offs and open side shirt.  

We stopped for lunch here at some bar on the main drag (Highway 16 or The Yellow Head Highway).  The waitress who got us seated and served us really liked Randy's skimpy shorts and minimal shirt.  She said that when she was young, men were not scared to wear such shorts this short, but that the open-side shirt was a nice touch that she had only seen a few times before.

After lunch, we got back on the road and went to Edmonton.  This is a huge city, perhaps even larger than Detroit of any others so far on our trip.  We had made reservations at a local campground, but were there earlier in the day than we expected and saw another really nicely kept trailer and tent campground as we headed to the West Edmonton Mall.  Everything was unusually clean and neat.  They also had a small motel with cottage like rooms.  While we didn't see a pool (and there was none) they did have what seemed like acres of grassy areas with various picnic areas, playgrounds, and sunny areas with wooden lounge chairs that looked like they had been made in the 1930's.  We decided to go here instead of the chain campground, and were very pleased.  

We ask if we could get some sun in our thongs on the grassy area, but the manager said he didn't really want us to since it was easy to see from the street.  He then suggested we could use an area to the back which we had not seen. This was where they had a few par-3 golf holes.  He said they were not used that much, and we could lay out there and nobody would bother us or be bothered by what we were wearing. 

The campground itself was very nice, with each site being big, having all the hookups (electricity, water, sewage, and Cable TV.)  There were huge trees in each campsite which kept most of the sun out, but also made satellite reception impossible.  The campground cable TV not only had every imaginable satellite TV network, but also carried stations from all over North America.  They had stations from LA, Detroit (of all places), Toronto and Quebec, and I think Boston.  Some of the stations were French and simulcast shows in French that were also in English.  Others were French stations from Quebec Provence and even France.  There also was some type of Native American station, and one stations that had the worst game shows.  The also had all the popular pay stations like HBO and Cinemax, but also the Playboy channel and the Hustler channel.  I ask the manager if the adult stations could be locked out so kids couldn't watch them, and he said something like "why would we do that.  Parents are supposed to monitor what their children are watching."

We went to the mall in the afternoon and had dinner there too.  They have everything form 4 star restaurants to fast food to choose from and for some reason even fast food tasted better here than at other places.  This place is huge.  They have over 800 stores mostly on two levels, and many non-store attractions.  There is a wave pool and water park, indoor surfing, and many water slides.  There is a separate water park at the West Edmonton Mall.  There is also an amusement park with several dozen respectable rides, and other attractions. 

There is a full sized skating rink where people were practicing, and some zoo - like attractions too.  One place had sea lions, penguins, giant green turtles, sharks and other animals.  There is a full-sized and accurately detailed reproduction of the Santa Maria boat that brought Columbus to the New World.  I might expect this in Florida, but not in the middle of the prairie.   We were told they used to have a submarine ride (where the submarines actually went all the way under water, not like the Disney ones that have an escape tower that is always above the water.  They took this out after the pool leaked into the movie theaters downstairs. 

Unlike many malls, there were hardly any closed stores, but they still had some interesting places.  Like two places that sold adult sex toys and had them right in the window where everyone could see them.  One had some lingerie and minimal swimwear, including a few thongs/g-strings for men.  People wandered in and out without without any embarrassment.  They openly were selling vib@rat@rs to high school kids.  Maybe this would minimize high school pregnancies?  The staff was so cool and could go into great detail about how the products were used, and which were more fun for different people. There were also any number of other places you would not expect in a mall.  Places like an alteration shop.  What a great idea, you can by something and have minor alterations made while you shop elsewhere!  

The people in the water park were not wearing thongs, and the rules say you can't.  However, there were lots of cheeky swimsuits on the women and even a few on men.  The people in the water park seemed to be unusually fit and attractive.  Most people under 25 - 30 in Canada seem to be in better shape than those in the US, but people here seemed to be even healthier.  Randy was still wearing his cut-offs and open-side tank top, and he got lots of double takes and a few compliments too.  One man offered to buy his shirt for $20, but Randy told him to go on YouTube and they have instructions on how to make them yourself.

We stayed at the mall and took in a movie after dinner, so we got back to the trailer late again.  It was still light at almost 10:30 -- not light enough to read a magazine by, but light enough to get around the camp without street lights.  I am so amazed at how late it is still light.  The reason must be the latitude of these northern places.  We will not be going much further North, at least on this trip.  We will try to get up at a reasonable time and head West again.  Tomorrow will be the last day before we get into the mountains.  We actually could get to Jasper and the Frontal Range easily, but want to have the early-morning sun to see by, and don't want to have to hurry to skip things along the way.

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 Yes, as you get farther north the summer days are longer. Also, the winter days are shorter. My daughter is just south of Canada in WA. 
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 DAY 15 -- July 11 --
Yesterday, I talked about the West Edmonton Mall and forgot a major encounter there.  I was interested in the mall, and glad I saw it, but I am not a mall person, so one day was enough.  We did a little shopping and ate dinner on the Bourban Street section of the mall, and it was good, but I really didn't care that much for what we did or saw.  We did go to both the amusement park and water park areas (both under the roof). 

I forgot to mention that knowing that thongs were not permitted at the West Edmonton Water Park, we came prepared.  Randy and I both have conservative cheeky bikini swimwear (if there is such a thing), and we changed into that.  Mine slipped into the lower half of my ass crack but covered the rest.  Randy's was more conservative, and he had it adjusted so that his entire butt crack was covered.  That's not to say it did not show a lot of cheek, but maybe two inches on each side of his crack was the skimpiest it got.  
We got to the pool without incident, and tried several of the slides before going over to the wave pool.  Now I have been in better wave pools before.  The waves in this one were sort of weak and not too tall, more like Golf Coast waves than the full sized waves we get on the East side of the country.  As we stood there, Randy's bottom coverage got less and less.  Mine was doing the same thing, but to a lesser extent.  When about half his crack was exposed, we headed back to a water slide.  None of the people, including the girl who assists people at the top, said a word, and there was no way he could hide his buns from her.  

Back in the wave pool again, we let the waves do their thing, but both Randy and I helped the situation by pulling the backs of our suits into our butt cracks to make our suits into thongs.  Again no negative reaction, but three girls with equally exposed butts smiled and waved at us.  We went to the slides again, and this time the three girls followed us and go in line right behind us.  Nobody said a word about swimwear, but we all knew the others were doing the same thing we were -- pushing the limits as far as we could.  I thought we were in deep trouble when the launching girl said "cute swimsuit" to Randy as he was about ready to take the slide again.  She then said "Don't worry, I am too busy to be doing swimsuit inspections." 

Randy did the slide again, and as I got closer, she pointed to a specific part of the park and said "most of the employees don't care what people wear, but if you go over there, make sure to cover your buns since that is where most people in thongs are caught."  

I did the slide, and had a tremendous wedgey when I got to the bottom.  One by one the other three young ladies followed me to the bottom.  "The lady said to keep off the pool decks and away from lounging areas unless you are covered more completely."  The girl at the top also told them which employees were more likely to "nail" them due to what swimwear they chose to wear.

With the advice of the launch girl (and her encourage men on subsequent runs) we got away with as much exposed as if we had on thongs -- but kept ourselves out of trouble.  

Today, we headed to a town called Edson, which is still in Alberta.  Randy knew someone who worked at one of the wood products (lumber) industries in town who he had not seen in years.  He also wanted to take time to check over the Jeep to make sure it was ready for the mountains.  His friend was into cars and had a fully equipped shop at his house, and welcomed us to it for the night.  We set up in the side yard and plugged into the electricity, and also hooked up to the water faucet on the side of the house.  The house looked like any plat house in Ohio -- mostly level lots, small shrubs and a few trees.  I noticed that Randy was kicking the sewer valves every time he past them -- I guess he didn't want to have any leaks in his friends yard.  

Someone said you can't go back.  Well Randy didn't go back to the same physical place he and his friend had been (they were both from Iowa) but he did go back to being with the guy.  Things went okay, but Randy was disappointed with his friend's attitudes.  They might get together again some day, but they probably will never be best friends again.  It is sort of sad.  Randy and his buddy spent the afternoon messing around with the Jeep, and his friend and family did let us take them to dinner.  

We spent the evening watching TV and movies in their family room, playing a few board games, and generally not doing anything.  There probably was a lot to do in the area, but we never knew what the things might have been.  Of course, Randy's friend has lived here for over 10 years, and is so used to things in Edson, that he does not see the interesting things there are to do.

We didn't get to bed too early, but were both glad we would be able to get away quickly the next morning.  We will be hitting the Mountains for the first time -- the focus of our trip -- and had reservations to spend the night in Jasper village in Jasper National Park.  At least we knew that we would not get bored there.  We didn't even wear any swimwear today.  We did run into Santa Claus at a store in Edson.  He was promoting a Christmas in July sale.  He didn't even have any candy canes and seemed to have melted inside his heavy winter coat and pants.  

We did figure out that part of the reason the sun was setting so late was because we never changed our clocks from Central to Mountain time.  This was the second time-zone change we missed.

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 DAY 16 -- July 12 --

Today we got into the Canadian Rockies finally.  We left Edson at about 8:00 AM.  We reset our clocks yesterday evening.  We hardly said goodbye since we wanted to get going, and the others had work commitments that prevented them from leaving home too late.  We jumped on the highway and continued on it to Hinton.  All the way from Lloydminster SK to here, the highway had been 4-lane, mostly divided.  At Hinton the highway squeezed down to 2-lanes.  Traffic was heavy, but we had a lot of things to look at. The mountains got bigger and bigger in front of us as we progressed West.  

Very close to the park boundary was the side road to Miette Hot Springs.  I had written Radium Hot springs a year or so ago about thong swimwear (which used to be quite acceptable).  The answer I got was very depressing.  The local park management who was specifically in charge of Hot Springs in Western Canada National Parks sent me a curt letter saying that they did not permit thongs at Miette, Banff, or Radium Hot Spring any more because these places were "family oriented".  Their attitude used to be that thongs were permitted because these were three of the top 10 attractions among world travels who visited the Western Canadian National Parks, and regardless of what local jurisdictions might do, the National Parks would permit thongs on men and women simply to accommodate the world travelers who might be more comfortable in thongs.

Still, we chose to go to all three Hot Springs simply for the hot soaking experience, although we knew we would enjoy it more if thongs were permitted.  The Miette springs is about 15 miles off the main road up a very small canyon road.  It is paved, and has guardrails and stuff, but it is not a fast trip.  We decided in the car that we would push the limits and wear our thongs anyway, and act dumb.  We would say that we did this the last time we were there (true).  

The place seems to have increased parking, but not the pools that much, so there are more people jammed into the pools than ever before.  There was some sort of pool official and several life guards around the pools the entire time we were there.  We didn't think we would ever get away wearing thongs, but we both headed out to the pool from the change rooms wearing our most conservative thong swimwear and nobody bothered us.  I know that some of the lifeguards saw our bare buns, but they did nothing.  Once in the water, our swimwear was not all that obvious anyway, especially with all the other people jammed around.  

Later about the fourth time we got out to go to a different pool, we were called over by one of the lifeguards, who told us thongs were not permitted.  He said he personally didn't care, but that his boss told him to give us the ""no thong" talk.  He said we could stay if we changed into something that covered our buns, and that rental swimwear was available, and they would let us use it for free if we didn't want to pay.  I will sometimes wear my friend's swimwear, but always wonder if the rental suits at places like this are really clean, so we simply hiked back to our car and trailer (still in just our thongs) and changed into more modest swimwear.  Apparently this swimwear was okay.

When we left later, we changed back into our street cloths that we had stored in lockers while we were playing musical clothing.  I do think had we not been a couple and had we pranced around and made ourselves more conspicuous, we might have been told to leave earlier.  I am sure our thong confidence also didn't hurt.

At the hot springs pools, there were two small colder tubs and two much larger hot springs.  The hot springs pools would hold hundreds of people.  The warm soak was nice since the weather in the mountains was much cooler and there was light rain and fog on and off.  The lifeguard who told us to cover up apologized and called the new manager lady a bit@h.  He said he had worked there for years before the rules were changed, and they only had one or two complaints about thongs a month, and these were always from people visiting from the USA.  He said that some Europeans said they would not bother to come back since they had better hot springs there anyway, and they didn't like having lifeguards who acted like they were the police and dictating what could and could not be worn.  

Interestingly, there is no sign about the thong rule nor is it included in the brief pool rule sign where you go in.  It might be in some sort of other published materials, but we didn't push the issue.  Doing so could have upset us and ruined a day or two of our trip.  I also wonder if maybe some type sign that said something like "Thong swimwear is permitted at this facility. or "beyond this point you might encounter people wearing thong swimwear."

When we left, we proceeded to Maligne Lake, an often photographed deep blue lake between two ranges of mountains.  You have access to one end of the lake by car, and can look many miles down the lake at the reflection of the mountains.  Here there was a very small beach, a boat concession, a food place, and a few other amenities.  I think the elevation is a lot lower and it was later in the day, and up to about 70 degrees (21 C).  We decided to rent a canoe. Randy ask if anyone ever swam in the lake (which is very cold) and was told a couple of brave adults do every week or so, but that there are very young kids who spend hours in the water at the beach and don't seem to even notice the cold.  Perhaps it is because they have a higher metabolism than the adults?  Anyway, he ask if we could wear swimsuits in the canoe and later on the beach, and they guy said something like "of course that would be okay".  Randy then ask about thongs and the guy said "as long as they are real swimwear, it would be okay. 

We took out the boat for an hour, but didn't go longer since my arms were tired, and I have this fear that with the lake being over 300 feet deep that if I did fall in, I would sink to the bottom and they would never find my body!  After the boat trip, we walked over to the beach, still in our thongs, and laid out in the sun.  There were frequent clouds, but we did get some sun between them.  It seems so odd that we could wear thongs at a beach in a National park, but not at the hot springs in that same park which was only 35 miles away as the bird flies.  This was when we were told about the fact that a separate manager ran the hot springs than the other places in the park.  Still, it would seem that one rule should apply everywhere.  

When we got back to our car and trailer, there was another car parked next to ours with a similarly small trailer from a different manufacture.  The owner and his wife, who we later learned were almost 70, came out and we talked about our different trailers, and gave each other tours inside each one.  The whole time Randy and I were wearing our thongs.  Eventually, the husband said that they had not seen too many men in thongs in their travels, but lots of women seemed to be wearing them this year.  We then talked for another 30 minutes or so.  When we found out they were going to the same campground in Jasper, we decided to travel together.  We were able to get adjacent campsites, With the late sunset (not due to forgetting to reset the clock) we had plenty of time to do things before dinner.  The boys took one car and went on some hike, while the girls took the other car and went into town to look at the gift shops (very expensive).

We went to the Jasper Park Lodge for dinner at the "Mooses Nook Chophouse"  -- a real treat for all of us.  (There is that moose thing again!).  Randy got an Elk steak while I had a buffalo burger.  The elk steak was what they call a New York Strip Steak, if it had been on a cow.  It had a slightly stronger flavor (not objectionable) and was much tenderer than even the best beef.  The buffalo burger was okay, but I have had better buffalo burgers in Ohio.   There are quite a few buffalo farmers in Ohio, so we can get the meat fresh and they really take care to insure it looks and tastes great, and is melt-in-your-mouth tender.  We ask about this buffalo and found that it had come all the way from near Calgary and had to be frozen.  The better buffalo meat we get is usually fresh and not frozen.

While waiting for our table, we were near the front desk and an irate American lady was complaining about the room she was given.  It turns out that it had a shower with a glass block wall that permitted a distorted view of the shower stall from the bedroom.  She was very upset since she felt that her kids should not use the shower or see other people in it.  (She forgot that she could have sent the boys off and the girls use it, then switch the genders.)  Anyway, a Canadian couple with kids about the same age swapped rooms with her.  The upset lady ask how they would deal with the glass block shower, and they said they didn't have any issue with it since in a "normal family" everyone had seen each other nude any way. By swapping the Canadian family also got a larger room with a separate sitting room where the TV was, and saved about $100 in the process.  I hope when my boy gets older, that we will be able to raise him with as open of a mind to nudity as the Canadian couple had with their children.

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 DAY17 -- July 13 --

We woke up early and well rested.  Our travel companions were already up too, and had already eaten.  We were in a hurry so we just had some cerial, yogurt, and coffee,   This would be the first full day in the Jasper town area.  Jasper is a small town, not more than a block or two in any direction, and with at train station and ranger station in the center.  These are built in the Rocky Mountain Lodge style like large log cabins with exposed log walls. 
It was only about 8:00 AM when we got there, and this was good since we missed a lot of the people who come later in the day.  We looked up and saw that the mountain were the gondola ride goes was clear, which means it would also be clear when we looked down.  So our first stop was taking the gondola tram to the top of the mountain.  This goes up almost 4000 feet in elevation.  I was a little worried since the tram's power had some sort of electrical spike, and got stuck, and over 200 people had to spend the night on the top of the mountain since they rescued people out of the tram cars first.  This happened only about three weeks ago!  

The sights were great from the tram car, but were even more spectacular from the top of the mountain.  It was actually cold up there and Randy had only worn shorts and a T-shirt, and it was the first time on the trip when he actually said he was cold.  There is this restaurant and we got an early lunch since they don't serve a real breakfast.  It was some type of dish made from potatoes, gravy, cheese curds, and bacon.  It sounds pretty weird, and it was.  I didn't like it since it was served cool (although it was supposed to be hot) and there were too many spices and hot sauce like stuff on it.  But location is the big thing, and we got a table that looked out a huge window and where you could see the whole town of Jasper, the surrounding mountains, lakes and rivers.  As we ate, we discussed our plans for the rest of the day.  

We all decided to go to some place called Leech Lake where people go for therapeutic reasons.  We have leeches in Ohio, and they are awful if they get on you and start sucking your blood.  What is bad is that you can't feel them bite because they inject some type of natural anesthesia into the place where they plan to bite and this makes their bites, which can be very deep unnoticeable.   But when they are full or otherwise leave your body, the pain starts.  Most people also can't stand the sight of them either.  Anyway, there were no leeches in the lake, but hundreds of thousands of small fish.  They would come up to you and start nibbling at your skin to eat the dead cells from the surface.  They don't hurt, but actually clean the body of excess dead skin cells.  Doctors have found these fish (called Doctor Fish) can relieve many of the issues of psoriasis.  Both Randy and I wore our thongs, but I did keep a top on (just a loose T-shirt).  

Our trailer buddies wore their swimsuits too, but nothing at all extreme.  Chuck, the husband said his daughter never wore anything other than thongs.  Three young people, apparently two sisters and a brother, came a little after we did.  The less attractive daughter ask if thongs were legal (we did not know for sure).  She went back and put a thong on, then came out and spent the entire mid-day floating on an air mattress, mostly on her stomach, and getting some sun on her buns.  The other daughter and parents didn't seem to mind, but the boy (who was about 16) bad-mouthed her about looking like a slut and making fun of her swimwear.  Funny thing is he didn't seem to mind my thong bottom at all.  

Tomorrow, we will be heading down towards Lake Louise and Banff.  We will be staying at the Johnston Canyon Campground and hope we can stay next to Chuck and Bridget again.  We don't expect any thonging tomorrow since we will be going over the divide and there is a glacier there.  Traditionally, it is 10 to 20 degrees colder than Banff and Jasper, and we were cool most of the time in Jasper.

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 DAY 18 --- July 14

Today was not a big day for me to thong.  But Randy got a chance in a very unusual place.   We got as far as the Colombian Ice Fields and stopped at a hotel across the highway for lunch.  When this facility was built about a century ago, the glacier (the Colombian Ice Fields) came right to their door.  Now it is almost a mile away.  You can still see if from the Hotel, but I am sure it was more impressive back then, since the ice has been melting away for all this time. 

After lunch we took a tour of the glacier.  They had these big bus like things with bulldozer treads instead of tires, and they simply drove onto the ice.  They told people to wear at least a light coat because after all you are going onto a sheet of ice.  There were little streams of water, which were dark blue, that were water that melted from the ice, and these went through holes in the ice.  This water was super clear and super cold and you could drink it right from the top of the glacier. 

Anyway, Randy talked for a minute with the driver and then came out of the bus in just a Speedo sized thong.  He had me take some pictures of him on the ice, both front and back and a few videos too.  Most of the others in our group also took pictures.  There was a school group on the next bus who came before we left and before Randy got dressed again.  They were from Calgary and simply loved his thong.  Each wanted to have her picture taken with him.  Even the guys got their picture taken with Randy.  Our bus had to go, but Randy said he would take the other bus back down. 

Chuck and Bridget were already getting cold, and offered to get me some Brandy at the hotel bar, and so I chose to go back with them.  On the way back Bridget said she really liked our openness and wished all young people were as friendly. 

Randy apparently had a ball showing off for everyone on the ice.  He had left his jeans, shirt, and coat in the bus we took, so he had to ride back, and wander into the hotel without another stitch on, gaining supporters as he went.  Eventually he found us in the bar and took his cloths to the restroom and changed.  This was probably the most he had been an exhibitionist since we left the Indian Reservation in Ontario where it was clothing optional.  The guy at the gift shop later said they have someone, usually a guy, do this every other week or so.

I could go into pages on how spectacular the scenery was, and some of the animals we saw, but this would take up a book.  We stopped for the night at a place called Johnston Creek Canyon.  There is a campground and cabins there, and a trail that goes deep into a rock lined canyon that is only about 10 feet wide in places.  We were about 20 miles from Banff village, and maybe 15 miles to Lake Louise.  We got in early and took a nice nap before dinner.  The weather was not all that good, but we did go back into the canyon in the light rain and fog before dinner. 

Later we went into Banff to see the Banff Hot Springs.  There were a lot of people there, and the guy at the gate told us to come back around 8:00 PM and it would not be as busy.  We hung around Banff village, went to a movie, and then headed back to the campers.  We were all tired, except Randy.  For some reason the more people he lets see him in a thong, the more energy he seems to have.  We plan to stay here, and use it as a base camp for other travels in the area for two more days.

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Your reviews are entertaining as heck, you should post one of the pictures that you took.
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You might want to try Lussier Hot Springs - near White Swan Provincial Park - not sure how far out of the way it is, but well worth a visit.



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 Everyone --

I wanted to keep this thread current, but we have been so busy that I am getting behind.  Forgive me.  We also suffered from lack of interent connections since the internet on our satellite has quit working.  We still get TV, but not the internet and we wont be having anyone look at our equipment until about 7/22 or 7/23 when we are in a bigger city.  We have been able to get online a few place where they have public WI-FI but even this is sort of rare,  I am keeping notes and will restart the posts about our adventures in a few days, and plan to continue getting things done in a diary type format.

I appreciate all the feedback, both on the forum and in private mail.  Your suggestions on what to do are also appreciated.  We are investigating them when possible.  We currently have AAA and several other travel guides we are using, as well as two books on hot springs (both natural and commercial), literature from the states and provinces, and similar information.  Our GPS does work well, although there are quite a few minor changes in road routing and intersections which make it necessary to use your head too.  We get these in the USA but either there are more changes in the roads in Canada, or "Out West", or the data base is not updated as well as expected.  Every now and then we will take some logging type and the  GPS shows our car going off the established map and not having any reference points.

I should have the next installment ready to post in a couple of days'


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 Your problem with the internet is probably due to being at a higher latitude and the geosynchronous satellite's weaker reception footprint.  Even if you are able to get a lock for downloading, your antenna may not be large enough to provide a tight enough signal for the "bird" to see.  The angles may be to acute.   That is why Direct and Dish are problematic in Alaska (and to Hawaii to a lesser extent) those locations are in the fringe of the satellite's footprint.Good Luck     
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Thank you very much for taking the time to post all of this.  It's interesting to hear about your varied experiences on this trip, and I'll look forward to the next installment when the internet gets fixed.
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Thanks for taking the time to post these.  I, like the others, enjoy hearing about you and Randy's thong adventures.  I gotta say the most interesting part of your travelogue the way your interactions with others are changed by wearing a thong. You seem to end up with a lot more open conversations with your neighbors than you normally would in regular clothes, and find out a lot more about them!  Of course there's the negative encounters too, but it seems those are pretty heavily outweighed.
As you probably know, you're something of a hero or idol to the Robs of the world, who take courage in your courage.  Look forward to hearing more.
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 DAY 19 -- July 15 --

Today should be very interesting.  First, we will go back to the Upper Banff Hot Springs, this time to take in the mineral waters.  Then we will be going to the Radium Hot Springs, and finally to the Fairmont Hot Springs. Dinner will be in Invamere.  Chuck will be driving since he has a huge car and they have not filled the back seat up with stuff like I have.

Randy and I decided a long time before the trip that we would not make waves or get all wound up in insisting thongs are the only way to go -- even if that rule is applied to us.  We will take things easy, try to thong when we can, and if we get criticism, we will do what is necessary to smooth things over.  
The purpose of the trip is to have a good time, visit some places we have gone in the past, as well as some new ones.  We know that we might not be able to do this again for a while, and so we want to make the most of it.  Still, we decided that if there were no anti-thong rules conspicuously posted, or if people didn't specifically ask us to cover up or change, we would assume thongs were okay unless we were corrected later.  

The three hot springs in the Canadian Rockies run by the park service -- Miette Hot Springs in Jasper Park, Banff Upper Hot Springs in Banff Park, and Radium Hot Springs in Radium park are the only place we have heard specific comments stating that thongs would not be permitted.  This apparently is due to a change in the Parks Canada rules (which apply to all National Parks across Canada) that basically states something to the effect that park managers have the right to adopt special rules and regulations -- to protect the park proper, to reduce damage to the environment, and to insure safety of the park patrons.  Another clause adds that these managers are permitted to put in rules to stop activities that might offend other park goers or that might create an environment for park goers that is less than ideal for all concerned.  So this rule permits a park to be closed if there is a flood or fire for example.  Rules might be used to stop fishing in polluted waters as another example.  And rules can be written to stop or limit the behavior of some that others might not like.  In the past, we saw people handing out religious or political information.  The rules can (and have) been used to limit or eliminate these activities in some locations.  

But a single lady -- the manager of the three Parks Canada Hot Springs, has taken it upon herself to use her right as park manager to stop the wearing of thongs.  Because of the special nature of the Hot Springs, the government collected them together under one manager, who is accountable only to themselves and not to the general park management.  

At Miette Hot Springs, we got away with our thongs for a while before we were told to cover up.  We were not told this applied to the other Parks Canada Hot Springs, but only told to cover up at the Miette Hot Springs.  (See Post #36 above).  Anyway, we decided to see what would happen at the Banff Upper Hot Springs if we wore our thongs there.  

We discussed our plans with Chuck and Bridget, our unofficial travel companions and they said they thought this was acceptable, and that they would support us if our thongs caused an issue.  They told us that their daughter wore nothing but thongs, and they had worn them too on occasionally when they were younger and living in California (apparently in the "golden age or thongs".

According to plans, we did not announce ourselves as thongers at the Banff Hot Springs.  Like Miette Hot Springs, there were no conspicuous signage stating "no thongs", some of the girls were in close-to-thong cheeky swimwear, and some of the male users from Europe, the Orient, and apparently Quebec wore Speedos or even skimpier bikini swimwear.  Instead of wearing thongs from the moment we arrived, we decided to try a different tactic. 

We decided to rent the official rental swimwear of this specific Hot Springs.  These swimsuits were old-fashioned looking one piece swimsuits that look like what would have been worn here in the 1930's.  They are unisex, with tank-top like tops and shorts about half-way down to the knees.  I noticed that they were a little clingy and showed off a lady's nipples, especially when wet.  These suits looked very nostalgic, and were even for sale if you wanted one.  (We bought two -- one for Nikki and one for Mark as something they could wear when someone complained about them wearing thongs.)  

We all put our rented swimsuits on in the bath house and wore them out to the hot springs pool.  Every Hot Springs, not just the ones in the park system, are different in many ways.  There are differences in temperatures -- some being literally too hot to swim or soak in and requiring cooling of some type.  There are differences in the mineral contents, and some smell pretty bad -- like sulfur or bad eggs.  Others have no noticeable odor.  Some have high concentrations of one mineral or another and little or no traces of other minerals that some may have quite a bit of.  Even supposedly dangerous chemicals, such as radioactive Radium is present in many of these places.  

The hot springs were used first by the Native Americans and then by early explorers, but were often dammed up and used as part of the destination attractions the railroads had to encourage tourism (and train travel) to different places.  Most of these destinations had no roads, so train travel was the only practical way for people to visit.  The railroads also built every imaginable type of lodging from huge lodges made from whole tree trunks over 100 feet long to small cabins.  Equestrian stables, boat rentals, fishing opportunities, improved trails and other things catered to the early tourist.  Some simply sat at a lodge and enjoyed the views and serenity.  

Fortunately, not all Hot Springs were made into commercial endeavors, and while there may be as many as a dozen commercial hot springs in the Canadian Rockies, there are an equal number of primitive or almost natural hot springs as well.  Most of these have had some slight improvements such as small dams to pool the water, hiking trails into the site, and in some cases, piping and primitive temperature regulation systems to permit the mixing of hot and cold water to get an optimum temperature.  We will be visiting some of these later on the trip as we get into British Columbia.

After telling Chuck and Bridget how much we liked thonging and how much we like a good dare, Chuck suggested that at a pre-determined time, we all take our rented swimwear off, and wear something more realistic for today.  He thought Randy and I should continue to wear our thongs whenever we could, and if anyone complained, we could say that in the past they were permitted and/or we didn't see any signs stating that thongs were no longer permitted.  

We all got into the water and while things were fine in the water, I felt like I was carrying 10 pounds of water in my old time swimsuit whenever I got out.  Most of the time, we were in neck-high water, and so when they changed lifeguards (from two women and two men to three women and one man) Chuck said it was time to take the period swimwear off.  

Nobody complained, even when Randy ask me to take the wet suits up onto the pool deck near our other things.  There were quite a few young women in cheeky swimwear, some with about 3/4 crack exposure, so I probably wasn't all that different in many people's eyes.  We hung around in the water for another hour or so.  

Several times, Randy or I would go up to get something like the camera or drinking water from the stuff we had brought along.  The lifeguards would have been blind not to see what Randy was wearing.  Nobody complained that we knew of, and we both got lots of compliments, mostly something like "I like your swimsuit" or "nice tan".  

A man wearing a "Smokie the Bear" uniform, who we later learned was the manager at Banff Hot Springs went over to talk to one of the lady lifeguards.  He came up upon Randy from behind as Randy was out of the pool, but said nothing.  A couple of college aged girls pulled their already quite cheeky swimsuits into their buns for better exposure.  One in particular, who Randy had been watching and commenting on, was wearing a suit with barely two inches of butt crack coverage.  She pulled her bottom up and into her crack, and was essentially wearing a true thong.  

Then things went downhill in a big hurry.  Chuck got out to use the restroom in the bath house.  He was wearing a conservative black thong!  This is the first time we had seen him in a thong, and he never told us this was his intention.  He was not bad looking for a man over 60, but when he got out of the water and walked around the pool to the bath house, everyone saw what he was wearing.  Apparently this included "Smokie the Bear".  He approached Chuck the moment he came out of the bath house and told him he had to cover up or leave since thong swimwear was not permitted.

Chuck said he would change, but explained that he would have to get his Speedo from the stack of clothing near us on the deck.  The manager said "okay" and Chuck took his time walking around the pool and getting his Speedo, then walked back to the bath house doorway.  By this point "Smokie", the manager had left, taking one of the female lifeguards with him. 

Chuck spent about 10 minutes talking with two guys and a girl.  One of the guys wore what looked like an unlined white Speedo Solar bikini with about 1 inch sides.  We had noticed him before because his suit was semi translucent when he stepped out of the water.  The other guy had on very short swim shorts, and the girl had on a one piece, cheeky swimsuit.  Her swimsuit was not the skimpiest one a woman that day by any means, but it probably was the sexiest.  None of the three had any issues with what Chuck was wearing that day, but seemed truly upset by what had happened.

Chuck stood there facing the wall and those he was chatting with, and everyone in the pool area could certainly see his exposed buns again if they looked.  All three of the people he was talking with were apologetic and ask him not to base his views about Canada or the Canadian people on this incident, and all said that the manager or park department was out-of-line to dictate swimwear topics when many people in Canada wear similar swimwear.  

About this time, the female lifeguard who had gone inside with the manager came out.  She told Chuck to follow her, and came over to where the rest of us were sitting in the water.  She told all of us that the manager had left for a meeting and would not be back the rest of the day.  "So you can wear your tiny suits as much as you want the rest of the day," she added.  I ask about going topfree, but she said I had better not upset the fruit cart and keep my top on.  She did say that slip my top off to sun my back, and she wouldn't care if I showed my breasts off either, but she did suggest that I put some type of top on if I sat or stood up.  

We stayed a lot longer that we had planned and abandoned our plans to go other places that day.  Instead, we wound up spending the whole day, soaking in the soothing mineral waters, enjoying the views, and not having another negative comment on our choice of swimwear.  Judging from the lack of official comments, I just assume that nobody even questioned if thongs were permitted.  

As the sun got very low in the sky, we let the cool mountain air dry our bodies off, changed back into our street cloths, and headed to an early dinner since we had skipped lunch.  We took the gondola car up the mountain and there is a restaurant up there.  We were very high on the mountain and got even more so on the way up when some guy offered to share a toke with us as we rode, the car being almost empty.  

At the restaurant I thought they might have an issue with Randy's now almost normal vacation outfit of incredibly short cut-offs and open side shirt, but they seated us right next to a window with a tremendous view.  The menu was a mix of American (Canadian?) and French, with many dishes mixing up the languages within a dishes name.  The food was not as tremendous as the views, but were not bad for the type of place we were at. 

There were actually several restaurants in the building, and after dinner we went to the bar for a drink, which was nice and strong.  Chuck and his wife were talking most of the evening about how it had been years since Chuck had done anything like wear a thong to the hot springs, and how invigorating doing it was.  

The sun sets later here than many other places, so eventually we decided to go back to our trailers for the evening.  Chuck had planned to get new trailer wheel bearings in Calgary, but because of the late hour, decided to have them delivered two days later, so we will have time to take in the other places we had missed.  One, Fairmont Hot Springs (not associated with the Fairmont hotel chain) is privately held, and even has everything from free hot springs baths in the original adobe building to a complex of huge swimming and soaking pools. In the past, we had never had any issues with wearing our thongs here, and in general the place seems to be either very thong tolerant or simply thong friendly.  

On a previous visit, we had gone to this establishment on a day when they were having some swimming and diving competitions.  Randy entered the diving contests and each time he went up to the diving board, one of the park employees who was acting as the MC for the event, drew more and more attention to his thong swimsuit.  She would say things like "here is Randy from Ohio, who will be competing in a tiny thong bikini today."  Later she ask those who liked his thong and those who did not to clap, and the pro-thong people were almost 100%.  

The other major commercial hot springs we intended to visit was Radium Hot Springs -- one of the three run by the government as part of the Parks National.  This is the third place that has the distinction of officially "not permitting" thongs.  Our first experience at Miette Hot Springs was anti-thong.  The second at Banff was a mixed message, with Chuck being singled out for wearing a thong while Randy, myself, and other women were showing a lot of ass skin without incident.  So the question regarding if these rules can be skirted seems to be in the hands of Radium Hot Springs.

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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 Tracy, Thanks for all the posts about your trip.  It is ashamed that some Canadian parks have decided to ban thongs at least officially.  I was at all three several times.  Around 1990 they were all very thong permissive.  Thongs were worn by probably 20% of women and 10% of men, including me.  The lifeguards acted like thongs were the most normal thing in the world to be wearing.  They even sold them at several stores in the city. 

I hope you do get to some of the wild or natural or hot springs.  They were a blast to go to. even after thong wearing was less popular at the established commercial places.  My personnel favorite was Ram Creek, but I have read a few reports that a flood wiped out the volunteer built pools a few years ago.  The same storm supposedly also did permanent damage to the road leading to the sight from the bottom of the mountain.  Access supposedly is still possible from the top of the mountain, and forest roads up there.  Since the roads were built by the lumber companies, and there are no lumber activities in the area, they had fallen into disrepair and there now are no plans to repair them.  Likewise, from what I have read, the hot spring pools will not be rebuilt by the provincial government or any other official group since they are now inside a wildlife refuge.  This seems like a bad decision by the government since many people would go to the area each year to take in the wild hot springs, and not maintaining them or access will certainly hurt the economy. 

Hot spring enthusiasts will start going to Idaho and other places in the US where the wild hot springs are available.  This was one of the smallest wild hot springs and perhaps this is part of the justification for no maintenance, but that also was one of the reasons it was special.  You could go there and were often alone or have only a few people there with you.  Nudity was common and tolerated here.  Families would come and there was no attempt to hide the naked people from them and often some if not all family members would go naked too. 

This was perhaps the most teen-friendly hot springs I ever went to.  Groups of young people who I assume were high-school age would visit driving their old junker cars that barely made it up the side of the mountain.  Once there, cloths flew off and the teens did like everyone else -- took in the waters or laid in the sun in the buff.  None seemed the least bit shy either in front of each other or in front of the other people who might be there.   There also was never the 'whoever is there first' gets to choose if the place is clothing optional like some places.  Regardless of who got their first or who came later, the mix of fully covered, thong wearing, topfree women, and naked people seemed to mix without issues.

Another place to go if you like partying is Lussier Hot Springs, another wild hot springs.  This is a real party place.  Beer and other booze flow and pot is openly smoked.  The pools are small but the crowd usually substantial.   The logging roads to the springs are good, but can be intimidating for nervous drivers since there are places with severe drop offs and since it is an active logging road, huge logging trucks will fly past you.  Just don't hold up one of these trucks or you can face a hostile driver who will cut you off or squeeze you to the side and practically off one of the embankments. 

The party atmosphere goes 24-7 most of the time.  Unfortunately, there are those who use this springs and refuse to clean up after themselves, often purposefully smashing glass bottles.  A few others try to clean it up, but the trashing group always seems to be one step ahead.  This hot springs is officially "No Nudity" and attempts are made from time to time to post signs to this effect.  Sometimes they have disappeared but someone also would take the official signs down and post new official looking ones stating "Clothing Optional" or even "Mandatory Nudity".  While nudity is sometimes tolerated here, it is a lot rarer and usually done by men. 

With the easier access, there seems to be some regular patrols. I have been there nude or in a thong when an official comes down the hill but they seem more concerned with drunkenness than drugs or nudity.  I have heard a few people complain about the nudity here and once someone complain about a couple, both wearing G-strings and with the woman topfree.

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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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DAY 20 -- July 16 --

Today we went to Radium Hot Springs in Radium British Columbia.  This is the third Parks National run commercial type hot springs.  As mentioned in earlier posts, the "official" park position is that thongs are no longer acceptable.  However, at Miette Hot Springs, we got away with thongs for a while, and at Banff Hot Springs, we spent the whole day in our thongs and were accepted by everyone except one park manager.

We had no way of knowing what would happen at Radium.  The drive to Radium was very interesting.  There was a pass over the mountains, huge old-growth trees like Cedar and Spruce, and some type of ground based formation they call paint pots.  These are similar to some of the small lakes and pools which surround geysers and other similar things.  From my understanding, the hot ground water seeps to the surface, carrying various chemicals that tint the water different colors.  A short trail from the highway leads to these things, but they are not suitable for swimming and are fenced off, probably partly because they are so unusual.  What really amazed me was the old-growth Cedar, Spruce, and Western Hemlock forest.  This area has never been logged, and these huge trees, many 15 or more feet across at the base and several hundred feet tall are jammed together closely, some practically growing on each other.  The air is cool and the smell is almost overwhelming in a good way.

Radium is a huge complex.  There is a true Olympic sized swimming pool, feed by the hot springs and cooled to a comfortable swimming temperature, and a hot springs soaking facility as well.  In addition to the standard seats which permit a person to sit with their head above the water, there is a sloped ramp which extends from the bottom of the hot springs water to the concrete pool deck.  This permits people to lay with part or all of their bodies in the water while keeping the rest out of the water.  In a previous trip, both Randy and I especially liked this feature since we could lay on the slope with the water at about waist level.  This let our legs and feet be fully submerged, but let our buns remain fully exposed by being just above the water level.  I felt very sexy doing this, as did Randy.  
The hot springs complex is built in a very narrow canyon and at one point the road is built on a bridge above the river and there is really only a single lane between the canyon walls.  Being jammed in here like this, parking is an issue, but they did build a parking lot across the highway and about a block down the road from the swimming complex.  They even have an elevator to take people from the elevated parking area to a tunnel under the road which opens up not too far from the entrance to the hot springs building.  On the upper floor is the entrance, offices, massage concession, and place you pay for your visit.  On the lower floor are locker rooms and the doors going to the swimming pool and hot springs area.  There were probably 200 people there when we entered the facility.

Randy wanted to put in some serious swimming, so after Randy and I changed into our thongs, we headed over to the swimming pool.  Chuck and Bridget went directly to the soaking pools.  Chuck admitted that he was a bit uneasy about repeating his thong wearing activities like he had done in Banff.  Anyway, they proceeded to the soaking pools and Randy and I went to the swimming pool.  Nobody said a word about our thongs, but the place was almost deserted and we were the only people there except for two men who appeared to be regulars, and a single female lifeguard.  Randy even took a break from swimming to chat with her about how much she liked life guard duties and comparing notes on what she was taught and how it compared to what Randy teaches in his USA based classes.  Anyway, Randy turned to get back into the water again, and the lifeguard watched us as we both took laps, but Randy can swim much faster.  

Randy got out again and walked past the lifeguard to get some water and as he past, she said that she really liked his swimsuit, but she needed to warn him that thongs were not supposed to be worn at this place.  He ask if he needed to put on a Speedo, and she said she wouldn't tell him to do this, but told him she imagined that if he went over to the soaking pool side, that he would have to change and I might be ask to change into something with more coverage as well.  

After swimming a while longer, Randy and I decided to find Chuck and Bridget.  We went over and thanked the lifeguard for not insisting that we cover up more, and she said she was not a swimsuit Nazi, and would leave rule enforcement to someone else.  She then gave Randy a big smile and a hug (which made me a little jealous).  If that had been all she did, I would not have cared, but as she gave him his hug, she felt up his butt.  "You must swim a lot," she said.  "you have nice, firm buns".  Randy naturally wanted to spend the whole afternoon talking and flirting with her, but followed me under the overhead pedestrian walkway to the soaking side.  

We made it about three feet into the soaking area before some young lady we had not noticed before stopped us and told us we could do one of three things.  Put on something with "appropriate" coverage for a "family" environment, go back to the swimming pool where thongs were sometimes permitted since there were rarely any children there who were not familiar with small tight swimwear.  This meant that as long as nobody complained, the Olympic pool was thong friendly.   If he didn't want to change or go to the swimming pool, he would have to leave the premises.  

We wanted to soak with Chuck and Bridget, so we went back to the locker room to change.  Randy put on his cut-off Levis, and I put on the tiniest and cheekiest swimsuit I had that I could claim was not a thong.  We headed back out and the same lady said I was okay, but that cut-offs were not permitted, so Randy would have to try again.  Poor Randy had to go back to the car to find his men's bikini with string sides and the tiniest pouch he could get away with wearing.  This suit had a Rio type back.  This suit apparently was okay since the enforcement lady said nothing.  

Once in the water and on our way to where Chuck and Bridget were sitting, Randy pulled his swimsuit back into his crack more and the transition made his swimsuit practically a G-string thong.  He got away with this while in the water, but when he laid on the ramp with his buns exposed, the enforcement lady came over and told him to pull his swimsuit out of his butt and that this would he his last warning.  I was laying next to him with my swimsuit jammed into my butt just as deep and exposing more of my ass than Randy had, and I was not told to do anything.  I should mention that other girls were wearing cheeky swimwear, some were true thongs, and not getting into trouble.   The other men at the facility were mostly in board shorts.  A minority wore Speedos or other minimal men's bikinis, and a few of these wore extreme bikinis or Rio type suits.  

We stayed a few hours.  Randy went to the swimming pool several times, and each time wore his thong.  This was inconvenient to say the least because he had to go inside, change at his locker, and then cum out again.  The lady lifeguard was getting too friendly in my opinion.  Each time he showed up, he wore his thong, and each time she made more and more personal comments on both his thong and his body.  By the time we were ready to leave the facility, she commented on how nice the front of his suit was and how it barely covered everything.  Still, this seemed to be the price he had to pay to wear a thong, and since there usually were only a few people -- often none -- at the swimming pool, he had more than enough time to talk to her.  Between the positive thong comments, she told him she lived in a small town nearby called Invermere, BC.  Randy agreed to having dinner there since it was handy and she would be off work and able to tell us about some of the secret wild hot springs in the area.  Randy is faithful to me, but also does not have any issues with hanging out with people he likes, including women.  He extends me the same privilege to me and does not object to me being with other men as long as things remain platonic.

To be honest, our hot springs adventures so far had been in cement pools.  Sure, they were easy to get to, but we both have favored wild or natural hot springs -- the type of place where hot water bubbles from the ground and somehow is captured and run into what usually is a gravel or loose rock bottomed pond, some so small a single person can barely get in, and some larger, perhaps big enough for a few dozen people or more.  Most of the big ones can be found in literature, but the smaller ones are often not listed and can be found only with the aid of local people willing to tell others where the springs are located.  This used to be by travel directions (Take a road so many miles to a bridge, then park and follow the river so far, etc.)  Now many places have GPS data associated with them, but those who want to keep "their" hot springs secret will put phony GPS coordinates, often distorting the location by miles or even further.

At dinner, the lifeguard told us about her thonging experiences (including wearing a red thong bottom with a "Lifeguard" T-shirt at the Radium Hot Springs) in the old days.  Randy used to get away with the same thing when he used to volunteer at the local YMCA.  Anyway, the female lifeguard we met at Radium (named Hannah) told us about a hot springs that supposedly exists, but where there are no accounts of location, pictures, or other information other than a few vague descriptions in some diaries and other old books.  Sometimes the water source for hot springs dries up, and the spring disappears for years, or perhaps forever.  Now Randy and Bridget found the whole story fascinating, and both thought finding the spring would be one of the most exciting things they could do.  Of course, people have been looking for it for years.  

Having visited most everything in Banff and Jasper, we were all ready to move, except for putting bearings back on Chuck and Bridget's RV.  We decided to move tomorrow.  Hannah suggested Wasa Lake Provincial Park.  They had trailer facilities, a huge beach (for the area), warmer water than most other lakes (probably due to a hot springs under the lake), and were thong friendly.  She also suggested stopping at Kinsmen beach right in Invermere.  This is run by the town, and is very thong friendly.  According to Hannah, it is the only beach were she has seen guys wearing baggie swimsuits.  In this case, three at the same time.  Unfortunately, they do not have a RV park, but the place sounds like a lot of fun. Looking it up on the internet we did not see thongings on men but there were some pictures of ladies in thongs and lots of women in cheeky swimsuits.  Hannah said she could meet us there since she has two days off.  I think everyone is looking forward to tomorrow, provided that Chuck and Randy can get his wheels on again.


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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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 Summary of wearing thongs at the Parks Canada Hot Springs pools --

There is apparently some type of rule that can be used to prevent people who wear thongs from using these facilities.  Our experiences show that this rules seems to be mainly used with men (letting women wear thongs if they want) and is enforced very subjectively.  A good looking, younger man (Randy) can get away with thongs while an older less attractive man (Chuck) is told to cover up or leave.   It appears that the lifeguards usually do not enforce the anti-thong rules, and many, especially the female life guards, actually encourage thonging if not directly, through positive comments.  I am sure if you ask what the official status of wearing thongs is, you will get a "never acceptable", but as long as someone maintains a low-profile, they may very well get away with minimal swimwear.  Of course our experience is probably different than some because we were a thonging couple, we were very confident and acted like thongs were perfectly normal swimwear, and Chuck and Bridget were old enough to be one of our parents, therefor making us appear to be more of a family unit.  

Approach these facilities with caution if you intend to thong and be ready to change into something else.  We did not see any signs about wearing thong, but we did not look to hard either.  If challenged, we planned to use the "I assumed thongs were okay because we used to wear them here." logic or something otherwise logical.  I really don't think the intention of the anti-thong rules are to kick people out, but simply to prevent others from seeing too much skin on peoples buns.  I think a cooperative attitude will let you stay if you want, while you might get ejected if you act any other way.
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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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Thank you, Traci, for your long and detailed story about your trip. It was very interesting and entertaining, also for a guy like me, who probably never is going to camp in Canada.
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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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We will be starting the long drive back to Ohio tomorrow morning. It has been a wonderful month, although I wish we had spent more time in or west of Alberta (Canada) and less in the upper parts of Ontario. The first is just so much more interesting and fulfilling while the latter, while a major part of Canada, is still dull, bug filled, and certainly not as photogenic. I have been saving posts to send once the things on the website cooled down. I think I will still wait another day or two before starting to post experiences between July 17 and around August 5. I probably will post a single day, then if it works and everything goes okay (and there are no new issues) I will start posting each day. A few times, we had no internet services, and these days I would have to have waited to post anyway. This was due do not being able to have a clear line of site to the satellite some places, do to excessive vegetation (trees) or being too close to mountains that the signal could not go through. In any event, I don't want to have to post these again, so I will take it slow and easy. As far a thonging went, we found more places were thongs were okay, places where others commonly wore thongs, places where they were not permitted, and everything in between. We also met many people, some fellow thongers, some just friendly or in some cases overly friendly who told us where thongs might be worn or where they knew thongs were sometime of often worn. Usually these were in pockets -- some small areas were no thongs period, but next door was a thong friendly community. Traci
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