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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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DAY 21 -- July 17 -- (Part 1)


Yesterday was probably the busiest day so far, and because we are having a lot of rain and are staying inside the trailers, I have more time to write up what happened.  (Sorry about that!)  We got to spend a lot of time with other thongers, women who left their tops off, and sometimes people who were totally nude.  Randy and I spent our share of time in the nude and near nude and were accepted no matter how we dressed as long as we didn't go beyond what the local people accepted.

We went to a popular beach, Randy got to wear his 3-comparment baggie, and I got to lay out almost in the buff to work on my tan.  We went to a wilderness hot springs where we soaked in the warm water in the buff.  At the end of the day we wound up for the night at a Provincial Park jammed into our trailers because of wave after wave of torrential storms and Randy almost have an encounter with a grizzly bear that (than goodness) turned out being more interested in eating Colonial Sander's KFC chicken scraps than in eating us.

First I want to clear something up.  I used to call undeveloped hot springs that are off the main road "wild hot springs" which is what some books and internet sites call them, but I now use the term "wilderness hot springs".  Someone pointed out the "wild" could indicate a place that has a party-like atmosphere, while "wilderness" more accurately describes the place as being way off the beaten path.  I reality, the hot springs we visited today was both "wild" and "wilderness".

 The whole time, Chuck and Bridget -- fellow trailerites we met a few days ago -- traveled with us in their own mini trailer.  Our guide was Hannah, a local thonger who works as a lifeguard at the Radium Hot Springs Lap Pool and who we met the day before.  I wrote some about her yesterday, and there might be some repetition.  She showed us the best places to thong and some scenic attractions too.  Randy really enjoyed what he thought was the scenic attraction -- Hannah's body.  She is one of those women who look better the less they wear, and she spent time in both minimal swimwear and the buff.

Hannah had been so cool in her position as a lifeguard the day before.  Thong swimwear was not permitted at the Radium Hot Springs lap pool, but she let Randy wear his thong there anyway.  Her positive comments about his swimwear made him feel like a million dollars. 

Spending as much time in minimal swimwear as possible, Randy was confident in the water doing laps and equally comfortable chatting with as she sat in her lifeguard chair.  But Randy was probably the most self assured laying buns-up on a lounger.  He knows that his ass cheeks are probably his second best feature, and he love to show them off whenever he can.  Later he got to show Hannah his best feature at the wilderness hot springs.

A few other people who came and went while we were there did laps, laid out in the sun -- things that would be perfectly normal on a person wearing traditional swimwear.  The general public could walk by the lap pool on an overhead.  Apparently, no body complained about what we wore at the lap pool.  This surprised me because earlier when we tried to enter the soaking tub area, we were turned back and told thongs were not acceptable any more.

At the lap pool, I could see that Randy was tremendously attracted to Hannah.  There are few women who he has had such a strong positive reaction to.  She had a lot of things in common with Randy.  They both were lifeguards (although Randy also teaches people to become life guards).  They both are fit, are strong swimmers, and they both love thong swimwear -- both on themselves and everyone else.  Both deeply believe that the cheeky swimwear women now wear might make thongs or even less more acceptable in the near future.

When I ask Hannah how she got away with letting Randy wear a thong at the pool, even when the rules said it was not permitted, she explained that with hundreds of people in the soaking pools, and maybe five people total in the lap pool, the management normally waited for a complaint from someone before asking thongers at the lap pool to cover up or leave.

Randy and I wanted to take Hannah to dinner.  We discussed it with Chuck and Bridget, and they agreed that it sounded like fun to go out with a "local kid" as they called her.  She was such a flirt!  She flirted with the waiter and guys at the bar.  She flirted with Chuck, but she flirted the most with Randy.  Every thing she said to Randy and everything she did seemed to be a cum-on.  She wore a very short black micro dress which was very sexy.  Randy told me that she didn't bother with any underwear, which I did not notice, but Chuck verified.  While she looked good in her lifeguard uniform, she looked really great at the restaurant.  She could talk logically about any topic, but her knowledge of local thong-friendly places and the wilderness hot springs was the highlight of our dinner conversations. 

We had planned to stay in this area for several days, mostly to take in as many commercial and wilderness hot springs as we could.  We had a hot springs guide book, and Hannah knew about all the ones within 200 km (125 miles) or so of where we were.  She knew which ones were thong friendly, and where women could soak topfree. 

She caught all our interests when she said she knew of some that were not in the book, and where clothing was either optional, or in some cases basically not permitted by local customs or land owners.  She offered to take us to some of the hot springs she knew about, including the commercial ones, the ones that are well known wilderness springs, and some that are hardly known by anyone.  She made sure we understood that these were mostly small to very small places some with only enough space for one soaker at a time, but others with room for maybe a half dozen.

In exchange for guiding us, she ask us to let her sleep in one of the trailers, feed her, and provide the support of "hiking buddies".  Some of the wilderness hot springs are miles from the nearest roads, and so a hiking buddy is absolutely necessary in case of an emergency like an injury.  There are black bears, grizzly bears, and other wild animals in the area that have been known to attack single hikers, but as the number of people hiking together goes up, the number of attacks goes down. 

While the emphasis of the trip for both Randy and me was to go to as many different hot springs as we could.  Chuck and Bridget wanted to go to as many beaches and lakes in the area.  Because of this, we not only visited springs, but also lakes and beaches as well.  Randy and I naturally prefered those that were thong friendly.

Hannah was the first person who told us about Kinsmen Beach.  The guide books sort of missed this place, which is run as a community park and not much like a tourist attraction.  I guess with all the other lakes to go to, and all the other things to do, a smaller lake hidden at the side of a city park would not appeal to many tourists. 

There actually are quite a few things to do at Kinsmen Park besides using the beach.  There is boating, fishing, and hiking in the summer.  Snow-related activities were also popular during the winter when the weather was cooperative.

Living in Invermere, Hannah visited here as often as several times a week.  She said she normally wore thongs here as did some other women and a few men.  She also admitted that she never bothers with a top since the rights of a woman to be topfree in public places are being challenged and upheld all over Canada.

What surprised Randy was that baggies (which they call sacs, and some call c#ck socks or pouches) were sometimes worn by the men.  When I described the 3-comparment baggies that Randy likes to wear, Hannah said her brother was into this type swimsuit too.  She said that he always wears some type of baggie swimsuit whenever he can.  Hannah said that for the last two years, he has been able to wear them at this lake every time he has visited and has never been stopped or told to change.  She also pointed out the there is a growing number of local upper high school and college aged guys who are wearing thongs, G-strings, and even baggie swimsuits.

We all got up early to get ready for our trip South on Highway 95, with our first stop being at Kinsmen Beach, where we were going to meet Hannah and spend a little time.  Bridget and I fixed breakfast for the whole crowd outside (we have a big cast iron griddle that I can use on a grill).

Randy and Chuck messed around with Chuck's trailer and somehow got the wheels and new bearings installed in record time.  They didn't have the right type of jack but an old board they found and a big rock worked just fine as a lever.  They took the board with them.  At about 11:00, we pulled into the parking lot at Kinsmen Beach.  Hannah had promised to meet us at this time but had called and told us that she was running a bit late. 

The beach consisted of some sandy places, but also areas of small smooth rocks.  It reminded me of some of the beaches in Europe.  There are mountains all around which make the beach that much more scenic.  It was probably the cleanest beach I have ever been to, and people went out of their way to keep it that way.  They don't have the goose problems here that they do in Ohio, so that makes it eaven cleaner.  I didn't see a single person smoking on the beach either, although smoking did seem more common in Canada than in the USA.

When we arrived most of the younger women on the beach were wearing cheeky swimsuits.  This did not surprise us.  We also saw two women in thongs, one who was set up way over to the side was also topfree.  There was also one lady in a very conventional bikini bottom who was almost topfree, using a mesh scarf as a top.  There were no men in thongs and no men in pouch swimwear.  About 15% of the men were wearing Speedo type swimsuits however.

Randy and I want back into the trailer to get ready for a swim, but Chuck and Bridget had already gone to the beach.  I wore a very cheeky Hawaiian Print Bikini bottom which barely covered the top quarter of my buns.  I put an open side shirt on, intending to go topfree once I got to the beach.

Randy wanted to wear his three compartment baggies so bad, so I told him he could.  He put one on, but then put his cut-offs on too.  "At some places suits like this are only accepted on the actual beach," he pointed out.  Randy loves to show off, but also is at times cautious about pushing too hard when visiting a place he is not that familiar with.  Besides, the shorts gave him some pockets, which he used when he  stuffed a thong in one of the front pockets "just in case" and his keys in the other front pocket.  He also took along some money so we could get stuff at the refreshment stand that shared a building with a outfitter's store and a gift shop like place.  One thing we were learning was that almost every store in Canada had at least some souvenir type things for sale. 

The beach was becoming busier all the time.  Before we even got out of the parking lot, a whole car full of cute girls in cheeky swimwear pulled up in the parking lot.  The most conservative bottoms were quite minimal.  Some bordered on being thongs, and one girl wore a simple but elegant white thong that was surprisingly see-thru even when dry.

Some of the girls were definitely "jail bait", but a guy like Randy likes to look, and girls that age like to be looked at -- especially when the guy looking at them is also cute.  The girl in the white thong said how much she liked Randy's shorts. 

The girls couldn't stop telling Randy how cute his tiny little cut-offs.  They actually were a pair of his regular summer shorts that he would have worn daily in Ohio.  They had exposed front pockets and split outside seams.  There also were several distressed places (we used to call them ripped places) where additional skin on his legs and buns was visible. 

All the talk about how cute he was and how cute his shorts were was really inflating his ego!  Another girl said she liked the open-side T-shirt I was wearing.  Like other people in the area, she said she rarely saw this type T-shirt before on guys, but they were very unusual.  She had never seen a girl wearing one either as a cover-up or as the only thing she had on above the waist.

We ask the girl in the white thong, who seemed the most comfortable with talking to us, about guys wearing pouches, and once we found a common term we both understood, she said that some guys did wear them, but it was pretty rare.  Randy ask if he could wear his, and she said she "didn't know why it wouldn't be okay".

The water at this lake is a turquoise blue and this has something to do with microscopic rock silt in the water.  Many lakes in the Canadian Rockies have this appearance.  It was also a lot colder than some others in the area, probably because it is a deep lake and is 100% glacial feed from local mountains which butt right to the lake's edge. 

We were still in the parking lot, waiting for Hannah to get there.  Randy went back into the trailer to get our drinks and the old Igloo Little Playmate cooler we use to carry our drinks for short distances from the trailer and to keep them cold.

As he came out some girl behind us gave him a whistle.  It turned out to be Hannah, who had just arrived with her brother.  She wore a dayglo orange G-string that was very narrow in the front.  It looked great and fit her even better.  She was topfree and seemed perfectly comfortable without having to bother with a top.  Her tan was perfect.  Randy later said she could have been a swimsuit model, and I had to agree.

Hannah introduced us to her brother, Carter.  He had straight blond hair that went to the small of his back.  He had a very nice body for a boy only 17 years old.  He was absolutely gorgous!  Good looks obviously run in the family.  He was wearing a light tan pouch swimsuit that was not compartmentalized like the one Randy was wearing or like we thought he might be wearing.  Even so, it fit him well.

Carter's dark tan contrasted with his light blond hair and swimsuit, making his tan look even darker.  He told us that he and his sister spent time tanning at home whenever they had a few minutes and good weather.  When they have more time, they go to the beach at Kinsmen Lake.  When even more time was available, they went somewhere else.

 Hannah explained that the weather can be either very nice or very bad -- there was nothing in between.  You can spend weeks and have blue skies and never get a sprinkle, and the next thing you get is day after day of heavy rain.  We Had been enjoying nicer weather, but it was starting to cloud up.  We were also getting smoke from forest fires, some over 500 miles away.

I ask Carter about the legality of wearing pouches.  He told us that he felt pouches were getting more and more popular, especially among the younger men.  He said he thought both pouches and thongs were illegal on men, but that women could wear thongs, which he thought was unfair.  He said that he didn't think that women could legally go topless either, another thing he though was unfair. 

"Everyone should be allowed to dress the same," he told me.  "If that means that if someone can get away with only coverage of their genitals, then this should apply equally to both men and women.  If tops must be worn by women, then they should be required on men too."  According to Carter, the only thing that seemed like equality between the sexes with regards to swimwear acceptance was that there was absolutely no tolerance of total nudity or exposure of ones private parts by either sex.

I ask him about wearing a pouch and he said he wasn't worried about getting into trouble any more.  He had no proof that he would not get into trouble, but just assumed that his pouch would be accepted just like the cheeky swimwear women were wearing.  He pointed out that other men wore pouches sometimes and he was unaware of any of them getting into any real trouble either.  Later I ask other people about Carter's swimwear and those who know him said they never saw him in more than a thong, and for the last few years, a pouch was about all he wore at the lake.

Randy pointed out that he would not be showing more than what Carter was showing if he took his shorts off.  The only difference would be that Randy's suit would define his equipment a bit more.  I was so used to Randy wearing tiny cut-offs almost everywhere we went on the trip, that I forgot about the baggie he was wearing under his shorts.  He put on a little show for the people at the beach -- especially the girls who were nearby. 

After his shorts were off, several people gasp he untied the string which secured his baggie.  I guess they thought he was going to take that off too.  But he really was just adjusting it before retying it at the base of his equipment.  Hannah and Carter both seemed to like what Randy was now wearing.  Hannah thought it was cool looking, while Carter said it was nice to have another guy wear the type of suit he prefered.

While Randy was dropping his cut offs, a young man on the beach near the water slipped his below knee length board shorts off.  Under those awful shorts, he was wearing a conservative, maple leaf inspired thong.  I was glad to see the shorts go. 

Carter told us the guy in the thong was Mike.  Mike has taken it upon himself to make all swimwear at the lake optional.  While he had noble intentions, he lacked the orgizing abilities to mount a real movement.  He simply would go out and talk to people who already seemed comfortable with minimal swimwear or the even skimpier swimwear other men wore.  I wished him good luck, but am realistic enough to know that his chances of making any serious changes are minimal to start with, and simply talking to people would probably not gain much for his mini-swimsuit revolution.

A few other men transitioned to minimal swimwear while we were at the lake.  Women also seemed comfortable going topfree or wearing minimal swimwear.  There must be a lot less negative pressure on women who wear less here than most places in the USA since most women seemed almost casual about wearing thongs.  Even when they removed their tops, they acted like it was no big deal.  Men on the other hand seemed to be worried about who might see them and what they might think or say.  Still, no other people were as comfortable wearing so little as Hannah or Randy were.

Hannah, Randy, and I all walked the short distance to the beach and laid out towels adjacent to Chuck and Bridget.  Mike set up near a couple of girls about his age who were content to wear cheeky swimsuits, and Carter moved over to lay with two male and one female friend who were not far away.  Carter's three friends came down right after us.  The guys were wearing just conservative (if there is such a thing) baggies, and the girl did take her top off for a while but put it back on when she saw an official vehicle approaching on the road.

Randy was all smiles and getting a lot of compliments in his new swimwear.  But things changed a little later for Carter's two pouch wearing friends.  Everything seemed perfectly normal at first.  They went out and waded in the water a bit, then laid out in the sun for a while.  But then two young women who came in another car came down and demanded that they "put something on".  The two guys had pretty skimpy thongs they had wrapped in their towels and put them on over their baggies.  Randy had thought that there wasn't any criticism about the types of swimwear people wore, but now had to re-think his position.

This makes me believe that the young ladies did not want their boyfriends to dress in baggies, even though they did not seem to mind men like Randy or Carter wearing them.  At one point, Mike, the nude beach promoter, who was wearing a thong, briefly exposed himself when he stood to change from his thong to a much smaller G-string.  He wasn't putting on a show or anything, he was just changing without leaving the beach.  Nobody seemed to mind, and only a few people even bothered to watch.

For some reason, topfree beach use seemed a lot more popular on women than wearing thongs.  The younger women seemed the most likely to be going with minimal swimwear, and they also seemed to be almost indifferent about being seen topfree.  One girl about 18 told me she had never worn a shirt or other top at this beach her entire life.  Her mom and family were set up nearby all wearing traditional swimwear that would have been acceptable anyplace, but they were all totally non-judgmental about her choice to be topfree and to wear a thong bikini bottom.

Randy, Chuck, Bridget, and I only stayed at Kinsmen Beach until about 1:00.  We never did find out what actually was legal, but I think there is a lesson here.  Don't push the authorities by wearing something smaller than anyone else is wearing and act like what you are doing is the most natural thing in the world and you might get away wearing something that is either illegal or close to it.

Originally, we had planned to go to the Fairmont Hot Springs next, only a few miles South on Highway 95.  This has nothing to do with the Fairmont Hotel Chain but is an independent resort.  They have the oldest hot springs soaking tubs probably any place in Canada.  They are not much bigger than a bathtub and are located in an adobie building near the entrance road.  They are opened and usable and free.  There are also three other pools of various temperatures and often hundreds of people using them.  Thongs (if they are real swimwear) are acceptable in the hot springs pools, but you must cover up when you go anywhere else on the property.  Top free pool use is also not permitted.  Randy and I have been there before.  It is the largest hot springs we plan to visit, but it was getting cloudy and since they are a good place to tan in a on the grass next to the pools, we decided to come back in a few days when our wilderness explorations were complete.

I will continue this day's account in a separate message.  I am sorry I am out of sync but now that I am back, I seem to be too busy to do much other than work.  Even editing what I have already written takes time I don't seem to have right now.




(Part of my trouble is that this stupid upgrade messes up my formatting and I have to take out and put in spaces and control characters for things to be legible.)

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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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DAY 21 -- July 17 -- (Part 2)


We didn't stay to much longer, since we had a long drive up to the first of what we hoped would be many wilderness hot springs that we hoped to visit over the next few days.  We also wanted to get into camp way up near the top of a mountain before it got dark, since the campground had no electricity for lighting. 


The road was gravel and there were logging trucks running at break-neck speeds in both directions.  These are the trucks that they tie the rear wheels to the back of the load, so the down-hill trucks were longer and a lot heavier, and for this reason they were always given the right-of-way.


People who spend a lot of time on these roads have special radios, so they can listen to and if needed talk directly with the truck drivers to find out where the trucks are, but since we would only be on the roads for a few days, we just learned to be careful, watch out for trucks, and steer wide and let the trucks pass.  There also were these huge gravel trucks running all over the place.  Later we found out that they were ore trucks, filled with lead, silver, and gold ores, and a lot of non-ore rock.  A whole truck of ore might only bring in a few hundred dollars of usable metals.


Some places had guard rails, but at other places there was nothing to keep a car from running off the road and plunge down a huge drop of 1000 feet or more into the river canyon below.  Rocks and boulders fell from the mountains above and landed on the road, sometimes hitting cars or trucks.  In other places, the road bed slid down the hill, leaving the remaining road only wide enough for a single vehicle. 


We were not hit by any rocks, but we saw several come down as we drove, the largest one we saw in motion was about 6 inches across, but there were many strewn about the road up to three or four feet across that had fallen before.  It scared me that there is no way of knowing when or where a boulder will come down. 


Twice we had to stop to push rocks by hand to the side since we thought that they might be so big that Chuck's minivan might not clear.  We had to stop twice for bulldozers that were trying to deal with the various problems on the road.  The worst section was only about 16 km (10 miles) but took almost an hour to drive. 


I was so scared that I made Randy stop so I could trade places and let Hannah ride shot-gun and I sat on the driver’s side in the back.  Even from there, I sometimes could still see how terrible the drop-offs could be.  To make matters worse, Hannah was pointing out all the places where trucks and cars went over the edge and telling us how many people were killed, and this only made me more nervous.


When they were not talking about the dangers of the road, Hannah and Randy talked about other things.  She was especially interested in Randy's experiences as an art model and some of the private strip shows he does.  She was particularly impressed that all the money he got for stripping either as a model or at shows, he would donate to some charity -- most not knowing where the money came from.


It started to seem crazy to risk your life to go up to the springs by this route.  I should have felt better since we were using my Jeep Grand Cherokee that is equipped for off-road driving.  But I also realized that it was even crazier to be hauling a trailer or using a minivan like Chuck had.  Chuck and Bridget were close behind, but most of the time we could not see them. 


In some places trucks were used to purposefully put water on the road to settle the dust, and sometimes we were driving in a slippery mess of mud that splashed all over the place.  There were huge pot holes to contend with also.  When they didn't put water on the road, the road turned into dust with each passing vehicle.  A driver later told us that there is a "black magic" in knowing when and how much water to use on the roads. 


Often we could not see Chuck and Bridget behind us (and Chuck and Bridget could not see anything ahead of them).  We had already learned that Chuck and Bridget were direction challenged and got lost easily.  They were incapable of finding their way even with good road signs, maps, and GPS.  At one point, Chuck followed the cloud of dust being generated in front of him a mile or two thinking it was us in the Jeep before he realized he was behind an ore truck, and not behind us.


We had some crappy 2-way radios that were sort of like CB radios, except they ran on a different frequency.  They worked fine on the main highways for a mile or so, but up here, they barely worked 1000 feet at times.  If we tried to call Chuck and Bridget, and got no reply, we would slow down or stop until they were back in radio contact.  The logging and ore trucks did not have the right type radio to hear us or talk to us on these almost toy like devices.


Eventually, we got to Lussier Hot Springs.  The GPS stopped showing roads miles back, and only showed the car running around in the forest.  This told me that we were way off the beaten path.  Still, logging and gravel trucks passed the springs every two to three minutes or so.  There was a parking area for perhaps 20 or more cars, some oversized porta-potties that were not only a toilet but also a designated change house, and a trail that went down to the hot springs and river below.


I was ready to get off the road and go to the springs, but Randy and Chuck (who used to be a pilot) thought the sky was nasty looking and they were worried about getting some really bad weather, so we proceeded up the mountain to the Home Basin campground in White Swan Lake Provincial Park. 


There are no reservations here with everything being on a first come first serve basis.  They didn't have an office like most parks.  Instead, you filled out a simple form and put your money and the form in a mailbox like thing that the Ranger dumped from time to time.  I don't even know if he came by daily or not. 


Even the campsites were pretty casual.  Some were well defined with gravel parking areas, but others were just places in the woods and if you could get into them, you had a campsite for the night.  Supposedly, they don't like turning people away since it can take hours to get back down the mountain, especially when the weather was bad, like Chuck thought it would become.


That was another good reason why we keep going past the hot springs.  If we got in early enough, we might be able to find adjacent campsites where we could park our trailers.  The campground was about 30 minutes from the springs, going uphill, but the worst of the road was thankfully behind us. 


There were some closer campgrounds, but they were a bit more primitive (if that is possible) and according to Hannah, they were so close to the road that you could hear the trucks running back and forth from early morning until dusk.  Some of the truck drivers also had the annoying habit of blowing their horns whenever they went by other people or campgrounds -- even if the people did not want any help or didn’t want to be disturbed.


At night and Sundays when there were no commercial trucks on the road, there were still cars, campers, and personal trucks with noisy engines and headlights to disturb a good night's rest.  Plus the highway dust could be issues at any time, especially when the road and campgrounds were close together.


Randy speculated that some of these other campgrounds were actually an older, less direct or more dangerous section of road that had been bypassed.  Reusing the old road saved the cost of having to build a new one.  Hannah said that at these other campgrounds, just about the time you started to relax, someone in a car or personal truck would come by and disturb you.


One thing that made this campground good for us was that it sort of had a swimming beach.  Well, we never were quite sure what it was.  The official park documents say "There is a swimming beach area at Home Basin day-use area but this swimming area is not marked as a swimming area."  At the apparent beach was a "No Swimming" sign. 


We decided that maybe if they can't get signs and their literature straight on if there was a simple swimming beach, how could they object if our swimwear does not abide by any rules the park may or may not have?  There were no signs about nudity, or any form of minimal swimwear, so we simply assumed that anything was okay.


We set up quickly and got ready for the storm that Chuck was predicting.  It looked more and more like he would be right.  Even though it was mid-day, the sky was getting very dark and ominous.  Fortunately, we got our internet working, and I checked the weather on TV.  The radar was at its highest rain level they had, and the storm was heading our way, but it looked like we had a couple of hours before we got the start (and worst part) of the storm.


For some reason, our Internet speeds which used a satellite link, were way up there, and except for about 30 minutes during the worst of the storm, we were getting all our favorite channels in high definition.  We also could connect to one of the two satellites that broadcast signals to our area.  We also were getting the Internet and could use our phone app and called Nikki to see how everything was going back home.  When Chuck and Bridget saw our phone was working, they called some people they knew too.


The best news for the day for me was that my work posted a delay of an additional week for an unscheduled "inventory adjustment" so we could spend another week on our trip.  Our original plans were for Randy to take me to the airport in Spokane and I would fly home on the last day and he would take his time coming home with the camper.


For most campers the campground we were at in White Swan Lake was about as primitive of a campground as is possible.  There is no electricity (of any type).  Not even a street light or light bulb in the out houses.  They had no lights working off a solar charged battery, even though they are readily available even to home owners.  There is absolutely no telephone within 50 miles of hard driving, and no cell service for almost 35 miles. 


This is the time when "self-contained" was important.  Power was not an issue since we had batteries to power things when we were off the grid.  Our satellite antenna provided us with communications with the rest of the world.  Other than these two things we had a short-wave radio that required a long antenna wire be run outside and picked up radio stations from all over the world.  A few were Western Canadian stations that had news and weather of a local nature.  There is even a rock station on the US Eastern Seaboard that we could get whenever we used the Short-Wave Radio.


Being self-contained, we had the use of our LP gas for heating and cooking, and even had a single 1-globe (as they call it) LP gas light that could run weeks on the propane we carried in the camper's two large LP gas tanks.  This light puts out lots of heat, but you should keep a window cracked to keep the carbon monoxide levels down.


The only amenities the campground offered was picnic tables, barbeque grills, and fire pits.  They had a few out houses, and a couple of pumps for water, but the water is from shallow wells and must be boiled or otherwise treated to make it safe.  It was just as safe to get a pot of water down at the lake and boil that.  We did this for washing the dishes and our hands, but not rinsing them.  Most of the other people at the campground were fishermen or hikers, and they didn't seem to mind "roughing it" at all, but there were also some other RV Campers there too.


I was always worried about running out of water, but we had some 5-gallon containers we would fill whenever we went someplace in the cars where we could get safe water.  The water in the lake probably was fairly safe, but they still suggested boiling it to play it safe.  There was a glacial stream about 10 miles away that was tested weekly and was safe, and the water there was so good tasting, and very cold.  I thought that bringing all this water was a good idea, but since our waste water holding tanks did not hold that much, we would have overfilled them if we didn’t throw the wash water out on the ground.


At the other extreme, the water bubbling into the Lucier Hot Springs was supposedly very safe and warm too.  It probably was hot enough to make pretty good hot tea or other beverages but we didn't try it since lots of people hang out here, and it is one thing to sit in water that other people have been in, and something different to drink the same water.


But in some ways, I felt like I was cheating.  We had every modern convenience.  Plenty of electricity, gas for the range, furnace (which we needed at night) and refrigerator.  "Big Screen" TV (we only had room for a 32 incher but that was huge for such a tiny trailer), and just about everything else we might need.  The one thing that neither trailer had was true sleeping accommodations for three – these little campers were really set up for only two adults.


We had filled up our propane tanks before leaving civilization (many gas stations have propane tank fill places, and some have propane car filling as well.)  We also had a full charge on the batteries after the long drive and were in a spot that did not have trees, so we could get at least partial recharging from sunlight in the day. 


Randy also brought along a couple of Coleman lanterns that used small tanks of propane and put out a tremendous amount of light that we used outside.  These attracted night bugs like crazy, but we learned to turn the camper lights off (which also saved our batteries and/or gas and turn the Coleman light on full blast over on the picnic table.  Bugs were attracted to it and didn't hang around the camper door.  We tried those citronella candles again and the bugs actually seemed to like the odor.  We liked the smell, but as bug prevention, they were junk.


Fortunately, the bugs did not come out until around sundown but they stayed until about dawn.  We only got a few bites during the day.  As we were setting up, I went to the Latrine, and they call them.  It is an outhouse like place like farmers used to use.  I was sitting there, doing my thing, and thought I felt something on my rump.  When I stood up, there was the biggest spider I had ever seen looking at me from the seat.  It looked about three inches in diameter including its legs and was very hairy.  That was the last time I plan to ever use a pit toilet!  Randy and other men used these spiders for "target practice" when they urinated.


We also had flashlights, candles, and those light stick things.  The light sticks were handy if we wanted to go out since the bugs didn't see certain colors.  The blue light sticks seemed to keep the mosquitoes away for some reason.  Even being forced to use the indoor plumbing, we were ready to spend three or four nights here, maybe more.  Chuck and Bridget were equally ready for a few days "off the grid", but didn't have the internet, satellite, solar charger, and a few other things that Randy and Mark used to make our off-grid days more normal.  


After setting up, tying everything down for the wind that was expected, and getting ready for the storm, we returned to the Lussier Hot Springs.  One thing about this spring is that it is highly affected by the ground water temperature since the heat source is quite shallow.  When it rains, the ground water gets cooler and the springs is not as warm.  After a long dry spell of warm weather, the water is a lot hotter.  With no substantial rain for weeks, the water should now be warm, but after the big storm that was coming, we expected the temperature to drop as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  After the storm, it would take days for the springs to heat up again.


When we stopped briefly at the springs before, there were two other cars, but now there were none.  There was one of those huge gravel trucks parked at the far end of the parking area.  From the road level, which is up the mountain from the springs and river, we could see that only a single man was soaking in the warmest pool of water.  There was a short five minute or less walk down to the river's edge where the soaking pools were located. 


Randy, Hannah, and I stripped down to our birthday suits in the parking lot, through our cloths in the car, and hiked to the hot springs.  Chuck wore his thong, and Bridget wore a one-piece suit that was the least revealing of anything I had seen her wear swimming. 


Several signs said "No Nudity" but Hannah said this was never enforced.  This was the first time we got to see Hannah in the nude.  It is hard to believe how much more beautiful she was after removing her G-string which couldn't have covered more than three square inches.  She was equally impressed by Randy's body, and said she could see why his body was in demand as a model or stripper.


There were three or maybe four pools of water, depending if you want to count one that was in the creek and only slightly above freezing (37 Degrees F). The one closest to the hillside was the warmest (102 degrees F), and each lower one was a bit cooler.  The one in the river is what they call the "cold plunge" and many hot springs both commercial and wilderness have them. 


The cold plunge pools can be used if you get over heated in the warm water, and some people also use them to close their pores after they are opened by the hot water.  This is supposed to eliminate grime from the pores if you soak in the warm water and then take a quick dip in the cold plunge several times in a row.


I don't know if that works, but one thing I do know that works is the effects the cold plunge has on a man's anatomy.  We have all heard about "shrinkage" when a man gets into cold water.  I think this is not 100% true.  For the first little bit if the change in temperature is sudden and severe like 30 seconds, and with everything exposed to water 40 degrees or more cooler  -- a man grows huge, and then the shrinkage sets in almost instantaneously.


Randy's brother Mark, who is an engineer, tried to explain it to me in terms of thermodynamics, heat transfer, expansion of fluids, etc.  I did not understand the technical stuff, but to put it in layman's terms, the body rushes blood to that area of a man's body to keep it warm.  This causes expansion. 


After a little bit, the body realizes that it cannot get enough heat down there with blood so the body goes into defensive mode.  It shrinks things to below normal size to conserve heat and protect things from getting way too cold.  This process only works with a sudden change in temperature -- like jumping into the cold plunge after a long hot soak in the warm spring water.


If you ever go to the Anisworth Hot Springs (which we do not plan to visit this trip) you will find very hot water in and around their cave area, but then they also have a cold plunge with water around 35 degrees F.  This tiny pool has a window looking over it from the restaurant and you can get a table there, eat a meal, and watch.


Men with average looking packages will take a very quick, and very cold dip in the cold plunge and climb out with huge er@ct!ons if they get out right away.  This was very noticeable when most men here wore Speedo type swimwear or thongs.  Current rules do not permit thongs, discourage Speedo swimwear, and instead favor board shorts, but even when wearing these, men have noticeable bulges.  Unfortunately, these sometimes-incredible displays return to normal in just seconds, so you have to be quick to notice them. 


Whatever the cause, men who have the expansion/shrinkage reaction are unable to stop it once it starts, just like a person cannot stop a sneeze once it starts.  From what I have seen, a long, slow change in temperature like walking into a cold lake will not do this because the body has more time to adjust to the change in temperature.  The body simply moves to the defensive, or shrinkage state without getting a woody. 


I tried to explain this to Hannah and Randy even told her it was true, but she simply figured we were teasing her.  She made a challenge that the next time we were at a place with a real nice restaurant, she would buy us all dinners if either Chuck or Randy used a cold plunge on the trip and had this reaction.


As we walked down the path in our birthday suits, I thought about how big Randy got when this happened to him when wearing a Speedo or thong.  Today, Hannah, Bridget, and I might get to see him take a cold plunge dip with no swimwear.  I could hardly wait!


We found the driver of the truck soaking in the hot pool.  He was very young, maybe 21 or 22 and was wearing only his boxer shorts as swimwear.  They were very clingy but were not opaque.  Hannah ask him if he minded if we skinny dipped, and he said, "of course not".  Chuck surprised us when he removed his thong.  He was good looking and had some nice muscles, including his love muscle which stayed excited most of the time we were there. 


The truck driver was also having "problems".  Bridget kept her conservative one-piece swimsuit on, but told Chuck to "have fun" showing off his body.  At one point, earlier in the day, Hannah ask Bridget if she could "massage" Chuck's p@nis, and Bridget told her if it was okay with Chuck she could.  She did touch it for about one second, just to be able to say she did it I think.


Bridget said they used to follow a rule in her youth that if a person exposed a piece of skin, anyone could touch it.  The rule was re-applied when Randy used the cold plunge.  As expected, he got a major “problem” but it only lasted a few seconds.  Hannah ask if she could play with him and try to get just as big of a response.  I teased her by telling her “no penetration”.   


Hannah lost the bet but promised to take us out to a fancy dinner when we moved on.  After this, it was not unusual to see Hannah touching Randy, either under his thong or out in the open if he was nude.  I didn’t have an issue with this “play” since Randy gets a lot of hand action and even some BJ’s when he does a strip show.


The truck driver told us about his job and driving the highway sometimes 16 hours a day, every day except Sunday.  His only rest was a half hour here or there when the truck was loaded or unloaded, or occasionally when the road was being repaired.  He told us horror stories of vacationers who thought because they had a car with four-wheel drive, they could make record time on the roads, and how many wound up, if they were lucky, running into a truck, or hitting the side of the mountain.  Few people survived the long down-hill drop to bottom of the canyon.  This was something I didn't need to hear especially when I looked in front and saw Hannah’s hand stroking Randy through the thong he put on when we left the spring.


The truck driver told us about Lucier Hot Springs, and said he tries to go there at least once a day when he can take a lunch break.  He said some of the other drivers, including one lady logging truck driver did the same thing.  Nudity and sex were not unusual, and he said something to the effect that we were dressed perfectly for making love.  Randy and I had made it years ago at another hot springs which was deserted except for us.  Since then, I don’t think a month has past when one of us talked about it and the fact that we regretted doing it with an audience of people who would not be turned off.  We decided this year to find a nice group of people and make out in front of them.


One of the most interesting things the truck diver told us was about some of the "lost" hot springs in the area.  Some probably have dried up, and others have changed due to mud or rock slides.  Some may have been invented by a person wanting to promote themselves, while others may have been obliverated by river wash outs, but there are several dozen, that have been reported by more than one person, which nobody can find now.  In some cases, there are even pictures of these springs.  Some apparently are known, but by a different names now, so they don’t count. 


In the old days, they did not have GPS so the exact locations of some of these places were not well documented.  Instead, their location was described something like "about a mile south west and  on the hill over looking the mouth of eel creek".  A few of these have been found with heat detecting equipment in airplanes or satellites, and a whole bunch were rediscovered when BC Hydro, the company that generates electricity from the river power, did a major mapping of the area back around the 1970's when they decided where to put new power dams.


Another thing of interest is that for some reason, there also seemed to be quite a few swimsuits and other clothing, both men's and women's laying around hot springs.  I guess there is something about wilderness hot springs that makes people want to be nude in front of other people.  Even the truck driver slipped his boxers off when he saw how un-inhibited the rest of us were.  Add drugs or alcohol and people might forget their own cloths.


Randy and I have been to Lussier Hot Springs before, taking the access road the other direction over what they call the "Top of The World", a nearby mountain range where everything you can see is below where you are.  Our trip today was the first time we traveled directly from Highway 95 to the springs going uphill instead of downhill.


In past visits, we had always had company at the springs but as long as nobody objected, we made it a habit to skinny dip.  I don't think anyone who takes the time and goes on one of these long, sometimes dangerous routes to the springs would object to seeing a little skin.  We have also had others make out and even have int@rcours@ right there in front of others.  We always thought that this was cool and wanted to do it with an audience too.


Pot was commonly used here, and someone had put a coffee can with some pot in it for others to use hidden behind some rocks.  This was the same place dope was hidden when we were here before about five years ago.  People would put some money in the can to pay for what they used. 


The truck driver said there was a big patch of marijuana just a little further down the path from the springs, but we didn't investigate because of all the poison ivy like stuff and the fact we were totally naked and could get poisoned by this ivy so easily.  We all smoked some of the dope except Chuck didn't indulge.  He said he had enough of that in Viet Nam.


I think the potential for thunder storms and lots of rain sacred a lot of people away.  We got a few AM radio broadcasts here and there, and the outlook was very bad.  We had checked the weather on the TV as well and could see the front approaching us on the radar images.  This was expected to be a once in 10 years storm at what they call "higher elevations".  Our camp site was quite high on the mountain.


As we sat there in the warm water, Hannah started discussing "making it" in the warm water with some of her boyfriends over the years.  The truck driver said about a quarter of the time, someone was having sex.  He said he always enjoyed watching and it gave him something to think about as he drove on the lonely roads. 


We were starting to get some sprinkles, and Randy and Chuck agreed that we had better get back to camp since a few places on the old logging road looked like they could get washed out pretty easily.  This was all I needed, a new thing to frighten me about the road.


We head back to the car still in the buff.  Chuck had his thong and put it back on but Hannah, Randy, and I were still nude since we never took any clothing with us to the hot spring.  It was already starting to pour.  As we headed back up the hill on the trail we got soaked.  Several logging trucks went by as we left the trail and walked across the parking lot to where we had parked, and the drivers waved and tooted their horns when they passed us.  I guess I will never know if they were just being friendly or making a positive vote about the way we were dressed.


There was a brief break in the weather, and we used it to try to dry off as we stood naked outside the cars.  A park patrol vehicle came along and the ranger guy rolled down his window and ask if we were okay.  He then ask if there were any others down at the hot springs, and told us we had better get back to the campground since the road was getting pretty bad.  He didn't say anything about us being bare assed.  We never saw him or any park official again. 


The spirit of the road had changed with the bad weather.  It was now much worse.  It was no longer slightly friendly, but now was a challenge to drive.  Even with my 4-by Jeep, it was close to a nightmare getting back up the mountain to where the campground was.  It really annoyed me that Hannah was playing with Randy’s rod, and I told them to cut-it-out.  They did when they heard how serious I was.  And the whole time there was a relentless series of logging trucks going both ways, spraying up water and mud so bad that only the smeary windshield was usable, and even then, there were times we had to slow down just to be safe. 


Google maps shows the distance from the campground to the springs at taking only 6 minutes to drive.  They lied.  First, it was the wrong campground they used for their calculations.  It took us almost 30 minutes to go from the springs to the campground when the weather was nicer, with all the rain, it took over an hour and a half over the same roads the second time we drove them.  At places, water was flowing down the road like the whole thing was a gutter.  It looked like we were driving in a creek bed.


Right before we got back to the campground, the brakes on my Jeep started to fail and went squishy.  There was still some brake action, and the emergency brake did work, and Randy somehow was able to keep the Jeep under control by shifting gears, going slow, and using a combination of minimal use of the foot pedal brakes and the emergency brake.  At times he slid the car into reverse to slow it down.


When we got back to the campground and got out, the front right wheel was so hot that water that hit it instantly turned to steam.  It turns out that one of the brake lines was damaged by a rock or something on the road, and there also was a small stone, like a piece of gravel, jammed in the break mechanism somehow that prevented the brake pad from returning after the break was applied.


The storm was a mixed blessing.  It was nice, since it kept others away and gave me, Randy, and Hannah, a chance to skinny dip and do other things that were fun to do.  But returning to camp turned out to be something from a Steven King movie. 


Chuck and Randy will drive Chuck's minivan to Cranbrook tomorrow to get brake parts at the auto-parts store.  They will take the "Top of The World" route.  Hannah will go with them to keep them from getting lost on the maze of logging roads.  Chuck has a sh!t load of tools with him, but might have to pick up a couple of small specialty tools for the brakes that he normally would not carry.


Once we get the Jeep back to Cranbrook or another city with a garage, we need to have it put up on a lift and have everything checked over.  Chuck says this is one of the things about going in a camper -- you want to fix everything yourself, but often wind up miles away from other people and don't know where to get parts or must make band-aid type repairs until you can get to a real mechanic.


Chuck, Hannah, and Randy getting car parts will leave Bridget and me here at the campground by ourselves for a long day.  Somehow, the guys had anticipated the storm and put up a huge tarp between the two campers and some trees.  It protected the picnic table, the fire pit and grill and a huge amount of wood which Randy and Chuck found and piled up before we went to the hot springs.  The tarp kept the area mostly dry, and we could go back and forth between trailers and sit at the table or cook on the grill almost as easily as if we had been camping in nice weather.   Bridget and I also plan to use the beach if the weather breaks.


The only thing that wasn't ideal was finding a place for Hannah to sleep.  We could barely get her inside to eat, but Randy had brought along a folding chair and we took turns using it.  Randy brought a small tent in case he wanted to really "rough it".  Because we promised Hannah she could sleep in the camper, Randy volunteered to sleep in the tent and let Hannah sleep on the bed with me.  We had purchased the tent at a discount/closeout store and when we opened it, we could see why it was on sale, there was a huge hole in the top – not a rip, but a section of the fabric or plastic that was about the size of a large shop vacuum.  I guess we should have invested in a better tent, or at least have checked it out before leaving home.


Randy took his sleeping bag out to a place near the fire pit, got a nice fire going and stripped naked.  When Hannah ask why he was naked, he said he always slept that way.  He intended to sleep out by the fire and under the stars (well under the tarp that was under the rain that was under the clouds that was under the stars) all night.  Chuck and Bridget were snug in their trailer, and clicked off the lights only a few minutes after going inside.  Hannah and I had hopped into bed together. 


It rained on and off, and we had lots of lightning and terrible sounding thunder.  I don't know if Hannah was serious or not, but she said she was worried about Randy being out in the storm.  We were wearing our G-strings in bed and talking "girl talk" about different things.  We even picked up a TV show, but the storm messed up the reception pretty badly.  We talked a lot about thonging, men, sex, and Randy and Carter, two men who liked to wear thongs or even less.


We were almost asleep when we started to hear all these funny noises outside, like someone who was drunk was knocking things over.  Randy comes in nude and carrying his sleeping bag and says he needs to stay inside because there is a grizzly bear in the campground.  We thought he made the whole thing up as an excuse to get into a bed with two women, but then we heard more growls and looked out a window, and this huge grizzly bear was wandering around looking for people food to eat, or maybe just for people to eat. 


I am sure it could have torn a hole through the side of the trailer, but fortunately, it seemed to be happy destroying the trash cans that were supposedly "bear proof".  In one, it found some Colonel Sander's KFC chicken which it seemed to enjoy eating.  It also found some food other campers had also left outside, and ate this as a quick, but messy meal.  Eventually the bear wandered off to destroy another part of the campground and we all went to bed. 


Somehow, Randy squeezed between Hannah and me under the sheets.  I found it quite reassuring to have him jammed so close to me.  The three of us got comfortable together, and somehow got some good sleep, but not until after Randy got some penetration action from both me and Hannah.  It's funny how a terrible storm and huge bear can make people get closer together and create a perfect end to a perfect day.



Da6772 #53

Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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Traci, Thanks so much for posting this two-part review of Day 21. I've been jonesing for your next episode since the website update turned sour. "she didn't bother with any underwear, which I did not notice, but Chuck verified." Great wording, Traci! I got a laugh out of that. The guys were more attentive to that detail. From your descriptions of Hannah, she sounds like she's visually perfect. (Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, of course.) It was cool of you to let her flirt with Randy a bit and let them talk about lifeguard stories, thongs, etc. She proved to be quite helpful during your visits to Kinsmen Beach and the wilderness hot springs -- and later going to the auto parts store. Your description of her short black dress at the restaurant and her Dayglo orange, narrow front g-string made me wish I could have seen how great she looked. How good that Chuck and Bridget were able to travel with you and visit the beaches and hot springs with you. And Chuck even had a thong. Good for him! It was fortunate that Randy and Mark had set up the travel trailer to account for places without electricity. Your ability to get access to weather information before that bad storm hit was important. Plus, you had cell phone coverage, even though you couldn't connect with a cell tower. The spare batteries and the extra propane made it much easier to ride out the storm without having to sit in the dark and bundling up against the cold. I can just imagine that Ranger who warned you to be careful on the road when the rain was coming down heavily. "Just another day at work -- naked people coming back from the hot springs." I bet he really likes his job at times! "We ask[ed] the girl in the white thong, who seemed the most comfortable with talking to us" How convenient that the girl in the "sheer when dry" suit was the most comfortable talking to you. ;) I'll bet Randy enjoyed the conversation. That's quite an accepting beach if someone can wear something like that! It was nice of that girl to compliment your "T-shirt only" top. With all the attention being paid to Randy, I'm glad someone noticed you! How great that Hannah's brother Carter wore a baggie similar to Randy's suit. You mentioned he had blond hair and a great tan, but I don't remember if you mentioned Hannah's hair color in a previous post. The reason I ask is that she would have looked so good with her Dayglo orange suit if she had brunette or black hair. The dark and bright contrast would have looked great! Those roads you took are no joke! "To make matters worse, Hannah was pointing out all the places where trucks and cars went over the edge and telling us how many people were killed . . .". She sounds like a woman who would be more comfortable hanging out with the guys than with her girlfriends. Kind of a tomboy, but as you stated, very beautiful. Then the brakes went out. It may have been a small blessing that a stone got lodged in the right front caliper. I wonder if Randy noticed that the Jeep was pulling to the right. That stone provided some built-in stopping ability, even though the brake line had been compromised. And it's good the emergency brake was working because many people don't give that a second's thought -- until it's too late. (Maybe old Henry Ford was right about mechanical brakes: "Safety of steel, from toe to wheel." Mechanical brakes were almost deadly if you didn't keep them adjusted properly. You would basically lock up the wheel that was first acted upon if you were driving on anything but a dry surface.) (More in the next post.)
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(continued) Now that I think about it, you would have had at least two wheels with braking power, unless both brake lines were damaged. Unless your Jeep is REALLY old, it would have a dual chamber brake master cylinder and the loss of fluid in one brake line would still leave brake fluid available for the other side. Of course, having only two wheels with working brakes will almost feel as though you have no brakes and there will be that mushy brake pedal feeling. I look forward to more episodes if available. And if not, well, that was so fun to read about your thonging and other adventures in Canada. People you met and talked to, Chuck and Bridget, Hannah and her brother Carter, the clothing optional place on native land, etc.
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Da6772 -- Thank you for your comments. I will probably post Day 22 in a few days. I worry that people are not reading my posts and maybe I am just wasting my time. I am still having to manually re-format the text for some reason. I guess that is my punishment for using a Linux text editor. It worked fine with the old system, but the new system looses all formatting data and most of the punctuation too. Sometimes I think it would be almost easier to just start over from scratch. I have never thought about Hannah being a Tom Boy, but maybe that is a good description of her. At times she was more like a guy than a girl -- getting into fishing and camping and not being the least bit shy about stripping her shirt (or other cloths ) off, just like a guy would. At these times, she did it with little or no sexual overtones. At other times, she was so much a woman. Beautiful, flirting with all the guys, acting like or maybe really being shy. You could tell which was she was falling by the way she acted. Both Randy and I loved her so much and for such different reasons. Both of us were jealous of her too. I wish I had her abilities and knowledge to torment men by flirting and teasing them. I do a little, but not as good as she does. When she turns it on, every male eye is watching her, and her intended victim can barely keep it together. She can also juggle several guys at the same time. She could make a fortune working at a strip club. Randy wishes he was as much into nature, long hikes, and even things like hunting and fishing. She was an expert with archery and when she went fishing, would look for a good looking fish and be able to cast a lure or fly in the exact spot to get a strike the first time. She also was comfortable with helping with the brake repairs. Randy's brother guides him at home, but in the middle of the forest, she could identify which parts were crapped out, and knew how they went back together. Randy was especially jealous of her swimming abilities. She not only could beat him in every one-on-one race they had, but also had unbelievable endurance and made swimming look so effortless. If this is what a Tom Boy is, I want to be one too! I just wonder if they have a Jane Girl who is like a male version of a Tom Boy. I think Randy could use some cross-gender training. He does have some female like abilities now -- like he can get kids to do anything he asks them to -- but expanding his female side would be a definite advantage. He hangs out with women only as long as they are interested in him as a sex object or something, and if they get bored or are simply not interested, he moved on to other male oriented things. Traci
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I can't speak for others, but I read every word of your posts and look forward to more. :)
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Your adventure has been most entertaining to read.
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PLEASE keep the posts. They are very good reading!
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I've read every one, sometimes twice, and mostly wished I was sharing the adventures with all of you. It could be made into an adventure travel movie, "Thonging Canada". I was really impressed with the accepting attitudes at some of the places you went. They were real thonging paradises.
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Traci, I had planned to send a response last night, but (excuses, excuses) and I took a half day off work to go to the beach today, so this response is a bit delayed. No wonder you both liked Hannah so much! With her swimming ability, fishing ability and car repair ability, I'd say I'm sure she's a tomboy. (I don't know if Randy still works as a lifeguard, but he's got to be in pretty good shape, since he trains other lifeguards. And yet Hannah was able to win every race they had! As you know, men generally have stronger muscles than women, so Hannah's swimming prowess, "effortless" as you put it, is really impressive!) But she can flirt like a pro and, from your description, looks like a million bucks in a swimsuit or short skirt. I was originally thinking she was a tomboy mainly because she seemed to like hanging out with guys or, for example, guided Randy and Chuck along the myriad of roads to the auto parts store. But her other abilities you just mentioned make her a young woman almost any guy would like. I wouldn't worry that you aren't as "accomplished" as a flirt as Hannah. You have Randy and the wee one, so you've got a family and don't really have to worry about flirting except with Randy. Besides, sometimes restraint is more attractive to a guy when it comes to flirting. I don't have any real interest in a woman who flirts too strongly. It may be amusing to see such effort put forth, but I don't need to be hit over the head to notice a woman is flirting. Subtlety has its charms. I noticed that my comment had to be broken up in two parts in order to be posted. Your reports are longer than my comments, but the new board seems to have a mind of its own. Maybe the formatting would work if you told the Linux text program to forget about automatically inserting line ends. Like you can do in Windows' Notepad text-only program in which you can select Format, Word Wrap and uncheck the Word Wrap. Them copy the long lines and see if the board's comment area automatically inserts the line ends. I don't know what text editor you're using (Vim, nano, etc.), so I can't offer any other help for that problem. Pretty cool that you use Linux, by the way. I sent a message to you Aimoo Inbox, so be sure to check that. Take care, and I'll await your next installment of your Canadian adventure.
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Keep posting -- super fascinating to read and fantasize that I was on the trip with you guys!
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I hope things transfer okay today.  My spelling checker does not work now with the new Amino.  If it isn't one thing its another.

DAY 22 – July 18


As mentioned yesterday, we had at least one Grizzly Bear in the campground last night.  It/they knocked over all but one trash can and one of the outhouses.  They chewed a hole in one person’s tire, which probably explains the large “Pop” we heard.  We thought it was either someone shooting at it or maybe someone using fireworks to try to scare the bear away.


Today, Bridget and I would be here alone.  The boys (and Hannah) were driving over the “Top of the World” (the name of a group of mountains and also a Provincial Park) to get parts for my Jeep’s Brakes.  At the last minute, they decided to go to a town called Fernie.  Randy told us that we probably would not be bothered by bears if it was daytime, and we stayed close to the campground.  The campground seemed like the most unsafe place since the bears liked to come here to eat trash and maybe a few people for desert.


Even before being so isolated from civilization, we learned that campers would check around the campground to see if anyone needed anything.  Randy and Chuck had a list of items – everything from a can-opener and food to fishing tackle to a funny looking lantern battery. 


When we woke up, it was a little too cool for me to be running around with no cloths, which would have been my preference.  Randy, on the other hand was quite comfortable in his birthday suit.  He took a swim before breakfast and then came back and checked the oil and other fluids in Chuck’s truck. 


As he stood there, adding oil to Chuck’s minivan in the nude,  A lady about 25 who was at a nearby campsite and who we saw earlier when we first set up camp, came over and chatted with him.  She was not hiding her interest in Randy’s body and seemed especially interested in the areas that normally are covered by clothing, not that Randy minded.  If anything, he .  we had seenI actually needed a sweatshirt and jeans.  Either Randy or Chuck had told a married couple who were into hiking and about us being there alone. 


The couple they talked to were hiking trails in the area and planned to go back down to Lussier Hot Springs in the morning.  They ask if Bridget and I wanted to go along, so our first order of business was going back to the springs.  This couple was working on going camping in all 50 states and every Canadian Province and territory.   They were one of the few tent campers who braved sleeping in a tent the night before when there were Grizzly bears around. 


These were true campers and had been through all types of adventures before, and told us stories we could hardly believe.  We knew they were pulling our legs when they said they were camping once in a place that was so cold that the words froze, and you had to take them to a fire and thaw them out to see what was said.


This time the road down to the springs seemed almost tranquil.  Maybe I was just getting used to the drive.  There were some scenic mountains I never noticed before when you actually looked out the window.  We got there in about 20 minutes. 


While the drive to the springs was tranquil, the springs were not.  It was really hopping with about 30 people.   Most were   laughing and talking loud like some people do when they get drunk.  There was hard liquor,  a lot of beer, and a lot of bottles of wine that were being passed from one person to the other.  The marijuana fumes were so thick you could get high just from the second-hand smoke. 

Sdffgd fdsg sdf df


About half the women, mostly younger, wore cheeky swimwear, but most were not all that extreme.  Two ladies were wearing true thongs.  Only one lady was topfree.  Most of the men were wearing board shorts, but a few wore Speedo type racing suits or their boxer underwear.  One man had on knee-length cutoffs, and another wore something that looked like long basketball shorts. .and one man wore a G-string.   


Three men and one lady were naked.  One of the naked men was about 20 and very muscular.  He had muscles on top of muscles if you know what I mean.  He also was so covered with tattoos and I looked for one that said “advertise here”.  He had a shaved head and had tattoos on it.  He even had a tattooed p@nis.  He did not seem to be into body building or body piercing however – just tattoos.  I have thought about getting a tattoo – something artistic and small enough I can choose to show it off or hide it depending on what cloths I wear.  So I am not anti-tattoo, but this guy did not interest me as a man to enjoy looking at nude.  I like some tattooed men, just not this one.


The other two men were older, about 50 to 60 or maybe even older.  They were together, and their wives or significant others were sitting there with them, trying to talk them into putting their swimsuits on again.  They were not interested.  On the one hand, I thought that they should have the right to go nude if they wanted.  On the other hand, it seemed that they should have worked it out with their wives and if needed, use the facility nude when the ladies were not there.


The single nude lady was attractive enough, but every time a man looked her way, she would literally scream something about not wanting people to stare at her and wanting to be left alone.  She got upset by both men and women who glanced her way.  This seemed really dumb to me.  There is only so much space, and everyone cannot spend their entire time looking at the sky or mountains. 


The lady was obviously looking at the other people since she was seeing them when they looked in her direction.  She also criticized other people quite openly on their general appearance, saying things like “That person must be living in the past to have that hair style.”  She directed these criticisms to nobody in particular.  Maybe she just thought the whole place should be her own.  Maybe she just craved attention and did anything she could to get it. (Being the only nude woman out of probably 15 to 20 is certainly a way to get attention!)


Most of the other people seemed to be reasonably healthy.  They didn’t get out of breath walking up the somewhat steep path to the parking lot.  Fortunately, different people like different water temperatures, so each of the pools had a few people in them.  Younger people tended to be in the cooler pools and the older ones up in the warmest pools.  All age groups were present, but there was only one black there.  There were two families, one with small children that kept wandering off and needing to be corralled, and one with older kids spanning the 10 to 16 year age range. 


The best-looking people was a couple about 30-35 who came right after us.  The first thing they did was take off their cloths, so they could spend the day in the buff.  Within minutes they were sandwiched between two blankets making love next to the concrete block wall above the warmest spring.  The mother of the family with the teen aged kids said the couple were exhibitionists and did this all the time.  If there were not many people there, and the people seemed cool, the couple would engage in making love without the blanket covering their bodies.  I think I would enjoy their “show” regardless of how far the couple went.


I couldn’t believe that this mom’s kids could watch, but their mom didn’t seem to care.  She said the kids have seen it all so many times, that it was not that big of a deal.  She said with the internet and movies, there was little children her age did not know. 


She added that “shows” like the couple were putting on were usually done with a little more care, being a bit more discrete or waiting for only adults to be present.  She had no issues with nudity, and said her oldest would sometimes join the skinny dippers, especially when there were more of them there.


Other people had mixed emotions about them.  While everyone seemed to tolerate what was happening, I think many would have preferred something a bit less graphic.  Some of the others, including some single men thought making love in public was pretty cool.   Tourists seemed okay with nudity, but most thought love making was a little too extreme.


I had already decided to join the naked people even before we got there.  However, I  was flabbergasted when Bridget also took off all her cloths.  We were a good pair.  Bridget could have been my mom, and I think most people thought we were related even though there is no family resemblance.  I think this might be the reason I was not hit on all that much – men didn’t want to do that with a girls mom right there.  If anything Bridget seemed more popular than I was.


This was a pretty wild crowd.  It reminded me of the parties we sometimes see in Ohio.  The mating couple had come from Regina, Saskatchewan.  The two un-tattooed nude men had driven from Billings, Montana, while the last two naked people had driven in from Edmonton, Alberta.  These are all long drives, and someone told us that these people come here specifically to skinny dip in the hot springs. 


Unfortunately, as we had been told, the water temperature in the springs had dropped quite a bit.  It was still pleasant enough, but now only about 90 degrees or so – more like a warm bath temperature instead of the intense hot water we had the day before.  Water temperature was controlled to some extent by moving a few rocks to permit cold water into the hot springs pool.  All the hot springs pools were now using no cold water.


After a couple of hours, we headed back to the campground with our new hiking couple friends.   Again we were treated to stories about tent camping with some probably being honest, and some being exaggerations or even total fabrications.  When we got back to the campground, our section was deserted.   I guess everyone else went fishing or hiking or whatever.   Even the people who took use to the hot springs had disappeared almost immediately to go hiking. 


We decided to check out the “beach” that was not a beach but might be a beach depending on what signs you wanted to read.  There was a small patch of grass that looked like it had been mowed, adjacent to the water.  The water was not as cold as we thought it might be.  Randy later said this was because the lake was not all that deep, and the sun had been heating it up for days.


We were all alone, so we took advantage of the alone time and chose to strip naked again.  This time, we left all our cloths back at the campsite and headed over to the “beach”.  While we took towels, we did not take any type of coverup.  I knew anyone who came by would get an eyeful.  A couple of young male teenagers came along with their fishing gear.  One said “hi” but otherwise they  simply walked by us as they headed to wherever they were going to fish. 


Bridget started to talk about how nice it was to have the whole place to ourselves.   I was still sort of worried about bears or some other animals visiting us on the beach.  It wasn’t long before we got our next beach visitor.  A  park worker driving a pickup truck came along and stopped nearby on one of the campground roads.  He was replacing the trash cans that the bear or bears had destroyed the night before.


The park worker came right onto the “beach” where we were and walked within a few feet of us as Bridget laid naked sunning her backside, and I laid next to her, just as naked, sunning my front.  He just said “hi” when he walked by. 


I sat up and talked to the man for quite a while, probably 15 minutes.  He said nudity was not common at the campground but not unknown.  He said that when the hot springs crowd was at their wildest and decided to camp, anything could happen.  Finally, Bridget sat up too.  She told the man how we had just  spent a couple of hours at the hot springs in the nude and nobody seemed upset.   He warned us that we could be ask to wear swimsuits or even get into more trouble if anybody complained, then added he had never heard of anyone complaining about nudity at the hot springs in the past. 


The park worker said the bear incident was one of the worst they have had all season, judging by the damage done in the campground, but that the bear probably wandered off and would not be a problem again.  If the bear came back, he said that they would bring up some type of a cage with a trap door and try to trap the bear.  He asked if we noticed anything the bear seemed to especially like to eat, and the only thing I could think of was Colonial Sander’s Chicken. 


He further explained that if they caught a trouble making bear and it is trapped, they would release it back in the wilderness, miles from where people might go.  He said they put tags or tattoos on these bears and if they show up at a people place again and keep coming back, they are killed, and the meat given to the First Nations (Native American) people.


After talking a while, the park maintenance guy wandered off, but our serenity was interrupted again. After an hour or so, we started to attract these little flies.  They were half the size of a common house fly and didn’t look all that menacing, but then they started biting.  Their bites were awful, and almost instantly turned into huge welts that lasted a day or more.  If you tried to swat them, they could fly away before you could execute them.  Often you didn’t know they were on you until they bit, and somehow they only choose places you could not see or not reach to bite.  They then would find a new place to bite you and suck your blood again.  


Chuck had an electronic pest killer that looked like a small tennis racket and had some type of high voltage thing in it.  If you pressed the button and swung it so any part of the net hit a bug, it would get zapped with a fizzing noise and a whiff of overcooked bug smell.  This appeared to be a great invention until I accidentally hit the net on Randy’s head while I had the button pushed.  He jumped around and we had to pour water on his head since his hair caught on fire! 


Chuck gave the bug zapper away the next day.


Our experience with bug killing products that either didn’t work or set people’s heads on fire caused us to again try to find something that really would work.  So far, the best things were the good old-fashioned fly swatter and the pest strips you hang from the ceiling.  Neither of these would help much outside.   


The other thing that seemed to work was a very smoky fire.  The rain had soaked much of the wood, but we had some dry wood and charcoal lighter stuff and got a good hot fire going.  Then we added wet wood which would smoke heavily, but smell good.  I wish I had gotten some ribs or whole chickens to cook in the smoke.  It takes hours to cook good smoky meat but is worth the time.


Bridget had a brilliant idea.  Call Chuck on his cell phone (they should be in a cell phone service area) and ask Hannah to get us some type of bug stuff that would work up here. 


After getting the fire going, we had very few bugs in our little shelter area.  We made it inside my trailer without letting too many bugs in.  We then planned on going out only to put more wood on the fire.  We swatted the bugs and flies that got inside, hoping to eliminate as many bugs as possible from the inside of the trailer.   No matter how many you get, there are always a few that hide until after you turn the lights off at bedtime.


We called Chuck, and Hannah suggested something that was carried at the local hunting and fishing supply places and agreed to get us some to try out.  When they got back we tried it.  It was not 100% effective, but did better than anything else we had tried.  It was not the best smelling stuff and had sort of a tar or kerosene odor, but once we put it on, most bugs did not bite.


Now that we were inside, Bridget and I had the whole afternoon to get to know each other better.  She asked me to not tell Chuck about her nudity.  I would never have suspected it, but she said Chuck was very jealous of other men.  He was so jealous that he still could not stand the male friends Bridget talked about who she has not seen since elementary school.  She hoped that with the influence of Randy and me, Chuck would realize how a “normal” couple could exist and not be jealous of each other. 


We took inventory of our utilities and decided that we could fix a big meal.   We a full charge of battery power since the solar cells had recharged them.  Of course I could easily recharged from the Jeep even with the Jeep brakes being messed up.  We had only used a little propane gas which runs the furnace, heats the water, cooks our meals, and runs the refrigerator, and sometimes was used for lighting.  We had hardly used any water and knew that 20 more gallons was on the way from town.  We had excellent internet coverage.  I figured that we could easily go a week without needing to refill anything as long as we kept topping off the water tank.


The only iffy thing was the waste water tanks.  They were only about 10% used, but if we were not careful, we would have to drive the camper some place to dump it.  They had what they call a “dump station” at the park, but it smelled really bad and did not have running water, so you had to use your own water to clean out the hoses and stuff.  Basically, it was a hole in the ground that went down into some underground thing – perhaps a septic system, but more likely just a huge tank where waste water could be stored until a truck pumped the underground tank out.


The first night, we had to teach Hannah about limiting her use of the utilities, especially the water.  After three weeks on the road, Randy and I could take a bath and wash our hair in the camper with less than 5 gallons of water.  To do this, you turn the water on and get wet.  You then wash with no water running.  You then rinse in nice warm water and dry off.


 Randy made a stainless-steel liner for the bath tub that has a screen like surface a few inches above the bottom so you are not standing in the used water.  We use this liner or pan as he called it, when we are without a drain hookup and want to take baths.  Most of the water winds up in the liner and we can then lift it out and through it in the woods.  This is permitted many places and saves the drain tanks for less biodegradable water.  There is also the outside shower that simply runs water onto the ground.  The only issue here is that it is next to the trailer door, so you wind up making mud and tracking it back inside.  Randy says he will get Mark to help him move it to the other side of the trailer when we get back.


If we go swimming in a lake or rapidly flowing river we can use the good old-fashioned Ivory (99.44% pure) bar soap.  Most accounts say it is very biodegradable and a lot more “green” than other soaps or detergents.  It is also cheap and they sell it many places.  Only the original is biodegradable.  It also will float in a lake, so you are not as likely to lose it. 


Ivory soap can also be used to wash cloths including swimwear since it is very mild.  Some people use it for dishes, but it does not work well if there is a lot of grease.  Chuck and Bridget suggest serving bread with meals so the bread can be uses to soak up any meal drippings, but still eaten.  This cleans the dishes good enough that Ivory will finish the job.  Ivory can also be used for light dishwashing like beverage glasses. 


Randy likes the smell of Ivory and uses it on his hair, and it works great.  I need something a little more powerful, so I use the most environmentally friendly shampoo I can find – without spending a fortune.  The shampoo water should go into the “gray” water holding tank.  Our trailer has two waste water holding tanks (usually called just “holding tanks”). 


The gray water is used for washing and should contain only tiny particles of food or human waste products.  The “black” water holding tank is used for the toilet and kitchen sink where there is likely to be a lot of biological matter.  There is an on going debate about what is Black water, Gray water, or unregulated waste water.


When we use the Ivory, we will take a normal size bar and cut a piece barely more than we think we will need if we plan to wash outside.   This way if we lose the soap, it is not as bad as if we lose a big bar.    (To cut a bar of soap, use a piece of string and pull the string through.  This will keep the bar from breaking into little slivers.)  For washing clothes, we use the left-over pieces from our lake baths and if more is needed, a kitchen grater to produce soap flakes that dissolve easily.  


Some people find that Ivory dries the skin, so we also take along something to moisturize with.  Our first choice is Vitamin E oil and glycerin that we mix 50-50 and make at home and put in an old ketchup squeeze bottle.  Just a few drops moisturize but does not seem to attract bugs.  Some people use olive oil, which has been used since the Roman times, but if not washed away daily or even more often on some people, can smell pretty bad.   Our concoction is also good to put on bug bites, scrapes, and other minor injuries since both the glycerin and the Vitamin E promotes healing and reduces scaring.


We had a 2-1/2 pound roast in the freezer and decided to make this for dinner.  We went on several internet recipe sites and found a good-looking way to cook it, mostly using spices we had on hand.  Not wanting to haul every spice in the world, we had limited our selection to about 10.  We put them in Ziploc bags that kept them fresh and we can jam the bags in any tiny space available  We also could bring more of the spices we like. 


Ziploc bags are another camping necessity that nobody ever mentions.  They can be use used for all types of things and for keeping common things together.  We do not assume that they are 100% water tight, but they will resist being splashed with water.  We have a bunch of cables and chargers and earphone stuff for our electronics, and we put them all into a Ziploc bag, and can always find them when we need them.  We also put our batteries in a bag so the don’t get lost.


We had to turn the inverter on to run the microwave to defrost the roast, but once that was done, we turned the inverter off.  This was the first time we used the inverter on the trip except to run the coffee maker each morning.


We had all the other fixings with the roast including fresh potatoes and other vegetables from Canadian farms in the Frasier River valley. 


Bridget and I were getting along great.  We were cooking (we even made bread and cookies), watched a chic flic on TV, and just having a ball.  The time flew by, and before we knew it, the roast was done, the roast vegetables were done, and we even had rolls and cookies for desert.  It was getting late when the boys (and Hannah) got back. 


Bridget made up some gravy, I brought our pitcher of tea inside, and we had one of the best dinners we had ever eaten.  We finished off our meal with a bottle of wine we put in the lake to cool off.  It was sort of fun to have a day with just Bridget and be able to unwind and do some different stuff.


Randy and Chuck had fun too.  I have not heard too much about what happened but do know that Hannah flirted with Randy almost the whole trip and he even got a BJ at one point.  Chuck was quite impressed by what Hannah did, but at first suggested that I would get mad about the BJ, but Randy assured him I would not, and he was even more surprised when Randy announced at dinner what a good job she had done.  Maybe with the realization that couples can live together without getting jealous, Chuck will get over his sometime ridiculous jealousies and let Bridget get away with more nudity and near nudity.





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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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Thanks Traci - enjoying reading the posts. I recognise some of the places you have been and it makes me want to make a return visit.
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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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Traci, That sounds like a good day for you and Bridget at the hot springs. How cool that Bridget got nude at the hot springs! Good for her. That's funny that people thought that you could be mom and daughter, even without a family resemblance. The nude lady who was yelling at anyone who looked her way reminds me of the cat lady on The Simpsons. She sounds like a kook. Then at the campground, Bridget was comfortable enough to walk down to the "beach" without anything on. Then she sat up to talk to the park worker. I think she secretly has wanted to sunbathe nude, in the right setting, but Chuck would "have a cow", even if they were in a secluded spot, completely by themselves. His jealousy of her friends from elementary school days seems pretty odd. I don't know the whole story and it's none of my business, but I wouldn't like someone treating me like that. Otherwise, Chuck seems like a good guy. Those darn flies are really nasty. There's nothing that works 100% effectively against them and even a few bites will make me move elsewhere. Usually a steady wind helps to keep them away, but a few of them are persistent. That species can die off and no one would miss it! At least the smoky fire helped out. Good thinking. Man, that dinner you and Bridget made sounds so tasty. I'll bet Randy, Chuck and Hannah were especially happy to have such good fare at the end of a long day! You ladies rock! (Good to have a microwave to defrost it; that's certainly true.) I can picture Chuck almost spitting out the good food you made when Randy made his comment. ("How was your day, Randy?" "Pretty good. Hannah gave me a nice blow job and we got the all of the brake parts we needed. Plus, the brake fluid was on sale!") I hope the parts of their day that you didn't hear about are safe enough to post to this board. (If not, please send me an e-mail! ;) ) I can only imagine Hannah taking them to some out-of-the-way place and doing something wild. Thanks again for that nice, long report. Enjoyable reading as usual!
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Traci - Reading about your experience at the hot spring brought back memories of a road trip a buddy and I made (geez, forty years ago now. Where does the time go?). We stayed a while at Big Bend National Park, along the Rio Grande in Texas. There is a hot spring right on the banks of the river. Years ago, it was a health resort, with a two-story bath house. Most of the structure is gone, but the foundation with a pool remains. In the day time, it's just swim suits and cut-off jeans. The campground we were at was full of lots of friendly people, and one night we all decided to head to the spring. Everyone stripped down, and enjoyed a nude soak. No alcohol, but you had to keep one hand out of the water to keep it dry, so you could pass the joints that were going around. The night was warm and clear, with stars everywhere, and that night was the Lyrid meteor shower, which none of us had known about. A very serene experience.
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Randy will be away volunteering with hurricane relief (he has s CDL and drives trucks), He probably won't be back for a couple of weeks, and I will have more time available, so I hope to get back to reporting about our trip. The next day, July 19th was probably the best day of our entire trip, or at least one of the top three. I have started editing my notes and can't remember a more enjoyable or fun day than this one. I plan to start posting again in the next few days. Traci
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Traci, If Randy gets a break, an hour or so South of Wilmington is Sunset Beach and the Bird Island coastal reserve. While thongs are illegal in Sunset Beach ( though the beach patrol seemed to ignore women wearing them this summer ) they are legal on the reserve. The reserve starts @ 1/2 mile past the 40th Street cross over and extends to the state line on the shores of the Little River Inlet. (The rock Jetty is in SC). If you or he have questions, pm me
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Traci, Thanks for the great trip reports.  I'd love to do something like that, however my mode of transportation would be more like my sailboat!  I sail alone most of the time and when the weather is agreeable wear as little as possible or am nude.  It depends on where I am and how many other boats are around. You mentioned Randy's cocksack a few times and its design.  Do you know the name of the store or site where he bought it?

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BTW, the last post was mine, just forgot to log on.
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Felsen, You scared me to death. Seeing AimooTeam posting on a topic I had recently commented on gave me the feeling you get when you are doing 59 in a 55 zone and the blue lights flash on behind you. 😊
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Re:ITHONGIT -- Trip to Canadian Rockies

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Marty, I was taken aback also, took me a moment to realize that I hadn't signed in.
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Any chance, Traci, that you'll be able to finish relating your adventures from last summer? It was always wonderful reading them!
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