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Date Posted:06/25/2017 01:51:42Copy HTML

Forgive me, but I am getting addicted to cheeky swimsuits.  I have worn thongs and G-strings almost exclusively for 10 years now, but since I bought a few cheeky swimsuits, I now consider them to be equal (most of the time) and more than equal (some of the time).  There still is a place in my swimwear wearing for my thongs and G's, but I am moving quickly towards cheeky suits about a quarter of the time.  The reasons I like cheeky swimsuits are:

1.  The guys simply love them.  I have not gone out in a cheeky suit yet, and not been ogled and checked out well by the guys form a little older than me to much younger.  The older men seem to favor my thongs, but the younger "kids" seem to like the cheeky look.  I am married, but admit that a big part of going to the beach is to be seen -- before now in as little as legally possible.  But the guys that interest me seem to like cheeky suits better than my thongs and G's.  I have stripped down to a cheeky suit and the guys can't stop looking and giving me compliments.  Many now crowd around me to be closer so they can talk and stare.  Even when I slip off my top, the center of attention is my swimsuit bottom.  Before, my bare tits were what the guys liked the most, but when I am in a cheeky suit, they love to stare at my slightly covered buns.  I have been on the beach, gathered a crowd of admirers, and changed into one of my thongs or G's, and the guys loose interest.  They watch the boats or play Frisbee or throw a football and compliments almost stop.  Sometimes they even ask "Can you wear your other bottom again?"  They call my thongs and G's "old fashioned".  Even my husband and other male friends seem to like the cheeky look better -- especially when paired with a thin T-shirt that has been cut out and modified to show my breasts from different angles or when the wind blows it open.  So reason ONE is guys I want to know prefer cheeky.

2.  Cheeky swimsuit bottoms seem to be acceptable everywhere.  I have worn mine at motel pools, community water parks that have strict "no thong" rules, and even to the King's Island water park.  Nobody seems to care that the cheeky suit is showing 95% of what a conservative thong would be showing.  As long as there is a quarter inch or more of material covering about half the length of the butt crack, or maybe a little more covering a little less, I am perfectly okay.  So reason TWO that I like cheekys is that they are accepted everywhere I have worn them.

3.  Cheekys seem to stay in place better than regular non-thong bikini bottoms.  Regular bikini's almost always require the "yank on your tush" maneuver to keep them in place.  The cheekys I have bought and love the looks of have what they call a "scrunched" up back.  This is a seam up the butt crack that gives the suit more of a three-dimensional look in the rear.  Flat backs, even when minimal in a Rio or cheeky suit do not appeal to me since they slip around and do not stand up to much physical activities.  Cheeky swimwear seems to almost "like" staying in place.  I never have to check my bottom to make sure it is not in the wrong place since it stays where it was made to stay.  So staying in place is reason THREE that I like cheekys.

4.  Women at the beach seem to be more accepting of cheeky swimwear than thongs or G-strings.  I don't really understand this, other than they see women in their People magazines and on the covers of other magazines and think this the currently accepted fashion trend.  So even though I do not go out of my way to please women, if something I wear has all these other advantages, and makes women more at ease with my preference for minimal swimwear, then I will count pleasing women as an additional advantage.  This is number FOUR.

5.  Cheeky swimwear seems to be a great transition to swimwear with even less coverage.  I have worn my cheeky swimwear at a motel where they had a "no thong" policy.  I did this for a few days.  Then I wore an even skimpier cheeky swimsuit for a couple more days, then progressed to a moderate thong.  I didn't have time to wear less than this, but management, who was past the pool every half hour or so, didn't seem to even notice the transition.  I have also talked to women on the beach who were wearing thongs, and all the young ones admitted that they started with cheeky swimsuits and graduated to smaller and smaller swimwear.  So I consider the transition to smaller swimwear as advantage FIVE.

There are times and places where I prefer my traditional thongs.  One is when I want to work on my tan, and want to get maximum sun.  Cheeky swimwear covers more and some styles will result in pretty odd tan lines.  For this reason, if I am staying a while, I will even change into or wear a thong or G from the start of a visit to the beach.  My skimpier thongs and G-strings can also be fun to wear when I want to show "a little too much" in an adult environment.  An example of this would be a minimal Wicked Weasel G-string.  As mentioned before, topfreedom does not seem to be important one way or the other when I have on a cheeky, so I have gone topfree at places where I would not have before wearing just my thong.  An example would be the pool in the #5 reason. I stopped wearing a top out the pool after the second day, and the management didn't seem to care.  Last year, I tried this with the same people and was stopped within an hour of starting.

I think maybe if this message board could be re-named "Thong and Cheeky Swimsuit Wearers Message Board", that we would get a lot more women involved in the discussions.  These women would read about the concerns and apprehensions some male members have had when they started wearing thongs, and issues with ongoing criticism.  This would let the women know that the men they see in thongs are brave and super confident in their bodies, but otherwise have similar experiences and issues that women sometimes face.  The post about where to wear thongs would encourage these women to check out some of the beaches and other places, perhaps bringing them on a regular basis and perhaps eventually "graduating" them to wearing even skimpier swimwear.


Mineralguy #1

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:06/25/2017 03:32:18Copy HTML

 They do have a very nice athletic cut to them as well, so I would imagine they would work really well for swimming laps. They do look sharp..  Besides you do need to vary things from time to time.  I think I have close to 50 speedo, Sporti, Arena, turbo, Tyr and Dolfin brief suits for swimming. I like the colors and style  in addition to be very functional suits All of the side length on these suits is no more than2.75 inches.
packiest #2

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:06/25/2017 07:58:11Copy HTML

 The cheeky suits seem to really accentuate those with the juicier perky booties in a way that a gstring cant quite match.
John Howard #3

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:06/26/2017 03:01:14Copy HTML

  Interesting points noted by Mary, cheeky bikinis can be a smart choice for women who are transitioning from normal  bikinis to thongs.I also agree with packiest, some ladies could look even hotter with a cheeky than with a 'g'....Personally I might be going through the same process as Mary, I have lately found a taste for male brazilian back bikinis that ride up as a semi thong.I've bought through Mensuas brazilian bikinis (Cover Male and Daniel Alexander) for underwear;   all of them ride up and become a semi thong, and I really like the looks and don't feel any less comfortable than a thong.The quality of these two brands is quite good, I believe I could easily wear them as swimwear at the beach or the pool.  I might give them a try next summer.But yeah, coming back  to the ladies,  cheekies look sooooo hot!!
ohiothonger #4

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:06/26/2017 08:55:45Copy HTML

 Don't worry about it, Mary.  If one day you want to look hot, wear your cheeky suits.  If another day you want to get a good tan, wear a thong or G-string.  If you want to be able to walk through a resort town that is conservative, maybe a woman's board shorts are the suit for the day.  The minute that someone thinks that you must wear a thong all the time, (or some other specific type swimwear), they are taking away our right to choose the swimwear you prefer to wear in a specific situation.  When a place says "no thongs" they are doing the same to you.  If you are lucky enough to have a place where you can bare your buns, then do it if you want, and stop worrying.  Having met you a few times over the years, I must say that you would look good in anything you choose to wear.
Da6772 #5

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:06/27/2017 02:11:33Copy HTML

I do like the cheeky suits because they're so darn cute.  At first, I welcomed something skimpier than the blah suits that followed the demise of the thong's popularity at the Ohio beaches I go to.  But I discovered that most any style of the cheeky suits looked good.  In the heyday of the thong, I didn't like the thongs that had too gradual a curve from horizontal to vertical.  I liked the narrow (3/8" or less) waistband and back strap with a sharp "T" shape to the back.
I also like that fact that I find the cheeky suits cute because I'm not in my early 30s anymore and I'd rather think of the twenty- and thirty-something women as cute instead of sexy.  The thongs were definitely sexy, especially since about 85% of the women wearing them had flawless legs.  I was spoiled!
I feel less awkward telling even an 18-year-old girl that her cheeky suit looks great than I did when I saw a teenager wearing a thong back in the day.
There is something about even the cheekiest bottoms that somehow make them less objectionable than a thong to certain people.  I'm not surprised Mary noticed the greater acceptance of the cheeky bottoms.
Funny how the guys think the thong or g-string is "old fashioned", yet some cheeky suits look just like the "old" thongs.
P.S.  OT:  You won't believe the Indians comeback against the Rangers tonight.
stringueur #6

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/01/2017 12:45:58Copy HTML

Like Mary, i like cheeky swimsuits.

Unfortunelaty, if it is very easy to buy a cheeky bikini for women, there are very few cheeky brief swimsuits for men.

I'm addicted to cheeky brief sximsuits because :

1 : cheeky brief swimsuit are  as sexy than a thong. I consider cheeky breif swimsuit to be equal to a thong.

2 : like Mary, i notice that cheeky swimsuit bottoms are acceptable everywhere, even where there are "no thong" rules.
So, in the winter, there are ideal for my swim trainig in an indoor swimming pool.

3 : with a cheeky swimsuit brief, I can do what I want (walk on the sand, to stay with my children). You didn't nedd a coverup. With a thong, it is sometimes more difficult and you have tu put a cover up if you want to move.

4 : like Mary, I think that cheeky swimwear seems to be a great transition to swimwear with even less coverage. And the transition is both for the "cheeky wearer" than for the public. I swim 3 times a week and now, the lifeguards an yhe others swimmers are used to my cheeky briefs so they are used to less coverage.

Unfortunelaty, there is very few cheky brief swimsuit for men, and when i buy one, it is not chlorine resistant and for real swimming.
briankay #7

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/03/2017 11:48:26Copy HTML

Many of the cheeky suits I see expose as much butt as a thong but have additional material above where top of the back strap of a thong would be. So I don't know... maybe extra cloth, even if its covering the lower back, makes people more comfortable. I've even seen two women wearing one pieces this year that had a lot of material but were full butt exposure.

roninho #8

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/05/2017 03:26:42Copy HTML

Sorry- what's a cheeky bikini?
packiest #9

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/05/2017 03:38:10Copy HTML

Cheeky bikinis are the ideal between thing and bikini bottoms that sorta squeeze the cheeks a bit. They pretty much show as much cheek as a thong but cover more at the top of the butt/lower back. But the bottom of the cheek is fully exposed.
DaftPunkThonger #10

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/05/2017 10:28:54Copy HTML

I definitely enjoy cheeky swimsuits as well.  I’m more willing to wear them in certain locations than thongs and they are a good compromise in that regard.

Stringueur is right about there being very few out there.  I’ve searched a lot without much luck besides custom made suits.

My favorite so far is the Cover Male CM146 since it has a really nice cut to it.  Unfortunately it is 85% Polyamide 15% Spandex and I doubt it would last very long.  Also it is unlined, which is a bit of a negative for me.
tnline #11

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/06/2017 12:32:53Copy HTML

 Skinzwear now has a cheeky /cheekini style for men the M84U,  I recently purchased one and like the fit.
Da6772 #12

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/07/2017 05:49:51Copy HTML

Does the M84U fit at least fairly closely to how it looks on the model?  I'm thinking of an M66U style for a cheeky suit.  Not sure if I'll look as good as the model, but we'll see.  I thought of waiting until next winter for a sale, but then why wait (especially for us older guys)?
I'm definitely going to get the Bamboo print.  The back of the suit really looks great to me.
tnline #13

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/07/2017 10:48:11Copy HTML

 Da6772 - The M84U is definitely more cheeky than the M66U.  I have a M57U that is a "half back" bikini and the M84U is is more of a  "V" back cut showing more cheek.  The M84U also has a more for fitting pouch.
CKWonderer #14

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/07/2017 11:25:20Copy HTML

Try looking at JovanaDesign. They have a section called "Gathered " that might be of interest. There are six different styles offering various levels of coverage. I don't have any but the other suits that I have from them are top notch and you can select from hundreds of material designs.
njbob1949 #15

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/07/2017 12:35:07Copy HTML

 I have been a thong guy for over twenty years, but I also wear speedo type suits at times. This discussion on "cheeky" bikinis is interesting. I plan to invest in a few cheeky bikinis, and wear them on beaches where I currently wear a speedo type suit. I prefer going to nude beaches, such as Gunnison in NJ, but all of them are a bit of a distance away. Gunnison is about an hour and a half drive from where I live, and I get there only once or twice a summer.
Da6772 #16

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/08/2017 03:54:00Copy HTML

 Thanks for the tips, tnline and CKWonderer.  I think I like the back of the M57U, but the front of the M66U, however I could certainly live with the front of the M57U.  Whatever suit I get, it's always difficult waiting for it/them to arrive!
tnline #17

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/08/2017 01:01:37Copy HTML

 The M57U and M66U have the same back.  The M66U is just a larger volume pouch.
Da6772 #18

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/09/2017 03:10:57Copy HTML

Thanks for the info about the backs of the M57U and M66U.  They looked different to me, so I'm glad you set me straight about the backs before I spent the money!  I could always scooch the back a little narrower if desired.
Thanks so much for all of the tips about the various "models" of suits.
Thanks for the heads up about JovanaDesign.  I think those suits are just a bit extreme for me and the beaches I go to.  (Thongs and g-strings are OK at the beaches, but I've never seen anyone wearing anything like those suits.  They are wild, I'll sure agree about that!)
Da6772 #19

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/09/2017 04:06:11Copy HTML

 Got a M66U-6515, Sunseeker2 Tanning Swimsuit in Super ThinSKINZ Bamboo and a M66U-4511,Sunseeker2 Tanning Swimsuit in Semi Sheer ThinSKINZ Sapphire on order.
a_lex #20

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/10/2017 07:43:44Copy HTML

 The "cheeky" trend is an interesting one. I'd say that here in Italy cheekies are maybe THE most widespread style on most women and young women. I know several female friends of mine who, in their words "would never wear a thong at the beach" but wear cheeky styles who are more or less the equivalent. Cheeky bikinis, or as we call them, "brazilian styles", are a great bridge to wearing skimpier swimwear for both those women who think they don't have the body to wear a thong and those who don't seem to like thongs, too. And it is true that cheeky styles look flattering on mostly any woman. Only time will tell if this fashion will clear the path for the resurgence of thong swimwear; in the meantime, this is a pleasant step forward compared to the diaper style bikinis we saw some years ago.
Sadly, there's no equivalent trend for men's swimwear... "our" cheeky suits are only to be found online.

ithongit #21

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:07/31/2017 05:44:54Copy HTML

 I really love thongs, the skimpier the better.  I wear them when I can't skinny dip (which is most places in public).  I have worn them lots of places where they do not have anti-thong rules, and even a few places that do have anti-thong rules but do not do much enforcement.

Cheeky swimwear filled a gap in my swimwear.  From my tiniest thongs and G-strings, I could go to thongs with more coverage.  But from there, I used to go to Rio style swimwear.  The Cheeky Swimwear gives me a step between the too.  I still get to show off a good part of my buns, but most places acceptance is not an issue.  If anything, cheeky suits are better accepted than my Rios used to be.  I now wear cheeky suits whenever and wherever I don't think a thong would be appropriate.

ohiothonger #22

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:03/01/2018 05:36:24Copy HTML

 Young women in general seem to be adopting the cheeky swimsuits more and more.  The few swimsuits I have seen women wearing in public this year have almost all been cheeky.  So is it just that women are getting tired of their normal bikinis and associated material coverage, are they getting bolder and wanting to show more skin, is it the peer pressure of having so many others wearing cheeky swimwear, of is it some combination of these factors or perhaps some reason I have not thought of.  Regardless of the reason, I have also seen more true thongs than before, so at least with the women, this may be the second period of acceptance of skimpy swimwear and even real thongs.  Women -- we love the look!  Don't let others push you away from in in the future.
crew_chief #23

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:03/02/2018 01:56:04Copy HTML

 Just my thought. I think after spending most of my life admiring all that choose small swimsuit’s , those of us with small backsides get a better balance with the cheeky style. I have loved thongs for quite a wile but I seem to get more compliments in rio/Brazilian cut suit than in a thong. I think unless people wear both or have a fashion sense most just say that any thing less than a full back is just a thong to them anyway . I am still over coming the standard board short generation even here in the Cocoa Beach area. All I can say is I will keep with being the the different one, that is fine with me, and maybe we can all be treated the same.
NCThonger #24

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:03/02/2018 02:08:49Copy HTML

 I agree crew_chief, as much as I love thongs and g-strings, there is something equally sexy and seductive wearing cheeky rio/Brazilian cut bikinis as well.
pkthong #25

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:03/02/2018 03:52:39Copy HTML

 These are my default style of swimsuit. I found that sunup/sundown or nuparr no tie nada styles were the perfect balance of minimal yet stylish and not causing too much controversy. Unfortunately both companies are defunct and I haven’t quite found a good replacement that has that good fit.
stringueur #26

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:01/16/2019 04:34:33Copy HTML

Like Mary, i like cheeky swimsuits. Unfortunelaty, if it is very easy to buy a cheeky bikini for women, there are very few cheeky brief swimsuits for men. Since 2 years, i'm more and more addicted to cheeky brief swimwear. Whereas a thong is not allowed or is not "acceptable", i have no problems to wear a cheeky swimsuit. For me, a "cheeky" swimsuit is a swimsuit between a classical brief and a full thong. And it has to show the cheeks of your buns (as the name). Sometimes, on some boddies, cheeky swimsuits are better than a full thong. The more i wear them, the more self confidence i have. In my public swimming pool, nobody cares. My wife tell me it is a thong, and i have to correct by saying no, it is a cheeky. I insist on the correct word. Cheeky is interesting because, as it is between brief and thong, some are closer to the brief, and others closer to the thong. So you can adapt according to the situation, and your self-confidence My dream is to find a real swimming company who will sell cheeky swimwear for men (chlorine resistant, good elastic, drawstring...) as it exist for women.
JM_Runs #27

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:01/16/2019 06:37:57Copy HTML

Expanding the places where you can wear a thong, or cheeky bikini with confidence is excellent. Too many people restrict their thong wearing to only "thong safe places", and then wear shorts elsewhere. A cheeky swimsuit allows you to wear less in more places.
tbck1000 #28

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:01/16/2019 08:25:44Copy HTML

 I totally agree with this. I recently added a few tenga style bikinis to my collection and I really enjoy wearing them.  There are a few places I travel where zero rear coverage is technically illegal. Cheeky or Tenga style bikinis comply but are still Very close to thongs. It is a nice change from the half back or Rito style bikinis when thongs are not an option.

ithongit #29

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:01/17/2019 05:38:56Copy HTML

Last summer, I did not get out as much in public as I would have liked to. Between work, taking care of the baby, catching up on my education, and the weather, I sometimes went weeks without getting to a beach or public pool. In the past, I had always pushed the limits of swimwear whenever I could, and sometimes did it to sort of challenge the athorities who said thongs or other minimal swimwear is not acceptable. Now, with a kid while I still wear thongs places where they are legal, I have covered up a bit with cheeky bikinis when the wearing of thongs and G-strings might not be well recieved. Like other posters, I have not had anyone say anything negative, or ask me to cover more in a cheeky bottom. As JM stated, I have a wide range of coverage options with cheekies, and this lets me taylor my coverage for the situation. One thing I have not seen listed as a reason for wearing cheeky swimwear is that people, both men and women, assume a thirty something woman looks younger than she really is. I have been carded (ID checked before buying booze) at beach and pool side bars and stores where I never got carded for many years. Most woman like the younger appearance and strive to get others to mistake them as being 5 to 10 years younger. Ceekies seem to help women lop at least a few years off their age. Companies could make a fortune by targetting these "older" women and pointing out that this swimwear style might make them look years younger. A whole cheeky swimwear collection will cost a lot less than cosmetic treatments would.
RapidBlue #30

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:01/18/2019 06:26:26Copy HTML

I’m starting to think that all my non-throng swimwear is considered cheeky these days. I have plenty of small backed suits that show lots of cheek. In the past they were called Rio, brazilian, half back and micro back. Where ever I can not wear a thong I wear something as close as possible that shows lots of cheek. For years I have pulled the side into a virtual thing when ever I could. Now I see more and more women doing the same with their suit bottoms and calling it cheeky. The difficult part for me is while it is perfectly acceptable for women to do this where I live, us men face problems with authorities from time to time. I am hoping that as it become more the norm for women on the beaches in my area that us men will be less hassled.
LanaLanaUK #31

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:01/30/2019 07:41:35Copy HTML

I'm loving cheeky bikinis lately also, have recently bought a few of them although haven't worn them out yet. Hoping to this summer! I was in Australia over christmas and new year and it seems as though the majority of women at the beach are now wearing at least cheeky bikinis. Thongs are seeming more common now also which is great :) Hopefully that trend carries into the UK for summer this year, at least I'm going to be helping it :D xx Lana
matt476 #32

Re:I am getting addicted to cheeky bikinis.

Date Posted:02/01/2019 01:25:50Copy HTML

I totally agree. 30 years ago, it was all about the boobs as far as Aussie girls showed. Topless with a full bikini pant - or my personal favourite the roll-down malliot - was all the go. I still recall the time I saw two absolutely gorgeous girls just casually strutting along Bondi beach, as I was comfortably stretched out tummy down in my g-string - in nothing more than sensible 'surf' thongs, just dabbling their feet in the white wash rushing up the beach as blase as anything, lovely boobies swaying in the sunshine. These days the tops are mostly on - although the strappage has gone to more of the single back strap tennis player look - but these days its all about the bunda. The standard for girls' cossies seems to be cheeky these days, and I totally support that. Lets face it, bums are rather nice to look at, and most designs of swimming costumes support that fact. Just google what some of the female water polo players are wearing as a uniform and you will be hooked.
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