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Date Posted:09/12/2017 04:01:53Copy HTML

Many of the country's most thong friendly places have been affected recently by this season of terrible hurricanes.  Many of these resort destinations have been practically wiped off the map.  Places in the Caribbean,  Cuba, both coasts of Florida, Texas, and other places I have not mentioned have had their beaches, resort buildings, boating, and infrastructure diminished or even destroyed.

First, I believe we need to do what we can for these people.  Pray for them if you are religious.  Give aid through an appropriate charity if you make these kinds of donations and can afford it.  Supply material goods when and if the call comes for them, and if you can spare them or get the items.  Or do something else that is appropriate, such as inviting friends and relatives who live in one of the affected areas to stay with you for a while.  Randy, my husband has a CDL license and has made two trips from Ohio to Texas with items sent by charities, churches, food banks and other organizations.  (These he does for a $1 per day rate -- which lets the sponsors call him an employee and permits them to provide insurance and other employee benefits while he does this basically volunteer work.)  He will be home for two days, and them back on the road to Florida, and who knows how many more trips will be needed, or where the destinations will be.  Think of how you would feel if you were living in one of the affected communities and what you would want others to do to help -- and then try to do these things.  Shortly after the Katrina storm, we got a dog what was a refugee himself and that needed a good home (he was a wonderful pet).

Unfortunately, many of these places where aid is now needed are also some of the most thong-friendly places in North America -- especially nice for winter travel by those of us who live "up North" and get at best six months at most of day-to-day thonging weather.  But the status of when or if tourists will be able to return, or if beaches and other vacation facilities will be available are not normally reported in anything but the region's local media.

It is too early for us to know much, but I am sure local communities, resorts, etc. are evaluating conditions and trying to send out messages to the their tourist base when and if they will be able to resume business again.  I think if we post summaries of reports along these lines, it might help us to plan winter vacations this year or even spring or summer vacations next year.  There are literally hundreds if not thousands of communities, resorts, hotels, etc. that will be reporting this type information, but without a common listing -- a listing specific to the thonging lifestyle, it would take hours, if not days, to try to gather this information independently.  Also reports of places that have not been affected, but are possible options should be mentioned so alternative vacation plans may be made.

As and example, we go to Florida every few years, but to the Outer Banks about every other year.  As far as I know, it will be "business as usual" on the Outer Banks this year -- except they are already raising their rates in anticipation of more tourists due to the hurricanes wiping out many popular places.  The house we normally rent in Buxton (Outer Banks) this week raised the rate of a one-week rental by $100.00.  The rental agency said it was in response to a sudden increase in requests for rental properties in the last few weeks.  Fortunately, we planned this trip before the storms and our rates and dates are locked in a year ago, but there might be an influx of tourists this summer in the area -- a good thing for local businesses, but a bad thing if you are looking for last-minute accommodations.  I also worry that more tourists will like the Outer Banks and this may lead to more people, year in and year out.  Not all of them will be thong friendly, and some of the activities like nudity on the beach or even thonging at the motel pools might be stopped if the demographics of the tourists change.

TennStud #1

Re:If and when will hurricane damaged places be opened again?

Date Posted:09/13/2017 12:13:47Copy HTML

 ithongit;  OR... as they rebuild from "scratch", it would be a good time to support their comeback and in return for our support they make it extremely thong friendly rather than is only small, obscure places. A big chance to change the thong attitude as it is rebuilt
Martylouie #2

Re:If and when will hurricane damaged places be opened again?

Date Posted:09/13/2017 01:13:06Copy HTML

 An alternative to the Outer Banks is Sunset Beach/Bird Island.  Yesterday at high tide there was no beach in front of the dunes, but it was otherwise quite nice in the traditional nude area between the mailbox and the state line.  While Sunset Beach has ordinances against thongs and top freedom, a short 1/2 mile jaunt west from the 40th street cross over puts you on Bird Island.   You can't go shopping or lounge around the pool, but Bird Island is quite nice, and doesn't involve a ferry ride like Ocracoke. 
pikeman #3

Re:If and when will hurricane damaged places be opened again?

Date Posted:10/16/2017 12:39:48Copy HTML

 We have reservations for ten days in Culebra and Vieques with a layover in San Juan in the first week in December. We've confirmed that the BNB places we reserved survived and are viable, by the _end of November_. That's cutting it pretty thin! The issue both places cited was power, but both had generators already. They said that although the islands are a mess, the sea environment is good and beaches pretty. The layover hotel in San Juan, a corporate suites-type place is still down and not returning calls or email.Air service is running.Don't know about rental vehicles yet on the islands - hell, we'll walk!Details are trickling in.
The big message they asked us to pass on is "COME BACK!" They need business to hasten recovery. 
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