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Date Posted:10/05/2004 12:01:28Copy HTML

Due to the hurricanes it has been over a month since I have been able to go to the beach.Monday was a beautiful day so I put on my thong and headed to the beach. I arrived about 10:30 and was pleased to see that there were very few people there. I set up my chair and watched the birds and the sea.

A while later a young woman arrived. When she took off here shorts she had a thong suit on! Soon another woman arrived and she too had on a thong. A little while later a guy showed up and he too was wearing a thong! I thought this was really great to have company!About 1:00 a guy and a girl arrived together. She was wearing her thong suit with no cover up at all. Of course the guy was wearing his dork shorts.

At this point I must have dozed off for a while. When I awoke most of the people had left but the guy and gal were still there about 25 feet from me. I was very hot a decided to go for a swim. While in for my swim I noticed that the girl was looking at me and talking to her boyfriend. I think she liked the suit I had on and was teasing her boyfriend about his dork shorts. From her body language and my limited lip reading it appeared that she wanted him to wear something other than his dork shorts. I discretely modeled the suit for her when I got out of the water and she seemed to enjoy it but he was red as a beet.

The beach was nearly empty by 3:00 so I took a walk down the beach about 200 yards. I had seen some people down there earlier so I went to see what they were up to. As I neared I saw that there were 2 girls sunbathing topless. That is really a rare sight at IRB. They may have been Euro cause they made no effort to cover as I walked by nor did they make any rude comments or laugh at my appearance.

When I returned to my spot on the beach there was an older couple with a young boy setting up near me. They too must have been Euro because they removed their street clothes and put on swim suits right on the beach. I think this is a common practice at the beaches in parts of Europe.It was really a great day and I hope the weather stays good for a while.
gulfscuba #1

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:10/05/2004 11:20:34Copy HTML

It is Indian Rocks Beach, FL. I try to use whatever access I can find parking. I also try to use the ones that have a store near them. I never really paid attention to the street numbers but I think they are 20 something.

Avoid the accesses just to the north and south of the county park. I went there one time and Mr. Ranger Sir gave me grief about the thong. Avoid walking thru that area wearing your thong. 

gulfscuba #2

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:10/18/2004 09:15:42Copy HTML

I went to IRB again today but there was not much going on. It was a very nice day but for some reason there were not many people there. About noon a large group of people arrived and I am sure they were Euro's. The whole family disrobed and changed into swim suits on the beach.
gulfscuba #3

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/17/2005 12:39:50Copy HTML

I headed down to IRB Monday for a little R & R after an all day fishing trip on Sunday. I was the only thonger there tho the beach was crowded. A little later in the day 3 girls showed up and 2 of them flirted with taking their tops off. After a while they took them off for about 20 minutes. I was going to go over and give them some encouragment but the paranoia of being labled some kind of perv by another members post got the better of me.
gulfscuba #4

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/04/2007 10:49:47Copy HTML

Saturday I went to my favorite thonging location on Indian Rocks Beach. I have been going to this location for nearly 30 years and I have worn thongs for most of that time. The thong I had on was a Skinz thong that I have worn there at least 25 or 30 times.  I got the the beach and removed my shirt and shorts and set up my umbrella and chair.

I went down to the water for a short swim and when I came out of the water one of Pinellas Counties finest pulled up in his jeep. He got out and came over to me and told me I had to put on a "normal" suit, to cover up or leave. I told him I had worn this suit here many times and that thongs were legal on this beach. His reply was that technically there were but several people had stopped him and complained about my attire.

I was not in the mood to push the issue or go to jail so I left the beach. I found it kind of strange that several people could have complained because it was really early in the morning, 9:30 am and I had picked a spot that was not crowded at all. I don't know if the deputy was in a bad mood or just had a thing against thongers.

In past years there have been quite a few thongers on this beach, both men and women. This year I have not seen any. Even down at the Fort there doesn't seem to be the number of thongers there were in the past.

Several weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Virgina Beach for a week. I had no idea if thongs are legal there so I did not take any. I opted for a minimal Skinz bikini with a Rio back. I only saw one female wearing a thong. I felt that my Rio suit was a little out of place on that beach.

From the events I have experienced over the last month I have come to the conclusion that thongs have fallen from favor and are no longer acceptable on men or women.
beachfolks #5

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/05/2007 01:27:34Copy HTML

It's not just "technically" that you meet the Pinellas code (#90-2) on a public beach in any thong that Skinz makes. Possibly he was pressured on the other side by a local busybody.
JM_Runs #6

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/05/2007 12:54:13Copy HTML

It depends on exactly what you were wearing. If it was legal, and not in any way transparent, and you were not turgid, then I think a letter to the civil authorities is in order.

I would write to the parks director first. They should be familiar with the issue and probably in the position to let the people on patrol know that the action was out of bounds. You may even get a written apology. If so, make a copy and keep it in your beach kit.


treasureisland #7

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/05/2007 08:03:16Copy HTML

I have encountered the same thing on Indian shores Beach. The locals must be complaining to the authorities. As you see too many condos on the gulf for sale. The people are getting tired of all the political things. For instance I have rented a place on the intercoastal, and I cannot even wear a speedo at the pool.
shs92645 #8

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/06/2007 12:32:09Copy HTML

I encountered that problem once up here in New England, so I emailed the Parks Department and got a very nice reply saying that thongs were legal and to have a pleasant summer. I kept that with me in the event that another overzealous officer made a stink, which never happened. I would suggest that you do the same, since it most likely would end the problem assuming that thongs are permitted there.
leo40 #9

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/06/2007 04:23:22Copy HTML

Gulfscuba just mentioned Virginia Beach.  Thongs are specifically outlawed there.   A friend who runs a beach shop there and sells thongs tells me you only get a ticket, but I do not plan to take that to the bank, or the police station. 
briankay #10

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/07/2007 11:48:51Copy HTML

reply to gulfscuba



I just discovered Indian Rocks and have been there probably 4 times in the last month (weekends only)

I've been totally ignored.

Location has usually been one of the 20's avenues.  Where were you?

briankay #11

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/15/2007 10:21:38Copy HTML

Went back last weekend, late in the day both times.  One day was about 23rd ave the other day about 21st ave.  No incidents.

Saw a couple, woman in thong, walking the beach from out of sight to out of sight. <G>

No incident.

Beachlover492000 #12

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/19/2007 09:25:36Copy HTML

I've heard from the local people that thongs are really only acceptable at Maderia Beach and Fort DeSoto. All of the other beaches in Pinellas County are no thong zones.

Hearing that even a Speedo is unacceptable is really the pits. I'd never rent at that location again would advice others to stay away from it. It shows how bigoted some of these Victorians and religious zealots  have become.

briankay #13

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/19/2007 10:54:02Copy HTML

>I've heard from the local people that thongs are really only acceptable at Maderia Beach and Fort DeSoto. All of the other beaches in Pinellas >County are no thong zones


Not my experience at all.

beachfolks #14

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/19/2007 12:52:33Copy HTML

Not my experience either-When we can't tan at DeSoto, We alternately go to Pass-a-Grille or to Sand Key(Pinellas county)park which is just south of Clearwater beach across the inlet. We have never had any incident at either beach although sometimes we are the only thongers and I usually wear a micro suit. Sand Key is technically in Clearwater, but the Pinellas county Sand Key Rangers Tell me they allow thongs, Clearwater does not patrol Sand Key.
orlspeedo #15

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/27/2007 09:56:07Copy HTML

I  will be staying at the Oceanway condo next week on Indian Rocks Beach, and although I will be staying with my parents, I'd like to maybe meet some other thongers in the area somewhere.  Let me know if there is anyone in the area who might like to meet to thong.
gulfscuba #16

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:09/05/2007 05:40:50Copy HTML

I returned to the same spot on Wednesday and had no problems. There were many people there but no one said anything about my attire. No cops came up the beach which made me happy. The water was beautiful but around noon it got really hot there on the beach.
miamifred50 #17

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:05/06/2015 04:18:43Copy HTML

 This morning I spent three hours at Indian Rocks Beach. Best parking is at 21st Street, where there aren't huge condos to complain. I was in a Skinzwear semi-sheer G, and while there were dozens upon dozens of beach walkers, no derogatory comments, though a few stares. I was facing east to the sun, and the beach walkers were behind me. I agree with Chester's post -- stay cool, don't flaunt. (I have moved back to Clearwater after 15 years in Miami Beach, living at Haulover.) So wearing a teeny G-string I felt overdressed. Ahem. But, good to be in the sun. The Gulf of Mexico is chilly -- 77 degrees (compared to the Atlantic in Miami at 85) -- and there is a huge population of stingrays. However, good to be here. No thongs, and certainly no Gs. Going back tomorrow morning! /fredster
briankay #18

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:05/08/2015 11:02:46Copy HTML

miamifred50's refernce to 21st St in Indian Rocks actaully refers to 21st Ave.

chesters comment about descretion at Indian Rocks I don't get. The beach is narrow and you're going to be in easy view no matter what.
miamifred50 #19

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:05/09/2015 04:40:37Copy HTML

Wore the solid blue G-string today at Indian Rocks Beach (21st Avenue, not street as I previously reported). Saturday was crowded and I was the only g/thong by the time I left at 11. Folks camped out 15-20 feet away, and no negative comments. I will skip Sunday as it's Mother's Day, and there will prolly be families and I don't want to cause a scene. I'll go back Monday morning with the see-through suit.
miamifred50 #20

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:05/09/2015 04:44:11Copy HTML

Thank you briankay for helping me with the geography.
miamifred50 #21

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:05/09/2015 07:00:09Copy HTML

 I will go back to irb 21st Avenue on Monday, and will hope I get to encounter a local cop for validation that this beach is a g-friendly beach. My last two trips I haven't had that encounter. When I lived here 15-20 years ago, I knew the patrols by eye contact, and no problems. But, who knows what today's cops are thinking. So, I want to discuss thongs/g's with the local cops. I'll report back. I suspect it will be paranoia on my part, and I hope so.
miamifred50 #22

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:05/11/2015 06:50:05Copy HTML

Monday May 11, Indian Rocks Beach, FL. Added a few pics with the Skinz G in my profile. This G is see-through when wet. Tomorrow i'll try one that is transparent when dry. No issues with the locals or cops. Very laid back beach. /f
briankay #23

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:05/12/2015 10:20:40Copy HTML

Transparent will be an issue there if the police see you. Indiana Rocks isn't patrolled as often as Treasure Island, St Pete Beach, or Fort Desoto, but the police do occasionally come by.
chester_nimitz #24

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:06/04/2015 05:54:52Copy HTML

 For miamifred50, please do not experiment with see-thru thongs/G's at Indian Rocks Beach.  Those of us who have used IRB for thong wearing for years would face increasing hostility from otherwise-tolerant folks if their kids were viewing a see-thru suit.  If people get pissed off by overt displays, they will phone the Pinellas County Sheriff's office for increased patrols, and that will inevitably lead to clashes for the rest of us which are currently not present at IRB.  Besides, there's a lot more room for experimenting at DeSoto.  Thanks for helping to keep IRB a good thing.
chester_nimitz #25

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:06/04/2015 06:06:59Copy HTML

For briankay, who posted "chesters comment about descretion at Indian Rocks I don't get. The beach is narrow and you're going to be in easy view no matter what."

My comment was related to where one chooses to settle in on the beach; paying attention to whether there are little kids with families, can be really helpful.  It's a matter of being sensitive to others, rather than disregarding how a family group might feel.  That said, yes, people walk along, and may pass you, and some will react - it's certainly happened to me.  But there is no need to set yourself up for confrontation, when a little advance planning can be judiciously applied.  That is the discretion about which I was speaking.

briankay #26

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:06/04/2015 06:33:49Copy HTML

OK, thanks for the clarification. I agree with your suggestions for behavior at Indian Rocks. I was confused by you describing that as descretion. I consider it normal courtesy while consider discretion beyond that. We're on the same page.

Thanks for your comments on not doing see through at Indian Rocks. Pretty sure, though, it isn't a good idea at DeSoto either. A couple of weeks ago I saw a couple stopped by the ranger. Don't know the issue... nothing seemed obvious... but she put on a different bottom. Also, a few years ago, beachfolks got tossed from DeSoto for see through.
JM_Runs #27

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:06/04/2015 09:47:21Copy HTML

Here is a general rule of thumb, good for any beach where thongs are allowed but full nudity is not:

Do not wear see-through suits.   
Make sure you have side straps that are wide enough, or
of a color that contrasts with your skin, so you don't appear nude at a distance.

This way you don't show the private parts when close up, and you won't get targeted by rangers and police. 
miamifred50 #28

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:06/11/2015 04:04:31Copy HTML

A bit of history. I lived in Belleair/Clearwater forever. 18 years ago I was commuting to Miami's South Beach for the G-friendly atmosphere, and also the formation of the nude beach at Haulover, just north. Two years later I migrated to Miami Beach, lived at Haulover and spent the next 15 years on the nude beach. So most of my G-strings are from before the move. Well, I moved back to Clearwater and am now hanging out at Indian Rocks Beach, where G's are accepted. Much about not provoking the locals. I agree, and I also see that a small portion of IRB would be perfect for a nude area. I will join Tampa Area Naturists (TAN) to explore this possibility, just as Shirley Mason did in Miami. We need a nude beach!
chester_nimitz #29

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:06/16/2015 04:26:23Copy HTML

JM-Runs - As to your reasonable two line advisory, I would note that I have a few suits - one full bikini, and one thong - with a Camo pattern.  In your judgment would that trigger some overreaction, or were you focusing more upon suits with a skin color effect?  I would add that many thongs, and all G-strings, have narrow side straps, but I'd imagine that a very dark contrast to one's own skin color should solve the mistaken perception problem.
JM_Runs #30

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:09/26/2015 02:50:35Copy HTML

Yes they sound fine. 
I have many suits with thin side straps, down to about 1/2 inch.  What I am advising against is people with spaghetti string elastics, clear plastic sides, and suits in general that appear to be nude from a distance, or are are fish-net or partly transparent so they show something when up close.
Chrish217 #31

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:09/27/2015 03:05:18Copy HTML

 I have been thonging it all summer up and down Indian Rocks Beach.  I have mostly been south of 20th ave...but have also been up to Bellaire beach lately. 
miamifred50 #32

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:09/27/2015 03:47:40Copy HTML

 We must have missed each other. I am at 21st Street. I'll be there this week starting Tuesday, weather permitting.
Chrish217 #33

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:09/28/2015 08:14:38Copy HTML

 I was at belleair beach yesterday when I posted.  I found a spot where I had almost half a mile of beach to myself.  Was wearing my new M46 Skinz...most of the time.  Lol. Luckily, my wife loves me wearing thongs and g's at the beach.  Her attitude is "wear whatever you want that won't get us in trouble".When you have half a mile of beach to yourself, you can pretty much wear what you want.Next beach day will be Saturday. 
briankay #34

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:09/29/2015 04:27:28Copy HTML

I'm going to go to Belleair Beach sometime just because they do their best to keep people out. Its functionally private, because there is so little parking and its hidden, but its not legally private.
Chrish217 #35

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:08/31/2016 11:51:08Copy HTML

 For my wife's birthday last year we stayed at a hotel on Belleair beach and on my morning thong stroll I ran into the twins.
This year we stayed at a hotel on Indian Rocks beach.  Thonged all afternoon on Saturday at the beach and in the pool and for both a sundown walk and a midnight stroll (OK, I may have ditched the thong for part of the midnight stroll :)  ).
Sunday morning I woke up bright and early about 6:30 and decided to take a long walk on the beach in my Skinzwear M46U Y-back unlined crimson g-string.  I walked half an hour south and then back to the hotel.  I was chatting with a gal by the hotel pool for a couple of minutes and up walked a member of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Dept.  He said there had been 2 phone calls about me...one claiming a nude man was walking the beach and another complaining about the size of my thong.  I told him I was sorry he had to chase me up and down the beach but that my attire was perfectly legal.
He explained there was a city ordinance in Indian Rocks beach against thongs and my suit was illegal.  I countered that yes, I did know thongs were illegal in Clearwater and in state parks but as long as my genitals and butthole were covered and the suit was not see-through, I was legal.  I said there are also plenty of women on the beach wearing thongs...and he talked about double standards.  I told him that double standards is not a legal definition.The gal I had been talking to earlier piped in, "Yea, you should leave him alone...he looks awesome in a thong!"  lol  He radioed for his partner to join the conversation.  Apparently he had driven a mile or 2 south and was looking for me before I turned around.

I will call his partner Deputy Dan.  DD explained that yes indeed there was a city ordinance that specifically mentioned thongs.  I again countered with Clearwater/state parks and the statewide definition as well as telling him that I had thonged most every weekend up and down IRB with no issues and with the Sheriff gals (I nicknamed Starsky and Hutch) driving by many times in their golf cart 4 wheeler without saying a word.I asked him for the specific ordinance I was breaking.  He said he didn't know the exact number but it didn't matter because they weren't going to write me a ticket anyway, just wanted me to cover up.
I said I would really appreciate it if he could provide the exact ordinance I was breaking because I had no intent on changing my legal attire.  DD said he would go back to the station house and call me with the exact ordinance.  I gave him my cell phone number but he also asked for my first and last name and my date of birth.  I told him my first name was enough since he had the number.
He did call back and referenced a very exact definition in the municipal code regarding "specified anatomical areas" that did indeed mention thongs.He said if I looked up municode.com>IRB and typed in thong that I would find it.I did look it up but it was not in an ordinance, nor did it reference an ordinance.  It was in the "definitions" portion of the zoning section.
I called Dan back and thanked him for the definition of a specified anatomical area in the zoning section but that was not an ordinance.  I also told him that because it was in the zoning section it probably was a legal definition regarding strip clubs or places that sold alcohol.
He started to get a little testy...asking what my end goal was.  I tried to explain my end goal was to be legal wherever I went...and that until I heard an exact ordinance that said differently, I believed I was in my rights.  I had mentioned at the hotel and and the phone that I had done my research and was pretty sure of my legality.  I also mentioned that I belonged to a group of thong-wearers and I would need to spread the word if some new law or ordinance has passed.
He said he would consult with his Corporal back at the station and call me back later that day.
He did call me back and did admit that I was LEGAL!  lol
He apologized and said he would spread the word to both the city cops and the PCSD that were NOT to hassle people wearing thongs.  He did say that if someone called again and said I was nude, they would still come out...but as long as I was wearing a thong and was not nude, they would leave me alone.  He said that maybe that definition was put in there because they were planning on passing an anti-thong law soon.
I asked him if he could look into it because that zoning section had not been updated since 2012.  He offered to talk to the city ordinance officer in a couple of days and call me back.
He was true to his word and called me back on Wednesday.  It turns out that definition was related to a zoning ordinance referencing strip clubs on the beach.  He told me feel free to keep on thonging and to spread the word to my "group" that he promised we would not be hassled by law enforcement for wearing thongs on IRB.
Consider the word spread!
big daddy thong #36

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:09/01/2016 01:46:51Copy HTML

To quote a Bob Marley song "Get up, Stand up, Stand up for your rights!"
beachstrapguy #37

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:09/02/2016 12:59:36Copy HTML

Great report.
So does that apply to just Indian Rocks Beach, or does it include Clearwater.
How about other areas around there?
Chrish217 #38

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:09/02/2016 08:07:25Copy HTML

 As far as I know, around here thongs are not legal in Clearwater or in FL state parks.  

I have seen women in thongs on Clearwater beach but couldn't say if it's due to a double standard or lack of enforcement in general.
Chrish217 #39

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:09/02/2016 11:23:47Copy HTML

Big daddy,
Thanks for the Bob Marley song...deep lyrics...and pertinent.
briankay #40

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:06/23/2017 03:14:47Copy HTML

I was at Indian Rocks probably about April and everything was as expected. However, when I went back mid June, significant erosion.
They stacked up piles of sand at the beach side end of the beach walkovers. Some need as much as 4 feet of sand. A pretty hefty climb.
There was a rainy period but not a real storm. Can't imagine how this happened. Its kind of what is expected from a tropical storm.
Anyway, at high tide the beach is very narrow in places, basically room for one row of beach blankets before reaching damp sand.
briankay #41

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:06/29/2017 05:18:07Copy HTML

Should have been more specific. Erosion I reported is from 21st Ave to 27th ave. Was back again this week and went to the south end. Can confirm 12th Ave area is OK.
Thongzo #42

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:10/18/2018 02:58:30Copy HTML

I'll be staying at a small private place on Indian Rock beach next week. Are thongs legal on the beach? I think I can easily pull one off in the yard where I'm staying but what if I walk out to the water to swim. Will I be ok? What's the latest?
orlspeedo #43

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:10/18/2018 02:33:06Copy HTML

I'd love to go back to Indian Rocks and thong. I used to go there as a kid but haven't been since I've started thonging. I'd be interested in hearing what its like to thong there. Wish I could join you Thongzo. Let me know how the place is where your staying. Would like to find a place.
Thongzo #44

Re:Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Date Posted:10/24/2018 06:46:41Copy HTML

Beautiful day here and I’m in my thong. Keeping it low key though since there are no other thongers. Not having any issues and getting GREAT sun!!
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