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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:09/04/2008 06:51:24Copy HTML

Recently took a trip to Indianapolis for a car race, and since I was staying in Hotels as opposed to camping I elected to take a selection of swimwear.  Based on other threads and the possible legal issue of thongs in Indiana, I brought a Muscleskin, HE Swim, and Skinzwear bikini plus a few HE Swim thongs.  Started the trip by staying at the downtown Sheraton for two days, then to another Hotel near the track and then returned to the Sheraton.
For the first go around at the Sheraton and the second hotel I alternated between the aforementioned bikini's.
Before returning to the Sheraton I thought what the hell, let's call and ask.  The lady on the switchboard wasn't
sure and said hold the line and I'll check.  She came back on and said yes thongs are accepted, much to my surprise.  So for a full day I wore a HE Swim thong at the beautiful rooftop pool, overlooking Monument Circle.
Being mid week it was kind of quiet but was joined by a 20 something female in a bikini, a dude in dorkshorts and a couple in dorkshorts and 1 piece.  It felt great, and I thought, you know nothing is falling out, I got the ok and who cares.  So lesson number one, I wish I would have asked prior to the first visit, ask as you never know, and just do it and write a review.  BTW I have photo evidence !. 
Ex_Member #1

Re:Indianapolis downtown

Date Posted:09/04/2008 09:55:40Copy HTML

 I lived in Indy for some years and wore smaller and smaller bikinis both at an apartment complex that was all-adult (before the supreme court ruled it discriminatory) and at a beach at a large park called Eagle Creek. At the end of one summer I wore a g-string to my apartment complex pool and someone complained and one of the apartment management staff came out and told me I'd have to cover up. I have no idea who complained, but it was at the end of summer and it was about the last time I was able to get to the pool anyway.
The following summer we had an entire new apartment complex manager and I believe even new staff (only two or three people). It was one of the hottest and driest summers on record with many cloudless days--perfect sunbathing weather. I was working nights, so I went to the pool 2 to 3, sometimes 4 times a week to sunbathe. Since we had new management and there were only maybe 6 people max at the pool during the week, I thought "what the heck" and wore an even skimpier g-string to the pool without even asking the management. I figured this was one of those circumstances where it was better to ask for forgiveness than beg for permission. Large apartment management office windows looked out over the pool, so I know the staff could easily see me. Knowing this made my first few visits a little nerve wracking, and I was hesitant about getting up and going in the water, but every day was in the mid to upper 90s, so I figure I had every right to use the water as anyone else and soon started taking several dips during each visit and got brave enough to get in at one end of the pool and get out at the opposite end and walk all the way around the pool back to my recliner in my dripping wet and clingly g-string. The weekday regulars didn't mind at all, and a few of the ladies, both young and old, didn't hide the fact that they were enjoying watching my journey. The complex manager, a female, even came out to the pool occasionally to talk to a couple of ladies. The bold move that finally settled it once and for all for me was when the manager was out at the pool talking and I took one of my dips, got out at the far end and walked right past the manager and said hi. She just smiled and said "hi" back. Score one victory for the thong cause. However, I didn't push my luck and would slip on shorts to go to the restroom where I had to walk right next to those office windows. In retrospect, I probably couldv'e gotten by with it. Plus, there was a vending machine for soda just inside the office building door. If I had the moxy then that I do now, when I determined that the office manager had no problem with my suit I would've asked if it would be ok for me to wear just my suit the short distance in the building to get a soda. I'm sure I was eye candy for the staff by then anyway and had a great tan and they probably wouldn't have minded.  They occasionally had visitors stop in the office for information or a tour, so the manager might not have liked a practically naked man walking past the office and down the hallway. But then again, since this was an all adult complex and probably 80% of the tenants were single, it could've been a good selling point. :-)
That summer I even went a couple of times to a female friends apartment complex pool of one of the largest complexes in Indy. Even ran into a guy who attended the same church singles group that I participated in.  No problems.
I would also occasionally go to the beach (rather small) at Eagle Creek Park. This is the only time I really had a problem.  It seems a boater off shore thought that I was sunbathing nude. Now, this idiot boater (they had to be non-powered boats like canoes, small sailboats, etcetara) had to be at least 150 feet off shore due to the swimming area restrictions. I had several people around me, and a lifeguard regularly went on foot patrol along the shore. I had been there several times previously. Now this was before the age of cell phones, so the boater had to go into dock and find a phone, so this was no small inconvenience. To make a long story short, the deputy sheriff who responded was very nice, almost apologetic, and said that he didn't particularly care what I wore, but it might be a good idea to keep my shorts on the rest of the day casue he'd rather be chasing bad guys. Yes, I wore my g-string subsequently to the beach, but I made sure that I set up further inland and, ironically, in a place that was more crowded with people. Are thongs illegal in Indiana? Technically, yes. But then technically, any suit that shows cheek is illegal which, as we all know, rules out alot of womens bikinis.
Overall, unless things have changed, I found people in Indy to be quite tolerant of thongs/g-strings. I didn't really hear any snide comments and no hassles other than what I've mentioned. Much less than the "attitude" and hard edge that people have here in the Chicago area, where, yes, I've had the cops called on me here once also. Technically, thongs are illegal here too. But I have had cops ride right past me on their ATVs (probably to make sure I wasn't nude) and not a word was said.
This is one of those maddening laws that got on the books by "feel good" or "protect the children" legislation that can be pulled out and enforced selectively, and this is what happens when people keep wanting government to come into every part of their lives. This is where we as voters need to pay attention--not just on a national level, but on a local level, which is where the vast majority of these laws are generated. Try to be informed about who is running for city council, county board, legislator, etcetara. It's easier now more than ever because of the world wide web. The candidates may not be asked directly what they think about anti-thong legislation, but you can get a feeling for "where they're at" by other questions directed to them. Ok, I'll step down off my soap box now.

Maxtlatl #2

Re:Indianapolis downtown

Date Posted:09/04/2008 12:31:56Copy HTML

I'm pretty sure thongs are illegal in Indiana. It's illegal to appear in a state of nudity, and they defind "nudity" as exposing the buttocks. The statute is at
great_cornholio #3

Re:Indianapolis downtown

Date Posted:09/07/2008 02:56:21Copy HTML

I suspect that if there were a statewide or citywide effort at actually enforcing the "no exposed buttocks" law that's on the books, law enforcment might initially start with those wearing thongs and g-strings, but then some appeal that based upon the fact that women's swimwear commonly shows part of the buttocks.  If they start arresting a bunch of women in 1/2 or 3/4 back bikinis, they are going to make themselves very unpopular.  It sounds what they have is a law that's unenforceable because the culture has changed since it was written and most women, in effect, violate it.
Ex_Member #4

Re:Indianapolis downtown

Date Posted:09/07/2008 08:20:09Copy HTML

Well, that is why I said the following:
"Are thongs illegal in Indiana? Technically, yes. But then technically, any suit that shows cheek is illegal which, as we all know, rules out alot of womens bikinis."
The same applies at the Chicago beaches. Chicago has a statute that says the buttocks cannot be exposed. That's why I got on my soapbox about "feel good" or "for the children" legislation.
nautirogue #5

Re:Indianapolis downtown

Date Posted:05/16/2018 05:41:04Copy HTML

 **  BUMP  **
I'm reviving an old thread.  I work in downtown Indy, and I'm interested in finding a park in the area where I could lay out over my lunch break in a bikini (standard Speedo-style or minimal) swimsuit.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
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