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Date Posted:04/18/2009 06:28:52Copy HTML

I'm not sure how common an experience this is, but something a little neat happened to me a few weeks ago.

I was at the beach in my thong, as always, and at one point I noticed a teenage boy who is likely a few years younger than me take off his board shorts to wear only a thong that he was wearing under them.  He was with a group of friends, and they all seemed at least initially surprised.  As time went on, they all acted normal and their didn't seem to be anything strange about it anymore.

A few hours later, he saw I was about to leave and told me that he was at first too embarrassed and nervous about wearing only his thong.  But, when he saw me he felt so much more comfortable knowing that he wasn't the only one.  He said he just wanted to thank me. 

I thought this was pretty cool.

As I said, I'm not sure how common this is.  Something about me would like to think that there are other younger guys like this who go to the beach with a thong underneath but just afraid of being alone.  
markwilliams91983 #1

Re:Inspiring others to thong

Date Posted:04/19/2009 05:56:53Copy HTML

Same thing happened to me once, except I was the one wearing the thong under the shorts.

I was on a beach with a couple of mates and was wearing a thong under my board shorts. I didn't take off the shorts till i saw a couple of other men on the beach in just thongs.

Quite funny, instead of getting laughed at, as I thought I would do, the others were jealous of all the attention I got. Result!
Ex_Member #2

Re:Inspiring others to thong

Date Posted:04/22/2009 03:33:25Copy HTML

The part I like best here is that the new thonger's buddies were okay with it and continued to accept him as their mate.  I like to think my example can help a nervous guy or gal do what they really want to, showing them it's perfectly decent and okay to get bold and daring if they choose. 
ithongit #3

Re:Inspiring others to thong

Date Posted:04/24/2009 05:47:15Copy HTML

I saw the same thing a number of years ago.  I cute young man -- probably about 19-20 came to Ceaser's Creek on a week day and proceeded to set up in the grass.  He was pretty normal in every way, except he had long shoulder length hair, and guys with long hair really turn me on!  Anyway, he has on shorts and a T-shirt, but eventually slid them off.  At first he kept on his back, but as time progressed, he eventually turned over, exposing his bare buns.  He was obviously very nervous and even though he had set up about as far from the sidewalks as possible, he would flip over on his back and pull his shorts on whenever someone came along.  Eventually, a group of about 6 others about his age came along, and the entire group wandered to the beach.  There must have been some discussions going on, because I could hear chatter and then some laughing.  To my surprise, the young man pulled his shorts off then modeled his thongs for his friends.  At first there were a few groans, but then the group changed over from giggles to compliments.  The shorts stayed on the ground the rest of the day.  Activities included playing football, swimming, bun-sunning and even a few trips up to the cars for food.  The most interesting thing was when he let the girls rub sun-tan lotion on his buns, which seemed to take a lot longer and more sensuous than was necessary, but neither he nor the girls seemed to mind. 

With the support of his friends (male and female) he lost his nervousness and was able to finally enjoy his day wearing a thong.

LoveMyThongs #4

Re:Inspiring others to thong

Date Posted:09/16/2018 08:49:15Copy HTML

We wear our thongs around our friends. A new young couple moved in and we invited them over. We BBQ’d and they brought suits for the jacuzzi. They went in to change and we stripped to our thongs and got in so they didn’t know right away. The new wife was in a cheeky suit and he had on board shorts. I stood up to get some wine and they both said wow. It took a few times but we converted them both and they love it!
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