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Date Posted:02/09/2015 06:34:24Copy HTML

Love wearing a opaque thong to the swimmin hole, the sexy looks you get when you emerge   Your suit almost invisible more compliments than complaints.whats your story??
Grabeach #1

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/09/2015 07:52:10Copy HTML

"Love wearing a opaque thong to the swimmin hole .......... Your suit almost invisible .........."

Maybe the wrong choice of word. Opaque means NOT able to be seen through.
iowaboi65 #2

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/09/2015 09:04:38Copy HTML

 opaque when dry sorry:-) see yhru when wet
underguy1 #3

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/20/2015 10:24:15Copy HTML

 I got an Asics bikini that goes completely sheer when wet. Had some good comments too.
I have a couple of Joe Snyder bikinis that are semi see through when wet.
jprob50 #4

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/21/2015 03:00:55Copy HTML

I was looking at getting one of those white Asics suits, but already have several sheer rio suits from Skinzwear(M57 & M73). Plus, the front (stuffit) pouch fits SO well and is nicely low-cut that they are the next best thing to wearing a thong or g-string. The sides are thinner too :) 
hotmedic65 #5

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:04/21/2015 03:10:28Copy HTML

I've got a few joe Snyder thongs.  They are very sheer when wet.  If I'm excited you can see every detail.  
Seam_Stress #6

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:04/24/2015 03:34:02Copy HTML

 I bought a couple of Skinzwear g-strings with see through fabrics, the mesh in nude colour and the black lace.  Their site says those fabrics are "for private viewing only", but I've worn them in public pools, in hotel pools and on beaches. 

Where g-strings and thongs are allowed, nobody seems to object to semi-see through either.  If anybody noticed, nobody said anything and nobody complained.  People saw me swimming, and they saw me lying on deck chairs, tanning both front and back.

Of course, few people get a close up look for more than a second.  My last holiday, the only person who did get a long look at me was an older woman sitting in the hotel's poolside hot tub.  She was in when I was entering, but my g-string that day was only a solid purple print.  She gave a surprised smile when she saw it, but she made no comment.
J_R_365 #7

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:04/24/2015 02:19:48Copy HTML

 One of the first suits I purchased from Skinzwear was a "Low-profile" Rio in Interstellar Fire mesh. I liked how it showed, but not too obvious. I liked it enough that I got one of their "Spartan" strings in the same fabric, which really looks nice when wet.

Feeling emboldened. I bought three mesh suits from Dubio -- a "Grenade" in red, a "Warrior" in purple, and a "Mini Pouch" in aqua. They are all see-through, but the purple shows quite a bit more. I'm eager to see how they work out at Osterman this summer.

pikeman #8

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:05/04/2015 06:40:04Copy HTML

I had a hilarious experience related to this situation. I was on Cozumel at an adults-only hotel wearing a thong and out at the pool. I climbed out of the pool and headed for the men's room. As I turn the corner, this woman in her mid-20's exits the ladies room, looks at me, and screams!  I thought she was seeing a spider or something and jumped! I said "what on earth is wrong?". "I can see your thing!" she sputtered - pointing at my groin. I just shook my head and stepped past her. I could not believe it.She had to be the most annoying person at the resort. We actually moved to get as far away from her and her female companions as possible.
2xist #9

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:05/04/2015 07:14:25Copy HTML

 Pikeman-  maybe she's never seen c--k before!? Lol
mack_back #10

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:05/05/2015 02:47:17Copy HTML

Pikeman funny story and i know the type. 
Had similar situation at the gym woman yelling out OMG after a long delay. Doubt she noticed my bulge in some neon orange tights. Thought at the time I would jump out of my shoes she being that loud. 
Another time at the nude beach I was coming from the men's room at the park area. As I approached the beach entrance in my poser thong a woman made notice to me to her friends. She shockingly said, omg! A banana hammock look. It wasn't wet or sheer through but I laughed it off. A woman walking from the nude beach seeing all sorts of things but is in shock seeing a guy clothed in a poser thong. 
When I do wear white Aqux sheer swimwear at a pool. People usually stay silent few regulars make comments saying here it is. While I'm soaking wet entering slowly down the steps of the whirlpool. 

ithongit #11

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:05/05/2015 04:03:42Copy HTML

 My husband Randy has found that the liner used in most men's swimsuits is even thinner and shows more when wet than the swimsuit fabric.  Because of this, he has ordered a couple of suits made of s single layer of "liner material" only.  There are extremely suggestive, showing quite a bit even when dry, but when wet, they look like someone dropped a wet Kleenex on his equipment.  He has generally gotten surprised looks, but not negative comments when wearing suits like this.  He will lay out in the sun, and once things dry and get semi opaque, head to the water to get them see-thru again.  

Once he was returning from the ocean to his towel on the beach and he passed a woman about 25.  Her jaw dropped when she saw everything he was showing and almost fell over a piece of driftwood!  Eventually she wandered off, but about five minutes later she came back with her boyfriend.  "Just wait until he gets wet", she told her boyfriend, "then you will see what a real man looks like."  Instead of showing off his stuff to the boyfriend, Randy pulled on some shorts and suggested to me that we hike up the beach a ways.  After we left, I ask Randy, who usually loves showing off his equipment (he does strip shows regularly) why he didn't let the boyfriend see him wet too.  Randy explained that he didn't want to give the boyfriend an inferiority complex.
undercover20 #12

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:05/05/2015 05:33:59Copy HTML

 Where did he order this suit from? I'm feeling adventurous these days
nautirogue #13

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:05/05/2015 05:46:46Copy HTML

 I have a couple of aussieBum bikinis that are sheer.  The ice blue and the white are marketed as being sheer; however, I've gone even further and cut the front lining out of the white.  With the liner, there's some leeway for claiming ignorance of the extent to which it's sheer, but without the liner, there's no excuse.  You're out there.I also have a WildmanT squarecut mesh that is somewhat sheer.  I commonly wear it to the public hot tub at my gym.
Grabeach #14

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:05/05/2015 08:58:00Copy HTML


I've thought of cutting the liner out of my AussieBum for the practical reason of it drying quicker, but thought that this may affect how well it stays on bodysurfing. Although you use it in a hot tub, did you notice it to be any less 'clingy'?
ozarkG #15

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:05/05/2015 10:07:18Copy HTML

 I have one pair that is made of a very sheer and light weight material. Almost like pantyhose material. They are made by Intimo. I would like to get some more, but i do t remember where i bought them.  Ive worn them in the pool before, when it was just me and the fam. I'm not one to show off the goods, so i wouldnt wear them infront of anyone else. 
nautirogue #16

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:05/06/2015 10:06:23Copy HTML

Grabeach, Most of the aussieBums I have are the Loose style. There is no elastic in the waistband or anywhere else. The fabric is so thin that it just clings naturally. If I were to wear them for any active sport like body surfing, I'd just tie the string a little tighter... Or not, and just let nature take its course!  ;)
mack_back #17

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:05/06/2015 04:04:01Copy HTML

Ithongit: You must get a kick out of your man Randy getting all sorts of attention? Reminds me of a couple at my nude beach. While bunch of guys were laying on towels alone face down looking away from the water. We all seem to be facing the couple ahead. Once the wife got up and husband all the guys  stared with shock. While I observed everyone's expressions and the female he was with, personally I didn't care. She made a comment to her shy husband look all the guys are looking at you hun, your getting more attention then me (Wife had nice petite tight nude body). With her big sexy smile rubbing his chest proud of his nude body flaunting him in front of us. He shook his head oh no, while they walked towards the water. 
Saying, what the 25 year old female said to her assumed boyfriend/husband. Of getting a look what a real man looks like because of his penis is stupid. Glad Randy had enough sense not to flaunt it unneccassarily only to appease someone's desire to lear. Yet I do enjoy the same shocked stares from the ladies. Almost never has a woman said those words to a man she was with about me so insulting. Most times I get the man making comments to his wife or girlfriend attention towards me. Often the woman plays it down not interested in looking upon me. Which I know is a lie, woman pretend not seeing me when with their man or offended calling it gross.  Most going out of their way turning their backs towards me. Once the woman are alone they can't help but stare intrigued. Always at the beach when a couple sets up nearby and the husband leaves his woman alone on the towel. Seemingly with the husband the woman never stares upon me. When alone she looks upon me with tunnel vision, it cracks me up every time. Times I wanted to approach the couple asking them, can you stop your woman from leering upon me when your gone. lol...

lalala5678 #18

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:05/15/2015 02:45:27Copy HTML

 I usually wear white shorts  and wear a black JS thong underneath. When I hit the water, the white material on the shorts turns see through then the black outline of the thong is revealed! It's really a blast wearing it and feels naughtier when rising up from the pool.
NudeNArizona #19

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:01/19/2018 08:20:59Copy HTML

 My wife ordered a new G-string for me this past summer to wear on a visit to her old HS friends for 4th of July weekend, that matched one she bought for herself, and the suits were both the same stocking type of fabric in red. She said she ordered the light weight fabric because it would be more airy and stated was quick drying, but apparently she "accidentally missed" the "see-thru" part in the listing as she said later. Also, I hadn't even seen the suit prior to our vacation.  Also since I worked the day we were leaving she packed all of our bags so we could head out right after I finished work.

We arrived at her friends around 10PM Friday night, and after settling in and it was still very warm and she ask if we wanted to go to bed or if we felt like taking a swim to relax after our long ride.  I was fine either way but my wife decided on a swim to relax, so Maria said we were welcome to change in the pool house or in our room as she walked toward her room to change, so we went to our room and she gave me my new G-string as she got undressed.  So after removing my clothes I put on the new red G-string as did my wife and I noticed how sheer her bottom was and how tiny as she asked "how's it look?' before putting mine on. I said I liked it and she smiled and opened the door and walked out the side door to the pool leaving her top laying on the bed. Then I put mine on and it was even more noticeably sheer and very form fitting in front barely containing me, and as I walked out the door Maria is walking out from the other side wearing a suit exactly like Mine and my wife's except she had her top on.  Maria glances down and notices my G-string and smiled and said i guess she bought you one as well.

Maria had the pool lights on and you could see my wife wading in the shallow end of the pool as we walked over and i dove in as Maria walked down the steps saying to my wife "now I know why you told me to shave before you got here for the new G-string.  Then maria sunk in the water to wet her  hair and as she stood up her sheer top was practically invisible as was my front pouch when I walked around the pool.

leo40 #20

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:01/20/2018 01:38:16Copy HTML

I believe the largest collection of fully see-through, wet or dry, is found on ebay store 'Something Wild in California' with a click on 'Plastic, PVC, Leather, Latex'.  SWIC has excellent quality and actually ships from PA and FL.  I have her clear plastic G-string, it hides nothing, and it fills with water that slowly dribbles out after you emerge from the water.  She also has G-strings of woman's stocking material and other transparent materials.  I have a side-tie bikini from another ebay store, 'Lachlan Rex Clothing' in Australia.   This one is of thin mesh fabric with no concealment properties at all.  This store only adds new items a few times a year, and only some of them are transparent. 
J_R_365 #21

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:01/20/2018 08:30:22Copy HTML

Besides SWIC, Val also has a store, http://www.rubbertreelatex.com, which concentrates on the more revealing stuff, including items made from re-purposed women's stockings, as well as a couple of designs not found on the SWIC store. I got a few of the Strapless Ball-huggers in the stocking material, and a teardrop with the pouch attached to the waistband with a  ring in orange fishnet, which I really like; very minimal.

I've also bought several suits from Dubio in their "Big hole Mesh/net" fabric. While it does not show all the details that the fine mesh does, I find it follows my contours quite nicely.

And, last Summer (well, Autumn, really) I finally got the courage to wear my Dore fishnet torpedo thong to the beach. Only took me like five years!
tbck1000 #22

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:01/28/2018 06:13:41Copy HTML

I just thoroughly explored  http://www.rubbertreelatex.com and it looks fantastic.
NudeNArizona #23

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/02/2018 04:12:21Copy HTML

 continued from post #19

4th of July that year fell on a Monday so Maria had planned her Holiday party for Saturday so after our late night swim we were off to bed because we needed to get up early the next morning to help set-up and prepare for her guest's to arrive for the party.  Which were mostly old friends of my wives and Maria's who I had never met before, and not knowing what to expect. So when I got dressed Saturday morning I decided to put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt before going out by the pool to clean it prior to the party that afternoon.  Michelle and Maria were both inside preparing food for later on this afternoon so I didn't know what they were wearing until I finished the pool. Both ladies were wearing mesh tank-top beach cover-ups but Maria had her G-string on under neither and Michelle was clearly naked under her cover-up. Both commented on my "prude" attire, then giggled saying "I was over dressed, for this party" So when i went into the bedroom Michelle followed me in and ask for me to wear my G-string from last night, so i did.  Then i ask if she was going to wear her and she said "No" So I ask what she was going to wear, and she said she was staying in her mesh tank-top and i reminder her that it wasn't actually a dress and didn't even cover her below the waist. So all she said was "Ooops" and walked out of the room.
bmicro #24

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/03/2018 04:17:52Copy HTML

 I learned from SWIC that women's stockings make outstanding suits and baggies. I have purchased a few pair and cut off the last 7" or so of the toe to make a baggie. These fit great and have no problem staying on. Depending on the style, they can range from form fitting and fairly opaque or form fitting and transparent. 
NudeNArizona #25

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/12/2018 02:58:15Copy HTML

 Bmicro, I have done the same thing on many occasions usually when a last minute business trip comes up and after arriving at my hotel I find out that it has an indoor pool. 
pikeman #26

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/20/2018 09:15:54Copy HTML

 Great series of funny stories. I can add another.

I kayak on Lake Travis and put my boat in the water at a county park. It's NOT clothing optional, but the county is OK with thongs. I remove my clothes before inflating the boat and on this occasion was wearing a yellow spandex thong. It was hot and humid and I very quickly became perspired. I paused to switch the pump and noticed a woman in an SUV taking pictures with her phone! I straightened up and gave her a friendly wave and she took off after realizing I'd seen her. The thong had gone transparent, so I hope she liked what she saw and was getting pictures of it.

On another occasion I had a lengthy conversation with County Deputy on pros and cons of inflatables and he never mentioned the thong. Whew!

And finally, there was this guy who just stared at me like he'd never seen a bare male body in his life. And he was not pleased! He was dressed for the north woods on this 95 degree/98% humidity sunny day. A likely candidate for heat prostration if I ever saw one.
big daddy thong #27

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/21/2018 01:09:29Copy HTML

 Times when I do hot yoga and wear my spandex thong bodysuit, I of course get very sweaty so my outfit gets very transparent. And when dousing myself off with water to cool off shows off my package adds to the sheer when wet look.  But the lighting is low and in most cases there is only two or three other yogis in the 6 am class.  
kutag #28

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:03/18/2018 12:27:46Copy HTML

We have been to Thailand many times but this year is the first time we will be there for  'SONGKRAN'  the Thai new year on 13th April. The Thai's celebrate Songkran with a huge water festival which can go on for a few days, people are out everywhere with water pistols,buckets,anything that you can have water in to tip over someone, the only people that are exempt are the police and monks, everyone else gets soaked. We will be on Koh Samui a Island in the gulf of Thailand, have been there lots of times and I wear G Strings on the beach and hotel pool with no problem. As it's hot I wear just a T-shirt and Nylon split side running shorts around the town and in bars. Do I wear a white pair of shorts that will get wet and see through and blatantly show my G String? or tone it down with a light colour pair that will show my G String but will be not in you face? I love showing off my strings so it will be how horny I feel on the day and I looking forward to seeing others, men and women wet and see through.
thonger2005 #29

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:03/21/2018 05:53:31Copy HTML

  I have found that any of their really really soft black sleep pants that either Walmart or Target cells in the women's Department, are fairly see-through with a white thong on underneath. I wear them quite often even to the store and friends houses when I deliberately want something see through. Also they are so soft and form-fitting, that you can roll the waist down or fold it under, and make it crawl up your butt crack.

Also at Target they sell Nike men's running pants in black and white. The black ones are fairly see-through with a white thong on under them, but the white ones are incredibly see through with a white thong. They are full length running tights, with the Nike Swoosh on the front of the shin
NudeNArizona #30

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:10/15/2018 04:47:19Copy HTML

Since my initial gift of the "Super Naked" G-string made of red stocking material I have purchased a few others in various colors, and I have wore them a lot while traveling and staying in hotels and swimming in their pools. Last night around 9PM right as the "posted" pool hours were ending I went to the pool to go in before the electronic lock prevents entry from guest's. Since I have been staying in this hotel for 3 weeks the front desk knows I go in the pool and stay after hours to have a little bit of private swim and hot-tub time and since I am usually the only one using they pool they never bother me. They also are aware of my choice of swimwear and as long as nobody complains "which I make an effort" to not use the pool while kids are there, no need to bring on complaints from upset parents. So last night when I entered the pool area there were 4 ladies using the hot-tub and chatting. They all looked at me as I walked to the other side of the pool. Then one of the ladies came walking over to me and ask if I knew what time the pool closed and I told her 9PM, and she looked to her friends and said that they better get their stuff together because the pool was closing in a few minutes. Then she ask me why I came if I knew the pool was closing, and I said because after 9PM the door is locked and nobody can enter and it is quieter and more relaxing. As we were talking I just laid my towel out and removed my shirt and told her I was going to swim a few laps. So she turned around and started walking toward her friends so I removed my shorts and placed them on my chair and as I turned around to dive into the pool the girls who I was talking to turned back toward me and had a huge grin on her face and said "WOW!!!!" which drew the attention of her friends as I dove into the water. I swam laps for about 10 minutes and when I was finished I heard the girls still talking while sitting in the hot-tub and as I climbed out of the pool and walked over to my stuff I heard them say "you are welcome to come join us if you'd like!" So I decided to join them so I grabbed a towel and walked over to the hot-tub. I soaked with them for a few minutes and we just had small talk and nothing was mentioned about my G-string until I got warm and stood up to get out of the hot-tub and the first girl said "Are you leaving so soon?" I said yeah I'm getting hot and need to cool off. Then the first girl said "why don't you just cool off sitting on the side of the hot tub, because it isn't very often we get to see a naked guy in a hot tub" then the girl next to her said "he isn't naked!, but DAMN close" then they all started to giggle. So I sat on the side and talked with them for a while and the conversation which prior was quite "vanilla" was not more sexual in nature. everything from one girls asking about my PA, to another mentioning my shaved pubes, which initiated one of the girls to stand up and show her friends that she too was a smoothie as she pulled her bikini bottom down to her knees, and she also showed off her vaginal piercing too which I think shocked them. What really surprised me most was that she removed her bottoms completely and got out of the hot tub and removed her top before diving into the pool to cool off. As she climbed out of the pool I reminded her that we were on camera and she laughed and said "this isn't the first time I've been naked on camera" as she pointed out her tan line free body "overtime I sunbath I'm sure my neighbor takes pictures, plus I go to nude beaches and everyone knows there are pervs taking pictures there all the time, and they even have websites dedicated to it" I said ok I just wanted to warn you. She laughed and said "I can see from the looks of it you don't care about the camera's either!" I smiled and said "at least I'm covered" and her friend said "If you call that covered, I can see everything that your Momma Gave Ya! and she was generous!"
mack_back #31

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:10/16/2018 04:53:48Copy HTML

NudeNArizona: Love our experience at the pool. Wish to meet exactly woman like you described shaved, pierced, nudist not shy in showing off her body, What's her Name? Lol.. Remembered long ago three cougars in whirlpool noticed me in my AQUA swim black brief. Amused how quickly they made there way next to me holding onto my shoulder, kicking their legs and feet across where i stood, bumping me beside along my leg. Was afraid to sit down seeing how aggressive they were upon me only what i was wearing or showing off with my bulge. After awhile an asian young female recognized me from somewhere decided to enter the whirlpool. The one cougar knew the young woman was interested about me, telling her to be careful walking down the step of the whirlpool, you might trip. Wouldn't you know it she did fall and straight into me, to the laughter of the cougars. so obvious what all these woman wanted to do to me. I was amused as the young black female lifeguard was sitting by the steps watching listening what might happen next. Recently been visiting the indoor pool wearing my Desmitt thong. Found the yellow with lining as the light green is semi sheer when wet. Always think if i show up to the pool and woman observes that can see my shaft, complaint will be issued to management doing something about my thong rather the sheerness issue. As i wore my blue thong Desmitt swimwear i walked out the whirlpool having a older woman and her husband see what i was wearing before i jumped into the pool for some laps. Heard the woman discuss with the husband thongs saying what will people wear next.. Thought it was funny later in my swim i watched the said woman walk back on the pool deck towards the change room. She wasn't fit or desirable woman but seen her swim black bottoms with sheer big triangle in the middle of her entire swimwear was like clear black pantyhose thin fabric could see her butt crack visible when wet. Suppose her swim bottoms have worn out using the pool and hot tub making amusing triangle back noticing her backside and ass crack. Doubt she is aware of it and i chuckled looking at it she was showing more ass then me wearing a thong. Little later noticed dark tan asian woman covered in a towel walking along the pool deck towards the hot tub. Thought she was attractive enough to observe her taking off the towel walking down the steps of the whirlpool. She was nervous or self conscious because of the rio style bikini she was wearing. Bet she thought she had on tiny swimwear and would attract a lot of attention yet her body was lean but not filling the swimsuit well enough. Then i decided to climb out of the pool as the asian female sat observing the pool facility. I began to shower in my blue thong showing off my body front to back, didn't look if she noticed but could hear Gasps, coming from the whirlpool and words, Oh my! that's a thong he has on, never seen a man wear that. As i decided to use the sauna overlooking the pool later i seen the asian female, strutting without a towel relaxed back to the change room. This time i noticed her cheeky backside rio cut bottoms. Something told me she felt more relaxed in her swim bikini after seeing me in a thong showering on the pool deck. She held onto her towel in her hand rather then covering up as she did entering the pool deck. Least i gave the woman something to think about maybe she will wear a thong next time. Felt she liked to show off her un-toned slim body what better then a thong.
J_R_365 #32

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:10/16/2018 03:52:41Copy HTML

As an aside about Val's stocking items, I've bought several of her "Strapless Ball-huggers" in stocking material. I wear these under other suits as a "semi liner". They keep the shaft separate from the sack, and enhances definition. I had her make the front opening slightly smaller than pictured on her site, as this adds to the results.
NudeNArizona #33

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:12/28/2018 12:47:31Copy HTML

J_R_365, I recently purchased the "Lock and Load" stringless baggie from Val in the Super Naked stocking material as a swimsuit
johny_b #34

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/21/2019 12:49:54Copy HTML

i have an orange rio back and i know its see thru when wet cuz i got out of the pool and it looked painted on, everything was visible. i had a few stares but it was fine after, i just went about the rest of my swim. it was fun
tiggerix #35

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/22/2019 02:08:38Copy HTML

I have three chinese bikini briefs - see here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Brave-Person-Men-s-Bikini-Men-s-Underwear-Swimwear-Free-Shipping/1791315148.html in black, blue and white. (FWIW I think you can find these cheaper elsewhere on aliexpress/ebay) I mostly wear the blue one, with the brave person label removed from the front. They are unlined, very stretchy, lightweight and show every outline when wet. It was the briefest my OH copes with that I can wear anywhere. I have worn the white one a few times, as I like white and my OH seems to as well, plus it keeps much cooler than say black. Anyway's we were in Sardinia a while back and I was sunbathing in the white one and after a while, went into the sea. My OH sees me coming out of the water, bikini translucent and runs up to me laughing and then walks in front of me from the sea so that no one else gets to see. So, intentional oops, aimed more at my OH than anyone else, since she now freaks when I wear a thong/string. I just wear the most minimal/revealing suits I can find that have a full(ish) back. Not the best way to get her to accept my thongs that have better front coverage - but I keep trying. My other tactic being nude on regular beaches - for some reason she finds that more acceptable than thongs/strings which she likens to strippers etc.
Endo_Rowe #36

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

Date Posted:02/22/2019 09:49:37Copy HTML

My partner and I were at an adults-only (not swinger) resort near Playa del Carmen a few months back, where I was wearing a new Daniel Alexander g-string with a white pouch. At first it was just to the beach, where we discovered that it was extremely see-through when wet. Oops. We decided to head back to the hotel swimup bar, and I offered to change. He surprised be my saying I should keep it on. So, for the next two hours, I was chatting and having drinks with numerous strangers in barely crotch-level water and pretty much everything showing. I'm comfortable with nudity, so it was just a really great experience overall.
Mello05 #37

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

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@endo_rowe........if you mind we asking what resort did u go to......wife and I looking for a thong friendly resort
Endo_Rowe #38

Re:Intentional oops see thru /sheer when wet

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Secrets Maroma, and I would go back in a heartbeat.
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