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Date Posted:01/07/2015 06:50:38Copy HTML

Grabeach #1

Re:Interesting interview about Koala.

Date Posted:01/08/2015 07:31:07Copy HTML

I consider myself rather liberal with regard to swimwear and clothes in general. However "feminising suits" strike me as just plain weird.
Gstringjoe #2

Re:Interesting interview about Koala.

Date Posted:01/09/2015 09:52:17Copy HTML

 They are just too pricey for me.  
Ex_Member #3

Re:Interesting interview about Koala.

Date Posted:01/30/2015 07:28:31Copy HTML

My biggest gripe is that they have NO color choice at all.  It's just royal blue (boring!) or black or pink or yellow, but always just *one* color for *one* style.  And their website is a mess, It takes an hour to look through all their styles.

I do like their sleek Rio designs, especially those that have only a string between the balls and anus, very sexy.  They used to have a very popular, great @@@@@@ sleeve suit called Microsplash that was endlessly stimulating, but of course they dumped it...stupid!  If I want a great design now I order a special from Skinz or Suzi Fox, they have great quality and reams of feminine tricot fabrics like peach and baby blue and lilac.
Ex_Member #4

Re:Interesting interview about Koala.

Date Posted:01/30/2015 07:28:37Copy HTML

 Koala is indeed pricey, and some of their stuff is just strange. Call me pedantic, but I don't believe something that's basically a @@@@@@ cage can be categorised as "swimwear".

However I did once take advantage of a promotional sale to order a "Tyrant" thong (the one in my current avatar). It's pretty tiny, but it's by no means as minimalist as much of their gear, and it's definitely a thong. I've found it excellent for the beach and for wearing under shorts for running or gym. It also seems to be holding its shape pretty well, which is not always the case with some underwear I've bought onlihne. So I would so yes, Koala is not cheap but seems to be good quality. As long as you find something in a style you are prepared to wear.
Darkgroove #5

Re:Interesting interview about Koala.

Date Posted:05/09/2015 04:01:02Copy HTML

 I am a huge Koala Swim fan and I love to tan wearing one.  Check my galleri for pics of a crazy yellow brazilian bikini
jn9195 #6

Re:Interesting interview about Koala.

Date Posted:06/10/2017 10:32:16Copy HTML

 Koala used to have some "normal" skimpy bikinis...  snug fit, skimpy, show off the bulge if you wanted, and some thong suits...     they fit very well...  but they quit selling those 15+ years ago.   All of there suits now are just freakish to me. 
jn9195 #7

Re:Interesting interview about Koala.

Date Posted:06/18/2017 05:31:52Copy HTML

 Koala used to have some "normal" bikinis and thongs...  but they discontinued those.  They were skimpy and probably see through when wet.  I had one of each long ago... went to buy more and they were gone.

Now, all of their suits are for freaks and perverts.... they are disgusting.

SlimSuit #8

Re:Interesting interview about Koala.

Date Posted:06/19/2017 02:57:33Copy HTML

 My first thong with Koala was a very narrow cut in the front thong. So narrow that it started me on the path of waxing. It was very comfortable and covered the essentials. A guy (who was with his girlfriend) at the beach even asked me where I got it. My next purchase was a lime green g-string. But ever since then they became more and more, well, "out there" with stuff that you mostly can't wear to the beach. I don't even bother to go to their web site anymore. Too bad. I think they originally had a good thing going.
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