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Date Posted:08/14/2009 10:04:34Copy HTML

As someone mentioned recently on the board, there is a very modest attitude in Ireland. I wish people would be more open minded. Any male that was seen wearing a thong would be thought of as some kind of pervert by most people.

I've not thonged on the beach here, but trips to the beach are few and far between as we don't get the weather. I do wear thong underwear a lot of the time and thong in the gym. I change into and out of a thong discreetly in the locker room.

Am I the only male thonger in Ireland ?

Ex_Member #1


Date Posted:08/18/2009 12:41:11Copy HTML

Top of the morning to ya. Although I am not from Ireland I am irish. Both my grandparents immigrated from Donegal to New York. I still have alot of family there and just made a recent visit this past summer for the first time. Absolutely beautiful!!! I can see why it would be unusual for a thonger to be seen. It is pretty conservative. If it is any consultation I am an irish thonger!! What County are you from? The shank of the day to ya.
span34 #2


Date Posted:02/05/2010 06:18:14Copy HTML

 I wear thongs too but save them for beaches abroad because, as you said, we don't have the weather for beaches, let alone thonging, here in Ireland.
somarudra #3


Date Posted:02/06/2010 06:28:37Copy HTML

well that three in total, so at least I know I'm not the only one!
maozer2003 #4


Date Posted:02/06/2010 11:18:25Copy HTML

Hi Somarudra
I live in England but I have visited your lovely country a few times. Once I was in Wexford in September & visited a beach on a fine day. It was sunny so I wanted to swim - I had no swimwear with me, and I happened to be wearing boxers as underwear, so I went into the sea in my boxers, and it was surprisingly warm - due to the gulf stream I believe. The beach was deserted so if I had been wearing one of my thongs, I would have happily swum in that.
paddyirishman #5


Date Posted:02/17/2010 01:26:29Copy HTML

hey, thought that I should throw in my two cents here as I am Irish but am living abroad at the moment. For a place where no guys wear thongs, I have to say that I remember having difficulty getting thongs in my size in Clearys on O Connell street and this other sexshop on South William street that is not there anymore. They had small, medium, extra large but sometimes were out of large. That made me realise that there were plenty others buying thongs too although I think if you asked anyguy most would say "that's for gays or something else completely ridiculous. I have too say I do not plan to settle back in Ireland. Where I am now I go to two different swimming pools at the weekend and I only wear thongs. I have also gone too some pretty busy beaches too. Although yes, I have to admit it is so much easier to do while away from home. I just can't ever see the day where I could go to my local pool back home in Ireland and thong there without loads of problems, accusations of being gay, indecent exposure and the general small minded attitude to the topic.Bit sad but that's how I see it.
thong1 #6


Date Posted:02/28/2010 01:03:07Copy HTML

I did in fact briefly thong in Ireland - en route to a wedding in Wexford I took a morning dip in the sea off Waterford. There was nobody around, so I took full advantage of it, donning a miniscule underwear/workout string. Otherwise I haven't managed it.
david12345 #7


Date Posted:05/16/2010 07:47:20Copy HTML


I have thonged in Ireland, near Castlegregory in Kerry.  There were s few people around but they didn't seem to pay any notice.
somarudra #8


Date Posted:07/10/2010 12:28:23Copy HTML

On a positive note, I finally managed to thong on an Irish beach recently in my HOM ressac thong. Combination of weather and attitudes don't make it that easy for beach thonging here. The beach was very quiet and I was sitting in a seat a lot of the time, so it probably looked like brief speedos to most people who walked by. It was a great feeling to thong on the beach and to be doing it in Ireland for the first time
somarudra #9


Date Posted:07/10/2010 12:31:47Copy HTML

that's good to hear David. Maybe there's a glimmer of hope
2cheeky #10


Date Posted:07/11/2010 12:03:24Copy HTML

here's to all us irish thongers.
i too keep my thongs for warmer & more tolerant places. i hope to try it one day at a sheltered beach, weather permitting. i wear mostly thong underware , the only kind for yoga!   
Sunfly #11


Date Posted:03/08/2017 06:41:21Copy HTML

 Any newer info for Ireland? Might be headed there soon. I found this article about Irish nude beaches. Can anyone corroborate this?

Sunfly #12


Date Posted:03/08/2017 06:44:17Copy HTML

 Woopsie, here's the link

sailor250 #13


Date Posted:11/18/2018 04:35:23Copy HTML

Ireland in the spotlight as a court case says wearing a thong is "consent" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6401061/Women-Ireland-threaten-strike-rape-trials-conducted.html
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