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Date Posted:09/01/2017 12:19:54Copy HTML

I sometimes skinny dip even when (legally) I shouldn't.  I don't know why, but part of the thrill or fun of doing this is that I might get caught.  Of course, I am not wanting a major run-in with the law, and really don't want to upset narrow-minded people, but having someone (man or womasn) who can accept others nude stumble across me when I don't expect it and not knowing when or even if someone will see me in the buff can really excite me.

Scott and Brad say they really don't care if others see them nude, and I believe it since they strip off everything even in situations where they will almost certainly be caught. They claim they prefer nudity because it is more natural, they get better tans, clothing is restrictive, it is more comfortasbe in hot weather, they don't have wet swijmwear to deal with, they sweat less and even that they think if more people see others nude, they might try it too and this could help make nudity more acceptable.  At the beach, both will stay covered up until they ask everyone close who could see them if their nudity would be offensive.  It amazes me how often everyone says it would be okay.  They also check with others as they show up, but at other times, they just take off their cloths and see what happens.  Like most people, they especially like to hear positive comments, but they seem to be able to shrug off negative ones even if very insulting. Being young, a positive comment from a young women, especially an attractive one, makes them feel especially good about themselves.  If the woman stays and chats or slips off some of her cloths too, they really enjoy the moment.  Given enough time and enough positive feedback, I think things switch to a sexual high since they will start getting hard.  If this is also accepted, they can put on quite a show with their arrousal.  But even men who show an interest in their bodies can cause similar reactions. (Both Scott and Brad are buff and do art modeling and some private strip shows for bachelorette parties, so having people, especially women, checking them out and even getting aroused in front of others is not strange to them.). 

Frank, on the other hand feels more like me -- excited to even think someone might see him if he goes nude where it is not common -- but he feels this way any time he wears anything less than a Speedo too, even when he goes places where minimal swimwear is legal and well accepted.  I will admit my excitement about having others see me in my skimpier swimsuits increases as the amount of material decreases.  But even when wearing swimwear, I can get excited just wearing a bikini with a Rio bottom in some situation where such swimwear would be totally unexpected.  At other places, like a beach where  thongs and topfree beach use is legal and quite common, I can go top free and wear a bottom that barely covers what is legally necessary, and not get excited at all, although like Scott and Brad, I do appreciate positive comments.

So I was wondering if any others get this feeling and if so under what circumstances.

Ex_Member #1

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:09/01/2017 05:12:25Copy HTML

You've pretty much hit the nail on the head. I too enjoy the feel of going naked and don't care who sees me that way. Sometimes it can be a turn on to know that others can see you but normally I'm not affected at all. I was raised in a pretty strict, religious home but we were never taught that nudity is bad. Lot's of times we swam naked on vacation as kids, nobody thought anything of it.

I often go naked on beaches where it's not legal, but I'm always away from the crowds and try to be somewhat discreet and I've found that most people overlook it or just don't care and once in awhile others will join me.  Very few times have I been around anybody that got very upset by me being naked but I'm careful about not being in that situation. 

I've had the occasional run in with creeps but I plainly tell them to move on. I've had women go out of their way to walk close to see but because I'm a man the men usually look the other way. Usually if older couples happen to walk close they will nod and say hello and never give me a second look. I especially like when I get to a spot and somebody else is there close by already and they're naked, because I can let them know that I'm fine with it and I plan to do the same.

A couple years back I had gone to the beach alone and was in a secluded spot and laying naked when an entire family walked by. They were from Germany and they set up maybe 30 yards away, the man was in a brief but ended up nude, the woman in a bikini but topless, a teen aged girl and a young boy of maybe 8 that went naked the entire time. I struck up a conversation with them and found out it was their first trip to the US and they were happy that they had found a spot they could get away from the uptight Americans they had been around the day before. 
32189 #2

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:09/03/2017 01:07:45Copy HTML

I would phrase it not as being caught but as being seen.  Being caught has a negative connotation such that you should not be doing it.  But being seen is simply someone seeing you.  So, I like the idea of people seeing me my thong at the pool or beach.  
modelnude4u #3

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:09/03/2017 01:18:08Copy HTML

 As a proud exhibitionist, the idea of getting caught, or getting seen is definitely high on my list.  I don't want to get in legal trouble, OR beat up, which is possible for a guy.  A woman, I suppose, could worry about getting molested, but less about the legal angle, since they would almost certainly get away with more than a man. 
I absolutely want to be seen, and find it a bit boring to be naked when there's little to no chance of being seen. 
I've got a great, fairly secluded deck on the back of my house, where I could tan naked and would not be seen unless someone comes into my fenced yard.  I'll drive to a park to lay out, just because there could be people there, and that makes all the difference!  My morning walks in only the shortest of shorts are always better when I run into others.  I go to the gym, in large part to wear tiny shorts, and then a thong in the hot tub.  When I get a massage, part of the pleasure is having some young lady see my thong tan lines.   I also do some modeling for art classes, and being naked in a room full of clothed people, whose purpose is to examine my nude body is wonderful!  The fact that I can get PAID for it is even better.
ithongit #4

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:09/06/2017 04:25:46Copy HTML

 When I was younger, I feel the same way about letting others see me -- first in my thongs, then later topfree.  In fact, I think I really got into top freedom beach use simply because I wanted to fell they guy's eyes glued to my body.  But unfortunately, I don't get as excited as I used to.  Now, it is wearing thongs and going topfree in places where they are not normally done or even officially against rules.  There is something very exciting when you wear a thong, or go topfree at a beach that is not know as being topfree friendly, and having some official standing there trying to decide what to do. A few years ago, the answer was usually "put some cloths on" but now more and more the officials let things slip.  I guess if everyone was free to wear as little or as much as they wanted, and more and more people went naked, in thongs, topfree, etc., that nobody would get excited about letting others see them in less than expected.  

Now Randy has been showing off his body longer (and more often) than I do, and still get's excited when people "discover" him.  I have been to the beach, when he has slipped off his suit and is laying on his back and he will see girl coming along and will start whispering "I hope she comes over here" and then if she does he starts whispering "I wonder how soon it will be before she see's I'm nude" and then if some keeps coming towards us and notices his lack of clothing he says "I hope she doesn't turn away" and then if she doesn't he says "I hope she says something" and if she does say something, especially positive or at least not negative like "looks like you are staying cool" or "I like your tan" or whatever, he hopes she will set up nearby.  He has to fight not getting too excited, and keeps things soft until she passes,  If she does set up nearby, he will sometimes ask me to apply suntan lotion to his tool, just so he can let it get excited for a minute, but he will continue to whisper things like "I hope she gets to see me hard" and stuff like that.  A "good" experience like this will make him so happy.  He doesn't do this around children or people he thinks will not appreciate his shows, and if they act offended he will cover up immediately.


Grabeach #5

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:09/06/2017 10:31:06Copy HTML

Getting caught was never part of the fun for me, more of an annoyance on the way to doing what I wanted to do. I would agree that when I first starting wearing a lot less than others on the beach, being seen was a bonus. However these days I mainly go to pools, at some of which being seen by everyone who walks into the place is guaranteed. It no longer matters to me whether the place is packed or I'm the only one sunning. As I've got older I find the 'fun' comes more from the satisfaction of wearing what I want AND being accepted by both pool management and by patrons who for whatever reason aren't prepared to wear anything similar themselves.
NudeNArizona #6

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:09/26/2017 07:43:11Copy HTML

 I have had fun with this aspect as well, we have our own private pool with a block wall fence 5' high and usually in the summer when we are out back in the pool we have the outdoor stereo playing so we can listen to music while lounging and swimming.  I don't think we were in our house 2 weeks before all of our immediate neighbors "caught" us nude. In most cases it happened because they came to the front door range the bell and we didn't hear it being out back with music on, so seeing our cars in the driveway they figured we were home, so they next logical thing they thought to do was walk around back and see if we were out back and didn't hear them, which we didn't, and every time it happened we were nude swimming or sunbathing or working in the yard when they walked thru the gate.

First time I was laying on a lounger and my wife floating on a raft when I hear the gate slam and hear a hello from my neighbor lady, who came over to introduce herself because she saw us moving in earlier in the week. She was more embarrassed then we were, but after new initial shock we stood and introduced ourselves as she apologized for intruding.

Second time it was the older couple who lives across the street, we had met them when we were looking at the house and they asked about the pool we had because they were looking to put a pool in this summer. We told them to come over and take a look so they decided to bring over a house warming gift a few days after we moved in and take a look at the pool. Pete had seen me walking back and forth from the pool equipment which is outside of our fence and he waived to me so i waived back and went back in my yard. About 10 minutes later we were now swimming in the pool and we had the fountains running and stereo on. Pete and his wife come walking thru the gate bearing a gift. Initially i don't think they realized we were naked until they walked over to the edge of the pool. then without batting an eye Jeri said I love your pool, then she said don't worry about us I grew up in the 60's everybody was naked back then! So we both got out and showed them around the pool area without any issues

Third time it was the gay guys across the street, they came over to introduce themselves and not sure what they already knew just walked around to the side gate and said "hello" and came walking thru as I was walking toward the gate, they blushed a little and said "we now know where to come to swim" and we just talked for a while had hung out.

never really an issue, and since then they all know what to expect when they drop in.
modelnude4u #7

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:09/28/2017 09:23:49Copy HTML

 Definitely is for me!  On my near daily walk on the trails today, I wore my Soffees over a shiny thong from the parking lot to the trail start.  There was only 1 other car in the park, so I took the shorts off right away, and wore just the thong.  A little ways in, there's a bench at an intersection of 2 trails.  I always just carry my shorts with me, so I could cover up if needed, even though I usually don't. 

Today, I decided that I'd leave the shorts under the bench, walking the full trail loop with no way to cover myself if I ran into anyone.  Just being out there with that extra little risk factor got me charged up. 

These trails being pretty sparsely used is what got me started with the thonged hiking, but now I really am a bit bummed that I don't have more chances to get caught!
Ex_Member #8

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:10/02/2017 12:08:43Copy HTML

Last week, I went to the townhouse complex pool for an evening swim after sunset.  When I got there, I thought maybe the Pool was closed because the light in the pool water was off. But the pool was open.  Since I usually wear a thong, I had no reason to swim in anything else at night.  What I didn't realize was that there was a young couple already in the pool when I walked closer to the water.  So I started to chat small talk and asked, "you don't mind if I swim in my thong, do you?" The girl answered back, "You don't mind that we're naked, do you?"

I tried not to miss a beat and acted like it was totally cool and super normal, but I was so excited to have caught them skinny dipping!!  I lied and said that was fairly common after dark.  Then I stripped off my shorts, walked past them to enter the pool from the end furthest away.  Just to put on a show.  The girl could not take her eyes off my ass. The guy asked me if that was normal swim attire for me. 

We got to chatting. Turns out they were house sitting for someone.  Even though they were daring and fun, they weren't exhibitionists. I intentionally waited as long as I could to see how they would handle getting out.  In the end, they whispered to each other, then seemed to agree to just act cool and walk out like I wasn't even there.  So I watched them from a side glance so as not to make them any more uncomfortable. At their towels, they hurried to wrap themselves and then scurried off.  It was cool to know they were running across the complex lawn with nothing on under their Towels.
navythong #9

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:10/02/2017 03:40:55Copy HTML

Getting seen (for me that is not the same as getting caught), is part of the fun too.
Sometimes when I'm on my stomach, and other people are passing by, I take a quick look what people's reaction is when they see my thonged butt.
I always hope to get some positive comments from other beach visitors, but this hasn't happened yet.
Maybe it is because I always visit a beach where going nude is more or less accepted, so people are not surprised by somebody wearing a thong.
I still don't have the guts to thong on a textile beach where too many people are around.
bmicro #10

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:10/02/2017 05:06:28Copy HTML

 I am with navythong in that getting caught is, to me, what happens when you are trying to hide something. I obviously enjoy being seen in a thong (or less) and enjoy the many positive comments that I get. I try not to put myself in a situation where I have to hide (e.g. thonging on a beach that is not thong friendly) or fear getting caught. 
Sharon73 #11

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:10/11/2017 01:28:39Copy HTML

 Yes, getting caught is very much part of the fun for me, esp. if caught naked.
modelnude4u #12

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:10/12/2017 02:41:06Copy HTML

 There is a line somewhere between being seen, & being caught.  I like to be a bit naughty by wearing small things where they are not expected.  Of course, a man in a thong in Iowa is nearly never expected, so that makes it easy!  It's great to be able to walk down the street or beach in Miami in only a thong and not have any issues, but it's sometimes more fun to have a whale tail at the gym or wear a thong into the hot tub back home in Iowa, because it's likely to get a reaction.  In Miami, they've seen it all it seems.

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:10/12/2017 03:42:17Copy HTML

 I enjoy it when people see me thongingit at the pool.  Positive comments and requests for pictures feeds the ego.
rooE #14

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:01/06/2018 01:42:36Copy HTML

i couldnt agree more with you modelnude4u, what is considered thirlling in some areas just isnt in others. like on holiday im always just in a speedo and getting caught by someone wearing just a thong, be it at the beach, shop or hotel isnt too big a deal. but still thrilling. but at home, simply having a visible thong line will get attention. like when i walked into the bakery in the white skins im wearing in my profile pic, and as i walked in one cashier a 45yr old attraive woman, turns to her slightly older co-worker and gasped and said: " look at his tights" just loud enough for me too hear and catch both their eyes lingering. at the till the younger cashier was chatting too me and says: 
" i like your tights, they're a lot to take in! really dont leave much to the imagination do they?"
so we had a good natured little chat, and the phone went and she had to get it, and was replaced by a new girl (on her gap year i've later found out) and i suddenly got super nervous, as i knew i had to turn around and walk out the shop and that my thong was showing clear through my white leggings, so i turrn around and walk out and i hear the checkout girl gasp, heard her camera click and her say: "hasshtag manthong!" 
but if that had been on holiday i wouldnt of even cared had i been in maybe just a speedo thong!
Beachlover492000 #15

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:01/09/2018 08:37:18Copy HTML

 At times avoiding getting caught is part of the fun, but it can be very frightening. 
Years ago I lived near a rather large wooded area. I found a secluded area where I would strip naked including my shoes and hid my clothes under a log or rock. Then I set out for a walk with absolutely nothing to wear. Going out any other way would have taken the thrill out of it. The idea was get as far from my clothes as possible. I was ever mindful that each step was one more step I would have to retrace, and that was exciting. I sometimes walked as far as two to three miles away from my clothes. 
There were not a lot of people in the area, but it was not totally deserted. Sometimes people would ride on their ATVs, and I could hear them well in advance. Other times I had to beware that I might run into a fellow walker. Most of the time I didn't run into anyone, and it was wonderful to be a part of nature in my natural state, but one time things got tense.
One day in the late afternoon I heard voices up the trail from where I was waking. I was able to duck into some bushes just in time before they saw me. Usually people simply walked past where I was hidden, but not this time. They turned out to be a man and woman who sat down on a log for a long chat. There I was within a few feet of them completely naked and totally defenseless. My exhibitionism had really gotten me into a mess this time!
I was so nervous that I thought that my heart was going to pound out of my chest, and yet on a another level I was enjoying situation. It was like being on a roller coaster except that the ride lasted for what seemed like an eternity. I felt incredibly vulnerable because I was naked, and yet it was exciting too. I considered the possible consequences if they saw me and decided to press charges. There would go my job and probably a good part of my "normal life." Finally they got up and left, and fortunately not in the direction I had to go to get back to my clothes. 
It was getting dark and cold when I got back to where my clothes were hidden. Then in panic I discovered that I couldn't find them. My house was in an area where I could be easily seen if I returned to it naked, and I didn't have the key because it was in my pants. I was getting really cold, uncomfortable and scared. Finally I found my clothes, got dressed and went home. It was an experience that I really would not like to repeat, but I still enjoy the memory. 
car57 #16

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:06/03/2018 12:26:44Copy HTML

Went up to the neighborhood pool yesterday morning for my regular mile swim which I normally do in a Speedo style suit, I'm the only guy who wears them at our pool.  I was slow getting moving and was running a little bit behind and in my haste to get to the pool put on a thong suit by Speedo.  I did not realize it when I removed my shorts at the pool in front of a bunch of parents and kids who were all there for swim lessons, and jumped into the pool. 

As I was swimming I thought something felt different and after 8 laps decided to pause and reached back and found a bare ass cheek!  At first I said screw it and resumed swimming and then thought twice about it and carefully got out of the pool facing the crowd the whole time until I got to my towel.

No one seemed to notice, but someone must have.  I acted like I had to run home real quick, where I changed into a Speedo that is the same color. 

I must admit it was a great rush and I would have preferred to stay in the thong but as the President of our HOA I'm not quite ready to go there in the neighborhood, even though I only wear thongs on the beach.
Thongzo #17

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:06/03/2018 01:25:59Copy HTML

Yep, it's super thrilling. Just this morning I noticed that a bunch of my plants had been knocked over. So I ran outside in nothing but a Daniel Alexander g-string (the smallest thing I own) and turned all the plants upright and ran back in. No idea if anyone saw me but was a huge thrill!
modelnude4u #18

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:06/03/2018 02:17:53Copy HTML

 That legal or physical danger edge is where it quits being fun for me!  I've been arrested once for public indecency, so I know that it CAN go too far.  That being said, I still love the thrill, but I try to find the thrill on the legal side of the line, even if it's really close to the line!
tobias5711 #19

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:06/27/2018 05:37:40Copy HTML

 Some of you might have read my recent posts about me going nude indoors  or wearing g-strings or at most a thong around my house or in yard. Today while I was on the phone, I heard a knock at the door. I was wearing a tiny Daniel Alexander blue g-string- The pouch barely covers me and the straps are really just small strings, but it is so comfortable.  At first I started putting on pants, then decided to see who it was. I looked out my front window onto the porch. A young college age guy was about to leave my porch. So I went to see what he wanted.  He turned around when he heard me and came back onto the porch where I now stood in just my g-string. He was a salesman for a construction company who just put on a new roof down the street. He stayed and tried to get me to buy a new roof. When I told him mine was only 7 years old he asked about my windows and siding. We talked for over 5 minutes. I kept asking him questions and he did his best to try to find something I needed to buy. He did not seem to mind I was in just a g-string, he was interested in a sale, Glad I did not chicken out. Several more neighbors saw me today in a thong. Wish I had started wearing thongs in my yard years ago. No one seems to care, or least no one has complained. I think being confident is the key. If you are confident, nobody thinks you are doing anything wrong, which I am not.
NudeNArizona #20

Re:Is part of the fun getting caught?

Date Posted:07/04/2018 10:02:48Copy HTML

 I guess you coild consider it being caught but I consider it enjoying my home, last summer I Was home during the week and one afternoon while I was relaxing by the pool I heard a car pull up my driveway since I wasn’t expecting guests I got up and walked over to my gate and then I saw 8 young adults get out of a van all wearing similar clothing so I opened the gate and went to see what they wanted but before I could ask one of the girls noticed me walking o er and had a look of complete shock on her face seeing me approaching the group completely nude. I ask why they were in my driveway and they apologized but quickly went into there sales pitch.
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