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Date Posted:08/09/2005 12:55:24Copy HTML

Looking for other Mexico thong friendly beachs. Anyone been to Cabo San Lucas or Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo? Thank youJenny
Tongaman #1

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:08/11/2005 12:20:22Copy HTML

We go to Cabo every October. My wife and have  always worn thongs, and we have been to every beach and several different hotels and resorts. We have never had any issues. A female, especially, will not have any problem. Guys in thongs are a rarity. Ladies are a little more common. I highly recommend The PEZ GATO snorkeling trip as thonging experience. (some of you old timers from the old "huge thong board" may recall my story from a few years back)
caferacer #2

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:08/11/2005 06:15:24Copy HTML

Thanks for the info Tongaman.  Can you tell us which resorts you have thonged at in Cabo?  And how about the PES GATO trip.  Can you give some more details.  Is this one of those snorkel trips with a booze cruise on the way back?  Did you thong just while in the water or on board the boat as well?  My girlfriend and I are headed there and  would love to do one of these but were unsure as to how thongs would be accepted on the boat.
Tongaman #3

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:08/12/2005 03:13:06Copy HTML

Resorts that we have stayed:

Solmar Beach Resort (our favorite - we go back again and again--- Great location, layed back, quiet away from the hustle and bustle, but within waking distance of it. no vendors on beach)

Hacienda Beach Resort (big, on the main beach close to the action)

Calinda (Funky, inexpensive, perched on cliffs, nice little quite beach, good snorkeling, just outside of town, but too far to walk)

Playa Grande (location near Solmar, newer, colorful, big (too big))

Pueblo Bonito Rose (big, on the main beach close to the action, busy)

Presidente Intercontinental (San Jose Del Cabo) (quiet, remote)

Posada Real (San Jose Del Cabo) - (quiet, remote)


Yes it's a booze cruise with a snorkeling activity in the middle of it. I've done it about 5 times. It's always fun, but how much fun depends on who you are with -and- who happens to show up to take the cruise that day. It's a relatively small group 25-35 people or so. The drinks start flowing as soon as you leave the harbor. And usually things loosen up quickly. It's about a 30-40 minute trip over to Santa Maria Bay and about half way, depending on the sun, heat, the crowd (and drinks...), people begin taking off shirts and shorts, etc, to reveal swimwear. You get to snorkel for an hour or so. They provide masks, snorkels and fins, but if your into snorkeling, bring your own! While you are out snorkeling, the crew is putting together a light lunch/snack and is ready for when you return to the boat. Then a few more drinks, bask in the sun for a while and then they start heading back toward Cabo. There is music and drinks, people are dancing. It's great fun. They stop again near Lovers Beach for a quick swim / snorkel. By this time everybody is at about full tilt, drink wise, and somewhere in there is the traditional mooning of the "other" snorkel tour before returning to the dock...just in time for the all-day happy hour at the dockside Baja Cantina!

On one particularly fun Pez Gato trip, I made friends with these three single (30-something) ladies and another couple. When we got to Santa Maria, I stripped to my thong and snorkeled. Upon returning to the boat, the ladies (I wish I could remember their names) expressed great interest in my thong and "tush". One of the ladies mentioned to another that she really wished she could sunbathe with her top off. The other agreed. I seized the moment (I don't normally react quickly enough to these opportunities) I blurted out "If I can get away with wearing this (pointing to my butt), then I don't think anyone here is going to be bothered by a couple of nice looking young ladies that happen to be top free!" I sort of gathered a collective agreement from the other passengers that happened to be nearby, as well as the crew - (three young Mexican guys) The two women as well as one other women of the couple that I befriended proceeded to remove their tops. We all enjoyed the sun, the breeze, scenery, the music and drinks. Wild day!

By the way, you can drive to Santa Maria Bay as well. You miss out on the booze cruise party, but you can spend as much snorkel and beach time there as you want.

jenny12345 #4

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:08/12/2005 05:06:53Copy HTML

Thongaman.  Thank you for your input.  We're thinking of booking a week (end of April 2006) at the Pubelo Bouinto Rose.  Anthing else we should konw for happy thonging?  Jenny
Tongaman #5

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:08/19/2005 12:11:03Copy HTML


One other thing about Cabo that everyone should be aware of (and most of tourist Mexico, but especially Cabo) is the timeshares industry is huge in Cabo. I have nothing against timeshares, in fact we own one, and it has worked out VERY well for us. Most everyone that I have met that has traveled to Cabo has had a timeshare sales story to tell. The second you leave Mexican customs at the airport you will be bombarded by "sharks" that will try to lure you to "take a 45 minute tour", "have a fee breakfast", and offer discounts on transportation to you hotel, rental cars, fishing, golf, water actives, or whatever you express interest in. If you rent a car, the person working behind the counter will try to enlist you for the "free Mexican breakfast presentation". As will the friendly helpful person in your hotel lobby "concierge" or "activities desk". Likely, depending on the restaurant, so will you friendly waiter. The guys in little timeshare "activities" booths strategically located around town will try to get your attention as well.

It's there. Just be prepared for it. I suggest that you discuss with rest of your travel party ahead of time and decide whether you want to do any timeshare tours. If not, be courteous and simply say "no thank you". If you are up to a tour, its a good way to see other resorts and the "prizes" can be good. Play the game. The down side is you spend at least a half a day of your precious vacation time. And the high-pressure sales tactics can be taxing...Sometimes pretty humorous and entertaining, but taxing.

jenny12345 #6

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:08/25/2005 11:01:08Copy HTML


We changed are reservation to Solmar or Club Regina in San Jose del Cabo, now I'm sure we can enjoy our thonging.  thanks

Ex_Member #7

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:09/08/2005 05:53:28Copy HTML

My wife and I went to Cabo mid-August for our honeymoon.  During the week we were there, we didn't see anyone topless or at the beach in a thong.  However, it's so relaxed there that I think you could thong anywhere.  We stayed at the Westin (which is on the same property as the Club Regina) In Cabo and both of us thonged at the pool without any problems.  We weren't bothered by anyone as no one seemed to care.

Cabo was beautiful but more expensive than I had planned.  Cab rides into town are about $25 each way.  One good thing about our timeshare presentation was that we walked away with free shuttle rides into town for the entire week we were there as well as 50% off all activities.  The best deal we got on food was a Domino's Pizza that we had delivered to our room.

jenny12345 #8

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:12/20/2005 02:03:55Copy HTML

Good morning all.  Me and my husban will be in Cabo at the Solmar suites in late April.  From their web site it looks very secluded, but I can not imagine anything better than the beachs of Tulum (GREAT thonging experience!!).  How will my Wicked Weasel suits and husban's Dore' low cut thongs be received?  And any other advice. 

Thank you



Tongaman #9

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:01/25/2006 01:24:17Copy HTML

How well thongs will be received, like anywhere depends on the crowd on any particular hour, day or week. Spring certainly draws a slightly younger crowd. Like I said I've never had ANY issues there. With the exception, I have recently learned, that some of the women who also go the same "regular" week as us, apparently REALLY look forward to seeing what (color?) thongs that I'm wearing each season. Their husbands, however, do not. And they do not like their wives oogling over me.

Here are a few things that I highly recommend:

1. The PEZ GATO snorkeling tour. (wear your thong)

2. LOVER"S BEACH - From Solmar Beach you can hike /climb (boulder) over the rocks to "Divorce Beach" (on the Pacific side) which connects to "Lover's Beach" (on the bay side). Be very careful climbing. It's potentially very dangerous. The route is not marked, nor is it obvious. It takes a little trial and error as well as possible some back-tracking to find your way. I suggest a napsack to carry your stuff so that you have both hands free. BRING WATER and a snack.(and your thong). Divorce beach is spacious, and sunny with lots of space for sunbathing, etc. However, being on the Pacific side (just like Solmar Beach) swimming is usually not recommended. Lover's Beach is safe for swimming and is where the boats come to drop people off and pick them up, so it's much busier and The beach area is also smaller. You can easily walk back and forth between the two beaches. You also can buy Beer and soda and water and trinkets from the venders.

3. RESTAURANTS - Felix'  at the corner of Hidalgo and Zapata. There are a lot of big noisy touristy restaurants with shlock "Mexican" formulated menus, with basically the same crap you can get at any El Torrito. Felix' is not one of them. It has the most incredible salsa bar and a menu with traditional regional dishes as well as inventive variations. It's not fancy, or expensive just a damn good liitle known place - and the only place I'll freely give a plug!. (Bye the way, it becomes "Mama's Cafe" for breakfast)

4. BEACH BAR - ok here's another...Medano Beach is where the "action" is. "The office" is right in the sand. sit in a chese lounge and soak up the sun, order drinks, and enjoy the scenery. Women in thongs frequent, men not so much. I've done it. be bold!

5. Fishing - This is the most expensive suggestion. If you like sportfishing, this is a given. If you've never tried it, its a great experience. Spend a day on the boat, enjoy the sun. (wear your thong). Dorado (Mahi Mahi) seem to always be plentiful. Most of the area restaurants will prepare it for you - there is nothing better than freshly caught dorado! Or- if you are lucky enough to cross paths with a Marlin you are in for some REAL excitment!


Bunsrae #10

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:01/27/2006 02:40:05Copy HTML


Have you actually gone deep sea fishing on a chartered boat in a thong? The crew would likely be all men. How was that experience?

Tongaman #11

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:02/02/2006 01:09:58Copy HTML

Actually I have. However, I was with three women, who (two of them) were also wearing thongs they definetly "stole" the attention away from me. The Captain and his assistant REALLY enjoyed having them on THEIR boat. They were busy chatting back and forth on the radio to their buddy's on the other boats and then buzzing past them to show off the passengers. Since I brought these gorgeous creatures to their boat, they could have cared less about what I wore. Although I really only wore it for a short time though, because once we started hooking dorado and later in the day a marlin, I was busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest! Shorts just felt more comfortable. The shorts provide a little protection from the end of the rod when your trying to "seat" it into the holder, plus they provide something to wipe your hands on from time to time!


nakedwino #12

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:03/12/2006 04:49:41Copy HTML

My wife and I vacationed at the RIU in Cabo San Lucas recently.  I would have to say that the pool area didn't seem to thong friendly.  A lot of one piece suits and boardshorts.  However we took a 5 min stroll down the beach and found a place  were we able to tan in our thongs! People passed by and smiled. On the second day another couple even followed our lead and set up camp about 10ft away both of them in thongs. Unfortunitly it's not a swiming beach (severe undertow) so we just laided out and work on our tans =). 
socalthongman #13

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:08/30/2006 11:52:49Copy HTML

My wife and I stayed at the Villa Del Palmar in Cabo this mid-August, and we were very disappointed in the lack of thong and topless participation.  I would image that we were just unlucky, but it still sucks.  During the five days we were there, we saw no topless women, and only three women wearing a Rio back suit that changed into a thong when pervoked.  I wore my usual (gstring) on the hotel's beach, and received absolutely no negative comments.  Most people using the hotel facilities just looked to see what I was wearing when I would go to the water.  On one occasion I saw a solo female walk down the beach with a Rio back pulled into a thong.  Returning in our direction, I decided that a water visit would be nice so that she could get a better view.  As she passed by, I looked to her backside in enough time to see her adjust the back of her suit into a thong again.  I would like to think that I inspired her with the 'barely-there' thing that I was wearing.  The only weird experience was the first time I made a trip to the water, all the Mexican locals selling their junk made alot of cat call whistles and the like.  After they got that out of their system, there were no more!  Got lots of great sun rays, but I was generally very disappointed with the mix of conservative people there.     

clubthongs #14

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:08/30/2006 11:03:59Copy HTML

In experience, Puerto Vallarta and Ixtapa are much more thong friendly than Cabo.
pjmodel2002 #15

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:12/30/2006 05:43:50Copy HTML

Just got back from Cabo San Lucas.

Beautiful place, great beaches.

However, unless you want to hop in the car and drive to one of the beaches out of town, leave the thong at home.  Dork shorts are the rule for the guys.

Not unexpectedly, women can do whatever they like.

NoTanLinesToo #16

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:03/14/2007 01:50:19Copy HTML

Anyone familiar with the thonging at Solmar Beach, which is near the Hotel Finisterra?  I've seen a lot of pictures and it seems like it isn't used very much at all. 

How about around the pools at the Hotel Finisterra?

I'll be there in late April, so looking forward to some good weather!


NoTanLinesToo #17

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:04/24/2007 10:44:12Copy HTML

Just got back from Cabo.  I would highly recommend the Hotel Finisterra!  Even though the water is too dangerous to swim in, the beach is beautiful and basically deserted.  There are 4 hotels on Solmar Beach and during the 7 days I was there, my wife and I were the only ones sunbathing on the beach!  She was topless most of the time and wore a thong, and I wore either a g-string or a thong.  The pools are a different story; everyone seemed to be wearing very conservative suits.  I wore a small solar tan-thru bikini while at the pool.  Although no one ever said anything, I did feel like people were looking and commenting.  I didn't let it bother me though!  I did manage to come away with a small tan line!  If anyone is thinking of checking out Cabo San Lucas, I would recommend it for the food, the weather, and the hospitality of the locals.


mrhb2003 #18

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:01/26/2008 06:12:43Copy HTML

 Aloha,  Cabo is cool for thongs but we generally go to the corridor to escape the masses.  I've found if you just act like it's "normal" it is.  Have a good vacation.
goodyrthonger #19

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:05/19/2008 11:35:51Copy HTML

Just got back from Cabo.  Sorry to say not thong friendly.  I only saw one woman in a g string on Lover's beach.  I wore a Dore thong on the Divorce beach, after find a less crowed spot. Board shorts ruled both here at the beaches and at my time share.  I saw one guy in a 6" side speedo.  At my time share I was the only one in a 1" Gregg Perry bright yellow bikini.  Some yahoos made some wolf comments.  I also wore a skimpy bikini on the privated each at Playa Grande Resort.  Only my friend and I wore a bikinis on the beach.
tback32 #20

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:11/24/2010 05:06:00Copy HTML

 Hi all. I'm working down in Cabo San Lucas for the next two months. Anybody have any recent reports or advice where to thong here?

BeachLover007 #21

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:04/27/2011 04:17:45Copy HTML

 When I was in Cabo last November I saw a smoking hot woman in a black thong walking down the main beach.
pjmodel2002 #22

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:05/10/2011 04:43:21Copy HTML

I know Cabo - and Mexico in general - is pretty conservative.  A Speedo Solar is pretty racy for men down there ( or so I have found in my experience.).
DoreFan #23

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:05/10/2011 04:56:28Copy HTML

I don't know about Cabo, but Mexico in general is NOT too conservative for thonging. I've thonged on my last two trips to the Mayan Riviera. I've even thonged on a very busy Playa del Carmen beach. Speedos are very common in the Mayan Riviera, that was the MOST I wore down there.
DavyJ #24

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:06/11/2011 07:29:23Copy HTML

Mexico may be "pretty conservative", but most of the resort areas are not "real Mexico".  If the area caters to tourists then as long as you spend your money they could care less what you wear.  I don't know Cabo specifically, but have never had any issues at Riviera Maya or PDC in a very skimpy thong.
levis #25

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:11/25/2011 11:17:41Copy HTML

 I agree with above comments regarding Cabos, me and wife choose a resort in Cabo San Lucas at the edge of the hotel zone thinking that we might be able to thong as like away from the main crowd. Only few people walk all the way to that corner but we havent seen anybody wearing a thong (man or woman) and even my wife was uncomfortable in slipping into a tiny bikini. There are better places to thong in Mexico.
dmCUbare #26

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:11/29/2011 09:02:20Copy HTML

Agree with levis - thonging in Cabo blows!  It's like San Diego, south US.  There are more Americans than Mexicans in Cabo.  Other spots in Mexico that are great for thonging are PV, Riviera Maya, Cozumel, Cancun, Zihua & Ixtapa.  I've thonged in all those places and have had plenty of company! 
drid123 #27

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:01/06/2012 06:14:16Copy HTML

Form the posts it sounds like Cabos overall is still not exactly that thong friendly.  A couple years ago I stayed at Solmar and thonged by the pool without any problem or weird stares.  In fact my wearing of a Speeedo Solar and a thong actually changed the ways some other guys tanned... they started with board shorts then shed them to their speedos.  Hey, it's a start!!

I am going to Cabos in March and staying at Pueblo Bonita this time.  Any one thonged there lately?  Any one thonged on the Medano beach side?  Any one thonged at Lovers Beach?  Any suggestions?

Also, does any body know of a clothing optional beach around Los Cabos?

pjmodel2002 #28

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:01/24/2012 04:14:48Copy HTML

Supposedly, Divorce Beach.  However, what trial to get there.  Between renting a boat on one side and traversing the mountain on the other, it's not worth it.   Cabo is a pretty place.  The old town is my favorite part of it - the other side is too much like Spring Break. (Mind you, the Office is the place to be to pass an afternoon - cocktail in hand.)   However, I noticed most men are somewhere between a Speedo bikini and a pair of jeans on the beach.   I hang out on the fringe with a Speedo Solar, but the majority are wearing Capri lenth swim pants/slacks/tuxedos.

There are plenty of secluded beaches, but be careful. 
drid123 #29

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:03/09/2012 06:41:43Copy HTML

Just got back from Cabo.  Had a great time enjoying the sun, fun, food, and beer.  Stayed on the Medano Beach side this time.  Saw ZERO thongs on males, a few on the ladies.  I sported a Speedo Solar occasionally (no complaints from anyone) and noticed there were only a few other Speedo bikini style wearers at all on the beach.  Quite a few square-cut mens swimwear, probalby spotted twenty or so.  Square cuts are not my style but at least they are shorter, smaller, and tighter than the bazillion knee length dork-shorts I saw.

Appears to be many many shaved or waxed male chests and backs.  I waxed ALL before I went and it was great.  First time for a bro-zilian, my wife likes it and so do I.  Will get the all-over wax again.

pjmodel2002 #30

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:12/21/2012 02:01:22Copy HTML

I concur with drif123's report.  I was there in November.  Nice beaches - some have a literally killer undercurrent.  Jeans and dork shorts galore for guys.  A couple of Rio thongs on the ladies.  Kind of thinking Florida Brazil or a French island next time.  Tan lines look stupid after wearing dork shorts for a week.
kmackhard #31

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:12/23/2012 06:00:11Copy HTML

Hi there my wife and I go to Los Cabos almost every year. We always stay around San Jose Del Cabo we have always thonged or g-stringed there on beaches and around the pools and never had any issues. Yes you get a few looks but so what dosen;t bother either one of us. You get as many admiring looks as you do bad looks and we have had some nice comments as well. So happy thonging.
                                                                                                                               Cheers Ken
P.S. check my images I am going to up load some of our pics in Los Cabos
JM_Runs #32

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:10/15/2013 11:51:38Copy HTML

 I just got back from cabo and it's definitely not what I'd categorize as thong friendly, meaning: no one will hassle you but you don't see a lot of thongers, especially guys.  We have a 20-year timeshare.  So, this is coming from experience.
That said I'm sure most thongers would feel more comfortable on the more secluded beaches mentioned above.  Regardless, it's a fantastic place to vacation.
JM_Runs #33

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:10/22/2015 02:46:14Copy HTML

 In cabo this week, at the Pueblo Bonito Blanco. A few women in thongs. "Almost thongs" are more common.  No guys, so I'm sticking to mid-length trunks w/g-string underneath.  However, we've figured out that by 11pm it's very easy to get away with skinny dipping!
Eladimir #34

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:04/21/2016 07:18:54Copy HTML

 Well thanks for all the tips and thoughts, headed down to Presidente Intercontinental tomorrow (is now call Holiday Inn Resort I believe) I'll pack both his and her thongs with us and play it by ear.
JM_Runs #35

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:04/22/2016 02:31:19Copy HTML

You must eat dinner at Edith's.  Best restaurant in town.  Last time we sat next to Guy Fieri.  if you need more suggestions, just ask.
Eladimir #36

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:04/28/2016 08:23:35Copy HTML

 Only left the resort for a cabo pub crawl so we missed Edith's. But the food at the holiday inn was damn respectable. As for the thong report: took a couple days till the crowd changed over and there were several gorgeous girls in thongs and a few gay couples in speedos. Once the climate was right I switched to my thong. Never a complaint or a disparaging look. Even at the main pool (adult pool was closed). Yet another testament to just wear what you want and enjoy it. 
packiest #37

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:07/14/2018 03:34:51Copy HTML

 First day at Riu Cabo today. Gf and I both hinged with no problem at the day pool party. Got a couple fist bumps from guys, even without seeing the back of my suit, so was fairly well received by the crowd. Looking forward to a good week.
shavedm #38

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:11/28/2018 05:16:45Copy HTML

Was thinking about a trip to Cabo having never been there any idea how thongs and G-strings will be received on the beaches.
packiest #39

Re:Ixtapa or Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Date Posted:12/05/2018 03:59:11Copy HTML

Beaches are pretty empty in Cabo, as the water isn’t swimmable. The locals will laugh at you most likely, but you won’t have any problem.
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