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Date Posted:08/17/2017 02:31:26Copy HTML

I have had 2 pairs of Joe Snyder underwear that has the stitching come unraveled on the side of the pouch. One pair, dazzling blue Capri, I purchased directly front their website. After 2 wears, I. Priced it and contacted them immediately, and they replaced them. The second, a black thong, I purchased from a local store. They were purchased June 26, and I've worn them 4 times. I just contacted Joe Snyder and they were of no help. I get they should know as this is not isolated with 2 of my 4 pairs have the exact same problem. I hand wash after wear and air dry. Anyone else experience this?
Beached_Santa_Cruz #1

Re:Joe Snyder quality issues

Date Posted:08/17/2017 02:37:39Copy HTML

 Just had a pair that did the same thing.  They are a couple of years old but not a whole lot of wear.
Ex_Member #2

Re:Joe Snyder quality issues

Date Posted:08/17/2017 02:49:27Copy HTML

 I would suspect  this is a much larger issue, that for now they are not willing to admit by the response I got from their customer service agent. I'll expect skivvies dallas to replace the pair I recently purchased in their store, and after that I will likely not buy anymore of their products. I love the underwear too! Such a sexy cut, fit, and material. It just makes me sad, but hopefully I can find a better replacement that is designed similar.
Ex_Member #3

Re:Joe Snyder quality issues

Date Posted:08/17/2017 05:03:04Copy HTML

 Happy ending! Skivvies Dallas exchanged my js03 thong for a new one. I had proof of purchase through their rewards program. They feel, Joe Snyder has a good reputation, and this should not be the norm. I'm hoping for that to be the am case as I love them!!
roninho #4

Re:Joe Snyder quality issues

Date Posted:03/30/2018 04:29:00Copy HTML

 i bought a blue bikini for swimming and have a worn a few times though after 2nd wear there was a problem with the stitching and contacted 'dead good undies' online from i bought it. said i was outwith my return time and they wouldn't replace it.
OS777 #5

Re:Joe Snyder quality issues

Date Posted:03/31/2018 06:07:02Copy HTML

I may have mentioned this long ago... Joe Snyder started out as Jose Snyder as it probably still is, in Mexico !!!  Years ago I purchased a few different styles and found substandard construction in their garments.  Remember that hand crafted products (such as garments) may not adhere to high quality standards in terms of material, thread, and or construction.   Jose Snyder is quite popular in many countries.  Usually variety of styles, colors, and price make JS attractive.  I caution all consumers to know their product and manufacturer.  Mexico's products vary in quality . Caveat Emptor !!!  FIN
John Howard #6

Re:Joe Snyder quality issues

Date Posted:03/31/2018 06:17:54Copy HTML

 That's interesting, didn't know that Joe Snyder's were 'hecho en Mexico'..... You are right, products from those countries can have good or bad quality;   I believe the price can sometimes be a good indicator;  if the price is too low it's more likely that quality would not be the best.   I have tried underwear from Mensuas, and both Daniel Alexander and Cover Male are very good quality in my opinion, both made in Colombia.
The name Jose Snyder reminds me of that episode of The Simpsons when Mr Burns needed a movie producer but because he is a cheapskate he didn't hire Steven Spielberg but  'Estefano Espilbergo' instead, a cheaper version from Mexico..... lol
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