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dobbybeach #451

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/30/2013 11:01:33Copy HTML

Hows the front of the capri? is it a snug fit around the groin, or do The inner front leg seams lift away revealing a little ? I have mini cheeks that don't do this, but a bulge bikini that does. for a 32 waist......small or med...what do you think? thanks!
bikinicouple #452

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/31/2013 01:13:28Copy HTML

 I have a 32 inch waist and own a Joe Snyder Capri in Medium.  The pouch is roomier and more forgiving in that suit than their other suits.  In their regular thong, I have both Medium and Large.  Medium is very nice and skin tight and at the same time, large works very well because there is not much a difference between Med/Large
DoreFan #453

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:09/01/2013 05:59:51Copy HTML

I find the front of the JS Capri nice and snug. I too find the mini-cheeks fairly loose up front with the lift away leg seams you describe. You won't have this problem with the Capri. It's a much nicer fit IMHO. I'm a 32" waist also, and I find the medium fits great.

dobbybeach #454

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:09/01/2013 12:03:40Copy HTML

Thanks. actually, the minicheek fronts on mine don't lift away. those i like. the bulge bikini pouch is too small and does though. i'll give it a try. what manfacturer makes your favorite capri/ rio style suit?
JM_Runs #455

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:09/02/2013 02:16:27Copy HTML

 Just have to chime in briefly. I love the Joe Snyder thongs.  I mainly wear them as underwear and occasionally tan in them when I have the time and privacy (I'm just starting to venture into thonging in public).

 Haven't gotten much of their other products, but the regular swim thong/tanga (03 I think) is great!  I still wear the one that was the first thong I purchased online; it's a black thong, the elastic has gone out mostly, but it is still one of the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn! Fits perfectly and has lasted for 3 or 4 years!  I usually cut the dorky tag off as soon as I get them, as it sticks out.  I'm not sure how well they hold up as swim thongs.

I have:
4 regular thongs (black, blue, teal, and red)
1 rio thong (white, the back has a rip in it where I cut the tag out too close)
1 bulge thong (wine), and
1 capris bikini (black, feels just shy of a thong)

Love them all! And since I'm moving to a place with a beach, I'll soon have a chance to show them off :)
rled1982 #456

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:09/08/2013 01:17:03Copy HTML

katadeluna - know where you're coming from on the tags - I do the same thing (and have also managed to cut a hole in one of my capri's, lol).

I got a load of new suits recently:

5 thongs - navy, mango, camo, purple and pink1 capri - royal blue (the one I managed to cut, although with a few stitches you can't even tell :-) )1 kini - black

to add to the white thong and red capri I already had.

It's strange, but I think the different coloured thongs fit differently - I guess because the fabrics are different: the camo is a super-soft material so it feels really nice, but the fit is slightly tighter, as are the pink and purple.  The regular colours are more comfy.

I've had the rio thong in the past but the front is too small for my liking - doesn't really fit everything in, and I'm not even that well-endowed!  I'd like something with a front like the regular thong (which is pretty much the same as the capri), but sides and thong like the rio.  
thonger_man #457

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/15/2013 08:33:45Copy HTML

I have multiple suits from JS and was looking to buy more. What reputable site has the best price?
odie77301 #458

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/16/2013 12:15:38Copy HTML

 i would say http://www.deadgoodundies.com/style/mens-underwear/strings-thongs/

thonger_man #459

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/20/2013 10:21:29Copy HTML

Thanks, I'll give it a look!
JM_Runs #460

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/21/2013 05:28:23Copy HTML

 Freshpair used to sell Joe Snyder but they discontinued. A pity, i liked freshpair's pricing and shipping time. I think Erogenos.com sells JS as well.
DoreFan #461

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/21/2013 07:28:12Copy HTML

Erogenos has some Joe Snyders on clearance at a really great price! Limited sizing options tho. 
argiethonger #462

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/17/2013 10:37:42Copy HTML

I'd like to share my experience with Snyder stuff... I love it and I hate it.

I mean, I love it when the suit is well cut and the straps are even and the fabric is comfortable, but I hate it when the opposite happens.

I have 9 suits:
2 Bulge Bikinis (Navy and White)
1 G-string (Wine)
5 Bulge Thongs (2 Wine, Fuchsia mesh, Cafe mesh and White mesh)
1 Rio Thong (metallic black)

Of all of them, only 3 have the right cut and cosntruction! (the Navy Bulge Bikini, the Wine and White mesh Bulges)

The White bikini fabric is stiff as a jean fabric.
The G-string pouch is ridiculously small, I can't simply get to cover my parts.
1 of the Wine Bulge and the Fuchsia mesh has the worst straps I've seen so far (they range from 1/4" to 3/4" in width) The Wine pouch is OK, but the Fuchsia pouch is half the normal size!
The Cafe mesh straps are even... but they are 1/4" width and 4" longer compaired to a normal Bulge thong! The pouch again is too small!
And last, but not least, my latest purchase: the Rio thong... I LOVED the fabric, and the straps are ok (I loved how the T back looks on my butt), but the pouch almost doesn't exist! I can't cover my testes! I guess it would need 1/2" extra on the sides to be able to cover me!

I can simply stand that huge variation in construction, I can accept a tiny difference as long as it is wearable, but this is simply too much!
It's a real shame but I doubt I will ever buy another Snyder suit!
ukessexbob #463

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/18/2013 05:57:13Copy HTML

 I to have refrained from buying any more JS stuff due to the very variable quality.  Especially when there is so much cheaper  offerings on eBay these days, mostly from China. The quality is surprisingly good as well. 
dobbybeach #464

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/14/2014 07:40:30Copy HTML

despite the last couple posts, i ordered 3 JS's from International Jock (in L.A.). A cheek trrunk (light blue), a reg. lycra bikini (wine), and a capri (royal blue). i believe there's a perfect JS style out there somewhere. i have a bulge bikini that i love the feel of, but dont quite like the look of. Will share my findings when they arrive. oh, the three were 67.00 free shipping over 25.00.
dobbybeach #465

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/19/2014 12:28:45Copy HTML

cheek trunk i likey. I think it looks great ( even though i'm a good 10lbs heavy now) and feels great. i'm let down with the capri. The front is so damn small its ridiculous. and i'm a smaller average in the front. pathetic pouch. reg. lycra bikini looks like an old fashioned speedo to me. only good enough as underwear for me
tiggerix #466

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/30/2014 10:20:25Copy HTML

Just got a Joe Snyder camo thong in small as the rio I bought a few weeks ago is a little to narrow at the front.  Bought them via ebay from US - both came in at about £16 each including shipping.  The regular thong was from Excess Market - ordered last Friday - delivered yesterday in a tracked package - so that was quick.  Because the item value is low (under £15) there were no import charges or VAT - so better to order individually than multiple even after allowing for postage.
The thong fits a little tighter than the rio despite the waistband being slightly larger when you lay them side by side.  I put that down to there being more material/wider waistband.
as rled1982 says, it would be good to have a Joe Snyder thong that has the skinny straps of the rio and just enough fabric at the front to cover adequately.  
Aside from that this is a good fitting thong that can pass muster on most beaches.

Tanned Bum #467

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/05/2014 12:55:20Copy HTML

Just got a JS Rio thong and capri bikini in Dazzle Blue. Have been a fan of the Rio thong for a few years now, but was getting bored with the colors. Some new color are the Dazzle: Blue,Pink,Black,Purple.

gsj #468

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/05/2014 04:27:42Copy HTML

 Just received a replacement navy blue Capri bikini - my mainstream wear where cover required
tiggerix #469

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/06/2014 10:20:12Copy HTML

@Tanned Bum - do the new dazzle colours fit differently at the front compared with the standard Rio?  I ask because in the adverts I have seen, they appear to fit slightly lower at the front and possibly more triangular than the very narrow Rio.  Cheers
Tanned Bum #470

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/11/2014 11:25:16Copy HTML

I saw an ad that you are describing. I ordered a JS-11 in dazzle blue and it fits and looks like the rest of my JS-11 thongs. I like the color and am glad they are adding more colors. When I 1st discovered JS, I think there were only 5 colors. Now they have a bunch.

ukessexbob #471

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/12/2014 07:08:56Copy HTML

 Have they improved their quality now then?
tiggerix #472

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/12/2014 02:43:52Copy HTML

I have five JS and all are fine, including a Capri I have had for many years - very comfy.  Never been in chlorine though, only sea water.  Had an issue with sizing on two items, some years ago and sent those back.  Some suits sold as JS are chinese copies and I guess they can be bad.  I know others complain about JS fading and seems coming apart - just never happened to me.  In UK DGU accept returns professionally, but I have found it much cheaper to buy from US on ebay, with postage not much different to a UK supplier. 
ukessexbob #473

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/12/2014 03:11:43Copy HTML

 Size for me wasn't an issue (maybe I was lucky). It was  the fading that spoilt it. Faded very quickly. I seem to remember it was the orange and yellow that were the worse. Dark blue was ok.
JM_Runs #474

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:09/17/2014 04:29:27Copy HTML

Even thought Joe Snyder has definitely had its share of problems, I still love wearing them. I actually enjoyed their pink, purple, and metallic black that they put out last year. Had no idea that they put out that 'Dazzling' line this summer. Then again, I haven't been tanning as much this year so that's probably why I haven't noticed. Yeah, I've been busy.
I'm curious though. Do the 'Dazzling' line fit the same as the regular line or similar to the 'Metallic' line that they had two years ago? I had to wear a size up with that line since it didn't stretch as much. There's something so perfect about going to wearing them around and finishing your day with them in bed!
pikeman #475

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:10/13/2014 05:21:41Copy HTML

 I guess I've been lucky. I've bought the standard thong, and recently a bulge thong in white. Both have fit well. The standard has a cut that provides enough slack to conform to the body. The outline is such that it's obvious I'm circumcised. The bulge thong is tighter and confines comfortably, but the "contents" tend to lose definition.I like them very much though and intend to get more in other colors.
tiggerix #476

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/28/2015 11:44:16Copy HTML

Just planning some winter sun and thought I would take a look at Joe Snyder suits - now they have a maxi-bulge, complete with a string to tie your dangly bits in.  Much too far to wear on a regular beach methinks.  What I would like is a thong with the back of the bulge thong and a front like the capri, plus a bikini with the back of a clip and the front of a capri.  Not sure that's happening anytime soon.  Basically I don't like a rio/narrow back on a bikini, I prefer a low rise instead.  Any suggestions for something like these available in UK or Europe? 
thonglife #477

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/25/2015 01:58:40Copy HTML

Has anyone tried the new Joe Snyder Maxibulge suits/undies yet? They are all bulge enhancing (my favorite) and have an adjustable, integrated string c-ring. There isn't a thong option but the Capri and Kini probably scrunch up into one :) These are all scrunch back too which I have resisted trying but these look really hot as swimwear so I am considering ordering.

amethyst2513 #478

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/25/2015 05:54:25Copy HTML

The pouch looks bigger than their standard Bulge series.  Maybe to accommodate the anticipated growth from the c-ring, hehe.
JM_Runs #479

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/25/2015 06:54:20Copy HTML

 I've found that the Joe Snyder "Enhancer" thongs really do do what the name suggests. I sometimes wear them under shorts for the gym. One time I was concentrating on something else entirely when I saw my reflection side-on in the mirror, and the bulge at the front of the shorts was very prominent! Not in a lewd way, it's just that it left no doubt about my gender.
norcalskimpy #480

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/14/2015 06:10:59Copy HTML

The normal thongs and capri bikinis are my favorite Joe Snyder suits!  Classic cuts, sizing is good everywhere, decently comfortable (the fabric a few years ago was way better), and I can't wait to wear them to the beach.  Just bought two thongs (turquoise/yellow) and a couple capris (wine/black) to add to my existing navy / royal blue thongs.  
steveeagle #481

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/14/2015 09:47:56Copy HTML

 Just bought some JS rio thongs and am surprised/disappointed that the front is so narrow compared with some of my earlier suits that it may not be appropriate for some family-orientated beaches.  Slightly better if pointing upwards but if down it doesn't adequately cover everything -even less so if aroused.  Does anyone else have the same problem?
ukessexbob #482

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/14/2015 10:02:22Copy HTML

I've heard that JS can be quite variable in fit.

norcalskimpy #483

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/15/2015 09:23:56Copy HTML

 @steveeagle:  I also found the rio's a bit too narrow and they didn't fit everything completely.  I didn't like the first one I bought so I've always just went with their normal thong cuts.  
amethyst2513 #484

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/16/2015 01:38:54Copy HTML

 I don't like the Rio or classic thong from JS.  I don't enjoy pointing up and the front waist line comes up way too high on both.  The bulge thong is the only one I'll wear from them.  Just my opinion though.
TangadeLuna #485

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/17/2015 02:20:00Copy HTML

 I like both the regular thong and the rio narrow front, though the latter is reserved for more private or remote places to tan. I like a higher cut look myself, though I like the bulge design too. I think while JS can have variable fit and fabrics, they are still more comfortable and flattering than cover male imo, which feel like cheap rip offs.
amethyst2513 #486

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/17/2015 12:50:53Copy HTML

I agree, the Cover Male line makes better underwear than swimwear.  :)  Though maybe if I went down a size in the CM it might fit a little more like the JS.  /shrug.  CM's Pouch Enhancing Cheeky Boxer Briefs aren't bad either, again, for underwear.
lcp84047 #487

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/27/2015 06:12:21Copy HTML

Does anyone have suggestions for a g-string that has a small pouch like a JS Bulge or MS Poser? I really like the JS Bulge thong and my MS poser (-1cm) - the pouches are just right, but I'd like a g-string with that pouch size/shape. The JS gstrings look like they have a big wide pouch on them. Anyone have both to compare? I'm a grower, so I need a small pouch to fill up, and I like it to be high, since I don't hang low. A Skinz M55 Stuff-it pouch might work. Any other suggestions?
jprob50 #488

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/28/2015 09:34:13Copy HTML

The stuff-it pouch is awesome for the beach !! For underwear you would like the Gregg Homme "Boy Toy" thongs
lcp84047 #489

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/22/2015 03:16:23Copy HTML

 I picked up a JS g-string on sale. It's going back. It looks cheap - like I took a triangle of fabric and sewed some elastic on to make a g-string. It's too bad, because I really like their bulge thong and bulge bikini. I also got a Skinz M55. I'll review that elsewhere.
krampop1 #490

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/22/2015 03:19:05Copy HTML

 Where did you find the JS onsale?  
amethyst2513 #491

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/22/2015 04:42:36Copy HTML

I can't stand my JS G-string either.  Glad I only bought one!
lcp84047 #492

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/22/2015 05:30:35Copy HTML

 Red was on sale a few days ago at menuas.com. They have sales regularly.
lcp84047 #493

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/22/2015 05:31:29Copy HTML

 Sorry, typo. mensuas.com
Thongzo #494

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/01/2015 08:06:01Copy HTML

I just bought 3 JS thongs from mensuas and yes, they almost always have a sale. If you put things in your cart and leave them there for a day or two they will email you with a deal to entice you to buy.
I think I've converted 100% to JS thongs. I like the standard thong for everyday wear, the Rio is perfect for tanning (my thong tan line pics in my profile are from a JS Rio) and the G-strings are fun. I also have a bikini which is so small in back it basically works itself into a thong. Have never tried the bulge though - any thoughts on that one? I find that all my JS fit very comfortably, are durable, and give great tan lines!
2xist #495

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/02/2015 11:06:05Copy HTML

 Thongzo the JS bulge thong is great! I have a transparent black one I wear to work. The fit and feel is awesome!
Beached_Santa_Cruz #496

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/03/2015 05:23:17Copy HTML

 I have an assortment of mini cheek, Kinny, and bulge thongs, and bulge rio backs.   I have worn the mini cheek and kinny to the local lap pool only to have an old lady bitch about them.  Seems the women can wear suits like these but I can't.   I do love the fit and my girlfriend likes them on me.
lcp84047 #497

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/08/2015 03:56:09Copy HTML

 The bulge is my favorite. I also have a Dazzling black regular thong that I like. It's close to the bulge, but more "conservative". There are pics of both in my Flickr profile. I also tried a Daniel Alexander brand from mensuas.com, since it was cheap. It's really close to the JS bulge. It doesn't have a tag (yeah!), but it has the size/fabric stuff printed on the inside left of the pouch in a sort of rubbery material. It's ok though. I like the JS better, but for the price, the DA is good.
Thongzo #498

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/13/2015 12:57:16Copy HTML

I'm trying out the Joe Snyder g-string for the first time today. It's easily the smallest thing I've ever worn. Just three strings and a triangle. Wearing it under some jeans and so far so good. Feels like I'm wearing nothing! I put it on in the locker room after a shower - I was a little nervous but no one saw. Also tanned in my Joe Snyder Rio last night and the lines are great! Will be trying the bulge next. 
krampop1 #499

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/13/2015 01:08:00Copy HTML

 I have that suit in white :)
Thongzo #500

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/13/2015 05:36:02Copy HTML

I think I've seen a picture of that one :) 
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