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niceandtight #101

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/29/2006 12:30:35Copy HTML

Regarding the difference between the capri and the clip back . Is the capri so small that you would feel unhappy wearing it in a pool or a normal beach . I know Id be happy with it on a special beach but thats not the question . It looks a bit like the Alphamoda rio backs is that right or even briefer?
UKBernie #102

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/30/2006 01:49:36Copy HTML

Nicentight - I'd happily wear the capri at a "normal beach" - it's brief, with not much more covergage than a large thong, but its got enough coverage for "normal" beaches without making you think you're pushing the boundaries a little too far. I think it's too brief for your local leisure centre pool though - where swimwear tends to more conservative.
niceandtight #103

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/30/2006 03:39:58Copy HTML

Thnks for the tip .I guess its like the alphamoda rio styles which are unlined and probly a bit see through in the light colours . I had a lemon yellow which Ive worn to the beach but was a bit see through in my health club .
Charlie03 #104

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/01/2006 11:10:03Copy HTML

I just ordered a Joe Snyder Capri Bikini in white mesh at erogenos. I'll let you know what my opinions are... ;-) I'm not sure where I'm going to wear this suite but it's one I'm missing in the collection.

Regards Charlie
pk thong #105

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/03/2006 12:05:13Copy HTML

              I just recieved a regular thong and a rio thong. I like the regular one much better. The rio one, as has been indicated by others, is not terribly roomy in the front. However I do think that overall the mix of material used by J.S. is one of most sensual and comfortable.                         

                    One bad thing is that some of the capri bikinis I have bought in the past have fallen apart at the seams. I am not sure if it was because of the size being too small or that I had machine washed them. Anyway still LOVE the material.

Ex_Member #106

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/03/2006 08:41:14Copy HTML

The JS thongs I wore last year are starting to lose threads out of the seams, despite me taking good care of them. I probably won't order from them again. I prefer Alphamoda now anyway...the fabric is much nicer and the quality is better.
Charlie03 #107

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/03/2006 10:11:31Copy HTML

First Joe Snyders were size M, to smal for a 33inch waist. Those will naot last very long I guess. Hope the new in L fit better (more conftable)
7423080 #108

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/07/2006 12:49:55Copy HTML

well i can now reply to my own post.  order 3 suits online monday night and saturday they showed up just as ordered.  what great service. i received a black and a light blue js clip bikini and a js capri in orange. the capri bikini has a much smaller rear than the clip bikinis do.  the front is basically the same cut.  the black when wet is not see thru but does show an excellent outline.  the light blue and orange also show a great outline when dry.  when those suits are wet the orange, i would guage, a 7 out of 10, 10 being total seethru.  the light blue, 6 out of 10.  when dry you could wear any of these suits anywhere you like without much of a problem, when wet, particularly the orange is going to show your johnson in glorious detail to anyone looking.  when you leave the water they are not quite as see thru as when the bulk of the water leaves the suit and it remains wet.  this wet appearance stays around for a long time, even dryiing off with a towel the fabric remains see thru while wet and looks great.  i would highly suggest these joe snyder suits.  the orange really looks great against a tanned body....i said tanned, not toned.   lol
Oz_Thong_Boi #109

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/16/2006 06:51:03Copy HTML

was browsing around and found this new style from JS

i like the look of them, might buy myself a few


what do others think?
Oz_Thong_Boi #110

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/16/2006 07:06:17Copy HTML

i just made my order

One Kini in Navy Blue
One Capri Bikini in Black
One Rio Thong in White Mesh

this will go with what i already have, One thong in Electric blue and a Rio thong also in electric blue

love JS
JM_Runs #111

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/17/2006 08:53:26Copy HTML

Regarding the JS-M12.  The front looks ok.  Very similar to the old, old HOM string side swimsuits.  The back looks funny, wrinkles up and does not even look good on the models.  I think a thong cut rear, or a wider brazil cut, would look better.  With one like that it looks like it would ride up all the time.  Take a look at the back of the last photo of the page you linked to, see how it has a problem, even in the staged pictures on a perfect bod.

I like the fabric, it looks soft.  I like the string band sides in matching color, that run right round, across the top of the fabric panels. The back is the problem for me.  If I can wear that little I would look better in a thong.  If I have to cover up the rear then I want somthing that covers and stays in place, not skiding arround.   If they narrowed up the front a bit, and made the back a proper thong, I would be tempted. 

They make an M02 that is more of a thong, but it goes too far:  It only has a string back.  If I am going to wear something with just a string in the back, then I am at a place where I don't need that much front.  The M02 also looks cheep and tacky because the front is not the same as the waist band.  It looks like something from a novelty store. 

One day they will hit on the right combo.  Somthing like the rear of the skinz m14, or the rear of prevail sports Med thong,  and the front of an old HOM,  or Skinzwear M1 or M14, or DeeJay's TomThong. 

towelkewl1 #112

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/20/2006 12:50:21Copy HTML

Saw the pics of the lime version on Erogenos & reckoned I'll give it a go.1st time ordering a "one size fits all" as all previous offerings were sized SML & the S was a pefect fit for myself, might be great altogether or might not- I'll let you all know then...
beachbumbill #113

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/21/2006 02:15:31Copy HTML

Just got my order of the JS M-12 (one size).  The back doesn't ride up (on me).  Waist/hip feels tight - and I'm usually a medium size.
towelkewl1 #114

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/23/2006 01:06:06Copy HTML

Bill's right, this one's a "keeper"! Model pix were not too great at all fersure, cannot say why they would post an odd rear view like that... I have always fit very well in the small size in the past & this fits as well as all as my previous ones- real good for something which is sold as "one size fits most" (not always true as we all know!) I must say Erogenos are great altogether for shipping quickly as this was ordered 3 days ago & I'm wearing it now, very nice... As for going to the beach in this one, well... the lighter colors such as yellow (bright limon) that I got will show all when wet, this has always been the case w/all of Joe Snyders anyway. Not a thong, but a drop-dead sexy "v" rear w/about 1/2 the coverage of a "std" bikini... 
nicthong #115

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/23/2006 05:01:02Copy HTML

Thanks beachbumbill and towelkewl1 - definitely good to have 'personal experience' rather than just relying on the photos. Thanks for mentioning the deal with the 'one size fits all' arrangement too. I'm in the process of moving house at the moment but just as soon as I've settled into my new place I'll definitely be getting myself one of these cute little bikinis!
thonger_man #116

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/20/2006 07:27:40Copy HTML

any reviews of the mesh suits?
towelkewl1 #117

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/20/2006 11:27:50Copy HTML

The mesh version of the capri or tul does indeed run smaller than the same version in the other fabric as there is not as much stretch in the material. Found that out when Younique Boutique sent this instead of the regular white one I ordered... revealing beyond description, likely verboten on most beaches & not at all comfy despite the obvious quality. This is a case where I 'll go w/the flow here & say order one size up fersure!

thonger_man #118

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/20/2006 12:33:14Copy HTML

thanks for the info. Glad to hear someone got something from youniqueboutique even if it wasn't what they ordered
vtbeach #119

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/20/2006 08:30:51Copy HTML

Anyone have opinions on the tanga thong vs. rio thong?  Thanks, VB
redraider55 #120

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/20/2006 10:59:30Copy HTML

The rio thong has a narrower front pouch than the tanga thong. I like the tanga thong better.
nicthong #121

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/23/2006 05:58:43Copy HTML

I'd agree. I prefer the cut of the regular thong to the narrower rio thong.
terry99 #122

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/13/2006 05:20:21Copy HTML

Ordered joe snyder suits from erogenos.com on Monday pm and received them in am post on Thursday. 6 suits for $113.00 including discounts and post costs.   I am 190 cm and 86 kg with a v cut narrow hips. The lime, bright lemon are all the same colour bright yellow. 

These suits are cut  small to extra small. The new JS M 12 (one size) fits snug. If you are more than 80 cm at the the below the hip point you will not fit in this suit.  For me it is an almost a perfect fit.  I wear an american size 28 one inch solar speedo to swim laps at the pool. The JS  are unlined. The only negative for me is the front seam.  The Skinz low cut narrow side string rio in s and xs are almost the same but the JS is more micro. The JS M11 Rio Thong is very close to a euro tanga. The capri (M 07) with a 1/3 seat has a good fit.

If you buy euro suits often the small equals 70 cm or american 27 1/2 inch.  My problem with american suits is that the front is a large or extra large with size small with short length sides. Each size is not cut to separate pattern.

towelkewl1 #123

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/13/2006 12:34:38Copy HTML

Hiya Terry,

   You're dead-on about the JS Kini- 1 size fits most is chancy at best... This one I lucked out on as I am a bit large up front (lucky me!) but like yourself have a 28/29 waist (not always lucky there... finding stuff that actually fits in most stores is interesting at times) So caveat emptor as always (let the buyer beware) This one might not fit most, it is a bit unusual from a mfr. that previously did not do the one size thing for the most part. However, if this particular style actually does fit, it will look like it was made for you!

   I have always worn minimal swimwear from g-strings to Speedos, but never have been asked by so many ppl. in my life where did I get this suit... So if you reckon it just might fit, take a chance on this one I'm thinking- I'm 52 yo, not a "model type" at all & revelling in all the attention, LOL!

tdelgado #124

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/14/2006 04:40:16Copy HTML

Talking about Joe Snyder suits, if any of you guys go to Cancun don't lose the opportunity to visit the Wal Mart store and buy Joe Snyder suits really cheap.

I was in Canc? last month in the hotel zone and took a public bus (a  $1 ride per person) that took me to Cancun downtown and I was able to purchase four Joe Snyder thongs in different colors, $6.00 each. The problem is that Wal Mart doesn't carry a great selection of styles, only thongs and a few bikinis in different colors, all in "medium". No strings, no square cuts and not any other sizes.


anonimizado #125

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/17/2006 01:41:12Copy HTML

I just got a couple of JS thongs (thank you tdelgado!) and they are very comfortable.  I like their style, not too small, not too big, and fits OK. 
thonger_man #126

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/22/2007 01:23:51Copy HTML

I was wondering how the sizing varied between the medium and the large. I have thongs, rio thongs, clip bikinis, and capri bikinis all in medium. Thongs and clip bikinis seem to fit a well, maybe a little snug but not bad, but the capri doesn't stay in place very well. If I got a large capri stay better?
timbo2050 #127

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/07/2007 11:08:14Copy HTML

Wow - just received my Rio Thong in Electric blue and it is great. Fabric is great but doesnt give a great deal of room at the front though. Looks even better when wet. Highly recommended. Has anyone bought a g- string? What is the fit like on those as they are only one size?
terry99 #128

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/08/2007 03:49:09Copy HTML

I have several JS suits, like them very much.  They run small.  see my note above.  The g-string has uncovered elestic which bites into the side. I would not waste my money on this suit.  Skinz has some nice g-strings.  I also have several Alphamoda suits (Greece) which I wear all day around the house, good price and comfortable. It is now 30+ C in my area of Southwest Florida. These suits are unlined, thin and dry very quickly after a dip in the pool.  Our beaches are in bad shape from red tide, etc.
thongpwr #129

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/09/2007 12:02:38Copy HTML

I love the Rio thong back but the front simply does not have enough room for me, it's just too narrow.

I have several JS Thong, Rio and Capri suits, no problems whatsoever. These are all simply GREAT.
thongjake #130

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/24/2007 07:07:49Copy HTML

Hi there

I own several JS items. I've tried the regular thong, the rio thong, the boxer, and the capri bikini.
The regular thong is by far my favourite. The look, feel and support is among the best thongs I've ever had or seen.
The rio thong is not too bad either but as some of you mention it might in some versions be too narrow. I have bought mine from 2 or three different places and I must say it is like they are not all the same. My blue rio fits so much better than the white one I bought from another place. Strange.

The capri bikini I bought for use in more "conservative" contexts, but I have some trouble making it fit like in the catalogs. It rides up all the time. It is only when wet it doesn't look like a too wide and bulky thong (maybe it's just my butt-shape that's wrong).

I almost only wear thongs for underwear but when I wear boxers it is always JS, they are the most sexy.
pkthong #131

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/26/2007 12:50:34Copy HTML

try going up one or two sizes w/ the js capris . After I got the large capri having tried the small and then medium I find that the fit is good and it does not bunch up etc.
616 #132

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/27/2007 10:15:28Copy HTML

Pkthong, I am too looking at getting a capri and I'm 32 in waist usually medium in dore do you reccomend a large then? what size are you normally compared to the capri that fits?
JM_Runs #133

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/28/2007 10:52:37Copy HTML

You'll want to go at least large... ALL Joe Snyders fit at least one size too small, if not two sizes too small.
If you like VERY tight, then the Snyders are for you.
616 #134

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/29/2007 09:36:38Copy HTML

Thanks for the advice, I swear this board saves me money!!
PJ_UK #135

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/31/2007 01:48:26Copy HTML

Just taken Delivery of 4 suits from JS UK. All seem very well made.

The Rio thong is very narrow at the front, it's a "just fit" at the front. Went for RED, thought if I was going to be wearing this I may as well not try to hide away with it .

Not sure how see through it will be, I'll have to try it out before I hit the beach..

The rest I bought in black...

The Capri Rio gives a reasonable cover at the rear if you wear it low not up near the hips then it just turns into a thong, as it won't stay put at the rear.

Also bought a String Bikini, nice fit and a Standard Bikini both appear well made. I went for medium and even though I'm a 33" waist they seem a good fit..



PJ_UK #136

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/13/2007 07:39:28Copy HTML

Additional to my last post.

Liked the quality so much I decided on a couple more J/S items.

A standard thong in Elec blue, more coverage at the front so should feel less show'ey on the beach than Red rio bought previously.

Also decided on another capri but went up a size much better fit on the rear, decided on yellow for a change, not a colour  I would normally consider but I intend using them all on the beach here in the UK this year (weather and time permitting !). Only problem with the Yellow capri is after trying it in water it does go very see through, must be carefull of where I get this one wet, don't want to offend anyone.


Oz_Thong_Boi #137

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/08/2007 06:41:06Copy HTML

Check out the new JS Bulge Bikini

Also the new Mesh Bikini
thonger_man #138

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/16/2007 06:04:15Copy HTML

Anyone tried the bulge thong/bikini or the cheeky boxer? Wondering how the fit was compared to the regular items, and how much of a bulge there was to the suit.
JM_Runs #139

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/17/2007 01:55:48Copy HTML

I just received the cheeky boxer a couple of days ago, and it fits great.  I ordered a meduim and I am a 33" waist.  the pouch is nice sized, although I am not huge.  I bought it more for underwear, and I have not been as happy with the N2N type boxer.  the overall height is short, so it doesn't cover much.
Tanned Bum #140

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/10/2007 09:13:38Copy HTML

I just recieved a JS mesh bikini, the sides and the rear are mesh except for a rear center strip. Hopefully if I have to wear a bikini my  tanlines will still look good. The one I bought is navy blue so from a distance it will look like a full back bikini.
NCThonger #141

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/30/2007 05:53:26Copy HTML

I have several of the JS Capri bikinis and love them.  I recently purchased the Capri thong and that is not one of my favorites.  However, the normal thong is unbelievable.  Perfect fit.  I wear it as much for underwear as I do for swimwear.  Yellow and white are see thru so be careful.  I have just ordered a 'normal' bikini and one of their new bun hugger style suits.  Interested in getting those in soon.

On another note....I have found the absolute BEST place to buy Joe Snyder goods.   www.mensuas.com  They are from NC and have always shipped same day.  I even have to pay NC sales tax and the shipping is always free.  Tthe prices are excellent.  If you sign up as a customer, they will email you %off offers every month. 



stanpuppy #142

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/06/2007 07:46:07Copy HTML

I have Joe Snyder rio thongs in red, electric blue, black, white, orange, lemon, wine, white mesh and black mesh.  The mesh ones are unsuitable for any public beach as they are see through even when completely dry.  I wear them to sandy hook gunnison (nude) beach.  The black, wine, and electric blue ones are completely opaque and nothing shows through at all, even when soaking wet.  The orange, yellow and white ones "kinda" show some stuff, more like an outline of whats underneath.  If you are simply going to tan, you would be safe on any pubic beach that allows thongs ( i have worn the orange one in atlantic city, and the white one at osterman beach in chicago with no incident whatsoever).  If you are planning on going in the water, you would probably be safer with any of the darker colors.  One thing i can say about the rio, there is not alot of room in front.   I am average in size and have all i can do to keep everything covered up.  Shaving is a necessity also
NCThonger #143

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/01/2007 10:52:12Copy HTML

I purchased 3 Joe Snyder GStrings from Mensuas.com and received them today.  I ordered Red, Black, and Royal Blue.  The red and black ones have black straps that are 1/4-38" wide and made of flat elastic.  The blue has a very thin black strap that is probably only 1/8" wide and almost round.  On all of the suits where the straps come together in the back slide.  The pouch on the blue is also noticeably smaller than the wider strap models.  As you probably know, these are only available in a one size fits all.  I haven't tried either of these on yet, but was just curious if this new smaller pouch / thinner strap combination was their new style?  I think I might like the thinner strap, but not sure about the smaller pouch?




sheer1delight #144

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/09/2007 04:07:26Copy HTML

Anyone tried the joe snyder "kini" suit yet. It looks quite nice - a bit like muscleskins string/rio. However it just comes in one size fits all. Sometimes I  think this this means it fits no one!

Any opinion valued!


jefferski #145

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/09/2007 05:47:22Copy HTML

I have one of the Kini suits and i like it a lot.  I haven't actually worn it swiming but it actually works pretty nice for underwear.  I usually aslways wear a medium in everything and it fits pretty good, but i wouldn't want it to be much bigger.  It may be a little less than ideal if i were swimming in it in waves because it's not super tight, but for the most part, i like it.  It acutlally reminds me a lot of the suits that you see on the women in brazil...except for a guy.
terry99 #146

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/10/2007 05:38:40Copy HTML

The Kini is one size, small, small. I have narrow hips. If you are more than 75 cm (30 size american) probably will not work for you. I swim in my neighbor's pool in summer with this suit and it works well and gets dry quickly. The salt water ruined one suit very quickly. If you cannot rinse in water after a dip in the ocean it will not last in and out of the water all day.
stanpuppy #147

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/12/2007 03:41:02Copy HTML

I have 9 snyders and I barely fit into them.  They are cut so tight in front that you have to completely shave and not be too big to wear them.   I do wear them in public though, as they are traditional enough to get away with at places like atlantic city and other new jersey beaches
matt476 #148

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/27/2007 03:55:13Copy HTML

Just took delivery of 4 medium sized JS suits - a blue mesh bikini, 2 capri bikinis in blue and mesh, and a black rio thong. My first impression is WOW! ... these are REALLY small suits that let plenty of sunshine in! They are a perfect fit and I am a fairly modestly endowed man but don't even think about getting an erection whilst wearing these little numbers! Definately go for large if you have a bigger than normal package and goodness knows how small the small size is - probably more suitable for younger men. Can't wait to hit the beach, just deciding which one to wear will be fun.
aznudist #149

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/27/2007 12:33:58Copy HTML

The lime green is see thru.  I had bought a lime green and black Capri Suit while in Puerto Vallarta.  For the two suits I paid $11 US Dollars.  I found them at a store called Giante
miaswim #150

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/28/2007 04:30:45Copy HTML

Have been a fan of Joe Snyder suits for many years since first finding them during a business trip in Mexico.  They are relatively inexpensive and very well made.  If you wash them gently in cold water after each use, you'll get a full season's use out of them, but don't expect them to last two/three beach or pool season.  Besides, at their prices, you'd want to get the latest or update you collection each year anyway.As for sizing and see-thru factor, they do tend to run small.  I'm a US 31 and usually purchase Medium suits since I find the Small almost a bit to tight to wear all day long.  Since these are unlined, the lighter colors (white, lime, yellow, etc) are much more transparent when wet and will a bit more than most expect to see when you're at the beach or pool.  But then again, that's why a lot of us enjoy wearing thongs....Hope that helps. 
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