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lovemythong #201

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/30/2009 11:43:12Copy HTML

In response to ahwahwahwl's question about my purchase of the "Mini Cheeky Boxer", I bought it from Joe Snyder in the UK, I know the plain version is not on the website, so they ordered it especially for me from their supplier, it took a fair while to come from continent as they put my order with a major stock arder at the same time.  Perhaps the plain colours will now be added to their range with the arrival of the latest of their orders.  I first saw the item on the "Nuwear" website and ordered it from JS Uk to kill off the expensive postage charge from the States.  As far as size is concerned, I order a size Small (I'm a 30" waist), which always fit me like a glove, so I guess I'm lucky with their fit, as I know they are quite skimpy.
ahwahwahwl #202

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/03/2009 03:25:28Copy HTML

Is there anyone out there who has a 36 inch waist and bought a MCB size large. Did it fit ? Thanks
JM_Runs #203

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/14/2009 12:18:22Copy HTML

 I just received my JS capri, size medium, and I really like the cut and fabric. For my waist size (30-31") it fits perfectly. The only issue I have is the front pouch. I'm not an overly endowed man but come on! It's a struggle to get everything inside, let alone fit correctly.

I'm looking for more recent purchasers who've ordered a large, but have my approximately same size waist size. I dont' want the suit to be "loose" but for god's sake, I need some more room up front! Will the large accomodate that?

I have to say though, the rear cut is perfect. Easily the most narrow back I've ever seen without being a thong.

So...I really like the JS capri, the rear is fantastic, fabrics excellent, colors great....just need some more room up front...Will the large help with that?

stanpuppy #204

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/14/2009 02:19:33Copy HTML

THe reason i stopped buying Joe snyder is becasuse of the front pouches.  I am highly average in size, but i used to walk on south beach and be concerned because i would be spilling out the sides.  THe large will NOT help.  I tried M, L, even XL.  Nothing works.  I saved them for the C/O beach that we went to, then abandoned them altogeather for muscleskins
JM_Runs #205

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/14/2009 02:31:19Copy HTML

 I had a feeling that the large wouldn't be an option. I can fit into the suit, but it's just not what I would call the best fit.

I really can't see how anybody who is even slightly above average comes anywhere near fitting. Forget about it if you get to any level of arousal (thought that's never really been a problem I've experienced).

I guess I'm trying to find a solution here....like I said...I really like the brief cut of the back. It's easily two inches narrower than my comparable muscleskins. Has anyone tried to have HeSwimwear make a similar cut? (I've never worked with them) or maybe I should ask Muscleskins if they'd be willing to try?

JS has some really nice styles. Their thongs fit fine...(snug but everything fits!)...so I'm questioning why they made the pouches on the Capris so dang small!
20897 #206

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/14/2009 03:51:20Copy HTML

 You could try the JS enhancement bikini. There is more material in the front pouch and the rear is the same as the capri. I have also custom ordered the muscleskins MP and MPX in the halfback with 5" at the top of the back. The standard is 7". The custom 5" halfback is about the same as a JS capri. Hope this helps!
JM_Runs #207

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/14/2009 04:34:01Copy HTML

I'm not a big fan of suits that seem to "emphasize" the front. It's just not my style...besides the fact I'm already pushing the limits at the local public pool more than likely. I just prefer a "flatter" front.

I email Muscleskins and they were open to the idea of "studying" the JS suit and developing a version of their own that actually had room in front. They are not copying it seam for seam...that wouldn't make any sense.

So I'm sending them the JS suit and we'll see where it goes from there. I'll be out the expense of the JS suit but honestly, I couldn't wear it anyways because I'd be too concerned about inadvertently exposing myself. I like a brief suit but I definitely don't want any situations where it becomes a legal question.

If they can replicate the cut of the seat and combine that with a realistic pouch, I think it would be an exceptional alternative to when a thong isn't practical.
clubthongs #208

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/15/2009 01:29:36Copy HTML

I recently purchased a JS Capri and a JS Enhancement Thong. I was completely unable to fit into the pouch. Very disappointing! I was able to sell them on Ebay.
underguy1 #209

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/16/2009 09:08:03Copy HTML

I have a JS Capri in white. It certainly shows off my package well as the pouch is very snug. It's completely sheer when wet too, so not a suit for family beaches.
gsj #210

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/20/2009 03:43:13Copy HTML

I have just worn my recently purchased JS Capri bikini for the first time, at my local pool. Colour is navy blue & no see through problem. Fit is fantastic and possibly the most comfortable suit I have worn - not even aware I was wearing it. No problems with others on the brevity front - in my view the right amount of (skimpy) cover for public use. Excellent value too.
rodrog #211

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/21/2009 01:30:41Copy HTML

Joe Snyder is one sexy suit.  The capri back is a bit minimal for me.  The regular Joe Snyder bikini is super hot.  I love the Black and Red.  I have worn the White on an Atlantis Cruise - got me noticed ;)
7423080 #212

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/22/2009 12:06:05Copy HTML

About all I wear are JS or Tendenze suits.  The JS rio and to some extent the JS capri are small in the front pouch area but that is what I like and enjoy.  I agree that with the JS you can not wear a **ckring without some of the twins peaking out on the sides so I seldom wear a ring with the joe snyder suits.  I  like the new camo color and they are less see thru than the white, lemon and yellow colors.  It all depends on where I am as to what color I wear and how much I want to show.
ukessexbob #213

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/25/2009 09:37:44Copy HTML

I've not heard any comments about Joe Snyder swimwear colors fading lately. Anyone stiil experiencing this ? My Lime, Mango and Orange all faded to a yuckky Grey color, the White ones have also turned Grey, the Red is starting to fade now. Only the Navy and Blue seem ok.
goodyrthonger #214

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/25/2009 11:53:18Copy HTML

I bought two Capri suits when I was in Puerto Vallarta.  Two for $11 us dollars.  The lime did fade.  I still have the black suit, didnt fade and still looks good
gsj #215

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/05/2009 01:35:30Copy HTML

Anybody tried the JS KINI suit? Any thoughts/recommendations etc? Looks ideal for sunning where a little modesty required
johnbar5251 #216

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/09/2009 05:07:28Copy HTML

 Not tried the KINI one but just got a meash one - nice design

mythong #217

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/29/2009 09:22:48Copy HTML

Where in PV did you find Joe Snyders?  Did they have a good selection?  Have you heard of any other places to get them cheap in Mexico?  Thanks!

I love the JS thong, clip and kini!
IotaTheta #218

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/29/2009 12:30:59Copy HTML

I have tried the Kini suit.  It is my favorite of all the JS suits but that is just my opinion.  I love having just a string side and the minimal coverage in the back.  I have had problems with the fading as well, but I love the suit enough to keep buying more.
JM_Runs #219

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/30/2009 11:32:50Copy HTML

I have a red Joe Snyder rio thong that I wear in the tanning bed - great tan lines!! But I can't imagine wearing it on the beach....not yet!
gsj #220

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/30/2009 06:00:09Copy HTML

Just back from 80 lengths in hotel pool wearing JS Capri. As ever no one took any (obvious) notice. Why would anyone want to wear more?
gohjohan #221

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:09/19/2009 05:41:02Copy HTML

 I wash my JS Clip Bikini with tap water and soap. I hang dry the bikini in a shaded place. No problems so far. Then again, I've worn it twice so far....
Camloser #222

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:10/12/2009 03:42:02Copy HTML

 Warning...The Rio thongs are pretty small from a design/pouch perspective...I have some other thongs and just got one of these...man, I will be a bit nervous sliding off my shorts at the beach with this on...
stanpuppy #223

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:10/12/2009 03:49:48Copy HTML

I gave up on Joe Snyder.  I am very average in size and was constantly struggling to cover myself on the beach in the rio thong.  I was constantly squeezing out of the sides, which is not a hot look...especially on a public beach
Camloser #224

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:10/12/2009 10:01:37Copy HTML

 ^^ yep, I wanted something small, but the Rio is TINY. They really look bigger on the models than they are. (Or I am MUCH larger than average :))
stanpuppy #225

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/26/2009 12:11:09Copy HTML

I see JS is expanding their line.  I have seen some stuff in the new international male catalog that looks pretty cool.  My only problem with JS is the sizing, i find they cut way too small.  I am not a large man, and i struggle to fit in some of their XL sizes.
ukessexbob #226

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/06/2009 09:53:46Copy HTML

I've mentioned it in other postings, JS use an appalling cheap material, probably from China, that's why they fade. As an example, I have a 3 g-strings I bought from Debenhams dept store from the ladies lingerie dept. I altererd them slightly to make them fit better, and I've worn them for about 5 yrs a underwear and in the pool, and the color is still as good as new. I also have a coule of home made designs, the material being bought from a local material supplier as off cuts for £1(2$). This is superb quality, and has never faded. By the way, JS isn't the only manufacturer who material fades, I've noticed is the "smaller" specialist suppliers who buy material cheap. I doesn't seem to happen to the big, major names.
leo40 #227

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/06/2009 05:44:03Copy HTML

The chlorinated YMCA pool where I swim doesn't allow thongs, JS or others, but I have had a curious experience with the effects of the chemicals.  I lapswim every weekday in a Kiefer 2" brief (inexpensive) and a matching blue Speedo brand lycra cap (Michael Phelps disguise --- "Trick or Treat").  The inexpensive Kiefer brand (a company big into commercial pool stuff) Speedo knockoffs just last and last in the water while the expensive (for what you get) Speedo brand caps of seemingly similar material turn to mush after two or three weeks of daily use.  Other brands fail even sooner.  This is with soaking both in clear water for about an hour after every use.  No telling the exact specifications and source of the respective materials.  There is no telling what batch of material your favorite thong maker will get next. 
20897 #228

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/04/2010 04:17:51Copy HTML

Mensuas.com has had the JS rio thong on sale for $12.75 with free shipping.
funtom22 #229

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/04/2010 04:48:46Copy HTML

 nice thats a good price

gsj #230

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/12/2010 05:24:58Copy HTML

Does anybody know the difference in cover, if any, between the Clip & Capri bikinis? I wear my Capri to the local swimming pool and it's great - no unneccessary cover, just sufficient for modesty.

Any comments on the Kini string design?

Roll on summer!
tangathong #231

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/12/2010 07:44:32Copy HTML

 The clip bikini has about an inch more coverage in the seat, like a regular conservative bikini basically.  
Microron #232

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/13/2010 01:21:33Copy HTML

Hi gsj ..

I have both the Joe Snyder Capi and Clip models. I sized down to a medium from a large clip because my glutes have shrunk. The waist is a little snug, but, two things: because it rides lower on the hip it doesn't produce that cut-in or muffin look, and: the clip model stays in place over the buttocks while swimming. The Capri model has less rear coverage and it does tend to slide into a thong like wedgie quite easily when swimming or sunning.

pjmodel2002 #233

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/13/2010 04:45:38Copy HTML

I love my Snyders.  The thong is - by far - my favorite.  Great stuff. 

In terms of the Capri versus the Clip.  As others have noted, the Clip is definitely more of a bikini - useful because you can go nude pretty quick, but it does hold up well in a pool for swimming laps, etc.  The Capri is a great compromise versus the thong in more conservative situations. 

In terms of the material, my Capri has seen many a lap in the pool and has become rather translucent when wet.  Something to be aware of.  However, the cut is great - I recommend going for a smaller size. I am a 31 waist and the cut fits well. 
gsj #234

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/22/2010 03:51:43Copy HTML

Thanks for all the comments.

I have just taken delivery of a clip bikini & also a kini, both in claret red. I agree the clip bikini is more "mainstream" than the capri design but a useful addition that fits well. I tried the kini in a hotel pool and it was ok but possibly a little too big, being as only one size is offered. It needs about 1" removed where the front & back panels meet.

notherbigr #235

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/22/2010 04:22:19Copy HTML

I just received yesterday my first Joe Snyder gear.  I got the jock strap and also some of the cheek shorts.  I was pleasantly surprised at how stretchy the material was.  The cut of the jock strap is a bit odd.  One size only with an integrated ring.  The pouch is not entirely well cut as there is a bit of side lobe action going on there, but still wearable...

The cheek shorts are...awesome.  I got the camo fabric and am tempted to order more in solids.  The cut is nearly perfect with an excellent pouch.  Great, stretchy fabric.  I got size L which fits nicely but could have easily gotten M. 

All these and more are now on sale at Undergear, great prices...
miaswim #236

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/23/2010 04:15:48Copy HTML

 I've been a Joe Snyder fan ever since i found them years ago while in Mexico City on business.  They have definitely broadened their styles from the standard thongs/bikinis they used to offer and the new bulge suits are fantastic.  The sizes run a little smaller but I'm happy with an S or M, my waist is a 30-31".  After a season in the pool they do tend to stretch out a bit, so if you like them a bit tighter, go down one size. 
notherbigr #237

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/25/2010 05:20:46Copy HTML

The material itself is very stretchy so I can see it loosening up after some time.  As I said I got the cheek boxer and really enjoy the fit.  I got L size based on recommendations that they run small but in the future would definately go for M...
My-nice-ass #238

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/29/2010 04:52:37Copy HTML

 I have about 6 of the JS Rio thongs, very nice thongs in my opinion!
Destination_unknown #239

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/02/2010 11:30:10Copy HTML

 I'd  like to know more about the JS g-string. How flexible the are and how long is the back string? They only make those things in one-size and i prefer small snug thongs. Experiences, anyone ?
odie77301 #240

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/03/2010 12:02:45Copy HTML

I'm a proud owner on a stripe joe snyder  g-string, and I love it. your right it comes in one size. It fit kind of tight, because my waist is @ 38 inches. So what I did I took it to my tailor,and he put another waistband on a bit longer. And now I'm proud to show it off. I just order another one from undergear.com  a joe snyder blue or turquoise g-string ,and I'm probably going to go visit my tailor again. They are great one of my best g- string. I have a few pics on flickr. It's my stripe one:                                                   
JM_Runs #241

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/03/2010 11:44:24Copy HTML

I have a few Rio thongs and they are definitely my favourite. I like the narrow pouch to show off my package
gsj #242

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/03/2010 12:03:26Copy HTML

see my post above re one size only - I have the kini and it could do to be a bit smaller
odie77301 #243

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/05/2010 01:59:11Copy HTML

 I received my order from under gear today. And just as I thought my JS g-string fit snug. I was able to try it on, and it looks good. It's a black string with a turquoise front. I'm going to have to make it a bit larger size for me. Good thing it's just a string and easy to manipulate it.I also order an other g-string from malebasic tulle string looks great also sheer white. I can't wait to hit the beach to take some pics. Happy thonging
Kelmu #244

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/24/2010 07:11:40Copy HTML

There seems to be mainy places from which to order Joe Snyder in Europe. Which are the most reliable places to order from if your are buying in Europe? I am currently in Finland.
justhomdotcom #245

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/24/2010 11:07:17Copy HTML

We've got loads at www.deadgoodundies.com of Joe Snyder with some of their new ranges coming soon as well
Kelmu #246

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/25/2010 06:43:48Copy HTML

Thanks for the information justdotcom. Is it possible to order by email?
JM_Runs #247

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/18/2010 03:10:16Copy HTML

I wear the "bulge bikini" in both a medium and large, and they both fit great, although the med is a bit tight. I also wear the rio thongs alot, although its hard to fit everything into the front of the med sized ones.
stanpuppy #248

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/18/2010 09:44:02Copy HTML

the brevity of the pouch of the rio thong is well documented. You would think JS would reconsider the cut.  I stopped wearing them strictly because of this factor
OS777 #249

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/21/2010 05:02:26Copy HTML

 I purchased and wore a JS mesh w/ spandex thong last year. Wore it only poolside and never in a pool or hot tub.  The material stretched a bit.  It looks great but I have to wonder about both materials and workmanship.  Remember JS stands for Jose Snyder and is made in Mexico City.  JS may not use the best quality of materials as might other higher priced manufacturers in Australia, Europe, or the USA. Caveat Emptor!
brocker36 #250

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/15/2010 03:38:46Copy HTML

Hi, I wanted to report a good buying experience for Joe Snyder at http://www.freshpair.com
I recently ordered the rio-cut bulge bikini (BUL-01), and the item I received had some loose threads.  After cutting the lose threads of it was apparent that some of the stitching along the waistband had come undone -- not enough to make the suit unwearable, but it wasn't "right".  I took a picture of the stitching and sent it in an email to the freshpair customer service describing the problem and asking if they would replace it, as well as expressing my preference for a different size (I seem to be in between sizes with Joe Snyder).  Within 24 hours I had a response saying to keep what I have and a new one in my requested size is on its way.  You don't get that kind of good customer service everywhere!
Oh, and freshpair has all of the Joe Snyder products for 25% off, I believe that sale is ending today.
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