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20897 #351

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:10/17/2011 04:10:40Copy HTML

Yes, Joe Snyder suits are a problem when it come color and quality. I agree that the black material does not fit as snug as the rest of the colors.  The royal blue will fade and become gray. I used to wear the capri suit for swimming laps at the gym, but now on use a skinz g-string.
steampowered #352

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:10/23/2011 01:19:40Copy HTML

 Yeah, think i'm going to try stay away from the black colour if i get some more. So far the electric/bright blue ones i have are some of my most comfortable and best fitting thongs i own.
rip59 #353

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/23/2011 01:50:30Copy HTML

Check out pacificjock.com 20% off sale through 11/25/11. Enter promo20 code at checkout.  Also, global shipping is FREE.  Hurry up and get yours, not limited to Joe Snyder.
cr15gust #354

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/25/2011 08:49:06Copy HTML

There is no option to key in promo20
AVBW21 #355

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/25/2011 01:07:39Copy HTML

you have to create the account, fill in the info. needed, and select the things you want, proceed to CHECKOUT.
there should be a black bar on your right hand side, the first one is where you can enter gift cert. code, and the one below it is for promotion code. I just did it last night and bought a few pairs. Free international shipping is just wonderful. There is nowhere you can find this bargain. Hurry up.
sailor250 #356

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/25/2011 09:04:09Copy HTML

Recently on Southbeach I bought a Joe Snyder "mini cheek" thong shorts design suit.  Got it at a "beach store" at about 9th and Washington.  They had some JS suits on mannequins in the store window, had a pretty good assortment.  One of the few places that had thong suits for guys other than the standard "Toto" suits they sell everywhere. 

The mini cheek feels pretty comfortable just hangs on my hips, the pouch is pronounced but not straight out- will be good to wear at somewhat more conserative venues.
rip59 #357

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/15/2011 01:32:58Copy HTML

Just received an email from  MENSUAS. Joe Snyder 20% off sale until 12/19/11.  Plus free domestic shipping.    www.mensuas.com  Try coupon code mens11 at checkout and see if it works to get even more off.  At least this is what the web is saying
stanpuppy #358

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/15/2011 06:19:40Copy HTML

Curious...has the quality of JS suits improved at all recently.  When I first started wearing thongs, I only wore JS.  I got so fed up with the quality and the teeny tiny front pouch that couldn't contain my highly average unit that I abandoned them in favor of muscleskins.   I would mind trying them again, but not if they are still the same as 3-4 years ago.  Any insight?
rip59 #359

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/15/2011 07:50:12Copy HTML

I agree that there continues to be varriation in the sewing detail of JS products.  I just had a JS thong that was replaced due to a quality error in sewing.  Good customer service from the web based reseller and we are all good. The Rio's are still very narrow in the front and aren't doing themselves any favors by skimping on the pouch.  The best I can say is that they haven't changed that design. The Buldge thongs have a nice supportive fit and have room in the pouch for the average guy.   If you have something to be proud of, avoid the RIO and even the Buldge may not provide enough room up front.  You can wear it up on the Rio, only if you are average.  I will look up muscleskins.  Who is the best reseller of this product?
OS777 #360

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/15/2011 08:50:08Copy HTML

 These suits are made in Mexico.  For too long JS has had far too many issues with quality and lack of response to a need to expand the pouch size.  Some guys say the Spandex material is inferior.  I have had a few JS suits.  The online catalog looks interesting but the reality is that without total quality control from committed employees the product fall short of the expectations of the buyer.  Caveat Emptier (Let the buyer beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).
Please note that Dore, Jovana, Dubio, Alphamoda suits do not receive complaints.  What does that tell you about quality that was infused into these textile productions? 
ShadowT #361

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/15/2011 09:39:58Copy HTML

I have a couple of the regular thongs (JS-03 if I recall) that I ordered about a year ago.  I don't wear them every week, but I wear them fairly regularly, and they're holding up OK.  They've never see chlorinated (i.e. pool) water though.  The stitching and such on mine appears fine, but I don't have much confidence in the material for some reason.  It reminds me of the bargain spandex shorts at local sport shops.  The heat transferred logo has fallen off the black pair.

The pouch is definitely too small.  They're OK for underwear, but things just feel to sloppy for anything except perhaps laying out in the sun.
ukessexbob #362

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/16/2011 01:44:22Copy HTML

I've just had a 'clear out' of my swimwear collection, and it was mostly populated by JS stuff. Faded material, over stretched, see thro, elastic gone. Seems as if they suffer from just shoddy materials. Pity, because I found the Capri ideal, as I refuse to wear anything with more covearge, it was the minimalist design I could wear anywhere. Many times I was asked if they were a new design of minimalist Speedos.
thong_jock #363

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/16/2011 02:40:14Copy HTML

 My issue with Joe Snyder suits is they just don't make the pouches big enough. I love the old skool nylon spandex fabric, but even found them ill-fitting for the most part. Even the bulge thong didn't work for me...it didn't fit right. I'm a total Muscleskins thong fan. They are the only swim thong I buy now. My preference is the 1/2" thong back with a wider Classic pouch. I have this thong in several colors. I tried the 3/8" thong side strap and found them to be just a bit too tiny as the sides tend to roll up more. Can't wait to order my new thongs for this year as someone 'found' my red and royal blue Muscleskins I left drying out by my friend's pool last year. Guess someone wanted to try swim thongs but is too shy to buy them for themselves. Even though it's a piss off that someone stole my thongs, it's kind of a turn on knowing someone is wearing them and probably turned on by doing so. :-)
stanpuppy #364

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/16/2011 02:42:38Copy HTML

Oddly enough, the clue for me was a pic that was taken on a trip to miami.  Wife and i went for a long walk from our hotel (The National) all the way up to the Fountainbleu.  The only thing I wore was a JS yellow Rio thong.  My wife wore a Wicked weasel reptile print thong along with the matching top.  It was the longest I have ever walked in public in just a thong.  When we got to the Fountainbleu, they were doing construction on it.   I thought...great...the only thing i need is to parade in front of a bunch of construction workers in only a skimpy thong.  As it turns out, the workers were brazilian.  They had no problem with my suit and, in fact, asked me if a was a model or actor.  I told them I was not, but was still pretty flattered.   I asked them if they would take a picture of my wife and on on the rocks by the ocean.  The foreman had no clue how to work the digital camera.  He did his best and took a couple of pics.  When we got back to the room, we noted that in one shot, he completely cut off our heads and the camera was focused directly on our mid sections.   In the pic, I could see the skin of my gonads squeeking out the sides of the JS.   My entire unit was completely discerable through the skimpy yellow fabric.   Believe me....I had no intention of being so brazen...it was a total accident.  When I got home, I scrapped all the JS suits and placed a huge order with Muscleskins!!!!
jtanguy #365

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/16/2011 03:51:29Copy HTML

Thong_Jock and Stanpuppy - I totally agree with you guys. I have tried a few of the Joe Snyder "Bulge" thongs and they do not work well for me either. The material is good and the styles are nice, but for us more proportioned guys down there... it just makes our (as stanpuppy says) gonads squeak out the sides. There is something about just finding the right cut style suit. I have some pics of me in a couple of them on my photos section of my profile. Maybe we need to write some notes to Joe Snyder and tell them....because I do like their suits - it's unfortunate they just don't hold everything in that we need kept in.
solargod #366

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/16/2011 04:08:33Copy HTML

Joe Snyder suits don't work for me either...just not enough room in the pouch.  So after the first two, quit ordering them.  Muscleskins are a nice alternative and fit well..good to have the option of specifying what pouch works the best for the wearer.  Like the half-inch sides with the classic pouch too, but dying to try the poser style. Will place an order soon.  Some of the Olaf Benz thongs are worth mentioning, especially the Beeches style.  Have four of those, and pictures are included in my images.
20897 #367

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/16/2011 05:25:05Copy HTML

I also agree with everyone's comments about Joe Snyder. The Rio Thong has no elastic support in the front. I have some Dore narrow front suits that hold everything in place and I consider myself smaller than average. I still like to wear the Capri suit when I can't wear a thong or gstring. But the lycra material tends to fade in color and loose elasticity quite quickly.
hotbunz1969 #368

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/17/2011 03:31:05Copy HTML

The biggest problem with Joe Snyder is their variation in quality !  I have a good many of their bulge and rio suits and doubt any 2 fit the same!! 

The rio being the worst, the pouch size varies enormously, some I can fit into, others I can't, 
Some of my bulge suits fit like a glove and keep every thing well covered with a good snug fit, others, due I think, to poorer quality leg elastic allow slippage !! 

This was one of the reasons I moved away from their suits, you just never knew the quality you were going to get, out of about 15 of their suits I have probably 7 which are good. It's a real shame coz I really like their style and cut of both front and back.
SlidingG #369

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/17/2011 04:53:56Copy HTML

I've had 4 JS classic bikinis (JS01) in large for my 34" waist.  Perfect fit and sharp looking.  But in the pool they soon loose their color and firm stretch, quickly becoming obscene both from a see-thru standpoint and for their anatomy-revealing cling.  So they're relegated now for throw-away underwear use on vacation.

Camloser #370

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/18/2011 09:10:23Copy HTML

 I bought a mango (I think) Rio Thong and it was my first super tiny thong. It was really a lemon sheer. Barely held anything, but faded super quickly (I did wear it in pools, jacuzzi a few times) and got even sheerer. Poor material, but I loved the cut and how tiny it was. Now I wear Skinz Micro Adj G's. Been wanting to order a Microskin Narrow Classic Thong...
bikinicouple #371

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/21/2011 05:54:17Copy HTML

 The rear-end on the Joe Snyder thongs give the best looking thong tanline in my opinion.  Joe Snyder suits are good to wear under other suits too
JM_Runs #372

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/28/2011 11:52:19Copy HTML

 I owned several different styles of JS. Here are my thoughts.
Clip Bikini - excellent. just enough coverage to make it wearable on a normal beach, although not on one where more conservative swimwear is the norm. So fine on a European beach in Spain, France etc.Kini - not a fan. I think it looked wrong. Too "feminized"Rio Thong - not enough room in the front, but great on the back.Bulge Bikini - only on clothing optional and more risque beachesBulge Thong - same as above, but even more daring. Need to be hair free to wear the bulge styles as they give virtually no coverage above the bulge.

ukessexbob #373

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/29/2011 05:48:07Copy HTML

I disagree. The Capri is just a more minimal Speedo style, so is acceptable anywhere. Pity about JS poor material quality.
tanlines2thin #374

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/29/2011 09:59:10Copy HTML

i've a couple of js suits, but they just cover way too much skin for me.......the mini-cheek style ain't bad, but again, way too much coverage for my taste.......as for the material issue, i guess my suits were bought back in the good ole days of quality......also, they were always overpriced
gsj #375

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/08/2012 08:06:37Copy HTML

I routinly wear the Capri & Kini suits for local pool swimming. Quite enough cover. Clip is more a regular bikini.
JoeSnyder #376

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/09/2012 11:10:42Copy HTML

I have not got one of these JS's yet.

At the moment I wear a Muscleskins Navy Blue 1 inch half back for pool swimming which I like and shows off my arse and I'm totally in the clear wearing it at my public sports club. I do get noticed but people just think that's who I am. Just act cool and get on with doings laps.

The Muscleskins is a slightly tight fit. Having worn my JS turquois thong on the beach and for sea swimming, which is slightly loser and higher on the hips, it's on my wish list to get a JS Capri.

I love these colours. I'd buy these  today buy they are out of stock. ;-(



PS. When I visit this site and see Levi Poulter, Joe Snyder's model and poster-person, it inspires me to pick up the weights and get training. What a gorgeous body and what a benchmark. He's also now the poster-person for "Premier Training" in the UK I think.

gsj #377

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/11/2012 11:29:44Copy HTML

be warned - I have found the wine colour has a depressingly short life. Dark blue is better in my experience
RomeoBoy #378

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/11/2012 09:24:49Copy HTML

 I have been a faithful Joe Snyder customer for several years and as of yesterday I have a new brand!  I always bought online and one of my regular go to retailers that i buy from is mensuas.com.  Lately they are heavily promoting a new brand called Cover Male, so i ordered 3 pieces: 1 thong, 1 bikini underwear with waistband and 1 brazilian bikini.  I was wondering why the price was lower than joe snyder to buy Cover Male and my suspicion was that the quality was inferior, iwas very wrong.  This Cover Male brand is much better sewn and constructed and i can already tell they will last much longer.  Cover Male has a thong that fits extremely well, it is one of the best fitting thongs i have ever worn.
matt476 #379

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/12/2012 01:09:13Copy HTML

in my avatar i am wearing a JS capri and to be honest they've always been too tight for my liking ... they just dont seem to sit properly ... much prefer an adjustable bikini or classic g-string back ... i want to try a JS kini style suit out tho, even if only to add to my collection ...
JM_Runs #380

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/12/2012 01:38:07Copy HTML

I've owned the Kini, It is an interesting fit, but I think it's too much of a feminized design.
rip59 #381

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/04/2012 05:09:54Copy HTML

Mensuas just had huge sales up to 50% off on Joe Snyder and as of today don't even list Joe Snyder in their lineup any longer.   Yup, promoting Cover Male on their website. When you do a search on their website for Joe Snyder, you get taken directly to Cover Male.   Did Joe Snyder just go out of business? Did they just reinvent themselves as a new brand?
NcknameInUse #382

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/04/2012 08:35:39Copy HTML

 www.joesnyder.com is still up and running.
Mattmailcom #383

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/05/2012 12:19:11Copy HTML

 RomeoBoy; Do you think the Cover Male suits will work as swim suits like the Joe Snyder suits do?  I have several JS suits and they do work well as swimsuits.  Nothing on the Cover Male pages talk about them being used for sunning and swimming.
wetbikini2 #384

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/11/2012 12:41:53Copy HTML

I have been wearing the JS-03 thong daily for several years.  I have found them to be one of the better fitting daily thongs for me.  Now it appears that they have been discontinued.  I found them on the Joe Snyder site, but all my normal suppliers list them as discontinued.  Anyone have any idea what is going on?
thongdk #385

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/11/2012 04:38:12Copy HTML

 Just got a JS-03 bulge thong from mensunderwearstore.com who also has a sale on JS going on. Really nice suit but very, very tiny in the front - even in XL (I'm 32"). Whats going on with the sizing?
jtanguy #386

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/12/2012 02:33:03Copy HTML

thongdk - I agree with your issues with Joe Snyders suits with them being very tiny in the front - even with the XL (and I'm a 31").
It's unfortunate that they do not provide extra material / larger pouch area for some of us who have a bit more to store in the front area. Unless I see one of their suits at a retail store where I can try it on - I will not be buying from JS again. It's too bad... I like their styles / colors etc...for the most part... but the sizing may not work for everyone.
ShadowT #387

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/12/2012 02:42:18Copy HTML

Honestly, I think sizing up would only make the pouch worse.  I can't imagine they make the pouch any bigger on larger sizes, since a bigger waist most certainly does not mean a bigger gentlemen's 'package'.  The pouch on the JS03 is definitely too small, but at least with the proper size, the pouch is stretched a little.  I can only imagine it being floppy and not holding anything at all if it were 1 or 2 sizes too big.
JM_Runs #388

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/13/2012 01:30:00Copy HTML

Apparently, the sole US distributors have had enough of Joe Snyder due to late shipments and poor quality which I have to agree with. The stitching does fall apart pretty quick and the colors tend to fade or absorb other colors. The owner of one internet company thinks someone else will eventually pick them up, but recommended Cover Male as a better alternative in terms of price and quality. Cover Male's cuts look similar and if that guy vouches for the quality then I'm happy to give Cover Male a shot.

Camloser #389

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/13/2012 02:27:22Copy HTML

 Their Rio Thong was my first small bikini. It was a bright yellow even though it was called Mango, it was very thin/sheer and it faded quickly and got very see through. I loved the shape at the time as it was a up only kinda bikini...
ukessexbob #390

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/13/2012 02:46:55Copy HTML

I posted on the 6/11/2008 about the poor quality of the poor material quality. I've no idea why it's taken so long for others to note, and for suppliers  to drop them.
JM_Runs #391

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/13/2012 02:55:58Copy HTML

You weren't the only one, ukessex. But they got cheaper and cheaper so I for one just accepted them as temporary and used them for tanning without worrying about how much tanning oil I got on them or just to workout with. Either way, Cover Male's cuts seem really similar and I'm curious to see how my asscheeks look in the bikinis!
wetbikini2 #392

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/13/2012 11:00:41Copy HTML

 Thanks for the info Twostar, I wear them everyday and other than certain colors fading.  I have had one or two pair wear the stitching was bad.  For me the fit great, best fitting thong I found for myself.

JoeSnyder #393

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/13/2012 11:16:13Copy HTML

I think I ought to change my username. ;-)

I have two good JS Thongs and two currently in the pile waiting to have stitching repairs.

I have two Muscleskins, one which needed repair after its first wear but has been fine ever since and are both used for pool swimming in chlorine.

I am afraid I am just used to sports kit that wears out easily and needs the occasional repair. But what else am I going to wear?

steampowered #394

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/13/2012 10:16:13Copy HTML

I only have 2 different coloured JS thongs, both from the same place, bought at different times. they differ greatly in quality. one's really well fitting and well made, the other is pretty low quality, seams fraying, materials not at stretchy and just doesn't fit that well, despite being the same size.

not sure if i'd buy another one, but they're still a great, easy place to start if you've never thonged in public before. cheap compared to custom ones too.
Thongsman #395

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/13/2012 11:50:26Copy HTML

 All you Joe Snyder fans, have you tried Cover Male yet. A great collection, bold colors besides the basics and a great price. Check them out at Mensuas


Mensuas said to me that the distributor of Joe Snyder in the US is not longer going to carry Joe Snyder. He has started Cover Male as a better product.
justhomdotcom #396

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/15/2012 06:13:42Copy HTML

 Without getting into a debate re: Joe Snyder VS cover male (because I don't know the full story yet) , for those who were asking , No Joe Snyder hasn't gone out of business. What it is (so i'm told by my sources) is that Underwear Station used to be the US distributor for Joe Snyder. They have now parted ways and Underwear Station has set up their own brand called cover male. I've got no clue on what cover male is like as i've not tried them yet myself.
lebesthongs #397

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/17/2012 08:12:02Copy HTML

Hello everyone, I had also the same situation with a Rio Thong 11in bright lemon color (not enough room in front) I wrote through joesnyder website about this and the explained to me this is a special cut where the idea is more exposure then, they recommended to try the Thong Buldge and I bought one in the website Planet Undies everything was just perfect! Also they informed me that the bright colors Orange and Lemon have been stopped in production since long time becuase of the problem of fading color and now they have other colors (like pink and others) that are much better.

I also recently buy in Planet undies the new brand cover male and was very excited to recieve the products, I ordered a black shorty CM03 -similar aspect than cheek boxer from JS- and a microslip cm201 -similar to a bikini bul of JS. Yes, covermale is cheaper and contrary to RomeoBoy, I was very very disappointed, I just spent 50 euros for nothing. I worked before in a small textile factory so I know textile. They use 83% polyester (what they were thinking?) and 17% spandex. This combination of textile is not a good choice for underwear, if you wear polyester you sweat a lot and the odors are kept and does not strech enough.
to Mattmailcom; No , contrary to Joe snyder, cover male they don't work as swimwear, polyester do not absorb the water and under the sun you will sweat A LOT!

Personally I will keep buying joe snyder for underwear and swim.
The Gabe #398

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/18/2012 02:19:33Copy HTML

I had a Joe Snyder Capri as well as a few other styles and I was quite happy with the fit. Sadly the material lost is spring after a while and had to be disposed of. They do make an excellent stand in when a thong is not allowed, or when you juts don't want to wear one. The Kini I have yet to try.
matchingthongs #399

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/28/2012 02:45:20Copy HTML

  I've had generally good experience with their suits. My first one was a turquoise Rio thong and was never that fond of it. Had to send the first one back due to loose stitching, but they did send a spare one with the replacement, but being orange, it's never been worn! The narrow fit looks a bit 80s and I have trouble fitting all my goods in the pouch and my equipment had to be at 12 o'clock and that would make me look like I had a "semi" all the time! My wife liked it, but I never felt comfortable wearing it in public because it pushed me slightly out of my comfort zone. It's now had it's day due to a hole developing, but it's actually lasted well (years) - maybe due to avoiding chlorinated pools, and the colour?
Last summer I bought a Capri bikini for my holiday and although I was surprised at how brief the back is I much prefer it. Got a lot of wear out of it round the hotel pool. I feel this is one that I can wear anywhere to be honest. Yes, it's revealing by modern standards, but nobody could reasonably complain. The fit and comfort is great and it's lasting well. It does ride into my crack a lot, but I like that and tend to keep it there to improve tanning. However, that makes me wonder why not just go for a thong; that's the problem with a lot of rio back/tanga cut briefs in that they partly cover, but don't help tanning. Yet, I still find them sexy to wear!
I've just ordered a bulge thong in wine. It's just to please my wife and I'm certain I won't find a chance to wear it in public, but with a baby in the family and the years ticking by, I thought I would have my last fling wearing 'impractical' swimwear!! 
Tanned Bum #400

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/29/2012 09:44:05Copy HTML

Like most of you guys, I have many brands of swimsuits and different cuts.  I started with the Joe Snyder thong and moved to the Rio thong. They fit tight with little bit of tugging and tucking everything fits, and I like the support. I figure with the price of $12-$14 USD how long do you really expect it to last? I'm sure most of you rotate thru 10-15 suits anyway. When it fades, it gives you an excuse to buy a newer color. I own a couple bulge thongs, but they sit in the back of the draw, never cared for the fit.

My wife saw JS came out with some new colors and was gratious enough to add a hot pink rio thong to my draw. She claimed I needed to brighten up the draw. Since the colors I have are a few blue,blacks and navy. For some reason I don't think the pink will see the beach anytime soon. The new black looks sharp though.

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