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sxmthonger #401

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/30/2012 12:37:24Copy HTML

My first thong suits wer JS suits purchased in Cancun.  As someone else stated, they really do yield a great tan line!  I initially loved the fabirc and fit of the suits, but I have had the same lack of longevity many of you described, as the suits became stretched out very easily in my experiences.  A few weeks ago, I was wearing a purple dress shirt, so I decided to embrace my OCD tendency to match my underwear to my ensemble and wear my purple thong.  It is the newest one I have, and also the one I've worn least often.  I pulled it out of the drawer, and as i began to pull it on, the suit lost all elasticity!  =-(
ukessexbob #402

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/30/2012 07:11:27Copy HTML

Again, quality is an issue. It seems as if they just don't care, sell anything as long as the sales figures stack up. There's are lots of other swimwear manufactures these days, so it's not an issue changing.
thereal_matt #403

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/30/2012 11:28:30Copy HTML

For those looking at Cover Male as a JS alternative I just received my Cover Male bikini.  I had to return it and size up to even get it on.  Still is a tad snug.  Just given ya'll a heads up.
rip59 #404

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/01/2012 10:15:14Copy HTML

I have to agree, the Cover Male does not stretch where it needs too. Great looking cut and colors. Really, who test fits this stuff, women models or guys with sub standard anatomy. The JS seemed to run small but at least they were cut for a guy.
JM_Runs #405

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/04/2012 03:55:51Copy HTML

I think rip59 has a good point about the stretchiness that Joe Snyder had. I think it comes down to the fabric composites. Cover Male is 83% polyester, 17% spandex, while Joe Snyder is 80% polyamide, 20% spandex. Doesn't sound like a big different, but I can feel it for sure. Found a website that was cleaning out the last of their enhanced fullback bikinis and bought up a few. Yeah, I know the construction kind of sucks and all, but I figure I'll get a few months use out of them and enjoy them for the summer. The material feels good even thought it's as sturdy as a wet napkin.

I found on nuwear.com that they're offering a brand called Casanova. Look at it, looks to be really similar and they doing a 80% Nylon 20% Spandex blend. They seem to offer alot more cuts than Cover Male, but they look really identical in terms of colors and offered cuts. I'll rpobalby put in an order for a few just to test them out. Till then, I'm tempted to buy up the rest of the reduced size MEDIUM Snyders on a few websites.

lebesthongs #406

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/04/2012 07:51:11Copy HTML

I have to agree with twostar, Polyester does not absorb the humidty al all. As a swimwear is a really bad choice and as an underwear, you'll keep your sweat and...the smell (not nice). I have recently bought some of the new colors from Joe Snyder from a USA website called Be-brief  http://www.be-brief.com/joe-snyder-bikini.html and they are extremely nice (highly recommended) the colors pink and purple have a wet look.
kaskadehere #407

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/06/2012 03:28:09Copy HTML

 I am judging CM solely based on the pictures and it doesnt look sexy. Too much coverage IMO
thereal_matt #408

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/06/2012 12:04:26Copy HTML

 Generally speaking, Kaskade, CM is too much coverage, especially for some of the guys on the board.  But brands like CM, Casanova, and even some JS models are good for guys just starting to decrease the size of their under/swimwear and increase their boldness.  I starting with a JS capri and worked my way down to thongs.  They make good starters.
lebesthongs #409

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/22/2012 07:19:05Copy HTML

Well I'm very happy to see that Joe Snyder is back in many websites in the US!! The rumor is that the previous distributor in the US, a company named Underwearstation, stopped the sales of JS because they created their own brand, Cover Male, by copying most of the styles of JS with a much lower quality (again, Polyester is one of the cheapest textiles out there)... in my opinion, that is quite a shamefull thing to do from the former US distributor a. Quite amsuing fact is that in some blogs they name this company underwearCOPY station and the brand...COPY Male :)! Going back to JS, I saw on their website that they are releasing a new collection called Pride Frame and apparently it has a larger pouch! I will be getting a few pairs for sure!
man100re #410

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/30/2012 01:16:35Copy HTML

 I like JS
Tanned Bum #411

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/04/2012 12:40:27Copy HTML

Just bought a few more rio thong for $10 each. Really like the fit and tanlines.
ltnhotmix #412

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/04/2012 02:18:07Copy HTML

 love joe snyder. 10USD ?! where ? :-)

do agree that they are made for a real tight fit and gives me no room for mistakes. i need to put it carefully to avoid unwanted side poking. in the end i adopted the "bulge" one for this year, including the new colors out, that have a little more shine/wet look than in the past. and yes, i have a pink that already saw the beach ;-)

as for casanova, it is just ok for me. i find they have a more classic cut and the fabric is much thicker than other brands. my choice goes to less "swimming pool fabric" and more "beachwear" if it makes sense to explain the feeling.

thong21 #413

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/12/2012 01:58:40Copy HTML

I have bought a a bunch of Cover Male items latley after shopping online. I also had to return and size up two sizes but I like them better then Joe Snyder, well thats a lie, I like them both!!  As in my other post, I bought mine at www.douglasunderwear.com  they let me exchange me purchase and the owner is cool, we had an email conversation about differend products.
JM_Runs #414

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:09/25/2012 09:48:43Copy HTML

I have worn myJS Kini at my local pool without a problem. The only problem is that it tends to ride up to form a thong easily and needs to be pulled down when leaving the water. It is extremely brief and really is very close to a thong at the back. In France at the campsite and public pools I have worn a JS capri and kini and also have braved sunbathing and swimming in a JS Rio Thong. I much prefer the kini to the capri as it covers much less rear. but my favourite is the Roi Thong. The Rio Thong is just great to wear and very sexy too. The tanlines are awesome from the Rio Thong and are virutally non-existent at the rear. I also have a Beachkini miniswim with both a triangle back and a string back and also walked the full lenght of Pampelonne Beach near St Tropez in the JS Rio Thong and also both the BeachKini Swimstrings. With all these suits one needs to shave off most of the pubic hair. I will never windsurf in more than a thong or g-string.
gsj #415

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:09/26/2012 08:45:59Copy HTML

I regularly wear my Kini to the local pool. I now treat my Capri as "standard" wear ie anything more has too much cover. For the beach I have been wearing a Gemali Alpha

I think recent JS material seems to be wearing better than previously. After a full season both the above JS items have plenty of life left.
b21 #416

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:10/09/2012 09:17:38Copy HTML

If anyone from Joe Snyder reads this, love the suits guys, wear the 03 thong on beaches all around the world, I'm just getting a bit bored of the real basic colours, (black, red, blue) - got the bright pink and bright purple from DGU which are awesome - lets have some more interesting colours - pale blue, lilac etc. Some more interesting prints would be cool too.
I'm not talking about the sheer fabric, we need it in the swimwear lycra to rock on the beaches of the world.
JM_Runs #417

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:10/10/2012 04:45:40Copy HTML

b21,  You can email direct to joesynder.com to comment about the fabric colors. There is a tab on the website CONTACT US. I emailed them once about the styles and they replied.
DoreFan #418

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/08/2012 02:51:38Copy HTML

My initial impression of Joe Snyder thongs has gone down hill.I bought the mini-cheeks boxer thong and a shiny red bulge thong back in July of last year. After 2 months, the logo came off the red bulge thong. And just recently, the shiny part of the material is coming off. I've only worn it maybe half a dozen times and it's already wearing out.
I think the styling look great, but they don't last very long.
thongjake #419

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:11/17/2012 09:18:21Copy HTML

It's been 5½ years since I wrote in this thread. Maybe it is time for an update :-) I now own both JS thongs, cheek-boxers and the cross-over: mini-cheek. For underwear I still prefer the thong (not rio). For swimwear I would love to use both the thongs and the mini-cheeks, but my wife would not appreciate that :-).  
 On one occasion I wore the baby-blue cheek-boxer to the beach. It actualy looked like we were going for the "couples look" since her hot-pants type bottom was the same color and looked like mine. After that I only use the cheek-boxer (mostly black) for swimming. After losíng some pounds I actually think I look good in those. Earlier I used the normal boxer (more butt coverage).I am truly a JS fan. 
bikinicouple #420

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/17/2012 11:20:04Copy HTML

 The Joe Snyder Bikini has a very unique rear-end.  Great minimal coverage up front like the thong, and half the butt coverage in the rear when it's needed!  Here's an example on our flickr page
DoreFan #421

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/17/2012 07:52:58Copy HTML

@bikinicouple: I've been meaning to get a bikini like that for a while now for when a thong isn't appropriate. Is that the Capri back? 
JM_Runs #422

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/17/2012 11:00:47Copy HTML

I believe it is this one.
Both the JS bulge thong and bulge bikini are amazing.
Very low cut in the front and very comfy.
I would order the bikini a size larger.
It runs small compared to the thong.
DoreFan #423

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/18/2012 12:39:17Copy HTML

 Thanks killamozilla.I'm tempted to get the Clip and the Capri bikinis.I have a couple of other Joe Snyders, but the quality seems questionable. The logos fell off after 1 or 2 washes.I do like their styling tho.Also tempted to get the Body slingshot. I don't think I'd wear that on the beach, but my chiropractor and massage therapists will get to see it.
iConcept #424

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/18/2012 01:31:27Copy HTML

 I'm going through a Joe Snyder binge right now.  I'm liking the products.  I'm finding the quality good but the "black" color seems to stretch out for some reason.

The above flickr picture looks like the bulge bikini.  I have one in wine color. 

bikinicouple #425

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/18/2012 01:36:53Copy HTML

 Hey all.  No, that suit is not the Capri or the Bulge Bikini. It's just the flat out, regular Bikini.  Suits from the bulge line are too pronounced in front to feel completely at ease in a public setting. The sleek front lets the wearer get away with wearing something very tiny and sexy without being lewd in the slightest bit. 
Joe Snyder suits shouldn't be washed in a washing machine.  Handwash in the shower after wearing and hang to dry
SlidingG #426

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/18/2012 02:40:27Copy HTML

Bikinicouple, your 'regular Bikini' is a lot briefer in back than my classic bikini, the JS01, which I wear at my health club.  I'd never wear anything as brief as the one in your photo -- if a thong isn't appropriate, I prefer full coverage.
JM_Runs #427

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:12/20/2012 01:59:36Copy HTML

AVBW21 #428

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/19/2013 06:54:09Copy HTML

Does anyone notice that different colours have different stretch?
I own black bikini capri, blue thong03, turquoise thong03 and kini, wine thong03, white thong03, purple bikini, rainbow bikini, camouflage bikini and journal thong03.
The black, blue, turquoise, wine, white have normal stretch, that I feel great and fit. The rainbow, camouflage and journal are much softer and smoother than plain colour ones, I like them too.
With the exception of purple, it is particularly hard and stiff, it does not wrap my package in place and I should say it is quite loose. For the bikini I own, even I bought the right size I need, (I am 31" waist and all my JS are M size), I sometimes feel that it is kinda coming downwards becos of the gravity.
The fit of the my purple Pride thong is also bad too, the "black ring thing" in front is made from a less stretchy fabric, and the purple fabric has bad stretch too, making the thong really loose. The thong strap at the back does not fit well too, that I have to pull more upward towards my waist, and then it does not look good too.
I wonder if I choose other colours for the Pride thong would be better? Anyone can share their experience?
nicthong #429

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/19/2013 09:28:15Copy HTML

Lots of positive talk about Joe Snyder, which is good to read. One question though: do they still have the problem with the stitching coming undone that many of us encountered and reported on previously or have the quality problems been fixed now?
Also wondering if anyone has experience of using the mini-cheek style at a public pool?
JM_Runs #430

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/22/2013 03:19:20Copy HTML

 Been a big fan of JS for a while, but got tired of their quality for a bit and went to other brands to try.
Decided to buy the recent new colors. Purple, pink, and metallic black. Really happy with the fabric and the metallic black doesn't have the same wear problem like others in the metallic line. Unfortunately, I feel like the pouch is a bit smaller than usual. Not sure if it's just with the new fabrics or of its standard now. I'm not a huge guy, but it's a bit snug. Not unbearable, but noticeable. I've always gotten the bulge line because I think it looks and feels fantastic. For a change I decided to buy the 03's and I had to say its just useless. Hurts my crotch even with only a few minutes of wear. 
Anyway, I digress. On my recent purchases, the stitching has been find and I havent noticed any sagging or over stretching. I'm fairly atheltic/muscular and I wear my bikinis to workout all the time. I do with that they would come out with some newer colors for the new season.
nicthong #431

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:01/22/2013 08:25:21Copy HTML

 Great feedback. Thanks twostar10!
JM_Runs #432

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:02/10/2013 12:19:22Copy HTML

message deleted
thenextthong #433

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:03/28/2013 08:27:45Copy HTML

(I know this isn't the underwear, but it is where the main Joe Snyder thread is, so here goes)

Has anyone tried either of the 'Launch' or the 'Pride' range of JS? I'm looking for some good thongs for underwear, and these two look like they would be very good for that, and are reasonably priced, too.
metopump #434

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:04/15/2013 09:39:23Copy HTML

 I love the Joe Snyder line. The suit fabric has the right amount of give and the price of their suit's are great.
dobbybeach #435

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/26/2013 05:48:21Copy HTML

what do you think is the sexiest most revealing w.o. being lewd for the Chicago beaches (south of Hollywood),  or anywhere you've experienced, with gay unfriendly / family / mainstream dork short people? 
I just ordered a medium black bulge bikini. 

how does anyone else feel about the bulge line?   Does it turn heads in a good way at these sort of beaches?  I'm thinking I'll enjoy showing off a wet transparent front instead of the bulge?  One way to find out ; )

 Thanks for sharing in advance!
dobbybeach #436

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/30/2013 02:21:44Copy HTML

bikinicouple,  you're right about the bulge bikini.  Not comfortable for family beach.  Do you think the capri is shows too much cheek for a family beach.  That the regular full bikini is a better choice.  You think the Kini is too lewd?  Thanks.
tnline #437

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/30/2013 03:21:37Copy HTML

dobbybeach - maybe just my opinion but the JS Bulge bikini in black should be a fine choice at most any beach
bikinicouple #438

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:05/31/2013 02:07:17Copy HTML

 Dobbybeach - Because the KINI has the string sides it feels (and looks) a whole lot skimpier than it really it.  I'd say skip the kini - which I don't really like and haven't worn in a few years now - and go with their BIKINI.  Its nice and sleek and covers a little over half the butt.  If you want more, go with the FULL SEATED BIKINI which is also sexy, and covers about 90 percent of the rear.  Also, remember than they are single-layered, unlined so go with a darker color if you are visiting a family beach.  The white, pink and yellow varieties are very nearly completely see through when wet. 
dobbybeach #439

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/01/2013 09:52:33Copy HTML

I missed what I was going for with the bulge bikini.  I thiink the pouch is too small, and when semi aroused suit pulls away from body in sac area.  I have a small orange mini cheek and the pouch stretches around whole packge and stays there even when partially excited.  Bulge look is not for me. 
I think sides might be a little too narrow as well, for me.   Makes my thighs and waist look a little on the fat side, and I'm a ripped waist 33". 
Thanks for feedback.  I'm gonna jump over to other thread and give muscleskins a try.
brocker36 #440

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/01/2013 03:34:19Copy HTML

 @Dobbybeach - Two comments regarding the bulge.  First, I have/have had a few different bulge products (some thongs, some half-back bikini) and the pouches vary in size not insignificantly.  I think this is many people's frustration with JS, the variability in products that should otherwise be the same is often unacceptable.  Second, the problem you're having sounds like what can happen if you wear the back side too low, in turn not providing enough pull on the fabric between through the crotch to keep things snug.  Of course, that may not be the look you're going for; I know I much prefer things to ride low and have sometime taken my scissors and needle out to shorten the crotch part up some.  You may just be better off, as you say, with muscleskins where you can ask for customization.  It just gets expensive to do trial and error :|
dobbybeach #441

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/01/2013 05:06:02Copy HTML

thanks.  I have two small minicheeks ,which should be mediums, but pouches stretch to where everything stays covered even if i get aroused .  but looks skin tight even when i'm shrunk.  I'm not going for poser/bulge look either.  how do i order that from muscleskins?

 I'm guessing wide or standard pouch with, but have no clue on the depth.  if i order extra cm depth will it be saggy when i'm shrunk?
I'm waiting for muscleskins customer service (JUpiter?) to email.me back.
JM_Runs #442

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:06/01/2013 05:22:17Copy HTML

The Joe Snyder suits are renowned for rather narrow fronts that are a little narrow and don't fit well for the well endowed.
Like broker36 I have shortened the back strap of a number of my thongs to cure a lose cup.  A side effect is they sit lower on the hips which makes the waist band tighter, to make the alteration work it is best to start with a thong that is generous in the waist.
- dobbybech, I am not sure the Joe Synder line has the variable stretch you are looking for.
BrazBamBam #443

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/03/2013 12:47:44Copy HTML

 Just want to give a heads up that Joe Snyder now has a women's range!  I saw it on the Joe Snyder website. Looks like some great suits for the ladies!  
lebesthongs #444

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/03/2013 02:35:26Copy HTML

BrazBamBam  I saw it too, the women's range looks really sexy, either only for women or a perfect mix and match for couples. I also saw the new styles Active wear and Pride Frame Neon, really nice.
webie #445

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/03/2013 02:55:06Copy HTML

Just wondering if you have a link to these womens suits as everytime I go to there sight I dont seem to find the womens range?
b21 #446

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/03/2013 03:01:55Copy HTML


Also on the slide show on the home page
JM_Runs #447

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/03/2013 06:08:20Copy HTML

Is is conformed that the orange color of JS Bulge Thong is discontinued? Because I've been searching various online retailers and I haven't found not even one retailer that sells the bulge thong in orange colors.
rled1982 #448

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/18/2013 11:22:26Copy HTML

Just got my first capri bikini from JS - quite a fun fit - starts off with a reasonably minimal coverage (as per the pics on the website) but doesn't take long before it starts creeping up to resemble a thong.

I like it so far - feels like it would be fun to tan in.
DoreFan #449

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:07/19/2013 05:19:29Copy HTML

I found the same when I first got my JS Capri. It feels conservative because of the little bit of cheek coverage, but as you walk, it works itself into a thong. I love it! It's a great tight fit.   
Beached_Santa_Cruz #450

Re:Joe Snyder suits

Date Posted:08/19/2013 12:15:53Copy HTML

 I bought 4 vikini and 3 mini cheek pairs. The girlfriend is crazy about them.  She used to wear thong suits all the time in Hawaii and was a swimsuit model.  At 56 she looks better than most 20 year olds is going to get a thong suit to wear to Club Med.   Maybe we'll have matching Joe Snyder suits.

I've yet to wear mine to the pool.   Now that school is starting back up I might start getting some afternoon sun at the gym.
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