<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:08/14/2017 04:15:37Copy HTML

I purchased the Jor sport thong, the Ipanema and the Pikante Rockola (I think Jor and Pikante are related)

All I can say is wow!  Made like a real swimsuit.  Practical.  I have many other thongs that can be used as a swimsuit, but nothing that is lined and would be acceptable at most resorts.  They fit on the small side and are expensive is the only downside.  I am thinking of buying a few of the sport thongs hoping that they last.  
Wife wants to go somewhere this winter,  or to find a thong friendly resort in Mexico.
packiest #1

Re:Jor swim thongs

Date Posted:08/14/2017 04:48:09Copy HTML

 They have a nice selection. Interesting designs, that like you say are practical. Vibrant but not obnoxious.
esoom #2

Re:Jor swim thongs

Date Posted:08/17/2017 11:47:54Copy HTML

 I own the sunny swim thong by jor in the pink pattern, easily the best swim thong I've ever worn.  Need more as well!
swix #3

Re:Jor swim thongs

Date Posted:08/18/2017 06:31:33Copy HTML

 Yes, i recently bought the Jor Swim Sports Thong. Based in the UK it had to be delivered from the US. It fits well and looks like a standard brief from the front so will be much more accepting in many more places than usual. Wish they sold in the UK. Would get more!
SunnyP #4

Re:Jor swim thongs

Date Posted:08/19/2017 01:01:02Copy HTML

 Keep your eyes on this site: https://www.pikanteunderwear.com/collections/swim-thongs as they have discounts sometimes on the JOR range including swimwear.  The fitness wear also looks really good to.  Better start hitting the gym more lol! 
Comfythong1 #5

Re:Jor swim thongs

Date Posted:12/12/2017 04:46:40Copy HTML

 I’ve worn both the sport thong and the ipanema thong at the beach in Mexico and at the pool, both indoor and outdoor. In fact, I just  swam laps at the gym pool at Lifetime Fitness in my black ipanema thong. They are very high quality suits that aren’t as risqué as some of the suits others may wear but are very comfortable to wear and actually pass for a regular (thong) swimsuit. 
stypenz #6

Re:Jor swim thongs

Date Posted:09/04/2018 11:24:13Copy HTML

I recently bought some Pikante Swim thongs but as a fairly heavy swimmer (5 hours) a week they didn't last very long and faded and lost their shape within 2-3 months. Were the JOR swim thongs any better?
esoom #7

Re:Jor swim thongs

Date Posted:09/09/2018 09:24:39Copy HTML

The JOR swim thongs are of much better quality! I just bought a new pikante swim thong and a coral sunny swim thong. The Jor has liner in the pouch (which I love) and has a fabric that is thicker and of better quality. Best thongs around.
stypenz #8

Re:Jor swim thongs

Date Posted:09/10/2018 05:46:17Copy HTML

Okay. The composition and material of the JOR ones seemed to be the same from the description as my Pikante oones so would be interested to know how long they last for you and how long you spend in the pool. I know single colour ones tend to last longer than print. I prefer unlined, thinner and smaller personally hence my original choice of Pikante. :-) I really liked the style of the Pikante Seal thong even if it didn't last.
esoom #9

Re:Jor swim thongs

Date Posted:09/12/2018 11:45:27Copy HTML

I've had one for two years now with patterned print, wearing at least two times weekly at the beach. I can't speak for how it holds up against chlorine though. Also have the seal thong, which to me is a very similar cut!
stypenz #10

Re:Jor swim thongs

Date Posted:09/13/2018 10:07:36Copy HTML

Yeah unfortunately chlorine is pretty harsh on suits, especially if it's just nylon-spandex blend. Been looking hard for Polyester suits. For example Kiniki's suits are Poly-Lycra which is crazy good for the price they sell them at! Unfortunately their thong style is boring though.
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