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eenglish #51

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:01/19/2012 10:36:03Copy HTML

 Just got some jovana myself. I like the look and finish, pics on my profile, what do you think??
eenglish #52

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:01/19/2012 10:42:38Copy HTML

 I've just ordered a couple of suit and they look and fit great. Photos in my profile. What do you think??
NcknameInUse #53

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:02/20/2012 11:14:36Copy HTML

 I placed an order yesterday with Jovana.
Can't wait to see my Mini Triangle string (solid plum) and Extreme Micro String (neon pink).
I ordered the Thong Shorts in black mesh too. I plan on using that as a cover up for over the other two items. I hope the pink neon will show through very nicely.
My main interest in the Thong Shorts is to see what the cut is like and hopefully wear them as running shorts, though I'd order them in solid fabric for that!
I'll update when they arrive.
nicthong #54

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:02/20/2012 01:31:43Copy HTML

 I recently got some custom shorts from Jovana, based on the thong shorts but ultra low at the waist and with a 'proper' crotch instead of a thong strap. I wore them at Center Parcs recently and absolutely love them. The quality is great, the fit perfect, the service outstanding... They'll definitely be getting more business from me... Just need to save up those pennies!
flossy666 #55

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:02/20/2012 01:56:54Copy HTML

I haven't visited jovanadesign.com in quite awhile, but her new, updated website rocks!!! Very clean and easy to use. Love it.

All prices are in British Pounds. Just for a reference i used the currency converter at http://money.cnn.com/data/currencies/ and for what i was looking at it was just about $10 more (American dollars) than the British Pound, or i should say as of 2/20/2012 it was.

I might contact her and send her one of my Dore designs and she if she can copy it. Then again, i don't know - i'm a lazy boy lately! lol
sailor250 #56

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:02/20/2012 03:08:22Copy HTML

I see that Jovana is now offering these feminizing suits- like the teardrop from tangaland- which looks like a women's microkini.  Guys can't fit in them so your equipment is hanging out all over.  This may be a new trend in styles but of course you need a clothing optional beach to wear them!

Thonguy4fun #57

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:02/20/2012 11:57:09Copy HTML

Never looked at her stuff until now.  Always assumed shipping would be costly.  Appears you can get a thong w/ shipping for about $22.

I like   http://jovanadesign.com/en_GB/p/Extreme-Micro-Narrow/51

JM_Runs #58

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:02/21/2012 12:45:44Copy HTML

I love these as you guy's can tell :)

NcknameInUse #59

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:02/25/2012 10:00:37Copy HTML

 I placed an order yesterday with Jovana.Can't wait to see my Mini Triangle string (solid plum) and Extreme Micro String (neon pink).I ordered the Thong Shorts in black mesh too. I plan on using that as a cover up for over the other two items. I hope the pink neon will show through very nicely.My main interest in the Thong Shorts is to see what the cut is like and hopefully wear them as running shorts, though I'd order them in solid fabric for that!I'll update when they arrive.

Just received this order. First impressions:
Mini Triangle String.Perfect fit and it's beautiful.I just covers the equipment and I love it!

The Extreme Micro String is small!!It doesn't fully cover the equipment, and I'm not over endowed :) . I still have the winter plumage right now so need a good shave, which will make some space. It will be fun on the beach though!
The Thong Shorts are perfect up front. Sadly at 47 my buns aren't as firm as they were so the elastic across the bottom of back is slightly too tight and digs in a bit too much. I love the cut though and will definitely get them in a solid fabric for running.
Perhaps Jovana can customise the construction and take some of the tension out of the lower elastic. 
I'm very pleased with the quality and will get some pictures posted here in the coming week. 

JM_Runs #60

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:02/26/2012 08:08:37Copy HTML

Here I go for the start of another thong or I should say G-String season. I ordered my first Jovana G-String last week and within 24 hrs I recieved an email that my suit had been shipped. Looking forward to the different styles she offers. I have been wearing nothing but Skinzwear for last many years and just want something different eventhough I had several special orders from Skinz and I will continue to special order more in the future. Hopefully the weather her in Florida will turn warmer and I can get started on my tan again, for me I am on the pale side and need some hot days on the beach.... I will post how much I like Jovana hopefully in a few days...........
JM_Runs #61

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/05/2012 09:40:56Copy HTML

The mail arrived today and with it was my new suit from Jovana Design. I must say it is small, my package just fits and will have to see what happens the summer when it is hot and my balls want to hang to escape the heat. Nice over all qualtiy, I think I will order another suit but for sure the ease for me to be able to go to Clearwater and visit the Skinz store is easier plus the girls at the Skinz store have always been so nice to me when I come in and try on suits or have one special ordered. With the weather getting warmer, I will be making a few trips to the Fort to start my pre-summer tan.
tanlines2thin #62

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/28/2012 05:14:00Copy HTML

i received my first jovana suit, today....okay, i splurged - i bought two.......for starters, i bought 'the glove' which is your basic 'illegals' sleeve, however, when jovanna does it, it's one skintight, form-fitting, tailored-to-your-size, work-of-art.........1 word - wow!......anybody who thinks they are anyone not to be outdone in the display / exhibition / intimate pleasure 'suit' game has gotta 'suit-up' in this gem......sure, it's definitely 'dare-2-wear, but that's what we're all about here..........

the second 'suit' i purchase, is already the show-stopper of my collection.......i knew it would be.........it is the jovanna 'one-strap slingshot; and wow, this suit is a masterpiece piece creation that is totally 'double-dare-2-wear'.........as much as i would love to expound upon this totally 'show-off' suit, i'm gonna keep my cool and let you check it out at their site.......i will say this much, though, their fabric is head-and-shoulders above all other manufacturers, and their customer-fitting is right on the money..........believe me, when you pay up for their products, you're gonna feel like YOU won the jackpot........ou-la-la!!!!!!!!
sailor250 #63

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/29/2012 01:16:02Copy HTML

Does the glove grip well enough to walk or swim in it?  I 'd like to get one as a swimming suit for late night hotel pool swims, when skinny dipping may not work out!  Did you get it in mesh or a solid color.  Seems like mesh would be tan thru!
Pete01 #64

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/29/2012 12:21:06Copy HTML

I am thinking of ordering from Jovana, but unsure whether to order small or medium size. I normally order small from Skinz, but medium from Dore - how do Jovana sizes run in general ? - I am about 31 inch waist, so fall between small and medium. Is the difference in sizes mainly down to side strap length, the pouch being the same for all sizes ?
Any experiences with sizing/fit of Jovana products will be welcome.


tanlines2thin #65

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/29/2012 01:00:17Copy HTML

the jovanna glove fits like a glove, and yes, the encircling elastic will hold the suit on securely.......you are gonna be bowled over by the sensational fabric they use, the skintight fit, and of course, the outstanding look........

as for knowing what size to order from jovanna, ask them in an e-mail......they are trez helpful and will customize to your liking.......

now, i gotta go to work.........
JM_Runs #66

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/29/2012 02:40:28Copy HTML


I'm a 32 and wear medium's in Jovana but also Dore's as well. The best thing is to email her she can best answer that question for you. I would probably order a medium but that's me. Just ask her I wouldn't want you to get something that doesn't fit.
muscleinathong #67

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/30/2012 11:49:32Copy HTML

I am a 30" waist and wear a size small from Jovana. The fit is great, very comfortable for all day wear.  Her stuff is absolutley amazing!!! My favorites so far are the bulge thong and the low push up thong. I have ordered several times and have been more than satisfied! You cannot go wrong.
NCThonger #68

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:04/18/2012 02:49:42Copy HTML

I am a 36" waist in jeans/pants and ordered a Low Push Up thong and a Bulge thong.  I emailed about sizing because according to their size chart I was between a M and L.  They recommended ordering a size M since the thong styles provided more stretch than the bikini styles.  I JUST got my shipping confirmation this am from Jovana and can't wait until they come in.  I hope the fit and feel are as good as everyone states.  Will report back later when they arrive.

mrhb2008 #69

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/07/2012 02:00:51Copy HTML

 Does anyone have any experience with Jovana's C Ring String?  Has anyone worn this at any C/O beaches?  Were you nervous?  Thinking about ordering and maybe heading down to Blacks.
JM_Runs #70

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/07/2012 07:58:59Copy HTML

I love the Jovana C-Ring String but have only worn it in a private setting. But would wear it on a C/O beach.
NcknameInUse #71

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/25/2012 01:31:51Copy HTML

Just back from my annual trip to Marmaris, Turkey, where I road tested my recent Jovana purchases.
I have to say that I see fewer thongs being worn year on year. I saw a couple of female thongers on the very exposed public beach but no men. It now seems universal for younger men and the majority of older men to wear Dork Shorts of ever increasing length. Some are so big and baggy that they are actually laughable as swimwear and utterly ridiculous as sunwear.
Anyway, I digress. I was quite happy to spend my 2 weeks as a one man crusade against Dork Shorts.By the busy pool at the apartment and out on boat trips I only ever wore my new favourites: Mini Triangle String, Extreme Micro string and Extreme Micro Narrow, all by Jovana.
Great suits with slightly varying coverage. By the pool I mostly wore the Extreme Micro Narrow string suit. It just covers the essentials and holds them is such a way that the whole package stands proud. It's bright yellow and does get quite see through when wet but I liked that! 
On boat trips I wore the Extreme Micro String. Very small again and sits a little lower above the shaft. I would have to make an adjustment occasionally when too much was showing!
I never got any negative comments but plenty of looks, the odd whistle and a number of photos taken.
After a day out on the dive boat I really wanted to walk the couple of miles back to the apartment wearing only the  Mini Triangle String. I got it in bright pink and it's a beauty. Not conservative by any standard but it's less extreme than the others so I thought I'd give it a try after wearing it quite comfortably on the boat all day. As we approached the harbour I saw it was very busy and lost my bottle at the last minute and put on my new Jovana Shorts. They are not exactly Hot Pants but getting there and I got bright pink so they are eye catching.So I set off down the harbour and promenade wearing just the shorts. I think I actually got more attention than if I'd been in a thong!
People crossed the road to have a closer look. It was great :)
One thing I did notice was the bright bright yellow fabric the Extreme Micro Narrow suit had clearly faded due to UV after some very heavy sunbathing sessions. The fading was evident on the upper part of the suit which got more exposure while the lower part was still bright yellow.It's not noticeable while wearing it so it isn't ruined but after another holiday it might.
I'm so happy with the tiny Jovana suits that for my next holiday in October to Tenerife I will try some of the more daring suits from the range.
I'll be ordering an Extreme Micro T Sting. I think this will be a good "general purposes" suit for daily use. Does anyone have one and how do you like it?I like the look of the Missile String (balls out) and some of the other missile/gun stiles. My question is how do you keep it filled? I'd have to be fully erect to get the full effect. Not sure how to achieve that for a full day on the beach?!

NCThonger #72

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/25/2012 06:16:23Copy HTML

I received my first order of thongs from Jovana and just realized that I hadn't reported back.  As I said earlier, I am a 36" waist in pants/shorts.  Jovana said that a medium would be ok in the thong styles.  I ordered a medium in the low push up thong and the fit is amazingly perfect.  Might be my favorite style at the moment.  The bulge thong in a size medium was a bit snug but wearable.  Probably since the straps are slightly wider.  So I have since ordered multiple colors of the low push up thong in size M as well as several bulge thongs in size L.  The bulge thong in a L fits perfectly and provides a very nice bulge under pants/shorts. 

showoffmark #73

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/26/2012 01:12:22Copy HTML

 I will suggest if you order to be sure the order is shipped insured. My order was not and when it was lost in the US mail I was SOL. An expensive lesson as my order was around $150. I was told I could re-order with a 20% discount and should pay for the better shipping methond. I opted to cut my losses.
Maxin #74

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/26/2012 02:29:57Copy HTML

 How good of Jovana to offer you such a generous discount. Good policy as you are likely to be a return customer.
showoffmark #75

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/26/2012 10:43:40Copy HTML

 Are you being serious? If they had offered 50% I would have taken the offer and replaced what was missing. Then I likely would have become a repeat customer. Instead I will likely never try to buy their product again. I realize they are a small company so I would not expect them to replace the missing items but I think since I paid full price for the first order they could have given me 50% off the second which would be a net of a 25% off total. They would still have been ahead of the game profit wise and they would have gained a customer. 
tanlines2thin #76

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/26/2012 11:30:44Copy HTML

jovana tells ya straight-away that when they ship to the U.S., ya better go with the certified  - or whatever they call it -  mail, otherwise, you're just rolling the dice......sorry to hear that ya found out the hard way and came up snake-eyed, but i don't think it's fair for ya to trash them, when they actually did make ya some half-baked offer to replace at a discount.......

i've ordered from jovanna a couple of times, and eventhough i always view these kinda mail warnings as a not so veiled canard to get a few more bucks - or euros - outta ya, i ponied-up and got my orders fine......of course, it seems to take those orders forever to arrive.........the jovanna stuff ain't cheap, but it is wow sexi, and i definitely wasn't gonna sweat not getting my trez sexi jovannas for less than 10 bucks for delivery insurance - or whatever they call it........
hotbunz1969 #77

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/26/2012 12:18:10Copy HTML

Jovana is a one woman company much like Dore. Her product is fantastic and ALL are hand made by her.  I'll guarantee she works on a close profit margin.

I can't see why she would, or should for that matter, offer you a discount greater than 20%. In my opinion the  20% offer was more than generous.... 50% and she would be loosing out coz you won't pay insurance, that isn't fair surely???   After all it was not her fault the items were lost, she made then and shipped them as you ordered,  If you are not prepared to pay the extra  it's a chance you take!!! She shouldn't  be out of pocket from it! I would pay the extra even though I live in the same country as her...... Hell, we only live 30 miles apart, but it's a chance I just wouldn't take. 
It's a shame you didn't take her up on her offer though, you are missing out on one of, if not the best, bespoke swimsuit makers out there...... Her suits are awesome!!!! 
NCThonger #78

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/26/2012 01:00:33Copy HTML

The last couple of orders that I placed with Jovana they didn't even offer unregistered mail to the US.  My first order I opted for the cheap shipping w/o insurance and got it fine.  The last 2 orders, it only offered registered mail with signature required at checkout. 
JM_Runs #79

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/26/2012 01:32:26Copy HTML


Sorry for your lost :( but to say you'll never purchase Jovana again :( sorry to hear that because I feel like the rest of these guy's. How was that Jovana fault for your lost shipment? I'm in the US and have items sent regular and insured luckly never had anything lost. But to me that would not have been Jovana fault ... She's a very fine lady that puts alot into her designs and has always been fair. Hope you change your mind.

showoffmark #80

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/27/2012 03:21:11Copy HTML

 Ok ok. I guess I am used to dealing with bigger companies. I will say I truly did not think there was a real reason to spend more for shipping. I have never had anything lost in mail before. As I said in my first comment, I wish it was clearer to me to purchase the insured shipping. Glad to know only the registered option is now available. 
tanlines2thin #81

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/27/2012 11:27:31Copy HTML

i feel for ya, dude...nobody likes being out a few bucks.........even worse, nobody likes the excitement of getting some new jovanna suits being totally torpedoed........i guess ya were so excited ordering that ya glanced over the registered mail matter........i kinda recall it being stated quite emphatically........that's just me, though, i'm a detail guy.........

in any event, take the lady up on the discount she offerred ya and reorder......believe me, once ya slip into those jovanna suits, you're gonna be glad ya let bygones be bygones.........i've got some sexi, micro-extreme suits, but the jovannas are far and away the sexi show-stoppers of my s-suit wardrobe.......i dare say, whoever winds up with your lost order is in for a treat that they may or may not know how to deal with..... 
itanng #82

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/27/2012 12:05:30Copy HTML

Just a side note concerning lost shipments.

It is the seller's responsibility to deliver goods to the purchaser when the seller decides the delivery method or offers it as a choice on a pick list.   When there is a statement in their terms and conditions that delivery is the buyer's responsibility, I typically avoid the seller.  Or, I include the phrase "FOB Destination" on the order to shifts the burden of delivery back to them, where it belongs.

If that statement is present on the seller's terms and conditions, the seller has a high experience rate of lost goods, and that should be a warning to the buyer.  The seller should already be on notice their shipping method choice is are poor.  The seller should change their shipping method, even if it's merely to add delivery tracking to all orders.  And, yes, those charges will be reflected in the shipping rates.  And, yes, that increases the total price.  And, yes, that helps the buyer determine if the purchase will be made from that seller or another seller.

When it comes to only one seller for unique goods who tries to bend the rules (as in this case), then if a buyer wants the product, they had better always check the box for the delivery tracking, insurance, etc.

Two of my experiences:

Years ago, when a order was lost and the seller refused to re-ship, I protested the charge to my credit card company and received a credit.  I'm sure that merchant also got a "charge back" fee.

Recently, a seller in China reshipped a non-delivered-within-45-days order, even though it was one of those rare wins for 1-cent including shipping.  That seller understood that keeping customers from being disgruntled is the key to continued business.  That should be a hint to the seller in this case!

flossy666 #83

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/27/2012 02:11:54Copy HTML

I bought a thong from Jovana a couple of years ago and the deal was back then you pretty much had to get insurance/registered mail/whatever they were calling it then. I told her i didn't want it for the soul reason that if a package has to be signed for, i'm probably not gonna be home to sign and then the package risks getting sent back overseas eventually. I had no problem with my delivery, but it was MY risk, not hers. I don't know if she is still insistent about that now, but she was then.

So tanlines2thin, if i were you i'd order one or two more thongs at your discount and see if you like them. I know most people who order from her LOVE her thongs, so perhaps maybe rethink buying again?
MatJD #84

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:08/07/2012 07:22:02Copy HTML


I'm a represantive of jovanadesign. One of our customers just informed us, that on this forum is plenty of rumors going on. I though I'm going to register here, and make few things straight for you.

You are right, jovanadesign is not a big company, but it's not true that it's a "one woman company". We never offered anyone discounts for lost packets. As you can see on the website, if you choose stanard delivery, which is not insured, you take the risk on you. Lately we have change the policy, that if your order costs more than L50.00, the option for standard shipping dissapear.

It's not that because our packets get lost very often, it's for the customers safety. If a package costs a lot, then its more vulnerable for "attacks" from the people that are delivering them to your house. If you choose standard delivery, we won't receive information that you acctualy received the item, and to be honest we had few customers which tried report us to paypal, that they havent receive the package and they want a refund, and of course paypal refused, so the customer called his debit/credit card supplier and tried to receive a refund, which was also refused.

We will not take responsibility for things that cannot be proven. I can give you an easy example. If you shop in Tesco, and you will buy a Tesco Value Roll On - why would you expect that Roll On, to work the same as made by Dove? (It's just an example) It's the same in Royal Mail.

Another case.

Few weeks ago, a package worth few hundreds pounds has been lost by a company called ParcelForce - next day delivery to USA. Acctually they said that Border UK found drugs in the package and burn it and informed us that they will not refund the money. We did not think even for a second of scaming our customer. We have asked him straight away - do you wish to get refund or your order sent again. After 15 days he received the package by Royal Mail, and the case with ParcelForce is still on, because they cannot provide us with the proof that Border UK has taken the package, and we will not leave that, because we care for the customers.

One last thing. Remember, treat us, how you would like to be treated. Please do not send me messages here regarding jovana, as I won't be able to answer them. Always email us on the email address provided on the website.

b21 #85

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:08/07/2012 07:48:33Copy HTML

Wow, very friendly MatJD - that message really makes me want to order from you. I think you've just backed up a lot of the rumours - nice going
thong_jock #86

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:08/07/2012 02:27:43Copy HTML

 I've ordered from them and both the products and customer service were first rate and the prices very reasonable. A+!
sailor250 #87

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:08/08/2012 09:40:06Copy HTML

They have some new designs:  open glove cover is a strapless cover for your balls and shaft, open head- not for every beach!.
The Vertical thong is a Horizon like design but puts the shaft out at a 45 degree angle  UP-- interesting!
flossy666 #88

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:08/09/2012 03:39:20Copy HTML

I think what MatJD was simply trying to say is just get your delivery insured. If you do not, then you are at fault and not the company if it never arrives, for whatever reason, which i can understand.

Usually the postal service is very dependable here in America, but her thongs are coming from overseas, so it's a different avenue of delivery until it gets here, but-of-course.

tnline #89

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:08/09/2012 06:29:28Copy HTML

The Vertical thong looks like a real cool design - anyone tried it yet ?  How does is get the "vertical" effect ? 
sailor250 #90

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:08/10/2012 05:47:19Copy HTML

can't think of the name of it but Koalaswim just came out with a similar design that points up and out.... may just use the shape of the fabric cut rather than any internal straps.
JM_Runs #91

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:08/12/2012 06:17:07Copy HTML


It's the design of the pouch it's made to keep you vertical. It's very cool.
NcknameInUse #92

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:09/10/2012 06:40:55Copy HTML

 So I just placed my order for my beachwear for Tenerife next month :)
Enhancer Ring Size: 1 3/4"; Fabric/Colour: Periwinkle Solid

Extreme Micro T- String Size: M; Fabric/Colour: Black Mesh

Glove Cover String Size: M; Fabric/Colour: Wet Look Black 4-way stretch

Enhancer Ring Size: 1 1/2"; Fabric/Colour: Hot Pink

Micro Up Thong Size: M; Fabric/Colour: Royal Blue Mystique Hologram

Strapless Glove Cover Fabric/Colour: Camouflage

As much as I love pink I have to try other colours!!!

I could live in pink :)

Can't wait!!
tanlines2thin #93

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:09/10/2012 09:33:24Copy HTML

you are so gonna love what you got.....jovanna is very hot stuff
nicthong #94

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:09/15/2012 12:43:54Copy HTML

Also waiting for a new jovana order - custom shorts and a custom bikini. Love the (standard) suits I already have... simply wish I had more disposable income so I could buy even more!
nicthong #95

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:09/22/2012 02:03:24Copy HTML

Thought I'd follow up to comment on my new shorts and bikini. The shorts are based on her standard shorts pattern but made significantly shorter front, sides and back with a bulge pouch - amazing fit and definitely looking forward to wearing these on vacation this coming week (where a thong simply isn't appropriate). The bikini is a combination of the bulge bikini front and the bean bag micro bikini back - again, a great fit and a great alternative where the thong isn't appropriate. Quality is excellent as always and customer service in customising the suits was unmatched. Can't recommend jovana enough!
nicthong #96

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:09/29/2012 07:38:30Copy HTML

Just to add that I absolutely loved showing these suits off on holiday. Not a single other guy in anything but board shorts but was able to wear these suits confidently in and around the pool. Definitely wouldn't have felt comfortable wearing a thong among the other clientele (despite wanting to!) so these smaller suits were ideal. Can't wait to get some more jovana suits now! Which of the thongs do you guys recommend?
OS777 #97

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:09/29/2012 08:01:54Copy HTML

 I seem to favor the 4D thongs, of course her small bikinis are excellent and I have worn both styles at very public places, places where the faint hearted would never attempt to wear such small fashion statements.
tanlines2thin #98

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:10/05/2012 09:13:49Copy HTML

i recently picked up the 'open glove' and 'missile string' suits from jovana. these are two of the most revealing and risque suits i have seen available, and i purchased them expressly to wear during a special weekend getaway to a very nice, but not too pricie, nudist resort.

in my opinion, jovanna makes the classiest 'almost show-all' suits on the market, and the suits that i just got definitely show allmost all. the 'open glove' suit is a open-ended, half shaft sleeve, with a skintight pouch for the twins, and it has no tanline strings. on the other hand, the missile string' is only a full shaft sleeve suit, with a under-string to separate your totally exposed twins, with a hip-band to hold everything in presentable shape.

what i especially like about these suits is that they have no unnecessary excess material, meaning they make no secret of the fact that i am a totally shaven and totally suntanned fella.

last summer, i expressly bought the jovanna one-strap slingshot to wear at the splash. a few of the fellas who attended will remember my wearing that number down to the clothing-op pool of the cozy hotel we patronized. at the time, i thought the one-strap was the show-stopper of suits. and for the minimalist, full concealment suit, it is still the show-stopper of suits. back then, it was about as bare as i dared, but over the past few months, i've trimmed my physique closer to what it was way back when, and in a consenting adult enclave, the two new suits that i got should take me across the line of minimal poolside and party attire.  
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I have admired Jovana's 'missile string' but not bought it, having too few places to wear such.  MY nudist club (White Tail Resort in VA) doesn't allow any kind of g-string (I do wear a slip-on shaft ring from Tamgaland that is allowed).  Which "not-too-pricy resort" goes for the shaft-only g'?  Maybe I'll visit. BTW, I do have shaft-only suit, available in USA without sending all the way to England, and for less money, by PPU  (#1016).  This one does not have the "ball splitter" nor anything at all in back, and is of transparent mesh.  Fun, but few places to wear.
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I love her spandex creations and have more than a few of them. I am looking forward to getting a few gloves and shaftwear items.  Currently I have both 3D and 4D thongs and a few G-strings that I have wore in public at public pools.  I can't say enough about the quality of her products! Lets great real guys!!! If you admire the style buy it and wear it and wear it in public.  The textile world will never change unless you expose it to new ideas and break old taboos and outdated mindsets!  Get it?  Wear it!
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