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J_R_365 #201

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/28/2018 01:55:38Copy HTML

 There is an eBay store, http://stores.ebay.com/mensview , which seems to be associated with Jovana - one item even says "All suits designed by Jovanadesign" in the description. There aren't any of the extreme suits, but still minimal stuff. The suits all have a Man's name. I just ordered a "Joe" with breakaway straps, which looks to be like Jovana's 3D String.

I don't currently have any suits from Jovana, so I won't be able to compare directly, but I will report on it when I receive it.
OS777 #202

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/28/2018 04:35:46Copy HTML

I've purchased plenty of Jovana's creations since she began selling online.  Of late I am seeing a trend of over priced offerings.  This is very disappointing for longtime customers.  Royal Mail prices very much inflate the total price making her products less reasonable or practical for serious consideration.  Her prices are nearly on par with Tendenze as the highest priced extreme makers of Nano/ micro/ and extreme creations.  Caution on her pricings should become her primary consideration.  Other thong manufacturers easily offer like products for mere fractions of Jovana's near identical products.  From my longtime observations I see these unwarranted impractical price increases as a harbinger of possible diminisment of her business enterprise.  Currently I purchase 3D and 4D thongs for approximately $10 (each with free shipping).  The quality may be a smidge less in terms of thickness of Spandex.  What is the logic of paying 3x, 4x, or even 5x the price for a near identical product???  Shipping is free from China. Local USA manufacturers are 1/3 the price of Jovana.  I feel that Jovana has lost her way via unreasonable and offensive price increases.  Over the last month I have purchased an extensive quantity of 3D thongs from an online auction site without giving any consideration to any future purchases of Jovana products.  Her products are of superior quality but her prices and cost of shipping leave great questions as to the practicality of her overly inflated prices.  FIN 
dandyandy #203

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/29/2018 12:15:31Copy HTML

 I did notice that price.s had jumped around 3 pounds per suit recently.  Not sure if on all but was comparing previous purchases.  It's a shame but economic reality may be that importing cloth may have jumped a lot with the pound coming under pressure because of brexit.
Without a doubt the quality and niche of product is without equal to me.  Only Jovana will be able to determine if the price rise undermines the business.
Would be interested to try wherever you are going to get a similar China made product.  Do you have a link?
gsj #204

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/29/2018 03:21:43Copy HTML

Do you non UK guys purchase in Pound Sterling or your local currency?
aussiesf86 #205

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:03/29/2018 03:38:53Copy HTML

 I use my USA Costco Credit card.  Total ends up being less than if paying with PayPal and their conversion charges. 
Bulgewear #206

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/03/2018 03:45:03Copy HTML

From their website.  They will be closing for vacation/holiday on June 15th it looks like. Returning September 1st..

Our shop will be closed between 15/06 - 30/08/2018 and there will be no possibility to buy anything within these days. All orders placed before 15th of June will be sent latest on the 15th of July. We will be back on the 01.09.2018.
slavorak #207

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/07/2018 02:23:50Copy HTML

I've been buying from Jovana for nearly 8 years and I am never disappointed with the quality of fabric and craftsmanship. The prices are high but it is worth to buy and wait for the strings from her rather than from China. I bought a similar design to the 3D thongs from China and I was very disappointed with pretty much everything. The quality of fabric, loose threads and after two washes the thongs went in the bin, so I wouldn't buy anything from there. I also buy from Tendenze and Skinz and I'm also very happy with my purchases even if I have to wait a month and pay more. If you like China go on them, you get for what you have paid for...All great designers have higher prices, it's normal. J_R_365 thanks for the link :) Have to check the "JOE" string.
rled1982 #208

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/07/2018 07:21:05Copy HTML

I was thinking about this recently, so I looked at my last order from Jovana (back in 2015). All the suits I purchased cost ?17.99. 

Now, the equivalent suits cost ?24.99 (plus you can't choose whether you have rings with a couple of them, which you could at the time). 

That's compound interest of 11.5% per year! Inflation in the UK has ranged from about 1-4% in that period. Even if I was being generous and estimating increased costs with an interest of 4% per year, the new price would be ?20.24, so let's round up to ?20.99. 

The price increases in recent years have been ridiculous. Consequently I haven't bought anything from them out of principle, which is a shame seeing as how they've been my favourite brand since I started buying from them.

I found an eBay seller in the UK that does similar stuff (although still not as good) but I wish Jovana would have just increased their prices by a sensible amount. Here's one customer that probably would've bought a few suits in that time, but has been put off.
rled1982 #209

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/07/2018 07:22:11Copy HTML

for some reason this site doesn't seem to like the Pound sign - those question marks above are GBP.
slavorak #210

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:06/07/2018 09:17:36Copy HTML

Even if you can't choose whether you want the rings or not you can ask her to make your string bespoke, and how you like it. Last month I ordered the 3D thong with metal clasps and it was made at no additional cost. I also asked about the prices as I saw the increase. I received this answer:

"Lots of our fabrics are imported so we have to pay additional taxes and custom charges, lots of fabrics are custom made especially for us so we pay extra costs, all metal rings, clasps and ornaments are also made especially for us in France and all are nickel free, which means they are safe for people with allergies.You can order any suits in any fabric and it is made especially for you.
We are a based and registered business in the UK, not in China so we pay lots of money to keep everything in check. Royal Mail charge us for each registered packet. We don't get free postage. We do not have any forced labour nor do we lie or cheat in any way. We also do not force anyone to buy from us :) I hope this answer helps you. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask."
navythong #211

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:09/30/2018 05:23:37Copy HTML

Hi everyone. I was wondering if somebody has both a 3D thong and a 3D string (the one which is GBP 17.99, called 3D string (1) on jovana's web-site). It looks that the pouch on the 3D string is a bit less deep then the pouch on the 3D thong, when comparing the pictures. It could also because the 3D thong pictures are taken when the model is laying backwards. Does anybody know which fabrics from Jovana has the most stretch?
mrhb2008 #212

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:04/13/2019 03:16:07Copy HTML

Going to be wearing my new Jovana 4D String Turquoise Cabaret at MDR today! If yr there, stop and say Hi!
iConcept #213

Re:Jovana - jovanadesign - swim thongs

Date Posted:04/14/2019 01:53:47Copy HTML

Just a random comment but when I post pictures of myself in my Jovanna thongs they seem to be some of the most popular. They have some good suits and styles. I ordered 2-3 times from them. https://youtu.be/6I8kHQkDdQk
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