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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:08/28/2013 04:27:44

Does anybody buy jovana and wear as underwear? what has been your experience from them in terms of quality of the garments, sizing and delivery times? Also, what strings or thongs did you purchase from the website?

I like the designs and am considering making a purchase, your thoughts please gentlemen?

muscleinathong #1

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:08/28/2013 05:10:23

I highly recommend jovana. I have placed several orders with only one mishap that they did resolve. I have ordered and worn both the push up thong and the bulge thong as underwear and swim/tanning wear - quality is great, sizing is right on.
turnej #2

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:08/28/2013 05:48:05

Thanks for that - think I will be placing an order if that is the case, I think the skimpy styles look very good.
OS777 #3

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:08/30/2013 03:48:00

 Jovana gear is top quality and hot to wear. I love to wear my tiny 4D thong as many places as I can !
turnej #4

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:08/30/2013 01:36:19

The 4D thong looks good - is it comfortable though? good for posing on the beach I guess....
Gstringjoe #5

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:08/31/2013 09:46:03

 What is the difference between 3D and 4D?
turnej #6

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:12/08/2013 04:36:53

 Bought 3 pairs of Jovana - high quality and waist size is spot on....I am wearing a pair now, happy days.
tback #7

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:12/31/2013 09:40:27

Jovana underwear is great.
They have many different designs and all available in many materials and colours.
I have quite a few in the K1 design, nice fitting.
I also own a few that are quite unique such as the missile thong.
Also to be noted that Jovana can accept some modifications to their garments to fit your wishes.

No issue with deliveries, always spot on.
sorcery2902 #8

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:08/12/2015 08:29:52

 I have purchased several of their thongs and bikinis, The missile and gun style are my current favourites. They have a very close fit and great range of materials
Giraffeboy #9

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:12/29/2015 06:10:33

 hi, i have purchased some of their thongs, you can see them at my image gallery. the yellow lace one. is a 3d bulge. Great quality and nice to wear it.
leo40 #10

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:12/30/2015 05:06:53

My only Jovanadesign suit is the "Missile String" shaft-only suit.  Not comfortable as underwear at all, but a great attention getter at a pool party.
OS777 #11

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:01/01/2016 10:29:33

Leo, I never had a problem wearing my sheer black mesh Jovana Missile String. And I have worn mine a number of times.  For some unknown reason I always feel comfortable and confident wearing it.  Usually I only get compliments and smiles when and where I wear it...
tback #12

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:11/25/2017 11:10:57

Coming back on Jovana underwear.
Prices are just skyrocketing and are well above the average price for that type of garment.
They have nice garments but cannot pretend to offer products and fabrics as good as HOM, Manstore, Joe Snyder...
CKWonderer #13

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:11/25/2017 02:35:17

As underwear?  Agree that cost and design is not really their play for that.  A couple designs of G-string could be okay though.  I do love their design and fit for beach wear!!
Incognito69 #14

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:12/09/2017 06:40:57

 The cost is high, but so is the quality. Shipping has been very quick to the States as well. Sometimes you can find good deals on their eBay page. I know I have for both on and off beach!
OS777 #15

Re:Jovana as underwear?

Date Posted:12/11/2017 08:08:26

 I don't believe the price of Jovana suits are too costly.  Tendenze are much more expensive. Jovana suits are very top quality  and will last through many seasons of use if carefully worn and laundered. Cheap suits are always a gamble.Quality is what you pay for.  My Jovana suits from years ago still are in great shape. My Dore suits from 15 years ago are still going strong.
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