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Date Posted:03/08/2004 06:45:39Copy HTML

Vacationed on the south side of Kauai and went to many of the local beaches (Salt Pond, Little Beach, etc). Girlfriend wore a thong (several, including the WW brands) while I went with the speedo type. Not a problem or comment. We saw nothing smaller than a brazilian however.At the pool, she got lots of walk-bys and stares (by the pool guys mostly). Again, no one in anything smaller than a brazillian, other than her's!
Tongaman #1

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:03/11/2004 05:29:58Copy HTML

We stayed on Kauai's South shore a few years ago and had similar experience. We both wore thongs and really had no comment or issue.  We went to beaches on the Western and Northern shores as well. We didn't see any other thongers at all. I fact the thing that struck me about Kauai is the number of overweight people...Mainlanders as well as locals

Beachsurfer #2

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:03/16/2004 12:30:14Copy HTML

I almost wrote about that (the number of overweight folks), it was very suprising to us both.
sunlover #3

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:03/16/2004 05:20:36Copy HTML

My friend and I were surprised at the number of overweight people In Hawaii too.
Invisible T #4

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:05/27/2005 12:19:57Copy HTML

I went to Kuaui to visit one of my friends. It was awesome trip because I got to see Kuaui from the local non tourist side of things. 90% of the time I was running around in my SPEEDOs but I did sport a thong to work off my SPEEDO lines. Thonging was not a problem at all, nobody said anything. I even saw a couple other guys thonging. As for the best beaches:The westside has the best sand but has the strongest current and biggest waves. But there isn't many people.Poipu is a good beach but waycrowded because of its fame.The beach at the Sheraton hotel is good, with good sand and not too many people.My friend took me to this beach on the eastside where the garbage from Maui washes up, dirty beach but very private. Females were thonged and topless.So I say you can't go wrong wearing a thong in Kuaui.
caferacer #5

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:06/17/2005 07:53:53Copy HTML

I would say you can thong anywhere an Kauai.  Personally, I wore a thong on the North Shore at Tunnel's Beach, on the west coast at Polihale beach (my favorite), and on the south shore at Poipu, Shipwreck, and Mahelupa Beach.  So in short, go for it anywhere.  I had no problems the entire week I was there.  Thongs were not common but also not a problem.
beachfolks #6

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:09/27/2006 12:21:23Copy HTML

Some years ago Secret Beach was OK thong or nude, but we haven't been to Kauai recently.
erik3000 #7

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:11/29/2006 01:30:59Copy HTML

I got amazed with secret beach, when we went there on the afternoon we found almost all  girls in small  rios, even walking to the parking and most of them topless, then we keep walking and found some nude guys and girls. next day we wake up early in the morning and by 830 we heat the beach by our surprise there were a group 15 in their 20s completly nude in the main beach camping there with a ranger permit then they left and we stayed at the beach and the people star to show up and again a lot of topless, like 6 or 7 nude and me in a thong. by 11 am we left the beach to return to our cruise POH and overall was my favorite port. All the crowd was fit and young remainding me South Beach. Oahu also was fantastic for the thongs I think that most of this depends on the time of the year for example jan thru april most of the people are visitors like in florida and you dont see to much thongs but at october, november, september etc, you dont see almos any kidsand the things changes....Belive me that beach was really HOT 

thong_jock #8

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:03/23/2010 02:35:13Copy HTML

 Thanks for the scoop. We're planning on checking out as many beaches on Kauai as possible over 3 days, then meeting up with friends and spending 6 in oahu. I'll wear nothing but thongs and maybe string bikinis if the vibe isn't right. Planning on spending most of our beach time at Diamond Head beach in Oahu and will head over to the North Short one day and wear both muscleskins 1/2" classics, poserthongs and skinzwear skinny sided thongs. Can't WAIT! My first full vacation as a bonafide thonger!
JM_Runs #9

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:03/24/2010 10:32:16Copy HTML

I have been to Kauai many time and we always go on the western side it is less crowded and we wear microkinis from our B&B to the beach and back 
thonger362 #10

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:03/30/2010 11:25:07Copy HTML

maybe these will give you some encouragement ! http://www.voyeurweb.com/contris/WhatISaw/ws201003/20100327-134323/index.html
 you will note they were take in hawaii - not sure it states the date.
thong_jock #11

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:04/20/2010 10:18:42Copy HTML

 I wore muscleskins thongs at Secret Beach, Braking Sands Beach, Saltwater Pond and one other Beach on Kauai, then wore them to Diamond Head Beach and Queens Beach on Oahu. Also just returned from palm Spring and wore my Royal blue Muscleskins Poser thong at a mens' resort, walking around the grounds with my junk jiggling. FUN! Got a nice sharp skimpy thong tanline! FUN!
thongman8 #12

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:04/26/2010 07:10:36Copy HTML

 The last time I was in Kauai was in 2005.  We stayed on Tunnel's Beach.  I saw about one or two thongs each day.  I wass pleasantly surprised to see a few Rio bikinis too. 

No one seemed to even notice the ladies wearing their thongs.

Tunnel's is a semi crouded beach.  It is a very popular snorkling area so it gets a lot of traffic.  I stayed on Maui the next week.  We were on kanapali Beach.  There was this walkway between our hotel and the beach.  It was very crowded at times.  Lots of people everywhere.  There, I noticed two ladies topless.  They were right next to the walkway.   I also saw a few Rios and only one thong.  Again, no one seemed to even notice, not even the topless girls.  It was cool that they were right beside the resort's rental shack.  Obviously the Hotel was OK with them being topless.
Jeffthong #13

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:04/27/2010 03:17:36Copy HTML

Tunnels is a good beach but very crowded in recent years due to frequent reviews in all the travel books about Kauai.  Very limited space to park and Kauai County doesn't tolerate parking along the roadside. As others have mentioned, the west side of the island offers more opportunities.  Polihale Beach Park is without doubt the least hassle free but the 4 1/2 mile access road through the cane field is a challenge. 
thong_jock #14

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:04/27/2010 05:44:40Copy HTML

  Polihale Beach Park was my favorite beach there...I think it's also called Barking Sands Beach. Wore my 1/2" Muscleskins thong there and walked the beach for about 1/2 mile. One other thonger there and it was a female. Felt awesome!
JM_Runs #15

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:04/28/2010 12:34:43Copy HTML

Polihale Beach is where we always go, we have worn everything from standard thongs to my wife wearing an open cage g-string, and I wore a Bunn-G at the Barking Sands end of the beach.  But this was only for tanning on our blankets and quick dips in the ocean.  We have also walked the beach for miles in G-strings and never had a problem.
thongman8 #16

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:04/28/2010 07:58:04Copy HTML

 My wife and I went there too.  its pretty deserted but a very nice and wide beach.  We worn standard swim wear.  I can see where ssomeone could go nude and it would be ok.  The beach is so long and wide, if you were nude and worried about getting in trouble, you could see someone coming well before they would get to you.  It would give you time to cover up if you wanted.  Its an ideal place to thong/g-string as its sparsely visited.

We drove the entire length to the end and only saw a total of 10 - 12 cars.  Three of them were at the end of that side road that leads off to the left just past that big tree in the middle of that field.
JM_Runs #17

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:04/30/2010 03:10:22Copy HTML

When we were there it was more crowded during the weekend and we did encounter beach patrols on ATV's but they never even said a word about our micro G-strings and just rode on by.  During the week we did not see any patrols and we were pretty far away from any other beach goers and my wife did go topless after a few other girls walked by topless and in bikini bottoms. 
thongman8 #18

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:04/30/2010 01:37:24Copy HTML

 Well, it is completely legal to be topless in Hawaii!  Even on crowded Waikiki Beach.
poonster #19

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:09/25/2010 07:45:43Copy HTML

 just got back from Hawaii. on Kauai, didn't see other thongs but my wife wore her wicked weasels at:
1)  St. Regis' private beach - we were lounging and a wedding was going on nearby - the groomsmen couldn't concentrate. lol. a couple of curious looks, but no problems
2) Westin Princeville pool - in the late afternoons and evenings - no problems.
We saw a single thong at Big Beach at Maui and a single thong at Hanama (spelling) bay on Oahu (both women)
poonster #20

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:11/28/2011 07:21:05Copy HTML

 I am looking forward to our trip to Kauai in 2.5 weeks. This time should be interesting as we are bringing our 3 mo. old newborn. Looking forward to the warm weather. Will report back later... including hopefully any non-reactions to parents in thongs.
mrhb2008 #21

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:12/12/2011 05:05:54Copy HTML

 Was there at the beginning of Nov.  Plenty of young women in thongs & rios.  Alas, I could not participate as I was with my father & son.  Maybe next time.  Try Brenneke Beach on the South Shore.
scorpiojim #22

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:12/21/2011 10:35:26Copy HTML

I've also worn thongs on the sand and in the water at Tunnels beach on the north shore no problems but also no other thongs besides us.
thong_jock #23

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:12/22/2011 05:39:16Copy HTML

 I thonged at Secret Beach, Barking Sands and a few others. Barking Sands was AWESOME! Rent a 4x4 and make the trip. It's one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen and there was hardly anyone there. Awesome thonging! Onl saw one other thonger there -  a woman, But there were only like 10 people on the beach of over a mile or so of gorgeous white sand.
Olafbenzman #24

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:12/22/2011 09:59:12Copy HTML

I have also worn an Olaf Benz swim thong at Barking Sands. Has Thong_jock states it is a most beautiful beach. No other thongers around the day I was there unfortunately. Wore my JS capri bikini at the hotel pool.
poonster #25

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:12/24/2011 05:25:31Copy HTML

 Just got home from mostly staying around Princeville and my wife and I wore thongs to the Westin hot tubs on several occasions with our infant. There were always people in the tub with us but no comments. It was a nice vacation. Thonged briefly at Ke'ee beach but then it started raining.
svqergo1 #26

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:05/03/2013 09:04:28Copy HTML

I just got back from a week on Kauai, where I stayed at the Kauai Beach Resort (near Lihue - east coast of the island) and thonged at their pool every day.  I saw six other thongers at the pool during that time - all of them female.

I also wore thongs at Ke'e, Tunnels, 'Anini, Secret, Lydgate, Poi'pu, and Shipwreck beaches, where I saw a total of about 10 other thongers (all female).  I also swam at Queen's Bath in my thong and spent about half of my 8.5 mile hike in Waimea Canyon ('Awa-'awapuhi and part of Nu'alolo Cliff trails) in a thong. 

Great time!
brocker36 #27

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:01/24/2014 07:11:48Copy HTML

Recently spent a week in Kauai and, as others have mentioned, it's overall a pretty thong-friendly destination.  I went to several beaches, Kawailoa Bay Beach being one of my favorites because it's off the beaten path (literally), a little more relaxed, fewer tourists, and saw a few local girls in thongs.  Kekaha was okay too, saw one other female in a thong, mostly surfers here.  Went to the south end of Polihale in the morning and had the place almost to myself.  Near Tunnels I didn't see any other thongers, but did hear a group of about 5 ~25 year olds who were walking by commenting on my thong, mostly snickering but one said "If I had a bulge like that I'd wear a g-string too!"   Of the several days spent on the beach in my thong that was the only comment I heard, quite a compliment and definitely not what I was expecting.  I did see several guys in speedos and square cuts which was a bit encouraging, but never more than 1 or 2 at a time.
thong_jock #28

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:01/24/2014 03:12:25Copy HTML

 Kauai is my favorite Hawaiian Island. I thonged all over at different beaches there.  My favorite is a Beach called Barking Sands. You need to rent a 4WD vehicle to get there, but it's worth it. I've been all through the islands, Mexico and the Caribbean and by far the most beautiful beach I've ever been to and hardly anyone there. Need to be a very strong swimmer though as the waves are monsters. Walked the mile or so beach in my thong and saw one other thonger, a very attractive woman and her hot guy friend. Unfortunately he wasn't in a thong.
JM_Runs #29

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:08/03/2014 07:50:21Copy HTML

 I just got back from a week on Kauai.  It was a thong paradise!!  Skimpy swimsuits are definitely in this summer on Kauai.  We stayed at the Kauai Beach Villas (all condos) on the east shore, which shares property with the Kauai Beach Resort (a hotel).  Villas guests get complete access to the condo pool, AND the resort's pool and hot tub complex.  The result is the smaller condo pool is nearly deserted while the resort pool(s) are always busy.  We saw at least 2 women every day at the resort pool in thongs.  Countless others wearings those skimpy rios that might as well be a thong because you can barely tell the difference.  On the weekend, the resort got busy with locals and guests visiting just for the weekend from other islands.  I lost track of the thong count on Saturday and Sunday, at least 10 girls each day.  We visited Kalipaki beach, Poipu beach, and Black Pot Beach @ Hanalei Bay...saw multiple women in thongs at each including moms with their children.  Every bikini shop on the island was selling women's thong bikinis.  It really seems to be a trend with the local Kauain ladies, which is completely different than what I've seen in Maui for the last 4 years.  I did not see any other men wearing thongs the entire trip, a few square cuts and speedos at the resort pool but that was it.

This trip was my first public thonging experience.  I did not thong at the beaches or pool in the daytime since I was travelling with my wife (not a thong fan) and father-in-law.  I did thong at night though, as they both stayed back at the condo with the kids.  Mostly I thonged at the condo pool since it was nearly deserted at night.  I saw one other couple every night I thonged, and they all saw my thong.  It was mostly a non issue, not a single comment.  I did get a long stare and a grin from one lady, but that was it.  I can honestly say that I would feel comfortable thonging at ANY beach in Kauai after this trip.  Too bad the wife would never have it :(
Reznor7 #30

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:09/12/2015 09:00:48Copy HTML

I am in Kauai right now and have had a phenomenal experience thronging Ive worn a thing at every beach with no issues. Lots of looks. At one of the beaches on the east side just south of acid drop I snorkeled and walked the beach with mh girlfriend. I wore a joe Snyder bulge thong (holds the package up and forward nicely for all to see) she wore her frilly pink thong. It was the first time we wore our thongs in public together (she's very modest and it took some provoking. No one said anything at the first beach, just some male gawkers and a couple of women that looked everytime they thought I had my head turned. One of them snapped a picture and when I stood up I saw her mouth "oh my god".
We went to Anini beach today and I saw a few women in things all day. We walked up and sat next to a group of three beautiful 20 something's from Eastern Europe. They all looked Over and whispered and smiled. Two of them kept peeking over from time to time. I was sure to give them a little show, looked for seashells and laid back so they could see it all. It was everything I had to not get super hard, I did swell up a few times and when I would walk it would move around a little more.
There were some old couples who weren't shy at all about looking, they were all very friendly.When the young pretty girls left a Russian family came in their place, the wife looked a lot, but didn't seem phased by my thong.
There was also a family with two young girls who I heard one say, "why do you keep staring at him" I never noticed but I guess she was getting an eye full!
Before we left we went to shower, I was in front of probably 10 or 15 people getting some smiles from the wives and a couple quiets laughs from some husbands. There was a pretty young mom who was wearing a 1 piece thong watching me shower I looked back and smiled. Huge turn on to get that type of attention. I wonder if they like seeing me as much as I like to be seen.
When we got back from the beach I went to the hotel lobby to sort out getting some new sheets. I walked into the Lawai Beach resort lobby wearing just my thong (I had asked the pretty young Asian girl the day before if thongs were allowed, she said absolutely) the same cute receptionist was working along with an older Asian lady and a cleaning lady. I walked up to the desk and they all smiled. I sorted out my sheet issue by a low cut part of the desk and was sure to position myself so they could see my thong. The cleaning lady was blatantly looking directly at my package,to be in front of three clothed women wearing a tiny thong was a turn on.
I went to the pool after and came back into the lobby for a similar experience as I asked for a new pool towel.

I am blind excited for the next week of my trip. Will keep you posted.
thongalactic #31

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:09/12/2015 03:55:47Copy HTML

For women, Hawaii is the most thong-friendly state in the nation. Especially on Kauai, where there is not much to do besides the beach and nature. Damn near 100% of local women under 30 wear small bottoms. It's the norm. You stand out more if you don't wear a thong. And you stand out as a tourist. People from Hawaii wear brands like Acacia, Midori, San Lorenzo, and so many other smaller brands. Someone's Mom's friend always has her own handmade thong bikini line. The environment is so thong-friendly that full-coverage bottoms are derisively called "soggy diaper bottoms." And it makes sense: they really are. People from Hawaii are among the most active in the nation: they're always in a bikini, always in the ocean, and it's always 80+ degrees. They don't have time for your modesty rules.

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undercover20 #32

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:04/28/2018 07:04:34Copy HTML

 I am currently in Kauai. So far, I’ve only worn thongs to the resort where my wife and I are staying. So far so good. Hadn’t seen any other thongers besides my wife and I, but it’s going well. 
poonster #33

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:04/30/2018 04:44:45Copy HTML

 which resort undercover?
NudeNArizona #34

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:05/05/2018 01:54:22Copy HTML

 When we lived in Hawaii on Oahu we would vacation on Kauai every long weekend and others have said it is the most beautiful island of all and most tolerant of minimal swimwear. We used to rent cottages at Barking Sands and from where we stayed on the military base there were 18 rentals right on the beach. Once we were familiar with the beach we would wear our minimal G-strings from our cottage and walk down the beach toward Polehale State park. Once we were about a 1/2 mil down the beach we would set up our spot and go nude. Occasionally beach patrol would ride by on quads but if you were away from crowds they never bothered you even nude. Most of the patrol guys were Govt contract Security guards who couldn’t arrest you f they wanted. After we had been there a few times we got more comfortable and would walk th beach nude most people didn’t care a few were curious and never a complaint seeing a straight couple walking nude.
NudeNArizona #35

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:11/01/2018 02:44:41Copy HTML

While we were visiting Kauai where we had seen the exact same park rangers for 5 days in a row ride by on their quads without incident with me wearing a large hole 2"x2" fishnet baggie and my wife in a C-string then for 3 days a Pasteaze adhesive bottom covering. I know on our second day my wife first wearing the adhesive we were caught off-guard when the rangers "3 of them" surprised us when we took a short walk toward an even more secluded end of the beach which was only accessible via foot otherwise came rounding the corner when we were 200 yards from our towels, leaving us completely exposed with no cover when they came around the corner. The first quad slowed down when they saw us, then the other 2 who followed behind. 

As we continued to walk the rangers lined up side by side as we walked along the shoreline, then one of them called out to us to ask a question. We both turned and walked toward the rangers.  They had already seen us from front-side-and rear which left us mostly looking nude. The ranger who had said something said as we got closer that "we should really consider putting something more on, because people might think we were naked" this is when the Senior ranger said "And that is why WE need to inform the PUBLIC of what the law IS, and that is GENITALS CANNOT BE EXPOSED other than that they are fine. Just then the first ranger said "but I can see his dick through his suit" and the Senior ranger said "but it isn't exposed" and as long as he is covered no matter how sheer HE IS COVERED! 

The next day we saw the same ranger on patrol without any issue. However on the 4th day there was a couple in their 50's who wondered down where we had been for the last 3 days and when the woman saw her husband checking out my wife, who in all honesty probably was exposing more than legal since she was laying face-up and her legs were bent at the knees when they walked by, clearly showing her vagina, which until this point had not been an issue. She had actually been given many positive compliments from both men and women. The wife called the ranger station and a few minutes later a ranger had to respond.  When the ranger came over to access the situation he explained she was "legal" since her genitals were covered, but the wife said she had seen her vagina uncovered and the ranger said HE HAD NOT WITNESSED THE INCIDENT and that he couldn't arrest someone on hearsay. By this time the Senior ranger arrived and defused the situation and told the couple they could move down the beach if they didn't approve of our swimwear, but couldn't impose their values on us.

thongexpert #36

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:01/11/2019 06:55:34Copy HTML

I'm going for a week early March. I've looked into Kauai and Maui mostly for hiking and sightseeing away from crowds. But, I plan on thong sunbathing all the time at beaches. Kauai sounds great for thonging, does anyone have knowledge about Maui ? Thanks.
NudeNArizona #37

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:02/08/2019 04:38:12Copy HTML

We have never had an issue in Maui, actually the first time we went to Maui we stayed at a little bed and breakfast in Hana and the day we arrived we were heading to the Hot tub that evening wearing me in a baggie and her in a single string the owner of the B&B told us that we had on "cute suits" but we were welcome to wear anything or nothing" She said her resort wasn't "clothing optional" but "nude tolerant" stating most guests wore regular swimwear, but since she only had 8 cabins and 3 rooms in the main house it really depended on the guests. The weekend we stayed there were only two other couples staying at the resort who were in their mid 50's while we were in our 30's. The first night we kept our suits on in the Hot tub but the next night we went nude and when the other couples saw we were nude there wasn't any issues and both guys went nude as well and one of the women.
VitaliySF #38

Re:Kauai beaches - Hawaii

Date Posted:02/10/2019 12:01:16Copy HTML

Just came back from Kauai last month Best 2 beaches for thonging and enjoying the nature were - Papaa Beach and Secret Cove beach (behind Donkey beach) They can have a few people but it's really relaxing there
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