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Date Posted:04/01/2007 11:29:35Copy HTML

For swimming and sunbathing in thongs, the best beach in key west is at Fort Zack. It's really the only beach in town with decent water for swimming and it's close to old town. Popeye
tbacktom #1

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:08/18/2003 04:40:18Copy HTML

I just got back from a trip to the Keys, including two days in Key West.  I literally spent almost the entire trip in a thong. 

I visted Higgs Beach and the beach off Boca Chica Rd.  Had a great time walking around in my thong, although I saw only a few others.   The place where I stayed was a couple of blocks off Duval Street, and I enjoyed sitting on the front porch in my thong waving at the passers by, who gave me a lot of great greetings....  after several drinks, I was feeling pretty bold (drunk), so I just walked down the street in my thong and sandals.  I even stopped at an open air place for a beer. The attention was great!  Peaople saynig hello, whistling, even the negative comments were in good fun.  A few groups of women took photos of me and with me.   Made me want to go to fantasy fest.

New2Thonging #2

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:02/13/2006 03:18:18Copy HTML

I've seen postings back and forth on whether topless is legal/illegal and nude is legal/illegal in Key West.   These articles seem to span several years - sometimes it seems "legal", others its not.  What is the current status?

Are the some areas that are better off for topless/nude sunbathing?

Thanks for any info you can provide !!

Popeye1 #3

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:02/14/2006 07:23:21Copy HTML

Olive and I have been going to Key West for about 20 years. You'll find any of the beaches are thong friendly. We much prefer the beach at Fort Zack, the swimming is much better that the other beaches, the crowds are quieter, and it's much more scenic. we've been wearing thongs for 20 years and we've never had a negative comment (that we've heard). men in thongs will, of course, elicit a few nervous giggles and certainly many stares and surprised looks, but that's what happens. Jim
microtman #4

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:02/25/2007 12:58:15Copy HTML

My wife and I have been going to Kew West for about 15 years and stay at Coconut Beach Resort. It is located a couple of blocks east of the Atlantic shores on the other side of the Wyndham Reach resort. We have worn thongs for our entire stay there each year and have had no issues. Coconut Beach Resort is primarily a timeshare, but you can rent rooms there easily. They have a great pool area and a small beach area also. We usually are the only thongers there, but nobody seems to care. After all, it's Kew West and everyone does there own thing. If you want to stay at a nice quiet place and still wear your thong, this is it. The Atlantic shores is within walking distance.

sarasotajt #5

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:03/31/2007 08:27:02Copy HTML

Here's my report from spending Thursday and Friday in Key West.

I was there on business, finished early, and flight schedules allowed me a lot of free time to explore the island. I rented a scooter and stayed in a B&B down near Duval at Eaton St.

Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park:
I rode my scooter out to the state park and beach at the extreme western tip of the island. While waiting for the morning clouds to clear I toured the historic fort, then walked the length of the beach area. It was sparsely populated. The water seemed clearer and the sand quality nicer than other beaches on the island. I could have laid out in my thong here but decided instead to ride on to check out other beaches.

Smathers Beach:
I tried to lay out here and get some sun, but the winds really picked up blowing out of the east which hit the beaches directly. Driving sand kept all but the most hardy beachgoers away. I walked the length of the beach in my skinz thong and heard a few chuckles from various groups but nothing negative. The wind never let up so I went to Atlantic Shores for the pool area.

Atlantic Shores:
I spent two afternoons there sunning and swimming in the pool. It's true. The land has been purchased by a developer and Atlantic Shores will close by early Summer. If you want to enjoy this Key West institution book your trip now!
The crowd was mixed gay and straight. Surprisingly, there were more young single females on Thurs than Fri. The wind really picked up on Friday which put a damper on all sunbathing on all K.W. beaches. I laid out nude but pulled my thong on to go to the bar, restroom, or wade out in the ocean. You can swim in the pool nude, of course, but they want you to wrap your towel around your waist when you walk from your chair to the pool. Not everyone followed this "rule".

It was a fun trip.

jn9195 #6

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/02/2007 10:47:27Copy HTML

Has anyone worn thongs at the Southernmost Hotel?

They have two pools. The larger one with a bar is always very crowded.
The smaller one, in the parking lot, is sometimes almost empty.

I stayed there long ago, long before I had the nerve to wear a thong
or small bikini.

sarasotajt #7

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:06/14/2008 12:51:36Copy HTML

 Smathers Beach.

I was the lone male thonger (actually in a G-string).
I saw two females thonging; one at each extreme end of the beach.
In the middle were numerous ladies in cute little bikinis, but no thongs.

I heard no negative remarks, but didn't really feel comfortable walking around without putting on shorts. There were quite a few families with young kids.

ctmonline #8

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:08/26/2009 12:44:43Copy HTML

We stayed at the Banana Bay Resort during part of our vacation August 3rd-6th, the pool there is topfree and thong-friendly, it was a great place to stay...will definitely go back in the future.
My wife and I were at Fort Zack State Park in Key West on Tuesday, August 4th. We picked a spot all the way to the left (beside the fence) underneath a palm tree. I wore a black Dore Very-Low Push-Up G-String and my wife wore a black & red Skinz thong bikini. We saw three women in g-strings/thongs throughout the day, not including my wife, all the guys were in dork shorts except for me. One woman was tanning topless when we arrived, set up right in the middle of the crowded beach  in front of the concession stand, even saw her go swimming a couple times...my wife decided not to follow her lead. It was a beautiful day, didn't want to leave, no incidents...just the usual double-takes or long glances.
verynaked #9

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:08/27/2009 09:49:43Copy HTML

 My wife and I were in Key West in June.  We went to Ft. Zack several times.  She wore a Wicked Weasel g-string without a top and was comfortable laying out, walking around and swimming.  We saw several other women in thongs (no men) and topless each day at various spots on the beach.  We visited Southernmost, Higgs and Smathers but there were no thongs or toplessness.
sailor250 #10

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:09/13/2009 01:33:29Copy HTML

Recently read about a potential place in Key West for topless pool sunning.

The Southernmost House- not to be confused with the Southernmost by the beach or Southernmost Motel was supposed to open their pool to the public for a fee.  This is the place on Duval- the historic inn.  Anyway they were saying topless was OK.  Then some bloggers were saying they were actually going to later allow nude too.  And people were going to call it "Southernmost shores' after the former Atlantic Shores.

Well somehow the owner of the place heard about this and made sure everyone knew it wasn't even topless.  So that's not good news.

Then I recently read at a travel bulletin board that the Southernmost by the beach operated beach which is on the south edge of their property allows topfree and there were a fair number of women taking advantage.  Don't know if it's open to the public.

Until they get a nude beach it seems they should at least keep up with Southbeach.  I have'nt heard if the topfree section of beach at the Wyndam resort that's next to Simonton street is still there or used much.  Seems topfree may be easier for some hotels to do- more corporate acceptance.

From our standpoint that means more thongs!! thongs required !  TNT! TanT&A!
sailor250 #11

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/12/2009 03:59:41Copy HTML

Anyone go to Fantasy Fest this year?

Heard it was wilder than ever.  Lots of nudity at the hotels bars etc.  Looks like from the pictures that they didn't crack down on the street nudity as far as body paint only goes.

I've heard the nude beach issue is on the back burner or dead for now anyone hear anything different?

Maybe that was wishful thinking.  Maybe if somehow topfree becomes allowed and publicized like south beach that will have some pull.  Would sure bring out the thongs on the beaches/pools yearround.
underwater #12

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/13/2009 09:30:38Copy HTML

We were at Fantasy Fest for Friday and Saturday as a stop on a CO cruise we took. What a blast!!! They had Duval and Whitehead Sts.barracaded off and as long as you stayed within the "party zone" pretty much anything was fair game. Quite a bit of nudity and a lot of body painting that left nothing to the imagination.

We already made reservations for next year!
DoreFan #13

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/14/2009 12:05:36Copy HTML

Underwater, which CO cruise did you go on? Got any details on that?
underwater #14

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/14/2009 02:55:46Copy HTML

We were on the Carnival Miricle for 8 days. It left Ft. Lauderdale and went to the Bahamas, stopping at their private island for a day. The next stop was key West for Fantasy Fest and then on to Cozumel before heading back to Ft. Luderdale. The cruise was marketed by Bare Necessities in Texas- our first CO cruise and all in all it was a great time.
The only time you had to be covered at all was when you were in port and getting on and off the ship.
DoreFan #15

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/15/2009 11:13:30Copy HTML

 Underwater, thanks for the info. I have a bunch of questions and have PM'ed you.

camplag #16

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/18/2009 01:42:51Copy HTML

underwater,  We were also on the cruise had a great time.  where did you make reservations for next year in key west?
underwater #17

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/18/2009 03:13:53Copy HTML

I have a reservation at the Courtyard for 3 or 4 days, probably leaving on Monday morning after the parade.

You going to try and get there?
cmdwxoutku #18

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/21/2009 12:51:24Copy HTML

I was at Fantasy Fest for three nights. From the people I've spoken to, it has tamed down over the years. The internet is to blame for that, people far less likely to reveal all or have sex in the street as they will be on the world web 1/2 hour later. It was really good thought, I enjoyed it. Saw single strings and suits on the street that were extreme and up until now have only seen on the web.

Beaches wise, I used Smathers Beach the most North East of all the beaches. Every other beach was crammed for the festival this was always quiet. By far the biggest beach, not great for swimming but loads of palm trees to shelter under. I saw one lone guy in a thong on it and two women and one man together as a group in thongs. I got no hassle and I used this lovely beach every day to G-string on.

There is a shop called Graffiti on the lower part of Duval Street that sells Joe Snyder thongs and California muscle swim thongs upstairs and downstairs sells various fetish and underwear thongs etc.
camplag #19

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/22/2009 01:41:18Copy HTML

hope to go in to fantasyfest 2010 if we can find a place to stay . enjoyed the 2 days there
beachboi65 #20

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:12/16/2009 11:54:00Copy HTML

A very positive response from the Pier House in Key West:

Greetings from Paradise, Dear Jim,   Thank you for considering a stay at the Pier House Resort. Thongs are permitted at our beach and pool for both males and females but a full nudity is not permitted. There is a topless beach at the resort as well however you are not able to walk topless throughout the resort.   Please let me know if you have any other questions.   Thank you, Have a great day,   Renata Sindone Pier House Reservations 305-296-4600 ext/539    
Greenstringer #21

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:10/28/2011 05:38:54Copy HTML

I was at Fantasy Fest Oct. 21-26, 2011. Wore a G String at the Beach every day from 11-4 and on Duval St. 8-midnight or so. No problems and each day the G got smaller. Played volleyball at Smathers with three guys in speedos and two hot girls in thongs and I had a barely there fishnet G string on.
OS777 #22

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:10/29/2011 09:12:40Copy HTML

 Are you going to post any of your Fantasy Fest pix onto your profile album?  
dmCUbare #23

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:01/17/2012 09:15:21Copy HTML

Key West - wife and I were there back in 2008.  Thonged at the beach on souteast part of the island (across the street from the Sheraton Hotel), sorry I cannot remember the name of the beach.  Thonged at the hotel pool as well -Sheraton - no issues.  No one cared.  We had a great time working on our tans.
Greenstringer #24

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/11/2012 02:36:19Copy HTML

Saw quite a few college kids in thongs this year for spring break. Four of the guys from my motel had to wear a thong in order to pledge a frat.
thonglife #25

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:08/02/2012 01:27:30Copy HTML

The second half of my wife and I's South Florida vacation was in Key West. We drove down after our stay in South Beach and stayed nearly a week at a guest house with a clothing optional pool. As we had heard, the beaches in Key West are far from spectacular. After visiting Smathers Beach, Fort Zach Beach, South Beach and running by the other small ones on the eastern side of town, I can confirm they all pretty much suck.
From a thongers perspective, they are fine. From a beach lovers perspective, they are a disappointment. Fort Zach is rocky, the water was murky during our day visit (though I hear its clear some days) and the reef snorkeling off the beach is lame. The reefs are all dead. Smathers Beach looks more like a real beach with white sand, palm trees etc but the water is gross and the air smelled like sewage. I think I read that there is sewage pumped in the ocean not far away.

As far as thonging goes, we wore thongs at Smathers Beach with no issue. I saw other women in thongs and skimpy bikinis besides my wife. We were center of the beach with plenty of people around us. I saw a couple (lady in thong, man in speedo) walk the beach and go for a swim.

We also wore thongs at Fort Zach on the beach, my wife actually wore a g-string. The crowd there was very family-oriented and lots of teens so we stuck to the northernish side closer to the air base. Several park rangers came by to check sea turtle nests and didn't bat an eye at us. I noticed a lady near us in a skimpy bikini who than wedged it into a thong after she saw our suits.

I did a lot of running in Key West, always wore my 4" compression shorts with a thong. Often stopped by bars after my run to grab a beer, no one seemed phased by my state of dress. I also spent the entire day of our Fort Zach visit and bike ride around town wearing just my Aussiebum 2" sheer black shorts with a thong suit underneath.

Spent some time each day at our pool as well but nude, no reason to wear a thong when I could go nude and most other folks did too. A few ladies were topless and thonged which was nice to study.

All in all, Key West is just as thong friendly as Miami or other coastal towns we discuss on here but thongers are the minority.
shaved_thong_lover #26

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:05/04/2013 07:57:21Copy HTML

 at ft zachary right now. nice beach.  there are three women here in thongs and one other in a gstring.  i am wearing my skinz stuffit gstring and i set up to the far left against the fence.  i am the only man in a gstring/thong.  there are about four other men in speedos.  the women are all right in the center of the beach near the concession area.  the beach is smaller than i expected as the left most part which is very nice sand is fenced off by the us governtment and there are sun bathers on that side, so i assume that is the beach for the military base.
JGB911 #27

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:07/26/2013 06:39:22Copy HTML

For all the folks asking about Fantasy fest, I have been there 3 times, and never wore anything but a g-string, day and night.  No problems at all.  The police totally ignored me.  But the ladies loved it.  Had my picture taken thousands of times.
jn9195 #28

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:08/26/2013 07:17:26Copy HTML

I've been to Fort Zachary Taylor beach quite a few times over the last 10 years.  I've never seen a thong, g-string, or anything skimpy there... except for my own.  I might spend a day there next month, just not sure where all I'll be going this time... but I will make it to Miami and the Keys for at least a few days.

sailor250 #29

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/13/2013 02:13:13Copy HTML

Has anyone heard where that effort to make a part of Smather's Beach a nude beach?  Heard about a year ago it was supposed to go before a commission or city hall and possibly a voter referendum?  I'd expect any efforts would take years of processes.
rickvt #30

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/13/2013 01:18:18Copy HTML

The most recent discussion of a nude beach in Key West found with a google
search is this article from 2010:


The same search also picked up numerous articles from 2009.
If you are interested in those, run "Key West Nude Beach Proposal"
on a google search..

thonghound #31

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:02/08/2014 05:21:14Copy HTML

Went to Fort Zach yesterday ... only saw one young woman wearing a thong.  Wish there had been more, but where the quantity was lacking the quality was not.  What a magnificent backside and perfect choice of bottom (hot pink thong) to accentuate it.  Was near the far end of the beach away from most of the traffic.  Wonder if she was a local, as left before sunset (unlike tourists) and was alone.  Had blond hair up in a cute black fedora and a fairly large tattoo on one forearm.  Would love to see her around again (maybe the adult club in town?) if anyone knows.  Can hope anyway - certainly made my day.
Please keep this thread going for updates on thong usage in KW - need to encourage the tradition and make sure it stays strong!
jn9195 #32

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:02/25/2014 09:04:43Copy HTML

Back in August 2013, I stated that I had never seen a thong or g-string at Fort Zachary Taylor...   other than my own.

In September 2013, I was there again and saw two beautiful young ladies in thongs.  Same day, they weren't together.   Before I always avoided guys and larger groups and wasn't sure if the Rangers really permitted them there since it is a State park.

well, after I saw those two ladies, I (a guy) walked the entire path from one end, in front of the concession and rental areas, all the way to the rocks where people climb around, picnic, watch boats, etc.   No one seemed to snicker or say anything that I heard.  The only people that looked at me like I was weird were the guys out in small fishing boats...   Anyway, spent three days there and wore a g-string each time.

Also made my first trip to Dry Tortugas National Park.  That was an amazing experience.  I didn't thong there, as I'd be spending the next three hours on the return boat trip with the same people and crew and wouldn't have been too comfortable after running around nearly naked -- and no one thonged when I was there.  I'm ready to go back...  I actually enjoyed the boat trip quite a lot since I had never been out on the water like that - far enough out to not see land for a very long time.

iloveum #33

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:02/25/2014 12:41:48Copy HTML

 I lives in Key West fro 4 years in the early 90's and there was plenty of thonging on the beaches. My GF had a few and we used to enjoy the beaches.
thonghound #34

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:03/17/2014 02:58:01Copy HTML

 Thanks jn9195 and iloveum for keeping this thread going ... Thought I might be the last one to ever post here!  Please keep it coming and include some pix next time of what you saw.  I would have attached one of the smokin' hot blond in her beautiful pink thong if she hadn't left so soon after I got there. :-(
1Monte #35

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:03/17/2014 10:44:25Copy HTML

I went to the Dry Tortugas several years ago.  Changed into a thong there to do some snorkeling. But on short shorts for the trip back--didn't even think about all the people seeing me half naked. Nobody said anything or even gave me a funny look.  Go figure! JUST DO IT.
thonghound #36

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:03/18/2014 01:51:13Copy HTML

 Sounds like I need to check out Dry Tortugas soon ... are there usually some babes confidently showing off their assets in thongs there too?
WickedGood #37

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/16/2014 06:50:41Copy HTML

New to the thong board!  This is a great site!

Wanted to let everyone know we'll be in Key West next week and plan to check-out all the locations mentioned in this forum!  They sound great!  Will be sure to let you know about any issues wearing thongs!

All the photos from the visit to Key West will be posted on my website at http://wickedgoodsbikiniadventures.com
There are plenty of other thong photos from other bikini adventures too!!!  :)

thongguy2001 #38

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/18/2014 03:17:13Copy HTML

I was down at Dry Tortugas in 2012.  I camped over night which was very nice.  I was the only one over a two day period that wore a thong.  I didn't see anything else close but thongs are perfectly accepted.  You'll probably be the only one but don't let that discourage you. 
Greenstringer #39

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:07/13/2014 02:49:11Copy HTML

 I don't think a lot of people realize that you can wear thongs and G-strings in Key West. The last time I was there in June it started to rain unexpectedly and I went to one of the cabanas where I was joined by three young ladies from France who were going to start college here in the US in the fall. I was wearing a very small Stuffit G-string by Skinz and they were all wearing regular bikinis. I told them there was some talk about making part of Smathers Beach clothing optional a few years ago but apparently nothing came of it but that you can wear Gs and thongs anywhere on the beach. They said they were going to be back the next day in something more revealing but unfortunately I had a plane to catch in the morning.
Matt37 #40

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:07/14/2014 12:05:34Copy HTML

 Actually, no you can't wear thongs *legally* in Key West. Section 42-9 of their city ordinances prohibits "nudity" in public places, and defines nudity as: "...the exposure of the human male or female genitals, pubic area, or buttocks with less than a fully opaque covering or the exposure of the female breast with less than a fully opaque covering of any portion thereof below the top of the nipple."

Popeye1 #41

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:09/07/2014 10:11:29Copy HTML

That may be technically true, but no one will give you any grief for wearing a thong anywhere in Key West. I've seen women and men roller skating in thongs during the daylight hours.
SteveandCandy #42

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:09/07/2014 12:38:01Copy HTML

Last year on both the Saturday and the Sunday before Fantasy Fest (during Goombay) on both days I was confronted by LE officers about wearing a thong on Duval. Both officers told me I needed to put on my shorts, I replied that they were back in our hotel room, they responded that I needed to cover up with something.  After I put on my T-shirt they told me that I couldn't dress like that until Monday, the official start of FF, one officer said not until they barricade off Duval Street could I walk dressed like that. These were 2 different officers on two different days, on Sat he didn't make a big deal about it but the officer on Sunday was really insistent that I return to the hotel. I stayed in thongs for our entire stay, but we mostly hung out at the Bull, Fogerty's and Carolines, we were staying at Eaton and Duvall. Be forewarned, as this was technically during Fantasy Fest, Goombay is part of FF.
wearsthongs #43

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:10/29/2014 03:33:56Copy HTML

Headed to key west next week.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I plan to check out smathers and fort zachery but would also love to hear of any less touristy bars with pools or hotel pools that allow outside visitors.  Would be happy anywhere I can at least get away with a skimpy swim brief.
Hotel I'm staying at has decent pool and private beach but I'll be with family so thats a no go.
Sharon73 #44

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:10/30/2014 09:43:52Copy HTML

We stayed at the Pilot House there
thonglife #45

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/03/2014 03:09:50Copy HTML

From our visit, I'd say Ft Zach and Smathers are fine for thonging. You'll see others. But the beach and water is shit. Very disappointing. At Ft Zach , I wore a thong, my wife a g-string, no issues. We even had rangers walk by us within a few feet. We stayed at Pilot House too. The pool is for guests only. Clothing is optional.
wearsthongs #46

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/04/2014 02:23:31Copy HTML

Too bad pilot house is guests only.  I've been exploring around and here's my report:

Smathers: Really chill, mostly tourists, not very crowded.  Fair amount of foreigners in swim briefs.  100% ok place to thong.

Ft. Zachary: Also really laid back, saw more thongs here on women.  Less men in stuff skimpier than shorts, but some.  More locals and families than smathers.  Sand isn't as nice as smathers but unlike smathers you can actually swim (it is a little rocky though).  I wore some skimpy stuff and it was fine.

Higgs: Small, but nice.  Ok to thong here, but there is a restaurant on the beach.  Not a problem, just be aware you'll probably be on display to all the diners.

South: Really small, chairs cover the whole beach.  Swim briefs will get some attention and thongs would get ALOT, but either are accepted.  If you want to be seen, this is the place to go.

Shopping: saw some of the Uzzi men's thongs/swim briefs at a few of the tshirt shops, all in neon colors, thats about it.

All in all it's been nice so far.  People really don't care what you do, but the crowd is very typical aside from that fact.  Overweight, older, not much anything interesting to say.  Just your typical vacationers.
thonglife #47

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/04/2014 02:28:09Copy HTML

From my visits, I would agree with your report. There are other C/O hotel pools but all are private/guests only as well. If you want to be entertained, perhaps grossed out, check out The Garden of Eden rooftop bar. It's C/O but the times I visited, it was disgusting and hardly anyone gets naked.
wearsthongs #48

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/06/2014 03:47:24Copy HTML

After checking out the beaches several days in a row, I have to give my vote to Smathers beach as the best Key West beach for members of this board.  You'll always spot a few girls in thongs, it's spread out, the sand is the best, there are rental chairs in parts but they don't overtake the beach, and the crowd is the most accepting (also the least American, which is sadly a good thing).  I never saw any other men in thongs, but I've been wearing some very cheeky suits and the reactions were 99% neutral or positive.  Among the reactions I got:
Some young couples took beach photos with me in the background, acting as if I wouldn't notice their attempts to get a photo of me due to the charade.  I photobombed with a thumbs up smiling at the camera, they ran off after with no comment.
The usual snickers when it's a group of young men, but this was very rare.  Maybe happened only once a day, if that.  Young women, however, if they reacted at all it was positive.
Many ladies really liked the view, I caught many girlfriends/wives sneaking peaks.
Mostly people didn't care.  They will take a look, then move on.  Often people would setup next to me with no comment.
Overall a great experience, despite the swimming not being that great.  Didn't see any other thongs on men but about 10-15% were some sort of form fitting brief or square cut.  Not just on older out of shape guys either (as is often the case) but young fit guys too.  I think the fact that Key West is so gay friendly really helps... the people that would normally make a big deal about it just shrug it off because they know the key has an established gay community and don't want to offend.  This doesn't apply to me, but I was happy to benefit from it.
One last note on this experience:  I am a super fit dude, built like a bodybuilder.  When walking around my hotel pool in loose fitting (but short) swim shorts, some women would stare straight at me and make comments like "thank you" as I passed them.  I'm sure key west is fine no matter what shape in you are in, but your mileage will certainly vary depending on how well you take care of yourself.  I've been to many similar destinations and as I've gotten more and more fit over the years and I've definitely noticed that I can get away with more when I'm in better shape.
beachstrapguy #49

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/06/2014 12:56:04Copy HTML

Swimmer here, and saw your post about swimming at Smathers.
As I recall from about 10 years ago, Smathers was the best place to swim. No rocks, no sea weed, sandy ocean floor and nice sandy beach with  cocoanut trees for shade.  I am wondering what you found undesirable about Smathers.
Can't remember a recent hurricane that would have changed the beach that much.
Would like to take the wife there next month.

I did go to a beach by the Air Force base (next Island up) that is considered a good thonging and nude beach.  The beach there is all rock, seaweed, and only 1 ft deep, so no good for swimming.
wearsthongs #50

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

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 It's shallow until really far out and the floor is a bit gunky.  This could just be a timing thing, it's been unusually windy with winds from 15-30mph the past week.  Snorkeling tours aren't even going out cause the ocean is so stirred up you can't see anything.  Also, I read that they truck in sand to smathers every 2 years or so since it's not naturally sandy.  Perhaps when you were there last a fresh batch of sand had been dropped but now it's ready for a new batch?  Dunno, but possible.
To be fair I don't think any of the key west beaches are nice for swimming. 
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