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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Popeye1 #51

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:01/01/2015 04:57:58Copy HTML

 Smathers is very close to the outflow from the sewage treatment plant. The water quality is very iffy there. Fort Zack is the best bet for clean water
scncbeacher #52

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:03/17/2015 03:28:04Copy HTML

 Wife and I are planing a trip to key west in July whats a good thong friendly beach for my wife and I to check out.  
BEACHBOY7733 #53

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:03/18/2015 01:49:55Copy HTML

 Fort Zack beach will be fine for thongs, and the water is cleaner there!
Popeye1 #54

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:03/21/2015 01:38:06Copy HTML

You can wear a thong at any beach in Key West. I agree that Fort Zack is by far the best beach for swimming. The water on the other side of the island, Smathers, Higgs and White beaches is frequently compromised by the Sewage treatment plant outflow. Peace Popeye
Thonging68 #55

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/15/2015 01:07:11Copy HTML

Try what is called "South Beach" at the east end of Duval next to the pier. It's a private beach leased from the City of KW. Thongs and topless are acceptable and common. Also have beach chair rentals and a bar/restaurant overlooking it. 
Sharon73 #56

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/15/2015 02:38:48Copy HTML

 Yes, South Beach is great.  Have gone topless there before
odiekyle #57

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/15/2015 05:38:09Copy HTML

 Wife and I are going to be in Key West in July before Sunsplash for about 5 days, South Beach sounds like it'll be on the list of places to visit! Our B&B has a clothing optional pool and spa area, so we'll have that too!
odiekyle #58

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/15/2015 06:12:32Copy HTML

 Wife and I are going to be in Key West in July before Sunsplash for about 5 days, South Beach sounds like it'll be on the list of places to visit! Our B&B has a clothing optional pool and spa area, so we'll have that too!
wearsthongs #59

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/16/2015 04:02:24Copy HTML

South beach is tiny and basically shoulder-to-shoulder lounge chairs.  It wasn't my scene.
thonglife #60

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/16/2015 01:00:22Copy HTML

Agreed with the others. Fort Zach and Smathers are the only two beaches that resemble real beaches. Thongs are acceptable on either beach. South Beach and the other 'beaches' closer to Old Town are tiny, more like where a single dump truck of sand was dumped on the edge of the water. If you go to South Beach, you will be on display for everyone in the restaurant and bar that SB is adjacent to. Both times I have been to KW, I stayed at hotels with clothing optional pools. Most of my tanning time was done poolside, nude.
ctmonline #61

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:07/06/2015 02:55:05Copy HTML

My wife and I were at Fort Zack on July 4th from 1pm until 4pm, both of us wearing black g-strings with everyone else being overdressed, we set up in the less crowded portion near the Navy base fence. I think we had a bad crowd of tourists for the holiday or maybe it was just because everyone had been drinking all day, but we didn't feel comfortable or welcome in our swimwear at Fort Zack as in the past years, we should have just stayed at the rental condo in Miami. The wife wasn't bothered but the old "double-standard" held true for me in my g-string, even had a guy walk right up to my towel trying to get his wife to take a picture of him (he thought I was asleep), when I spoke to him he got scared and ran back to his towel, people just can't mind their own business anymore. The only positive point was when the park ranger walked by me and smiled, he was worried about people wandering back and forth from the navy base, so it's true the state park anti-thong rule isn't enforced in Key West.
Captain_Jim #62

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:07/07/2015 01:51:05Copy HTML

Unfortunately Key West (like a lot of other places) is becoming Disneyized. Sure bring the kids. Key west used to be an adult destination. The guest house we used to stay at (Marreros) no longer has a clothing optional pool and they are talking about "cleaning up" Fantasy Fest. Olivia by Duval also did away with their C/O pool. I love kids but there should be someplace for adults.
miamifred50 #63

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:07/07/2015 05:49:47Copy HTML

 Agreed, Captain Jim. When I lived in Miami -- just a few months ago for 16 years -- I would run to the Keys and invariably be disappointed in Key West. However, when we would go, we would stay at Angelina's Guest House, in Bahama Village. The pool is always CO. And Garden of Eden is fun, though too damn hot. The cruise ships are killing our coral. And the CO beach initiative at Smathers is dead as the pros vs nons war is hot.
rickl454 #64

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:07/08/2015 01:01:40Copy HTML

 "Disneyization" what a rotten word but it's also happening on Orient Beach, St.Martin.  Just this month the group oframshackle restaurants and shops was demolished to make way for a"Boardwalk" and a new group of restaurants/shops.  Those very low rent establishments were partof what  made Orient so unique.  Walking up to one and having lunch orvisiting a shop wearing only a thong bottom or g-string was completely routine and  totally acceptable.   Thereplacement sounds like it's going to be a food court geared to the cruise shipcrowd where Hawaiian shirts, dorkshorts and street shoes are the norm insteadof thongs and g's.  Like somebody said along time ago, "they don't call it the Almighty Dollar fornothing."  Terrible.
miamifred50 #65

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/08/2015 04:10:52Copy HTML

 Key West is *very* friendly for G's and T's. Not only are they permitted, they are welcome. The two best beaches are Smathers and Higgs, each with two miles of sand, palm trees, vendors, restrooms and ample paid parking. At the far end of Smathers is where topless ladies are -- no problem. And that's where you might want to camp. Occasionally, you'll see a naked person of either sex, but they are pushing the envelope. For the last several years, the Key West,  the City Commission has wrestled with designating part of Smathers as clothing optional. Key West is a very laid back though highly sexual town. Google Key West Fantasy Fest and Key West Body Paint, as well as Key West nudity. Your heart rate will not go up if you're wearing a tiny G, C-string or backless G on Smathers or Higgs. Fifteen minutes away is Boca Chica, which is an unofficial nude beach, though not patrolled for mere nudity. Many hotels have clothing optional pools and some with waterfront nude beach. Downtown is a bar called the Garden of Eden. It's a nude bar (with body painters). Much fun, and the full-bar drinks are reasonable. Google that as well. Bottom line. Yes, permitted. Yes welcome. No problem, mon. I hope you will publish your adventures after your trip next month.
odiekyle #66

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/20/2015 03:42:09Copy HTML

 Visited Key West this summer, and I have to agree with Captain_Jim, it's going through some changes. We stayed at the Pilot House, which had a clothing optional pool area, but the word was while we were there is that it is changing hands, and will no longer have the C/O area. One couple staying there actually had reservations at another place and switched to the Pilot House because their original place no longer offered C/O. The Garden of Eden was at BEST, just OK....Saturday night was a pretty entertaining evening, but we went back on a Wednesday and it was pretty stark. Just a few locals, and only two there that were naked were pretty advanced in years. We also had the unfortunate pleasure of finding out what rotting seaweed smells like on Smathers Beach, the stench was so bad we barely spent an hour there. The north end where we were was nice otherwise, plenty of space to spread out, and I did see one rather attractive woman in a black G-string, having her pictures taken by someone. After the photo's she disappeared back towards the southern end. I did lay out in G for a while, but the brutal heat and smell made it not at all pleasant. Higgs Beach, just south of Smathers, is no where NEAR as big, it was very crowded, and lots of families with little ones. I did see some (probably) European guys wearing speedos, but that was the extent of it, other than a couple girls wearing some cheeky bottoms. I did wear some rather provocative shorts all around Key West at times, one pair was a Stars and Stripes pair of square cut skin tight trunks, and no one except my wife (LOL) batted an eye.....I would definitely go back, but finding a C/O resort now may be a real challenge. Best advice is to call ahead and ask, all the locals there seemed more than accommodating and friendly.Also be aware, there are anywhere from 3 to 5 cruise ships docking there every week, so the streets and restaurants get REALLY crowded, but most leave by around 5 or 6 local time then it gets more "normal". Hope this helps!
SlidingG #67

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:11/26/2015 09:30:02Copy HTML

Is there a thread for Fantasy Fest in Key West?  Couldn't find one. 
jn9195 #68

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:12/21/2015 07:27:10Copy HTML

 A few years ago, it seemed like every place in Key West doubled their prices overnight and never looked back.  That's when I quit going there.  I used to be able to go there and stay at one of the smaller motels or inns for $99 or less per night...   $130 to $140 closer to a holiday...   now, they all seem to start at $250 a night -- but I haven't checked in the last four years or so.    The last couple of times I went that far south, I ended up staying in a dump in Marathon.

Peck34 #69

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:12/21/2015 05:57:42Copy HTML

 Going to Key West tomorrow.  We are staying at Simonton Court. Love this place. Never any problems wearing thong there. 
Indydjc #70

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:05/05/2016 12:13:46Copy HTML

 My wife and I are wanting to take a trip to Key West for a few days. Looking for some suggestions on where to stay. Clothing optional is preferred but will take a place where we can tan in our thongs. Looks like the resorts are going through some changes on being clothing optional. Thanks!
sockwaguy #71

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/02/2017 03:21:58Copy HTML

Can anyone make a suggestion(s) for a higher end resort (3.5+ stars) in Key West that is:
* walking distance to Duvall St.bars (1.5 miles or less)* likely to host/attract single women * g-string friendly* has its own beachfront?
NudeNArizona #72

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/03/2017 11:54:07Copy HTML



From: USA
Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida
(Date Posted:04/02/2017 09:21)
Can anyone make a suggestion(s) for a higher end resort (3.5+ stars) in Key West that is:
* walking distance to Duvall St.bars (1.5 miles or less)* likely to host/attract single women * g-string friendly* has its own beachfront?

Good luck on your "Unicorn" search in Key West!
sockwaguy #73

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/05/2017 04:53:05Copy HTML

I settled on La Conch. It's right in the heart of the Old Town nightlife section, so I'm reasoning that it'll satisfy my needs, excluding the beachfront location, of course. 
NudeNArizona: Thanks for the well wishes; I'll post a message after my visit.
Re the beachfront issue: I wasn't overly impressed with the hotel beaches, and I'm learning that Miami Beach (esp. SoBe) is a better destination if you're looking for beachfront hotels and want white sand and clear, turquoise water.  And better yet (my friends from Key West tell me), visit the little islands and sand bars OFF Key West. Obviously that requires a boat, some planning, etc. Since this is my first trip to Key West (and a short one), I'm going to put that plan on the back burner, and see what I can learn during my visit. Any input or advice on that approach is most welcome.
sockwaguy #74

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/05/2017 04:54:49Copy HTML

Thanks for that, JM.
Fort Zack is at the top of my list of beaches to visit.
*************For swimming and sunbathing in thongs, the best beach in key west is at Fort Zack. It's really the only beach in town with decent water for swimming and it's close to old town. Popeye
sailor250 #75

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/11/2017 01:30:25Copy HTML

 Southernmost on the Beach is next to a small beach owned by the property company that owns other places on the block and I've seen thongs there before, see topless during Fantasy Fest.
bunzaird #76

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/24/2017 02:42:30Copy HTML

 A number of months back, Elle and I stayed at Marrero's Guest Mansion.  It used to be a nude pool but recently changed their policy.  After asking the lady checking us in if thongs were acceptable, she said "as long as you wear something."  I wore thongs and Elle sported her Brigitewear, thong back, one pieces (sheer and sheer when wet).  No problem there, and a really nice place to stay.  We walked everywhere as it is just a block off Duval.  Elle wore nothing but a sarong on one evening walk to the Garden of Eden ;).  Rented a center console boat for the day and wore thongs (or less) the whole time on the water.  Fun few days.  BTW, ladies, check out Brigitewear.  Flattering swimwear for ladies who aren't afraid to show their cheeks. Great quality, quick delivery, very sexy and made in the USA.
Greenstringer #77

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:05/17/2017 10:14:19Copy HTML

Anyone know if the Blue Marlin is thong-friendly? I've never stayed there before.
JustAThonger #78

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:02/08/2018 01:03:37Copy HTML

 Today I was in Key West for business and decided to take some time off when I was done. I was at Smathers Beach around 3pm tanning in a muscleskins 3/4 strap poser thong by the East side of the beach. I layed close to an older couple where the man was wearing a nice Hawaiian floral thong and the woman was wearing a tiny red thong and topless. I saw another woman in a red thong while she was with her kids and husband. Most women I saw had cheeky bikinis, a lot of normal two piece bikinis, a few one pieces, and like 3 thongs, and guys most dork shorts, a good number of square cuts, a few speedos, and just two thongs (the other gentleman and I).

I like that tourists and locals a like are so laid back that they see you and are surprised but never bother you.

I always feel welcomed in my thong in Key West.
jn9195 #79

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:03/05/2018 06:58:06Copy HTML

Across from the Sheraton is Smathers Beach.

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park is actually the best beach (in my opinion) to swim and thong while in Key West.  Yeah, it is a state park where it isn't "legal" but this is Key West... and people are in thongs here much of the time.  I've been here in a thong or g-string many times in the last 15 or 20 years.

Also, Bahia Honda State Park, 50 miles north of Key West is another place where you'll see lots of thongs on a nice, sunny day.

Hotrachel #80

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/04/2018 10:30:15Copy HTML

 Anyone no of a place to thong in Key Largo ? Hubby and I want to go down this weekend on the Harley. We live in Pompano. ;) 
sarasotajt #81

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/04/2018 02:00:37Copy HTML

Safest bet is to drive south and try Harry Harris Beach and Park on Tavenier. I did it many years ago but don't know present conditions.

You could try the swim area at John Pennekamp State Park on Key Largo, but as a Florida State Park the letter of the law prohibits thongs. As usual, women could probably get away with it but not men.
bryn515000 #82

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:04/19/2018 10:56:43Copy HTML

 My wife and I will be in Key West in may for a few days. Any recommendations on where to stay? I would like a nice hotel that allows things at the pool, adults only. We have never been there so have no idea where to start.
mrythong #83

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:05/04/2018 01:43:52Copy HTML

I was at Ft Zach last week.  Walked all the way from parking lot to beach in a thong, then snorkeled on each of two days.  I was the only dude in a thong, but lots of gals in them. Great time!

Hamletray #84

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:10/30/2018 10:39:19Copy HTML

Anybody ever stayed at Heron House? Its adult only but wondering if its ok to wear thongs at their pool. Staying there in a few weeks.
JayByrd #85

Re:Key West - Beaches - Florida

Date Posted:02/25/2019 02:49:16Copy HTML

Late review on Heron House here. We stayed last October. I thonged at the pool without any comment/hassle by those working there. Got some disapproving looks and comments from other guests so I limited my thong time to early morning when it was just staff wandering around getting the breakfast setup. It's funny, I can deal with comments/pointing/laughing on the beach, but in the pool I'd just rather not deal with it... size of the area and proximity maybe (?) My wife and I did spend most of our time on the clothes optional sundeck they have. I was nude, she was top-free, although you could certainly go for minimal swimwear up there too if you wanted to get away from the judgement group at the pool. On a semi-related note, we spent a few afternoons at the Garden of Eden roof top bar on Duval. Great clothes optional bar at which I took that option. Wife again went top-free. The bartender (female) and I were the only nudes up there while there were 4 other women top-free. The only down side is there is not toilet up there, and you have to get covered to go downstairs to the clothing compulsice bar.
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