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scoutniagara #51

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:04/02/2011 12:40:32Copy HTML

I found this site looking for thin-sided tie waist minimal micro swimwear for lap swimming at my Y.


I order multiple suits when they have half-price sales.  Get on their email list for notification.  Their product is as good as it comes, and their suits last longer in chlorinated water than most other company's suits that I've worn in my 60 years of wearing swimwear.  I swim between 8 000 and 10 000 metres per week.
ocspeedokid #52

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:07/31/2011 10:57:25Copy HTML

 thats some good yardage. i like the look of the suits but what is the quality like? i have had tan thrus before and they can be a bit cheaply made.
gsj #53

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:07/31/2011 12:34:04Copy HTML

I have been wearing a Kiniki Cuba swim tanga for regular lap swimming, since the apparent demise of Intersparta. Seems well made & set to last - good value for money
Acceptable #54

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:09/01/2011 02:08:21Copy HTML

 I like Kiniki. They're made very well but they run a bit small (their bikini styles tend to cut into your ass and make it look stupid after you move around a bit.) Buy one size larger and the previous prob goes away. Currency conversion is sucktastic right now so they're extremely expensive (almost 1:2)
spark2100 #55

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:10/16/2011 11:46:36Copy HTML

I have a bikini style from them that is very comfortable.I am looking to get a thong for next year.Love the tan thru material.It fells as close to having nothing on as you can get .
thong1 #56

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:11/03/2011 08:03:08Copy HTML

Their thongs always looked to have a little too much coverage in the back for my taste, with the exception of the the Tonga, which slips on just great. Their swim pouches are superb, though, fitting like a dream and being just right in the front and back, in terms of coverage. Although a lot of their stuff is too bright for my liking, I'm a big fan of their g strings, most of my mine being from them.
seaswimmer2007 #57

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:01/26/2012 05:19:16Copy HTML

Inoticed on the Kiniki web site quite a few of the Thongs and G strings thay have sold for years have been discontinuied the Gigolo and Niki for example, its a shame about the Gigolo, they always fitted me quite well.
thong1 #58

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:01/26/2012 11:50:44Copy HTML

 @seaswimmer2007 - didn't know that. It's a shame, as they were a good fit. I have a couple, one of which I wore for the Southampton WNBR last year.
seaswimmer2007 #59

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:01/28/2012 09:14:54Copy HTML

I agree I think the Gigolo was one of their better fitting products, I wish they had given notice to withdraw them, I would have bought a couple.
spark2100 #60

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:02/05/2012 01:48:32Copy HTML

My wife got me a tan thru thong for Christmas.I have tryed it on and the fit is superb.I can't wait for some warm weather to get outside in it.
tiggerix #61

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:05/23/2012 02:59:42Copy HTML

Recently bought an Andre swim brief - the syle is ok, could be a bit slimmer, but the quality is a let down, the elastic inside is not sufficiently hemmed, it rubs on your skin.  Elastic is also doubled up/overlapped in places making it a bit lumpy.  The front seam that makes a bit of shape at the front has too much stiching in it.  It could be a good speedo type suit for general use.

The tanga's seem to have too much material at the front and the backs maybe a bit too narrow.

I think they should buy some old Hom swimwear and look at how seams and fit really can be. 

If they could up their game, I would buy more.
skerbeach64 #62

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:05/23/2012 08:32:14Copy HTML

Also recently bought a couple of Kiniki Andre swim briefs to replace some that I'd had several years and worn very frequently to my local community swimming pool. I find their quality to be good and the finish superb. Worn as general speedo type suit as "tiggerix" above suggests when a thong or briefer suit will not pass scrutiny. Noted that several of their previous design have been dropped from the latest web pages, also they have reduced the prices on many items. Not tried the "tan-through" swimwear as I intend keeping the tan lines - assuming we get enough sun to warrant sunning the buns this season.
seaswimmer2007 #63

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:05/27/2012 06:09:17Copy HTML

I would be very interested to know how good the tan-through Kiniki swimwear is. 
Bobbill #64

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:08/25/2012 02:24:14Copy HTML

the latest Kiniki catalogue has no swim thongs now - I bought off the old website red and white thong swimbrief 3 weeks ago along with som discontinued underwear.  very pleased wiht them 
NcknameInUse #65

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:08/25/2012 03:01:57Copy HTML

 I get e.mails of Kinki almost daily! They have been really pushing their Summer Sale.
Like others say, their suits are just too big. Some of their square cut suits are ok for covering up to/from the beach/pool but other than that I'm not a big fan just now.
Shame really I wore their stuff exclusively in the early days. On my profile page is a picture of me in a nice thong they don't do any longer. It was taken on my honeymoon in 1988 though :)
navythong #66

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:08/25/2012 03:44:00Copy HTML

Just took a look at kiniki's website. The colors look nice and intense but for me the cut of their suits is also way too big and roomy.
I like my swimwear small and tight, for maximum tan. Maybe guys and girls who have just started thonging will choose one of their suits
Prices are very reasonable.
tiggerix #67

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:08/27/2012 11:14:51Copy HTML

I am constantly frustrated with Kiniki - they have been going for years and still don't seem to know how to design, cut and make good swimwear.  Since trying the Andre brief which didn't work out to well, I went for some Tan-Thru micro-briefs.  As with their other stuff, the rubber elastic is visible and makes them uncomfortable as it rubs on your skin, the dart has too much stitching, and the syle is nearly but not quite right.  Sent those back and got a refund - good customer service but why they don't up their product quality is beyond me.  They seem to use sewing techniques that are for ease of production rather than style and comfort.  They seem to never quite get it right and that is a lost opportunity.

hotbunz1969 #68

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:08/28/2012 10:59:05Copy HTML

Kiniki were some of the first thongs I owned....... They used to run regular adverts in the national Saturday and Sunday papers over here in England,  they advertised 10 packs of their thongs for really very little, my then GF and I decided we would try them out, although a cheap version of there catalogue styles there's 10 packs weren't bad and we both enjoyed them. I went on to order a good few of their styles (with another great offer they used to have..... Buy £25 worth get £25 worth free) and wore little else for a couple of years, as internet shopping got bigger and bigger I moved away to more daring colours and styles. I have checked back on Kiniki from time to time and sadly have found little has changed in their style range, their suits are much the same as they were 15-18 years ago! Yes they have new colours and materials but the cuts are much the same. 
If you are not into ultra brief swim/underwear this is a great company, their customer relations were brilliant and their packing and shipping fast, I for one have moved on to smaller styles than they offer, so no longer use them, which is a shame, if they offered what I wanted I'd use them in a heartbeat. 
seaswimmer2007 #69

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:11/12/2012 06:30:35Copy HTML

Has  any one tried the new Kiniki Oxford style of thong, some nice bright coloures, sale price £6.95, but do they fit ??Any other comments for there new thong range appreciated please. thinking of buying while the discount is avalible.I noticed on there new web site, no back views of the thongs, so you cant tell the back style, ie T, triangle etcNot a very good idear.
seaswimmer2007 #70

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:11/12/2012 06:35:14Copy HTML

Any one tried the new Kiniki thongs, the Oxford style etc, do they fit?? or any comments from recent buyers appreciated.
Bought the Miles style recently, not impressed too big an baggy.
gsj #71

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:11/12/2012 07:09:03Copy HTML

I have  Kiniki Cuba tanga - described as very minimalistic cut. I disagree, poor fit, and quite baggy. My least favourite swim wear
seaswimmer2007 #72

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:11/13/2012 06:03:25Copy HTML

This is my thinking with the Oxford, I have a feeling its the Curtis style they did before, but in more colours and renamed, they were just styled wrong again, too baggy, and no support in the front.I also bought a Miles style, in a size smaller than normal but that was the same.
The strange thing is,  I have also bought the Cuba, and found the fit on that is not too bad, its ok to wear if I cant thong, or I am swimming on a cloudy or cool day but its nowear as good as the Hom swim Tangas I bought in the 70`s and 80`s.I wish I kept them. But back then I never thought swimwear in the future would develope into silly greate long shorts. 
skerbeach64 #73

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:11/13/2012 03:06:06Copy HTML

Not tried the latest Oxford thong but agree that the earlier Troy swimwear and the Miles underwear thongs were a little too baggy. I  have also a couple of the Cuba Tangas and Andre Brief swimwear and these are OK for those occasions when thongs are not appropriate. But lately I've moved on to Muscleskins and Jovana for more support and a much better fit, the Muscleskins 3/8 micro thong for sunning and swimming where possible and a Jovana Low Rio for my regular lap swimming at the local pool.
tiggerix #74

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/18/2013 10:33:09Copy HTML

Just had a week either nude (on a non-nude beach) or in some Kiniki Tan Thru micro briefs - despite earlier problems, I found these to be better made, fairly well fitting and look good on.  Although they say TanThru not see through - they are see through close up, especially where there are patches of black print. The material is a bit scratchy so need to order the right size - not too tight.  Being full of tiny holes, they allow the air through as well as some sun. Useful addition for when thong or nude is not possible.
Acceptable #75

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/22/2013 05:42:43Copy HTML

 These don't fit at all... There's way too much excess fabric all over, it doesn't stretch at all so it's incredibly uncomfortable.Awful design..
gsj #76

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:07/01/2013 04:32:25Copy HTML

I have given up on Kiniki. Price & make up ok but designs well ugh!
tiggerix #77

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:07/08/2013 12:59:39Copy HTML

Yes, Kiniki do have poor designs and often too much material - they have just launched some tanga style swimwear that I cannot think anyone would wear - but having had a partial success with the tan thru micro brief, I thought it was fair to give credit where due.  It's the first thing I have had from them that I am happy to wear almost anywhere.
sxmthonger #78

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:07/09/2013 03:03:32Copy HTML

I was really disappointed to check out the Kiniki website the other night, only to discover that they no longer carry a single men's swim thong!  Tons of underwear, but not a swim thong on the entire site.  They also offered a lot fewer print options than they did a few years ago when I ordered from them.  Their quality is not the best, but they had good prices.
roninho #79

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:09/09/2013 12:17:40Copy HTML

Has anyone bought the Kiniki Andre swim bikini in yellow? I just ordered it and note that its unlined. How transparent does it get? I have most of the Andre micro bikinis; black, red, turquoise and white. I have worn the turquoise one at a hotel in Warsaw and no- one seemed to bother though recently wore it at a friends hot tub with her and my wife and my wife, who doesn't like skimpy speedos or male thongs, was aghast that it was transparent. I've always liked yellow and was delighted to find it on 'sale offer' recently. Hopefully that will be waiting for me when I return from Canada next week end though no doubt ill get a grilling from my gorgeous wife! Was disappointed with the white one as the fabric, even doubled to stop transparency, is way to thick and feels,like the old swimming costumes per- speedo days.
roninho #80

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:09/13/2013 10:48:55Copy HTML

Has anyone used the yellow Andre swim bikini from kiniki? I've just ordered it and wondered how transparent it is as it apparently is unlined?I have most of the Andre colours and found that the turquoise is quite transparent as she informed me when we were in a friends hot tub recently! Our friend, female, wasn't bothered. I wore it in hotel pool in warsaw without any comments. I also have the white which has a lining making it quite thick like one of those swimming costumes pre 70s! Would be interested to know about the yellow one though. 
JM_Runs #81

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:10/12/2013 05:22:26Copy HTML

I have a number of Kiniki thongs, but not the models mentioned. I'm a 30"-32" waist, and always order the Small size for Kiniki underwear.
The most recent mini briefs I have bought are their Micro brief. This fits quite low on the hips, so I have to point things to the right just below the waistband. It's a nice close-fitting, brief style and I'm actually wearing an orange one at the moment. Again the Small size is a good fit on me.
JM_Runs #82

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:10/16/2013 05:52:03Copy HTML

I want to get a tan-thru suit for tanning at my apt. as it doesn't allow thongs at the pool.   Would anyone recommend kiniki for a swimbrief or swimtrunks design? Does the fabric work well for that purpose, and is it particularly see-through? Wanted to get some opinions on that before I got anything from them. Any other tan-through suits anyone would recommend if they wouldn't recommend kiniki?
thong1 #83

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:10/16/2013 06:49:25Copy HTML

 I've got a Kiniki tan-through swimthong (tanga-style, with just a waistband) which I'm very fond of. I haven't tanned in it that much, but I've swum in it a bit - no problems with its being see-through.
wearsthongs #84

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:10/17/2013 03:52:36Copy HTML

 I think their stuff is hilariously cheesy, and some of the plain undies I got from them were really poorly constructed (chaffing seams, awkward cuts).  Those prints are just silly.
rip59 #85

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:10/18/2013 10:39:01Copy HTML

I was a recent customer. I found their swim briefs to be high in compression on the front panel.  The cut looked good but very uncomfortable.  The front panel seemed to be cut for a woman. In fact I even questioned it and they advised I pay postage and send back across the pond for a refund.
tiggerix #86

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:10/18/2013 11:11:34Copy HTML

I have a tan-thru micro (bikini style) suit.  I use it where nude isn't possible.  The material is see through up close, mainly because the pattern on mine has a lot of black in it - my OH finds that funny. It's very lightweight and dries quickly.  The material and stitching can chafe a bit - but I got a medium rather than a small and have been able to wear it for long periods without any problem.  The cut is pretty good, but as with all of their stuff, it could be a lot better - something that they don't seem to take on board.  Womens tan-thru bikinis seem to get good reviews on Amazon.  As to how tan thru they are - I don't know as I go buff whenever possible - the only way to know is to put the sun tan lotion on with the suit on, leaving that lotion free and see how much you burn down there.... :-)
itanng #87

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:10/18/2013 12:53:24Copy HTML

Tiggerix, I've used the criteria from your test in the last sentence of 85# with SPF4 and SPF8 lotions, and I give an informal rating of SPF 6 to the Kiniki "capri" (blue theme) and "tropic" (yellow-red-brown) fabrics.

While the material is a little see-through when up close, my Kiniki suits have passed the "kids present test".  With other suits, I've found that when a large amount of red or brown tints are in the fabric, the see-through is less likely to be noticed.

All the tan-through fabrics I've owned (like Solar) seem to be made of a stiffer material with a stiffer thread.

I really like the cut of the micros; it's "low slung", much like the Asian-style suits.

I, too, tan nude and wear the micro only when neither a thong nor a g-string are acceptable.

I, too, tan nude when possible and wear the micro when neither a G-string nor a thong are acceptable.
skerbeach64 #88

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:10/18/2013 08:38:47Copy HTML

 I have two of the TanThru micro briefs, one in blue (Capri) and the other in a brown/mix (Amalfi ?). Both are ok when either a thong or g are not acceptable although I prefer nude tanning. Like "itanng" these have passed the "public view test" on my local beach, the material is thin, dries quickly, and even close up is reasonably opaque. The fit is snug but not uncomfortable, the micro brief has a one inch side and fits fairly low both front and back. How well these TanThru's work for tanning I would find difficult to quantify. Both were bought on one of Kiniki's special offers and as such would be reasonable value, I don't think I would not pay full price though!
SolarOne #89

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/16/2014 06:30:21Copy HTML

 For the tan through kiniki suits, I have had no luck getting a tan in them. All I need is about an hour on each side in Texas, there's no time to get however many hours the area of skin under the fabric needs to show a tan. I have resorted to biking with black Cooltan long shorts to get more sun time on my privates--they seem to be more see-through but no one at the beach has ever commented. I still have the lower tan area from wearing a Kiniki tan through suit for only two days, and it annoys me. 
ozthong #90

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:09/24/2014 09:26:44Copy HTML

 Half price thong multipacks - http://www.kiniki.com/mens/mens-underwear/multipacks/display/all/
Quick View Oxford Classic Thong Pack | Black, White & Navy Was £40.00 Now £20.00 Oxford Classic Thong Pack | Navy, Red & White £40.00 Oxford Classic Thong Pack | Sky, Lemon & Orange Was £40.00 Now £20.00 Oxford Classic Thong Pack | Sky, Red & Orange Was £40.00 Now £20.00
itanng #91

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/02/2015 12:08:13Copy HTML

 These suits are only ones that I have, but they are the ONLY "cover-up" I wear:

Quality: High
Comfort: High
Tan-Through: Excellent (around SPF 8)
See-Through: Not at all when on your body
Price: OK at regular prices, Excellent when on sale
Shipping charges: High to the USA, but get 2-3 suits on sale and the cost per suit is still very good.

Some members have posted the pouch is a little large.  I think they were referring to thongs.  The pouch on the micro swim is exactly what I expected/wanted.
tiggerix #92

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/19/2015 09:14:58Copy HTML

Kiniki now has some Tanga tan through swimwear - as ever the cut doesn't look great, but possibly worth a look.  Some new colours too.  Personally I think the tan through micro is one of the better styles - briefer than a 'Speedo' - and can sit showing a bit of crack at the back.  Sizing - medium seems ok for a 32", but not enough give for 34".

I like the Sancho colours and am now replacing it as the print has faded to the point where it is definitely more see through and the stitching has started to come undone.

As mentioned by itanng these are a good cover up - wear anywhere style.
thong1 #93

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:07/24/2016 08:11:53Copy HTML

Their string swimthongs have always been favourites of mine - I've worn their little tan-through number on three continents. Their underwear thongs always looked a little clunky to me, but their g-strings are marvellous. I'm wearing one now. They did at one point stop making them, which was a disaster, but the new ones seem to be very good indeed.
seaswimmer2007 #94

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:07/30/2016 07:11:40Copy HTML

Thanks for the information on their G strings, I have been tempted to order some, they have some nice colours lately.But as many people have commented fit is a bit hit and miss.
Glasgow_Thong_Boy #95

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:08/07/2016 01:46:50Copy HTML

There seems to be new swim thongs on the Kiniki website.  I've found their (underwear) thongs to have too wide a back strap but I wonder if these swim thongs are better.
danny108 #96

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:10/13/2016 10:49:03Copy HTML

 Thanks - will check those out - good swim thongs are hard to find sometimes
outside_time #97

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:07/18/2017 09:42:10Copy HTML

 I've been trying some suits and underwear from Kiniki, here are my impressions.

Frustration.  I've tried two tan-trough suits, both were at least a size too small from what I specified, though marked correctly, and the material is very coarse and uncomfortable.  I tried an Amazon tanga and a Cuba tanga.  Both have very flat fronts, not nearly enough contour, and they don't fit the form well.  The look sort of huge and flat on me, the pouch has a small contour dart, but they really need more depth (and I'm not a huge guy).  They look like I'm trying to get into a women's suit, but I'm not that guy.  The back cut of the Cuba is kind of nice, the back of the Amazon is very full.   I got a couple of thongs too, they're just OK, same basic issue but perhaps a bit less.  But they just lack polish. These guys don't seem to have the make contour figured out.  Workmanship is good, and material on the tangas is good quality spandex, though the front lining (superfluous anyway...why bother?) is a course netting.  I may just chop it out.

So frustrated and disappointed. They're inexpensive, and shipped fast overseas from UK to USA, but I probably won't bother trying any more.
bogbody12 #98

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:08/02/2017 10:15:46Copy HTML

I have been buying kiniki swimwear and underwear for about 25 years. On the good side I still have some of the first thongs I bought; the
material is comfy to wear. When it comes to their swimwear the sizing can on many occasions be wrong. On some occasions I have had to purchase another pair the next size down. I have a few thong swimwear and square cuts as well as trunks and tend to buy a small even though I am a medium.

I have recently been buying thong swimwear and underwear from alliexpress a Chinese website. Look out for a company called desmit just received my first thong from them in yellow and it is lined. Here is a link to them.

Mary0826 #99

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:08/03/2017 04:04:25Copy HTML

 BOGBODY12 -- When you say "Look out" do you mean watch out as in "Look out for potholes in the road" or do you mean it in a good way?
bogbody12 #100

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:08/03/2017 07:20:04Copy HTML

in a good way im very pleased with y order so far.
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