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navythong #101

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:08/04/2017 09:52:27Copy HTML

 Took a look at kiniki.com. They don't sell by style unfortunately.
I like the small pouch swimwear with narrow straps. Kiniki only sells the somewhat bigger cut suits.
I'll stick with MS and Skinz
NE_OH_thonger #102

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:02/24/2018 02:27:31Copy HTML

 I just got my first order from Kiniki. I bought the Euro swim thong, the Mono swim thong, and the Cuba swim tanga in red. When it comes to side strap height, the tanga is by far the most daring of the three. That said, I don't find anything particularly objectionable in the cut of the thongs. They're certainly not as staid as the old Speedo thongs. I found the fit to be about right as well. Curiously, the two thongs have drawstrings, which is fairly unique (At least I don't seem to recall having any other swim thongs with them). I can't complain about the shipping. They quoted 7-10 business days, and the package arrived on the tenth day. If anything, I'd say my only problem is that they don't have any solid color thongs. Nothing terrible about the prints, but it is nice to have additional options
gsj #103

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:02/24/2018 11:21:33Copy HTML

 I had a Cuba swim tanga & didn't like it. Seamless from panel didn't fit at all well & had to be pulled up tight to prevent gaping.
rooE #104

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:02/24/2018 11:34:44Copy HTML

 I bought 2 swim thongs from kiniki, the first a number of years back, it was plain black and fit well, fairly stretchy and good pouch size, but after 18 months or so of irregular use the elastic in the side of the pouch just deteriorated and it lost all shape and couldn’t hold anything in place. They then stopped selling swim thongs for a while until recently. So I bought another 6 months ago, the Ashby swim thong, and the pouch I thought was a terrible fit, as if it is designed to be worn high on the hips to get it to be tight to my body, but the thong strap length was only long enough to wear as a normal waistband. Wouldn’t recommended them if I’m honest, which is a shame as theyre affordable and like how they are like a proper speedo with drawstring and lining for when wearing a thong is acceptable, but not having your fruit and veg on clear view through a thin unlined thong.
fordrs #105

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:02/24/2018 03:55:03Copy HTML

 I use to buy all my thongs swimwear from here until they stopped making thong swimwear and the designs are not the best as now shop on other sites now 
Sarah_Thong #106

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:02/26/2018 09:13:37Copy HTML

I've ordered my SO stuff from here, great company, decent quality and good service
Dr S #107

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:03/03/2018 12:47:26Copy HTML

 I've bought stuff from Kiniki on and off for many years including my first swim tangas in the late 80's and swim thongs in the early 90's. In fact one of my all-time favourite suits was one of theirs; the Brazil, which is a rio style suit. When it first came out it was very similar to the current Joe Snyder Rio, but they subsequently changed the fabric and cut a bit which spoiled it. In recent years I've only bought the odd few items and been a little underwhelmed, partly because men's thong styles have developed and improved a bit, but Kiniki seem to be still reliant on their old styles. OK, but not the best...
Napoleon44 #108

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:03/21/2018 08:17:44Copy HTML

 I’ve just received a Europa tanga half back swimsuit from kiniki which I am delighted with. I’ll be using this on foreign holidays and a Ralph full seat tanga which is great . It’s more modest and would  be ok for a hotel pool in the uk.  If you want to order from ukreally ive found it’s either Snyder know kiniki or Jovana . Jovana is expensive but exciting and Snyder are great but limited . Kiniki design and make their stuff in uk . I’m sure they would eventually catch up in a heir designs if enthusiasts told them what we wanted . I particularly wish they would go down the muscle skins or skinz paths . With sleek minimal bikini designs , narrow sides , choice of seat coverage and bright solid colours rather than patterns . You might want to consider suggesting to them what you would like to see in their ranges . If they know there is a market I’m sure they will make it . After all the enthusiast will buy a suit they really like in multiple colours. The occasional browser might buy one suit I guess . Also kiniki have a fantastic service and I’d like to see them do well. 
tiggerix #109

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:03/24/2018 12:06:01Copy HTML

 Kiniki just launched a tan thru thong - but odd colours and way too much material.  They are the most frustrating company as their designs are always a bit naff or bulky. I contacted them a few years back suggesting alternative styles e.g. like Hom swim strings or Joe Snyder. Deaf ears....
Napoleon44 #110

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:03/24/2018 12:16:52Copy HTML

 I think it’s probably necessary to keep contacting them . Showing them there is a market for more minimal stuff especially in relation to the pouch . I like a nice tight fit personally , nothing worse than getting baggy minimal swimwear with too much material . I’m not that keen on their packaging as it has kiniki all over it ! Should be more discrete . 
NE_OH_thonger #111

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:03/24/2018 05:22:43Copy HTML

 I can understand about the packaging, though living in the USA, Kiniki isn't a well known name. I found my order to be conservative, as most people stated, though not as much as I thought it would be judging from the photos on the website. I'll have to check out the tan-through thong. My main issue was that they have solid color briefs and tangas, but all their thongs were prints.
itanng #112

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/03/2018 01:50:30Copy HTML

As posted in 87# and 91# above, the Kiniki "Tan Through Swim Micro" has been my go-to suit when a thong is not allowed.  After 6 years of use, it was time to re-order while suits are on sale.
It's been quite a while since I visited their site, so I don't know when added, but the "Tan Through Swim Thong" is now available.  The web pages state "needless to say it was time to produce them in our tan through fabric".
Now, if Kiniki would just add "needless to say it was time to produce them with more minimal cut and low-rise style, like most people want"!  :-)
gsj #113

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/03/2018 05:32:55Copy HTML

 Re Now, if Kiniki would just add "needless to say it was time to produce them with more minimal cut and low-rise style, like most people want"!  I couldn't agree more.
tombaldwin #114

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/03/2018 09:50:31Copy HTML

 Anyone know why tan through are always crazy patterns?
csnipwb #115

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/03/2018 10:15:06Copy HTML

 My thought is that they are thin enough that the wild patterns help cover up any outlines on the see-thru that happens.It will not cover any jewelry or other metal bling. It shines thru with just a little sunshine.
I'm wearing one of their suits as I sit here now. 
pkthong #116

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/03/2018 10:35:57Copy HTML

 I did a direct comparison of the Skinz tan thru rio vs the kiniki tan thru micro . The front coverage is identical butt(pun intended) the rear on the skinz model was three fingernreadths smaller on both sides so a total of six fingerbreadths smaller. I like the skinz model better for this reason. It can be worn where thongs are not welcome you can wear a thong under it to preserve tan lines and you can easily hike it into a thong but it tends to stay put as a rio.
JM_Runs #117

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/03/2018 10:43:28Copy HTML

In response to the question about patterns used on the tan-through suits: Patterns help break up the outline of what might be showing through from inside. Optical camouflage.  

As a general rule a randomly patterned suit hides much better than a single color suit. Interestingly military camouflage colors can be quite a good pattern for tan through suits. I have a couple. 

Some bright colored patterns are even better, some are not.  Some tanthrough fabrics are glorious patterns, and some are just terrible muddy mixtures of puke colors. 

A lot could be done to make, or use, some better tan through fabric colors. One of the simpler Skinzwear fabrics was a dark green with waterdrops print. For some reason the green blended rather well with the skin tones it was trying to hide. 

In all mesh type fabrics there is a ratio of mesh to holes.  It is not the size of the holes as much as the percentage of skin to thread.  The less percentage of actual fabric coverage the more the need for strong colors to have any useful optical effect. 

Solid color meshes, especially black, white, yellow or other pastel colors seem particularly transparent to the human eye.
The brains adjustment for shadows enables it to see right through these fabrics.  

So patterns are used. How well the pattern and colors blend with, or counteract the colors of underlying skin makes a difference. There are fabrics that use passive camouflage, and patterns that muddle the outline, "dazzle camouflage", which seeks to impose new lines or misdirect the brains image processing. Here is an example of a warship using dazzle camouflage. You can tell it is there, but can't see exactly what it is or makeout a clear outline. 



Most good tan-though fabrics use a bit of both passive and dazzle.

Sparkles also help. Sparking thread or other shiny things reflects more light. I have a couple of thongs that are part tan through and part reflective foil tiger stripe. This works well from a distance.

However some sparkling fabrics are angle sensitive, so don't work so well if inspected up close. They may look fine when you look down, at an oblique angle to the fabric, but not at 90 degrees head on like a third party viewer.

Interestingly I find patterns that work on small thongs don't work as well on larger areas like bottom coverage. When a tan through suit is flat across the rear it is difficult to disguise the cleft between the buttocks, because of the difference in light in the void.  When there is an air gap under a mesh suit it tends to break the illusion of being solid. The bum cleft is less noticeable when the suit cups each cheek separately. 

I find Tan Through fabrics work best on small close g-strings. The suit holds everything in so there are little to no air pockets, and there is no large covered flat surfaces for the eye to use for comparison. 

The eye is rather good at optical comparisons, but can be fooled when there is no reference, or the reference infers something different. 

See here:  http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2013/12/07/optical_illusion_shades_of_grey.html 
tiggerix #118

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:06/05/2018 08:57:12Copy HTML

Kiniki - successfully making shapeless underwear and swimwear for 40 years.........
stypenz #119

Re:Kiniki.com - from the UK

Date Posted:09/04/2018 10:34:38Copy HTML

I love the quality of the swim thong material as I spend at least 5 hours at the public pool a week but a lot of the comments here are valid. I think swim thongs are great value for a beginner in thonging that wants to dip a toe in swimming in a thong at a public pool to see the reaction but I soon craved for a more shapely thong that fitted me better. Unfortunately nearly all other thongs in the price range at other companies are nylon-lycra which soon degrade in the pool. My latest Pikante ones with a better cut didn't last 2 months!
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