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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:04/03/2014 09:44:13Copy HTML

for those wanting a conservative well made string, thong or tanga bikini - this company makes some good quality suits at reasonable prices http://www.kleim.nl/shop/

Unfortunately all of the pictures are drawings rather than photos so it is not easy to see what they look like.  but you can see an old ebay listing here that gives a reasonable idea

Sizing is good and no need to size up, the front is shaped and they are comfortable to wear.  all in all a good option to wear anywhere.
navythong #1

Re:Kleim - Netherlands (Kleim.nl)

Date Posted:04/04/2014 11:12:00Copy HTML

 In the earlier days when I was not into thongs yet, I had a few Kleim tanga bikini's.
They were good quality and very comfortable. Those tanga's were one of the steps to smaller swimwear.
I took a look at their site, but the thongs (strings) they sell are not what I like.
The front of the thongs as way too wide. I'll stay with Muscleskins.
minislipje #2

Re:Kleim - Netherlands (Kleim.nl)

Date Posted:06/16/2018 08:04:17Copy HTML

Most of you do not know the Kleim brand. It is an old swimwear company in Holland. The website is only in Dutch. I know they deliver international because a friend of mine ordered from France.
The quality is really good and personally I like the narrow spaghetti sides very much.

navythong #3

Re:Kleim - Netherlands (Kleim.nl)

Date Posted:06/16/2018 10:28:14Copy HTML

Yes, I remember Kleim from earlier days (maybe about 20 years ago). I had two tanga style bikini suits from them.They were really good quality I remember and I wore them for years.I jst took a look at their web-site, but I think their suits are too big for my swimwear choice now.On their site they mention you can order from Belgium or Germany also. You can also pay with credit-card/paypal.
tiggerix #4

Re:Kleim - Netherlands (Kleim.nl)

Date Posted:06/16/2018 11:02:27Copy HTML

 Yes good quality. String fronts are smaller than Hom but still a bit larger than you might like. If I wear it slightly lower at the front then it is fine. I don't overly like the triangle back but they are a good choice for something that looks like it is pukka swimwear.
 The thongs are conservative and again really well made. Worth adding to any collection as you could wear almost anywhere.
 They are good for exchanges and refunds. 
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