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The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:05/10/2005 07:25:25Copy HTML

Anyone from the cities know where the beach is on Lake Calhoun? I was also wondering if anyone can wear a thong there
ThonginMN #1

Re:Lake Calhoun Minnesota

Date Posted:05/15/2005 06:20:55Copy HTML

That would be Thomas Beach on the south end. Thongs are allowed as long as no one complains. Few do if any and on a good day, you will see a half of dozen people in thongs on the main beach!
tomtbackinminn #2

Re:Lake Calhoun Minnesota

Date Posted:05/15/2005 07:38:46Copy HTML

I would say a half dozen is stretching it. Thomas beach is the place though. It's a fairly stretched out beach and is probably the best place outside of the st. croix river.
auberge2 #3

Re:Lake Calhoun Minnesota

Date Posted:05/15/2005 07:52:28Copy HTML

You mentioned the St. Croix. Where do people go on the St. Croix?

MNluvthongs #4

Re:Lake Calhoun Minnesota

Date Posted:04/21/2019 01:27:47Copy HTML

Stopped by Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis and thongs were numerous. Just out getting the first spring day when it hit 77F here, which is a heat wave and saw about four girls in thongs or scrunch? bikinis. We will have many more this year!

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