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Date Posted:03/15/2007 01:18:19Copy HTML

Thonging on Lake Michigan Beaches: Record warmth on the 13th of March and I had to go to the Dunes. Wore my new thong for the 1st time this season. The sand was nice and warm, but the water was still frozen, needless to say there were not any other thongs on the beach, but there were a few other people. Hope to see more thongs out there as the water warms up. Please share your favorite thong areas.
Anudebeachr #1

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:03/16/2007 01:46:17Copy HTML

I went to The Dunes Indiana State Park on Tues. Walked in from the east end. I have been to a lot of the beaches from West beach in Gary to Oval beach in Saugatuck, some better than others but usually no problem thonging
sailor25 #2

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:03/17/2007 07:16:37Copy HTML

Thong at the Dunes State park in Saugatuck but have not been to the oval beach.  Maybe I will try some other if it ever warms up again.
Anudebeachr #3

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:03/27/2007 06:17:39Copy HTML

Went back to the dunes today. The weather was warm and the air very heavy. The beach is the widest in memory and lots of dune grass for cover for those that prefer a little privacy. Total privacy today. I was the only person on the entire beach. Then the front came in and the temp dropped 20+* in one min. A thong was never went to keep one warm. I did get some nice pics though, so at least I can keep the memory warm. Adios till it warms up
stringman #4

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/03/2007 07:23:22Copy HTML

Well, the weather was perfect at the Dunes state park today. The water is still cold, of course, but the sun was high in the sky! I walked the beach in my Dore black low-cut y-string, and sunned for an hour or so on the dunes. I only saw a handful of people, none of them in swimsuits at all. It's such a beautiful stretch of beach that it'ssurprising there weren't more people there. I guess it's still early. I'll definitely be going back.
Gstringing #5

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/05/2007 08:27:19Copy HTML

Is South Haven in this area? I havent been there for 20 years.  There is also a beach webcam set up there.
sailor25 #6

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/06/2007 01:34:18Copy HTML

Dunes State P ark is about 15 - 20 miles north of  South Haven. 

Stringman  the beach is like that most days almost all summer.  Some days you can be their almost all alone

Anudebeachr #7

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/17/2007 05:22:51Copy HTML

I plan on doing some thonging somewhere between Indiana State Park, and Oval Beach Mi. Has anyone tried the area south of Weko in Bridgeman, I think it is part of Warren Dunes St Pk?

skinzthong #8

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:06/20/2007 02:35:13Copy HTML

Heat wave coming next week and looking for advise...will be going over to the coast from Kalamazoo area, and other than the obvious choice of Saugatuck dunes area, looking for alternatives.

Have had great experiences in the past at PJ Hoffmaster State Park near Muskegon, long beach area, nude and thongs, no patrols.

Will be at Indiana Dunes St Park down south on Wednesday likely, so looking forward to that.

Is Van Buren State Park worth the visit?  Would need more removed beach area from populated areas.

Still dont understand 'Dunes St Park' in Michigan, supposedly north of South Haven?  Dont see that on any map.

stringman #9

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:06/20/2007 01:57:11Copy HTML

The Sauatuck dunes state park is on the other side of the Kalamazoo river from Oval Beach in Saugatuck. Oval Beach is the public city run beach, and there is a "private" beach attached to it, on the river end of the beach. This is also called the "dunes". Hope that helps.
skinzthong #10

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:06/26/2007 11:33:59Copy HTML

Had a great afternoon at Saugatuck Dunes State Park today....warm and a slight breeze, before the front comes through....had a hard time findinng the beach, one has to walk most of a mile from the parking lot, and paths dont seem to be reliably marked, but you can get the hang of it....stayed away from 'family life', but plenty of beach to work with, especially north of main path entry to beach, but also south....a couple of other thong males, one thong woman whom I made sure to compliment....went thong, and nude, another couple guys joined me thongs, and even nude at appropriate times, going to thong as walkers approached..in this dutch reformed prudish area, can be sure nudity will periodically be reported, and even thong, on occasion, but thongs technically permitted.  Skinz thong kilt, hot style, comes in handy for proper and quick coverups.     North of Oval beach has more prevalent thongs and nude, but not many women at all, and more gay cruisy, which doesnt appeal to many, so I would recommend Saugatuck Dunes, as well as P J Hoffmaster State Park, a bit further north, go north of the main beach area, which thins out and is very nice and long...have had relaxing and enjoyable times there at Hoffmaster, and hope to go on Thursday, if weather holds. 

Here is Hoffmaster site:  http://www.michigandnr.com/parksandtrails/ParksandTrailsInfo.aspx?id=457

And helpful overall map from MI State parks, click on county for more info:  http://www.michigandnr.com/parksandtrails/parkmap.aspx

BeachBum413 #11

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/28/2008 02:05:59Copy HTML

It looks like thongs are OK at Michigan State parks from the posts here.
I'm cureous what other state parks (other then dumes and Sugatuck area) folks have thonged at and if you saw others thonging there too.
Men? Women? I like to wear my thong but am a bit shy if I'm the only one and don't want to get hasseled. 
sailor25 #12

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/29/2008 01:18:12Copy HTML

 I know somewhere on this board their is something about thonging at state parks on the eastside of the state (Detriot area) also someone told me ther husband thonged in the secluded area of muskegon state park but was hasseled by other beach goers.. Are you from the west michigan area? Maybe some day it will be warm enough to thong..
Gluteal Cleft Floss #13

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:06/02/2008 06:29:23Copy HTML

For several years an older gentleman (late 50s to early 60s) would come out and thong on the beach at the Lake Lansing South Park in Ingham County ... nobody hassled him (and no dunes to hide behind). The biggest impediment seems to be the nerve to wear one in public (at least here in Michigan).
sailor25 #14

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:06/06/2008 08:50:22Copy HTML

 Finaly time alowed my first trip to thong for the summer. Weather was questional, but iffy weather is better than not thonging at all. Only had four other people on the beach and they were just walkers.  
sailor25 #15

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:03/24/2009 02:52:41Copy HTML

Never thonged at the oval beach but have been their in the early spring and late fall after the weather is to cold. I usually sun at the saugatuck dunes state park may thru oct when time and weather permit. Maybe someday it will warm up enough to hit the beach again in Michigan heading to florida in two weeks
stringman #16

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:03/25/2009 03:17:08Copy HTML

I have thonged at PJ Hoffmaster state park in Muskegon, and was not hassled. I was in a reasonably secluded area, and only saw a few people that day. Nice beach.
nautirogue #17

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/14/2009 01:33:40Copy HTML

We have a boat at New Buffalo.  My girlfriend wears nothing but thong bikinis around the marina, on the boat, and at the New Buffalo Beach.  I wear bikinis and square-cuts.  We've never had any trouble regarding the swimwear, even when we had set up our blankets just past the public beach and athe landowner called the cops to have everyone removed.  The cops saw her in the thong and we even talked with them.  They never mentioned her swimsuit.

Many pics of her thonging on Lake Michigan are available at http://www.LakeMichiganBoatParty.com.  We're Nauti Rogue and SaucyWench.
nautirogue #18

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/16/2009 12:34:12Copy HTML

BTW, she regularly goes topless (or nude) when we're on the water, but we've never seen any topless women on the Lake Michigan beaches.  Does anyone know of any Lake Michigan beaches where topless sunbathing would be accepted?
sailor25 #19

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/16/2009 04:55:29Copy HTML

When I go to saugatuck dunes state park their are sometimes 1 or 2 couples that are topless and thongs.  Hopefully some day the Michigan weather will permit that. Also hope to get my boat in the water this year than thongs or nude on the water
nautirogue #20

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/16/2009 08:10:01Copy HTML

What's your port, Sailor?  You need to join us on www.lakemichiganboatparty.com!
143741 #21

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/17/2009 05:44:34Copy HTML

nautirogue  I signed up for your website, and I must say the wicked weasels, and the two of you, are hottttttttttttttt. Now i live in upper michigan, but have relatives in chi-town, that is the closest travel to you. You see I am on the wis border 100 miles from green bay, will travel that way, and i would like to go to Hollywood beach aka osterman near evanston. 
sailor25 #22

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/17/2009 10:32:39Copy HTML

Finally weather in michigan warm enough to go to the beach.  Weather was warm as long as you could stay out of the wind.  Hopefully many more to come.
nautirogue #23

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/18/2009 01:27:09Copy HTML

We'll be at New Buffalo over Memorial Day weekend.  Hope the weather is good!
Ex_Member #24

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:05/19/2009 05:47:55Copy HTML

 Osterman Beach (previously known as Hollywood Beach, because it is near Hollywood Avenue) is actually within Chicago city limits. I have seen a few women openly topless. One time I even saw a woman get up and go in the water topless. Thongs/g-strings are also accepted there even when seen by the life guards. There seems to be a high percentage of europeans that go to this beach and there is a short stretch where gays congregate.

RapidBlue #25

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:06/14/2014 07:48:48Copy HTML

 In Gand Haven today, the beach is great. The thong experience is terrible. Not one thing on the beach. Nothing close to a thong, there was one woman in a cheeky bikini everything else was full coverage. This was rather disappointing. All of the men were in board shorts, nothing smaller except for me in a square cut. Would have liked to thing but the vibe was not even close to right.
epicinspeedo #26

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:06/17/2014 01:26:55Copy HTML

90 and humid, will be heading to Grand Mere today, will let you know how it was. I'll be there from 1:30-3:30 or so! 
There was no one... Absolutely no one on the beach with me. I only encountered about five total people the entire time I was there. I'll try again on the 24 th. 
RapidBlue #27

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:08/01/2014 05:30:18Copy HTML

 Was at lake harbor park in Muskegon for an hour today in my thong. Had police walk by without a word. Now I am sitting at Hoffmaster State Park a little ways down from main crowd. Have people passing by with out comment. Lake Michigan is ice cold. 
RapidBlue #28

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:08/01/2014 09:02:20Copy HTML

 Over all a nice day at the beach. I got a few stares and second and third looks. One woman set up near by and scrunched up her bottom to a make shift thong. All the men were in board shorts and no other woman was showing any cheek. So I'd have to say, Hoffmaster SP in Muskegon, not bad, no comments either way, and fairly conservative. 
sailor25 #29

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:08/02/2014 01:06:52Copy HTML

 I also had a nice day on lake Michigan east shore, but I was about 30 miles south of you and only thonger on the beach
RapidBlue #30

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:08/03/2014 10:40:47Copy HTML

 Was at the beach in Grand Haven, MI for a few hours yesterday. It is a beautiful beach with expansive sand and a picture postcard pier. Decided to wear a Joe Snyder Rio and still pushed every boundary there was on the beach. Nothing but knee and mid calf shorts on all the men. There were a handful of women exposing some cheek, one in the Itsy VS bikini. That is as small as it got. I had one group taking photos with their phone, trying to hide their activity. It wasn't the most comfortable beach to be at in small swim wear. I knew it would be conservative, that is why I chose not to wear a thong. That was a good call here. Overall I'd say, beautiful beach - not thong friendly.
RapidBlue #31

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:08/18/2014 07:08:48Copy HTML

 Had to be in Grand Haven again his pst weekend, so I decided to see how I would be treated on the State Park beach in something a bit smaller. I wore my red pouch enhancing Cover Male thong. I set up near the water about 100 yards south from the pavilion. When I got there I had plenty of open space. Soon I had several people set up close to me. I was buns up when two families decided to set up within 100 feet of me. There were several groups of women that set up closer, and one group that set up about six feet away. I got no comments. There were a few photos snapped. Everyone seemed to LTR be tan in pease. I was surprised because usually it is very conservative and even in a speedo or a Rio back suit I have gotten negative comments on this beach. Once again I had the smallest article of clothing on, on the entire beach. 
MiThong #32

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:08/19/2014 12:21:19Copy HTML

 Glad to hear someone is breaking the conservative boundaries in grand haven.  I live there and wish I seen the reactions from the locals.   I have been seeing the itsy from vs also a few times and seeming to be more often.  Hopefully the trend continues and board shorts and full coverage disappear 
epicinspeedo #33

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:08/21/2014 03:31:12Copy HTML

Tuesday I had time to kill in Berrien County. A storm had just rolled through and I was literally the first person to mosy out at Grand Mere following the rain and wind. It was great. The sun was just right, I encountered literally one person on the entire 1 mile stretch of sand that I covered. Amazingly, I was able to follow that trip up with a trip today with the wife to Central Avenue Beach, which is in Michigan City, Indiana, and therefore to be in a different thread. 
RapidBlue #34

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:06/29/2015 11:31:54Copy HTML

 I was out at Hoffmaster State Park, Muskegon on Saturday. The beach is about half the size it was due to high water of  Lake Michigan. I spent 3 hours sunning my buns in a bulge enhanced blue thong. The beach was busy and I went down a ways to not be in the middle of the children. I had many people walk past, take a look, but not a word was said. I got a few smiles from a couple of women. I saw only one VS Itsy style suit on one woman. Otherwise I was the only one in anything as revealing.
RapidBlue #35

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:07/04/2015 03:28:35Copy HTML

 Went back to Hoffmaster State Park in Muskegon today. I was the only person in a small suit. I got lots of looks and one girl sneak up behind me and take a photo. No big deal. The beach was very busy and I was slightly  surprised that my thong was not drawing more attention.
sailor25 #36

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:07/04/2015 12:06:54Copy HTML

 going to saugatuck dunes state park today, hopeful a good time have not been there in about a year 
RapidBlue #37

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:07/04/2015 09:01:21Copy HTML

 What a great day. The beach was packed, lots of energy. I was in Grand Haven on Lake Michigan today. I got there early and set up. I was wearing a JS blue enhanced pouch thong for half the day then changed to a bright orange one. There were many, many women in VS Itsy bikinis and similar, lots of exposed cheek showing. I even saw 10 thongs on women today. I have never seen this in Grand Haven before. As for the men that is a different story, below the knee board shorts were the rule, not one Speedo style, bikini cut, or square cut. I was the lone exception. I had NO hassles, no comments and no problems from anyone. I did get a lot of smiles from the women and many women sneaking photos (if the only would ask they would get better photos). The only draw back is the water temperature, mid 40's Fahrenheit, too cold to go in.
RapidBlue #38

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:07/25/2015 01:20:17Copy HTML

 Back in Grand Haven again at the state park. I set up closer to the pier today. Only saw two women in things and a few very cheeky bottoms today. I was in one of my Skinswaer thongs today. Had the Rangers drive behind me several times without slowing or stopping. Got many smiles from women and saw a few snapping photos, one rather obvious as I exited the water. In all a great day.
RapidBlue #39

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:07/28/2015 02:16:28Copy HTML

 After several good days at the beach in Grand Haven I am going back to the west side of the state to be on the big lake again. This time I am thinking of giving Holland State Park a try. I'll give a report later this week. Last Friday I was again in Grand Haven and the only man in something smaller than board shorts. The women seemed to be happy as I got many smiles and several whipping out their phone to snap photos or shoot video. I was in a Skinzwear thong with a denim print.
RapidBlue #40

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:07/30/2015 11:09:56Copy HTML

 I spent the day on the shore of Lake Michigan. I started in Holland, Michigan at the state park. I know this area is conservative. And is it ever. While there were women in bikinis the coverage could not be greater. I was going to wear a thong but opted for a sun seeker rio from Skinzwear. Even that was over the limit for this beach. I could not have been more uncomfortable. I tried moving to different areas of the beach with no luck. Finally mid day I packed up and left. I retuned to Grand Haven and hit th beach there. I wore a bright yellow pouch enhancing thong. I had the Rangers and the police drive by on their 4 wheelers with out w second look. I got lots Of smiles form the women. There were two women I saw wearing thongs and a number of maximum cheek exposure bikinis. No men in any this other than board shorts, but I was much more comfortable on this beach.
ShadowT #41

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:07/31/2015 04:04:16Copy HTML

I grew up near Grand Haven, and never would have imagined seeing anybody wearing a thong there.  I certainly never considered wearing one there myself.  It's just so busy, and in my mind, so conservative.  We were there just once last year, and I didn't see anything notable.  We'll be back there soon, but we'll be with another family.  
RapidBlue #42

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:07/31/2015 09:00:04Copy HTML

 I would have thought the same thing about things in Grand Haven as you ShadowT. But I just spent a full day on the beach here. I got there before 10:00 AM and set up. I have five women set up near me all in thongs. I saw at least 10 others walking the shoreline. Of course I was in my thong even if no other men even dared wear anything other than long board shorts. In all a great day.
MiThong #43

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:08/01/2015 01:55:44Copy HTML

 I was also in gh today. Didn't see any thongs maleOr female.  Lots of cheekies but no thongs. I was in square cuts today boogie boarding.    Where did you setupRapid
russ3985 #44

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:08/16/2015 01:12:42Copy HTML

 Great day st Dunes State Park in Saugatuck. Wife and I both thonged but didn't see any other thongers. I even swam nude in the lake for a good part of the day.
nautirogue #45

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:09/27/2015 12:12:37Copy HTML

 It's supposed to be a high of 73 and mostly cloudy today, but the wife and I hope to make it down to Kemil today.  We'll both be in thongs and may go nude.
RapidBlue #46

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:06/25/2016 11:55:21Copy HTML

 I just spent the last two days at Pere Marquette beach in Muskegon, MI. It is a big beautiful beach. There is tons of free parking. Yesterday I set up and had two women set up near me wearing thong bikinis. I was in my green N2N thong. No one said anything negative. I got many second looks and smiles and a few people taking photos with their phones. Today I was in my Skinzwear Banded Thong and had the same reactions. Of course there was no other man in anything less than knee length board shorts. But over all a positive experience.
ShadowT #47

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:09/05/2017 02:45:56Copy HTML

A couple weeks ago, I went to PJ Hoffmaster State Park, and wandered a bit down south of the main beach.  I had no trouble wearing my Desmiit thong, and even went out into the water a few times.
This past weekend, I went with my wife and kids, and we set up right in the middle of the main beach.  I laid out for over 2 hours in my Desmitt thong, right in plain view of numerous people, with no issues or comments whatsoever.  I actually napped for a while.  The red flag was out, so I didn't venture out into the water, or walk around at all.
The Desmiit suit is so conservative, I'm actually very comfortable wearing it openly.  I would have been much more reluctant if I were wearing one of my muscleskin thongs on Saturday, although I've never had a problem wearing them away from the main beach.
RapidBlue #48

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:07/16/2018 05:41:24Copy HTML

 I was in Grand Haven on Saturday. There was a beach Volleyball tournament going on at the main beach. I spent a couple hours wandering around and have to say I was disappointed. There were only a few, very few women wearing cheeky bikinis. All the men on the beach were in the standard issue board shorts. I will admit it wasn’t the best beach day weather wise. I still figured with a volleyball tournament happening there would be more women in cheeky bikinis. I’ll be back that way in a few weeks and see if it is any different. 
RapidBlue #49

Re:Lake Michigan Eastern Shore

Date Posted:08/05/2018 08:42:42Copy HTML

I was back in Grand Haven for the weekend. It was festival weekend in town, meaning lot of people. The beach was full of women in cheeky bikinis, one piece thong or near thongs, and women with their suits pulled in to expose as much cheek as possible. As for the men, nothing but board shorts as far as the eye could see. I wore a Buffedbod suit I had made for me with a 3inch wide rear, 1/2 inch side and the hoist (enhanced pouch) from. I set up near the water and several other women in very cheeky bikinis and one in a thong. I got up to take a dip in the water several times, noted the phones pointed in my direction as I walk in and out of the water. I had no comments and a very good couple of days at the beach.
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