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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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The Swan

Date Posted:05/09/2009 04:47:19Copy HTML

Has any one thonged at Lake Milton? If so how was it tolerated?
nicksthong #1

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:05/09/2009 10:49:11Copy HTML

 Its been a few years since I was there, but;
Much of the lake is surrounded by homes and residential areas, nice place, so that means its kind of the local spot, therefore your fellow beach goers are likely to be townies. 
I was there with a group of friends in high school, and I wore a pair of speedos, my friends didnt mind, but they told me that I should look out for the local park ranger, because he was a major jerk. I think they were more worried about the beer we had in our backpack, but they were joking about my bikini.
That was all they said of it, but I got the impression that it wouldn't be the best place to wear a thong.
Legally you can, but if you want to be left alone, this may not be the place.  Again I dont know for sure, because I usually go a few miles further down the interstate to West Branch State Park.   Its a really nice place, with lots of nooks and crannies to lay out in.
I hope this may help.
NE_OH_thonger #2

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:05/17/2009 05:03:33Copy HTML

  Hi. I'm a Youngstown local. I've thonged Lake Milton a few times (Although I usually go to Mosquito Lake just outside of Warren. It's closer to where I live). I've never had any trouble with the rangers, and only one incident with another beachgoer. There's the occasional rude comment from people who think they're out of earshot, but those don't count as far as I'm concerned. It is a smaller beach, so you might end up in close quarters with the other patrons on a busy day. Speaking from my overall experience, It is at least on par with the other Ohio beaches I have been to on thong-friendliness. I hope that helps.
The Swan #3

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:05/20/2009 01:50:34Copy HTML

Thanks for your comments nicksthong and and NE_OH_thonger.
tyconeil #4

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:01/26/2010 04:18:33Copy HTML

mentor headlands  beach near light house is a ggod place the park rangers know that thongs are ok
XChip #5

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:01/26/2010 02:56:16Copy HTML

 Any good thonging beaches near Cleveland?
nicksthong #6

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:01/27/2010 08:11:06Copy HTML

 God bless Ohio's completely unexpected thong tolerance!
ithongit #7

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:01/29/2010 12:00:41Copy HTML

In the 1980's -- maybe the 1990's one of the State Park beaches in Cleveland Ohio on Lake Erie was a place where NE Ohio thongers congregated.  I don't know if it could have been called thong friendly, but it was more than thong tollerent.  As far as I know, all Ohio State parks -- yes even the ones right there in Cleveland Ohio -- are places where thongs are legal.  They just may not be that common, or other beach goers may have harrased thongers to the point that they go to other places.  Maybe someone can fill my memory in on the days when thongs were accepted -- maybe even accepted at one or more of Cleveland's beaches.

ThonginMN #8

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:02/07/2010 02:03:06Copy HTML

 I heard Youngstown was like crime ridden and kind of abandoned??
NE_OH_thonger #9

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:03/22/2010 01:10:48Copy HTML

 The crime in Youngstown isn't as bad as it was in say, the 1980s. Some neighborhoods are better (or conversely, worse) than others. The downtown area is starting to show some early signs of rebuilding.
  Neither Lake Milton nor Mosquito Lake are within the city. Lake Milton is on the border of Lake Milton and Craig Beach in Mahoning County. Mosquito Lake is in Trumbull County, near the city of Cortland.  Hope that helps you ThonginMN
ThonginMN #10

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:03/28/2010 05:13:50Copy HTML

 Sorry, just heard of the "Youngstown Tuneup" i.e. cars wired to explode ;)
NE_OH_thonger #11

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:04/02/2010 04:00:32Copy HTML

Well, the local weather took an unusual turn for the better, so I managed to get a trip to the beach (Mosquito Lake) in. Not many people out, so I had my choice of spots, and no hassles. I'm hoping it lasts for a while, as seeing the sun this early is quite a treat.

PS. ThonginMN, I've never heard the phrase "Youngstown Tuneup" before, but I'll have to remember it. Kind of conjures up the good old, bad old, 1980s, just after the steel mills went under.
NE_OH_thonger #12

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:05/25/2016 08:15:39Copy HTML

 Got out for my first time this year, and spent about an hour at Lake Milton. No issues at all, though I tend to tan on the opposite side of the restrooms from the beach. (The beach is really narrow, and tough to get enough room on the sand to be comfortable and ensure the comfort of others). Looking forward to another thonging season
NE_OH_thonger #13

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:08/31/2016 09:54:51Copy HTML

 Went to Lake Milton yesterday. Got a couple hours in on the sand. Wore my rainbow Joe Snyder thong. Most of the people there just went about their business, and didn't even pay any attention to me. Only exception were a group of pre-teen boys who kept cat calling up from the water while I was on my stomach, "Are you naked?" I turned over enough that the front of my suit was visible, said, "Nope", and rolled back onto my stomach. Later, as they were walking their bikes out, one of them asked if I'd give him a hug. I pretended I couldn't hear him over my earphones. I know that probably wasn't nice of me, but it just seemed creepy
NE_OH_thonger #14

Re:Lake Milton near Youngstown Ohio

Date Posted:05/30/2018 09:55:22Copy HTML

 I have been remiss in updating here, but just made my first trips to Lake Milton for the season. Wasn't terribly busy last week, but a lot more crowded today. No issues on either trip. I was on the sand last week, and the grass on the opposite the restrooms today.
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