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Date Posted:05/24/2011 07:08:33Copy HTML

Lake  Loramie State park is between Sidney and Grand Lake.  I thought there was a threaded link on it but I used the SEARCH and it didn't find it because maybe it is not in the thread title but instead in something like Ohio parks or something.  Since people have listed other Ohio parks separately, I decided t o make a new link just for Lake  Loramie so that everyone would find it easily if they wanted to know more about it.

They just announced the other day that the water in Grand Lake is goofed up again this year by algae which they have again this year but is different than what they had last year but still they don't want you to get it on you or get lake water on you or drink it or get in it in your mouth or swim or wade and not get pets in it either since last year some pets and dogs that swam there died from the toxic chemicals the algae was making which they treated with chemicals but those didn't work I guess but the water at Lake Loramie is okay right now and doesn't have the algee problem with toxic water chemicals like Grand Lake had last year and like they are trying to get to stop this year up there.

It is about 5 miles off I-75, which is marked with signs saying how to get off and then more signs which tell you were to go. 

Sunday, the weather was hot and I went there for a few hours.  This is only the second time I have been able to get out to sun at a park since this year.  Lake Loramie is not flooded, but the water is cold and muddy and brown from all the rain.   You still can lay out on the beach without incident, but the grass from the parking lot to the beach is very squishy from all the rain and even flooded maybe a foot deep in places.  You might want to stick to the walks. 

I go here quite often since it is very near where I live. Most years is very thongs friendly but two years ago there was a state park ranger who was old and grumpy and complained about my thongs and really got mad when he saws men thonging at the beach, or laying out in thongs in the grassy area between the beach and the parking lot, where there are picnic tables and stuff like the restrooms and a picnic shelters and the playground.  He didn't say I couldn't go topfree but told me that I "would be more comfortable" with a top.  I guess he didn't like that I was exposing my breasts. 

He was replaced last year and the new guy, a new ranger,  didn't say anything one way or the other about me or my boyfriend, or any of the other guys who we sometimes would see thonging or wearing speedos. 

I met OHIOTHONGER at Lake Loramie a few years ago.  He  writes on this board sometimes.  Since he was in thongs too it made me more comfortable about thonging.  That is why I now thong at the state parks -- because there are other thongers there. 

I haven't seen any girls there thonging this year. Only one other guy and only a few other girls last year with none of them brave enough to go topfree.  The women are either too scared to go topfree, or maybe don't know they can do it, at least not  until I get there and take my top of. 

I have sen a few women who are not thongers and are wearing regular bikinis decide to go topless when they see me going topfree.  I am hard to miss since the beach is only maybe 300 feet long and everyone can see everyone unless they are up in the grass, or around the bend by the boat dock.  The boat dock is to the right when you walk onto the beach but to the left if you are in a boat.

This trip reported bvy Mayr0826 for trip on May 22, 2011.
The Swan #1

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:05/24/2011 10:43:41Copy HTML

I've been there but always wore a thin bikini. No one ever said anything. I've thonged at the Grand Lake a few times. No one ever said anything. Too bad about the Grand Lake I was thinking of going with my woman and spending the weekend at the Hotel next to the Italian Restaurant.
ohiothonger #2

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:08/03/2011 02:52:33Copy HTML

I had business in Minster, a small town just north of Loramie and when I was done went to the State Park around noon.  The heat wave we had was still going strong, but the lake wasn't too warm.  I laid out on the beach for about 2 hours in my thong.  Two older teens or young 20 something women were nearby and kept sneaking glances, finally they walked one by one past me.  Later they found some buckets and built some sand castles between me and the water.  The whole time I was going into the water every now and then to cool down.  Eventually they got out a camera and started taking pictures of their sand castles (while I was still in the water).  As I came out, I ask them if they wanted me to take a picture of them together with the sand castles, and they said sure and after I took a few pictures of them they ask if I could be persuaded to have my picture taken with each one.  I agreed, and after a few more pictures (all front views) one of them admitted that they had taken pictures of my butt when I had been sunning my buns.  She then showed me the pictures on her camera, which were pretty bad as pictures go.  The one with the camera then ask if she could take some better pictures of my backside, and I let her get some pictures of me standing and later laying down on my towel again.  I ask them if they would forward a digital copy of the pictures to me (like ITHONGIT had suggested on a different thread about having your picture taken) and I gave them a business card with the email address.After they put the camera away, they ask if they could move over closer so we could talk some, and I agreed.  Neither was wearing anything that skimpy -- one had on a suit with short-short bottoms and a string top, the other a two piece suit I think that is called a tankini with a tank-top like top.  Anyway, after moving closer we started talking about this and that and the conversation quickly moved to my thong.  They said they thought my thong was really cool but had assimed that thongs were illegal on men, but okay on women.  I explained that in Ohio both men and women could wear thongs.  I then added that both men and women could go topless too.  They looked at each other and then at me and started to giggle.  "Are you brave enough to try it?" the short shorts girl ask the other.  "I am if you are."  With that both peeled of their tops and sat nervously next to me for a few minutes with their arms folded across their chests.  After a few minutes, they decided to lay down, first on their stomachs, but as they got more bold on their backs.  After about a half hour, I announced I would take a swim and got up to head into the water and both girls followed me.  At sometime during the swim the girls seemed to finally relax and accept their toplessness and after a long time in the water, when we all got out and laid out again, they were totally into topfree beach use.  One even went down to where they had left most of their stuff to get some suntan lotion and walked by several other groups of beach goers who had arrived between the time the girls moved to were I was laying and the time we got out of the water. 

A young guy about 15 or 16 who was wearing orange and white board shorts and came with what appeard to be his mother and younger sisters came over to were we were at and ask about the legality of what we were doing, and I explained the legalities of the beach rules to him.  He kept saying how "cool" it was to be wearing so little and how he wished he had a thong too.  Both girls told him they thought men who wear thongs are sexy and then the tankinni girl said something like "We didn't decide to take our tops off until we saw him (meaning me) in his thong and saw he wasn't being bothered by anyone about wearing it."Unfortunately, I had another appointment in Dayton later that afternoon and needed to hit the highway, so I said goodbye and left the women who continued to stay topfree until after I drove away.  That night, I got several emails with the girl's pictures that they took earlier that day, including a few new ones with both girls topfree.  All in all a good day and unusually nice company.
ohiothonger #3

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:06/12/2013 01:19:51Copy HTML

 Had business again in Minster and got done about 10:00, so I headed back to Lake Loramie.  I got to the beach about 11:00 and it was about 70 degrees, but higher temperatures were predicted.  As always, nobody said anything negative about me or my thong.  At first, I was the only one on the beach, but after about a half hour others showed up.  First was a family with a mom, dad, and two sons and two daughters.  The children were between 8 and 15 or so.  They set up about 20 feet from me, even though I was near the end of the beach and they had the entire beach to set up on.  Next came another family of a mom, dad, and three daughters 12-16 years old.  They moved a picnic table behind me and had to walk past me every time they walked to the water.  They ate a picnic lunch, and this group was particularly friendly -- asking me if I wanted to join them!  Here I am, a guy wearing a thong on the beach and a family with children (who many people would claim needed to be "protected") suggest that I join them for lunch!  While I did not take them up on their offer, we did talk about this and that and even played some badminton on the beach.  I brought the "teams" to three on each side. Next, five kids -- none of them over 12 came along and set up just a few feet in the other direction.  At first I thought they had come over from the campground since there were no adults with them, but their parents and grand parents had settled on a table near the parking lot -- a long way off.  They kept saying "when Mom gets here we can go swimming" and stuff like that.  The kids were totally indifferent to my thong swimwear and not only didn't say anything between themselves about it, but when I glanced their way, they were totally into their own activities.  After about a half hour, "Mom" showed up along with grandma and they let the kids go swimming.  They ask me about the water, how deep it was, how cold it was, etc.  They ask me if the kids had been good and not gone into the water (they spent the entire time after they go there building a sand castle with a moat).  They said they hoped the kids had not been a bother.  The whole time we were talking, I was laying on my stomach, sunning my buns, and neither "Mom" nor grandma seemed to mind my exposed ass a bit.

This was one of the most accepting crowds I have had when thonging for quite a while.  Nobody seemed the least bit concerned about my swimwear choice and nobody got paranoid about what any of the kids would think.  By the time I left, a few others had come along, and they were just as nonchalant about my thong as the first few groups were.  As I pulled on my shorts to leave, the father and mother from the group that had offered me lunch came over to where I had been getting my stuff together.  The mom said it was "nice" to have met such a nice person, and the dad said he thought it was important to have his daughters meet a "variety of people", and to learn that everyone is basically the same.  He said he thought it was important that they learn that .

What a great philosophy -- wouldn't it be great if everyone accepted the fact that "there is more to a person than what type of swimwear that person decides to wear"

Mary0826 #4

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/10/2013 01:44:53Copy HTML

 I had some trouble trying to figure out if I should post her (where it happened) or on the currently popular post about men wearing speedos.  I figured this was the place, but Mr. JM_Runs can move it if he thinks it needs to be someplace else.

It has been raining almost everyday here in West Central Ohio.  There is some flooding, but there are occasional periods of sunny weather too.  I was driving back from town and was near Lake Loramie when one of these sunny periods came along.  It hadn't rained since last night, so the ground and grass was starting to dry out.  I decided to check out the lake.  I had a towel in the car, but didn't have a swimsuit, but did have on g-string underwear that wasn't too frilly, so I figured I could wear them if I decided to stay and get some sun.  The grass was very wet and there were puddles, some quite deep between the parking area and the beach, but while the beach was quite damp, there was no flooding of it from the lake and no big puddles to deal with.  The place was deserted, but I figured I would take advantage of the sun (the first time in probably 2 weeks).  After setting up and getting comfortable, I realized that the towel was getting soaked from the damp sand, but it wasn't all that bad feeling, so I didn't mess with it and just continued to lay our.  A few other people came along, including a couple of kids on bicycles, who seemed perfectly at ease with my bare buns and topfree breasts.  Soon, they were out throwing a Frisbee and playing in the water.  It was hot and humid, so frequent trips to the water were refreshing.

About this time, a guy came along.  He was wearing jeans (with very wet leg bottoms from the wet grass and puddles) and one of those open-side sleeveless shirts that all the young guys seem to be wearing these days.  He was probably about 16 or 17 at most.  At first he came along and checked out my bare buns for a while as he walked from one end of the beach to the other.  Then he came over and ask if he could lay out with me, since the sane looked dryer there than elsewhere.  I propped myself up on my elbows to talk to him and that is when he realized that I didn't have a top.  I told him that I had a rule -- guys who lay out with me when I am wearing a thong or g-string and am topfree must wear a Speedo or less.

"No problem," he said.  "I'll go back to my car, get a towel and my suit, then change in the restroom on the way back."

I watched him leave and followed he progress all the way to the restroom.  As he came out of the rest room, it was obvious he didn't have too much on, since his buns were exposed.  He took his jeans and shirt back to the car, and all I could see was his rear end, and he was so far away I couldn't tell about the straps on his swimsuit, but knew he had to have on a g-string or less.  As he finished at the car, and came towards me it was obvious he had on one of the tiniest swimsuits I have even seen on a guy.  As he got closer I realized it didn't have straps and was what I think guys call a "sack".  It was bright blue, but had no straps to hold it on.  Later I learned it had both an elastic and a string to tie it around his package.

He was so casual about it and walked right past several groups of people -- some at the playground, some at the boat dock, and finally past those on the beach.  People looked, but none seemed too offended, which I found very refreshing.  My boyfriend and I thong here often, and I have met a few other thongers both male and female.  This was certainly the skimpiest men's swimsuit I had seen at the beach, and I was happy to see it was just as accepted as our thongs and my G-strings have been.  After getting his towel out (be brought a long a plastic sheet to lay it on), he explained he only comes on slow days when he is alone because he was nervous about wearing such a skimpy swimsuit in front of a crowd of people. 

He said he had been wearing these type suits almost exclusively for about two years, including when he goes on canoe trips down the Little Miami with his friends.  He said they also wear skimpier swimwear, most wear thongs or g-strings, but one other guy wears a sack too.  He said their girl friends wear g-strings, thongs or what sounded like Rio suits from his description, and some of them go topfree too when they canoe.  He said they only have gone to the Lake Loramie beach a few times together, and he is comfortable in his minimal swimsuit when he has three of four friends around.  He says that Speedo swimwear is the only swimwear acceptable for their mandatory swim classes in high shcool, but that all his friends have come to realize how much more fun they have when they wear minimal swimwear too.  He said that others his age accept him and his friends only because they see them as being some sort of anti-establishment club going and assume the minimal swimwear is some form of protest and assume that the swimwear is mandatory to be in the "club" with the others.  The kids in the group don't let them know it isn't an anti-establishment group but more of an anti-boardshorts group.

We spent an hour or so, laying out, swimming together, and discussing minimal swimwear until it started raining agin.  He was so damn comfortable and relaxed and even when the ranger came around, he seemed perfectly at ease.  The ranger seemed to know him, and Steve later explained that the ranger had come over the first time he and his friends came to the lake to make sure they were properly covered and knew that skinny dipping was not permitted.  The ranger told us the reason they didn't have high water on the beach when some of the other lakes were flooding was because the dam for the lake is not a flood control dam and can not store water above the normal lake level.  If more water comes from storms, it just runs over the dam and into the river. 

I know the ranger well enough that I felt I could ask the him about Steve's swimsuit and he said while he wouldn't promote men wearing such swimsuits, as long as it stayed on, it was perfectly legal.  I ask him about it exposing Steve's ass hole, since there is no back strap, and the Ranger said that a person's anus was not a "private part" and so it didn't need to be covered.  (While I assumed that in some positions he could have exposed his ass hole, I never saw it the whole time we were laying out.)  He even went back to his car to get a couple of bottles of Gateraide he had in a cooler, again without any cover up and with what appeared to be total acceptance from the other people who were around.  When the storm started, we gathered our things and walked back to the parking lot - me topfree and in my underwear/swimsuit and him in his sack.

We exchanged phone numbers before we left and he is going to try to get his whole group together some day when it is nice and I am going too.  It will be fun going to the beach when perhaps 20 percent of the people will be in thongs or less.

DoreFan #5

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/10/2013 06:16:22Copy HTML

Mary: What a nice story! It is so refreshing than reading all the other people's experiences about wearing boardshorts, and those who find wearing Speedos too scary - geez, what's with that? Maybe there is hope for the future after all!
nospam_TN1 #6

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/11/2013 04:44:54Copy HTML

Sounds like a great park.  Too bad all these around here in east TN are so infested with rednecks that it's 99.999% bored shorts for the men and shower-curtain style swimwear that covers from shoulders to knees for about 70% of the women.  I swam alongside a woman wearing one of those types of suits this evening in my gym's pool.  I was wearing the usual minimal speedo brief, but I cannot understand why a woman would swim laps with several feet of useless material hanging from her waist. 
ohiothonger #7

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/14/2013 01:20:35Copy HTML

 Stopped by here on Friday afternoon.  Great day-- 70's, low humidity, only a few clouds.  I set up and as usual, no issues from anyone about my thong.   Everyone here is just plain friendly.  So far, I have been an "only thonger" here but with everyone so cool about thongs, it really doesn't make any difference to me if I am thonging alone.  People here are very friendly -- even to a man in a thong -- so you often don't feel like an outsider but more like one of the beach community.  I have been offered food and drinks, given opportunities to take boat rides with others, and to play beach games with the others at the park.  It is sort of like going to a big family reunion -- a lot of people you don't know trying hard to accept each other and have a good time.   I think 95% of people that come to the park are locals from maybe 25 miles away at most.  It is a little too far off the highway to attract much highway traffic, and most of the lake is posted "no wake" so there are not a lot of high-powered boats but mostly fishing and pontoon boats.  Kayaks and paddle boats can be rented on the lake.  I don't think there are any private boat rental services here. This is by far the most friendly Ohio State Park I have ever been too, and I have never regretted thonging here.  It would be perfect for anyone -- thonger or not -- who just wants to have a nice day at the lake or beach.  In may ways, the laid back and friendly folks remind me of going to a Canadian park.

There are a few places to eat in the towns of Minster (to the north) and Fort Loramie (to the south).  There is a small motel in Fort Loramie which is run by the same people who run the walk-up ice cream/sandwich store.   I have not stayed here, but people say it is old and sort of strange, but clean and well kept.

The park is about 15 minutes off I-75, so if you go, plan on at least a half-hour just to get there from the highway or to return.  The turns are marked but the signs are small and come up fast and there are no intermediate signs, so it is possible to either pass a turn and have to go back, or drive a long way and think you missed a turn (or the park) and then when you are about ready to give up, there is another sign.  Note that different routes are posted from Northbound I-75 and Southbound I-75, and there are no signs telling you how to get back to the highway -- so if you miss a sign, you will have to check signs in your rear view mirror when you try to find your way to the park.  Once there, people at the campground store or rangers office (or probably most anyone else) can give you directions on the easiest way to get back to the highway.  If you just reverse your trip from the highway and are traveling through the area, you will drive an extra 15 miles or so compared with going back using the other (unmarked) route.

The water is clean, the park well-maintained, and just swimming can be quite relaxing here.  They have a campground, trailer park area, and even three lakefront cottages (with baths and kitchens) you can rent.  These cottages are in a full-sun area -- perfect for sun bathing in "your own yard".  The minimum cabin stay is 2 nights if you visit on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday but only one night on other nights.  I hope to take a mid-week vacation here sometime using one of the cabins for a night or two.  Yes, nospam_TN1,it is a great park -- one I visit whenever I can.  I just wish I lived closer so I could go there more often.
ohiothonger #8

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:08/11/2013 04:38:59Copy HTML

Got back to Lake Loramie a week or so ago (when the message board was down).  As always, nothing but friendly folks.  One lady with about five kids from early teens to about 4 years old wandered by with the kids in tow -- they didn't seem to care about my swimwear and neither did she.  She stopped and chatted for about 5 minutes, then did the same on her way past me the other way.  We didn't discuss swimwear only the weather and how her kids liked running back and forth along the lake and stuff like that.

Later Mary0826 came by!  This was so cool!  She saw me and came over and ask if I would mind some company.  She was wearing only a tiny G-string and being topless.  I didn't object, and we talked for about another hour before the clouds were basically totally covering the sky and there was no chance of them opening up again that afternoon.  She walked back to her car the same way she came down -- topless, and wearing just that tiny thong.  A couple at one of the picnic tables near the parking lot waved to her and she went over and joined them for a few minutes.  They didn't seem bothered by her minimal swimwear.  She seems so young but has just graduated from college.  She says this is her normal state park beach, but since she now works full time, she doesn't get there very often any more -- too bad.  Having her hanging around only makes it easier for others to get away with thongs, G-strings, and topless.
Mary0826 #9

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:08/19/2013 05:13:28Copy HTML

It has been great weather here in West Central Ohio for the last couple of weeks.  I have made it down to Lake Loramie a couple of times, not as often as I would want, but I have to work most days.  As Mr. Ohiothonger says, people here seem to be very accepting of thonging.  Many people almost seem indifferent to someone wearing a thong or G-string or a woman who goes topfree.  This is so cool!  If someone does complain, they are almost always from out of the area.  My parents, who are originally from Europe (but are now US citizens) claim that this is the way most European beaches used to be.  It would be so great if everyone could feel this comfortable and just accept people's swimwear preferences.  This acceptance has been going on for years at Lake Loramie, but this year people seem even more accepting than ever.  One person told me that the current park ranger really gets annoyed when someone complains and reads the "riot act" to anyone who goes to the ranger's office or calls the ranger to complain. I have not seen the ranger this year, but have been told by a different person that they thought it might be a female ranger.  Perhaps this is part of the reason acceptance is better since people who don't want to see thongs are basically told they can't do anything to stop thongers from coming to the state park and not to pester thongers, so the complainers simply don't come.

I have also seen more other thongers than in the past, but topfreedom still is not all that common on women.  A lot of the girls will bunch their swimsuits up into their cracks when they see another women (or sometimes a man) wearing a thong.  I have also seen a couple of younger men who come in the standard board shorts but they bring Speedos or even thongs to change into once they see other people thonging.  

I don't have anything against men who choose to wear board shorts as long as they really want to wear them.  A lot of guys have told me they would prefer to wear something skimpier but felt that they might not be as well accepted.  I think men should try both styles to see what they really prefer.
A couple of guys say I am mean since a lot of guys want to lay out with me and I won't let them unless they are wearing a Speedo or less.  Besides the fact they can stare at my body better when they are only a few feet away, and that I might even let them touch my body (to put suntan junk on), I think they also get some type of bragging rights, or something when they can set up with a woman who is practically naked.  These guys really go on a high when one of their buddies comes along and they are laying out with a topfree woman in a thong.  This is something I really don't mind most of the time.  There are a couple of guys I "taught" about the wonders of skimpier swimwear and after they started wearing this type swimwear to be able to join me on future trips, and now I see them wearing this type swimsuit even when they don't know I will be there.  Most of the younger guys already have Speedos since they require them in the school swimming classes and for swim teams. These guys who had to wear Speedos at school are more comfortable in them (and even in thongs) than guys who have never worn anything but board shorts. They even will wear them around their buddies who they probably went to swimming training with in school anyway. Also the girls don't make a big negative fuss about these guys when they do wear Speedos.  Many of the girls actually encourage guys who are wearing minimal swimwear to do it more often.
Mary0826 #10

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/20/2014 02:47:33Copy HTML

Lake Loramie State Park is just as thong friendly as ever.  I have only been able to get out about once a week this summer, but so far no complaints.  There have been other thongers -- both men and women -- but not on every visit.  I have also been able to go topfree here again with no complaints.  Maybe people are starting to accept thongers and women who go topfree finally.
DavyJ #11

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/21/2014 11:39:20Copy HTML

Wow, these are sure great stories.  I must get up here before summer is over.  Caesar's Creek is much closer, but it sounds like this is much friendlier, and perhaps worth the extra drive.
celebrindor #12

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/29/2014 07:18:29Copy HTML

 certainly didn't expect to have a "choice" of locations moving back to Ohio from NC.  Midwest 1, Bible Belt 0.
sctty #13

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:08/07/2014 12:25:21Copy HTML

 I did some digging around earlier in the season, and I have confirmation emails from the state park system along with the cleveland metropark system that thongs/topless ARE perfectly legal. I've been going to findley state park past month or so with no problems at all. I was actually just there tuesday laying out in one of my gstrings. Its a real nice quite place. No one bugged and even had numerous "employees" and rangers drive by. If anyone is interested, I can forward the confirmation emails I have received from each office. Happy thonging in ohio!
tanwood #14

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:08/08/2014 01:27:50Copy HTML

 Mary----- Have been reading about your visits to Lake Loramie and hope to get up there next Tuesday or Wednesday. I will be visiting with my sister in Indiana and this might be my best chance to check it out this summer. Caesar Creek is much closer for me, but I like to try new places.
I hope you happen to be there at the same time. Tanwood
Mary0826 #15

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:08/13/2014 05:13:35Copy HTML

Sorry, but I am working this week (10 hour days) and that has pretty well wiped out my thong -- at least this week.  I hope you got out Today (Wednesday) when the weather was especially nice.  Does your sister thong too?  That would be so cool -- to have a brother and sister at Lake Loramie instead of the girlfriend-boyfriend.  Send me a message and I will reply on email if you want.  Mary
ohiothonger #16

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:05/18/2015 12:32:21Copy HTML

 Been going to Minster almost daily for work, and have been out at Lake Loramie twice this year.  As always, I was very comfortable the first day in just my thong.  It was not as busy as it gets later in the summer season, but I did strike up a conversation with a young mom with little kid who set up almost right on top of me.  She said that with the state mandating more snow days, many of the Ohio schools will be in session an additional week or more this summer.  The water was just bordering on warm enough.

The second day, I got there about 1:00 and nobody was there except for the grass mowing guy.  I just shed my pants at the parking lot and walked to the lake in just my thong.  The grass guy just waved as he drove by.  About 10 minutes later he moved to the campground and I had the whole lake to myself, so I slipped off the thong and worked on my tan totally nude.  I thought I was keeping a pretty good eye on the parking lot and the block long grassy area people had to walk across to get to the beach, but I guess I was a bit too interested in my reading, and I was surprised when a female voice said "Hi".  A twenty something woman had sneaked up on me as I laid out, face up on my towel.  I reached for m thong and stared to pull it on when she said "You don't have to cover up for me.  In fact I was going to ask if you would mind if I joined you."  I stopped reaching for the swimsuit but did flip over on my back as we talked, partly to hide my growing member.  She proceeded to lay her towel so close you could have sewn the two towels together.  Next she proceeded to take her tank top off (she was braless) and slip her shorts and panties off in one motion.  We laid out together for about 30 minutes before another person came along.  We both slipped our thongs on, and this man just said "Hi" and ask us if the water was too cool for swimming still.

Overall, a couple of good days at what is probably the most thong tolerant place in West Central Ohio.  
Kinderlou #17

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:06/01/2015 07:43:55Copy HTML

 Canoeing/ kayaking and thonging sounds like an option as I see the park rents Canoes and Kayaks. Good op to find and isolated beach somewhere or maybe some fellow thongers on the main beach, hopefully of the female persuasion. Any clue on how much it costs to rent a canoe or Kayak there?Cannot find a price list noe get ahold of anybody. Down there this weekend if the weather will behave. Sounds very tolerant and generally friendly.
Kinderlou #18

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:06/01/2015 08:08:34Copy HTML

 30 dollars a day for a kayak. Not bad. Looking forward to seeing some of y'all perhaps.

Kinderlou #19

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:06/08/2015 01:12:13Copy HTML

 Wenn Camping in Lake Loramie this weekend. Wore the thong pretty much the whole time. Found a little place to layout on the north side of blackberry Island. Lots of boaters out.  Beach too crowded with families plus I didn't see any fellow thongers daring the swimming area.e

Kinderlou #20

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:06/09/2015 01:29:38Copy HTML

I called the marina at Alum creek to see about renting a canoe and they want a hundred dollars for a day on the weekends. What's up with that? I was over at Loramie this weekend and only paid 23 dollars for the day.  Anyway Laramie is cool. I pretty much stayed in a thong all day with boaters passing close by and no problems. The beach was too crowded with little kids and possibly angry parents to lay out in skimpy swimwear so I'll save that for the weekdays if I get some time off.

Mary0826 #21

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/05/2017 05:31:03Copy HTML

 I spend a lot of time at Lake Loramie, since it is near where I live.  On the 4th of July this year, I went with Scott and Brad.  We all laid out in our thongs, and nobody seemed to mind.  As usual, Scott wore something a more conservative than Brad, but I also wore more conservative swimwear expecting a lot of people, some of whom might not like my tinier swimwear.  We didn't get any complaints, even when I took my top off after being there about 1/2 hour, and spent the next 4-5 hours topfree. 

Scott and especially Brad got lots of positive comments, people came along asking if they could take pictures with the guys, etc.  At one point,  the boys played Frisbee with about four others including a middle aged father type man, a girl in a cheeky swimsuit, and two younger kids -- probably in junior high school. 

There were about a dozen cheeky swimsuits on the young women and girls, and one older lady, probably about 35 was wearing a really nice looking cheeky swimsuit that was especially bun baring.  She came with another lady who was wearing a more traditional maillot.  The guys were mostly in board shorts, but most looked shorter than what we saw in past years.  About a half dozen high-school aged boys were in their Speedo suits.  This is the required swimwear at the schools, and the guys don't mind wearing them in public.  Most had a girlfriend along, some in cheeky swimwear approaching a thong, and at least two in cheeky swimwear that were positively a thong, regardless of what they wanted to call it.

Anyway, we packed up in the early afternoon because we were going out-of-town to see fireworks with friends.  After we had all put our shorts back on over our swimwear (I stayed topfree) we started picking stuff up in preparation to heading to the car.  A family with a mom and three teen aged boys came down and started setting up right next to where we had been. 

The mom was sort of skinny, but the boys looked pretty buff as high school boys seem to be getting more and more.  Two of the boys were shirtless (maybe I should say topfree like I still was).  After putting the cooler out, setting up an umbrella, setting up a few chairs and laying out some towels in a smoother sunny spot, the guys, who had on pretty standard board shorts stood next to the towels and stripped down to thongs.  Two were pretty conservative, but the middle aged boy had a G-sting about as tiny as a man's swimsuit could be.  To say I was surprised would be to say the least. 
The mom seemed totally indifferent about her boys wearing so little, and they were so casual about their swimwear that I don't know how anyone could have been bothered by it.  One of the guys came over and said they had seen us there before, and their mom decided that there was nothing wrong with guys wearing thongs or G-strings.

If we didn't go there week after week, it is possible that these guys would have never worn thongs, so I guess at least in this case, it was our swimwear preference for years and years that influenced the guys.  Two girls about the same age came over after the boys stripped down to their swimsuits and started complimenting the guys and saying how cool they were and how nice it was to see more guys in skimpy swimwear.  The girls called the guys suits thongs, but the guys called the swimsuits the girls were wearing cheeky.  One of the girls took her top off before we left. 

Again, nobody in the area seemed to mind, but they had seen us not wearing anything more for four or five hours, so it didn't surprise me any.  We all wish these kids had come earlier so we could have had more time to get to know each other better, and to have each other for additional support.  Who knows?  We might have influenced some other people to wear thongs in the future or some other women to go topfree.

Hotwife41 #22

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/06/2017 12:08:53Copy HTML

Thanks for that information Mary. I will be visiting the area on July 17 and 18. That helps to know where to go to wear my tiny swimwear. Maybe we will see you there and I will be comfortable enough to get topfree.Teresa
ralange #23

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/08/2017 11:25:23Copy HTML

 How is the camping here? How far is the beach from the campground? I'm looking for places to camp where thongs are worn so my wife can see other men wearing them.
ohiothonger #24

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/26/2017 11:31:11Copy HTML

I have been to Lake Loramie State Park twice in the past week.  Normally, I would go to different area parks, but Indian Lake, Grand Lake, Kiser lake and others have water quality warnings, and I believe these should be taken seriously.  On the first trip, I was laying out getting some sun, and also taking a dip from time to time. 

Two girls, probably young college student age, came down in super short cut-offs and T-shirts.  When they saw me with my bare buns pointing up, they diverted their path and soon were a few feet away.  One ask if I would mind if they set up nearby, and I said "no".  They proceeded to put out their towels, cooler, and other items, but it was obvious they were also checking me out too.  Then they started to giggle and slowly took their shirts off, one with a pretty minimal top, the other with a top with more traditional coverage.  When they got to their shorts, they giggled even more and kept challenging each other to "go first".  Finally one of the girls said "well he's doing it, so it must be okay."  She slipped her shorts down her legs and had on a small bikini bottom.  Then she turned to her friend and I got to see the back of her suit.   It was a pretty extreme "cheeky" suit that exposed about half her buns on the bottom and only was about four inches wide over the part of her crack that was not exposed.  Then the other girl took her shorts off, and she had on a cheeky suit almost as small.

Now there were probably 20 adults and 30 children on the beach at the time, and another 20 people or so on the grass at picnic tables.  Nobody had said anything to me one way or the other about my swimsuit, and when these girls stripped, nobody complained about them either.  The girls were standing not more than 10 feet from me, looking out over the lake and the beach area, and showing off their buns to everyone in the process.  Then they started to giggle again and talked in softer tones.  Finally, one of the girls said "your bra isn't hiding that much anyway" and they both took their bikini tops off.  The rest of the day, the went to the water, used the restroom facilities, and laid out in the sun with only minimal "cheeky" bottoms.  At one point, one of the girls ask me to take pictures of them, and their posed standing and facing me, standing with their rumps towards the camera, and then had me take more with them laying out in various positions.  They ask if they could pose with me and while one took pictures the other stood next to me, again in various positions.  They did sent me electronic copies of the pictures they took.

Yesterday, I was at the beach again, and like before there were more than the normal number of people.  Like the day before, I laid out and was reading when a couple about 18 or 19 came down.  The guy had stylishly long hair and was wearing swim shorts that only had about a three inch inseam.  They set up at a picnic table near me (some people prefer to put their stuff on a table instead of on the sand or grass).  The girl slid her T-shirt and short denim shorts off, smiling at me the whole time.  She had on a thong swimsuit -- at least I would have called it a thong.  She came over and said she was glad there was another person in a thong there and that this increased her courage to do the same.  Her suit was gray, and had a waist band about 1-1/2 inches wide.  The back strap was about the same size, and there was very little triangle joining the two.  This suit had a very high-cut waist, and the thong ran up several inches about her ass cheeks before joining the waist band. 

Another lady about 25 who was about 50 feet away from us, was wearing a string bikini that had more of a Rio cut back. She and her husband(?) was watching. He pointed to the new girl and the string bikini lady pulled her back into her ass crack, making her suit resemble a thong. 

The first women, the one in the gray thong, ask me about thonging, how common they were, if anyone complained (not for years at this park) and then went to her boyfriend and told him that the deal was still on. That me being in a thong should make him more comfortable.  The boyfriend proceeded to take off his shorts, and had a conservative thong of his own, also gray.  Later they came over and talked about thonging, rules, different designs, and complaints. 

I went up to the restroom in just my thong and on the way back to the sand, some guy who was in a big group of several families called out "Do you really think it's appropriate to wear something like that with all theses children around."  This was the first complaint I had heard at this park in years.  He waited until all the other people in his group were way out in the deep water before making the comment, and had seen me and past me many times over the last two hours, so either he had some type of revelation, or he didn't want to say anything in front of the others.  The others in his group had even set up for swimming in an area immediately adjacent to where I was, with about 8 kids, and nobody said a word.  The kids seemed to be totally indifferent about my swimwear.  I just ignored him since he had spoken softly and just returned to my towel. 

However another man who was near the complainer told the complainer to "grow up" and that my swimwear was perfectly acceptable. He told the complainer that if he had a legitimate complaint, why didn't he say something when I first arrived, or one of the many times he walked within 20 feet of me.  The thong defender also pointed out that maybe this guy had some sort of a problem with other men, since he was to shy to say anything when his family and friends were in earshot. 

We never heard another peep out of the complaining man, but several other people, both men and women, came to my defense, saying things like "if it is wrong to dress that way, why does the state permit it" and "I didn't hear you complain about the girl in the thong".  All in all, four or five people made comments to the person who complained.  One of the men and his wife who had defended me, came over and told me that they were sorry that something like this had happened, and that while they did not wear thongs, they saw nothing wrong with people who wanted to wear them. 

I had to leave shortly afterwards, but made it a point to walk back, carrying my folded towel in my hand, and not trying to cover my bare butt.  I walked near where the man who complained was at, now with some of the adults back from their swim.  He came over and told he how sorry he was that someone had made a fuss about my swimsuit, and how he hoped it wouldn't stop me from coming back another day.  I didn't say anything, but rolled my eyes as he said this, and proceeded to my car.  When I glanced back, two of the men who had defended me had gone over to where this guy was standing and I assume they were telling him off for pretending someone else had been the complainer.  If anything, I think this guy was super homophobic or something similar, but didn't want his family to know that he was the trouble maker.

I guess it takes all kinds of people.  Anyway, having two women topfree and in thongs the first visit join me, and the guy and girl strip down to thongs the second day (even if she did not take her top off) made my week an overall pleasant experience.  Having others at the beach defend my right to wear thongs was also pretty remarkable.  Lake Loramie seems to be getting more and more thong tolerant and ladies seem to be able to go topfree there just as easily.
ithongit #25

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/29/2017 07:45:25Copy HTML

 Ohiothonger -- I am sorry you had a dummy complain.  Lake Loramie is normally pretty laid-back.  Let's face it, as you say, "... it takes all kinds of people ..."  I am glad you were able to shrug it off enough to enjoy the rest of your day.  Had I been there, I would have joined in those who defended you.  The last time I was there, there were two other women in true thongs (one a G-string) and a couple of guys in Speedos.  Nobody was complaining then.  I bet the guy who complained would not have minded the women at all -- only a man in a thong was a threat.  "Grow Up" seems like a good comeback, but I always worry that somebody might get violent if you respond in a way they find inappropriate.  There ate "all kinds of people" you said.  There are also "all kinds of nuts".  Your response -- ignoring him -- could result in him getting mad because you didn't react.  Some people -- men and women -- are always looking for a fight.
JM_Runs #26

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/30/2017 01:34:23Copy HTML

I hope my reaction would be different:  It shows class to accept both complements and apologies with grace.  Say thank you.

It takes more to make an apology than give a complement: When people go to the effort just accept gracefully. Tell them "Thanks, no offense taken, I hope you have a good day" - even if you were at first put out. 
ithongit #27

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/31/2017 05:26:13Copy HTML

I have been thonging for a long time (and this really makes me feel old!)  I was young in the days when thongs were accepted, but all too soon there was a major push-back against them.  We used to get a lot of complaints, and men always got more complaints than women.  We have seen a lot of people respond with the "thongs on women are okay, but wrong on men" type feeling.  We also have seen police and rangers harass thongers who they couldn't legally take any actions against.  They did things like park their patrol cars as close to the thonging men as possible, get out and watch the thongers for a half hour or more.  As if a thonger is going to do something illegal with the cops a few feet away.  We had county sheriffs follow us to the county boarder, and one even follow us all the way home.  We have had countless rangers and other authorities tell us that thongs were illegal, when they were not, and insist we cover up or leave.  Again, men got this treatment 10 times as often as women did.

I can't swear to it, but I think this type treatment of thongers may have stopped other thongers and encouraged them to not bother with thongs to prevent them from getting harassed.  I am not saying all cops and rangers were this way.  Many actually came to the defense of thongers if someone did complain, and the lifeguards that used to be at almost every state park lake  would usually defend thongers too.

One of the most common themes for complaints was that children would be hurt in some way by seeing people -- especially men -- in thongs.  At the same time, parents were telling their kids that thongs were evil or only bad people wore them.  I think part of the reason there is more acceptance of thongs on others is that a lot of the children who were taught that thongs were bad have now grown up, are now adults, and in some way realize that the "protect our youth" argument is not justified.

A lone complainer, who waits until all his friends are away to complain certainly does not feel too strongly about his convictions.  A person with stronger convictions would have complained immediately and not been scared to complain in front of his family and friends.  The fact he later apologized for the comments, pretending it was another man who made him, shows he is really insecure and trying desperately to save face.

"It takes all types" is a good title for this encounter.  Hopefully, this guy will get his head screwed on right and will no longer complain without being willing to share his concerns with his family and friends.
Mary0826 #28

Re:Lake Loramie State Park - Ohio

Date Posted:07/07/2018 10:32:46Copy HTML

 I have been back to the lake about a half dozen times.  I wear my G-string bottom, a smile, and nothing else.  Sometimes I go alone, sometimes I have one or more of my men with me who never wear more than a thong.  Sometimes I get another woman to come along, and sometimes they wear minimal swimwear too.  I have gotten a few stares, but no negative comments. 

Not everyone here wears thongs of course, but I am seeing more women in what I would call thongs, but other people call cheeky swimwear.  It should at least be called extreme cheeky swimwear.  The other day one lady wore a G-string that was even tinier than mine, but did not take her top off until after I got to the sand and she saw me topfree.  The rest of the women in cheeky swimwear were showing most if not all their behinds. 

My guys (Scott, Brad, and Frank) were wearing minimal swimwear the other day and did not bother wearing more on the hike form the parking lot to the beach.  They got some whistles from a group of women we past.  Later, we were laying out getting sun on our buns and three or the women came down to the water and when they passed us said the guys were looking particularly good today. None of us has gotten much of a negative reaction. 

Some of the younger boys, probably high-school aged hang around the beach until early evening when there are few adults present.  While most wear board shorts, and a few are comfortable in their Speedo swimwear that they wear for swimming classes, these kids will skinny dip for a while in the evening. They keep one eye on the teen aged girls who seem to like to watch them in all their naked glory, and the other on the lawn leading to the beach, in the event the ranger comes along. 

I have talked with a few and they admit that thong wearing makes them feel "gay", but total nudity does not bother them at all, even when their girlfriends and classmates are around to watch. 

I tried to convince them that if they wore thongs, they could run around almost nude all day, and still strip naked in the evening if they wanted.  My message fell on mostly deaf ears, but one young man who later told me that he had worn a thong in Florida, came back a few days later wearing just his thong.  His male friends teased him for probably a quarter hour or so, but then after everyone got used to him in his thong and the boys quit ribbing him. They all went back to being teen aged boys on the beach. 

Their girl friends mimicked not liking his swimwear saying things like "yuck" and "gross", the unwritten response they are supposed to give, but then after each had expressed their official disapproval, they changed over to saying positive things about the guy, how brave he was, how cute his swimsuit was, and how much they liked his buns.  Funny thing is that when they see my guys who are older in their thongs, they don't pretend to not like the look but instead simply talk about how much they like seeing a man or group of men in thongs.

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