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Date Posted:04/23/2004 07:41:26Copy HTML

Las Vagas hotel pools ?
clubthongs #1

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/18/2003 01:36:19Copy HTML

My last visit to Luxor last October yielded 2 women and 2 men in thongs.  Unfortunately, there were some hecklers in dork shorts but all just ignored them!
Thonger #2

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/04/2003 03:31:53Copy HTML

Reply to : Dennis at Thong Beach

I have posted photos of several guys in thongs at the Hard Rock Casino (from their webcam) including those mentioned above from this past Labor Day weekend. 

Hope this link works:   http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/kenataimoo/lst?.dir=/&.view=t&.src=ph&.done=

beachfolks #3

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/04/2003 03:55:09Copy HTML

Dennis- It takes some conditioning to get used to baring yourself boldly in public, but the thrill and feeling of the bareness is well worth it and the full tan is the payoff. Apparently, there is no legal or management problem to wear thongs or gstrings or less at the Hard Rock, and after all, if the ladies are toples, Thong, why not.
Where the ladies are in thongs or go topless, I don't hesitate at all to thong, and usually wear less rather than more, wife goes topless. Its all about equality.
Thonger #4

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/04/2003 05:23:32Copy HTML

As far as I know, Hard Rock does not (YET) permit female topless sunbathing.  So far only Ceasars Palace and Mandalay Bay go that far.  Seems to me, however, that I recently heard that Hard Rock too was going to set up a topless area. 

As far as male thongers at Hard Rock, the two times I've been there I've been the only one.  But I'm thinking it's heading that direction.  Never a problem though, there, or at any of the many other Las Vegas hotels I've stayed at. 

Thonger #5

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/09/2003 09:23:12Copy HTML

Three more Hard Rock pics from this past wekend. 

1.  I like to see more guys in thongs showing up here.  This place is edgey so friom here it could spread to other Las Vegas venues.

2.  As it's late in the season now, it may seem easier for these guys to do what they want.  Less people, etc.

sailor250 #6

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/13/2003 07:08:18Copy HTML

Recently we saw a special on the Travel Channel which was called the 10 sexist Hotel pools.  The Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas was number one.  The Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach was in the top ten too.


The segment on the HRH showed a lot of buff bodies and many buff girls in thongs.  The interviewed a girl in a black g string about why she comes to the pool.  She raised her drink and said "They have the best drinks, the best bodies and the best thongs" and she turned around for the camera and shook her ass.

The photo album on the web cam on their site seems to show a lot of women in g strings, and that's always good!

sailor250 #7

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/18/2003 09:40:35Copy HTML

It was coincidental that I heard somewhere that Ben Affleck was seen at the HRH pool this last weekend when he was supposed to be getting married, of course he was also supposed to be in Georgia, and several other places...if that matters to anyone. 


It was just that the pool is now quite famous.

ThonginLA #8

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/02/2003 05:14:33Copy HTML

I was wondering if the guy caught on the web cam was me by chance until I saw the pic. I showed up later that same day but didn't see him there. I have been to the HardRock 4 times this summer everytime wearing a thong. It was a blast. The only other time there was another male thonger was when I went after Labor day. You know you have been going to the HardRock too often when the Cocktail waitresses give you a hug and say great to see you again. I have been caught on the camera a few times but nothing too incriminating. If you go there ask the people who work there if they have heard of  "Hammer."  Let me know what they say. I think that there is time for at least one more visit to the HardRock this summer for me. Look for me on the Pool Cam.
socalflirt #9

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/30/2004 02:36:33Copy HTML

My wife and I were recently in Vegas and stayed at  Caesaer Palace.  The have 3 nice pools.  The "Venus" pool is a designated Topless pool for all you adventurous couples.  I wore my skimpy Red Skinz with the Rio back.  I saw many gals and the guy next to us in thongs.  I may wear one next time!!!



I have a pic...but don't know how to post it!

notherbigr #10

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/19/2004 12:57:03Copy HTML

Peter Morton is a pretty shrewd operator.  He saw a big gap in the hotel service in Las Vegas and filled it nicely.  It's hard to imagine that in Las Vegas, with what, a billion rooms? that there was an underserved market segment, but he sure found it.  It's obvious that if you were inshape and young-minded that the usual gigantic Las Vegas strip hotel and the average overweight, pasty-white, middle american client was certainly not your scene.  His hotel isn't on the strip.  But it's booked solid quite often and almost always on weekends at rates that would make the strip hotels totally jealous.  Not only that, I'm sure the hotel does extremely well selling drinks and other collateral items to guests. 

I wouldn't, however, get too far ahead of ourselves to think that this is a "thong" hotel.  I think more that the people who make up the underserved market segment that Morton caters to are somewhat liberated to be in a space that is more their own and can "show off" a bit.   This would certainly be true of the L.A. class as, IMHO, they bring "showing off" to a whole new level and like to be in the company of those who appreciate it.

Jman71 #11

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/21/2004 11:13:19Copy HTML

It's been 5 years since I visited the Hard Rock, but I do recall seeing quite a few women in thongs, though they were the minority. I saw no men thongers. The closest thing was a guy wearing those tight "hot-pants" type of briefs. I would imagine that men thongers wouldn't be harassed by the staff, but I can't say the same about your fellow guests.

Back then Vegas was trying to bill itself as a "family-oriented" getaway.
The Hard Rock was indeed trying to fill a niche for a "younger, hipper crowd". But since the big tourism slump after 9/11, some Vegas hotels have dumped the family-oriented slant and are trying to court the Hard Rock crowd. A good example is The Palms resort. Oh Yeah and please don't call Treasure Island hotel Treasure Island anymore, the acronym TI is preferred. I guess TI sounds cooler

Bottom line is the Hard Rock has alot of competition now.
Endo_Rowe #12

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/12/2004 03:01:41Copy HTML

Great! I'm glad to hear there's something going on at the Luxor. I'm taking a trip to Vegas and staying at the Luxor in mid-July. I've been getting back into shape and working on a good tan for this trip. I've never been to Vegas before. Just how big are these pools?
clubthongs #13

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/13/2004 11:27:12Copy HTML

Reply to : Endo_Rowe

The Las Vegas resorts on the strip have become "mega resorts" and the pools at most are huge.  The Luxor has 2 pools + in the same area.

Gymthong #14

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/22/2004 01:28:06Copy HTML

Endo, when are you going? We will send the camera crew!
riothong #15

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/08/2004 08:46:57Copy HTML


I will be in Las Vegas at the end of July, staying at the Aladdin.  Has anyone been to this hotel recently?  I hope to get some thoning in during my stay.

clubthongs #16

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/09/2004 01:48:37Copy HTML

I have worn thongs at the Aladdin several times but was usually the only guy doing so.  Some speedos on men.  Overall, you will see more minimal swimweat at Luxor but the Aladdin is fine and does have a nice pool.
notherbigr #17

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/16/2004 08:02:12Copy HTML

I'm planning a quick trip through Las Vegas in early September and will want to do some poolside thongin.  I've heard the Hard Rock is a great place for both sexes to be comfortable while also to see and be seen.   The rates are about the save at the Luxor and the Hard Rock, any suggestions? 

Also, in my research, I found this website with pool reviews of all the hotels in Las Vegas, it's quite good: http://www.vegas.com/resorts/pools/

josht #18

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/26/2004 06:21:59Copy HTML

What about the Sahara? The pools web site make the pool look nice, any thonging possibilities there?

I would have gone for the Venus pool at Caesar's Palace, had I known. Is it possible for non-guests to get in?



yerasimos #19

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/12/2004 01:49:14Copy HTML

I went to the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas from 27-30 August 2004.  And yes, I wore a thong to the pool on the Friday and Saturday (27-28).  On Friday the 27th, when I set up on one of the chaise lounges and took off my baggy shorts to reveal my thong, the spots around me seemed to clear out?a little more rapidly when I flipped over.  I minded my own business except to order a couple of drinks and swim a little bit through the pool.  I think I heard a few gasps or quiet snickers from people (particularly other men) who walked past.  I think once one person actually tried to throw a dirt clod or something at me, but all I felt were a couple of grains of sand.  Some people who were hanging out a couple of chaises away also seemed to get hit, and asked me if the people causing the commotion were friends of mine, and I rhetorically replied, "You think?" and laid my head back down. 


Incidentally, when I left the pool that afternoon I walked right past someone who I think was Ron Jeremy (the hairy, heavy-set porn-star who was featured on a season of VH1's reality TV show "The Surreal Life").  He was talking with a mixed group of people who I presume were also in "the industry" as they say.


The next day (Saturday) I lay out in the same place.  I set up my stuff a couple of hours before (it's wise to claim chaises early so you don't get into nasty confrontations with drunk guests and bad attitudes) and so, the other people who happened to set up next to me (mostly guys in dork shorts) had no idea they were setting up next to a thong dude.  Of course, within minutes of my arrival things got a little quiet, and the chaises around me seemed to slowly empty.  There was a group of women one or two rows over who seemed perfectly content to stay where they were, though I saw nothing of particular interest there. 


Once early that afternoon, when I went swimming in the pool from one end to the other, this woman in a bikini swam over and seized me from behind, saying, "Hi!"  I replied, "Hey, how are you doing?" but at that point she released me and went back to the people she was with.  (Bad breath on my part?  I had only been drinking water up to then.  Maybe she just wanted to cop a feel.) 


Around mid-afternoon, a few of the chaise lounges to my left were freed, and someone comes by and set up on the chaise lounge next to me.  I glance over and it's a woman in a rather conservative 2-piece swimsuit, nothing that really catches my eye, so I set my head back down and continued relaxing in the sun.  Though I did overhear her talking on her cell phone, and at one point I overheard her saying something like, "Yeah, I got really good seats."  She was joined a few minutes later by another woman in a camouflage two-piece, nothing too revealing from what I could see.  At one point I overheard one of them asking the other for lip sunblock, and the other didn't have any, so I chimed in and offered some of mine, and she accepted.


We began talking a little bit, and the conversation went okay, though I didn't really hit on them.  Just because I'm not attracted to a woman doesn?t mean I won't be polite and engage in some light conversation with them.  Later we decided to go into the pool, they went ahead as I was still waiting for a drink from the waitress (service there can be very slow, btw).  I tried to visually follow them, but lost track of them among the other people. 


As I was walking around the pool to find a spot to walk in without any sand, a number of people got a good look at me in my very small swimsuit, and there were a few whistles and comments like "Look!" and "Check it out!"  I don't think the ones from the guys there were at all appreciative (I don't care what they think as long as they keep their distance and behave themselves); they were either extremely surprised or trying to mock me.  Anyway, I ditched my flip-flops at the side of the pool and jumped in without testing the water with my toe or anything:  just plunged in with both feet.  Within seconds I'm being approached by this woman in a smallish 2-piece, I'd rate here an 8 or 9, introducing herself and saying that I look great in that swimsuit, etc.  I don't know if it was the same person who grabbed me in the pool earlier.  Anyway, she introduces me to a friend of hers (a 6 on my own scale), and then backs out.  Yep, the old bait and switch.  I had some basic small talk with her, nothing spectacular but I tried to handle it as gracefully as I could.  After a few minutes the friend gets dragged away by one of her male buddies.  No great loss there (actually a little bit of relief), so I went back to my chaise where the other two had gone back. 


For the next hour I talk quite a bit with the woman in the camouflage swimsuit, but I wasn't really interested in her except as a possible dining companion (this didn't pan out).  Anyway, it was getting late, so I decided to pack it in and call it a day.


The following day (Sunday) was packed with people, and for some reason I could not summon up the courage to take off my baggy shorts and swim around in the thong.  Partly it was because I was afraid of all of the drunken people around who I thought could turn nasty if confronted with a male thonger.  I simply felt under those circumstances and with those particular people around me that a negative confrontation would have ensued (beyond a quiet snicker or wolf-whistle).  Maybe a brief-cut Speedo type suit would be more appropriate for situations like these when there are a lot of drunk, deeply-insecure, territorial men around, whereas a guy wearing a thong would be waving the red flag in front of a bull.      


Perhaps I would have more courage on Sunday if I had not been ejected from my first choice of seat.  I (along with a bunch of other men in a certain corner of the pool area) was told by a security guy that we were in an area reserved for a "Guess Jeans pool party."  The place was not roped off or otherwise marked (though other areas were roped off and marked as reserved, though no party or group was indicated).  I figured that he was lying and would throw me out if I challenged him any further, so I had to move elsewhere.  Coincidentally, so happened that after I had reserved my chaise early that morning, a woman wearing a black G-string claimed the chaise behind me; had I been able to keep that chair I might have felt more confident.


(Later I saw this same security guy acting as a boot-licking lackey for another HRH guest, none other than Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain's widow, whom I got to see up close and was not at all impressed with, as I rate her a 2 or 3, and that's being charitable.  This security guy was standing over by her purse and belongings, standing a few feet from me like an idiot with his hands clasped down by his belt buckle, sending one of the pool boys to get her a Starbucks coffee, all while Courtney and a friend relaxed in the pool:  a couple of pale, soft, sick-looking eyesores wearing silly sunglasses.  Earlier I figured the security guy was just a dude doing a job that required him to act like a prick sometimes; after seeing his 5-star treatment for a 1-star singer (she hasn't done anything remotely worthwhile since her performance in The People vs Larry Flynt), my opinion of the guy went from marginal to roach-level.  I guess money talks, though, since I'm sure he got his fat tip from her.)


BTW, I know my commentary has been peppered with references to people's looks; if you want to know what I look like there are some photos of me from the HRH poolcam on 28 August 2004 and you can rate me however you want.  It shouldn't be too difficult to find me there; one is titled FOR THE LADIES . . . and the other has a comment implying that I'm wearing female swimwear.


In short, I got a brief if costly vacation a few weeks before my looming reassignment to the gulf coast of Texas.  Perhaps the HRH is thong-friendly on the slower weekdays, but the weekends (particularly Sunday Rehab) can easily be thong-hostile, with scattered pockets of positive female attention.  In some ways I would rate it worse than Eighth Street on South Beach on a crowded Saturday afternoon, because of the saturation of alcohol and lack of real estate.  If you feel like spending a lot of money, go there and enjoy yourself.  Personally, I don't think I'll go there again, as I think the hotel's prices are way out of line compared to the accommodations and services rendered.  This goes for Las Vegas in general, but I think the HRH is overpriced even when compared to the rest of Las Vegas.


Thong on, and stay safe!               

JM_Runs #20

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/13/2004 03:27:54Copy HTML

Not stricly about thongs but about wild times in Las Vagas.  This bit appeared in the Chicago Sun Times.  Since news papers often take stuff down and keep them in paid for archives, I thaught we should keep a copy of the text for people who are going to visit Las Vagas.

Las Vegas, Naughty and nice

LAS VEGAS -- Vacation generally means leaving your inhibitions back home. Just watch the tourists as they land at McCarran Airport. You can see it in their eyes. It's a look that spells, Bring it on, baby! They come to gamble, to drink, to gamble, to get married, to gamble, to shop, to gamble, to ride a mechanical bull, to gamble. They're out to pack as much punch as they can into a three- or four-night stay. And that means decisions are soon based on the notion of being just a little bit naughty thanks to the sense of unbridled freedom and anonymity this town cultivates.

"Go for it" is just what this town wants every tourist to do. After all, this is a city that has built one of the most successful tourism campaigns in history around one simple sentence, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

I wanted to uncover some things that a visitor might do in this town that are better kept to oneself after the trip is over. Not that there's anything wrong, or illegal, with any of it. It's just that some times, you can't help but try something a little wild while you're here. And seriously, who's gonna know?

Here are a few things I discovered on a recent journey. I like to call them "adventures" that can unfold only in Vegas, and thankfully stay there. But remember, you didn't hear any of it from me.

The "I hope nobody I know is also here on vacation" adventure

Mechanical bull riding took on a whole new meaning thanks to Debra Winger's immortal romp in "Urban Cowboy." And just when you thought this activity was long ago deemed uncool, you need only visit the massive Gilley's Saloon at the New Frontier Hotel. You can't miss the Gilley's marquis because emblazoned for all to see are two very interesting temptations: bikini mud wrestling and bikini bull riding. Not to mention the catchy little slogan, "Cold beer. Dirty girls." It seemed too ridiculous to be true. What self-respecting, modern woman would subject herself to a ride on a mechanical bull (or wrestling in some grayish gook) while men and women hoot and holler? Just stop by Gilley's on a Saturday night for the answer. If you've truly unloaded your inhibitions at the airport, then go for it. Bring your bikini, thong or other very revealing swimwear and climb aboard. And the payoff is up to $500 if you can maintain the longest ride.

If you're into something with a little more of an edge, the bikini mud wrestling is for you. You get paid $25 just to enter the fray (it takes place in a mud-filled wrestling arena), and you earn $25 for each match you win thereafter. Hey, at least you'll walk away with $25 for your messy good time. In a town where country music bars are few and far between, Gilley's stands proudly and offers up some great honkytonk and not-too-shabby barbecue, or as they like to call it, "Kick-Ass Bar-B-Que." Don't miss the free line dancing lessons!

(Gilley's Saloon, New Frontier Hotel, 702-794-8200)

The ultimate bachelor party adventure

You probably know someone who has whisked his gaggle of buddies off to Las Vegas for a bachelor party. This town wrote the book on having one REALLY good last wild time before tying the knot. I wanted to uncover the best-kept secret when it comes to these particular soirees. That would be the "Playpen Suites" at the oh-so-chic Palms Casino. Just off Interstate 15 behind the Strip, the hotel is known for its A-list celebrity clientele and its strict no-tell policy. The Playpen suites are a bachelor party dream come true (co-ed bachelor parties seem to be the hottest ticket). For a mere $1,599 weekdays (make that $2,500 weekends), you and 20 of your closest friends can party in these very swank, retro suites. The suite comes complete with stripper poles, several in-wall Murphy beds, wooden dance floors, mirrored walls, state-of-the-art lighting effects, plasma screen TVs and a big, roomy bed (topped by a mirrored ceiling, of course) for the guest of honor. EVERYTHING that happens in these suites most definitely stays in Las Vegas.

(Palms Casino, 866-725-6773)

The "We're not seriously gonna do this?" adventure

Now, let's just say you and a bunch of your girlfriends want to catch one of those, you know, "all-male shows" that no woman ever says she really WANTS to go to (or will admit she's already been). In Vegas, they even have a nice term for them: "male cabaret revue."

The billboards are EVERYWHERE in town, so how could any female resist "Thunder from Down Under" at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino. Apparently, not many could -- there wasn't an empty seat in the 380-seat theater. This group of Aussies (yep, every single one is from the Australian continent) is unbelievable eye candy who gyrate and pulsate through some very intricately choreographed dance routines (depicting everything from a sexy Dracula to cowboys to space travelers) to shed nearly every article of clothing (a G-string is all that remains). But unlike other male revues, there is no tipping allowed. Instead, the guys will bring various shrieking females up on stage to dance with them. The howling from the women drowns out the music, and no matter how much one tells ones self at the door that "I will not act like a screaming idiot during the show," you are completely swept up in the fun. After the 70-minute show, you can even get your photo taken (for $15) with your favorite mate. They must be doing something right, because the show has been in town for 10 years playing to sold-out crowds, Fridays through Wednesdays.

("Thunder from Down Under," Excalibur Hotel, 800-933-1334)

The "God, why is every other woman here a size 2?" adventure

Did I dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly? I'll never tell. But you can, and many women do at this legendary bar and dance saloon inside the New York New York Hotel & Casino. Of course, you'll have to compete with the sexy, goddess-like Coyotes, the tough-talking flair bartenders and waitresses who inhabit the spacious venue. You can't believe anyone can sling booze with the dexterity demonstrated by talented females. And of course, there's the infamous "Bra Wall of Fame" for those ladies who want to leave a token behind. This is one of the loudest bars I've ever been in, and on the weekends it's shoulder-to-shoulder, which makes it even more fun for the Coyotes who "blow fire" (you'll have to stop in to see what THAT'S all about).

(Coyote Ugly, New York New York Hotel & Casino, 702-740-6969)

The "You're supposed to do WHAT?" adventure

Hmmm. What to do, what to do at midnight on a Thursday night in Las Vegas. How about something completely different? Head to the famed Studio 54 at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino for "Dollhouse," one of the most unusual club events in town. (Note: Every nightclub in town has some kind of special "even" night). The spacious disco (think South Beach meets Manhattan chic) is even larger than the famed New York original, and every Thursday, one section of the multilevel venue is set up to look like a pretty pink dollhouse, complete with doors and curtains and a closet-full of oh-so-naughty outfits with which to "dress" your favorite "doll." The Dolls are barely clothed female staff who mingle throughout the Dollhouse while clubgoers select an outfit from the closet for them to put on. They then interact with patrons and re-dress as they are asked to do. And judging by the crowd gathered this particular Thursday night, it's a popular club attraction. I guarantee you'll probably never admit you played this kind of dress up.

(Studio 54, MGM Grand, (702) 891-7254)

The "spahvelous" adventure

Oooh, file this one under "I died and went to heaven." If you can set aside some cash for some special pampering, visit the Ritz-Carlton Lake Las Vegas resort, just 17 miles from the Strip. This is an oasis in the desert with lush green lawns, hills, fountains and a gorgeous lake. But inside the resort is the 30,000-square-foot Spa Vita di Lago (ranked one of the best in the world, incidentally). And inside the spa, you'll find something you can't find anywhere else in North America. It's called La Culla, a two-hour, multi-sensory treatment that's like no other spa treatment you've probably ever had. It all takes place in the beautiful and tranquil "Cabina Benessere," the "room of well-being." The room becomes your sanctuary as you select your personal aromatherapy, color and lighting scheme and music. You rest atop a steam and aroma cradlelike bed that alternates between steam and gentle waters caressing every part of you. The whole process includes a full body massage inside a clever cocoonlike "cupola" sheet, facial, body wrap and full-body exfoliation. And it can be had for $279. You can tell all your friends about it, but this is one vacation experience that has to stay in Vegas, because for now, it's the only place on this continent where you can experience La Culla.

(Ritz-Carlton, Lake Las Vegas, 702-567-4700)

The "Oh God, how drunk was I?" adventure

Look honey, I went to Las Vegas and got a tattoo! There are quite a few tattoo parlors in Las Vegas, but the Palms Casino has taken it to a whole new level of chic and sophistication with the opening of the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co. (the only in-casino tattoo salon in Las Vegas). This venture is actually an elegant 800-square-foot salon with three tattoo salons in a setting more reminiscent of a minilounge complete with comfy seating and cutting edge tunes pulsating around you. (For those more, uhm, personal tattoos, there is a private curtained area.) Gorgeous cherry wood and plasma screen TVs envelop you. You can choose from pre-drawn art, displayed in elegant portfolios, or create the tattoo of your dreams. The salon boasts "eight of the top tattoo artists in the world!" There's even a retail shop to browse while the sting of your tattoo boo-boo heals. And celebrities, including Philip Seymour Hoffman, Melissa Joan Hart, John Salley, Mark Wahlberg, Anna Kournikova and Eminem, have been seen at H&H. You must make a reservation with the cosmo-girl/receptionist to get inked.

(The Palms, 702-942-7040)

chasnsx #21

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/13/2004 05:04:44Copy HTML

Reply to : josht

What about the Sahara? The pools web site make the pool look nice, any thonging possibilities there?I would have gone for the Venus pool at Caesar's Palace, had I known. Is it possible for non-guests to get in?thanks

I would stay away from the Sahara.  The hotel's NASCAR theme tends to attract a definite "redneck" crowd.  I have swum in the Sahara pool wearing a Sauvage speedo type with two inch sides when the weather was cool and the pool was not very crowded, and the guys there seemed more interested in gawking at my Japanese/Filipino wife, who was wearing a rio-cut bikini at the time.


chasnsx #22

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/13/2004 05:16:21Copy HTML

Forget the MGM Grand.  I was there six or seven years ago when they had the amusement park, and I felt comfortable around the pool they had then in a speedo with two inch sides because back then the MGM drew a lot of European tourists with families and I saw a lot of other men and boys in speedo type suits.

I stayed there last weekend and was looking forward to the new pool complex, which consists of five pools built on the site of the former amusement park.  Don't bother going there.  The pools are small, poorly decorated, and most of the crowd there were noisy, rowdy men in their twenties wearing dork shorts.

I was wearing a six inch Dore suit with one inch sides, and on my wife's advice, never took off the gym shorts I had on over it, because I was getting such a hostile vibe what with all the guys in dork shorts.  The number of women there was considerably less than the number of men, and they mostly wore conservatively cut two piece bikinis.  No rio cuts, no string sides, no nothing.  The only bikini excitement with the women were one or two young Paris Hilton wannabes in two piece bikinis with very low cut bottoms.



chasnsx #23

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/13/2004 05:22:31Copy HTML

The Tropicana is at least friendly to guys in small swimwear, but I do not know if  a thong will play.  My wife and I stayed there in July, and I was interested in their "adults only" pool.  That pool was pretty much taken over by young guys in dork shorts and their girls, so my wife and I swam in the main pool.  I wore a dore six inch with one inch sides, and drew no stares or comments, as there was plenty of flesh on display at the main pool.  I saw at least two other guys in speedo type suits, and there were a few women in thongs, or really small bikinis.



chasnsx #24

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/22/2004 04:23:37Copy HTML

I was just on one of AOL's "city online" sites looking for upcoming music concerts in Vegas, and noticed an off-strip hotel called the Greek Isles Hotel.  This place appears to be new -- at least I have not noticed it on any of my prior trips to Vegas, and I know Vegas well enough to take side street shortcuts to avoid traffic on the Strip.

I checked its website, and there is nothing in there about whether they permit "Greek Isles" style sunbathing, but they do have a pool and jacuzzi that are open 24 hours, which is a rarity in Vegas.  Most Vegas hotels open their pools around 8 a.m. and close them around 8 p.m., and vary the hours seasonally.  The hotel itself looks pretty nice in the photos, has 202 rooms, and is located near the convention center.

I probably will not be going back to Vegas until next spring, and when I get around to it, I intend to shoot the Greek Isles people an e-mail about whether they permit abbreviated swimwear at their pool area.

However, if anyone is headed that way sooner, maybe one of us could see if that place lives up to its name, or if anyone has stayed there, please post.

Regards, Chas

yogabutt #25

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/11/2004 07:59:28Copy HTML

I phoned the Tropicana & asked if topless or thongs were okay at their pools - the answer was topless -- no but thongs -- okay.  So I ventured into the pool and Jaccuzi in my Speedo thong with no apparent problem.  I didn't walk around a lot.  I laid out on the lounge chairs in the "adult pool" area to get a little sun, with about a dozen other people quietly sunning.  Nobody seemed to react (whew), and I felt really free.

I think their adult pool area is just an area where people don't have to listen to kids.  It's still visible from the nearby hotel rooms.

There were a few older - 50-60 year old women in skimpy bikinis, 50-60 year old men in Speedos, 20-30 year old men in dork shorts, and typical bikinis on the other women.  I think there was even an older woman in her big Sears underwear.

Definitely not a fashionable crowd, but  the weather was a little cool, and off season I suppose.


yogabutt #26

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/12/2004 08:18:16Copy HTML

I had another couple of hours at the Tropicana pool!  The "adult" pool was shady so I went to the main area.

I didn't hear a comment, snicker, or anything.  There weren't any other thongs, but there also weren't any rowdy groups of 20 yr old guys.

Later, as the "adult" pool area got sunnier, I went over there and enjoyed the pool a little.  I actually don't think anyone minded.  Maybe they thought I was a stripper (yeah, with grey hair, ha.)

Overall the Tropicana is old and tired, but at least I got my vitamin D!



tomnyc5000 #27

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/14/2004 05:32:57Copy HTML

Reply to : yerasimos

I went to the Hard Rock Hotel inL?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comas Vegasfrom 27-30 August 2004.And yes, I wore a thong to the pool on the Friday and Saturday (27-28).On Friday the 27th, when I set up on one of the chaise lounges and took off my baggy shorts to reveal my thong, the spots around me seemed to clear out?a little more rapidly when I flipped over.I minded my own business except to order a couple of drinks and swim a little bit through the pool.I think I heard a few gasps or quiet snickers from p
Your experience at the Hardrock does not sound great, but I applaud your conviction to wear a thong at the pool here.  You look great (I checked out the poolcam archive).  I do love the idea of being braodcast on a webcam in my thong.  The reports from other thongers on the HRC seem a little more positive than your report, so hopefully it is changing with time. 
JM_Runs #28

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:11/05/2004 07:24:22Copy HTML

News: Stratosphere goes topless. (So I guess thongs are fine)

Keeping abreast of the recent trend refocusing Las Vegas entertainment and amenities toward adults only, the Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower has introduced a topless environment at its 25th-floor pool called Beach Club 25.

Treading the waters first tested more than a year ago at Mandalay Bay's upscale Moorea Beach Club, the Stratosphere is hoping to take the concept to the broader mass market of middle America and yet provide the privacy and discreet service to make women guests comfortable.

The Stratosphere will maintain high security measures at the pool to that end as well as to prevent any improper or illegal activities, such as prostitution, from occurring.

Heralding the new pool lack-of-dress code as "European-style sunbathing," the far north Strip casino is hoping to diversify its client base by appeasing one of its core segments, European guests, and simultaneously expanding the property's attractiveness to the younger demographic.

"Europeans have a different mindset when they go vacationing and go to the pool," says Michael Gilmartin, public relations manager at the Stratosphere. "This is something different and becomes more of a comprehensive experience ... Research indicated that the pool experience was high on the amenity list. Who would have thought [it] was so important?"

Beach Club 25 first opened in 1996 as an American-style pool but was drained of its allure when the casino built a massive 68,000-square-foot pool area on the 8th floor of tower expansion in 2001.

The Stratosphere tried to find a new use for the pool, incorporating it into an unsuccessful fitness club for a period, before deciding to return the pool to its original function with the newest twist. The pool area was renovated with artificial turf and foliage, a shaded awning, a bar and a large wall mural.

With total area of about 5,000 square feet and capacity for about 100 people, the new Beach Club 25 was designed for intimacy that facilitates the topless milieu it is trying to achieve.

"When it is smaller, it is more fun and intimate, unlike a 68,000-square-foot area," says Gilmartin. "[The guest] can get a cocktail five feet away instead of getting up and going a long way and waiting in line with 20 people and losing their seat."

While the topless bathing is not mandatory, the casino is training staff to make the switch smooth for patrons. With Europeans comprising 12-15 percent of the Stratosphere's guests, the hotel believes the inclination for au naturel will come naturally.

"Some women want topless and others don't," Gilmartin says. "We want everyone to be comfortable. We want to lower inhibitions but raise privacy. There will not be a staff member present unless they need to ... They are trained not to gawk. Our service is very respectful for comfort. If a guest feels awkward, it ruins it."

Although pool season is wrapping up, the casino is contemplating adding other features, such as massages, manicures, soft jazz and other bands and flare bartenders for parties.

Admission to the pool is free for women but men must pay $10. Gilmartin argues, however, that even when the crowd is primarily male, the atmosphere will be more fun than intimidating.

"If you have great looking women, like you have at the Hard Rock and Mandalay Bay pool, you're going to get guys," he says. "But it kills it if it is an adult theme but all guys. Because of our location near gentlemen's clubs, [we expect] to get girls who work there and don't want tan lines. When you get that segment, you get guys who want to be near them. That makes for a fun time."

The Stratosphere will enforce strict surveillance over entry. Besides being for hotel guests only, activity will be monitored and any impropriety quickly stopped and the offenders ejected.

"We don't want a situation like that," Gilmartin says.

Aiming for middle-aged Europeans and young American couples in the mid-market section, the public relations manager says Beach Club 25 allows the hotel to reach that segment, a group the whole city seems to be craving with the emphasis on adult themes.

"[Adult themes] are a new trend inspired by Las Vegas' roots," he says. "Vegas is cyclical and now we're seeing sexy adult themes again. The Hard Rock and Palms have been edgier in going after the new demographic, which is a little edgier and younger. We can't compete with [them but] it opens us up to a new clientele."
Jemm_in_Eye #29

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/23/2004 02:13:26Copy HTML

Reply to:  chasnsx


MGM Grand Pools



I went to MGM Grand back in April 2005.  I specifically emailed MGM Grand before ever booking my reservations. 

Here's my email and the response (then my comments about the pool).  (I'm female btw, I only mention because sometimes it's hard to tell based of someone's screen name).

My Email:


I have noticed a recent influx of Vegas hotels allowing European style (topless) subathing.  I know that Venus pool @ Caesars allows this, and Mandalay Bay has recently opened up a section to allow this as well. I also believe the Hard Rock has a section for this too.

I have found a few remarks on the internet saying the "Director's Pool" @ MGM also allows European style sunbathing.  Is this true?

I have always like the European approach, but have always had to travel outside the prudish US to do so.
So those hotels in Vegas that allow this, are now the ones the hold the most interest for me.

The Response:

Thank you for your email.  The Grand Pool complex is the most elegant  swimming and sunbathing experience in the world. The area features five swimming pools, three large whirlpools, a relaxing river, lush tropical  landscaping, bridges, fountains and waterfalls. We also have a pool designated as "European" style adult only pool open during the warmer  seasons. The complex is open year round with a minimum of one pool and one whirlpool available 7 days a week. Based on demand additional pools
will be opened.  Please see 
http://mgmgrand.com/pages/amenities.asp?link=pool for the most updated pool information.

Thank you again!  Have a pleasant Day!

My Comments:

I hate how I'm told about how "elegant" the pool is, and a bunch of other stuff I dont' care about.  But at least it was confirmed there is a European style pool - so I'm content, and thinking I can get some topless / thonging sunbathing in.

So I went there, and all I brought was thongs, and only brought one top (because I really had no intention of needing any).

I was there on a Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I walked the entire complex all 3 days.  I was ONLY person in a thong any day. I never took my top off.  I got ample looks and snide comments about my suit (both guys and girls).  All the girls had on boring 2, conservative / normal 2 piece suits.  All the guys, dork shorts.

And the complex itself is nothing special.  A bunch of boring pools, with typical prudish people at them.  The lazy river was nice. I will admit that.

However I exceptionally disappointed in MGM (the pools, the people, the rooms, etc..., and would never ever stay there again.  I'd pay to stay Mandalay over getting a free room @ MGM.

Mandalay Bay: Moorea Beach

After my disappointing MGM experience, I decided that I'd spend the money and check out Moorea Beach on my next trip. So sometime in September 2004, I stayed in Mandalay for a Sat / Sun / Mon trip, and visited Moorea Beach. 

Let me tell you, Moorea Beach is wonderful.  I think it's $20 for ladies on weekends, and $10 on weekdays (I think the website has the exact costs, I know guys it's a lot more).  It was well well worth it.  It is private, the pool is nice, the spas are nice, the service is wonderful, they even give you ice towels (literally towels that have been frozen) to cool you off.  It started out with just a few of us topless.  By mid day, I'd say 90% of the girls were topless and 50% were in thongs / g-strings.  And nobody cared.  Nobody made rude comments,  I'm sure some of the single guys in there enjoyed the view, but they seemed to be mature about it.  I didn't see any guys in a thong, but I doubt you'd get hassled.  If you're willing to spend the money, I highly recommend it. 

I did not see many thongs in the rest of pool area, however I did not spend much time outside of moorea. 

Hotel Rio

I was there June of 2004, wed/thurs/fri/sat/sun.  Rio is a nice pool, nice layout.

What I don't understand is all the outdoor cocktail waitresses have thongs on, covered by a very see-thru sarong, yet there's still mayb 5% of the guest population that wears a thong. 

That's my $.02.  Hope it was helpful.

Travis001 #30

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/23/2004 11:25:52Copy HTML

Great report, Jemm!

I think it's ironic that people would make negative comments to a woman in a thong!

I'm glad to hear things went well at Mandalay Bay - were there any men in thongs there?

Corby Killian #31

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/25/2004 10:08:53Copy HTML

As jemmy wote in her email, I have always liked the Euopean approach but  I have always had to travel outside the prudish U.S. to do so." See, this is what it is coming to, having to travel outside the U.S. to do any thonging because the U.S. just WILL NOT accept thong swimear on American beaches and resorts. Eventually, thongs will diminish and fade away on American beaches and resorts because the moral majority has taken over. Thong swimwear, as well as underwear have been selling and circulating throughout the U.S. for a good 15 years now, you would think by now since they are common, Americans would not be afraid to look at them, talk about them, or be seen in one, or to see others wearing one. It's almost as though there is a similarity between thongs and rasicm, some Americans have that "go back to wherever it is you came from, we don't want you here" mentality. Thongs were designed in Europe and bought to the U.S. maybe they will end up back in Europe because Americans won't embrace them, which will lead to having to travel to European beaches to go thonging. Who knows.
Ex_Member #32

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/27/2004 02:20:14Copy HTML

Sounds like Moorea Beach at Mandalay is the place to be!! Can't wait for summer.
Jemm_in_Eye #33

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/28/2004 06:10:29Copy HTML

Reply to: Travis001

*quote* "I didn't see any guys in a thong, but I doubt you'd get hassled.  If you're willing to spend the money, I highly recommend it."    


Reply to: Corby Killian

It's not really a reply, it's more of an add-on.

What I don't understand about women is this:  Thong & g-string underwear is very very popular now.  Women can buy them anywhere, and they've become a lot more socially acceptable.  And many women (with out w/o alcohol) will dress like complete sluts at a club, barely wearing anything, or showing a thong underneath their pants (usually followed by lots of bending over, etc..).  They have no qualms about showing off various parts of their body.  But somehow, when it comes to sunbathing, their attitude completely changes to "oh no, I'd never do that.  Any girl who wears one of those is a slut."  Hypocrisy. 


Corby Killian #34

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/29/2004 08:10:55Copy HTML

Yes, I agree completely, it is hypocracy, but then again, people don't bring their children to nite clubs like they do the beaches where their innocent angels can view people in thongs in broad daylite.
Jemm_in_Eye #35

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/29/2004 11:36:24Copy HTML

True.  But then again we are talking about Las Vegas...aka Sin City...aka America's Adult Playground.


stringpe #36

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/20/2005 12:38:31Copy HTML

Over the past fouteen years I have visited three different resorts in Las Vegas.  My first trip was at the Mirage when it first opened in 1990.  I saw one women in a thong at the pool during my stay.  Many other women wore rio backed string bikinis.  I wore a rio backed bikini and my wife wore a regular bikini.  We liked the Mirage so much that we went back there two years later.  During this visit I saw six women in thongs.  I thought this was my chance to try out my new thong from Zig-Ann.  I spent two days wearing my thong with no problems.  I didn't venture to far away in my thong from the lounge chair.  The other two days I wore a rio backed bikini.  I went every where around the pool and to the bar without covering up.  I received a few compliments about my suit from other women.  The next time I went to Las Vegas on business, I was by myself and stayed at the Flamingo Hilton.  I only got to go to the pool only two times during my stay.  The first day when I got to the pool I counted eleven people in thong bikinis.  The thongs included 9 women and 2 men.  I wore a rio backed bikini and went every where without covering up.  I also counted 36 women in string bikinis or rio backed bikinis.  The next day I wore a conservative thong to the pool.  That day I counted 11 women and 3 men and myself in thong bikinis.  The women at the pool went everywhere in their thongs without covering up.  My last visit was in 2002 and we stayed at the MGM Grand.  I was with my wife and daughter.  I counted a total of 8 women in thong bikinis and 2 women in rio backed bikinis.  No men were in thongs but a few wore speedos and 2 wore rio backed bikinis.  I wore a one inch speedo while I was there and never covered up.  I wore my speedo to all the pools, the lazy river and while getting food and drinks.  I received alot a smiles and positive reactions from other women about my bikini.  I had no problems with other men.  One women in a thong even sat down next to me and gave me a big smile.  So out of the three places I stayed, the Flamingo Hilton had the most thongs but I think its the luck of the draw that matters.  One trip alot of thongs the next trip there could be none.  Maybe planning another trip in the near future and would like to try Mandalay Bay.
mjstacey #37

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/14/2005 03:34:53Copy HTML

Anybody have any experience thonging at the Imperial Palace Hotel on the strip? I'm headed there in April and just want to know what to expect. I'd like to get some spring sun on my buns and get a head start on the season, but don't want to if it could be a bad scene.....
GymThongGuy #38

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/15/2005 06:15:50Copy HTML

I have not been to the Imperial Palace, however I would suggest a simple email off their website or a call to the pool manager. I have done that with pretty good success when it comes to knowing policy and such. As for if others will thong too, it is difficult to tell.  I will be in Vegas in April too so there will be at least 2 people there doing it!  (I won't be at Imperial Palace though.)

clubthongs #39

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/16/2005 01:52:28Copy HTML

My partner and I have thonged at the Imperial Palace and actually got compliments from some of the women at the pool.  There were women in thongs and several men in nice rio backs as well.
Jman71 #40

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/24/2005 11:24:47Copy HTML

I apologize if this is a little OT.

A while back I think someone on the board mentioned the Greek Isles Hotel & Casino near the Las Vegas convention center. According to their website at www.greekislesvegas.com they have a 24 hour heated outdoor pool. Can anyone who's been there provide more details and insight? Is it a thong-friendly pool?
islandman #41

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/02/2005 11:10:35Copy HTML

My wfe and I are off to Harrah's in Las Vegas next month. Anybody been there? Any problems with male bathing atire?
ARThongLover #42

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/03/2005 12:58:04Copy HTML

Re: Harrahs

Islandman... I stayed at Harrah's last May and wore a string-side thong several times without incident. The pool was crowed but there's a sundeck that overlook the pool where I soaked up the Sun. There is a sign that says "Appropriate Swimwear is Required" but I took that to me it had to be swimwear -- no cutoff jeans, etc. Pool hours are a little short -- something like 9 am to 7 pm.

islandman #43

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/12/2005 12:19:44Copy HTML

I emailed Harrah's to ask about any dress code for the pool area. They wrote back that thongs were OK but nude or topless was not.
benzthong #44

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/08/2005 05:07:19Copy HTML


Just a quick report on my recent stay at the Rio.  I stayed there for three nights just before the Memorial Day long weekend.  I went to the pool twice?the first time about 3:30 in the afternoon and the second time about 10:00 in the morning.  As it was not yet the long weekend, the pool wasn't terribly crowded, probably 60-80% full.  Unfortunately, other than the cocktail waitresses (who were wearing pink thong bikinis with a very sheer white sarong wrapped around their hips), I didn't see a single man or woman in thong on either occasion.  In fact, quite a few women were wearing those brief shorts that are now very popular.  Of course all the men were in very long shorts.  All in all, it was quite a disappointment as far as thong spotting was concerned.


BTW, I saw a billboard advertising that Tuesday is now a skinny dip day at the Palms' pool.  As I didn't arrive in Vegas until Wednesday, I didn't have a chance to check it out.  Has anyone been there?


socalthongman #45

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/10/2005 11:10:41Copy HTML

In reply to Islandman, just to let others know, I emailed the Mandalay Bay.  They stated that thongs are acceptable, and when I asked if there was a chance that I would see others wearing thong swimwear, they stated that there was a good chance I would see others there in thong swimwear. 

When my wife and I went there a few years ago, we only saw one Portugese woman out in a thong, and no guys.  We went to the far end of the complex, I did not cover up when I went and washed down at the outside shower.  In addition, I walked to the restroom at the far end perhaps 150 feet away from our beach area.  Further, we took off our towels at one of the main pools and went for a swim.  During these events, there were no repercussions whatsoever.  Not a single comment.  It appears to be a very cool area, but we need others that are aware of this cool place. 

kgagne #46

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/24/2005 09:07:26Copy HTML

Just saw a comercial for Mandlay Bay.  It has a hot looking woman in a white bikini. The ad says she is a school teacher mother of 3.  Then says be yourself at home.  Showing the bikini top on the pool chair and a shot of the women from behind without top.  The are advertising to wear is little as possible at their pool.  I expect this to be a great place to go for the summer.
chasnsx #47

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/31/2005 09:42:48Copy HTML

Here is a report on my weekend at Caesar's Palace -- and the Venus Pool.  We arrived early Friday afternoon, and after getting settled in the wife put on her bikini and I put on a Dore suit with half inch sides and a six inch bikini back.  Passing the main pool I saw a guy tanning in an Arena suit with two inch sides, and though, "so far, so good."  I also saw a guy in a close fitting squarecut -- another encouraging sign.

It was crowded and we had trouble finding a place to settle into, and eventually we ended up at the Apollo pool, which was quieter than the rest.  (It should be noted here that both the Apollo pool and the Venus pool are shallow -- 3.5 to 4 feet deep along their entire length.)

We notice maybe three families with children around the Apollo pool.  My wife went into the water first and I took off my shorts to join her.  As I entered the water, a middle aged guy looked at me, and said to his ten or eleven year old daughter, "We're getting out."

Later, after I had been swimming for a while, three big, muscular guys down at the other end of the pool started looking at me and talking to each other, but I get the impression they wished they had the guts to wear minimal swimwear.

I wish that was the end of the reactions, but after that there was an old guy, maybe around seventy, who got a sour look on his face when he was looking at me and talking to the middle aged woman he was with.

The Caesars staff who were around were entirely cool.  I was not asked to cover up, or even approached, even though several Caesar's staffers walked by.

For Day two, my wife wanted to take a nap in the room.  I decided to wear a "bailout suit"  (A sauvage bikini with two inch sides) after the previous day's reactions, and to head for the Venus Pool.

The Venus Pool was quite an experience.  All the guys there were wearing dork shorts, but none of them were looking at me because they were too busy looking at the topless women -- of which there were about a dozen.  There was even one woman who was topless and in a thong, and she untied the sides when she sunbathed.

While I will be coming back to Caesar's, I will probably confine my wearing of minimal swimwear to the Venus Pool.  It appears to me that the Apollo Pool was something of a de facto children's pool area because it was shallow and had cabanas around it -- for the very few Caesar's guests who brought children with them.

did some thinking about it, and with that first middle aged guy, there was no wife in evidence, or wedding ring.  I think now that he probably dragged his kid to Caesar's in order to avoid losing visitation time with her, and chose Caesar's because that's where he wanted to go, and probably dragged her out of the pool so she wouldn't tell mommy what she saw after she arrived home.

As I said, there were no complaints to the Caesar's staff, and I had no bad reactions from the Caesar's staff.

As to that other old guy, who knows?

I guess what troubles me most is, what did these people expect?  Caesar's is an adult themed resort.  Inside the passage to the pool, maybe fifty yards down the hall, is a giant statue of Michelangelo's David, and David is not wearing a fig leaf, and he is anatomically correct.

Beachlover492000 #48

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/31/2005 11:19:15Copy HTML

I'm not surprised by your experience, Charles. Although Los Vegas is billed as a playground for adults, a lot of adults are quite unnerved by sight of a bare butt, be it male or female. And since a lot of people believe that their kids will be "corrupted" by the sight of partially clothed people, that will get them more uptight as well.

I've been to "adults only" resorts in Jamaica where no one under 16 is allowed to stay. Although there is general acceptance there of men in thongs, you can still get crap from a few people. Mostly they were single young white males (20 something) often from ethnic groups that make a big deal of religion. They might not have been to mass or confession for a decade, but they were still out to defend the faith! And of course they would get braver has they got drunker. My wife and I ran into this same group of jerks at the same resort a couple of times (It just happened to be OUR luck at that week.) Among the other guests at the resort as well as the management, those jerks were viewed as the offensive people no those wearing thongs.

My advice is that you have to have a tough skin, and you have to pick your shots. Naturally thongs have to be legal where you are staying. That's the first thing. Then you need to find resorts that are more thong friendly. Perhaps you can check out the advice threads that are on this site.

chasnsx #49

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/01/2005 08:47:35Copy HTML

I guess it dismays me that a lot of American men are such shameful, insecure creatures, particularly in comparison to other parts of the world.  I once spent three weeks, on two separate trips, walking and riding around the Philippines with a transvestite -- he was a cherished cousin of my then girlfriend, now wife.  No one ever said anything or even batted an eye.



Thong Kong #50

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/01/2005 02:31:07Copy HTML

When I was in Bangkok this spring, there was a transvestite working at the MAC makeup counter at the city's most upscale department store. Try getting away with that at Macy's.
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