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thongpatrick #51

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/03/2005 05:36:33Copy HTML

My wife and I will be staying at the Bellagio Hotel in November and were wanting to know how their pool was in terms of being thong friendly. I am curious to whether we should both pack thongs or if they are to family oriented and should just bring conservative suits. Is the weather in Vegas even warm enough to thong in November? We are Canadians who think that 20 dagrees Celsius or 70 degree F is warm enough to be by a pool wearing next to nothing.
Thong Kong #52

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/03/2005 07:57:45Copy HTML

I don't know about the Bellagio, but if you want to try other hotel pools, feel free to go. I've gone to many pools at hotels that I wasn't staying at, and I've only once been asked if I was a guest, and that was at the Banyan Tree in Phuket. The worst that can happen is that they ask you to leave.

Every time I go to Vegas, I swim at the Luxor, even when I'm not a guest.
chasnsx #53

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/03/2005 08:10:55Copy HTML

I haven't stayed at the Bellagio, but have walked through it several times.  The Bellagio is a Wynn resort, as is Mandalay Bay, and my understanding from others on this board is that Mandalay Bay permits thongs.  So you will probably have no problems with the management.

As far as the family character of the Bellagio, as long as you are not there Thanksgiving weekend (American, not Canadian), you will probably not see a lot of children.  The Bellagio has no children's attractions per se, and does not encourage guests to bring children (but does not prohibit them). 

When it first opened, the Bellagio did not allow children of nonguests into the hotel at all, but that appears to have changed.  While the Bellagio sees a fair number of guests with children during the summer time, most of those folks appear to be family vacationers who chose the Bellagio for bragging rights rather than for the best experience for their children.  I am guessing that the same is true Thanksgiving and Christmas break.

Take your thongs, and enjoy the hot tub if the pool is closed, and report back to us.


clubthongs #54

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/03/2005 11:31:52Copy HTML

Generally speaking, November can still be swimming weather in Las Vegas.  I have been there in November when it was downright hot!
jn9195 #55

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/05/2005 05:14:32Copy HTML

Bellagio and Mandalay Bay are not Wynn resorts anymore.  Those ("Mirage Resorts") were sold to MGM in 2000 for $6.4 billion.  That company is now MGM Mirage and owns most of the casinos on the strip.

Wynn owns the new Wynn Las Vegas and another Wynn resort near Hong Kong.

Hopefully, they haven't changed their views on thongs.

chasnsx #56

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/07/2005 08:52:18Copy HTML

My bad.  I thought about that a few hours after I posted.  Steve Wynn built the Mirage, Treasure Island, the Bellagio, the Monte Carlo, and Mandalay Bay, roughly in that order, but he sold the Mirage, Mamdalay Bay and the Bellagio to Kirk Kerkorian (I believe), owner of the MGM Grand, who formed MGM-Mirage Entertainment.

In any case, the MGM Grand does permit thong swimwear, so the Bellagio probably does also.  According to the Bellagio website, the Bellagio's pool is open and heated year round.



ajm22 #57

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/02/2005 11:56:42Copy HTML

I was just in Vegas Wednesday for a night and stayed at the Aladdin. Unfortunately I did not have any play time. My room overlooked the 2 pools that they have there and noticed that there about 3 guys in speedos. One of them put on his boardshorts prior to going in the water but laid out in his speedo. I did not see any girls in thongs but I only had a few minutes to scan the area prior to heading out on business. I assume that one could thong in this hotel. The whole pool area is pretty spread out.
mythong #58

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/08/2005 05:31:16Copy HTML

I stayed at MGM grand in October 2004 and saw three women walk by very confidently in thong bikinis.  The European pool was closed at that time so these women (nor any of the guys i was with for a bachelor party) had no problem with it.  When they walked by, it took me off guard.  I may decide to go back sometime and to try my Joe Snyder thong.
divenhike2002 #59

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/02/2005 04:44:59Copy HTML

Just got back from a week in Las Vegas and stayed at the Wynn resort. While it has a topfree pool, there were few ladies taking advantage. There were a few thong clad ladies but I did not feel comfortable wearing mine. There was a steady stream of long-shorted, reversed baseball hat types cruising due to gambling being available at pool bar. I still prefer Mandaly Bay's Moorea Beach club or the Venus pool at Ceasar's Palace. I doubt I will stay at the Wynn again. There was a plethora of nearly naked breasts walking through the casino and in line for the night club at night so all was not too bad!!
JM_Runs #60

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/08/2006 02:11:15Copy HTML

 excerpt from Las Vegas guidebook Moon Handbooks Las Vegas:

Pooling Around
Picking the best pools in Las Vegas is like trying to pick your favorite children. They all have a something to recommend them and they all have something that's a little annoying when you get right down to it. Not that your children are annoying. I didn't mean that. Really.

Below you'll find a list of the pools that I think stand out in some way or another and the reasons why, with warnings about the downsides. Before we get to that, a couple of notes:

First of all, pools at all Las Vegas hotels are only open to the guests of those hotels. If you see something on this list that really strikes your fancy, you're going to have to book a room to be able to enjoy it. They enforce this policy strictly, usually with security at the pool entrances asking for a room key to gain entry.

The locations of these pools can also be a bit of a pain. In many instances you have to traipse through or near the casino to get to them, so just remember that before you put on that thong.

As of this writing there are only two pool areas on the Strip that allow topless sunbathing in certain private, restricted areas: Caesars Palace and Mandalay Bay. This seems to be a growing trend so by the time you read this, things may have changed at your hotel. If it's important to you call ahead.

You should also be aware that while Las Vegas may be warmer than where you live during the winter months, it still gets chilly here and most hotel pools are closed from roughly October through March. In some instances you may still be able to enjoy the sun on a deck chair, but the pools themselves are off-limits (and often drained).

During those summer months, you have to be careful not to overdo things, especially if you've spent the entire winter locked up inside an office somewhere. The sun in Vegas is brutal and, unfortunately, shade at most pool areas is at a premium. Bring plenty of sunscreen and limit your exposure or you're going to ruin your vacation with a nasty sunburn.

OK, enough chatting. Let's go for a swim:

Bellagio offers a gorgeous area with multiple pools, plenty of deck chairs (with kicky little flags you can raise for drink service), private cabanas for rent and a much more grown-up attitude (meaning fewer kids). Downsides are the good spots get taken early, cabanas cost a fortune and shade? Not so much.

Caesars Palace has a typically over-the-top offering, what they call the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. It's 4.5 acres with four pools, two whirlpools, fountains and enough columns and statuary to make Gladiator Part II. The only real downside here is that the columns and statuary take up room that could be used for more badly needed deck chairs.

Flamingo Las Vegas has 15 acres of tropical paradise with what is probably the most luxurious landscaping of any pool area in town, offering some much-needed shade. Four pools (including the original oval from Bugsy Siegel's era), two whirlpools, waterslides and private cabanas are available. The downside here is for adults who don't want to be around other people's kids. This place is very popular with families.

On the other hand, if adult is what you're looking for, the Hard Rock Beach offers a totally grown-up party vibe that may be just your cup of suntan lotion. Packed with a crowd straight out of your average Baywatch episode, the pool area features sandy beaches, a lazy river, swim-up blackjack and lots of palm trees for shade. Downside? People with body image issues should not apply.

Over at Mandalay Bay's Beach you'll find just what the name implies -- a beach complete with its very own wave pool (originally designed for surfing, but let's just say that didn't work out), more traditional pools, a lazy river ride and more. Downsides include the crowds (very, very popular place) and the crowds of kids if you're averse to the demographic.

The fabulous pool area at The Mirage goes toe-to-toe with the Flamingo for lush landscaping, and it's hard to pick a winner between the two. Here you'll find two giant pools with a series of smaller lagoons, grottos, islands, waterslides and three Jacuzzis. Unlike many pools in town, the Mirage's is open for most of the year (except December). No real serious downsides here to mention.

The only other major exception to the year-round rule can be found at Tropicana, and that's because part of the pool area is indoors (the only one at a major resort in Vegas). This is also the place that invented (or at least perfected) the concept of swim-up blackjack, so traditionalists should come here. The downside about this pool is that you have to stay at the Tropicana to use it, and the hotel has seen better days.
clubthongs #61

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/08/2006 11:27:14Copy HTML

Having been to most of the pools mentioned in the post, I would have to agree.  My favorite however is the Luxor since it is sunny, spacious and I have always seen a few fellow thongers!
pk thong #62

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/17/2006 03:00:38Copy HTML

 I just had brilliant idea. Being that Vegas is the convention capital of the world, why not have a minimal swimwear "convention".  It can be done at one of the more thong friendly resorts and it could be kept low key??!!
max77056 #63

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/22/2006 11:37:27Copy HTML

I agree with this.....whether you had 5 or 50 folks going, it would be a blast. Someone would have to set up dates and people could book their hotel space....could be fun.   
miaswim #64

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/26/2006 11:39:41Copy HTML

Well living here in Las Vegas, almost everything above is right on the money.  As for the thongers "convention," I usually thong at my place or out at Lave Mead, but I'd certainly be willing to check in to a local hotel to enjoy that. 


GymThongGuy #65

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/30/2006 04:15:32Copy HTML

You know...I am almost willing to organize that kind of event. It would be a hoot and what better place than the city that officially adopted the slogan, "What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas."  What a great way to drum up our own environment completely safe for thonging - especially for the first timers.
pk thong #66

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/30/2006 02:24:38Copy HTML

I'm glad to see that there are at least a few takers on this idea! Icalled the moorea resort at Mandalay bay and was told that one needed to be a registered hotel guest to use moorea. I'm sure that the topless pool at Caesers is the same.I f we wanted to do this we would have to book a few rooms in advace. The other option is to do Luxor. The rooms are relatively cheaper and I have known people to "sneak in" . Another option is to book at the green valley ranch casino It is a world class resort in Green Valley with beautiful pool and lounge.
pk thong #67

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/20/2006 08:25:42Copy HTML

                      Spent the day at Mandalay Bay with my wife on Thursday. Iwanted to thong but wifey thraetened in her usual manner and that I could not get away with it this time since we were not in Tahiti. However I did wear a rio with 1/2 coverage and no one including her seemed to care. Saw only one thong the entire afternoon on a twenty something gal her male companion like all the other males, was wearing dork's. Idid not get a chance to check out Moorea Beach Club. From the look that I got from our room I could only see dork shorts. Oh well I still have the room key and the Summer has just started.
riothong #68

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/03/2006 07:34:10Copy HTML

Has anyone had any recent experiences thonging at the Bellagio.  I have stayed at the MGM, Luxor and thonged at both places with not problems at all.
shaved_thong_lover #69

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/21/2006 10:08:55Copy HTML

just back from Vegas. Stayed at Four Seasons, at the Mandalay Bay. They have an adult topless pool area called Moorea Beach Club. I wore my gstring without any trouble. There was another guy at the pool in a thong and probably 25% of the women. Probably 75% women were topless. Wonderful experience. Now my favorite resort
tobler1 #70

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/23/2006 11:11:18Copy HTML

Anyone have any recent info on Vegas and Thongs....and is April 1 warm enough there for pool action..




sailor250 #71

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/25/2006 07:58:06Copy HTML

Recently had the opportunity to be in Vegas.  I stayed at Caesar's Palace.  It's been warm enough to swim every day lately.

I used the Venus Pool nearly exclusively.  I was there on a Sunday and they were charging $30 for men- even as a hotel guest to get in.  I paid the fee and was among only about a dozen there.  There were several topless women, none in thongs that day.

Then during weekdays it was free and almost crowded.  In the later evening as the Fall sun is lower the chairs in the sun were all taken.  The crowd was significantly more conservative than let's say South Beach concerning swimwear. There were 70+% topless women, mostly couples, and every day during the week I was there in the afternoon it would average probably 20-25 topless women.  Most all were wearing bikini bottoms, and only a few in thongs--I  saw about one to two a day in G Strings.

I had no problem wearing any style suit from thong bikini to micro G string.  Most suits were VLT Dore suits and there were no rude comments, no snickers.  Near the pool entrance that's screened off sometimes gawkers would walk in look around and leave.  I think a few were surprised by my suit more than the topless women--whether they were women or men.  Though the sign says no photos I'm sure a few took my picture as I was usually near the entrance end of the pool

There were a few thong bikini women who didn't sun topless too.

Being Las Vegas you're right in thinking that a lot of the topless women were surgically enhanced.  One curvy tall chick with a stocky boyfriend came there nearly every day in  a G String.  She wasn't shy about walking around or bending or swimming in just it.  She had several G strings ---looked like Roma G string and Chip suits. Black, White, Pink.

One day the lifeguards and pool attendents wanted to close up early so they kicked everyone out to the other three pools before 5. I wore shorts over to the Neptune pool and wore a bikini front G string.  The people still at the pool were a little shocked I think--I heard a couple talking about me, but no rude comments.  So that experiment showed that the crowd at the topless pool was more accepting and expected to see more skin---no surprise!!

There were a few funny occurences during the 6 days I was there--more on that later.


Regarding queries about the weather check almanacs online and online weather predictions.  For instance go to usatoday.com and weather page, chose a city and then somewhere there's a "predictor" like if you wanted to predict the weather for an outdoor event.  Put in a date and it'll tell you the average temperature and the average percentage of precip. historically for that day of the month.

tobler1 #72

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/26/2006 09:45:54Copy HTML

Sailor 250.



thanks for the report on Vegas...


I have only two thoughts...

1.  Women willing to wear no tops and are not willing to wear a thong???/Hummm

2.  30 dollars to stay at a pool that is empty seems like a bit much to me and from your report It seems that the 30 dollar charge is hurting their attendance. (BUT maybe they want you in at the tables???)


But glad  they seemed to be cool with thongs.....makes it a place that my wife and I will think about going to.



sailor250 #73

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/29/2006 04:08:01Copy HTML

In talking to one of the poolside waitresses I learned the business plan of the weekends at the Venus Pool.  It seems the hotel has leased the pool to another concessionaire who runs it as the "venus club" on weekends.  There are more waitresses around, more lifeguards, bouncers and such, but fewer people the Sun. I was there.  I won't even get into why their business plan blows smoke--maybe someone's looking for a tax writeoff and the hotel is collecting for the lease. 

Yes $30 seems steep- but it provides for a relaxing atmosphere vs the crowded other pools there, and you can wear what you want without any fear of hassles.  Since I only had to pay this one day of 6 there it wasn't too bad.

sailor250 #74

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:11/01/2006 07:13:41Copy HTML

I saw an ad for the Wynn in  a national magazine and it showed a girl in a bikini topless sitting on the edge of the pool ( her arm covered her breast) and the ad said

"A whole new way to lose your shirt"

I forgot to add that the Wynn has an adult pool which is topless also.  I'd think thong friendly too.

tobler1 #75

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:11/13/2006 05:20:17Copy HTML

Sailor 250,


well....we booked a room at the Mandalay Bay for April 1st...and since we will only be there for a few days, we figured if we pay some money for the pool and stay away from the table games...it is a better deal...

I totally agree about the reasons for the fees and if it lets you wear what you would like without the problems this sometimes can cause...well worth the money.  Maybe someday attitudes will change, but being it is the USA. I will be sure not to hold my breath to long.

kgagne #76

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:11/30/2006 03:10:22Copy HTML

I Got to thong a couple of times at the Flamingo in the jacuzzi.  On the second visit after 30 minutes a guard came by and told us ( my wife in a one piece) that the pool was closed.  We asked at what time he said 8 pm.  (it was after 11) he continued but since you are so brave you can stay another 15 minutes and he turned the jets on for us.  I'm not sure if he was talking about my suit or the fact that it was so cold there.
sailor250 #77

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/03/2006 01:47:43Copy HTML

I noticed that the USA Esquire magazine had an article on Las Vegas pools called "Adult Swim".  They talked about the party or relaxing atmosphere and mentioned people watching factors and topless pools.  Their icon for "european sunbathing" for the article was a figure woman reclining topless with a cigarette, which I thought was funny--European cigarettes and topless tanning!
abczyxabczyx #78

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/03/2006 08:54:53Copy HTML

I saw an ad for Wynn Resorts in Las Vegas  emphasizing their european style (thongs and topless) pool.  Also, I saw an ad on tv marketing the european pool at MGM.



tobler1 #79

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/06/2006 07:28:48Copy HTML

Sailor 250,


do you recall what month that article was in esquire....would like to look it up...Thanks...

sailor250 #80

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/22/2007 11:30:00Copy HTML

IF anyone has ever seen that NBC TV show called "las vegas" with James Caan, it's about a fictious resort /casino on the strip --the Montecito.


Anyway they had an interesting issue a few weeks ago.  They have a topless pool, and they are regularly showing women from the back walking around in bikinis topless as B reel.  Anyway they had a convention of senior citizen groups and they didn't know until it happened but there was a senior women's "topfreedom" group who came to use the pool.  There were women in the 70-85 year old range walking around topless.  The management got complaints from other younger guests that found it repulsive.  The managers (who are the characters in the show) tried to give them free cabanas to keep them out of site but they kept walking to the bar, gave them a waiter...... anyway they tried a trick to get them to stop their topless water aerobic exercises in the morning too.

This show gave a lot of publicity to the topless pool movement in Vegas even if it was a negative premise!

rattpoison #81

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/11/2007 07:35:55Copy HTML

I am planning on staying at the Tropicana in June, and i heard they have an adult's only pool.


anyone stay here and if so , exactly how "adult" is it

sailor250 #82

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/19/2007 03:25:13Copy HTML

Yes be aware that adult may just mean no kids allowed
clubthongs #83

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/19/2007 10:19:13Copy HTML

"Yes be aware that adult may just mean no kids allowed" - I have stayed there and that is exactly what it means.  The Tropicana is desperately in need of updating. 
miaswim #84

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/06/2007 11:59:16Copy HTML

Hi all,

As a local Las Vegas resident I get to see my fair share of hotel pools when friends are visiting.  Not many are very bikini/thong friendly.  I have thonged myself at Luxor,Mandalay Bay (Moorea section), Mirage.  Haven't been to Caesar's during the day to see the adult pool they opened recently, but have been there at night for receptions.  Very nice, very private. 

Any questions, let me know. 


rattpoison #85

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/10/2007 12:23:15Copy HTML

i heard about the one at the Mirage, Bare i think, is it only to hotel guests or can others pay to use it as well
sailor250 #86

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/11/2007 08:20:04Copy HTML

Looks like it's open as a "club"

Check out the other pictures ah #5 and up to see what's really up!


DavyJ #87

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/12/2007 11:13:02Copy HTML


Did I read that correct, that they charge $2000 per hour to use the "bare" pool?

Now I wouldn't find paying a reasonable fee for such a pool, but $2000 an hour??  I must have made some mistake.

sailor250 #88

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/13/2007 01:46:19Copy HTML

Dude that's for renting the entire place for a private party with all the staff.  P.Diddie take notice!
sailor250 #89

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/13/2007 10:42:04Copy HTML

Here's what Bare would be if some of these people in the music industry catch on!

Rent Club Bare in Las Vegas for the pool theme party at 10 pm-$2000 per hour

Gstrings for party guests to wear when they arrive, 20 mens, 40 womens -$800

Champange for 60 --$12,000

Robes to wear out when some of the partygoers can't find their clothes at 8 am -$4000

Fly back to New York on a Gulfstream 5 at 9am $38,000

Boarding the plane with several of your new friends, everyone barefoot wearing only robes. PRICELESS

For everything else there's the MarquisJet Card

I wouldn't doubt that some private parties there get pretty wild and naked!

natman #90

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/19/2007 11:16:21Copy HTML

Just received an email from the Venetion Hotel in Las Vegas that Thongs and G strings are OK to wear at their pools. Going in April , so it will be interesting to see how many people take advantage of the freedom to wear such swimwear.C'mon guys, don't be bashfull. Americans need to relax and enjoy themselves and stop being so uptight.
tobler1 #91

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/05/2007 09:21:00Copy HTML

Trip report...caesers Palace/Topless pool.

1.  went twice last week....20 or 30 gals in thongs...Only 1 guy wearing speedo...20 or so topless women...

2.  service is C avg at best...and drinks are VERY expensive IMO....15 dollars for a Pina Colada seems excessive.

3.  It is run by PURE night club now...and they ARE charging to get in....and it is only open...Tuesday thru Sunday.  Which is NOT posted on Caesers website.  We did not pay as we knew a guy working security...BUT I think was 20 per person.  Having gone to the Pure Club in Caesers with the wife...They are into expensive drinks/high security/Long lines to make it seem like they are important...and making sure they have hot chicks at POOL and club....


all in all.....

OK...great looking women and Nice guys....NOt a bunch of jerks with sideways baseball hats on.....

NOt a big party scene...maybe IS on a Saturday...



JM_Runs #92

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/06/2007 07:15:06Copy HTML

Wife and I were just at the Westin - both of us were the only two in thongs at the pool- no problems though.
sandrhymes #93

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/09/2007 02:19:10Copy HTML

Will be in Vegas for a convention a few days this weekend, and would like to get a few hours at a pool if possible. Will be staying in Henderson though, and was wondering if you need to be a guest to use the pool at Cesars or other hotels?
tylerthorpe #94

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/10/2007 08:39:33Copy HTML

Just wondering if anyone has ever worn a thong at the Luxor hotel? I have never worn a thong at a pool in Vegas and was wondering if u could do so here. I have been to this pool many times but never have seen a guy in a thong. Seen probably ten or so women over my 4 times there. When i have gone i have always worn a speedo solar brand suit. Want to try a thong next time. Nothin too extreme probably just my black speedo thong to test out the waters.
clubthongs #95

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/10/2007 10:50:51Copy HTML

I have not been to Las Vegas in several years but from 2000 - 2005, I was going several times a year for business and stayed at the Luxor three times. I always wore thongs at the pool and never had a negative experience. In fact, I received several positive comments from women expressing their appreciation of men who wore body conscious swimwear.  I did see a few other men in thongs at the Luxor and a few more in bikini style suits. Unless things have changed, you will enjoy wearing your thongs at the Luxor.
GymThongGuy #96

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/11/2007 11:26:57Copy HTML

tylerthorpe - I agree with clubthongs. I have thonged at Luxor and wasn't the only guy. It was a no-hassle experience. I was wearing a California Muscle Gripper Thong which leaves nothing to the imagination, in fact it shows off the goods quite well by lifting and pushing forward. If I can wear that, you'll be fine in a Speedo thong. Let us know how it goes!
riothong #97

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/18/2007 09:00:30Copy HTML

I just returned (May 17th) from Las Vegas, where I stayed at the Paris.  I thonged for two days at the pool with zero problems.  I was the only guy in a thong, but there were several ladies each day in g-strings or thongs.  I have stayed at the MGM (adult pool), and Luxor where I have thonged.  No problems their either.

I travel a lot and often wear thongs to the hotel pools.  Generally speaking, as long as you are respectful of others, there is not problem

chasnsx #98

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/29/2007 09:06:29Copy HTML

There was an article in the Los Angeles Times a few days ago about how the trendier Vegas hotel pools are being taken over by nightclub operators, and how the "1980's New York Nightclub" mentality seems to be taking over -- only good looking people allowed in, high cover charges, obscene drink prices, etc.  The article was mainly about Rehab at the Hardrock, and how twentysomething real estate guys were paying three hundred bucks for a fifteen dollar bottle of Bacardi just to be at a pool party with a large number of women in thongs, or TNT.  

There was also mention of a guy who tried to reserve a cabana for $650, and was rebuffed because he wasn't bringing any women with him.  The doormen who control access to the pools always try to let in lots of good looking women, and a smaller number of men who seem to be chosen more for spending ability than looks.  Although the article mentioned that most of the men had ripped abs, the two men in the foreground of the photo both had love handles hanging over their dork shorts, and one had grey hair.

There was also a mention of Bare at the Mirage, and Pure taking over the Venus Pool at Caesars, and that the Venetian is doing something similar.

I am accustomed to a Vegas where I can wear whatever I want at the pool because I dropped $350 in an hour at the blackjack table, not because I am about to spend it on a bottle of booze.  Come to that, I expect to get the booze for free when I am sitting at the blackjack table.

It will be interesting to see how long the "pool club" trend lasts, but it seems to be a way for Vegas to pick the pockets of the folks who come for the party atmosphere but aren't dropping enough at the gaming tables.

Charles M




JM_Runs #99

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/04/2008 06:48:09Copy HTML

Does anyone have any info on when the hard rock pool cam will be back up and running - rehab allready has started but webcam is still out. Please help.
miaswim #100

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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Due to construction of a new tower at the hotel and renovations around the pool area, they have taken the webcam offline.  The hotel staff has mentioned they will be putting it up online soon but could not provide a date.
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