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pkthong #101

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/30/2008 04:59:22Copy HTML

 I was at Tao Beach last evening as part of a convention. Tao is a hip Chinese bistro and night club which opened an outdoor lounge (Tao Beach)recently. In order to go to the restroom I had to go through the main pool area. The day was winding down but saw several guys in bikinis,but no thongs male or female. It still seems like a reasonable place to wear a thong or a rio.
chasnsx #102

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/30/2008 05:33:48Copy HTML

I was at the Golden Nugget in mid April for a social club meeting.  We met in the buffet which overlooks the new pool area.  I saw three or four guys in bikinis (no thongs) and a lot of women in really flashy, skimpy bikinis.  Although there was a small number of children present on one of the upper decks, the atmosphere was mostly adult and very tolerant.  I think I could have gotten away with a thong at that place with no one giving any notice.

sailor250 #103

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/01/2008 10:43:52Copy HTML

I notice a few women in pasties lately at HR Rehab parties (PNT, PNBikini)(not a topless area)...has anyone else seen this at or away from the topless pools?
MrTedric #104

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/22/2008 08:19:13Copy HTML

Was in Vegas 2 weeks ago (early September - still warm).  Felt very comfortable thonging at the Hard Rock - very relaxed, no awkwardness, no judgements.  No other guys in thongs, but a few women, and a couple speedo-wearing guys. 

Wasn't sure if I'd feel the same at the Rio, so I stuck with a speedo...but as soon as we got to the pool, my wife pointed out a guy in a thong.  Of course, he looked like he just finished a show at Chippendales, so maybe it's best I didn't try to compete!  :)
cranl001 #105

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/05/2008 04:40:43Copy HTML

spent a week at the wynn this past month.  European pool was not very european.  one other thong (woman) and all the men in long shorts at the "european pool".  Many speedo style suits at the regular pool.  great hotel though and very relaxing.
20897 #106

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/12/2008 05:44:08Copy HTML

 Was at Ceasers Venus pool on Monday and Tuesday. The weather was nice about mid 80's. There were about 8 women topless and a couple in thongs. I was the only male in a thong but that was fine with me. I was able to swim laps in the pool and I am sure everyone saw me. No problems and lots of smile.
JM_Runs #107

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/18/2008 06:53:39Copy HTML

Looking to find the most thong (g-string) friendly hotel for a guy in his late 30's.  On the strip or nearby.  How is the Hard Rock ?

cats89 #108

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/24/2008 05:47:34Copy HTML

Just got back from Vegas.  My girlfriend thonged all week at all of Mandalay's pools.  She looked great and felt comfortable but the best place for topless and thonging was clearly at The Moorea.  Can't wait to get back.
BaltoBob #109

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/14/2009 05:50:06Copy HTML

Most of the pools in Vegas are closed in the winter. I've worn a skinz bikini in the pool at Harrahs. Laid out "briefly" on the deck above the pool in a sunup/sundown dentalfloss. I'm a 50 year old guy who's a few pounds over weight. I've never had any problems but, have always been the least dressed. Short answer is you need to wear SOMETHING but, don't expect a lot of company.
barklee #110

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/17/2009 04:20:36Copy HTML

I am new to the site but have love wearing thongs for many years now and just thought I could offer some insight about best places to wear a thong in Vegas. I started to go out to Vegas about 7 years ago and have been to meany of the pools out there. I'll work backwards from last Labor Day 2008. I was ot Moorea for a two days, Rio for two days, Ceasers for one dayand the Wynn for two days.

I had a blast at all of the places but I have to say being a straight male Rio was the best. The "adult pool" dosen't open until 11:00am but once the dancers start comming in to the pool their is a lot of eye candy, at one point in time i was the only male in a thong with about 20 females in thong and topless and 10 more women in regular bottoms but topless. The Saphire Club sponcers the pool and most of the girls dance later that night. I usually let the game come to me and after a fews hours and a few drinks I recieved many compliments, a couple of slaps on the ass and one girl actually kissed my glutes and ran off. The Lady DJ even bought me a drink.On the second day Playboy was doing a Video shoot of one of the girls and she was joined by 7 of her friends. The second day wasn't a wild as the first but the girls were getting used to a guy wearing a thong amongst them. The rest of the guests were very open minded and would just raised their drink when they saw me. About the same amount of women in thong/g-strings and topless as the first day.

Next The Wynn, an absoulty beautiful place to stay and it was much more of a quiet atmosphere. Much more foreigners which is great, I met a group of three girls from Miami all in g-strings and we visited for about a hour, talked about everything but thongs. I saw a couple form Austin/Houston who I had met at the Rio the day before. she was in a lime green thong and topless, we just compared tans (we were both very dark). The Wynn is a different vibe, beautiful classy people and very laid back. Another hotel blocks the sun around 4:00pm which makes for a shorter day, So I went to the spa.

Ceasers is my fall back place to go but I only stayed on day because of the construction. It is between the Rio and Wynn as far as party atmosphere, but I always make friends their who i have run into the next year. I was told by some friend from a couple of years ago to look up the black hair girl at the end of the pool as they had told her a few weeks before that "that there was a friend of theirswho wears a thong" that she had to see and sure enough she was there and it was like I had a friend already waiting, of course she knew people and the party was on. Another guy showed up late in the afternoon in a thong but we didn't talk.

When I first arrived in Vegas I stayed at The Hotel and went right to Moorea, I was the only guy in a thong and just laid out in the middle of the pool along it's edge. There were some women in thongs and topless but not as many as i had expected. It's kind of a "Hard Rock crowd"more people looking than particapating if you know what I mean. The second day I had to buy a $200 day bed toward the entrance. I recieved lot's of attention at that spot and had two groups of people take their picture with me and on girl said "you have got some big balls to wear a suit like that! Looks great" she smiled and walked off.

I wear several suits and can't remember which ones I wear when but while in Vegas I wore my SKINZ Y back with white strings and either a blue front or a orange front. I also took a SKINZ Y back sheer blue with a foil pattern and blue strings, my SKINZ Y back all white suite and my KOALA babyblue "slutboy". I see that I have gotten kind of lenghtly in my discriptions of my versions of the best pools so I will save my 2008 June trip for another time. I stayed at The Hotel, Ceasers, and The Marige and went to Moora, Rio, Ceasers. Unitl next time.
1Monte #111

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/15/2009 03:46:13Copy HTML

 Just got back and thonged every afternoon at either the Flamingo or the Hilton HGV Club on the Strip. I was the only one daring to expose so much skin, but I couldn't pass up all of that sunshine! Nobody really even gave me a second look, and I went to sleep under on of the palms for about an hour. I needed the rest since wife and I were up so late taking in the city. We've been here several times at different places, and I don't think anybody in Vegas will give you a problem thonging.  
Monte  ;-)
sailor250 #112

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/15/2009 08:03:12Copy HTML

Recently read about Caesar's closing their whole pool complex thru the spring to completely renovate and ?expand it.  I've heard about adding numbers to pools, they used to have three, one very large.  Anyone heard anything about what's going to happen to the topless pool or Venus if they still call it that?  Anyone been there lately to see?  Planning a trip later in the year. 
tanga #113

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/18/2009 10:41:13Copy HTML

My wife and I go to Las Vegas once or twice a year, we got engaged there and I had my stag do (batchelor party) there so it's a special place for us.  It also happens to be one of the craziest places I've ever been and we absolutely love it as we love America in general as a place to visit (off to NY and Washington at Easter).

Over the last few years and visits, we've stayed at quite a few hotels - TI, Bellagio (both not very thong friendly but nice pools nonetheless), Luxor (was good for thonging we found, lots of women and several guys over a week, although one propositioned my wife which did annoy me somewhat as I was only in the pool at the time, only time that's happened though).  The other place we've stayed more consistently is Mandalay Bay.

We have worn thongs plenty of times at Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay which is one of the most beautiful resorts there and there were plenty of women wearing them but only seen 3 others guys at various times (1 definetely gay but that not an issue, we actually had a drink with him and his friend and they were very nice to chat to).  Next time we go we hope to stay at the Wynn for the first time though, I don't see any reason why we wouldn't wear thongs there but if it doesn't feel right then we'd maybe rent a cabanna for a day to have some privacy.  We are also considering a couple of nights at the Palms too although I prefer the serenity of somewhere like Mandalay for during the day and the more vibrant atmosphere of place like the Palms and Caesars in the evening.

If you're going there, check out the Pussycat Dolls gaming pit at Caesars - the dealers are sooooo hot and if you're there at shift change they come marching through the Casino floor and it's a free eye candy show.  Even my wife had to comment on how sexy the girls were in the skimpy outfits. 
sailor250 #114

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/05/2009 08:27:49Copy HTML

Any new reports from Vegas.  I'll be able to get out there in a few months- want to hit all the bare bottom spots.

I see when checking out the napkinnights party pix there are a few thongs most everywhere.  Even Wet Republic at MGM seems to have them- though they're not topless.

Anyone been to the newly remodelled Venus Pool Club at Casesar's?
tanga #115

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/06/2009 08:08:03Copy HTML

We've booked MGM Grand for next March.  Still hoping to make it in November too.

I can't wait to visit Wet Republic
BaltoBob #116

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/07/2009 05:53:33Copy HTML

I'm booked at the Rio, Sept 15-18,& 20-22 (weekend @Harrahs- Laughlin). Planning to visit the Sapphire pool. Looks like I'll have a guest who is willing to go topless. I plan on wearing a Skinz g-string but, will bring a thong as well. Laughlin has a small beach along the river. I'm not sure it is thong friendly but, the most I wear is a bikini.
barklee #117

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/12/2009 03:49:45Copy HTML

Just got back from Vegas and thought I would give you all an update of whats going on out there from my perspective. I was out there for 5 days so I will break up my report.

(Day 1) I stayed at "THEhotel" Sunday, so I sunned at Moorea Beach. I called the pool from the cab on the way from the airport and they said the pool opened at 10:00am. When I got there the sign at the front listed the hours from 9:00am to 6:00pm and their were people already there when I walked in ($50.00 cover). I noticed right away a girl on the top level in a black thong and topless however she would put on a full bikini bottom when she went to and from the pool. Then another woman in a royal blue thong and topless was with her husband and on the lower level; being close to the water she was in and out of the water in just her thong with a rinestone triangle in back, if memory serves... Then there was me a few chairs down in my orange g-string. A few hours later and man and wife set up next to me, she was in a beautiful blue thong bottom and regular top. She was also very attractive. She never went topless. Shortly after that another young couple showed up and whe was just in her thong bottoms, leporard print and topless. She was all over the pool and to no ones objection as she was quite attractive. All in all one guy in a g-string, me. 4 women in thongs, and about 12 women topless. The crowd was late 20's and pretty drunk by 3:00pm. I got lot's of looks but no comments good or bad. In fact not one person man or woman with the exception of the server even talked to me. I have determined over the last few years that I love just about everything about Mandelay Bay and the complex but the Moorea just isn't my number one choice.
sailor250 #118

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/02/2009 06:36:30Copy HTML

Hey you're blocking my sun!

I just saw a picture of the Caesar's Palace Venus pool and they're building a "tower" hotel room building just west of the pool (at the bar end).  It looks like that will block the sun in the afternoon a lot!  especially if it's more than a five stories tall.  Look doesn't Las Vegas have enough empty hotel rooms without putting more up to block the sun??

Any one been there lately?  Is that building up?
sailor250 #119

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/04/2009 02:07:45Copy HTML

Whoaa! I never even got over there!  Sapphire pool bustd' for prostitution!  closed as topless pool!  concept of strippers at the pool party!

BaltoBob #120

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/04/2009 05:51:34Copy HTML

I'm booked at the Rio for Sept 15-18. Hoping they reopen the pool without the strippers and drunks. My "date" has very nice breasts, that she doesn't mind showing, and they're REAL.
String_guy #121

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/04/2009 07:01:11Copy HTML

Do share!!! Thanks Bob
BaltoBob #122

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/04/2009 08:58:19Copy HTML

The Swan #123

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/05/2009 01:43:30Copy HTML

Stayed at the Trump and The Venetian this summer. The Trump appeared fairly conservative. I wore my low rise square cuts and felt comfortable. The men all had on dork shorts. The women all seemed to be wearing conservative rio cut suits or midwestern housewife suits (skirted suits or full bottom black one pieces with some kind of floral print on top.). The pool wait staff had half bottom rio suits with little skirts covering them.

The Venetian was a lot different. I wore a fairly skimpy bikini, my SO says you can see right through it in certain light. It looks opaque to me. I saw one topless women in one of the sunning areas away from the pool. I saw three thonged women. What suprised me the most was the sheer suits the women would wear. I saw a combined total of 6 sheer-when-wet bikinis or one pieces. I remember five guys in speedos, none in thongs. The Venetian was pretty cool because of all the little swimming pools scattered about.

BaltoBob #124

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/05/2009 02:06:29Copy HTML

The Venetian does a lot of honeymoon and second honeymoon couples. While I'm not surprised you saw tiny, even see through suits, I doubt you saw the stupid drunks (and whores) that shut down the Rio pool. There is a big difference between the two. Las Vegas needs to understand that being an adult playground means acting like an ADULT. A woman who lays out (almost) nude for the benefit of her lover, is quite different from some "pro" looking for a trick.
The Swan #125

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/06/2009 11:10:56Copy HTML


The Venetian has an area set-up for partying youngsters called Tao. The music was some kind of inane repeititive lyrics with a strong dance beat. That area was set-up next to the big pool and operated until about 3:00pm. That's where the drunks hung out. I only spent one afternoon in the area next to the Tao.

There were a lot families at the Venetian. One day I ended up horsing around in the pool with a father and his three sons. One son crashed into me as I was swimmng and it was game on. The father and I ended up launching his sons in the air so they could try and flip before they hit the water. Nobody said anything about what I was wearing.
sailor250 #126

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/12/2009 01:21:25Copy HTML

here's an article citing the regulation of the topless pools- seems to be an exception to the adult establishment regulations.

I've read that the Sapphire Pool issues were found when undercover cops did a compliance check of the establishment at the request of Harrah's who owns the Rio- then the arrests allowed Harrah's to break their contract with Sapphire.  Looks like this could be the result that they desired.
BaltoBob #127

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/12/2009 08:24:43Copy HTML

I'll be at the Rio in 5 weeks (where I plan to wear the same thongs as before). Looks like Flamingo still has topless pool. We may try a day there.
anacapa #128

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/18/2009 05:37:29Copy HTML

we have been to Moorea at the Mandalay, Encore and Rio European pools.  My wife has been comfortable going topless with WW Surf Shorts at all three.  The atmosphere is laid back at all and anything is accepted.  There are always quite a few topless girls and frequently some are wearing thongs. 
chasnsx #129

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/19/2009 06:14:17Copy HTML

I stayed at the Platinum Tower in July.  It's a block off the strip, and has huge suites at great prices.  It does not have a casino.  It has a small pool on an upper floor (indoor/outdoor), and an upscale, boutiquey vibe.  I wore a small speedo the entire weekend there and had no problems, and saw one other guy in a speedo.  Very few children, and a fair number of young adults, who looked to be upscale and well behaved.  I saw several groups of young women who appeared to be clones of the Kardashian sisters, only quieter, less alcoholic and better behaved.  I didn't ask, but I get the impression that the place would be thong friendly.
JM_Runs #130

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/08/2009 05:24:41Copy HTML

 Hi thongguy. I've been to the Hardrock hotel Vegas a couple times and saw one guy in a speedo out of hundreds. This was during Rehab which might not be indicative of the regular pool scene.

If you're not averse to the gay scene I've heard the Blue Moon has a cool skimpy swimwear scene.

I've worn 1/2" bikinis at Mandalay Bay too, which has an awesome pool and large so u can find a bit of your own space for thonging. 

I've heard that Luxor is often frequented by men in smaller skimpier swimwear.
clubthongs #131

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/08/2009 05:30:09Copy HTML

"And I've heard that Luxor is often frequented by men in smaller skimpier swimwear."
I have worn thongs at the Luxor numerous times without any hassles. While there were no other guys in thongs, there were some in really tiny bikinis :)
JM_Runs #132

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/08/2009 08:48:07Copy HTML

JM Runs - I'am specifically looking for people who have stayed at the Hardrock Hotel recently who have worn a thong.  I wish you would not move my post to this general category and then delete.my original request for this information.  I understand you are trying to save space and limit "new" posts but now I don't think I'am going to get the info I need.   Thanks, Thongguy
BaltoBob #133

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/09/2009 04:01:51Copy HTML

Hard Rock used to have a pool cam on the web site. As I'm on dialup I can't check. I'll be at the Rio next week.
JM_Runs #134

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/09/2009 04:26:48Copy HTML

 Thongguy, this thread specifically mentions the Hard Rock hotel 27 times, and the post by skimpybikiniguy just above yours is in answer to your questions on Hard Rock and mentions other hotel pools too.
BaltoBob #135

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/23/2009 09:46:52Copy HTML

I enjoyed Las Vegas but, didn't see any thongs. We went to the Flamingo on Sept 17. They do have a topless pool (Go Pool). As I wasn't a hotel guest it was $10 for me, women are always free. I wore my most conservative suit (Skinz M26U in blue lightning). We were staying at the Rio and didn't want to bring extra stuff. We were there 4 hours, I had by far the smallest male suit. Only 5-6 topless women including my date. I made a couple of trips to the bar and while people looked, I wasn't bothered. Harrah,s Laughlin was about the same on Saturday. Quite a few kids down at the river beach.  Half of the people speaking Spanish. But,nobody bothered me. Rio on Monday, Sept 21 same story. What had been the Sapphire pool is no longer enclosed or topless and only open on the weekend. While the music seemed geared for young people, the crowd was mostly over 30. I was still wearing the same suit. It's comfortable and drys fast as it's unlined. Quite a few women in tiny bikinis but, no thongs. All the rest of the guys in dork shorts. Everyone was nice enough, though. Probably could/should have worn the thong.
shaved_thong_lover #136

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/11/2009 01:28:13Copy HTML

Going to Venetian's Pallazzo Resort where Tao Beach Club is in November, it will be cold but I always want to wear my thong for a bit at the heated pools.  Anyone been to Tao Beach Club, or their regualar pools?
sailor250 #137

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/11/2009 07:23:24Copy HTML

Haven't been to Tao Beach yet but I have noticed that a lot of the topless pool clubs close for the season by the end of October.  By then the highs are in the low 70's which is still sunning weather.  I've been in LV in Dec and the Venus pool at Caesars is roped off and drained- of course it's usually in the 50's for highs so you can't sun but could swim.  I hear the Venus Pool Club has already closed but I don't know if that means the pool is closed or just the DJ/ club service is closed.  I see Bare closes Nov 1.
sailor250 #138

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:11/06/2009 11:50:56Copy HTML

Just returned from Vegas as the SEMA show was starting.  The last week of Oct had a cold front come thru and didn't make it out of the 50's for two days.

As you've heard the pool scene winds down in Oct.

I visited the Flamingo- didn't thong there, the Go pool is now open to everyone, the thongs are gone replaced by beached whales in sweatsuits.

The Stratosphere Club 25 was closed all together- no admittance.
The Wynn had a few people at Euro pool none topless or thong that day.

Caesar's where I stayed left the Venus pool open for topless but no DJ's or food service, no charge either.  I wore a thong short suit there one day, no other thongs on a weekend.  I saw only one woman drop her top that day- she was fully dressed and her top fell out of her bag!  The next day two women were topless in bikinis.  The whole week I was the only thong.  Later days I wore Gstrings including a Dore Torpedo without problems.  The lifeguards, waitresses all spoke to me in conversation.  The last day I wore a Semikini which is a baggie rocket pouch with one hip strap- keeps you from looking nude from the back.  No issues but did get my picture taken a few times.  They weren't enforcing the no photography rules for women with cameras.  Returned with an all over tan!

I wore a variety of small thongs at the other pools too because Venus pool only got sun between 1-4pm because of the Augustus tower.  The new building to the west doesn't come into play blocking in the Fall.

So for the shoulder season don't expect much if any company but very thong tolerant.
sailor250 #139

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:11/07/2009 03:03:58Copy HTML

Oh forgot to mention the big thong ass picture of the showgirl from behind is still up in front of Bally's on the strip across from the Bellagio- must be 4 stories high- probably the biggest thong picture in the world.   That's been there for over 5 years now- doesn't look faded- has probably been replaced yearly.
luvnmythong #140

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/06/2009 08:27:36Copy HTML

I may be going to Vegas this Winter.  I understand that the Tropicana is the only hotel with an indoor pool.  Anyone know anything about the Tropicana pool?  Is it thong friendly?  Is there anywhere else that has an indoor pool?
chasnsx #141

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/12/2010 10:26:37Copy HTML

The Platinum Tower has a pool which is half indoor and half outdoor.  See my report above.  I've never thonged at the Tropicana but I have worn a small Dore bikini there and not had any problems.
missrebecca #142

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/13/2010 08:01:47Copy HTML

Can someone recommend a hotel in vegas that is not that expensive but still good? If it's thong friendly then that would be even better :)  My friend and I are planning our first trip in April!

BaltoBob #143

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/13/2010 04:53:34Copy HTML

First time visit,  you want to be on the strip (Las Vegas Blvd). Most of the really cheap places are NOT on the strip. I would recomend the Flamingo. They have an adult pool that is free to hotel guests ($10 for men NOT staying there), I'm thinking it will be open in April. I comp rooms at most of the Harrahs places, I like the Rio best but, you have to take the shuttle to the strip (Paris or Harrahs). Also, do NOT rent a car. Take the double decker bus that runs the strip ($7 all day). Tropicana should be a little cheaper. They have had SEVERAL owner changes the last few years. I'm not sure if the promised improvements have been done yet. I'm planning a trip for Presidents week. Might walk down to Trop and ask around.
missrebecca #144

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/14/2010 05:32:26Copy HTML

I've never been to Vegas so I'd like to stay on the strip somewhere. Any more suggestions would be awesome!

Idunk2 #145

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/13/2010 07:53:11Copy HTML

Has anybody thonged here.  I am planning a trip to Vegas and would like to thing here, but I do not like to thing in an unfriendly crowd. Any experiences you would like to share would be appreciated.  
sailor250 #146

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/13/2010 08:44:53Copy HTML

Better hurry----I was there last Oct 25th I think - and it was closed for the season, reopen in April or May they told me.  There are some reports around from the place.  Didn't sound great but the place may be what you make it and fun can vary with the people there that day.

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/20/2010 08:18:12Copy HTML

This is a great place to wear a swimsuit thong.  I have gone there at least 30 times.
Johnny111 #148

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/06/2010 11:16:59Copy HTML

I'll look it up as soon as I leave the "board"  I am planning several trips to Vegas over the next couple months and am hoping to find a spot and some fun people to pal around with.  any other advise!
chasnsx #149

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/13/2010 04:34:43Copy HTML

 I just returned from a long weekend in Vegas.  I stayed at the Platinum again.  Even in the middle of winter, the pool was open and heated, and the best part was, no one was using it, even in the evenings.  If you are looking for a quiet pool in Vegas that is open through the winter, the Platinum has it.

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:12/13/2010 04:49:36Copy HTML

I love the Platinum pool.

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