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invin #151

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/10/2011 06:10:31Copy HTML

Yeah I really dont understand why people get mad at people in thongs. Or even guys in regular bathing suites for that matter. Your getting in the water! Shorts are so uncomfortable..specially when you walk around with wet shorts on lol. I mean I do want to get a tan all over rather then the bottom of my legs. People in America are so immature! Most people dont care about regular bikinis for men..I wear one at my workout club..and majority of the people are fine with it. But, I guess the workout club I go to has a lot of international people as well. And they are mature and dont care at all. its when they get americanized they get all weird.

My family is crazy. The women in my family act like guys cant wear anything but shorts to our knees. However, they run around in little biknis. I questioned one of my girl cousin..I said why dont u wear shorts to your knees?? And, see what you would rather wear?  She had no comment for me lol. I really dont get it?? They act like their grosed out when they see guys half naked. Then I here from one of my other cousins..that if she sees the front private area of a guy she gets all horny. So some women are hypocritical. And the drok shorts men are worse!!

When u think about women wear what men and women both wore for most of humanity. Both use to wear skirts and toga style dresses and hardly anything when they jumped in the water..egypt/romans/indians the list goes on! Better clothes for the heat. Althoug..islander wear skirts..so u can get away with it in hawaii. Anyway People use to wear what was practical. Although, now everyone is so immature and act like its something horrible. And, it's just the human body!

So i am realizing the americanized society is very new compared to the rest of the world..and have no clue!  Its all about marketing really. American men are in control, and they dont want to see other men in skimpy swim wear..but they want to see women..so its more common for women then men to dress in less. Its how this country is. They want to control the style. Just look at the recent beer commercial telling us that bikini style swimwear for men is not popular in this country lol...u have to wear dork shorts( and are shorts are getting longer every 10 years..pretty soon we will have to wear pants in the water lol) You can see its all about control. If men went along with it..then most women would not care. Its just this society.

Funny.. I went to my waterfront and wore a bikini style swim wear..pretty revealing. I heard 2 girls talking..and one said do u see what I see?? And it sounded like they liked what they were seeing. Soon she came over to me and asked me if I wanted their papaer magazine because they were leaving. She was hitting on me..and was really hot! And I failed to hit on her back. Dam I am mad i didnt haha. But you know..she was with another lady. If she was with a guy friend.. i am sure she would act discusted and make fun. So I think some women dont really mind. But my cousins act like its a sin for guys to wear skimpy swimwear. But yet they get boob jobs and let them hang out lol. So I dont get it..but I am not ashamed anymore
nicksthong #152

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/10/2011 06:27:47Copy HTML

Invin, you are thinking the right things.It sounds like your cousins are idiots. 
invin #153

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/10/2011 07:08:01Copy HTML

yeah they are not to fare
invin #154

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/10/2011 09:13:13Copy HTML

Any updates on the best hotel for a guy to wear a thong at in vegas? Friendly staff etc? Most the posts are a little old. I just called the mandalay bay..and the girl I spoke with acted like she did not know if any guys wore thongs there. (maybe because she is on the graveyard shift lol. Sence some of the posts are little old..just woundering the best hotel to stay at for thonging at the moment in Vegas?


notherbigr #155

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/10/2011 03:01:04Copy HTML

Invin if you think it's only America where guys predominantly wear board shorts you got another thing coming if you ever leave the country.  Most all of Europe has effectively gone to board shorts on men, at least young men.  Most all of South America is in board shorts.  Etc. Etc.  That's the facts. 

You might also work on your grammar while you're reevaluating your stances...
invin #156

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/10/2011 11:41:11Copy HTML

Oh wow sorry gees. I better wear shorts in Europe then. I dont want to get whats coming to me if I wear something else. So really the style all over is board shorts on men now? I heard differnt..but I guess I was wrong sorry!! The shorts are getting so long they are pretty much pants not shorts anymore anyway. Crazy!
invin #157

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/11/2011 12:09:07Copy HTML

My grammar is not the best.  Although if I take my time and write it comes out nice. And, I am not reevaluating my stances. The world is being Americanized plain and simple. I just did not know that Europe went to board shorts.
jamesparker #158

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/14/2011 10:58:24Copy HTML

There is great combination between pools and parties in Las Vegas.Vegas Pool party is famous and I enjoyed the parties during my last  trip.
dondonna #159

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/15/2011 09:39:01Copy HTML

I haven't been to Vegas in a couple of years now, but the last time I stayed at the Luxor.  That place is due for some updating.  At least the pyramid is.  I think the tower is nicer at this point since it's newer.  But that's beside the point.

I've always thonged at the Luxor and have never had a problem.  The first time, I was in a pretty standard thong then wore a g-string the second day.  Sure you may get some snide comments, but they're rare.  Mostly, the comments are positive and will generally come from women.  I've never seen another man in a thong there, but have seen a few women thonging there.

JM_Runs #160

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/07/2012 05:43:53Copy HTML

Las Vegas adult and topless pools open for the season


A pool summary from Usa Today. 

•MGM Grand's Wet Republic  (where "European sunbathing" is not allowed) opens Friday. This is one of the bigger and more raucous party pool complexes in Vegas. Celeb hosts have included Lindsay Lohan.

•The Mirage's Bare Pool Lounge — tops not required — puts out the velvet rope March 12. Britney Spears is a fan: A spokeswoman says she has been at the pool a few times. Other celebs who have sunbathed or performed include Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars, Michael Jordan, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tommy Lee, Slash, Courtney Love and Will.I.am.

•Aria's LIQUID Pool Lounge  has a March 15 opening date. Celebs at LIQUID have included Kelly Osbourne, Carrie Underwood, Audrina Patridge and Carmen Electra. Gleek alert: Glee star Mark Salling will host March 31.

Encore Beach Club , the only party pool where cabanas back onto Las Vegas Boulevard, launches Saturday March 17. The huge party pool with stripper poles and multi-story cabanas at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas will be open just on weekends (except for Easter) until the "grand opening" April 21. Stars splashing there have included swimmer Michael Phelps and Baywatch legend David Hasselhoff.

Azure Luxury Pool  at The Palazzo, a small and calming oasis, reopens March 23.

Mandalay Bay's "toptional" Moorea Beach Club  has a March 29 opening. Vegas party pool aficionados will remember that it tried requiring covered-up chests, but is now back to topless sunbathing.

TAO Beach  at The Venetian, an intimate Asian-themed hipster haven usually opens the first weekend in April. No date is set yet, but in all likelihood that will be the weekend, a marketing staffer said Tuesday.

"Ditch Fridays"  afternoon bashes at the Palms Casino Resort  start again April 20. No musical headliner named yet, though past performers have included rapper Sean Paul.

Venus Pool Club , tucked away in Caesars Palace  Garden of the Gods pool complex, is due to open April 20. Topless sunbathing is allowed.

The Marquee Dayclub  at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has its grand opening Saturday, April 21 with Avicii aka Tim Berg. I had to look it up: He's a Swedish DJ and musician whose hits include Seek Bromance.

•The biggest, baddest pool party of them all — Sunday's REHAB  at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino — isn't back till April 22. This one draws thousands, including lots of off-duty strippers and other Vegas workers. This year, the REHAB Pool is being called "Paradise Beach," encompassing sandy shores and swim-up blackjack. It's also host to Relax Mondays and new Summer Camp Fridays.

Those who are new to party pools should know that they typically operate in the daylight hours, feature lots of (loud) music, pricey rental cabanas with bikini-wearing hostesses and perhaps access to private plunge pools. The splashy venues are open to non-hotel guests.

Locals often get in free, and sometimes women do as well. As at nightclubs, management wants lots of pretty women as lures, so, men, expect to shell out more, especially at a topless venue.

As for more traditional hotel pools, many already are welcoming swimmers. Mandalay Bay's huge swimming area with sand beach, lazy river and wave pool just opened.

sailor250 #161

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/07/2012 10:19:49Copy HTML

Had the opportunity to hit some of the Vegas pools lately.  Because of the business I had to take care of I was able to schedule my afternoons pretty free.  The weather has only recently gotten very warm and the weekend I arrived it hit 100 F. Be aware the most thong friendly pools are usually run as Pool Parties or Pool Clubs and their purpose is to sell the most drinks, and get the most money out of everyone.

My favorite was Caesar's Palace Venus pool.  First arrived on a weekend afternoon and because it was around noon not many were there yet which meant the "hosts" had their teeth out.  They have these guys "hosts" who will try to accomodate your needs for a cabana (thousands of dollars) or day bed (hundreds) or lounge chair (hundred) but if your talk them down as I did  I got a $50 drink minimum and no rental for a chair.  They didn't have a cover charge- no they want much more!  Later in the day could have done better, on week day later didn't have to pay minimum or a cover.  Was able to wear a tan thru G string no problems, had several positive comments.  It was funny to see a guy walk by and give a high five with "hey props on the bikini" or "you got the balls I don't have bro".  The funniest from a young girl was "I like it when I can see your maracas there" pointing to my crotch. The crowd is pretty young.  Most days only a few chicks topless and a few in thongs.  One Sun. there was a superhot chick TNG without any tanlines.  There are dozens of "security "guys walking around I guess to make sure no one does drugs, never gave me a problem.  Remember these are essentially bars so they need to adhere to ordinances.Drinks are around $20 each.

Next favorite was the "Naked" pool at the Artesan Hotel which is way off the strip.  Went there on a weekday, only a few people there- most of the day at least a couple to four topless chicks, one TNG, one TNT.  They didn't charge a cover and drinks weren't too expensive.  It's a weird hotel, and has a restaurant and afterhours club, so if you stay there the place is packed all morning long.  Wore a G string no problem.

I was in the Mirage, checked Bare and they wanted $30 cover and $50 minimum, no chair on a weekday and it looked dead- didn't go in.

Went to Tao Beach three times.  First two days just said I wanted to "lay by the pool" they id'd me and gave me a wristband, I grabbed a towel went in and sat dangling my legs in the pool or laying right beside.  Weren't many there, no one topless, only one chick in a thong. It's small but with surrounding cabanas out of sight of the pool The security guys walking around were cool with this, second day was greeted with a big "hiiii" by the 30 something female manager.  day one wore a Dore Low cut thong, next day a Dore very low G string, same thing four hours.  Drinks are $16.  Then the third day I do the same strip down to a Dore very low V string but things turned out different...more on that later.

The Flamingo Go pool is an adult pool not topless, not cool not that nice, poorly maintained, more like a big nice Days' Inn pool.  Wore a Dore Low cut thong there with a lot of cat calls and gasps, whistles, don't bother.  No beautiful people either.
sailor250 #162

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/08/2012 01:14:30Copy HTML

Sorry to keep you in suspense the phone was lighting up this morning - business first you know.

So the third day (two days after the last appearance) I strip down at the Tao Beach and five minutes later a security guy comes over and says "Bro you gotta put on more clothes"  So I put on a bikini I had with me.  I was sitting on the edge of the pool.  Then a "host" guy comes up and says "you're blocking the walk way"  ( what there aren't 20 people there, no one 20 feet from me)  "I'll comp you a lounger"  So I said OK.   So the waitress comes up to ask if I wanted a drink.  I asked her about the dress code and she said "I don't see why not"  I asked if I could talk to the manager.  So about 10min later here comes that lady that said "hiii" just a couple of days before while I was "blocking the walkway " in a g string.  She said "we allow topless but men have to wear speedos"  I asked why girls were wearing thongs and she said "well everyone is the same they have to wear speedos too"  I said what- there were chicks here all this week in thongs and I wore the G string and you just said "hi".  She said "sorry that wasn't corrected before"  "let me buy you another drink"  Remembering that I saw a billboard right outside the airport with a chick 's ass in a thong and the slogan  "for serious sunbathers" "Tao Beach"  I got up the billboard photo on my phone and walked over and showed it to her- said "false advertising?"  She said "oh it's cute".  I said come on what's going on?  She said she was told all guys had to wear at least a speedo.  She said "do you want me to ask my general manager again?"  I said forget it, I'm leaving soon anyway. 

So I think that someone in management either heard about me from earlier in the week and said- no we can't - or the GM saw me on security cam and radio'd security and the manager to dress me up.  About the blocking the walkway- I think I irritated them that I didn't buck up for their minimum- or the GM thought it looked uncivilized to lay on a towel at the edge of the pool.  BTW 3 days, maybe 12 hr and no topless chicks- the place was dead anyway.  The prerecorded club music was lousy compared to the relatively good live DJ at Venus on Sun and Fri I was there.  Where ever you go prepared to be "owogga'd" to death- heard it every hour all day in Vegas that week (that's a Calvin Harris song)

Bottom line (not a tanline) if you go there be prepared with a back up suit!
OS777 #163

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/08/2012 03:52:27Copy HTML

 Hi sailor,I lived in Las Vegas for 13 years and never gave any thought to visiting the resort pools (other than at Mandalay Bay Moorea Beach). Vegas is such a rip-off for every good reason in the world.  I would drive to San Diego to visit Blacks Beach where it is free as well as clothing optional and NUDE! I wore the smallest and most provocative gear I could fit into. I would never ever recommend that anyone ever take a vacation in Las Vegas. Vegas was not built on winners...  Think about what I just stated.  Blacks Beach at La Jolla, San Diego, California or Palm Springs but never ever will I visit or waste one penny in Las Vegas.
tanlines2thin #164

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/08/2012 01:18:04Copy HTML

personally, i loved the reviews of the vegas hotel pool scene.......i'm not too crazy about all the j-ass security types running around, acting all nonchalant gestapo and all, though......geez it's 2012........the world is gonna end in about 7 months - but the splash is in 3 months..whew - what a relief.........anyway, what is the big freakin federal case about skimpy suits and going nude - in vegas of all places.......eye-yeye-yeye!!!!
abczyxabczyx #165

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/08/2012 11:35:49Copy HTML

Vegas is not worth it.  Management is more concerned about taking customer money than providing a good time for guests.  The thing is that every hotel is that way.

sailor250 #166

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/08/2012 11:44:00Copy HTML

yes understand that these "clubs" are really "bars" not parties. 

There are calmer places in Vegas but probably not as thong friendly and not topfree either.

About the Venus pool they search you before you go in...some clubs have had trouble with drug dealers.  You can't take gum, candy, much less water, food.  They make guys take off their hats to look under.
bbyrne78 #167

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/09/2012 12:24:55Copy HTML

I don't get the whole European pool gimmick. It feels fake and forced. Part of me thinks that the gimmick for topless women is a draw to get seedy guys to pay jacked-up prices for alcohol and ogle women.

In the rare instances that I have felt liberated enough to not wear a top, it is often in areas which are secluded, private and safe. I feel that the Vegas pool scene is none of these things.

sailor250 #168

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/09/2012 12:42:39Copy HTML

The very small number of women who do go topless speaks to a number of things- including that most girls aren't ready for it.The proportion of topless women with breast implants is probably about 90% in Vegas.  That said I'm surprised more women aren't proud enough of their breasts.The guys there are respectful of the topless women didn't seem to oogle or make uncomfortable.  Most doffing their tops seemed encouraged by their boyfriends or other girlfriends.  There were few where a group of girls tried it at once like I've seen on South Beach.
barklee #169

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/09/2012 11:59:16Copy HTML

Lady andgents I have found that the Venus pool at Caesars, the pool in the far end ofthe Rio and Mandalay Bay Moora Beach are the best for wearing a thong. On allbut one occasion I have been the only male in a G-string and have never had anyproblems. I have always a lot of fun and received lots of compliments. Lastyear the waitresses at Caesars wanted a picture so I obliged (See my profile). Ialso posed with about 3 other girl’s one of which was topless and in a thong,the other in a G-string and bikini top and the other in a skimpy bikini. Theguest DJ for the weekend gave me a shout out and the pool crowd roared. OMG itwas a blast. However it was expensive about $200.00 for drinks and $50.00 for acover charge but I was out there for 7 or 8 hours and the other two day therewas not a cover charge... The Rio was less expensive about $125.00 and a $50.00cover not nearly as wild but a lot of fun none the less. 1 other guy in a thongbut he didn't stay long. I know Vegas is expensive but when I figure theairfare and cabs it works out for me. When people ask me about wearing aG-string I tell them I just here to have a good time, see a show, eat at somefantastic restaurants and catch some rays. I’m not obnoxious, not gay (but ifpeople want to assume that’s ok) and respectful of peoples spaces. Vegas is notfor everybody but I like it. I do want to go to South Beach and Black’s beach inthe future but Vegas fits my budget.
tanlines2thin #170

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/10/2012 12:05:58Copy HTML

hell, dude, if you can afford vegas - in the wallet as well as your daring-do - you should think about joining us at the splash, in lauderdale, come july.......we're gonna have a hoot.......consider it - a complete weekend of total clothing-optional indulgement, fun and frollic.......
OS777 #171

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/10/2012 05:23:56Copy HTML

Dear Barklee...
I am not a math major but for $125 I could have a great room at Hotel Circle in San Diego's Mission Valley not too far south of La Jolla, drive to La Jolla, see La Jolla Cove, visit La Jolla Shores, then see the Scripps Aquarium, and then either walk up from La Jolla Shores free public parking north up the beach to Blacks Beach or drive up to Jonas Salk Institute (the hand glider airport) then walk done one of the trails to Blacks Beach. There is not one justifiable reason to waste your money in Vegas.  I worked in the casinos for 13 years and saw millions and millions of dollars lost by visitors over those years. Vegas is total hype.  Totally smoke and mirrors.  Nothing, and I do mean nothing of substance.  For those who have thousands of dollars to throw in the direction of the casinos got for it.  Winners are few. The hype of a resort having a topless or nude pool is highly over rated. You of course know the story of the King's New Clothes, right?  Well if you wish to pay an entry free get bled dry on drinks and not get to wear what you came to wear... well you now have had an expensive education 'Vegas style'!  Vegas is not worth the effort to even investigate on the web.  It is total hype and is boring as well as super hot during summers.  Save your college fund and stay home or go to Palm Springs or a local nude resort if you must display yourself at a nude pool or beach. You will be better off financially. Of course Vegas does cater to drunks, gamblers, druggies, people on the run from the law, losers, and the homeless. Which of these do you wish to rub shoulders with?
JM_Runs #172

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/10/2012 01:32:19Copy HTML

 I feel like the Vegas pools are for the ladies to wear thongs and topless and the men should be in board shorts with beer bellies and shaved chets.  Not my scene rather go to europe. It would be annoying to be they only just in speedos or a thong in vegas no much attention.  Seems like alot of hype. Of course being married I get see my wife topless or naked thats enough for me lol.
barklee #173

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/10/2012 04:32:54Copy HTML

OS777 -  I guess we have determined that Vegas isn't for everybody and it dosen't sound like we will be bumping in to each other out there. Have a great summer...
BaltoBob #174

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/10/2012 06:07:55Copy HTML

This might interest some.
g_stringmelbboy #175

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/11/2012 10:40:45Copy HTML

I was in vegas last summer, Found like most of you that Venus pool at ceasars is the best pool.
I wore a tiny black skinzwear G. I didnt have any hassles, even walked to the bar to get grinks.
Heaps of females went topless, but I find the really hot girs are most likely to also wear G's.
Had an arkward monent when my bag was searched and the security guy pulled out a tiny white G out of my bag.
He left that, but did take my gum.

I liked that Venus wasnt a club during the week, but more somewhere to relax.
tanlines2thin #176

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/11/2012 11:10:43Copy HTML

the more that you guys and gals write about this vegas pool thing, the more i think it is such a waste of time.......like one previous poster cogently noted - 'vegas is more interested in taking customer's money than providing customer enjoyment'

i hate to say it like that, cause i love most of vegas, but this vegas pool scene just sounds like nothing but an insulting rip-off....case in point - since when did ya have to go thru airport type security to lay in the sun at a hotel pool........eye-yeye-yeye......unfortunately, the value system of this country has enriched way too many people without a drop of sense about what is right and what ain't in their heads......ou, ain't i makin' a remark, there..... 
sailor250 #177

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/16/2012 12:47:02Copy HTML

Hey there's a celeb chick wearing a thong at Tao Beach on the "orange carpet"  bet they don't make her dress up

Dominiq  Storelli

pkthong #178

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/16/2012 08:33:03Copy HTML

 I haven't been to many pools here in Vegas. I wrote about my experience at the Venus Pool last year (Caesar's Palace). Based on the recent experiences of Sailor 250 and others I feel that the whole dayclub scene is geared towards "Jersey Shore" types.The general acceptance of men in minimal swimwear has decreased, whereas ten -15 years ago it was more acceptable.
 I think that the prevalence of camera phones causing people to be more cautious, for fear of landind on a site like beachcreeps or something.Also the prevalent "Jersey Shore" uniform of being tan, ripped, and in board shorts for men especially after one of the stars of that show expressly disapproves of thongs on men. Keep in mind that I have heard regular "Speedos" referred to as "man thongs".
I would not recommend going to a crazy pool party event such as "Wet Republic" or "Rehab" wearing minimal gear for guys as you will probably be ridiculed or humiliated. Going to the "Venus Pool" at Caesar's or other such lower key event or venue should be OK.
It is a sad state of affairs, but there are always events such as 'Sunsplash' in Florida where we can find sanctuary,Sorry I probably won't be able to make it to Fort Lauderdale but I hope it turns out to be awesome!!
sailor250 #179

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/17/2012 02:38:41Copy HTML

One thing I forgot to mention about the Vegas pool visits was that cell phone cameras were in constant use at all the places.  A few years ago the Venus pool had signs everywhere and people telling you NO PHOTOS.  I guess they figure it can't be enforced.  And the low number of bare breasts makes it meaningless.
sailor250 #180

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/27/2012 05:13:36Copy HTML

Here are some pictures of Coco hosting a pool party at the Venus Pool in LV.  Bet because it was a "special event" all the tops had to remain on!

jn9195 #181

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/09/2012 05:17:29Copy HTML

In Las Vegas, the smaller "regular" hotels are much more fun for pool activity than the big hotels & casinos.  All the prudish Americans will be packed at the pools and casinos on the strip while you'll find more foreigners (meaning more tolerant and accepting) at the smaller hotels. I'm not saying that big hotels won't have non-American visitors. I've been to many of the hotels and motels, just a few blocks to a couple miles from the strip, and I've spent entire visits in thongs & g-strings. No cameras flashing, no rude security guards, no super-model-looking-thong-wearing hired help to attract drooling-trashy-guys to the pool.  Just you and the other hotel guests... some in thongs, most of them not, but no rude comments or objections from anyone.
pkthong #182

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/22/2012 08:55:35Copy HTML

 I am off work 7/23-24. Was wondering if anyone in town to hang out at a local pool. Not looking for a "hookup", I am a happily married straight guy, just looking for company male or female.

JM_Runs #183

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/02/2012 03:32:56Copy HTML

I'm going to be in the LV area in a few months.  Two years ago I was told to "cover up" at the Encore, but thonged all day at the Caesar's Venus pool.  I decided to contact a couple of the chain's management to determine if thongs are acceptable for men.  Caesars, Rio and the Palms all said that thongs are NOT allowed for men (in any of their pools), and that only Speedo type suits are.  I found that funny because of all the reports I've heard about the Venus pool (and my own experience).  I think this is just management covering themselves in case you show up and they don't want you there that day.  So I'm going to the Venus pool anyway - if they tell me to cover up, I'll just go elsewhere (Luxor I've heard is good, or maybe Mandalay bay or somewhere). Their loss!
20897 #184

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/02/2012 06:29:05Copy HTML

Cyberluc that's a bummer, but like you say it is probably management covering themselves. I have worn a thong or g-string at Mandalay Bay a couple of times and at Caesars Venus pool 4 -5 times without any problems. I like the Venus pool because it's long enough to swim laps. Most recently we have stayed at the Wynn. I wore a g-string at there european style pool for three days without any problems.  
abczyxabczyx #185

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/04/2012 06:42:22Copy HTML

Las Vegas is existing on its old reputation.  They like to call it "sin city" but the proper wording is "sans sin city".
I also find it ironic that they use the cliche "whatever happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas".  First, something has to happen in Las Vegas for us to want to keep it in Las vegas.
There are better places to visit where you will have fun without having to deal with hotels and their "night club bouncer" type of attitudes.

barklee #186

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/08/2012 03:19:01Copy HTML

Cyberluc, it has been my experience that most of thehotels that you mention have an “adult” pool associated with them. You may havecontacted the people that manage the actual hotel pools.
 For example I have hadluck thonging (and having a great time I might add) at Caesars “Venus pool”which is actually rum by the people that run PURE nightclubs and they are very accommodating.A lot of children are at the rest of the Caesars pools so that may be why theygave you the answers they did. Women in thongs, g-strings and even pasties cango to any of the pools in the Caesars complex. The RIO has the VOO pool and Ihave found the same to be true there. I believe they lease VOO out to anothermanagement organization Thursday thru Sunday. I personally have never had anytrouble at the RIO even in the middle of the week. Moorea Beach is the “adult”pool associated with Mandalay Bay / THE Hotel and I have found the same rulesapply there. Men in thongs and g-strings are good to go at Moorea Beach howeverit women only at the Mandalay Bay pools and women can wear thongs, g-stringsand pasties. The Wynn has an adult section that I have also enjoyed whilesporting a g-string but to be honest I have not been to the Encore. “Sveltman”just got back from Vegas, Caesars Venus pool to be exact and had a wonderful experience.The Mirage has BARE which I thought was ok (Overpriced and crowed).
I haveheard that “Naked” (topless only really) at the Artisan is fun if youare staying there and I don’t know if Beach Club 25 at the Stratosphere stillis open. Any way there are a lot of places in Vegas for men to rock a thong andif you want a sure bet then go to the Venus pool at Caesars“and forget about it”. I hope this helps.
muzz #187

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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 Was just in Vegas stayed at the cannery hotel which is located away from the strip.   I wore JS thong, bulge thong,muscle skins thong and MS Rio back,suits.  I would throw them into a pile and pick one to wear and away I went. No issues and it sue felt good to get some sun.walked to and from the bathroom or into the pool etc with no problems.  Decided to be confident and just go for it. 
sailor250 #188

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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Anyone else been to the Artisan Hotel "Naked Pool"?  See my above post about it. It's low key topless/thong vibe would be the best place for holding a thongers' pool party.

I saw this funny review of the hotel on TripAdvisor.  This guy and his wife are apparently sometimes nudists and stayed at the hotel.  He talked about spending the morning naked at the "naked pool" but said he wore a thong later in the day when more people showed up.  Well the management reply to his review in addition to addressing his other comments said sometime like "I don't know how the guest was naked at the naked pool, it's top optional only"   Oh well you use some term in marketing and when someone takes it literally you're puzzled?

barklee #189

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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I don’t of any Hotel pool in Las Vegas where anyone can go completelynude. Unless he got away with lying on his belly and no one noticed, if youhave “your goods” exposed you’re going to be asked to cover up if not arrested...Even at the “Naked Pool”.
sailor250 #190

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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I think the upshot of that guy's comments were that he'd gone nude for some time in and around the pool that day- don't know who was around- but he wanted it known he got away with it.  Seems completely possible from what I saw there- it's a quiet place on a weekday afternoon/morning and usually few/no employees around, no security cams that I saw- and then they's have to be monitored watching live.  The place is alive all night and on weekends!
sailor250 #191

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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for when it's too cold outside I can recommend the Qua spa at Caesar's palace....been there a few times.  The sexes are segregated but it's all clothing optional and I never saw any guy with any clothes on, and few bothered with a towel to cover.  There are great hot and cold pools  big enought to swim around in and spa tubs, great places to lay around nude without a care.  Dry and wet saunas too. It's not too cheap but if you stay somewhere cheaper just spurge on this.  It's too bad they don't try to mix it up and maybe a few hours a day allow a coed clothing optional experience so couples could be together....maybe after 5 pm the mens' side could be coed??  I'd bet they'd have either fewer men who wouldn't dare be seen nude leave and a bunch of horndog guys show up to see chicks- probably would have to make it couples only???

upthecrack #192

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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I found this link for you on the pools in vegas. Give great info on whats open and whats heated.


luvnmythong #193

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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Upthecrack:   Thanks so much for this information about Vegas pools.  I will be there in two weeks, along with another thong board member.   Perhaps we can visit one of the heated pools while there.  I was not aware of any heated pools that were open year round.   Now I know!!!!
sailor250 #194

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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They're building a new Sapphire Pool Club in LV. It's going to be an "almost topless"pool chicks must wear pasties??  Wonder how this is going to turn out?  Better than last time they tried this at the Rio??

abczyxabczyx #195

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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 Las Vegas is overrated.  There is more hype than substance.
sprockettooth #196

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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 I'll be in Vegas in late Feb-March.  If it's warm I may try to thong at a pool.  Any thoughts on which "on the strip" hotel might be most accepting?
OS777 #197

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/10/2013 06:11:17Copy HTML

Las Vegas winter can be very cold. Never expect to enjoy a nice dip in the outdoor pools.  It may be near freezing during the day during the depths of winter. Yea, Vegas has the reputation of being hot during summers... But winters are just the opposite.  You will find outdoor jacuzzis that are heated but don't go all the way to Vegas expecting to get a sunburn in the middle of winter.  You may get a cold or freeze in the process. After having lived it that miserable town for way too many years I would head to southern California to sun on the beach. It has lots of beaches, wide and often nearly empty during winter days.  Vegas for those who don't have a clue is for losers!  Yea, I did say losers and I mean it.  I working in casinos for many many years and watched stupid assed tourists blow huge sums of cash on what Vegas markets as "fun."  Fun as I define is having a good time and not going broke to visit a fool's paradise.  Take you money elsewhere.  The local police department are a bunch of bastards.  They are called "Metro PD."  I have absolutely not respect for them.  This is the only police force in the USA that I have absolutely no respect for.  They earn that reputation daily!  I have seen them pull over very elderly woman, have them get out of their cars in the middle of the afternoons when it is 117F and pull their bully tactics on these old ladies.  For the foolish tourists they can and do get roughed up. Try riding in an elevator at county jail and have your lip and head busted by them only for them to claim that you lost your balance because you were either drunk or on drugs.  Not for me. Never will I ever visit or spend one penny in that town.  15 years of working in that town has taught me to take the cash as a trades person and keep a clean nose and avoid that desert rat hole and let stupid tourists learn about Vegas the hard way. I would recommend that people thinking of going to Vegas go see a head shrinker first then buy tickets to Southern California or Florida and avoid Vegas intentionally! 
sprockettooth #198

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/10/2013 06:40:00Copy HTML

  Warm or cold, I will take your advise and avoid the Metro police.  I do however remain optimistic and expect to have a good time while in the city.  Many people seem to enjoy Las Vegas.  I hope to find joy and happiness durring my short visit.
JM_Runs #199

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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OS777, other than that did you like Vegas okay?  LOLI am sure you have had some bad experiences but we haven't.  In fact, we are retiring there in about a year because we like the place.  We used to live in South Florida and we liked that, too, but Vegas is better for us.  Doesn't make either one of us an "idiot," it just means we had different experiences.
Everyone's experience depends on what you want and what you do.  That's true everywhere.  If you hang out on the Strip, well, duh, of course everyone is out to take your tourist money.  It's like that in every tourist place.  Hang out in South Beach for a while and get back to me about how "cheap" it is.  If you live in a nice gated community in Vegas, like to go to the shows, spend your days biking/riding/running, hike Red Rock Canyon or Mount Charleston, swim/tan in your own pool, and hang out with friends and relatives, you can have a completely different Vegas experience away from the tourist traps.  We stayed at Texas Station Casino several times last year.  We walk right past the gambling stuff, eat $10 prime rib, and go bowling for free that's included in the $40 room.  Yeah, who wants to live in Vegas and live like that and pay NO INCOME TAX and not worry about hurricanes or tornados.  My Florida homeowner's insurance was $3500 a year when I lived there.  The savings pays for me to drive to LA or fly to Florida whenever I feel like it.  Yep, sure is hot in summer, that's why God invented air conditioning.  Wife's relatives all live in Vegas, they work in the casinos, earn good money, and laugh at the tourists, then go home and BBQ and enjoy life.
OS777 #200

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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 Dear Facelessdrone2005,I can't remember many hurricanes from my many years in and out of Vegas. It is really two cities. The strip and everything else. It gets hot and stays hot for 6 or 7 months. Yes it is cheap but it does get tiring seeing tourists (okay I lived in many resort towns around the world). Vegas is a magnet for losers, con-artists, gamblers, drunks, dopers, idiots, and runaways. It gets old and it goes through too many cycles of boom and bust. So your relatives work on the strip.  Okay but there are many many long time residents who don't have jobs. Lots of gang problems.  Lots of crime finds its way to Vegas. It is an isolated island in the middle of a desert! It does get old. Just cause you can find a cheap meal does not make it a great place. I used to buy a complete prime rib dinner, with baked potato, salad for only $1.99 at Binions on Freemont after 11pm, or up in North Towne (North Las Vegas) and many many other small casinos scattered about the valley. When you need a taste of reality you haul ass to LA or San Diego.  Homes are still underwater (not due to hurricanes) throughout the valley.  I would recommend that you rent before you buy. It is wise advice to anyone moving to a new town where they have limited experience from prior visits.  Be ready to go through culture shock. It gets old to see the number of homeless people (equal the the amount in LA!!!). Be careful and don't get your hopes too high. It is sweet when the economy is booming but a living hell when it goes bust!
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