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sailor250 #201

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:01/14/2013 02:48:27Copy HTML

It's exceptional but I just checked todays stats at McCarran airport- check this out!  Low was 28F High today 38 F!!!

Are you wearing a Missile thong or is that an icicle??
sailor250 #202

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/01/2013 01:14:36Copy HTML

TNP thong and pasties OK at Sapphire pool

lvcaveman #203

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/03/2013 08:45:40Copy HTML

 i have thonged in vegas at a few spots. The bestthongs seen was at the stratosphere adult pool.  there were several men and women in thongs on the days i visited. forget the exact name on what they called it or if it is still around. the artisian is a other spot that was thong friendly.  
BeachLover007 #204

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/12/2013 04:55:46Copy HTML

I went to Venus @ Caesar's yesterday for the pool party.  Wore my US Flag thong from Wings.  One of the guy staff members told me I was showing him up coming from the gym all shaved and wearing my thong.  Told him he could do the same and he said if he was on vacation he would!

Several good cheers from the guys at the pool and several women told me they loved my thong.  They called me Captain America and told me several times I had a great ass and they wanted to feel it :)  Spent probably an hour or more talking to them and hitting beach balls around with several guys.  Didn't have one negative comment from anyone.  Waitress told me at the end she loved my thong I was wearing.  Def will go back there.  Felt so comfortable.  There were 6-8 other women in thongs.  Most of them were also topless.  What a great day!
pkthong #205

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/13/2013 10:25:58Copy HTML

 So glad you had a good time. Were there any other dudes going minimal? Good to hear a positive experience once in a while.
barklee #206

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/14/2013 01:22:07Copy HTML

And that's why I go to the Venus pool BL007!!! Lots of fun every time I go!!! I'm glad you had a great time...,
BeachLover007 #207

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/14/2013 03:59:35Copy HTML

 No other guys going minimal but everyone loved that I did.  Cheers from guys and good comments from girls.
BorisVI #208

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/20/2013 10:47:25Copy HTML

 I'll be at the Luxor all this week and taking a wait and see approach. It appears to have a large pool area.
BorisVI #209

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/23/2013 11:11:33Copy HTML

So far at the Luxor pool, a few German men in a group in speedos in a remote area south of the main pool. Today I spent in Primm but when I returned at 3:00 I saw a beefy guy in gold minimalist trunks, very board member worthy and evenly tan. He looked great but left before I could get to the pool unfortunately. I did a double take because he was situated out front at the main pool. I'm pretty sure he wasn't a mirage. He made my day.

The women are a wider mix of thongs (<3%), rio and full coverage (>80%). There appears to be a lot of Brits visiting this week and the resulting very fair or pasty pale coloring or sunburned, lobster red skin. Sometimes it is painful to see. There are a lot of strapless suits which tend to make the women less curvy even if they get rid of the tan line. I think they are the only suits that don't work for very fit women.

The Luxor has a gay Sunday event each week called Temptation (aka meat market) at the pool with the expected few guys in brief swimwear, no thongs and no women. Lesbian couples tend not to like these kinds of events.
barklee #210

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/16/2013 01:19:43Copy HTML

Has anybody stayed at the Artesian Hotel In Las Vegas and used the Naked Pool? More specifically I know women can were nothing but a G-string while at the pool (it's advertised as a "European pool". Can men wear thongs/G-strings while at the pool? Thanks in advance... B
sailor250 #211

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/16/2013 09:42:46Copy HTML

Last Spring was able to check out the Artisan Hotel pool on a weekday- see paragraph above about it.  Would like to know what it's like on a weekend and what it's like to stay at the place as far as pool access at night is concerned.  The place has a busy nightclub and restaurant and heavy security due to cover charges, etc, so don't know if guests can use the pool at night ?  The big strip hotels close their pools at night- want you to go gamble and also don't want drunks drowning and ruining their reputation.
sandrhymes #212

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/15/2013 08:00:22Copy HTML

 After spending the first part of my vacation in Palm Springs, I went on to Las Vegas.  It has been a long time since I have been here.  Again I wanted to move around and try to stay at as many places as possible. 

The Rio has an adult pool called the Voo.  This pool is no longer topless.  Beautiful pool with a waterfall, go-go dancers for entertainment, and refrigerated water which feels great to get into when the temps are over 105F.  One other thong here, and one bikini rolled up into a thong.  Several of the girls liked my suit and spent quite a bit of time flirting.

The Golden Nugget has a topless pool called the Hideout.  Spent a day there, and was really disappointed.  The pool is very nice, with great bar service, but no one was topless and no other thongs but me.  Had a group of girls that kept pulling me off my lounge and into the pool with them (which was fun) and several guys that came over to tell me they liked my suit.

Moorea Beach at Mandalay Bay is a topless pool.  $50 for a single guy.  Decided to go here, and was hoping it would not turn out like the Golden Nugget.  Fortunately, there was a lot of topless and thongs present.  I was the only guy in anything small.  Drinks were $18.  Great time, a lotta fun.  Spent some time talking with other guests, and a number of compliments on my g.  They have a DJ, and the music is loud.

The Artisan has a small topless pool.  I was there on a Monday, so there were only a few people around.  One other guy in a g, and one woman topless.  They have scheduled parties each week, and the rest of the time the pool is open at no charge to guests and visitors.  Nice place.

After two weeks, I came back a little poorer, but with some great tan lines. :-)

1Tinysuit #213

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/18/2013 12:28:10Copy HTML

 Wife and I just got back from Vegas. We stayed at the MGM. First day at MGM was good. As soon as we entered the adult area pool we saw a guy wearing what looked to be a Skinz Sunseaker rio right by the pool steps.  We set up about 30 feet way from him and quickly stripped to our suits. Wife had on her purple Skinz thong and I had on a black Muscleskinz poser thong. It was great at that pool no one seemed to care what we were wearing. Also saw 4 women in Rio type suits that were practically thongs and 3 guys in conservative speedos. Day two adult area was closed so we got 2 chairs on the lazy river area. Wife wore a black Skinz thong and I wore an army green Mucsleskinz poser thong. It was an even better day for thongs, we saw 4 other women in thong backed suits and 3 girls in Rio types. The highlight of the day was these two hot older women who had been hanging out near us in the lazy river. I had just gotten out of the water and was laying on my back, a few minutes later they get out of the pool and one of them comes by us and slaps my ass as she walks by. I thought it was my wife, but she said it wasn't her. I then look up, and one the ladies waves at me and gives me a thumbs up. That was super cool it was probably the highlight of my pool time. Wife laughed and said I guess you have a fan club now. Day 3 was similar setting up by the lazy river in our thongs. We saw one super hot lady in a black g-string, a couple more guys in conservative speedos and so many rio's that I lost count.  Also saw a younger college kid wearing a Borat type neon green sling thong in the lazy river. He must have had 10 people come up to him and ask him for pics. Overall MGM is very thong friendly. Nobody seemed to care what you wear wearing. If you wore it wife confidence, no one gave a shit. After this experience I have a hard time believing that Vegas is not thong friendly. We 100% would go back. 
ocspeedokid #214

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/17/2013 11:38:45Copy HTML

 Anyone going to be at the MGM or signature this weekend? Ill be there friday and Saturday. 
ocspeedokid #215

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/20/2013 04:55:03Copy HTML

 So I am a the MGM signature pool right now and there  is a group that seems to be from Europe. The older guys are in speedos and all the  women are in rios at the most- mostly thongs. There adrenal to be a coupler- gay- both sporting  smalll light blue and green js thongs. We are all starting to drink whoch helps.  One o the older guys has switched to a thong- older kind. Very hi cut all black.   I am here in provably the smallest suit- a muscleskins thong with micro pouch front. Black. Although it is the smallest, I think the other guys in the js thongs are waaay more revealing. You an see the full outline especially with the color they choose.  I wish I could walk around in a clingy js thong around family!!
1Monte #216

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:09/21/2013 08:22:31Copy HTML

Your writing is obviously better when NOT drinking!!  lol   Good report!
BorisVI #217

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:10/08/2013 03:36:49Copy HTML

Back from my Las Vegas stay at New York New York. The pool is relatively small in the back of the hotel and there is just one pool flanked on both sides by walkways to the parking area. The shadows start hitting the pool around 3:00 PM so it isn't well designed. Overall, the crowd was very disappointing in both size and attire. The men's minimalist suits during the week ranged from very low rise boxer briefs, sort of euro looking, to very conservative black speedos. The Mr. Olympia competition was taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center so it was a bit surprising to see so many roided up guys in such baggy swimwear.  On some days there were no speedos and my impression is the ones I did see were on foreign guests. The women at the pool tended to be older and very conservative, even the two piece swimsuits were full coverage back. Again the age factor was very evident as the younger crowd had better things to do than hang out at NYNY's unattractive pool area. I did see one female thonger my last full day there but she stay at her lounger the entire time. For avid thongers I would mark NYNY off the list. One note I did see several women in suits with metal hoop connectors in the front, the type popular in the 70's - my mom had one for years she thought made her look thin. I guess everything is revived eventually. 
vinylthong #218

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/21/2014 02:31:19Copy HTML

Hi all I'm going to Las Vegas for a week on business is there any place I can goto wear a thong or a bikini. Is there anyone out that way would love to meet another thonger out there.
JM_Runs #219

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/21/2014 08:16:24Copy HTML

Well, sorry to burst your bubble but I live out here and I'll tell you, it's only about 65 degrees right now.  It starts in the 50s in the morning and gets up to maybe 73 in the afternoon if you are lucky.  I feel happy when I can take off my coat and just wear long sleeves and an undershirt, although perhaps I am just cold blooded.  I'm not sure the local hotel pools are even open yet, because they've been advertising for lifeguards and wait staff for the pools.  In short -- I wouldn't plan on doing a lot of thonging in Vegas right now.  Maybe in a month.  Heck, I want to go to California for some thonging but it's too cold for me there right now, too.  That's why we are headed off to Mexico in two weeks!
jn9195 #220

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:02/25/2014 08:55:29Copy HTML


When are you going to be in Las Vegas?

I was forced to schedule one week of my vacation that does not include a holiday (not sure why, new management).   I was going at the end of May, now it is scheduled for the first week of April.  Not sure if I'm going to Las Vegas or Florida (from the Midwest).  

I've been flying to every vacation for the last four years.  This time I might just drive to Florida and drive down the east coast, all of A1A again.  I did that once, about 10 years ago... ready to do it again.    But I also want to return to Vegas...  I can only take one week at a time (new management, again), so I only get 9 days (weekend, 5 days vacation, weekend).

jjoohhnnyy #221

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:03/10/2014 01:20:41Copy HTML

I've been in Vegas for the last 2 weeks for work. The weather has been amazing. 75 and sunny everyday. Since I'm here for so long, my work put me in a condo type complex instead of a hotel or casino. The day I arrived I was given a tour which included walking through the properties two pools. Even though the weather was perfect there were very few people using the pools, I counted 10 people where there could have easily fit 100. I asked where all the people were, the tour guide replied the complex is only about half full. There was a few girls I'd say late twenties laying out. Both in bikinis, one of which had a small back, no way a thong, but a half back. After we walked past them and were about to leave the pool area I causally asked the guide if people can go topless or if thongs were acceptable. He said topless no, but he has seen people in thongs there and management has not had a problem with it. I just smiled and kept walking. Four days later I finally got an afternoon off. I walked through the pool area on the way to my room. At he first pool there were a few families with kids but the second pool was almost empty. Just one couple, and 3 people sunny alone, one was an older guy in a square cut speedo. The spot I wanted was even open. It was in the corner where no one really had to walk past. I set a few work folders there and a towel to hold my spot and went back to my room to change. I changed, just a black thong with one inch sides and a normal front, nothing crazy. Before I knew it I was standing next to my lounge chair. I kicked off my shoes, took off my shirt, took one last look around, still just 5 people around this pool, no one really watching me that I could tell. I pulled my shorts off and laid down buns up.  No issues what so ever the whole day. I stayed for about 2 hours. Went in the pool to cool off a few times.  The only time someone said anything to me was when someone from the management was giving another tour to two women and an older guy. I'd say the women were in their 40's. They walked right in front of me while I was laying on my stomach. One of the women stopped and asked if I was enjoying my stay here, I replied absolutely. She just smiled. I'm hoping to get another afternoon for more perfect Las Vegas thonging!

DesertThong #222

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/02/2014 09:17:53Copy HTML

Stayed at Flamingo last year and was ridiculed for wearing a thong, by the younger drunker crowd. Not my best day thonging. Next day went to Caesars pool and had no issue with the thong at one of the back pools. Paid the fee to go into the Venus (European) pool a couple times and had lots of positive comments about my older Skinz gold thong ("You really know how to wear a thong. Looking good Goldmember. I really like your thong." etc) and was asked for pictures a couple times. No other guys in thongs. There were a very few girls in thongs (one said "I think your thong is smaller than mine" and we stood on the side of the pool, shook our booty, and got hoots); several were going topless as lunchtime turned into mid-afternoon. I got some stare that seemed to imply that I shouldn't be wearing a thong. But that happens everywhere. 
The second day I tried a black Skinz G. More sedate crowd as it was a Sunday and there seemed to be more locals - I think they get in free on Sunday. Lots of stunning ladies...including one I had seen the previous day: Veronica from Chicago (I think) was perfectly tanned with no tan lines that I could see, a 10+ body, and was quite pleasant to talk with. It made my day to be seen with her.
Going to Vegas in a couple weeks - let's hope for heat. It's only in the 50s today, but supposed to get into 80s next week. I will probably try to thong at one of the upscale adult pools. I hear Wet Republic at MGM is good but have not been there. Would also like to try the Encore.
njthonger #223

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/24/2014 11:56:45Copy HTML

Heading out to Wynn...how is pool for thonging?
JM_Runs #224

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/24/2014 06:09:28Copy HTML

Dunno anything about the Wynn -- all I can say is that if you actually intend to swim, you'd better hope it's a heated pool.  I live in Vegas and we just had a windy cold front move through.  It's beautiful weather now but not all that warm and my home pool is a very frosty 71 degrees right now.  And that's with the solar heater, too.
nycthong1970 #225

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/24/2014 08:37:16Copy HTML

 I was at the Encore a few years back.  They have a European pool and you could do it there and should be fine.  I wore speedo at the main pool.  Was the only one and it was fine.  It's a great hotel
njthonger #226

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:04/28/2014 12:05:58Copy HTML

 Thanks for the feedback!
JM_Runs #227

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/02/2014 10:03:14Copy HTML

 My wife wants to go to Las Vegas.  After reading the Las Vegas postings on Thongboard it sounds kind of hit and miss.  I don't want my wife to hear people snickering or making comments.  My wife prefers that I do not wear small bikinis in public and that would only reinforce her attitude.  Does anyone think it makes any difference if you are wearing a half back bikini or a thong (as far as attracting unwanted comments)?  It seems to me that it would not make any difference since the vast majority of men will have long baggy shorts on.  I prefer half backs over thongs but I think still too skimpy for the general public (unless you are a girl)
Barklee1 #228

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/06/2014 02:13:31Copy HTML

 I highly recommend Caesars Palace the Venus pool. I have never had a problem their. If you want to try another place just make sure they have topless sunbathing as the crowd is much more open to thonging than a younger crowd... Just my 2 cents worth... 
JM_Runs #229

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/27/2014 06:28:54Copy HTML

 I am in Las Vegas this week.  I will be staying at 3 different hotels.   The first 2 days are at Caesars palace.  In 2 days I saw 1 man in a regular full cut bikini.  All other men are in knee length board shorts.  I saw 1 woman in a thong.  All other women either wore a conservative bikini or showed a little ass cheek.  I wore a half back and stayed glued to my chair when sunning and put on some shorts when I got up.  I took the prize for second smallest bikini at Caesars these 2 days among men and women.  I will let you know how the next 2 hotels are<!--[if !mso]>st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:"Table Normal"; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-style-noshow:yes; mso-style-parent:""; mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt; mso-para-margin:0in; mso-para-margin-bottom:.0001pt; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:10.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";}
sailor250 #230

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/29/2014 12:46:05Copy HTML

 I think it's because you're in the wrong place- just being in Vegas- we can't generalize.  You have to understand the people at the pools are from all over America and not really Cosmopolitan- as some have pointed out otherwise they would be in Monaco or somewhere else.Try the topless pools you'll see a different at" tit" tude there!  See posts above just avoid Tao Beach Club- or maybe not??
njthonger #231

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/29/2014 11:07:08Copy HTML

 That is disappointing. I am heading to Wynn later in month and hoping to speedo or thong there....was the mood any different at the topless or European pool there or at Encore?
JM_Runs #232

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/29/2014 05:04:07Copy HTML

njthonger, I live in Vegas and I love it here -- but it is what it is.  The pools at the casinos are advertised as parties and the advertising promotes whoever is the DJ.  A friend told me that the pools are just wall-to-wall people and loud music, no opportunity to swim even if you wanted to.  Sounded enough like a meat market to me to thoroughly turn me off -- I have my own C/O pool at home!  I would expect a crowd of board shorts guys thoroughly fueled up by liquor who are there to stare at breasts (from what I hear, they don't have many breasts to stare at).  This does not seem like a formula for an enjoyable day of thonging, unless you were with a group of other thongers (say, you and your significant other, and another thonging couple).  Maybe it would be different early in the day before the crowds arrive, I dunno.  IMHO you would be better off to go on down to Palm Springs and visit a nude resort there -- or just drive on to Black's Beach in San Diego -- because you are more likely to encounter like-minded and accepting individuals.  Or, maybe even contact the Las Vegas Bares.
JM_Runs #233

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/29/2014 09:20:23Copy HTML

You are so right (facelessdrone).  I deleted my post from yesterday because I re-read it and just seemed like I was whining.  So today I went to the Encore European pool thinking maybe it would be different.  Same shit.  A 1000 guys in long shorts.  I was the only guy showing his ass.  The women wear what they like and many show their ass.  I am not comfortable around all these board shorts men when I am showing my ass.  It's just no fun.  Unless you don't give a shit then clothing optional is the way to go
RapidBlue #234

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/29/2014 09:37:47Copy HTML

 I know what you mean Mark. I too am uncomfortable in situations like you experienced. I have found that Vegas can be a bit too intimidating with all the boys casting remarks and other impolite things toward anyone who does not conform. I have been to some of the smaller properties without all the difficulties that I have seen at the larger properties. Even in a Speedo or bikini cut suit the big properties seem to not have anyone in anything close to as small or well fitting. I have found that the smaller places have been more friendly, although you will not have much action around the pool. I agree Palm Springs is much more relaxed. 
pkthong #235

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/30/2014 06:56:24Copy HTML

 Hey Mark, props to you for trying! As uncomfortable as it may have been; I am sure that you got at least one of those guys thinking to themselves" that dude has got some cajones, I wish I was that brave" .  I am certain that there was a girls who was like" that's HOT!". The thing is you will probably never hear it because they are all sheeple. They are out there but too scared to speak their mind. Also I am sure some of them never realized that such attire existed for men( have you been to the mall lately?).
  Don't let this color your whole attitude towards the minimal  swimwear thing, I am sure you will have an awesome experience sooner or later.
JM_Runs #236

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:05/30/2014 01:59:54Copy HTML

 They have a sign at the so called Europeon pools here that say no cameras.  They should change it to say no cameras and no board shorts.  If you want to wear board shorts then go to the regular pool
jn9195 #237

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/01/2014 03:55:30Copy HTML

I've never enjoyed any of the big, popular hotel/casino pools.  When I go to Las Vegas, I usually stay at a smaller one off the strip. 

Some think it sounds a little cheap, silly, or whatever to go to Vegas and stay at a "regular" hotel.  We started doing that after being disappointed with the big resorts (the overcrowding, no room to swim, no thongs, tons of dork shorts) and during periods while prices were extremely high such as during holidays.  We also used to live in Las Vegas, only for a couple of years.  A job took me there and then it brought me back to the Midwest :(   I should have just stayed there and given up the job.

We also used to go to Lake Mead.  I've seen more thongs and topless women there than at any of the hotel pools.  You'll even see some nude women or couples.  But now the water is so low, I wouldn't know where to go to get to a decent spot on the lake.  Another bad thing about Lake Mead is the rocks, you'll need some shoes.  The "beach" is rocks and shells and can be overcrowded with large groups just hanging out and not even getting in the water or even into swimsuits.  Even in the water, you may be in a very rocky area.  And then you have to drive for miles & miles, then go on some rough trails to get to some of the good spots.  Anyway, lots of money in gas to get there to have fun.  That is a bigger gamble than the slots; burning lots of gas, traveling to the lake, and then sometimes you just might be the only ones there.  What fun is it if no one sees you? :)   Anyway, we used to go there a lot on Sundays while we lived there.  Don't have time to risk it on vacations and we haven't been there in five years now.   We've just been choosing Florida for every vacation.

Sorry for getting off-topic of the fancy pools...  I sort of miss Las Vegas and I sort of don't miss it.   If I had my choice, I'd split my time between Florida & Nevada, with an occasional trip to Southern California.  Hopefully, we'll get in a Hawaii trip soon. Haven't made it there, yet.

barklee #238

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:06/04/2014 03:25:05Copy HTML

 The topless pools are the best ! More "accepting" people at those pools. At Caesars I recommend the Venus pool. I have never been disappointed there. You may be the only guy in a thong bit you will be the most popular!
barklee #239

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/20/2014 03:23:11Copy HTML

 I tried the Artisan hotel (the naked pool) on Saturday. It was awesome! The facility itself was ok, the service at the pool was also ok but the people at the pool were amazing. It was a "couples only " event. I was allowed to stay because I was a guest of the hotel and probably because I was wearing a g- string myself. As it turned out I was the only guy in a g-string but was complimented several times for doing so. I was even asked to dance on on of the two stages they had set up. I declined as has hadn't had enough to drink at that point. I took advantage of the bad service to get my own drinks and did a lot of walking around and was asked to visit by several people . I will be going back today ( I am staying here) and see if the crowd is as fun as it was yesterday. I was going to try the Sapphire pool but was advised not to by one of the dancers there. She said it was about a 7 to 1 ratio of guys to women and these guys aren't the most " open minded" when it comes to a male wearing a g-string, I think I will take her advice...
barklee #240

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:07/26/2014 01:03:27Copy HTML

 On Sunday I again hung out at the naked pool. Scheduled was a "Latin" pool party which was a lot of fun. Not a crazy as the day before but still plenty of open minded people topless and in g-strings. Myself and another guy who was there with his girlfriend were the only two guys sporting g-strings. Very fun couple but they only stayed until 3:00 pm. I had a crush on the "Houuka girl" so I spent a lot of time standing around puffing that stuff with her. She loved my pierced nipples and g-string so I let her see as much of it as possible. Everyone was very nice (mostly locals). I will definitely go back again for a weekend getaway... Lots of fun a great people at the artisan! 
Barklee1 #241

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/19/2014 02:23:39Copy HTML

 Will be at Caesars Palace Venus pool Thursday and Friday of Labor Day weekend and at the artisan pool Saturday and Sunday. I has such a good time at both pools last time I was in Vegas. ( I didn't report on Caesars last time but it was a lot of fun as well). I will start my observations Thursday evening and let you all know about the vibe of both places. I was told by a sapphire dancer that I probably wouldn't be very popular at the sapphire pool wearing a thing/ g -string with all the guys that want to just see half naked women while their. She said the dancers would love it but they are in the minority so I will pass in that pool. Try and get out you all over the next couple of weeks! I can't believe the summer is almost over...  
sailor250 #242

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:08/30/2014 07:02:29Copy HTML

 Hope Labor Day was HOTHey where's the Sapphire pool now?  I know they had  a Rio pool for a while- thought the contract went bust with those drug and pro busts a couple of years ago!  Did they put a pool at the night club building?  That would be handy for the eye candy but you have to remember the eye candy only wants in your pockets and when you're in a G string you can't carry much- would be cool to have the girls TAKE bills from my G string !
How was the stay at the Artisan Hotel aside from the pool.  I heard it's wild everywhere, noisy if you're looking for sleep.  I see reviews complaining about service and cleanliness too???
LakeLife #243

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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 great time at The Flamingo in August. Only one issue in seven days and many more positive experiences. 
mrpba #244

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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 Wife and I will be at the Cosmopolitan first week of October. Wondering if there were any people thonging there, or should we go to another pool that we know we can thong at like wynn, MGM 
barklee #245

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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 Labor Day was fun! Was told there might be too much testosterone at the sapphire pool by a female dancer so I didn't go. Split my time at the artisan and Caesars. Both were great! Artisan is very loud at night and it goes from about 10 at night to 8 the next morning. Hard to sleep! Pool party starts around noon. It a small pool but everyone from the staff to the customers are very friendly. I was the only guy in a g-string but had no problems an was out of the pool as much as I was in the pool and received lots of compliments.Caesars slightly more conservative until about 3:00pm and that's when the alcohol kicks in and then it really gets fun. I will be back to both places Memorial Day 2015 for sure!
JM_Runs #246

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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 Spent a couple days in vegas and thonged at Caesar's.  Tuesday in november, sunny about 70...not bad weather for thonging but hardly pool party weather.  Got there at 11:00, stayed about an hour and a half.  I was in the back at the Apollo pool.  It's the only part of the entire complex that gets sun at 11:00 that time of year.  There were maybe about 20 people.  Some young, some old, couples, mixed crowd.  I layed out in the corner, went for a swim.  People basically ignored me.  Cocktail waitress came by and didn't say a word.  It was fun.  I would thong there again.
sailor250 #247

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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 The new Caesar's "boutique" hotel "The Cromwell" has a rooftop pool deck with  a Day Club.  I was checking it out and ran across this!Dress code: Upscale fashionable beachwear required. No jeans, basketball shorts, boots, inappropriate athletic wear such as jerseys, speedos/thongs or printed shirts with offensive or aggressive graphics.No Speedos!
Maxin #248

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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 This sounds a place to avoid; no Speedos even!
amethyst2513 #249

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

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What other swimwear is there for guys other than baggy shorts?  How are those considered "upscale"?  I guess maybe some squarecuts would pass muster.
mrpba #250

Re:Las Vegas hotel pools - Reports

Date Posted:11/24/2014 06:18:00Copy HTML

 That's just another place I won't give my business in Vegas. There are plenty of other up scale places that except minimum swimwear , wynn , palazzo, Cosmo . That's the places I've Been an had no problems. 
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