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Date Posted:08/20/2014 06:59:15Copy HTML

I have been on this board for years although I haven't been active recently. I have spent a lot of time on a Flickr and have many pictures posted there. I have been a thong wearer for 20+ years probably and have tried different variations of pubic hair and body hair. As I have gotten older, I have gone from trimming my body hair and 2 winters ago I took the plunge and shaved my entire body from the neck down.  WOW what a great look and even better feel. Wife was a bit unsure about it at first, but has since warmed up to my smooth body.  Only a comment or two from the neighbors, but I am way over that.  My problem was when I first started shaving, was the stubble that appeared later in the day.  I bought an epilator that worked better but took a lot of time and hurt like crazy.  I looked into professional laser hair removal, but never got the nerve to go for a consultation and pricing. I knew it was expensive and that was an issue.  Which brings me to my topic of conversation.....
I looked into a Tria laser and read a TON of reviews online. Some were good and some were not.  What prompted me to buy it was a friend on Flickr that had one and highly recommended it.  I got it in November of 2013 and have used it off/on since. I can say that I am now nearly hair free on my entire body as a result.  I absolutely LOVE the device and if mine broke today, I would buy another one.  While I am not completely hair free, I am very close. I look and feel smooth all the time but there are some very fine hairs that grow back from time to time. I typically shave once a week to clean up those few stray hairs.  I haven't been as diligent on using the laser this summer so it is still a work in progress.
The only downside on this device is the amount of time it takes to laser your body. Each zap is about 1/4" in diameter. One charge on the device lasts on full power for about 600 zaps and that will take you about 30 minutes in time. 600 zaps will do about 2/3 of the front of one upper thigh.  Takes about 2-3 hours to recharge before you can use it again.  There is a slight tingle when it zaps you. Similar to someone popping a rubber band on your skin. Only lasts for a brief second.  Pain is MUCH less than using an epilator.  If you follow the directions of: 1. Shaving in the shower as close as you can 2. Dry your body 3. Laser away.  They key is being closely shaved prior to use. If you miss a spot or don't get a spot real smooth the zap pain will be more intense and can be down right painful!
Nothing sexier than wearing a thong and being completely smooth to boot!
NudeNArizona #1

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:02/07/2015 07:27:17Copy HTML

 We have our hair laserd off at a laser hair salon, as long as you can deal with being COMPLETELY exposed to your laser tech, we think it is the best way to go!!
jprob50 #2

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:02/08/2015 03:07:22Copy HTML

I'm planning to have laser from the waist down in the next few months. I own a Silk'n IPL removal (made by the same comapny as the Tria), however, it didn't work at all for me. It was a total waste of money. I also have an epilator, whick works well, but does take a bit of time....My advice is to skip everything else and go for laser as  early in life as possible.
NudeNArizona #3

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:02/08/2015 01:14:43Copy HTML


I agree and wish I would have had laser hair removal years ago, now know what it is like...

I go in every 6 weeks now for two 30 minute sessions back-to-back.  Since I am having everything below the shoulders done. The laser tech was very professional and made me feel as comfortable as possible considering I was completely naked in a well lit room for an hour. I don't think any Dr. has examined me as thoroughly in my entire life. On my first visit the laser tech It is so much less hassle than shaving every other day
amethyst2513 #4

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:02/09/2015 04:14:09Copy HTML

I had my entire groin and crack lasered off a few years ago.  Went through 6 sessions of about 45 minutes each I think it was.

Long story short:  It didn't work and I will never recommend it to anyone.  If it did anything, it was maybe able to knock out about 15% of my total growth and that's it.
SolarOne #5

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:02/09/2015 09:39:29Copy HTML

 @amethyst2513, Just wondering how far you spaced out the treatments. But, it really depends on the right setting used. Too much and you'll have red marks, too little and it won't work good. 
rosemke #6

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:02/09/2015 10:04:14Copy HTML

 Have had  bikini area  @@@@@@ and balls done by Genie Hair Removal Laser  6 or 7 sessions  and it worked very well.

amethyst2513 #7

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:02/10/2015 01:59:16Copy HTML

 They were spaced about 6 weeks apart, and I have medium brown hair, so it should have taken.  Maybe the people who did it were morons.  I always saw a different technician and even had to complain about one of them because of her bedside manner being so terrible.
sandrhymes #8

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:02/10/2015 04:57:54Copy HTML

 I decided to make a water conservation contribution to the California drought, and instead of wasting a lot of water in the shower shaving, to try laser hair removal.  I bought a Tria laser and am about 2 months into the process.  This laser is only supposed to work on darker colored hair and on someone with light colored skin, although I think I have noticed that some of my lighter colored hairs have gone away.
I have never gone to a salon for professional hair removal treatments, so I can't compare.  I can say that using the Tria is a process that requires time, dedication and persistence.  Your hair does not all grow at the same rate and some hair cells are dormant during one treatment and re-activate afterwards so you will have to go over the same area probably numerous times.  Some areas are very painful and need a downward power setting adjustment and some areas are almost insensitive.  Also, in some areas the hairs seem to be deeply rooted and are difficult to treat effectively.  Again persistence is needed.
About 2 months into the process I am seeing very little new hair growth in some areas, and not much difference in other areas.  In areas where the hair has regrown you can tell that some of it is less coarse than it was before, and overall progress is being made.
I think this whole process will take at least 6 months of continuous work (1-3 treatments on most days. Each treatment takes 20-30 minutes before a recharge is necessary).  After that I am sure occasional touchups will be needed.  If you want to try the Tria, I would say that it is cost effective compared to salon treatments, but at $500 it is not cheap, and it requires persistence to achieve the kind of results you are looking for.
upthecrack #9

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:02/10/2015 06:49:56Copy HTML

As with Sandrhymes, the Tria worked great for me.
I do a touch up every now an then with the laser and occasionally make a few swipes with the razor. I would say that 95% of hair is gone. :)

NCThonger #10

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:02/11/2015 03:23:49Copy HTML

 I am with sandrhymes and upthecrack the Tria Laser has worked great for me. I have very little regrowth on most of my body as a result. It does take a LOT of time as sandrhymes said but if you follow the directions and stay the course, I believe it will work. I need to get mine back out and begin touching up parts of my body that I didn't finish the job on. Once warmer weather comes, I will do that.
NudeNArizona #11

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:04/14/2015 02:49:38Copy HTML

 I had my third laser hair removal treatment yesterday and thing are going better than planned and I may only need one or two more treatments..

Yesterdays sesion was with a different technician than my prior two sessions and I have to say the new technician was
Ex_Member #12

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:05/15/2015 03:14:58Copy HTML

I am in the 2 month of working with a Remington IPL Quartz. I am hoping this works as it far cheaper than laser sessions. I was going to leave a little patch but decide all in. I see a little change, I will update
SolarOne #13

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:05/15/2015 07:10:44Copy HTML

 I've had 3-4 laser treatments so far with a Gentlelase Candela laser at a little place that does all sorts of thing skin related. It was with a Groupon. Don't use Groupon...Just see the offer, head to the place in question, see if they can beat that offer or match it. They might only make 50% of the amount you pay, but you pay tax on the whole amount you of the offer, so your better off avoiding them. I paid $300 for 6 Full Brazilian treatments, and I give a modest tip each time(it's only maybe 10 minutes of effort). Tips are questionable to me, it's like a doctors office, or a dentist. Why do we tip service people but not doctors and dentists?

I've had to stop since I like to tan, and they won't proceed if I do tan. So I'll continue back the remaining visits in winter. So far, I see a good reduction, enough so that I couldn't complain. I do have tips though. While you are getting done, stretch your skin out, the laser will get the hairs so much better the less there are in the spot that's being zapped. Don't be shy, and watch that they get everything, point out spots you think they missed. Since you are required to shave beforehand, have a real good idea how far the hair goes and tell them, otherwise they might skimp. A full Brazilian includes all the hair including the hair that crosses over to your legs in the front, and it includes the whole rear crack. The crack is a problem since so many hairs can be coming out of a small area, and it doesn't stretch out. If you want them to do that, they need to get it really good. But remember, if you like silent gas eruptions, it's the hair in there that makes it possible.

The process takes maybe 15 minutes from getting in the room and getting back out, after the first time, The first time involves paperwork, lots of it. The kind of laser I'm getting done with, squirts out a puff of nitrogen to cool your skin down as the laser hits. I only got to level 12, and it feels either like pinpricks or skin pinches. Since it's non-stop zaps for a while, that's the only reason I think it could be a bit much for some people. Nothing but redness when you are done, that for me goes away pretty quickly. I've been to the beach and tanned the same day on that last visit.

I would never purchase a service with this type of laser again. I feel I'd have a much better time with a Nd:YAG laser. But if that laser is as expensive as electrolysis in your area, I would get the electrolysis, especially if I already had one package of treatments.
NudeNArizona #14

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:07/29/2015 07:45:20Copy HTML

 I had another laser treatment today and this session by far was the most painful, but also the most thorough, I had a different tech than before and she did thing completely different than the past two. For one when she started she had me completely remove the modesty towel leaving me completely exposed, and also when she needed to have my parts readjusted she asked if I minded if she poisoned everything to more effectively use the laser.  She also had me lay on my back spread eagle with my feet together and lifted my scrotum with on hand to get the underside.
jprob50 #15

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:03/12/2016 01:27:14Copy HTML

 I'm happy to report that after 4 laser sessions, I'm 99% hair-free from the waist down.....I got in the shower today and prepared to shave my legs before going to the gym....To my delight, it took me about 2 minutes. One or two more sessions, and I will be set. :)
shavedandsmooth #16

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:08/15/2016 05:49:40Copy HTML

 I'm going on 4 years of laser hair removal. I started just with chest and slowly moved to full body. It works very well and is very painful but worth it. only thing is you can only do in the winter months without a tan. Any yes it is uncomfortable being naked for hour or so. but check my pics and see how smooth I am
NCThonger #17

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:08/15/2016 09:18:59Copy HTML

 You are indeed very sexy and smooth! I have used a Tria home laser as well as a Silkn Flash and go and I stay relatively smooth 24-7. I still run the razor over my body about once a week to clean up any stray hairs that may come in.
shavedandsmooth #18

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:08/22/2016 02:24:23Copy HTML

Thank you  ncthonger, I take pride in my smooth body and work very hard. Some hair still grows in the summer time so I shave full body every day in the summer. Very time consuming but you get used to after a while
NCThonger #19

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:08/22/2016 12:51:38Copy HTML

 You are right shavedandsmooth there is something about running the razor all over your body that is very erotic. Since I have used my Tria and Silkn I have very little body hair. I typically shave about once a week to make sure everything is nice and silky smooth all the time.
Chrish217 #20

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:09/02/2016 11:18:44Copy HTML

 First of 6 sessions last Saturday... Too early to tell how well it went but could definitely smell it working.
Everything below mid-chest.
Incognito69 #21

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:10/05/2016 06:13:33Copy HTML

 I got lasered about 5 years ago. Best decision ever
Peck34 #22

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:10/30/2016 12:19:04Copy HTML

 I just signed up today for 8 sessions. Full brazilian, legs, chest and underarms. I hope it works!
SkimpyBather #23

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:10/30/2016 04:50:16Copy HTML

 I have a full Brazilian from laser and electrolysis. I love my smooth skin and am so glad I did this. No more stubble from shaving and I think it gives me a sexy look.
Maxin #24

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:10/31/2016 03:16:01Copy HTML

 Let us all know how this works for you. I usually get waxed but have to do it every 6 weeks or so and can be a drag.
2xist #25

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:10/31/2016 03:55:02Copy HTML

 Waxed every 6 to 8 weeks here...
glam82 #26

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:11/01/2016 12:22:43Copy HTML

 Used to do waxing regularly few years back. Decided to switch to laser as waxing was such a hassle having to go back so regularly. Laser is definitely better, no ingrown hairs, scars are faded, area is much smoother.
gocal #27

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:11/29/2016 03:14:00Copy HTML

 I actually like going in every five weeks and getting waxed.  I look forward to being totally naked in front of my aesthetician.  Just part of being an exhibitionist, I guess.  If I went for lasering I would lose this experience.
Nuwalket #28

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:11/29/2016 03:43:52Copy HTML

 If only they had this in my twenties! But then back in those days hair was considered sexy so go figure. I would like to give waxing a try but out in the boonies where I live it would cost more in gas than the procedure itself! So I will continue with body shaving along with my daily shower because at this age I'm not trying to impress anyone just trying to please me!
bisley98 #29

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:04/13/2017 10:47:45Copy HTML

 I am completely smooth all over from the eyebrows down. I had my prick, bollocks, arse and arse crack lasered a couple of years ago and virtually nothing grows there now. I have a full body wax, including arms and legs and underarms,  every four weeks throughout the year. I go over my whole body about once a week with a razor to catch any hairs that might have been missed, but there are hardly any now. 
Other half follows the same routine (we actually go together for waxing). She is gradually getting her whole body lasered, she has had both full legs done now as well as all intimate areas and underarms, she will be getting her arms done next and eventually her whole body will be done.   
I will be having chest lasered next, and whole body over time. 
I am fully circumcised, like everything on show. Wife has had outer lips removed, inner lips trimmed right back and hood trimmed back so clit and everything else is always on show. Her next step will be to have the rest of the hood and inner lips completely removed, so that absolutely everything is exposed. Once lips and hood are removed, the whole clit and inner holes will be constantly on display. 
I guess you could say we are exhibitionists!

bryn515000 #30

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:04/15/2017 09:38:15Copy HTML

 I read reviews on the Trial laser and decided to buy one. They are a bit pricy but much less than pro laser treatments. My experience has been an amazing success. After 3 treatments under my arms about 90% is gone. Haven't shaved in a couple of months and almost no hair. Same on legs and chest. It takes a couple of months using it once a week after shaving but it works. Blond or gray hair is not affected
NCThonger #31

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:04/17/2017 05:53:58Copy HTML

 The thicker the hair the more treatments required when using the Tria or the Silkn Flash and go. I have used both and now am virtually hair free.
depiladobcn #32

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:05/30/2017 03:02:22Copy HTML

 I have all my body from neck down lasered.  Only few hairs subsist.It took a lot of sessions but now i'm completely smooth as always wanted to be. With my minimal thongs i think i look very nive and sexy. The problem is that this creates adiction. Now i'm thinking of laser by face even i'm thinking to reduce my eyebrows a little bit or even go to bald my head. 
NudeNArizona #33

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:07/03/2017 04:31:25Copy HTML

 Initially my wife wanted laser hair removal for her underarms and legs, so when we went for her initial consult after asking about the procedure she asked if they could also her pubic area and they said YES!  Then as we were talking with the consultant we asked her about procedures on me?  She first asked if she could see the areas that I wanted treated since I have light hair. When we went into the treatment room and I removed all of my clothes and layed on the treatment table with a sheet over me since it was cold in the office.  The consultant came into the treatment room soon after and asked which areas I was interested in getting treated, which I was interested in chest, underarms, and pubic area.  She informed me that effective treatments of the pubic area would be difficult if I wasn't comfortable being completely exposed and that most of her clients who have had the area treated were women and she had never treated a man in the pubic region but she was willing to perform the treatments if I was ok with a women doing them.  I told her I had no issues with a women performing the treatments and she told me I was welcome to keep the sheet on as a cover and would only need to move itas she moved the laser.  This worked initially but soon into the treatment we both agreed that removing the sheet allowed her to get a better angle with the laser and also she was able to reach the area faster.  So we were both comfortable with me removing the sheet and future sessions were performed with me laying on the treatment table nude and her along with other technicians performing the treatments, and since I allowed her to instruct other technicians on the procedure I was given other treatment areas for free.
Chrish217 #34

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:07/10/2017 03:18:41Copy HTML

 6 of 6 sessions done a week ago, everything from neck down except the arms.  Big difference.  Love it.  Less than half the original hair left...blonde ones still there...and much slower growth on the hair that is left.
jefferski #35

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:07/24/2017 08:27:07Copy HTML

 bisley98, You mentioned in your post that your wife is having her lips and hood removed, so that the whole clit and inner holes will be constantly on display.  My wife has very small lips but I'm having a hard time picturing what you describe.  Do you (or anyone else) have a link to any pictures from the internet of anyone that's had this done?  How did she get the idea to do it?
_pinkstring_ #36

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:08/22/2017 09:43:27Copy HTML

 Just ordered a silkn flash n go. Hope it works good as I'm so tired of shaving! 
NCThonger #37

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:08/23/2017 04:25:27Copy HTML

 _pinkstring_ I have had a silkn flash n go for a couple of years now. follow the directions by shaving as close as you can prior to treating that area. If you have lighter skin with darker hair, it will work well for you. Use it on the highest setting but test it in a couple of different places prior to using. Sometimes it leaves a little burn mark if you have darker skin. Don't use right after tanning either. I have done my entire body with the exception of my pubic area. That skin is just too sensitive so I am fine with shaving those parts. BE PATIENT! It will take multiple treatments about 7-10 days apart before you see results. I would say it could take as many as 8-10 treatments before you are hair free in that area. You will see slower and thinner regrowth after 4-5 treatments. Be persistent and it will work. It sure worked for me!
_pinkstring_ #38

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:08/23/2017 08:41:48Copy HTML

Awesome to hear, thanks for the imput!
_pinkstring_ #39

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:08/24/2017 04:02:52Copy HTML

Now if I wasn't so damn tan...
kiyoothong #40

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:04/25/2018 01:35:35Copy HTML

 I'm getting laser hair removal treatment today. It is my first session and I'm sort of nervous. I'm getting my thighs done today, and if I like the result, I'll get laser from waist down.
Just wondering if there is anything I should do after laser. Like what are some post-laser skincare treatments?
NCThonger #41

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:04/26/2018 06:46:28Copy HTML

 Kiyoothong, just follow their instructions. They will let you know everything you need to do. Don't expect much....if any....results after the first treatment. It will likely take several before you see results. Be patient and you will love being permanently smooth.Bryan
SolarOne #42

Re:Laser Hair Removal....

Date Posted:04/27/2018 03:14:44Copy HTML

kiyoothong, I didn't do anything extra or unusual. The key to a good session is shave close and exfoliate. Keep exfoliating so you don't get ingrown hairs.
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