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<BIG>The Thong Wearers Message Board </BIG> is the place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.
The Thong Wearers Message Board The place for people who wear a thong or a g-string at the beach.

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Date Posted:05/06/2018 04:47:19Copy HTML

Quite often, both me and my men have had experiences where we will be some place thonging and other people will shift to skimpier swimwear.  The same goes for going topfree or even appearing in more private places in the nude.  As an example:

Brad and I went to the Outer Banks a year ago and went to a very deserted part of the beach.  No 4x4s, no fishing, not even very many trails over the dunes.  Brad who is extremely casual about nudity had his suit off about a quarter mile from where we came in, while I kept on my G-string bottom but went topfree.  As we walked along the edge of the water, we met a few people.  A young man was running and past us quite closely, he had running shorts on, but seemed indifferent to what we were or were not wearing.  He just said "hi" and kept on his way.  
There was another group of people in a car (they were on a posted no cars area) and they tooted their horn and ask if they had missed the signs about where the car area stopped. Again, they seemed not the slightest bit upset by my G-string or the fact Brad was totally nude, even though they had pre-teen children in the car.  

There were a couple who hiked over the dunes on a very long trail. They seemed to want some privacy, but kept their traditional swimwear on.

Brad and I did the same thing on the same section of beach for three days. On our walks we saw between three and five other people, all of which seemed to not mind what we were wearing at all. Each day the couple who had hiked over the dune was set up in the same place. Each day, we waved at them, and they waved back. On the third day, the lady had taken her top off but still had a more traditional bikini bottom on. The guy was out in the water but got out as we got close, and was totally nude like Brad. Again we waved, they waved back like they had every other time we past them.  

What had happened, I think, was that these people either wanted to try out wearing less before they first saw us, or saw us and decided to do what we had done. In any event, we did not come back again since our trip was over, but we hope that they continued to be more liberated each day. We believe that it was our casualness and "it is okay" attitude, and the fact we kept coming back and were not arrested or something, that encouraged these people to try something new.

We have also laid out on public beaches and hotel/motel swimming pools in our thongs, me sometimes topfree, and have had others emulate us after seeing what we were "getting away with". 

I think that had thongs been more readily available, like reports say they were in the 1970's and 1980's, more people would have changed their outfits.  Having few or perhaps no stores with thongs (especially for men) easily accessible would have let more try out the new lifestyle.  Without such a place to buy appropriate swimwear, people could do like the first couple I mentioned, and just go nude or the women could go topfree.  Now women have more thongs and near-thongs available, but how many will be easily available near the resorts and beaches where people finally get up the courage to try them? 
NudeNArizona #1

Re:Leading the way, thonging encourages others

Date Posted:05/06/2018 05:17:25Copy HTML

Mary,  You bring up a very good point.  I personally have experienced this same action from others.

At a hotel pools, when I wear a G-string,  others can see the management it fine with my choice of swimwear, so the next time they come out to the pool they they have changed down to thongs. 

We walk a very long way to a very secluded spot on a beach where we can go nude. On our walk we wear our micros and my wife top-free. On a few occasions people stopped us and ask if topless was legal. When we told them yes we sometimes noticed that later on they were topless too.

Where nudity is not "legal" we walk far away from everyone else to a spot there are no others and there was no trails leading from behind, so we can go nude. On one trip we made our trek up the beach and when we got to 'our spot' another couple was setup about 100 yards further down the beach. When they saw us coming they both grabbed for their cover-ups.  We had seen they both were wearing thongs and from the noticeably white butts it was probably their first time. 
We set out our stuff and striped down. Seeing us go nude eased their anxiety. After about 30 minutes in the sun we decided to cool off in the water for a while. After cooling off we took a walk down the shoreline looking for shells. The couple were a good 75 yards from the waterline so we just waved as we walked on past. We walked nude for about a mile and did not see another person. Eventually turned around and returned to our towels. On our return we noticed the lady had removed her top and the guy was now laying face down, nude.  But when they got up to go to the water he put his thong back on.

A third couple, both female, who we had met before arrived. They set-up next to us. Then the guy from the first couple removed his thong in the water and walked back to his towel nude, the wife wore just her thong.  My wife, being the outgoing kind, eventually walked over and invited the couple to come and join us but they said they were getting ready to leave for the day.

The next day was Saturday. On the same beach there were about 15 people there when we arrived, including the couple from the day before. Some were nude some in G-string and thongs. No one in traditional swimwear. 
The couple from the day before waved when they saw us and we walked over to say hello. She was topless and wearing a much smaller G-string than the day before, and her husband wore a similar G-string. When we setup near them and went nude he removed his G-string. Later she did too after coming out of the water.
Grabeach #2

Re:Leading the way, thonging encourages others

Date Posted:05/09/2018 11:38:56Copy HTML

Mary; If your interested in reading more, there is a topic "Setting an example, Starting a trend, Influencing others" (last post 09/03/2017) that has 108 responses.

JM; Combine?
mack_back #3

Re:Leading the way, thonging encourages others

Date Posted:07/03/2018 04:12:57Copy HTML

 As my previous post of thonging in gym pool stated being seen by young couple as i entered the whirlpool from the outside pool window from up from  above. 
Well didn't think of it much but seen the young couple today at the gym doing hip thrusts exercises. He is wiry tall male as i looked over they both stared upon me as they remember me well or intimidated for whatever reason. Later they were both finishing the exercises nearby heard the female answering questions from her man. Saying different males have different butt shapes then others. Think she was trying to console her man comparing himself to me when they seen me in the whirlpool. She then began to say,  "she needs to get her butt in shape to be able wear a thong." They both walked away i couldn't believe what i heard surprised she was thonger or wanna be.
 Looking at her she had the big booty but definitely needed to tone up regardless nice to know i gave her unknowingly motivation to work her behind off and her man also.  Before the whirlpool scene of wearing my thong they both looked aimless or had no focus to exercise there bodies in the gym walking around without purpose. Now i see they have distinct goal or focus to work on. Who would of thought not me.
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