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Date Posted:10/01/2004 07:36:10Copy HTML

I'm surprised that I've never read anything about Lido Key, Sarasota on this forum. I used to live in Sarasota, and I was told that thongs were okay on the public beach on Lido Key. If you go north of the lifeguard stands it's very private with lots of dunes. North Lido Beach has got to be the most private beach in Sarasota county. I saw quite a few thongs there without even traveling back into the dunes. I plan to go back there next month sometime. If there is something wrong with thonging on Lido key please let me know.
mrbunz #1

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:10/01/2004 07:36:11Copy HTML

I'm surprised that I've never read anything about Lido Key, Sarasota on this forum. I used to live in Sarasota, and I was told that thongs were okay on the public beach on Lido Key. If you go north of the lifeguard stands it's very private with lots of dunes. North Lido Beach has got to be the most private beach in Sarasota county. I saw quite a few thongs there without even traveling back into the dunes. I plan to go back there next month sometime. If there is something wrong with thonging on Lido key please let me know.
sarasotajt #2

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:10/03/2004 10:12:02Copy HTML

I went out to Lido Beach for about an hour yesterday afternoon. I've seen a couple of people wearing thongs there on many of my visits. I try to take my lunch out there for an hour of sun in my thong once or twice a week. When I go, I head for the main beach parking area (site of the old casino) and just walk north or south away from the crowds. I've been passed numerous times by lifeguard trucks and 4-wheelers and nobody's said a word to me. I've seen women wearing thongs freely right in the crowded family areas and on two occasions I've seen ladies walking along the length of the shore in thong bikinis.

When I go to the main Lido beach area, I don't walk around much. I have gone to Lido's "north beach" which as you say is quite remote and has no lifeguards. I've walked the length of that point several times in my thong. My problem with that area is that it has a longstanding reputation as a "gay beach" and, while you may not see many other thongers, you will see a disproportionately high percentage of men. I've had a couple of guys approach me and one make leud gestures. For this reason, I prefer to lay out along Lido's main beach. I do know that the Sarasota police dept. occasionally runs sting operations at north Lido beach attempting to rid the area of gay prostitution and sex in the dunes or treed areas. For this reason when I do visit the north area I stay out in the open near the water.

Is thonging legal on Lido Beach? I know that years ago the City of Sarasota passed an ordinance banning thongs. Since Lido Key falls within the city limits this ban would presumably apply. That said, over the years I've seen numerous people wearing thongs on Lido beach so I suspect the ban would only be enforced if someone causes a disturbance. I wouldn't recommend walking along the sidewalk in your thong, for example. I was surprised to see a husband and wife pair both wearing thongs right in the middle of the main public beach area at Lido. They had their young son with them and set up chairs and an umbrella. I saw that the lifeguard did notice them but didn't seem to take any action. Perhaps they look the other way unless someone complains. It did seem that the other families sitting near them (who were there first) seemed annoyed at them.


briankay #3

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:10/05/2004 01:44:51Copy HTML

Reply to : mrbunz

I don't see that there's any problem, and no need to "hide" in the north area.

I was there on vacation 1995, 2002, and 2004.  No one said a word, and only a couple of looks.  If you're uncomfortable, probably the best palce to go is where the tourists are, like in front of the Holiday Inn or where the motels start just south of the parking area.  Tourists don't seem to be the complaining type... after all, they're just there temporarily and don' t have the "ownership" mentality.

sarasotajt #4

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/31/2006 04:39:49Copy HTML

Update on Lido Beach - Sarasota, FL

I've had several opportunities to head out to Lido Key beach during extended lunch hours over the past couple of weeks. After months of "not a thonger in sight", I'm finally starting to see a few here and there.

I've seen about seven other thongers (in addition to myself) over the past several visits. The first three were enjoying the isolated beach of North Lido and included a husband/wife couple and another male off by himself (but not hiding in the dunes). I've seen three ladies thonging in the vicinity of the beach pavilion (site of the old casino). One latina walked with her son through the parking lot to her vehicle - presumably to get some money - and then on to the concession stand. All of this in a thong. Today I saw another mature tall blonde walk up to the concession area with her friend.
The weather is heating up, the snowbirds have driven back north, and the thongers are returning to our beaches!

Unfortunately, I've not been able to get out on the weekends or to Siesta Key beach due to family committments.
sarasotajt #5

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/05/2006 05:13:21Copy HTML

Another extended lunch hour at Lido beach. I was the lone thonger. I spend 30 minutes at the north end and then another 30 minutes down by the beach pavilion. Still, beautiful weather and I got some good sun.

Over the weekend I went kayaking in the Gulf heading south from Turtle Beach (south tip of Siesta Key) and paddled to Palmer Point Beach which is somewhat remote.
Most people reach this beach by personal boat, kayak, jetski, etc.
I came ashore well south of the group of beachgoers so that I could walk about uninhibited. For over an hour nobody walked past my towel. I did see two ladies in thong bikinis as I paddled back north. They were with their families.

When I got back to Turtle beach I pulled my kayak ashore and up next to my car, then spread out my towel and laid out amongst the other sun worshipers for another 30 mintues. No other thongers were seen on Turtle beach. I was dissappointed.

sarasotajt #6

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/27/2006 04:06:53Copy HTML

Another nice day at Lido Beach in Sarasota Florida. I took an extended lunch break and got an hour of sun. I was the only thonger I saw. This was the first sunny day following two days of rain and clouds so there were more people than normal for a Tuesday. After an hour at the north end of Lido, I drove down to the main pavilion area to see if there were any thongers there. I saw none, and fewer people overall. This was due to an accumulation of seaweed washed ashore which was a little smelly. I'm sure the County maintenance crews will clean it up before the big holiday weekend.
By stroke of luck on my drive back to work I noticed a lone girl laying out along the causway sunning her buns. Curious why she would stop there rather than drive an extra mile to the beach...

briankay #7

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/27/2006 02:52:29Copy HTML

By stroke of luck on my drive back to work I noticed a lone girl laying out along the causway sunning her buns. Curious why she would stop there rather than drive an extra mile to the beach...


Wow.  That sure is strange.

Must have been a strange day for the fishermen.

sarasotajt #8

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/27/2006 10:47:27Copy HTML

To be more specific: it's really a causway park on Bird Key just after crossing the Ringling Causway bridge. There are more windsurfers, kayakers and pet (dog) owners there than fishermen. There were few other cars in the parking lot that day so she was off by herself as far as I could tell when driving by.
sarasotajt #9

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/03/2006 01:24:52Copy HTML

Just went for a walk along the north end of Lido Beach in my thong this morning. I walked past a few people - no audible reactions though a couple turned their heads.

I saw one other thonger - a latina - with her family.
Beautiful weather this morning but it's getting hot and storms are expected this afternoon as they occurred yesterday.

On Saturday I took my kayak for a paddle down south of Turtle Beach (on the south tip of Siesta Key). I saw no other thongers all day, but I did see numerous turtle tracks up and down the beach from laying their eggs the night before. Cool...

sarasotajt #10

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/06/2006 03:09:53Copy HTML

Another mid-week lunch hour spent at Lido Beach. I started out at the north beach area and laid out for about 30 minutes. Saw one female thonger with her husband who wore a speedo. They were probably european tourists. She stayed belly-up under the umbrella the whole time. I caught a glympse of her thong when she stood up to pull on her skirt and pack up their gear.

I left that area as well and headed south a few blocks to the main Lido Beach pavillion area. There, I was surprised to see another lady thonger with her friend. Seeing an opening in the crowd nearby, I decided to lay out for a while longer too. Both of us were wearing white thongs which looked great against dark tans. After a while, she wrapped a translucent white sarong around her waist and left - probably to run an errand since she left her lounge chair and companion behind. Lunch time was over and I had to leave too. Nice day at Lido.

sarasotajt #11

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/02/2006 04:29:03Copy HTML

Today was a hot but sunny day at Lido Beach in Sarasota, FL.
I took a 2 hour lunch break and laid out in my thong to get some sun - it has been over a week...
The crowd was relatively sparce since it is the dog days of summer and too hot for most folks. School is not yet back in session so there were numerous families with young kids. I picked a place where I was close enough to the water to walk to it but far enough away so that I didn't crowd passers-by and other beachgoers who had already set up. I saw no other thongers during my hour and a half on the beach. However, two young foreign girls soon picked a place relatively near me to set up their umbrella and spread out their towels. They wore bikinis, but with "brazillian" to "rio" backs which occasionally rode up. After a dip in the ocean, they both came back to their towels, removed their tops, applied sunscreen, and laid out chest up. They were down closer to the water's edge than I and they were closer to the life guard tower. People did look them over as they walked by but nobody said anything to them while I was there. Sadly, I soon had to leave and return to work.
sarasotajt #12

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/16/2006 04:32:49Copy HTML

Another hot, humid lunch-time escape to Lido Beach today.
The beach was uncrowded. I laid out and ate my lunch near the north end of the life-guarded public beach area. After a half hour of reading I went for a walk almost to the northern tip of the key, passing a few other people as I walked in my thong. After rounding the point I saw only men on the beach ahead of me so I decided to turn around. Two or three were wearing thongs or g-strings from what I could tell, the others wore speedos. No female thongers were seen at all, although there were a number of cuties in more modest bikinis.

sarasotajt #13

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/31/2006 01:15:33Copy HTML

Taking the bad with the good at Lido Beach...

I spent almost two hours on the beach the afternoon of Tuesday, 8/29.
I'm sorry to report that the beach was nearly deserted and even sadder to tell you that the reason it was deserted is RED TIDE. Uhhhhh! Yuk! Dead fish lined the beach and the smell was pretty bad. Still, the sun was out and I decided to tough it out and get some sun. A few other hardy souls did as well. I walked in my thong all the way to the tip of north Lido beach passing the usual collection of men. One wore a thong but the others were wearing speedo-style or board shorts.
I returned to my towel and lunch near the life guard tower. As I approached I passed right by a young couple who had just arrived and were scanning the beach for a likely spot to lay out.
They said nothing but walked only a few yards away and set up their chairs, umbrella and cooler. From their conversation I suspect they were German as I couldn't understand them.
The very attractive blonde removed her skirt to reveal an orange Y-back G-string bikini and she looked fantastic. After sitting in their chairs a few minutes, she stood up with her backside to me and applied sunscreen everywhere. Remember, this beach was nearly deserted yet they set up only a few yards from me. It was difficult not to gawk but I think I faked being asleep pretty well. She spread out a towel and laid out. I suspected she wanted to expose more and, sure enough, after about 10 minutes she removed her top. Her boyfriend/husband was between her and the lifeguard tower so she was being discreet - not that the lifeguard would care. Soon, a small group of people approached and she put her top back on. Just before I left for the day, the couple went for a walk past me towards the north end of the beach. She was really spectacular. What a lucky guy. He wore those square-cut compression short style bathing suit which is at least a little better than board shorts...
The next day, tropical storm Ernesto passed over Florida but has caused no damage to the Gulf coast beaches.

sarasotajt #14

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:09/08/2006 04:39:12Copy HTML

Visited the beach again today. It was nearly desolate.
The red tide is really bad; smell is nauseating.
I'd not recommend anyone plan a beach trip to Florida's Gulf coast until late fall when the cooler weather dissipates this red tide algae bloom.
Head to the Atlantic coast instead.
sarasota JT
sarasotajt #15

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:09/25/2006 03:59:05Copy HTML

Lido Beach.
3rd day of Fall, 2006

The red tide is in recession!
I got some sun during my lunch hour today. The beach is nice again and there were a number of folks out enjoying a beautiful Monday afternoon, though it was by no means crowded. I saw no other thongers, just a couple of skimpy bikinis.

Over the weekend I also went kayaking down at the south end of Siesta Key, stopping to eat lunch at Palmer Point beach which is accessible only by boat. I was the only thonger, all the rest were families and couples out enjoying the afternoon. This beach still smelled due to dead fish which hadn't been picked up so I didn't stay long.

Headed up to the main public beach area of Siesta Key. I laid out for another hour. Saw one or two ladies in rio-back bikinis but that was it. I was the only thonger I saw. This beach was smelling much better as the fish kills had been cleaned up but there's still a trace of red tide in the water.

sarasotajt #16

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:01/15/2007 03:58:24Copy HTML

Lido Beach - Sarasota Florida

The weather has been perfect lately with highs in the low 80s and lots of sun. Sorry mid-western states but you're getting slammed with ice right now.
The beach was quite crowded today, it being a semi-national holiday (I say "semi" because the public sector is off, but most private sector workers are not.) There were lots of families at the beach and lots of elderly retirees. I saw only one other thonger as I walked down the beach with my shorts cover-up. She was laying close to the surf with buns up.

I just don't feel comfortable walking around in just a thong in front of elderly folks - many of whom are fully clothed and are from Pennsylvania's menonite community. They're very conservative and regardless of what the local law currently states I just don't want to offend anyone. I did lay out for a while in my thong as I ate lunch, but then put my shorts back on for the walk back to the car. I haven't had a chance to get out to a Sarasota County beach on the weekend since well before Christmas - too many projects at the house - but the weather on many weekends has been awesome so I'm sure there have been lots of folks out. Many thongers? I wish I knew.

sarasotajt #17

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:01/16/2007 06:16:37Copy HTML

I went back again today. Weather was too perfect to pass up. When I first arrived at Lido beach around 12:30 there was sea fog drifting ashore. Fortunately, the fog blew off and I got some sun. The beach was less crowded than yesterday - MLK holiday. This time I left my shorts in the car and walked to the beach in my skinz thong, found an open spot in the crowd, spread out my towel and laid out as I ate lunch. I saw no other thongers, but there were a few ladies with small-ish bikinis. I did walk past one wearing a true rio back suite but for some reason she had a cropped T-shirt on over her bikini top.
That cold front that has plagued the midwest arrives tonight or tomorrow so there will be no more beach time for at least a few days.

briankay #18

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:01/18/2007 11:06:32Copy HTML

Well, sarasotajt, looks like you're about the only one posting to this thread.  Anyway, Sunday, since I didn't like the predicted temp in Pinellas, I drove to Siesta Key, where it was supposed to be close to 80.  It was.


Nice day, and there were four thongers in additona to me, two male, two female.


I stopped by Lido briefly because I was nearby, and it seems to have eroded a lot since I was last there...  spring 2004.

sarasotajt #19

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:02/23/2007 03:52:55Copy HTML

I got out to Lido Key beach twice during my lunch hour this week. Skys are sunny with temps in the mid 70s and the beaches are busy with people. Unfortunately, I saw no other thongers this week. Only a few ladies in smalish bikinis - but no thongs or even rios.
The beach demographics are skewed with elderly retirees.
Still, it beats shoveling snow.

briankay #20

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:02/25/2007 11:25:23Copy HTML

> Unfortunately, I saw no other thongers this week. Only a few ladies in smalish bikinis - but no thongs or even rios.
> The beach demographics are skewed with elderly retirees.

What is strange about this to me is that when I vacationed in Sarasota in 95, Lido was packed with thongs.  In 02, there were only a couple in addition to my daughter and me.

OTOH, I saw maybe one other thonger when I went to Siesta in 95 and 02, but a few weeks ago saw four, two near where I was and two who walked by.

sarasotajt #21

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/15/2007 03:34:43Copy HTML

I've been out to Lido Beach 3 or 4 times over the past two weeks.
I've seen only one other thonger. There are many more young people now as spring break is in full swing, but the retirees are still here and that tends to keep the swimwear relatively modest.
Weather has been warm and mostly sunny but the wind is often a problem - keeping locals away.

sarasotajt #22

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/25/2007 09:33:27Copy HTML

I spent my lunch hour at Lido beach on Friday.
Large crowds, perfect weather; but I was the only thonger.

sarasotajt #23

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/05/2007 06:01:07Copy HTML

Persistence pays off!
During my lunch hour at Lido Beach in Sarasota today I saw two female thongers in addition to myself.
Weather was perfect and the beaches were crowded with vacationers including families and grandparents. We thongers were at the north end of Lido, two of us away from the crowds but one young woman spread her towel out right in the middle of it.

sarasotajt #24

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/11/2007 03:19:30Copy HTML

Easter has come and gone. Today was a spectacular beach day in Sarasota preceeded by two days of (much needed) rain and clouds. I was surprised to find Lido Beach just as crowded with retirees and families with kids and during Easter week. Come on; spring break is over! Go home!
I walked well away from the crowds and got some sun. I saw numerous cuties in small bikinis but no other thongers. Still, it's a day at the beach.

sarasotajt #25

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/26/2007 03:48:25Copy HTML

I've had two visits to Sarasota County beaches since my last report and have seen no other thongers either time. Today I spent my lunch hour at Lido Key beach. Weather is getting hot - 85 degrees - and a nearly cloudless sky. Crowds are thinning, fewer families, but many snowbirds still refuse to drive back north for the summer.

sarasotajt #26

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/29/2007 04:29:00Copy HTML

I just spent almost two hours on Lido beach on this warm, sunny Sunday afternoon. The beach was more crowded than weekdays, as should be expected. I saw two ladies wearing thong bikinis and about five more wearing rio or brazillian coverage bottoms. I was the only male thonger I saw, but I didn't walk way up to the north beach dunes area.

perfect day!
vpazzjm63 #27

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/13/2007 03:13:43Copy HTML

Hi, new to forum. I love wearing thongs and g-strings, I wear them to sleep, during the day and was wearing them to the beach.

Just to clear something up, thongs on Lido Key beach in Sarasota are illegal. I know this because my girlfriend was recently given a ticket fore wearing a thong on the beach.

Her and I have both worn nothing but string thongs on the beach for nearly 11 months and never previously had any type of problem. She was at the beach without me one day back in april and apparently some aholes called the police and complained. An officer came out there and gave her the ticket, luckily she was cooperative otherwise they could have arrested her.

So she ended up having to pay 300$ for the ticket, neither of us will probably be wearing a thong there again. I was really shocked considering how many other people I have seen in thongs on Lido and also considering the fact that her and I both wore g-strings for so long and never had any other problem. We would tan our buns and even walk the north end of Lido and we never had a complaint.

From now on, her and I will probably just wear really skimpy rio back bikinis. She's pretty good at sowing, so shes going to make us some custom suits, as skimpy as possible without being a thong (but almost a thong). I'm still tempted to wear my string thong, but the risk of a 300$ ticket makes me reconsider.

You can even look up the sarasota county ordinance that technically outlaws thongs. Go to municode.com, click on sarasota, click on sarasota code of ordinances, click on chap. 10 beaches & waterways, click sec. 10-2 naked-swimming/bathing. It basically says that if your butt crack is showing that counts as nudity, that's also what the officer told her.

So if you're going to wear the thong just be careful, I got away with it for a long time, but I just don't wanna' risk the ticket. Luckily we can still wear skimpy almost-thong bathing suits, but its not the same as a normal thong. Oh well, at least I can still wear my g-strings in her backyard.
srqthong #28

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/13/2007 04:32:22Copy HTML

Try Siesta Beach, access 7 area. I wear a minimul g string there and the police patrol has ridden past without any problem. Also a minimul thonging couple is there every week-end and walk the entire beach without any problems.
vpazzjm63 #29

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/13/2007 05:01:56Copy HTML

Thanks srqthong, i'll have to check out siesta. My only issue with that would be that siesta key is in the jurisdiction of sarasota county. So if some ahole called the police, they might still come out. But i don't know, i've heard that siesta is a lot more liberal than lido, although I have seen a lot of families there. but i'll still check it out, thanks again.
Maxtlatl #30

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/13/2007 01:52:55Copy HTML

You should be OK at Siesta Key. Sarasota County has no ordinance banning thongs. Lido is in Sarasota City, not the County, and it is the City that has an ordinance banning thongs.
sarasotajt #31

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/13/2007 11:10:03Copy HTML

Wow. That was depressing reading.
I guess I've been really lucky for 7 years.
I thought they had quit enforcing the city ordinance but obviously not.
Thanks for posting.

vpazzjm63 #32

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/14/2007 01:30:10Copy HTML

I'm hearing more and more about how siesta key is thong friendly, which is good news. I'm definitely going to try that beach. By the way, not to get too technical, but it is the county that has an ordinance against it, not the city. On my girlfriend's ticket it specifically said sarasota county, it had nothing to do with the city, just to clarify. But on a positive note, I am looking forward to siesta and wearing my thong again. Thanks for your help, I'll let you know how siesta is in about a week or so.
sarasotajt #33

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/14/2007 04:07:26Copy HTML

I'm not looking for an argument, but rather to clarify for the benefit of all thongers visiting the area.
Since I haven't seen your citation, I can't comment on the context of the use of the word "County" on it. I would be curious to know whether the incident occured on a weekend and if she was in a crowded area or off away from the crowds a bit.

I would ask you who was the officer writing the ticket? A City Police or County Sheriff's Deputy? I suspect it was City Police since all of Lido Key falls within the Sarasota City limits.

Examining municode.com, I found anti-nudity language in the City Code of Ordinances which address the exposure of the "anal cleft" on public beaches.
Sec. 10-2. Naked--Swimming, bathing, etc.
Sec. 10-3. Same--On beaches, parks and public places.
1) Naked shall mean insufficiently clothed so that the person has not covered, with a fully opaque covering:
a. The male or female genitals; or
b. The male or female pubic area; or
c. The male or female anal cleft; or
d. The areola of the female breast, and any portion of the female breasts below the top of the areola.

That same language does not exist in the Sarasota County code of ordinances. The County ordinance does have language regulating nudity in commercial establishments (strip clubs), but searches for "anal cleft", "nudity", and "indecent exposure" yield nothing outside of the adult establishments topic area.

All of Siesta Key (excluding Bay Island) is located outside of the city limits and is therefore jurisdiction of Sarasota County.

So, this is good news. Thongs are legal on county beaches (Siesta Key), but unfortunately are not on city beaches (i.e. Lido Beach). Note that this is the exact opposite of the situation in Brevard and Manatee Counties where the county has the anti-thong legislation and the municipalities do not.

Again, I mean no disrespect but simply to clarify.
briankay #34

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/14/2007 12:18:05Copy HTML

Concerning the ticket at Lido Key...

I find this peculiar.  When I first visited Lido, March 95, it had the largest number of thongers of any place I'd visited except Honolulu in 1992.

When I visited in March 02 and March 04, it was a lot less but there were still thongers around.  Now we have locals saying there are hardly any and people are getting tickets.  What a change.

sarasotajt #35

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/14/2007 10:57:34Copy HTML

Many years ago when I was a young boy and long before I knew about wearing thongs I remember seeing part of an episode of the Phil Donohue show. He was discussing the topic of thong swimwear and he actually brought a man on stage wearing a swim thong. The model turned around for the cameras and audience. Apparently, it was the City of Sarasota ordinance that triggered this discussion as one of Phil's guests had been ticketed on Lido Beach for wearing a thong. My mother promptly turned off the TV so I didn't see the whole story - nor did I really understand what was going on as I was so young.
My suspicion is this: Sarasota has a strong Menonite community who frequent both Siesta and Lido Key beach. It is likely that they, along with the hordes of other conservative, elderly retirees who spend their winters here, pressured City government to pass the ordinance because they were offended by the exposed skin on the public beaches. With this in mind I find it surprising that only the City (and not Sarasota County) passed the ordinance. I should consider myself lucky that I don't reside in Manatee or Brevard counties.

briankay #36

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/16/2007 01:54:51Copy HTML

The question to me isn't so much how the law happened by why after, from what I can tell, years of being ignored, there is now enforcement.  But a few things come to mind.  One is that someone getting a ticket can argue selective enforcement, particularly if the ticket resulted from a complaint because of the obvious and consistent long term non-enforcement.

Another is that a simple solution might be to just set up a bit south of the parking lot in the motel area.  Experience suggests that tourists are not likely to complain.  (In 02 or 04 I saw a woman top free on the beach down by the motels.)

So, sarasotajt, does this affect your plans to thong at Lido?

sarasotajt #37

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/17/2007 01:33:48Copy HTML

"Does this affect my plans...?"

Well, yes.

I will certainly be much more discreet in the future. I won't boycot Lido, because it is so close to downtown, but I'll always wear shorts from car to beach and will avoid the crowds more. I really thought this community was over it's thong intollerance. I guess I was wrong. All it takes is an offended local with a cell phone to call law enforcement.

I ventured to Siesta Key earlier this week and saw one lady sporting a thong. She and I were the only ones on the beach.

JM_Runs #38

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/17/2007 04:05:29Copy HTML

Regarding the above statement "I will avoid the crowds more".

I am of the belief that if you are in the middle of a crowed the other people assume that if no one else has a problem with you then they don't either. Most people are sheep. Whereas if you are furtive, hanging out in the shadows so to speak, glancing up to see if anybody is paying attention, you are then acting suspiciously and people will call the police.

On our beach going topless is technically illegal. One of my past girlfriends would get annoyed with the parade of guys, using the excuse of telling her so as an opportunity to go over and ogle. She fixed the problem by always lying out right in front of the life guard stand. It works on the principle that the person sees the life guard has no problem and therefor they keep their mouth shut.

Regarding a legal defense. On thing that you may want to look into is lack of notification. If the county does not have an ordnance but the city does, then you may want to point out that the city did not take resonable steps to notify you.  If thonging is allowed on other beaches in the county and not this one, then how were you to know without a sign being posted? 

On the beach where I live there are signs about no animals, signs where you can't park, signs about no glass or alcohol.  If you wish to have no parking on a street the state law requires signs every x number of feet, so people are notified of the extra restriction to their freedoms. It would seem that if they wanted to have a more restrictive law, they should have signs.

It may also help to build up a collection of phonographs of thongers on the beach, with identifiable landmarks in the background.  You could then use this in court to show that thonging on that beach was common practice, and did not disturb the peace. 

You may also want to try the political move, and get a city comissoner to introduce a law that allows thongs on the beach, but not the rest of the city.  That way they can claim to be protecting the churches but allowing beachgowers their freedoms.



briankay #39

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/17/2007 01:06:57Copy HTML

I agree with JM's comment about being in the crowd, although I'm not totally comfortable with setting up in the most populated area.  However if I get there early, set up in a popular area, and let things fill in around me, I'm comfortable with that.

Concerning JM"s comment on signs, memory is that signs at Lido simply say "no nudity".  Well, there's a special and specific definition of nudity applicable and I think the warning is clearly inadquate.  About light the sings at Clearwater and Sand Key which say "appropriate swimwear".  Absolutely meaningless.

A pictorial record would be a good idea in case someone actually had to go to court.

JM, as usual, you're right on the money!

JM_Runs #40

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/17/2007 01:49:26Copy HTML

Even down at Fort De Soto Beach if you walk to the North end of west beach before the water, there is a sign warning of no nudity.  That goes back to the nudist hanging out in that area.  I can remember years ago when that part of the beach was connected to the very north end and you could walk for more than a mile and never see anyone.  Now you have signs telling us to keep our suits on.  It won't be long and condo's will be built on Fort De Soto.



sarasotajt #41

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/18/2007 05:08:30Copy HTML

I disagree with the crowd thing. That's fine in Lauderdale - where we know that thongs on the beach are not agains the law. However, on the Gulf beaches which are historically less "youthful", a thicker crowd means more families, more kids, more cell phones, and a higher probability that someone will be offended.

I do agree with the need for signage. They did post signs in Manatee County beaches which specifically stated that thong and T-back swimwear was not allowed. It eliminates confusion. These signs were posted in the parking areas shortly after the County passed it's indeacent exposure ordinance several years ago. I'm not sure if they're still there, but I will look when I'm there during Memorial Day week with family staying at a beach house. (Yes, I'll be wearing dork-shorts exclusively.)

But today I couldn't resist going to Lido Beach to lay out in my thong for two hours. I found a spot that was towards the edge of the crowd at the north beach entry area and to my surprise a single female thonger was laying out near the shore about 20 yards in front of me. She never stood up nor went into the water during that two hours, but I did twice. Weather was perfect.

vpazzjm63 #42

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/18/2007 06:41:00Copy HTML

I was just wondering if it was better to go thonging on siesta on the weekends or weekdays. I have heard the weekends are more crowded, so i might just go during the week. By the way, not to argue, but just for clarification, I read the online ordinances regarding sarasota. It is true that only the city has an anti-thong ordinance online, however, my girlfriend was ticketed by sarasota county police and nowhere on the ticket did it mention sarasota city, it only mentioned the county. So obviously there is somewhat of a gray area regarding county vs. city and so forth. In response to sarasotajt's question, she was ticketed on a saturday, it was somehwat crowded, but she was at the more private north end. Once again, I'm not trying to argue, I'm just saying exactly what was on her ticket and I wish there wasn't such a gray area regarding the county/city law. But anyways, I am totally looking forward to Siesta and just got a brand new thong. I think siesta is gonna be a lot more laid back than lido. I'll let you know my experience on siesta in a few days, thanks.
Maxtlatl #43

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/18/2007 07:34:19Copy HTML

Regarding Manatee County, let me add that thongs are perfectly legal in Bradenton,
which is within Manatee but is its own separate jursidiction. So, if you are wearing a thong along the causeway on Manatee Avenue, just make sure you stay on the
north side of the road, since the boundary for Manatee and Bradenton runs through the middle of the road.

In fact, if you decide to walk west along the yellow line, make sure your left butt cheek is covered!

Also, to vpazzjm63, if the ticket really says Sarasota County, maybe you can get it thrown out of court.
vpazzjm63 #44

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/21/2007 04:57:09Copy HTML

I just got back from siesta today, it was a beautiful sunny monday. My experience was great! I wore my thong and had absolutely no hassles from anyone. I did go to a more secluded area towards the north end where there were way less crowds. I just layed there and relaxed for about 3 hours, got my buns nice and tan. I only noticed one other person wearing a thong, but it was an older man on a different side of the beach. I think Siesta really is more laid back than Lido.

Don't get me wrong, Lido is a nice beach, but after my girlfriend's ticket I am very hesitant to wear my thong there. By the way, in response to maxtlatl, i don't think she would have been able to get the ticket thrown out of court since it was a county ticket and a county courtroom she had to go to. If she had tried to fight the ticket, she would have probably had to pay 9, 10 or 11 times the amount of the ticket for a decent lawyer, maybe more. I don't know exactly how much lawyers cost, but i know that a good one is not cheap. She wanted to just pay the 300 and get it over with instead of having to pay thousands to a lawyer who in the end probably wouldn't even win her case. I would also imagine that pleading ignorance would not work either, although she didn't know thonging was illegal, she still broke the law and I don't think the county is very sympathetic. I appreciate your input maxtlatl and i'm not being rude or trying to argue, I'm just saying that it most likely would have been a losing situation for her if she tried to fight the county.

Also, just for clarification, I was not trying to scare anyone regarding my gf's ticket at Lido. Like I said before, we both wore our thongs for hours, several times a week, for about 9-10 months before her ticket. Keep in mind that we would walk all over the north end of Lido and sometimes the South wearing our thongs. So a huge amount of people saw us in thongs on many many occassions and we had no problem. I wasn't trying to be negative by bringing up the ticket, but I just want other thong wearers to be informed. You can still thong at Lido, just be very careful because it is technically illegal. Personally, I prefer Siesta and I intend on going thonging at Siesta from now on. I also wasn't trying to argue city vs. county law and all that. I am no lawyer, yet I have had my girlfriend's ticket sitting in front of me and I know exactly what it says. All I know is that it said county on her ticket, nothing about city, and she had to go to county court. I'm not going to talk about her ticket anymore because it's an old dead subject from several months ago and I don't like to dwell on negative things. Just be careful, that's all. But siesta was great! Thanks for all the information from everyone about siesta! Glad to have found a thong friendly beach! I have to go to class now, but I'll let you know about my next siesta trip!
sarasotajt #45

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/21/2007 09:45:45Copy HTML

I know you're not trying to argue with me, nor I with you. We're all just trying to sort out the facts and figure out what's going on because there seemed to be some confusion. I understand you want to drop this topic so this is the last I'll write of it. I'm impressed that you and your girlfriend walked around both the north and south ends of Lido. I've walked the north end too on a couple of occasions, but always when the crowds were sparse.

I'm just disappointed to hear that anyone has gotten a ticket for thonging at Lido - particularly a young woman. The idea that I've got to keep looking over my shoulder when I lay in the sun on Lido Beach for fear of a $300 ticket really takes the fun and relaxation out of the experience.

Perhaps this is what's going on:
Lido Beach, and all of Lido Key, falls within the jurisdiction of the City of Sarasota - where City ordinances apply. The Lido Beach park facilities, both North and South Lido Parks, are operated by the County Parks Department rather than the City. (City governments often do this to save money.) So, County Sheriff deputies patrol the Lido Beach parks yet they are enforcing the City ordinance. This is what I found surprising - that County officials are enforcing a City ordinance. I'm not an attorney either, but I found it surprising that it was not a City Police officer who wrote the ticket.

Regardless, it's bad news for thongers on Lido beaches, and I'm disappointed to learn that your girlfriend was ticketed at the less populated north end of Lido. That's where I tend to see the most thongers.

I visited Turtle and Crescent Beaches at the south end of Siesta Key over the weekend. I saw only one other thonger - a woman perhaps in her late 50s walking the length of Turtle Beach. I didn't have the nerve to walk through the crowd without shorts on.
I heard a couple of boys yelling the "eewww...that's gross" comments to me when I was simply walking to the water and back. I was at least 100 yards away from them and anyone else. Darn tourists. I miss SOBE.

srqthong #46

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/21/2007 10:16:14Copy HTML

At the rate we're going we may need to start a Siesta string...anyhow

I have lived and thonged on Siesta for the last ten years. I have never had any problems with violations or complaints. I usually wear a minimul g and have had the county sheriff beach patrol cuise right by many times. I think the best area is at the North of the main beach from access 9 to access 5. The beach has become quite wide there and since parking is limited it never gets crowded. Especially  back by the grass dune area. I suggest getting there before Ten because parking in access areas 5, 7 & 9 is limited.

I have been going every Saturday and sometimes on Sunday. Plenty of room even in peak season. Right now it is perfect.


briankay #47

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/25/2007 09:54:37Copy HTML

I think what I'm going to do is some Saturday or Sunday when I happen to wake up early, I'm going to drive to LIdo (early enough to get a parking spot, and before a bunch of people show up) and set up 30 feet or so from a life guard stand.  Let the guard show up, and the beach fill in around me, and see what happens.

Don't expect to do this before gas drops under $3 a gallon though! <G>

sarasotajt #48

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/12/2007 10:07:09Copy HTML

Spent another lunch hour at Lido beach today. Weather was perfect - sunny, and hot enough to keep most of the elderly and beach amateurs at home in the air conditioning.
I was one of four thongers today. The other three being ladies. Two were near the north Lido area (not together) and the third was hanging out in the walkway to the concession stand at the main Lido Beach area. This is what I found to be unique. I don't think anyone hassled her; she was with her husband (not wearing a thong). The couple was probably in their 50s so they weren't young folks.

sarasotajt #49

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/02/2007 05:51:03Copy HTML

Another lunch hour at Lido Beach.
Our annual boat race - offshore grand prix was Saturday and Sunday - and I didn't come to Lido on those days due to the crowds and limited parking.
Today was nice and hot, not very crowded. I saw two ladies in near-thongs (smalish Rios) and I got some good sun but didn't walk around other than to the water and back.

sarasotajt #50

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/17/2007 05:13:07Copy HTML

I've been thonging at Lido Beach twice since my last post.
The weather is really hot now - in the 90s and the crowds are thinning out.
This is good because there's plenty of room to spread out without resorting to walking halfway down the beach. The water is getting warm - too warm now and not refreshing. Fortunately, no sign of red tide yet. On one occasion I saw a manatee (sea cow) swim by. Other beach goers crowded around it and some tried petting it (which is illegal), but I just observed from a distance.
I've seen one other woman wearing a thong and two or three others wearing rio-back suits.

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