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briankay #51

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/17/2007 12:13:19Copy HTML

I posted after the report of the ticket that when gas got under $3 a gallon, and I woke up early some Sat or Sun, I was going to Lido.  Sunday turned out to be the day.

Set up 30 feet from the middle lifeguard stand.  Real obvious.  Apparently at least that professional life guard hasn't heard anything about running out the thongers.

JM_Runs #52

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/18/2007 01:15:55Copy HTML

RE:  Set up 30 feet from the lifeguard stand.   It has been my experence that so long as the life guard has no problems, you get no grief from others.  So setting up near and in the view of the lifeguard inoculates you from people who won't mind their own business.
JM_Runs #53

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/18/2007 01:56:33Copy HTML

Completely off-topic, but I cannot resist commenting that you lot in the US don't know how lucky you are (gas / petrol at US$3 per US gall!). Here in the UK petrol is about GDP 0.95p per LITRE, which works out at about US$ 7 per US gall (OUR gallon is about 20% BIGGER than YOUR gallon). And that price is pretty typical for most of Europe. It makes us think much more carefully about travelling long distances! Enjoy it while it lasts!
briankay #54

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/20/2007 10:37:24Copy HTML

I don't want to go too far with the OT gas stuff, but I understand based on a discussion in one of the auto groups on Usenet (probably alt.auto.mercedes) that commonly quoted fuel cost differences aren't quite apples and apples... that "regular" grade gas in Europe is higher octane than "regular" grade in the US, even after adjustment for differences in the octane rating method.  Meaning that if price comparisons are to be made it should be between US midgrade and European low grade.

briankay #55

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/20/2007 10:43:19Copy HTML

Well, JM, I didn't set up close to the guard to avoid complaints due to the presence of approving authority.  I set up there because of the report posted here a few months ago of a woman getting a ticket at Lido for wearing a thong.  It didn't make sense to me considering my past experiences at Lido, dating back to 95 when I first vacationed there.  So I wanted to see if authority would say anything.


sarasotajt #56

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/22/2007 09:54:35Copy HTML

As at many other beaches - the life guards never do say anything about thong swimwear. I've laid out within view of the lifeguards, they've driven past me on their 4-wheelers or pickup trucks, and I've even walked past their post a couple of times wearing my thong swimsuit. They've never said anything to me over the past seven years. It's not the lifeguards I'm worried about. It's an offended beach-goer with a cell phone who calls local police. It is the city police and/or the county sheriff deputy who might write you a citation. That's what allegedly happened to the young lady a few month ago. I don't know whether to believe the story or not. But, it hasn't stopped me from thonging at Lido beach.

DavyJ #57

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/24/2007 12:29:14Copy HTML

It's not the lifeguards I'm worried about. It's an offended beach-goer with a cell phone who calls local police. It is the city police and/or the county sheriff deputy who might write you a citation.

Another good reason to ask the lifeguard first.  That way if the local police do arrive, you can inform them that you obtained permission from the lifeguard first.  Hopefully that would prevent a citation.

sarasotajt #58

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/03/2007 09:08:37Copy HTML

After a week of rain and clouds I made it out to Lido Beach during lunch hour. The beach was fairly busy considering there was pent-up demand for sun and sand.
I first laid out near the north beach lifeguard stand and read a paper. After about 40 minutes and seeing no other thongers I decided to relocate to the beach pavilion area further south.
I found a spot at the edge of the crowd, finished my lunch and continued reading my paper.
After another 30 minutes and still seeing no other thongers I started to pick up when I noticed two women with three young kids setting up their stuff about 100 yards away. I still had to leave the beach and get back to work but as I left I was pleased to see that one of the ladies - an attractive latina - proudly wore a red thong bikini as she went to and from the surf tending to the young children.
Another nice day at Lido.

sarasotajt #59

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/21/2007 11:06:31Copy HTML

Yesterday was a unique experience at Lido Beach.
I laid out at the main beach pavilion area, midway between the lifeguard stand and the volleyball nets. Public schools are back in session and the temps are hot (96F) so I was not surprised to see a less crowded beach today.
Well, that didn't last long. I was laying there in my thong reading when a large group of clothed teens came walking towards me. Most of them continued south to the volleyball net area, but a few spread their towels fairly near me. Eventually, most of the kids striped down to their swimsuits. I found the now crowded beach a little unnerving so I decided to relocate. When I get to the parking lot I see three motor coach buses. Obviously, this was an organized excursion from a high school. I just found it odd. Not surprisingly, I saw no thongs on any of the girls and I was pleasantly surprised than none of the guys decided to make a spectacle of himself by yelling insults to me.
I drove to the north Lido access point and spread my towel near the lifeguard stand. The crowds were still thin at this area and I felt more comfortable. As I left I walked through the shower area to rinse the sand off my feet and was a little surprised to see two guys there hogging the showers - one of whom was wearing a thong. That's the first time I've seen another guy shower in a thong at Lido. It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one.
sarasotajt #60

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:09/14/2007 05:02:33Copy HTML

Another lunch hour at Lido beach today.
Beautiful, hot weather with no crowds.
I was rewarded with the sight of two young ladies wearing thong bikinis; plus two other older "mamas" wearing rio-back suits.
One of the thong girls walked the length of the beach to the north end. The other (different group) was playing paddle-ball with a female friend. I felt comfortable walking around a bit in my yellow skinz thong. Went in the water twice, and showered off at the north access area.

sarasotajt #61

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:09/27/2007 04:33:33Copy HTML

Lunch hour at Lido Beach today. I headed for the main pavilion area and, once there, went for an opening in the crowd immediately in front of the pavilion south of the lifeguard stand. As luck would have it, there was a blond woman wearing a silver "rhinestone" covered black thong bikini laying out almost immediately in front of me. She was accompanied by what appeared to be her mother and another gentleman. Unfortunately, she never moved from her towel the entire hour I was there except to roll over. I went into the surf a few times and showered off next to the beach pavilion. Two or more lifeguards saw me and nobody said a word about the thongs.
The wind was up, the temps are moderating, but seaweed has been blown to shore so there is now an odor.
sarasotajt #62

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:01/09/2008 01:30:17Copy HTML

Long time no thong...Finally, I made it out to Lido Beach for lunnch today. I bought a burger and fries at the concession and walked a little north of the parking lot where the crowd thinned out, spread out my towel, and stripped to my new Y-back g-string. The weather was perfect: in the high 70's with hardly a cloud in the sky. The water is clear but is getting cool now. I didn't go in.Didn't see any other thongers but did see a couple of smallish bikini backs on a few ladies. One had wedged hers up as she sunned her buns.While this isn't SOBE, it is still close to paradise. sarasotajt
sarasotajt #63

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:01/10/2008 01:29:40Copy HTML

With perfect weather I couldn't resist another back-to-back thonging day at Lido beach.Same as yesterday, except that I did see one 20-something girl wearing a thong. She walked much of the length of the beach with what looked to be her grandmother. I braved the water today - cool but refreshing. There are a number of Menonites visiting the beach now so I try to respect their space and keep a distance from them when possible. I wore a full-back suit from parking to beach for this reason.sarasotajt 
sarasotajt #64

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:02/26/2008 01:42:14Copy HTML

 I haven't reported lately because there is little to report. I've thonged at Lido and Siesta beaches several times recently but infrequently see others in thongs. Today was a perfect weather day and Lido beach was as crowded as I've ever seen it - with retirees. I kept my shorts on as I walked along looking for an out of the way place to spread my towel. I saw one girl sunning her buns - could have been a rio wedged up - too far away to tell.sarasotajt
okeemm #65

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/09/2008 04:05:04Copy HTML

I have been leading the posts here for quite some time about the ambiguity on Sarasota  county beaches.  So I wrote them an e-mail the other day and received the replied that should nail it down for good. Here it is.
There are no ordinances about clothing, bathing suits or swim wear on Sarasota County beaches with the exception of those beaches within the City limits of the City of Sarasota.

However, if there is a complaint from the public directed to the Sheriff, the Deputy has the right to ask the individual to cover up.  If there is a refusal the Deputy then can take action relating to public indecency.

Within the City of Sarasota, there is an ordinace with language  pertaining to toplessness of females and exposure of buttocks for males and females. See  municode.com online library of ordanances. Article I, section 10.2 addresses this issue. Lido falls within the city limits of Sarasota.  

Longboat Key, specifically Beer Can Island, belongs to Manatee County. 
Siesta is Sarasota County.
Portions of Venice Beach are under the jurisdiction of the city of Venice.  However, south Venice beach on the North Jetty  area fall under Sarasota County.

All the county and city ordinances are codified in the website provided. 
Thank you for checking first.   
Sarasota County Parks and Recreation
Jonathan Poyner 941.861.9853  jpoyner@scgov.net
Maxtlatl #66

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/09/2008 03:16:15Copy HTML

I note that the reply says what I've been saying all along (since I had already looked at the municode page).

One thing I find amusing is the statement that "if there is a complaint from the public directed to the Sheriff, the Deputy has the right to ask the individual to cover up.  If there is a refusal the Deputy then can take action relating to public indecency." Nowhere there does it explicity say that the person is necessarily wearing a thong, topless, or anything. All it says is that if somebody complains, they'll pursue public indecency charges against them.

I think we need to complain about board shorts!

By the way, back in the late 1990s, my wife and I went to Turtle Beach a lot. We both went thonged and my wife went topless. Never had any trouble except for just one time when a police helicopter scoped the area. It just so happened that my wife was making a restroom trip at the time, so all the helicopter saw was me, and it never returned. My guess is that somebody did call the sheriff. But that was just one time over many years of vacations.
briankay #67

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/11/2008 05:32:00Copy HTML

Concerning what Maxtlatl wrote

I know from the old days you have the thong laws almost memorized!

I'm curious when thongs became illegal at Lido because when I was first there in 95 it had the largest number of thong wearers I'd ever seen at one place.  When we went back in 02 thongs were fairly rare.

In any case, as reported elsewhere on the board, after the ticket report last year, I went to Lido and set up a few feet from the lifeguard stand to see what would happen.  What happened was nothing.

Non-enforcement seems to be what's going on and under a worst case scenario, I suspect thongers will not be challenged in the motel areas.  They're not going to run off tourists.  Only Clearwater Beach is stupid enough to do that! <smirk>  This brings in a gray area as the easy beach access for guest at the Holiday Inn is substantially the same as some of the areas used by locals.

I don't expect to go to Sarasota more than 2-3 times this year as its a bit of a drive from N Pinellas, but when I do, I expect to go to Lido at least one time and expect to wear a thong as usual.  But, as you may recall, functionally, I'm more concerned with what is enforced than with what is legal.
Maxtlatl #68

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/11/2008 09:34:48Copy HTML

When I look through my records, they were definitely illegal before 1991. Back then, though, folks would go way to the north end of Lido Key, both thonged and nude. Around 1994 or so authorities really started cracking down.

As I look at the ordinance at municode, it says that the ordinance was last modified in 1985, so I guess that's when they put in the no thongs part. In the summer of 1996, the AFA (American Family Association) made a push to make thongs illegal in Sarasota County, too. I was one of the group of people who wrote letters, and eventually the County Commissioners decided not to change the County law.

I've been going to the area since 1961 (as a boy), thonged since at least 1980 or so. First my grandmother was retired there, then my parents. We just had to move my mother back north (getting too old to take care of herself) and I'm afraid I haven't been back (nor am I likely to fit it in).

I've mentioned before the oddities of the different communities. Manatee County bans thongs, but Bradenton doesn't. Thus, on Manatee Avenue on the way out to the beaches, there is a stretch where, if you are walking west along the yellow line of the road, you'd better have your left butt cheek covered.
sarasotajt #69

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/13/2008 12:54:16Copy HTML

 I spent another lunch hour at Lido beach today. The beach was crowded with retirees and some spring breakers (not the rowdy types). I saw no other thongers but did see two ladies in rio-back bikinis. I just laid out on my towel and read my book; didn't walk around at all.
I hope to make it out to Siesta Key for lunch tomorrow.

In eight years of thonging at Lido I've never been asked to cover up by lifeguards nor have I ever seen women hassled for wearing thongs. I suspect the ordinance is only enforced when a beachgoer with a cell phone is offended and decides to call the City Police or County Sheriff. I intend to continue wearing the thong, but avoid offending others. After Easter, most of the snowbirds will head back north anyway.

sarasotajt #70

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/03/2008 12:19:24Copy HTML

 Well, it's after Easter and the snowbirds are still here. Fly home birdy, fly home.

I've been out to Lido Beach a few times since my last post and haven't seen any other thongers until today. At the north end of Lido Beach I saw three ladies (in different groups) wearing thongs. One was in with the crowds standing at the water's edge watching her children, the others were towards the north end where the crowd thins.
It was nice to finally see some thongers on the beach.

briankay #71

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/04/2008 02:04:13Copy HTML

>It was nice to finally see some thongers on the beach.

It still amazes me.  In 95 when I was there on vacation there were so many thong wearers that after a few days they didn't even seem noticable.
sarasotajt #72

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/05/2008 12:48:40Copy HTML

Yea, back in the 90's...

Thongs are out of vogue now. Hopefully, the cycle will return soon.
sarasotajt #73

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/02/2008 10:15:33Copy HTML

 I saw two ladies wearing thongs on north Lido today. I was wearing a skinz g-string and the three of us were the only thongers seen.
Further south at the pavilion I saw lots of families and many young ladies wearing small bikinis, one or two a rio, but no true thongs.

It was a nice day regardless; the third lunch hour I've spent out there this week.

sarasotajt #74

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/17/2008 12:36:06Copy HTML

 I spent my lunch hour at Lido beach again yesterday. I first went to the pavillion parking area, walked north to the edge of the crowd, and  laid out for almost an hour in a Skinz Y-back suit. Eventually, some groups arrived and began  setting up near me. Seeing no other thongers around I no longer felt comfortable going into the water and back with so many retirees around. So, I packed up and drove up to the north beach parking area. There I saw one other thonger -  an attractive, middle aged blonde lady. Nice day at Lido!
JM_Runs #75

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/17/2008 09:03:44Copy HTML

Dear sarasotajt,  you said. "Seeing no other thongers around I no longer felt comfortable going into the water and back...." 

I understand the problem but sometimes you just have to be the first man on the beach who then gives others confidence to thong, or at least pull up the bottoms of their shorts.
I find that old folks are often less worred about keeping up appearnaces and more relaxed then middle age and yonger people.  Often a freindly smile and polite good morning will turn a rather sower faced old folk into smiling supporters.

I think old folks are not as worrited about the world suddenly turning gay by seeing a man in a thong. They often have more world experance and are more relaxed, I think it's called retirement. Seems to take the pressure off and do them good. 

So don't worry about old folks.  They my give you a curious look, they are curious folks, but they are relitivly easy to win over. 
sarasotajt #76

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/19/2008 03:35:46Copy HTML

 Once again, I'm right there with you if I was thonging on the Broward or Dade County beaches. But I was on Lido where T-backs are technically illegal according to the City ordinance. I just want some sun; I'm not looking to push any envelopes or do anything that might inspire some beachgoer to reach for their cell phone and call the police.

To be fair, I've been thonging here for eight years with no incidence and I've seen numerous others do the same (though not many "regulars"). Still, I've read of a report where a female was ticketed and I don't want to join that club.
JM_Runs #77

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:07/19/2008 04:35:33Copy HTML

Yes, the threat of getting a ticket is a problem. As I understand it, the county of Sarasota has no ordinance against thongs BUT within the city limits of Sarasota city there is an ordnance against thonging.  So I am wrong, 

I understand Lido Key is within the city limits so you are right to err on the side of caution. I should not have suggested you be so publicly bold.

Maybe a vary slim backed rio would be a compromise solution.  Good Luck

sarasotajt #78

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:10/04/2008 11:49:29Copy HTML

 I spent two lunch hours at Lido beach this week - once at the north end and the second time in front of the main parking lot at the pavilion. The weather is perfect now and I got some good sun. I saw no other "true" thongers in the main beach areas. One women had pulled her rio into a thong as she laid out, but pulled it back out when she went for a swim. At North Lido I walked much of the length of the beach and saw both a male and female thonger laying out up near the dunes. They were not together.
Great day at the beach!
sarasotajt #79

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:12/20/2008 12:48:06Copy HTML

 I made it out to the local Sarasota beaches over the past few days. I went to Siesta Key beach Wednesday and Thursday. I had a nice time and got some sun despite the partly cloudy skies. Saw no other T-backs.
Friday I went to Lido Beach and started off laying out just south of the main pavilion. I got bored and decided to relocate to the North Lido area. There I saw three young ladies sunning in G-strings and one other guy in a thong. It was nice not to be the lone thonger. On a less positive note, I also saw two older guys fully clothed walking back and forth, in and out of the dunes checking out all of the minimal swimwear wearers. It was a bit freaky. That's why I don't lay out in the dunes unless it's windy.

sarasotajt #80

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/29/2009 10:22:33Copy HTML

 I've been frequenting Lido Key beach recently. The spring break crowds have dissipated and - though we're enduring a drought - the hot sunny weather is perfect for the beach. Monday I saw a couple of ladies in rio-backed suits near the north end beach access. Today by chance I ended up next to another thonger, just south of the Lido Beach pavilion. I overheard another gentleman compliment her on her swimwear, and minutes later heard some teen couples on the far side of her telling jokes about me - the thong guy. The double standard lives on, but I didn't let it spoil a beautiful two hours at the beach.

JM_Runs #81

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/30/2009 08:15:10Copy HTML

JT -  I was at  Fort Desoto the other day, full day of sun, tan is looking great and then this couple comes down and sits infront of me at the waters edge about 40 feet from me.  I can tell he was making comments to his lady about blue g-string.  I must tell ya that she didn't seem to mind as she kept taking glances at me when she had the chance when he was not looking. Once she even tipped her head as to say hi.  I just ate it up as I new she approved.  I will g forever!

sarasotajt #82

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/06/2009 01:48:58Copy HTML

 I noticed two mature female thongers at Lido Beach this afternoon. One right in front of the pavilion and life guard tower with her husband and another couple. She walked about freely. The second was with her husband just north a bit at the second life guard tower.  I was laying out midway in between and could see them in the distance. Mostly older folks in my immediate vicinity. Nice day but a little windy.
sarasotajt #83

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/06/2009 06:19:02Copy HTML

 Friday as another superb lunch hour at Lido Beach. I found a gap in the crowd a bit south of the northernmost lifeguard tower and spread out my towel. To my right were two girls in regular bikinis who eventually got up to play baseball with a plastic bat and ball. One hit the ball so that it landed near me and when the catcher came to retrieve the ball she said: "I must say you have a nice ass." It was nice to hear a compliment and I said "Thanks". To my left were two Latino moms with their young children. Both of the moms were wearing baby blue thong bikinis and they looked beautiful playing in the waves with their children. Soon, a striking blond walked down to the beach with her two young daughters and set up her chair immediately in front of me. She looked great in a bikini that revealed a little tush. I really respect ladies who retain their figure after childbirth.
Soon I had to leave the perfect beach day to return to work.

sarasotajt #84

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/11/2009 01:44:40Copy HTML

 I went to the southern tip of Lido Beach today to enjoy the wide open space and investigate the shorebird nesting area. I spread my towel along the shore south of most of the beachgoers. Soon, an elderly lady walked right behind me and then spread her towel perhaps 20 feet from me. She seemed to enjoy the view as she kept looking my direction even while swimming in the surf. After a half hour eating lunch and sunning in my Skinz Y-back g-string, I walked around the shorebird area  to see tern nests with chicks. I did see two, and during my walk I passed three young ladies wearing small bikinis heading the other direction. Two giggled and watched me as I was looking over the bird area. Within ten minutes they turned around and walked back the other way just beyond where I was standing. The two gigglers went into the water, but the third removed her brazillian back bikini bottom to reveal a G-string. I gave her the "thumbs up" sign when she looked my way. She smiled and joined her friends in the water. I walked back to my towel happy that I had encouraged another person to enjoy the freedom of thonging.
sarasotajt #85

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/20/2009 12:58:41Copy HTML

 Enjoyed three lunch hours thonging at Lido beach this week. Lots of other beach goers are enjoying the hot sun - especially families now that school is out. I only saw one other thong - tanga - all week.
sarasotajt #86

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/16/2009 09:20:29Copy HTML

 Lots of cloudy/rainy weather here lately - but Thursday was nice and many folks took advantage of it. I spent my lunch hour at Lido Beach arriving at the north life-guarded area. The beach was lined with families so I walked north beyond the crowd. The shorebird nesting area is no longer roped off so I spread out my towel in the middle of the beach over 100 yards from the closest other person and laid out in my thong. Essentially, I got aggressively "cruised".
Within about 20 minutes, a single man came walking down the beach at the shoreline. He stared at me repeatedly while I was reading. Then stopped, waded in the water, and then turned and walked right past me (within about 15 feet of me) back to the dune line. I continued to read, hoping he was gone. A few minutes later he came walking back past me on the other side, even closer this time and again stopped at the water's edge, turned around and stared at me. This made me very uncomfortable so I pulled on my shorts, packed up my things and walked straight back to the beach access. I quickly showered off the sand and as I toweled off there he was again. He followed me to the shower and continued to stare at me. I glared at him but never spoke a word and headed straight for my vehicle. An otherwise nice day at the beach ruined.
This is yet another reason for thongers not to sequester themselves to the outskirts of the beach as it common practice at Ft. Desoto. I'd rather hear a redneck mock me than get cruised.
JM_Runs #87

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/17/2009 12:00:56Copy HTML

Sometimes it's better to stand your ground, summoning up your courage to say "Go away, I am not interested in you and don't want to be bothered by you."

If they don't sod off and leave you alone you can follow up with "Bugger Off or I will call the police and tell them you are harassing me."

'Bugger Off' is an English expression particularly appropriate for this situation. 
orlcpl #88

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/18/2009 03:19:45Copy HTML

Is the best area in North or South Lido beach, I will be in the area next week and have some time to check it out.
sarasotajt #89

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/19/2009 01:18:38Copy HTML

 South Lido Beach offers two options: you can walk due west and enjoy the Gulf of Mexico beach - the southern portion of which is rarely populated; or, you can walk south to the beach along the channel or "pass" into Sarasota Bay. The restrooms / shower / picnic area / tot lot, etc. are all close to this Pass Beach and so it is not really recommended for thonging as there tend to be more families. Also, the showers are in plain view of most of the picnic tables. When I go to South Lido, I generally head out towards the Gulf side south near (but not at) the tip. The tip is frequently occupied by fishermen.

North Lido is commonly regarded as the local "gay" beach. In the past I have frequently set up towards North Beach, but south of the "point" that juts out into the Gulf. (Just south of the shorebird nesting area which I like to observe.) I go there to get beyond most of the families who tend to remain closer to the lifeguard stand. I very rarely venture north of the "point" as you'll typically see 90% men on that sparsely used beach.

Considering my recent unpleasant experience at the north end, I prefer to set up squarely in the center of Lido Beach between the pavilion and the north beach access. I look for a wide gap in the crowd. If folks fill in around me, it's their choice. In this more public area I've never been hassled. So, there really isn't a clear cut answer. The best location varies from day to day depending upon the demographics of beachgoers.

orlcpl #90

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/23/2009 12:42:03Copy HTML

I will be here Thursday if no one is going to Caspersen
DavyJ #91

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:09/02/2009 04:10:42Copy HTML

I also prefer to be in the main beach areas, not the outskirts.  One thing that helps is to get there early in the morning before the beach gets crowded.  That way you don't intrude on anyone else's "space" and people can choose to set up near you or not as they prefer.
JM_Runs #92

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:09/02/2009 07:44:46Copy HTML

I like the 'north' section of Lido myself.  Lots of guys there in thongs and an ocassional female who might be topless too
sarasotajt #93

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:09/12/2009 02:47:04Copy HTML

 I had a nice experience at Lido beach this week. I first stopped at the north beach access because there was a prime parking spot available. I walked to the north end of the crowd and spread out my towel to get some sun. Now that Labor Day has passed, the crowds are much sparser and far fewer children/families.  While there, a middle-aged woman walked by heading south wearing a green print thong bikini. She had walked the entire length of the beach with no incident  past the life guards (who do not care) and past all the other beach goers.
After about 45 minutes, I decided to relocate to the area around the main Lido beach pavilion. Again, I walked to the north edge of the crowd and spread my towel. Soon, a hispanic girl arrived and spread her towel perhaps 20 yards away. She wore a black tanga - not quite a true thong but it did reveal some cheek.
The day was so perfect I hated to return to work.
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 Florida's Gulf Coast has recently been drenched with tropical downpours for the past few days. Today we finally had a break and I headed out to Lido Beach during my lunch break. I parked near the north beach entrance, wrapped a towel around me, grabbed my lunch and sunscreen and head out onto the beach. Once on the beach I hung the towel over my shoulder and walked south towards a wide gap in the sun worshipers in front of the Holiday Inn hotel. I spread my towel on the dry sand close to the water. This was a near perfect day. A bit of cloud cover blew over within thirty mintues and we were treated to hazy sun the rest of the afternoon. Now is the perfect time for thongers on Lido beach: it is after Labor day so there are few families, and it is not yet Thanksgiving so the seasonal retirees and Menonite population has not yet arrived. Thirty yards to my north was a young couple - she wearing a rio-backed bikini. A bit further to the south was a gentleman wearing a black speedo-style suit next to the life guard stand. He left within thirty minutes and, the beach being so sparsely populated, I picked my apple out of my lunch and walked down the beach past the life guard and almost to the main beach pavilion. I passed a few folks along the way but nobody said anything. I picked a few choice shells out of the surf and, upon returning to my towel, found several groups had moved in around me during my absence. Feeling crowded, I picked up my stuff, returned to my car, and drove to the south end of the Lido Beach pavilion. Again, I found a gap in the sparse crowd towards the south end - almost in front of the volleyball net. I caught some rays and finished my lunch. Looking south down the beach in front of all the hotels I saw a very sparsely populated beach. For the first time, I decided to walk down there at the edge of the surf - collecting a few more nice shells along the way. Again, I heard no comments down and back. I was wearing a standard Skinz thong.
I ended up staying over two hours; it was a beautiful day. I saw no other thongers - only a few rio or small-backed bikinis, but I did see a few women who should have (in my humble opinion) been sporting thongs. What a waste...why be pale when you can have a tan fanny?


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Okay i must be going to the wrong "north" part of Lido.  If you come out of the shopping area and there is parking straight ahead which area is that? How far to the right do i need to go for the "north" beach area?
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 When you come out of the shopping area (St. Armands' Circle) and head due west to the beach - that is the northern most parking area. So you park and walk out to the beach where you'll see a life guard stand. The "north Lido" is a walk to the north toward the pass between Lido and Longboat keys.

I went out to the "central" Lido beach today and laid out in front of the Holiday Inn which must have a lot of vacancies right now as the beach was nearly deserted. I entered the beach from the northern-most dune crossover where a woman wearing a g-string was rinsing off in the shower. Her husband/boyfriend was nearby drying off; wearing standard swim trunks.

After sunning for a while, I pulled on my shorts and walked south to the beach concessionaire at the pavilion. On the way I passed a cute blonde laying out in a pink thong bikini.  Nice day at Lido beach!
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Thanks so i am in the right area, just not on the right days? You mentioned it was a walk to the north, how long of a walk?
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It is not far. You can see the dune area from the northern-most beach access point. Use Mapquest or Google Earth for a precise measurement.
Some days there are several thongers up there - other days there are none. It is unpredictable.
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 Spent two more terrific lunch hours at Lido Beach this week and I'm happy to say that I was not the only thonger. Both days I saw in the distance a lone female thonger off to herself mid-beach. Sarasotans enjoyed our first cool front of the season which moderated the temperatures, cleared the sky of hazy clouds and made for perfect weather.
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Any ladies want to join me out there on Thursday afternoon?
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