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orlcpl #101

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:10/08/2009 05:37:29Copy HTML

Not much action out there today, but i did find the dunes not hard at all I wasn't walking far enough.  I would like some more ladies so I would feel more at ease but maybe next time or maybe i'll go later in the day.
orlcpl #102

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:01/28/2010 10:38:43Copy HTML

Was out there the last two days, what a difference.  Yesterday it was empty with one other thonger, today it was packed but no thongs.  Saw two ladies covering up as they were topless by the dunes but that was it.  Suprised to see that many people and no thongs, hopefully it will only get better with the weather.
sailor250 #103

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:02/14/2010 01:42:19Copy HTML

Ran across this video on Youtube apparently a little video made back in the 90's against the banning of T backs on Sarasota beaches.  Some interviews, some T back footage.  Interesting period suits!  Even a little rap song "Don't ban those suits don't ban T backs"
orlcpl #104

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/15/2010 08:23:33Copy HTML

Planning on going wednesday anyone want to join in?
sarasotajt #105

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/12/2010 11:08:09Copy HTML

 Perfect weather day today and most of the spring break crowds have left.  I first laid out at north Lido beach where I saw two other thongers, female, also getting some sun. They were in the distance, in opposite directions of where I was.
After finishing lunch I drove down to the pavilion to buy a soda and then decided to go lay out a while longer just south of the volleyball net where a large dune offered protection from the occasional gusty winds that kicked up some sand. This area was quite crowded so I just laid there and read. After a while a young lady walked past me, spread out her towel well in front of me, and the got down to her swimsuit - cool - another thonger!  She was less inhibited than the others, walking freely down to the water and back, taking photos up and down the beach with her phone, etc. It was a trifecta at Lido today.
jnsmcd #106

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/04/2010 03:32:34Copy HTML

I haven't been to Lido Key in about 5 years. Thanks to everone on this board for the information. I will probably head back soon as I am down that way for work a lot.
thongback777 #107

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/06/2010 12:14:16Copy HTML

 Spent several hours today at Lido, very nice.
Saw only 1 other woman in a thong who I spoke with, but several other girls were wearing rio suits.
By the way, this is one of the last times I'll discuss this but as for the whole ticket thing, it's pretty moronic of anyone to think I made that up.
It happened years ago, wasn't a huge deal but was definitely an inconvenience. I've been back out to Lido probably 20 times in the last year, thonged all across the entire beach and had no probs.
So what happened years ago was just very random, I'm imagining that ticketing happens extremely rarely out there. Even today I asked several lifeguards about the legality of thongs. They all seem to think that they're legal and that the city ordinance was repealed but it wasn't. I called city hall/parks & rec as well as the police to verify.
So yes on Sarasota county beaches (Siesta, Turtle) thongs are totally legal, on Lido (city) technically they're not. That's the current law. 
Though non-enforcement seems to be the case on Lido 95% of the time. So just be careful. It's still a very nice beach and if you're not making a scene or bothering too many families you should be fine.
I know I'm reiterating some of what was said in previous posts, but for some idiot to think that I made it up is really a bit insulting. I've been back to Lido by myself in a thong and with my ex in a thong several times, had no probs. So yeah... just be careful on that beach, that's all.
Anyways... going to try Siesta next week.
srqthong #108

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/07/2010 01:51:01Copy HTML

That is completely consistent with what I understand. I have lived on Siesta for 15 years. I have thonged on nearly all local beaches. I prefer Palmer Point on Siesta and Caspersen south of the Venice airport.  
sarasotajt #109

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/26/2010 10:16:51Copy HTML

 After days of rain here in southwest Florida I finally made it out to Lido Beach today. The skies were still overcast but I still enjoyed a swim in the Gulf and then a walk up the beach and back in my skinz thong. I'm happy to report that I was not alone. While there I passed three separate women (in different groups or alone) walking in their thongs - or very near thong rio suits.
The European tourists are back and the local kids are back in school!  This means far fewer families.
I laid out on my towel and read a few chapters in my book but then had to leave after only an hour. Even so, it was nice to get back to the beach. I hope to sneak out to Siesta Beach for an hour or two tomorrow. Hopefully the weather will continue improving.
orlcpl #110

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:08/31/2010 10:00:44Copy HTML

What happened to all the lido ladies?  I have gone out there on lunch a couple times in the past month and haven't seen a single lady in a thong.  Couple of guys by the dunes everytime but no lovely ladies. 
sarasotajt #111

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:11/18/2010 12:36:28Copy HTML

 Despite mediocre weather I headed to Lido Beach for a late lunch. A cool front had just passed and the clouds were clearing but it was still windy. The beach was sparsely populated. I spread my towel next to the northern most life guard tower on Lido Beach and read a book while sunning in my black skinz thong. Some folks were walking by along the shore, many fully clothed. I saw a middle-aged woman walking up the middle of the beach in a small aqua colored bikini. As she passed, I realized it was a thong. She continued walking north towards New Pass carrying a towel at her side. I waited for a lull in the beach walkers and then went down to the water. It is turning cool now. With so few people around I walked south almost to the next life guard tower looking for shells in the surf. Then, I walked back north past my stuff and past the north life guard tower. I continued looking for shells but finding few of interest. I passed a young blond laying out in her black thong bikini and continued towards the North Lido area. Before rounding the bend towards New Pass I did an about-face and headed back towards my towel as I knew I needed to leave soon for another appointment. On the walk back to my stuff I was stopped by an older lady who asked if she could take my picture and text it to her friend back in her home state of Oregon. I obliged as she and her friend got a kick out of it. She said she told her friend to come to Florida to find "real men" like me. That made me feel good: a nice compliment from her and no negative comments from anyone else.
orlcpl #112

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:02/14/2011 11:17:56Copy HTML

finally good weather - might be out at Lido Wednesday or Friday (or Caspersean)
sarasotajt #113

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/01/2011 06:19:28Copy HTML

I went to Lido for an hour of sun during lunch time today.
It was windy today following the passing of a stormy cold front which dropped record amounts of rain yesterday. I headed to the north lido beach area and spread my towel next to the dunes which blocked the wind. A little further north of me was a woman laying out in a small black bikini which I suspect was a thong though I never saw her turn over. After a short while a single male walked past me and the woman, spread out his stuff also sheltered by the dunes, and stripped to a black thong. There were now three single thongers along the dunes enjoying the sun. Folks walking past on the beach were either fully clothed or wearing typical swimwear.
Soon I had to go so I pulled on my shorts and walked south to my car which was parked at the main parking lot of the Lido Beach pavillion. During my walk I saw zero thongs, though the beaches were crowded with vacationing families.
At the pavilion, I was surprised to see a man wearing a white thong walk through the concession area.  He is much bolder than I.

nuparrthongs #114

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:04/11/2011 06:43:49Copy HTML

 I had just finished a cruise on the Radiance of the Seas out of Tampa and was looking for a nice place to sun.  As I love to wear thongs but won't do it with families and children around, I was looking for a thong friendly beach.  I didn't know about this web site at the time, so I googled "gay beaches Sarasota" and got a few sites with reviews about beaches.  I saw a couple different reviews about the North end of Lido Beach being a bit "cruisy"  and I figured since I happen to be a gay male I would check it out.  I was on Lido Beach for 2 days on March 9th and 10th.  I was with a girlfriend and I hadn't seen a thong until about 2pm my girlfriend nudged me and said, "there's a thong" sure enough there was a man about mid 50's (my age as well) walking up and down the path through the dunes/grass.  He was obviously cruising.  A little later I saw 2 couples walking down the beach.  They appeared to be in their 60s, one of the ladies had the body of a 20 year old,  not a bit of fat, not a bit of cellulite on her legs and as they passed I was crossing behind them and got a pleasant surprise, Mrs 60 something hard body was wearing what appeared to be a stock 2 piece bikini from the front but was a thong back.  
sarasotajt #115

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/27/2011 07:11:20Copy HTML

 Yesterday and today I laid out near the northern-most life guard tower at Lido beach. Both days I saw young ladies wearing thongs. Also, yesterday I saw a skinny blonde sunbathing topless. She was accompanied by her male companion. Nobody complained, though there were others set up nearby and numerous people walking by along the water's edge.  She did put her bandeau top on before going for a swim.

orlcpl #116

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/27/2011 08:39:14Copy HTML

sarasotatj, your lucky to see young ladies in thong - I never see anyone out at Lido in thongs.  I almost want to give up Lido and focus on Caspersean but that isn't much better.  Fort Desoto has the best percentage I have found if you want some company while thonging.
sarasotajt #117

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:05/28/2011 09:01:06Copy HTML

 Make no mistake, these ladies I saw were in the distance. I didn't go creep up to them. One was way up next to the dunes (along the street parking) but the other was at the water's edge with her girlfriends in front of the life guard tower. It was just nice to see actual thongs rather than rios scrunched up.
briankay #118

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/23/2011 04:23:04Copy HTML

Yea, I've noticed plenty of almost thongs various places.  Seems kind of silly to me because those suits will not stay in place.  They'll scrunch up on their own.

Anyway, I haven't been to Lido for several years.  Gas prices continue to drop.  I think I'll consider $3.20 a gallon the threshold for a trip to Sarasota.
sarasotajt #119

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:09/14/2011 09:34:19Copy HTML

 I've been going to Lido beach most days this week for an extended lunch break. I've got a job nearby which makes it convenient.
I haven't been to the "north beach" area. Usually I'm closer to the pavilion and parking lots because I like to be able to rinse off afterward.
I haven't seen any other thongs on either gender, but there have been some small bikinis on some of the ladies. It is the perfect time of year because the kids are in school and it seems from the accents and license plates that many of the beach goers are tourists. Sun is hot and sky is generally cloudless so the water feels great.

sarasotajt #120

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:09/22/2011 11:52:23Copy HTML

 I made a brief visit to Lido Beach early this afternoon which was cut short by threatening storm clouds. After eating lunch, I went for a swim and the walked north past the northernmost lifeguard tower beyond the point and back. I was wearing my skinz G and during my walk I passed a woman wearing a bona fide thong. She did a double take at me but we didn't speak. There were comparatively few folks out as the skies were threatening.
Sharon73 #121

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:09/27/2011 12:51:40Copy HTML

havent been there in a few years but used to go and lay out nude in the dunes and loved all the attemtion i got from the guys there, many of whom got naked with me there
JM_Runs #122

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:02/08/2013 02:13:15Copy HTML

 I went to north lido for the first time ever today around noon. There were indeed a few cruisers, as has been said.  But, it was not overly rude. I had on my tan thru blue and white flowered speedo.  It was nice and to today!  I saw a few other guys in speedos, one guy had almost an identical speedo on, so that was cool.  I saw one guy in a backless type pouch walking around in the dunes and the trails behind it.  It seemed like he went there a lot because there was no regard for what others thought.  There was one guy in a thong in the middle of the dunes and another guy farther north in a thong.  Overall it was pretty relaxed.  Of course, some of the tourists wandered farther north and were wide eyed when they saw all the speedos. I am definitely going back tomorrow for a last day of sun!
DEStringer #123

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/15/2013 09:05:29Copy HTML

I stay for 14 days in Sarasota and I wanna ask where I (male) can wear my thong swimwear? Which beach is the best to wear a thong?
I am a bit confused because I read that wearing thongs can be illegal?! In Germany there ist no law like this. It is possible to wear a thong on every beach and You don't have to care about the opinion of other people.
And in the U.S.??? Can someone call the police and You will get a ticket or sit in prison?
I am glad about every advice before starting my vacations there.

Thank You
lindros #124

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/15/2013 09:20:04Copy HTML

Technically thongs are not legal on Lido Key beach because of a local city ordinance, however it's not enforced to well. In both my visits to this beach I've seen males in thongs to the north end without issues. But I would still avoid this beach because it is technically illegal.

South of Lido Beach is Siesta Key and Turtle beaches. Thongs & g-strings are perfectly legal there, however you may be the only one wearing one on any given day.

About 30 minutes south of Siesta Key is Caspersen Beach and Manasota Key beach. Thongs are perfectly legal to wear and you likely won't be the only one. At Caspersen thongers usually set up to the south of the entrance, at Manasota you would want to set up north of the entrance.

About an hour north of Sarasota there is Fort DeSoto beach which is outstanding. Thongs are legal here and are well accepted by the patrons anywhere on the beach, although you'll find a congregation of other thongers on the north end.

Hope that helps.
DEStringer #125

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/17/2013 10:33:39Copy HTML

Thank you, that will help me a lot!

And what about Sanibel & Captiva Island? Eventually I will stay there for a day.

lindros #126

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/17/2013 10:56:21Copy HTML

Bowman's beach on Sanibel is a great place to wear a thong. Most thongers set up on the north side of this beach.
DEStringer #127

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/17/2013 04:29:23Copy HTML

Nice to hear :-)

My trip is starting next Friday, if there is something to tell from the beaches, I will tell You!

jtanguy #128

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/18/2013 11:09:01Copy HTML

Yes - DEStringer - You will enjoy Bowmans Beach on Sanibel Island.  It's the northern side of the beach that you will need to walk to.
I was there this past sunday and there were several thongers out.
tampit70 #129

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/25/2013 11:58:59Copy HTML

 Was on Lido today, was great i think i was the only thonger, not sure because i stayed back in the dunes until the beach cleared. The longer i was there the more comfortable i got and by 1:00 i was walking down to the beach in my black g-string
tampit70 #130

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/28/2013 11:35:07Copy HTML

 Going out early today hoping to get some sun before the storms come.
tampit70 #131

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/28/2013 07:16:50Copy HTML

 Weather was perfect, I don't think the forecasters know what their talking about.
bandm #132

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:06/08/2014 05:43:41Copy HTML

Do others still thong on lido beach? Noticed last comments from 2013.
JM_Runs #133

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:10/13/2014 02:01:55Copy HTML

 I was on Lido Beach on Saturday, but didn't wear my thong. However, I did see another young lady wearing a thong (approximately 24 years old or so). She was walking the beach, paddleboarding, and taking pictures and no one seemed to bat an eye. 
briankay #134

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:10/13/2014 10:17:15Copy HTML

I was last there 4 or 5 years ago.  Set up right next to a lifeguard stand.  No problems. 
car57 #135

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:10/23/2014 02:00:54Copy HTML

Spent two hours on Lido today, one hour swimming and wore out my shoulders.  The second hour drying out in a Skinz thong right by the northern most life guard stand, no problems and there was a bonus of two young ladies in thongs!
orlcpl #136

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:09/15/2015 02:27:54Copy HTML

 Couldnt make it to Caspersan today, haven't been to either beach in a long time, wasn't surprised by all the creepers in the dunes still at Lido but saw a lady in a sheet thong that was almost worth it. Only got to enjoy the sun for an hour but still got to enjoy the sun and the views.
Chrish217 #137

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/11/2016 06:06:29Copy HTML

 I will be in North Sarasota tomorrow for the day before heading back north to Indian Shores.Siesta Key seems too far south...Lido maybe, Longboat Key maybe, Bradenton seems a bit out of the way.Recommendations? 
lindros #138

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/11/2016 09:38:38Copy HTML

If you're heading back north, then I'd just go to Fort DeSoto over Lido & Siesta.
Chrish217 #139

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/13/2016 01:39:32Copy HTML

 I have never been to Lido before, so I decided to give it a try.  I parked at the north end and walked a half a mile north and south to look for a spot less crowded.  It was a gorgeous day for the beach and the crowd was pretty big.While on my walk, I did see 2 girls in thongs (separately), quite a few cheeky suits...and I saw what appeared to be a man and wife together, both in thongs, buns up!  They were a little farther north from my parking spot than I wanted to haul my chair and beach bag but I would have like to have set up close to them for moral support.
I ended up setting up behind the next to the most northernmost lifeguard tower...I set up as far away from the water as possible, not knowing how acceptable it would be for a single guy by himself (my wife had to work yesterday).  I decided to wear one of my smaller suits, a Skinzwear M52.Not many people walked that section but I heard zero comments from those who did.  A group of 7 or 8 college boys playing with a soccer ball walked past me to the north and later back in front of to the south but didn't hear a word.
Right after I flipped over to sun the buns, the lifeguard drove by...didn't even slow down.About 10 minutes after I flipped, 2 couples walked by and set up about 30 ft away.  They played Bocce ball...sometimes getting within 10 ft of me or so, still not a word.All in all, a good experience.  I would love to go back with the wife sometime and set up closer to the water and the crowds.
bikinicouple #140

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:03/19/2016 09:55:29Copy HTML

  Wife and I spent a couple days at Sandcastle Resort on Lido Beach.  We wore nothing but our thongs (she in a Wicked Weasel me in a Joe Snyder bikini I could bunch up for tanning) on the beach front and pool area.  We even went to the bar for a drink with some British Tourists in our thongs!  Great time, great experience.  Will definitely return there!
orlcpl #141

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:12/03/2016 12:20:20Copy HTML

 Was out on Lido today for a couple hours, nice to see a younger woman in a thong.  Last two times out there nobody in minimal suits, seems like getting more uptight.  Every now and then there is hope again.
guyfiredup #142

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:12/30/2016 01:46:14Copy HTML

I have been going out there in a string bikini (full back).  Seen some women in thongs.  I was told that the city ordinance (Lido is in Sarasota city limits) was no thongs.  Do you think the following is acceptable at Lido?  Thanks.
car57 #143

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:12/30/2016 02:06:50Copy HTML

 Firedup, it is hard to answer your question without knowing what the back of that suit looks like.  I have worn thongs at Lido Key Beach numerous times over the last few years without problem.  I tend to go to northern end of the beach where there is much more room.
guyfiredup #144

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:12/30/2016 03:30:46Copy HTML

It's regular full back, not brazil or Euro or anything.
guyfiredup #145

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:12/30/2016 03:32:49Copy HTML

car57, The police have been on their 4-wheeler.  Have they driven by you while wearing a thong?  Did they say anything?
car57 #146

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:12/30/2016 09:18:42Copy HTML

 Yes, and not a word.  I can't honestly recall whether I was buns up or face up when they've come by.  I've never thought  or worried about thongs being illegal there.  That suit is fine regardless.
sarasotajt #147

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:01/01/2017 03:22:22Copy HTML

 I used to live there for about 10 years in the 2000's and I wore a thong regularly sunning on all beaches in the county with never an incident from law enforcement.

Most beaches (Siesta, Turtle, Caspersen, etc.) were of no concern because the law was clear. Lido Beach (and Venice Beach, and Longboat Key beaches) were different, although I never had an incident. The reason, as noted by others, is that these beaches are geographically located within municipalities - cities - City of Sarasota, City of Venice and City of Longboat Key where more strict local ordinances have been adopted banning thong swimwear.

It gets even more confusing because the Lido Key beaches in particular are administered by Sarasota County staff and budgets. They are occasionally patrolled by Sarasota County Sheriff deputies. Sarasota County ordinances permit thong swimsuits and these are the regulations enforced by deputies. The way I understand it, to get into trouble for wearing a thong on Lido beach you would have to cause another beach-goer to get so upset that they phoned Sarasota Police who would have to come and enforce the City ordinance.

Over the years I have seen sheriff deputies staked out with binoculars scanning the dunes at north Lido looking for - and sometimes finding and busting - nudity or sexual activity. Common sense is to simply stay out of the dunes for ecological and legal reasons.

On Siesta Key public beach I have witnessed sheriff deputies (at the north end of the beach) called out to compel a woman to put her top back on. She was likely European but that is pure conjecture on my part. From the same vantage point I have witnessed young girls sunbathing and walking to and from the water topless and in thong bottoms. Nobody called the authorities so they got away with it that afternoon. Also, they happened to be laying face down on their towels when the county sheriff beach patrols and lifeguards rolled through.

Speaking of lifeguards: they are  not generally present to enforce the law but to protect and save lives. Still, I was once asked by a lifeguard on Siesta Beach (at the north end of the main public area) to relocate further north beyond the guard-protected area because my swimsuit was annoying other beach-goers. I complied, though I was not breaking any law, simply to keep the peace.

There is much confusion among locals who think thongs are illegal. This is caused by the County and the County Seat (City of Sarasota) sharing the same name. It was enough to drive a local thong retailer out of business because clients dried up. The anti-thong ordinance is withing city limits only, and I believe the City of Venice to the south also has adopted this anti-thong ordinance.

All of this to explain the situation as I understand it to board members who may want to visit the Sarasota area, and to suggest that you should be free from problems with law enforcement if you observe these tips:

1. Frequent County beaches rather than those physically within municipalities

2. Wear a fully opaque garment with fully covers your genitals

3. Feel free to "walk the beach", but don't loiter or hover around beach access ramps or pavilions

4. Stay out of the dunes (the only time I broke this rule was when it was really windy)

5. Act natural and with confidence

Enjoy SRQ - I miss it terribly.
PaulFromMA #148

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:01/02/2017 06:09:27Copy HTML

 sarasotajtM - - My wife and I are planning a week-long vacation on Siesta Key this Sept. Or Oct.   any recommendations on where we both could legally thong on Siesta Key?   
sarasotajt #149

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:01/02/2017 01:31:23Copy HTML

 The entire length of Siesta Key beaches are thong legal.It is Lido Key Beach to the north that is questionable, but even there I wouldn't worry as I've seen no evidence of enforcement of the City of Sarasota ordinance.
ParadiseRobin #150

Re:Lido Key - Sarasota FL

Date Posted:01/03/2017 01:36:44Copy HTML

Here is what the  City of Sarasota's Municipal Code says.  My only caution would be there is no definition of "anal cleft." However, everything I can find describes it as the butt crack.  I have thonged many times on both the north and south ends of Lido and never have had any issues.  But then, being female probably is an advantage in wearing thongs.

Sec. 10-2. - Naked—Swimming, bathing, etc.
 (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to indecently expose his or her person by bathing, washing, swimming or wading in any bay, the Gulf of Mexico, any bayou, canal, river, creek, lake or other public place within the city while naked.
(b) The following definitions shall be used in this section:
(1) Naked shall mean insufficiently clothed so that the person has not covered, with a fully opaque covering:
a. The male or female genitals; or
b. The male or female pubic area; or
c. The male or female anal cleft; or
d. The areola of the female breast, and any portion of the female breasts below the top of the areola.
(2) Public place shall refer to any location frequented by the public where the prohibited act of being naked may reasonably be expected to be observed by others.
(Code 1971, § 11-2; Ord. No. 85-2861, § 1, 2-19-85; Ord. No. 85-2938, § 1, 11-4-85)

Sec. 10-3. - Same—On beaches, parks and public places.
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to indecently expose his or her person by being naked, which shall include the act of sunbathing naked, at a public beach, public park, on property owned by the city, on any beach frequented by the public, the waters adjacent to any beach, or at any public place, within the city.
(b) The following definitions shall be used in this section:
(1) Naked shall mean insufficiently clothed so that the person has not covered, with a fully opaque covering:
a. The male or female genitals; or
b. The male or female pubic area; or
c. The male or female anal cleft; or
d. The areola of the female breast, and any portion of the female breasts below the top of the areola.
(2) Public place shall refer to any location frequented by the public where the prohibited act of being naked may reasonably be expected to be observed by others.
(3) Adjacent to any beach shall mean in such proximity to a beach frequented by the public that the act of being naked may reasonably be expected to be observed by others while present at a beach.
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