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Date Posted:05/30/2006 12:48:29Copy HTML

There seems to be little on Long Beach areas to wear a thong. Maybe because you can wear one just about anywhere along the beach. I have personnaly walked almost the whole stretch in only a thong, and got no negative comments. One lady said "nice buns" as I walked by. Another wanted a picture, after asking if I was a "native Californian".Almost every time I go to Long Beach - affectionately known as Thong Beach - I see at least one other thonger there. Usually it will be a guy, but sometimes women too. The guys are friendly, and I will often throw a frisbee with them or walk the beach - all in only a thong. Many wear gstrings as I have also become used to wearing. The beach is very uncrowded, and the people are hugely tolerant.Last summer near the end of summer, I wore a sling thong- which I made every effort to keep the straps off my shoulders andfalling downmy side to avoid the tanlines. No one said a thing - and the lifeguards just look but nothing is said.It is not the most picturesque beach, but it is plenty big. 8thStreet is the area where the thong guyssometimes are seen, but I prefer the area around 55th - across from the aquatic park (andwhere the beach bicycle lane merges with the street).
socalthongman #1

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:05/30/2006 12:49:38Copy HTML

I will be going to the 55th Street area tomorrow mid-day for anyone interested in checking it out.  If the weather is good - it should be - you wont be disappointed.  A game of frisbee anyone? 
morillons #2

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:06/03/2006 02:28:55Copy HTML

I lived in Long Beach, California from the time I was college student there for 36 years, 1964-2000.  All those years, when the weather was acceptable, I wore g-strings to the beach without any hassle from the lifeguards or the police, who patrolled the beach occasionally in jeeps and 3-wheel drive vehicles. My favorite place was the long stretch of the somewhat private ocean beach area across Ocean Boulevard from Alamitos Bay, between 54th Place and 55th Place, on what is locally known as the "peninsula."  Before the bicycle path along the beach was built many years ago, ending at 54th Place, I frequently went to the various areas below the "bluffs," which is closer to downtown Long Beach.  I am now retired and living in the Palm Springs area, and I have many fond memories of the hundreds of days I spent "stringing" in Long Beach.  
thearno #3

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:06/05/2006 10:26:44Copy HTML

when we lived in long beach, we always went to the beach across from 55th.  There is the little aboandoned ranch house, straight out from there.  We would go out in the middle of the beach and wear as little or nothing all the time.  keep a look out if nude.  but thongs is really fine.  We have met some really cool people (couples) out there.
socalthongman #4

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/22/2006 09:59:21Copy HTML

Well, I almost overdid it yesterday at Long Beach, California.  Following a great day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Spa where me and a friend spent the entire day relaxing and walking about in our thong and gstring.   I guess I got a little too cocky (excuse the pun!).  At Glen Ivy there is rarely any trouble, and I have grown to think that most accept thong swimwear if a decent looking guy is wearing it.  My following story put a little bit of reality back into my life.    


I had only a bit of time while in the Long Beach area on work-related stuff, so I decided that a gstring beach walk was in order.  I parked my truck, changed into my slightly mesh gstring (only if you look really closely) and almost as an afterthought, decided to bring along the new stretch box shorts bunched up in my hand. 


I walked about one mile down the beach, and turned around.  Along the way there were perhaps 20 to 30 people that I passed with no comments or anything.  No kids along the way - only adults.  I passed two women, and the one asked if she could take my picture.  She took several pictures of me, as we all kind of laughed and giggled about the whole experience - an almost nude guy walking the beach in a pouch held on by a couple of strings.  Shortly after this, I noticed that a maroon "cruiser" car was pacing me just behind me along what I figured must be the bike path, up on the sand a ways from the shoreline.  I suspected something might become of it, because I don't think cars are allowed to drive there. 


Perhaps 10 minutes more walking, and I saw a police car turn perpendicular to the beach on a road, and was prepared to intersect me if I kept walking.  I knew something was up, and I had to act fast.  I figured the best coarse of action was to confront them right up, instead of pretending that I didn't know they were there, turning the other way, or immediately putting my shorts on to continue the walk.  I never looked squarely in their direction and some could argue that I may have not even know they were there.  Instead, I turned slightly away from them and slipped on my swimshorts, and then walked almost directly to the police car and the maroon car.  Two cops got out of the police car, and said something.  I politely asked them to repeat, as I walked casually over to them.  The cop seemed like a rookie, and he asked where I was from (thinking Europe, maybe?).  I told him from Corona, but I work in the area.  He asked if I had ID, to which I replied I did not (it was in my truck).  I asked if there was a problem, and he said that someone reported a nude guy walking the beach.  I explained that it was not me, because I was wearing swimwear - as I showed him the gstring strap under the shorts.  Another police blazer showed up, and a big, strong guy got out.  This is the same white blazer that I have often seen while laying out on the same beach with no incident. 


The rookie said that maybe I should come over to the front of the car.  By now I was freaking out - thinking I was in big trouble.  I took about one step and stated that I was unaware that it was not acceptable to walk the beach in small swimwear as I knew that Long Beach is a gay-friendly town (this is true for the most part - like small swimwear is synonymous to sex preference).  The rookie asked why then did I put on the shorts, and I explained that I was heading back to the street, and knew I should cover up for that.  I also explained that it was off season, and I knew kids would not be around, and that I felt like taking an easy stroll down the beach in freedom.  I requested from the big guy (as he had probably seen a lot of this on the beach most summer days, and was likely "desensitized" by it, to some extent), if there was a problem because my intent was not to cause problems.  He stated that there are no direct laws against walking the beach in small suits, but they could apply some laws to the situation (likely indecent exposure).  He went on further to state that them writing a citation, and me having to come back downtown to go to court would probably be more trouble than it was worth.  Whew! 


I don't think the other cops there were happy about his response - the guy in the maroon car seemed like a "higher up" of some sort, but I thanked them all anyway, and said that I understand the situation now.  What I said next could have blown it all sky high:  I asked the big, strong guy if it was okay to layout on the beach, but not walk the beach, wearing small swimwear.  He said that it is okay to lie on the beach, but that if I was going to "walk the whole length of beach" I would only be asking from trouble.  This almost hints of some small amount of tolerance by the beach patrol guys.   


So, I continued towards the street in my small swimshorts which would likely turn some heads if I were to continue down the sidewalk.  As I continued towards the street, I saw one pedestrian cop near the bathrooms watching me walk by, and then three more cop cars headed down the asphalt strip which I was walking on, heading right towards me.  I didn't bat an eye or flinch one bit as they passed.  They may not have even realized that I was "the one".  I had a little bit of a predicament, though because I still had about a quarter of a mile or more to go, and I was somewhat concerned they would realize that I had not put on my shorts to go back, but more because of them being there.  I continued walking without looking back. 


Talk about close call!  There are several things that saved my ass:  1) I was polite and non-confrontational with the  cops; 2) I claimed that I thought it was okay in this city; 3) I turned to the strong, muscular cop (who does beach patrol all the time) to continue the discussions; 4) I was able to rationalize my actions; 5) I did not have any ID on me; and 6) gstring swimwear may be pushing it too far (as there may be some confusion of nudeness due to the small straps). 


Long Beach ain't no Fort Lauderdale or Miami atmosphere that's for sure.  I figured that the only reason the cops responded was due to someone calling in a complaint that someone was nude, and therefore, they had to investigate.  Then it became more a curiosity pursuit, then a bust.  Perhaps I was no where near getting a citation or whatever, but in the 18 years that I have been wearing thongs and gstrings to the beaches in Southern California, this is by far the closest I have come to getting busted.  I actually grew to think that most people out there were accepting of thong swimwear.  For those of you know Long Beach, you would think that it would be okay. 


The morale of the story is:  be careful out there - all it takes is one person to complain, and you could have a problem.        

JM_Runs #5

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/22/2006 12:05:39Copy HTML

RE:  socalthongman,

You may want to check out this thread, about the problems that can occur when, from a distance it appears that you are nude.  There are some suggestions for making sure your small swimwear is contrasting so that people know you are not nude.   Making sure your suit is visible.    >>  Thread here

DavyJ #6

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/22/2006 11:21:33Copy HTML

SoCal Thongman:

I had a very similar experience 2-3 months ago at a State Park in Ohio (where thongs are legal).  [See my post at Inland Places in US/Canada --> Ohio - Places to thong or go topless in Ohio dated 8/9/06.]

I think the moral is to always use common sense because no matter how many times you have been there or how "safe" you feel the location is, it only takes one nasty person who feels they are on a mission getting bent of out shape for whatever reason to potentially cause you trouble.

And always remember, whatever happens, always be nice and respectful to the authorities.  I think this impresses them because many of them have this idea that all thongers are good-for-nothing low-downs or whatever.  Being nice certainly helped me; the officer even commented in a somewhat surprised manner about how cooperative I was being.

yeh #7

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:02/27/2007 03:08:08Copy HTML

im from orange county but i'd be willing to drive to find a good thong shop FOR WOMAN.  seems like down here in OC there arent many bikini shops that sell thongs.  can anyone recomend some good shops to check out thongs for my GF?
ville2k1 #8

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:02/28/2007 08:03:28Copy HTML


Malibu Strings Company  - 21521 Blythe Street,  Canoga Park, CA  91304


The Malibu String Bikini Company is a leading lifestyle retailer that designs, markets, and sells its own brand of sexy, fashion forward clothing. Specializing in sexy swimwear and clothing for the uninhibited, the Malibu String Bikini Company has become a favorite for customers around the world.

Inspired by the magnificent natural beauty of the Malibu coastline, and the free spirited nature of Southern California, the Malibu String Bikini Company seeks to create designs that are innocent in form, but daring enough to awaken the female body.

From our factory in Sunny Southern California, we manufacture and distribute our clothing directly to the consumer. We do not sell or distribute our products to any third parties; instead we choose to sell directly to our customers. By shipping directly, we are able to build long lasting, personal relationships with our customers. Enjoy shopping at MalibuStrings.com, and please feel free to let us know if there is anything we can do to improve your shopping experience.

Noth sure if this is close, but hope it helps.


Parathong #9

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:04/25/2007 03:02:19Copy HTML

4-25-07 Was riding my bike at Long Beach today and saw two guys tanning in thongs. Right by the bike path west of 55th street adjacent to swim stadium.   More guys than women thonging there. Haven't gotten the courage to wear one on the beach yet (need to get into better shape) But if you're a guy and looking for a "Starter Beach" this is definately it.

I've seen very skimpy ones to almost nude here.  In-shape, Fat, Old, and average builds. It seems Everbody's welcomed here.  Gay and Straight  

chasnsx #10

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:06/02/2007 07:00:53Copy HTML

I've done a lot of legal work in the Long Beach Courthouse, and am pretty familiar with the Long Beach Police Dept.  In the summer of 2006, LBPD Vice was conducting operations in the beach restrooms in response to citizen complaints that certain men's restrooms were being used as gay cruising or pick up spots, and there were accusations of lewd conduct in the restrooms.

Socalthongman, you may have inadvertently attracted the attention of one of the vice teams already there to patrol the restrooms (the maroon cruiser).  That the cop made the differentiation between laying out in small swimwear and walking the beach in small swimwear suggests this. 


thongt2 #11

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:06/09/2008 07:03:50Copy HTML

 I will be out in the Long Beach area on a regular basis work business, and I would like to know if Long Beach is still thong-friendly?  If yes, is 54th Place and 55th Place still the place to go?
HB1818 #12

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:06/30/2009 05:32:30Copy HTML

So I've been going near 55th in Belmont Shore since last summer and it's been great. The beach is real private and it has lots of open space to find a place to tan. It's nice to see other thongers or at least skimpy bikini bottoms on the beach, so I recommend everyone in the socal area to go here. You won't be disappointed.  
ithongit #13

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:08/09/2011 12:21:08Copy HTML

Any new developments in thonging on Long Beach?  I will be in the area in September 2011.
brocker36 #14

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:08/10/2011 08:01:55Copy HTML

i've worn rios to the part of LB across from the aquatic center.  Never any problems or comments.  i usually setup next to the water but there is never anyone else very close. 
mrhb2008 #15

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/13/2011 02:45:22Copy HTML

 After doing some business in downtown LB, I wanted to check out the beach.  It's been about 20 years since I've been on the beach in LB.  I drove to a spot south of the aquatic center.  Set up wearing a teal Muscleskins Torpedo.  Beach was pretty empty but there were alot of kite boarders in and out of the water.  The red tide was also up as was the wind.  Very quiet afternoon, but I'm probably not going to spend alot of time there, as there are nicer breaches that I frequent.
OCCD #16

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/13/2011 07:43:05Copy HTML

 @mrhb2008, what other beaches in the area do you recommend?
mrhb2008 #17

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/14/2011 02:05:01Copy HTML

 Venice is always an easy one if you're in the area.  I like Hermosa & Manhatten cuz that's my old neighbor hood.  If I have nothing but time I drive down to Woods Cove in Laguna.  Smaller beach but very mellow.  I pretty much avoid Huntington unless I surf.  All SoCal beaches are excellent for tanning in a thong or G w/o hassle.  Just don't smoke!  Against the law don'tchaknow!
OCCD #18

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/14/2011 03:45:50Copy HTML

 LOL on the smoking comment! No kidding! I have not done Woods. Used to dive in that cove years ago. I've been hitting West St in Laguna (just north of Aliso pier). Wore my thong once, but kept a pair of mesh running shorts on as there were a couple families with kids and I didn't want to offend them.
mrhb2008 #19

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/16/2011 02:58:11Copy HTML

 Was at Woods yesterday. Overcast but managed to get some color thru the marine layer.  Wore a new Skins Stuffit mesh flame G.  Set up on south side of stairs. Totally alone until a woman came around to train her dog.  I must have been invisible!!!
abczyxabczyx #20

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:07/11/2012 11:13:25Copy HTML

 How is Long Beach lately?
FlossDaily #21

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:08/11/2012 04:03:00Copy HTML

 I was just out there yesterday--didn't see any other thongers.   Maybe I'm just going to the wrong place!   Anyway, I'm headed back out to the beach tomorrow (Sunday)...anyone else?
thong_jock #22

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:08/11/2012 04:24:09Copy HTML

 I get to LA often for work and usually thong on Venice by Ketch/Privateer towers. I've never seen other thongers there but have heard that's the place!
FlossDaily #23

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:08/11/2012 05:33:04Copy HTML

 Ok.  If I get up to Venice sometime, I'll check it out.  But tomorrow, I'm just headed out here in Long Beach.   Sounds like 55th is the place to go?
brocker36 #24

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/01/2012 06:18:25Copy HTML

 Had a very relaxing day today at Long Beach in my Joe Snyder thong.  I arrived late morning and stayed for a bit over 3 hours.  While I was there a guy in a square cut came and left, a girl wearing an almost-thong tiny low-cut rio suit along with her windsurfer boy setup nearby, and then mom wearing a g-string, along with dad and toddler.  The dad chased the toddler around while the mom sunbathed.  They setup not too far from me.  Shortly after they came another mom with a young boy came and setup even closer.  Also there was a guy in a rio bikini, and another guy wearing a thong further down the beach.  Although I didn't hear any comments at all, it was a very impressive number and percentage of people in small swim wear.  This was on the stretch of beach between 54th place & Balboa place.

thong4me #25

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/21/2012 03:30:04Copy HTML

Planning to stop by Long Beach next week.  Based on above comments, the best spot is considered to be just before east ocean blvd reaches the peninsula where it ends.  It will be a weekday so I'm sure it will be quiet.  My only question is whether this is the best place within 20-30 minutes. When I've had more time I've gone to San Onofre, but won't have time since I will be in meetings til noon.  Any thoughts?  I will give a report next week either way.  Thanks
brocker36 #26

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/22/2012 07:58:28Copy HTML

Other than possibly Venice, this is the best beach in the area for thonging from my experiences (which aren't a lot, but I've hit up every beach in the area at least once in the past year or two).
thong_jock #27

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/23/2012 02:21:22Copy HTML

 Sounds like a beach worth trying. I'll be back in the LA area early October and planning on going thonging to the beach Fri. Oct. 5. Anyone else want to play hooky that afternoon and organize an unofficial thong Friday somewhere...Long Beach, Venice or Will Rogers?
thong4me #28

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/28/2012 01:45:57Copy HTML

 Made it to long beach on Monday.  Started out near the end of the peninsula where I read this was the best spot.  It was nice, but the kite surfing zone seemed to extend much farther in both directions.  This was cool to watch for about 5 minutes.  Most people learning on the beach and very few in the water.  I saw nobody else except for kite surfers and actually found the beach kind of disgusting.  There were deep truck ruts everywhere, and if lucky, they were deep enough to unveil garbage.  Disappointed, I headed back to my hotel.
On the way back I stopped at Bluff Park area and gave it a shot.  I laid out in my black micro bathers suit for about 30 minutes.  Saw 1 guy on the other side of a guard house in a black speedo walking around.  The beach here was even dirtier than further south and at the waters edge was enough McDonald's straws in the sand I thought I was in a land fill.  The tire tracks were also very deep where they groomed the beach, and I actually set my towel there and used it as more of a pillow and neck support.
Everyone  is correct that there are no problems with thongs on this beach, but there MUST be nicer places nearby.  I really wish I drove down to Laguna or even San onofre again...    
azcana #29

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/28/2012 07:17:47Copy HTML

 I been tempted to go to Long Beach but after your post Im going to thing about it... I always go to Marina del Rey between Venice and marina canal beach is clean and sometimes you wont be the only thonger I been going there for a few years and never had a bad experience people or cops patrolling every now and then I go for walks from my spot to the restroom or even the Marina canal in just my thong without hassle.
thong_jock #30

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/29/2012 05:03:50Copy HTML

 Anyone wanna do a meetup this coming Friday afternoon at Venice/Marina Del Ray area?
32189 #31

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:01/12/2013 05:30:19Copy HTML

i wrote to the long beach city clerk several weeks to find out if thonging is legal there and i have not heard back.  i checked their muncipal code and one part suggested thonging was fine and the other part suggested otherwise.  that is why i wrote to them.  reading these recent posts from late last year make it sound like thonging at long beach is fine. 

what would you say?  is thonging still acceptable in long beach?? thanks!
NCThonger #32

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:01/17/2013 05:36:54Copy HTML

Planning a trip to Long Beach from NC this spring sometime.  Would also be interested in whether or not thongs are accepted and legal still in the Long Beach area.  Might be my first opportunity to wear a thong on the beach.  Here in NC they just aren't accepted.

Martylouie #33

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:01/18/2013 05:01:48Copy HTML

 NCThonger,  have you tried Bird Island, just west of Sunset Beach?   Several folks wear thongs (or go nude with care) with very little commotion.  The only notable incident that I recall was when an idiot pulled a knife on Lindros for no apparent reason.    I personally don't thong because I don't have the body for it , but I have several small bikini suits, and go nude as long as kids and old prudes are not around. 
brocker36 #34

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:05/12/2013 03:11:15Copy HTML

Another good report from Long Beach.  I arrived mid afternoon and after I found parking I walked to just east of the 55th street tower.  Setup in between two young women in half-back suits, and another young woman.  I was wearing my turquoise joe snyder bulge (several photos on flickr)  Saw two other guys in bikini style suits not too far away, a mom with two girls, and lots of kite surfers.  I relaxed for a bit, then went to check out the water which was surprisingly warm.  The young women followed me to the water, about 20 feet away, taking pictures of each other with a nice DSLR.  After a bit I walked over and offered to take a picture of them together, which they were grateful for.  Afterwards we talked for just a minute one of them said "We like your suit, especially the color."  I thanked them, and chit-chatted for a bit said their suits were very nice too, but they could be smaller!  One of them responded that she didn't think she could pull off wearing suit as small as mine, to which I assured her that they both could.  They thanked me for the photo, and we returned to our towels.  Quite an ego boost, and yet I wished they would've been more talkative!
brocker36 #35

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:05/21/2013 12:01:55Copy HTML

Two more reports from LB.  Went this past Saturday with my wife and son (under 3).  I wore a conservative covermale thong, and the wife in a standard bikini.  We played in the sand and had a great time, the section of the beach where we were was nearly deserted.  One walker did apparently give me a second look but that was all.  Today I was back by myself and had a good afternoon, walked around a lot in just my thong.  Again the beach was pretty empty.  I setup next to two young women, I think may have been a mom/daughter pair.  I find being near a couple females, regardless of what they're wearing, helps me to be more comfortable since people who might not approve are more likely to keep to themselves if a few ladies are nearby.  Anyway, these two women kept to themselves, I did ask them to take my photo and one obliged, but was obviously not interested in talking.  Sadly I didn't see any other thongs out, just a few girls in slightly less than full coverage bottoms.    
brocker36 #36

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/10/2013 12:38:41Copy HTML

I was able to get back to the long beach peninsula recently on the weekend.  There were a few more people my previous visits, but by no means busy.  Almost everyone was towards the end of the peninsula, so I went the other way to where there was a big stretch as far as I could see with nobody, and setup maybe 50 feet away from the closest person.  After a bit a young lady setup about 50 feet opposite.  Several other people came and filled in further own the peninsula, and after I was there maybe an hour some people started filling between me and the two ladies on either side of me.  Interestingly, two groups (one individual and one couple) came from the empty part of the beach.  Then came a african american young woman who setup even closer to me, maybe 15-20 feet away, pretty evenly spaced betweeen me and the original girl, but still leaving a giant empty stretch of beach wide open!  Not long after that a very attractive young female came straight out from the road and setup about 15-20 feet on the other side of me.  Sadly nobody else setup around me wearing a thong and I didn't see any guys in speedos either.  There were a couple runners and beach walkers, and then a couple running down the beach with the woman wearing what most people would call a thong back, but was more like a very small rio back.  I got up and went into the water several times to cool off, once when these runners were on their way back down the beach.   In all a very peaceful time, nobody seemed bothered by my thong and everybody kept to themselves.
Before leaving the area I walked across to the marina side of the peninsula (after putting my shorts back on) and walked around a bit, saw a few other females in very small rios and one young guy in a big (3" side at least) speedo.  
mrhb2008 #37

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:01/18/2014 04:55:34Copy HTML

 Thong sighting in LB!  Was walking along the beach yesterday with a friend, (not in a thong or G.  I think he knows that I wear them, but not ready for that conversation yet!) and spotted a man wearing a black teardrop G.  Empty beach for the most part and the weather has been kick ass of thonging lately!  Gonna get out there in the next coupla days!
clubthongs #38

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:05/07/2014 03:15:49Copy HTML

Any recent reports from the 55 Place area of Long Beach?
brocker36 #39

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:05/29/2014 03:32:48Copy HTML

 clubthongs:  I've been out a couple times this year.  Every time I go I see at least one guy setup near the 55th place lifeguard tower wearing at least a small speedo and sometimes a tie side suit.  I'm not a big fan of the tie side suit.  Sometimes I specifically try to avoid being too close to that area because I'm not interested in being hit on, and there's one guy in particular who tends to try to strike up a conversation with folks and it's kinda obvious he is trying too hard.  It's been more chill this year, I haven't really interacted with other people while I've been there.  However I've definitely walked around some, often taking some small trash to the bins next to the boardwalk or going out in the water since I'm more confident in my attire.  There's more often a party crowd on the bay side, where people would likely not be accepting of a thong (but probably a speedo would be ok).
brocker36 #40

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:06/21/2014 02:07:14Copy HTML

Another update -- I've been out a few times since my last post, I've seen a few of the ladies out in thongs and a few in very cheeky bottoms (most would call them thongs), but I haven't seen other guys in thongs, just speedos or the one guy in a tie-side rio-back bikini who seems to always be there.  I did overhear a few comments, two guys were walking around and they commented saying "Small is fine, but those tassels look girly" (commenting that the tie sides look like tassels).  I was very close in a rather small pouch-front thong, I'm not sure if he was making a comparison or not.  I took it as a compliment, and I appreciated that he was open minded about small swimwear.  I've only heard one "OMG" comment in all the times I've been out this year, and I'm not positive it was directed at me.  Most people either keep their voices down, hold their tongues, or (primarily I think) just don't care!  If you're nervous about thonging on the beach, this is a great place to start.
azcana #41

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:06/21/2014 09:56:41Copy HTML

I have thong in SoCal mostly Marina del Rey area. I like the idea of trying new places  can anyone recommend the best areas by Long Beach I would really appreciate it. 
clubthongs #42

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:07/19/2014 02:44:42Copy HTML

 I read a report elsewhere that earlier this summer there were at least 6 men wearing g strings in the area of 55th. Has anyone else noted this trend?
brocker36 #43

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:07/21/2014 03:11:42Copy HTML

 I've been out a few times lately, the most I've seen is one other guy in a g-string.  I've seen a few in speedos too.  One time I wore my new silver c-string.  After setting up in one spot it was too windy and the sand was blowing on me so I got up and walked to another part where the sand doesn't blow as much wearing only the c-string and walked right in front of the lifeguard tower.  There weren't that many people out, while up and walking I'd guess only 10-20 people saw me but nobody made any comments at all.  So don't fear wearing your thong or g-string here!
brocker36 #44

Re:Long Beach California

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It finally happened...I was out recently, on a somewhat cloudy day and the beach was actually almost empty.  I was wearing my c-string, and after being out for an hour and a half, minding my own business and even saying hi to one of the lifeguards who went out for a walk (for no apparent reason, the beach was for all intents and purposes empty).  That first lifeguard gave me a friendly hello.  A while later the lifeguard truck rolled by and two guys got out and informed me it wasn't a nude beach.  I told them I wasn't nude, and showed them that I was indeed covered.  They said that it wasn't appropriate and I needed to be covered "around" (their words).  They did not say that one's bottom needed to be covered.  They asked if I could cover up.  I told them I was sorry for their inconvenience and proceeded to pull on a rio-back because it was at the top of my bag.  They were very polite up to the end, when they said "if we have to come back we'll have to call the cops."  I felt that rather unnecessary since I showed them that I was indeed not nude when they did roll up and was complying with their request.  Alas, not a big deal.  I was in fact needing to leave about 15 minutes after they stopped by.  So I hung out for a bit and then went on my way.  I didn't have time that day to spend discussing matters with them, and for other reasons I likely won't be back to this beach regularly for a while.  I almost said, to the lifeguard "go ahead, what I'm wearing is not illegal" but thought better of escalating the situation.  I'll be sticking to thongs when I am back at this beach. 
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Re:Long Beach California

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The decision not to deliberately escalate the situation was probably very wise.  
I think you been wearing a proper thong or G-string with visible side straps there would not have been a problem in the first place.

The problem with the C-String Is that from almost all angles, except the front, you look nude. I don't know why people bother with these.  They have more frontal coverage than some of the micro swimsuits from other vendors, yet seem to cause the wearers more trouble and grief.  

If you don't want can lines from side straps, simply have narrow side straps and move them around a bit.  I have no tan lines from side straps.  None at all. Yet I always wear a thong or G-string that has side straps.

I don't like suits with just skinny elastic or spaghetti straps because they cut into my flesh and give me a muffin top affect. So I always have some sort of side strap even if it's only 1/3 of an inch wide.  Yet I don't have any tan lines from them because I very the suit from day-to-day. I don't make any deliberate attempt to move around the side straps from that days suit. I just don't wear them so tight that the side straps always fall in the same place.  

I do suggest that when people are wearing a micro suit that the side straps being a contrasting high visibility color, So that the casual observer or lifeguard doesn't think that you are nude, and you don't have incidents like this.
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Re:Long Beach California

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 Yes it's possible to charge you with "disturbing the peace" for that if you resisted/didn't comply.  The fact that they may get multiple reports of nude dude then they provide the solution and you don't comply.   Same as if you were playing loud music and they said you must turn it down to avoid more complaints- yes it is sort of "law by majority"   The only peace you may be disturbing is the lifeguard's daydreaming or a cops coffee break but these things happen.This is the reason I don't wear a baggie on most public beaches- at semi private pool or southbeach pool people see you're not naked and there's no room for mistakes.
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Re:Long Beach California

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I Agree with both JM & sailor.  What strikes me most odd is that I had worn the same thing previous times right in front of the lifeguards with no problem at all.  I'm sure it was someone else that complained... but the beach was literally empty, so it must have been someone from one of the houses that can see out over the beach.  From the houses I'm sure I would have appeared nude when laying on my front, which is what I was doing most of the time time to even out my tan a bit.
Most of my thongs I wear, and even the c-string, are highly visible in color.  The only thing I wish I would have done differently in this case was to cover up with a thong instead.
Regarding the c-string, it's quite comfortable... sometimes moreso than a thong.  I have thongs with skinny straps but even then I end up with lighter sections even when adjusting them around while tanning.  Sometimes I like the tan lines, but I was trying the c-string to see how I liked not having the tan lines at all on the side.  I must admit, I was also interested to see people's reaction.  I guess I got it!
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Re:Long Beach California

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 Bingo --a caller to 911 from a multi million dollar beachfront house will get them out there faster than some cagey lady calling on a cell from down the beach!
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Re:Long Beach California

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 Thinking of heading up to Long Beach today. Anyone from the Board planning to be out there today?
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Re:Long Beach California

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 Was out in my thong suit yesterday, everything was great until a guy came by with his daughter. He said "hey buddy, you mind covering up?" I said yea sure and put my board shorts over my lap, as they passed the guy said "better than me calling the cops huh?" I replied with well it's not illegal for me to wear a thong. He proceeded to tell me to check the code and he called the police. About 10minutes passed and not knowing the acctual codes, I decided rather than risking a ticket I'd just go ahead and leave. I'm having a hard time finding a specific code so if anyone has a link to it that would be great to have. Why can't Americans be comfortable with their skin and not be afraid of their bodies???
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