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JM_Runs #51

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/14/2014 02:30:27Copy HTML

I suspect the only thing a cop would have done, if you were against the code, would ask you to cover up.  I don't live there but based on the prior history in this thread I think thongs are probably perfectly ok.  
It is quite possible he was from a different city and was under the misapprehension that the rules in his town were the same as yours, or was an ass and blowing smoke.  Just a bully. 

It may be a good idea to go ask one of the life guards. 
brocker36 #52

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/14/2014 06:13:17Copy HTML

Here's the code:https://library.municode.com/HTML/16115/level3/VOI_TIT9PUPEMOWE_CH9.20NU.html#VOI_TIT9PUPEMOWE_CH9.20NU_9.20.050MIBENUPUPLPLOPPUVI
lindros #53

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/14/2014 06:54:57Copy HTML

And here's the pertinent section from that muni-code:

"It shall be unlawful for any person to appear, bathe, sunbathe, walk, or be in any public place or place open to public view in such manner so as to expose the human male or female genitals, vulva, pubis, pubic hair, cleft of the buttocks, perineum, or anus with less than a fully opaque covering, and/or to expose the nipples and/or the areola of the female breasts with less than a fully opaque covering. This provision may not be complied with by applying an opaque covering simulating the appearance of the specific anatomical part required to be covered. Violation hereof is a misdemeanor."

From reading that I would think that thongs are prohibited since they expose the "cleft of the buttocks".
ParadiseRobin #54

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/14/2014 09:18:53Copy HTML

The cleft of the buttocks is the butt crack.  Hence, I believe thongs are legal.
lindros #55

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/14/2014 10:51:40Copy HTML

Since when do thongs cover the butt crack? Maybe they cover the very top of the butt crack where there's often a little triangle of material, but not the lower 80% or so.
max77056 #56

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/17/2014 02:08:18Copy HTML

Re: Shaggy29 --  I think you were a gentlemen to cover up as you did. I like Long Beach and think it is a great area for sunning. But I have seen thongs on this beach before and it is not illegal. I think my reply would have been "Dude, I already checked with the cops and it is OK to thong here but thanks for your concern!" I also respect that you did not want any headaches. The earlier threads here will confirm that several folks like to thong on this beach. And I do agree that Americans are way too uptight about social nudity - but what can we do except not let the idiots spoil our day at the beach?
32189 #57

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/19/2014 02:18:31Copy HTML

 Thonging in Long Beach is legal.  I have looked at the muni code before and the cleft of the buttocks is different than the buttocks.  If you look at other muni codes it will say "buttocks...shall not be exposed" meaning thongs are illegal.  Some do not mention buttocks at all like Newport Beach or Huntington Beach codes and some I have seen say cleft of the buttocks which can be a little confusing but it is really not so much once you know what the cleft is.  
lindros #58

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/20/2014 01:37:18Copy HTML

Of course anal cleft is different from the buttocks. According to Wiki anal cleft is the groove between the buttocks (i.e., butt crack).

However, given that definition I still fail to see how a thong swimsuit covers the anal cleft. Here's a picture of a standard thong swimsuit.

Can you see the butt crack? Yes. Therefore according to the municode the suit is not legal.

Lido Key beach in Sarasota has a similar ordinance prohibiting exposure of anal cleft that was enacted in about 1990 after much controversy. Today the code isn't really enforced, but just after it was adopted there were many arrests for those wearing thongs on the beach because those suits do not cover the anal cleft.

I don't live anywhere near Long Beach, but perhaps it's the same situation as Lido Key, where it's technically illegal but not enforced.

Camloser #59

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/20/2014 02:29:43Copy HTML

 I have been spotted by both sheriff and lifeguards in LB in a g-string and been left alone. Not saying its legal, but I wasn't told to cover up...this was a year or so ago on a work trip. 
FlossDaily #60

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:11/08/2014 03:23:32Copy HTML

 Thongs are legal on the beach in Long Beach--I called the police and asked a couple of years ago, and if you are confused about the subject, you should do the same.  The problem with municipal code is that it is open to interpretation, and in this case, the interpretation of what is meant by coverage of the "cleft of the buttocks."  The police are quite friendly when you ask them a question that makes it obvious that you are simply trying to comply with the law...you can call their information number if you'd prefer not to speak with an officer in person about it.
mrhb2008 #61

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/13/2015 09:19:20Copy HTML

 Well, for the first time in 15 years a life guard told me my swim wear was against the law.  ?!?!?!  In Long Beach no less.  I was south of the auatic center & only on the sand for about 20 minutes.  I got up to get in the water to cool of and as I came out a lfeguard truck was parked near where I was set up.  After I got back to my chair, he informed me that my suit didn't cover my butt crack and was illegal in Long Beach.  There are better beaches to go to.  I am self exiling from Long Beach!
JM_Runs #62

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/13/2015 10:18:52Copy HTML

Write a note to the city manager and ask if it is just the homophobia of the lifeguard in question,
or if the city enforces the same against women in thongs.  (cc Head Lifeguard.)
mrhb2008 #63

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/15/2015 12:31:35Copy HTML

 You know what JM,  I'm gonna do just that!  Gracias!
colinmh23 #64

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/24/2015 10:57:10Copy HTML

 I'm going to Long Beach on Thursday next (staying at the Westin) and the weather is forecast to be warm and sunny. Where's now the best place to thong there? I'd like to be among like-minded people.

Thanks in advance

Camloser #65

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/24/2015 11:01:30Copy HTML

 I've thonged a few times right by the old deco building (ocean blvd?) and had no one even around. I just checked your hotel is like right across from where I'm talking about. (Down from the volleyball on the beach)
colinmh23 #66

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/25/2015 10:51:43Copy HTML

 Thanks, Camloser.
I see the volleyball courts marked on Google Maps, is I'm guessing you mean East from there. Which deco building are you referring to? I'll be heading there most of Thursday and Friday morning too. Black Olaf Benz swim thong :-)
Camloser #67

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/26/2015 11:25:12Copy HTML

 Yep...just walk down the beach from there...I have gone up to showers right at courts in gstrings, but then covered up to walk out to parking lot...
colinmh23 #68

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/26/2015 11:28:44Copy HTML

 Thank you. Weather looking good so I shall go. Short walk from the hotel too, and hopefully see some other thinkers there.
colinmh23 #69

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/26/2015 11:29:25Copy HTML

 *hahah thongers
colinmh23 #70

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/29/2015 10:49:41Copy HTML

 So I walked the whole length of the beach from Naples to the volleyball courts and there were only two girls in thongs the whole way. Beautiful day, I pitched up briefly about halfway and spent about an hour in my Olaf Benz thong. A few people passed on the shoreline but no looks, nothing and the Lifeguard truck drove on by. Shame there weren't more guys but overall a pleasant experience.
JM_Runs #71

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:07/21/2016 12:26:43Copy HTML

Went out to Long Beach for work early so I decided to check out the thonging options.  I was surprised how sparsely populated the beach was considering the weather in mid-July.  Went to the section just south of the bluffs with easy parking off Ocean Blvd and Junipero.  Bixpy Park is at the top of the bluffs, you can drive right down into the parking area from there.  Arrived by 11AM, parked on the Westernmost edge of the parking area where there are restrooms and showers.  Walked towards the high rise buildings and the first lifeguard station.  I laid closer to the tall building with a pool both face up and ass up for over 2 hours.  It got really hot today but I was really far from the water in this location so I had to pack up a bit to take a dip.  Walked across the long stretch of beach and the bike path in my thong.  Once I got in the water in my thong and came out to my towel, I just decided to stay close to the water.  Quite a few passersby.  More than a few tried to be sly about taking photos of me as I laid face down.  Nobody made any comments, no hassles from the lifeguards who cruised by 3 times.  I'll be back on a weekday for sure.  
NudeSunner #72

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:09/26/2016 11:02:30Copy HTML

Ok, went down and layed out for 3 hours, when I arrived there was one guy in a thong already laying out and another guy in a speedo, I disrobed to my thong and set up where I was going to lay out. I had no problems at all, many adults walked by as the time went on with out any comments or problems. 
If you just stick to yourself, make sure there are no kids around and you don't have any genitalia hanging out., All is good. 
Reality is, women Wear really skimpy bikinis and frankly their asses hang out all the time, if they can do it so can we.
Really, what's the difference?
32189 #73

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/02/2016 03:36:37Copy HTML

i laid in my thong in Long Beach earlier this year and had no problems either.  in my years of laying out i have laid out plenty of times around kids and never had a problem.  i really do not believe kids notice and it is the parents you have to worry about.  but even still, i have never had a parent say anything to me.  glad you had a good time laying out in long beach.  
NudeSunner #74

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/08/2016 04:58:04Copy HTML

 I had some time off today so I went down to the LB pennensula across from Ripples and layed out in my thong today. 3 wonderful hours!There were some motorcycle patrol officers riding their motorcycles on the bike path past me twice, I know they saw me but did not stop to acknowledge me at all. I was sweating it, but I did have my shorts near by in the event that they approached me. I would have covered up had they asked. 
Had quite a few passers by walking past me, lots of looks and a couple of guys who made multiple passes, the cursory head nod hello,  no one stopped to speak to me. 
In all a wonderful afternoon of thong sunning. 
JM_Runs #75

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:10/08/2016 06:59:43Copy HTML

For "Contacts" and future beach meetups please see the Long Beach thread under the Contacts section of the board:

thongdude213 #76

Re:Long Beach California

Date Posted:02/16/2019 09:49:26Copy HTML

Came here once. Gotta come again
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