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Date Posted:06/28/2018 02:01:08Copy HTML

The UK has a reality TV show, a bit like Big Brother, called Love Island.  

They take their UK prejudices and prududices to play in a vilia, in the photogenic Spanish Sunshine.

The women are young, fit, fabulous and some wear proper thongs.  Apparently this is getting more young people in the UK to wear thongs. 

tobias5711 #1

Re:Love Island

Date Posted:06/28/2018 02:24:20Copy HTML

JM, I have always thought if hot young actors and actresses wore thongs in a positive way and not as a joke, more young people would wear them. Just this week I was at the lake in a g-string and 2 young 18, 19 yr old guys saw me. One waved to me, so I went over and talk to them. They had just graduated from high school. They both thought what I was wearing was cool. Another group of younger boys saw me earlier and one guy made sure to wave twice. In the last few years I found teenagers  look at me in a positive way when they see me in a thong or g-string. 

I have made a point to always talk to people around me. I talk to fishermen, people in kayaks, on floats, people walking by. Most are surprised I am just a normal friendly guy, and will sometimes end up talking with me for up to an hour. 
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