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Date Posted:12/16/2007 03:01:13Copy HTML

This only relates to Sheraton and Hyatt, but I've been swimming at both of these in very skimpy swimwear.I got the No-tie Nada from Nu-Parr and it really covers very little in back, although it is not a thong. The important detail here is that these two hotels seem to have a "just wear something" policy. They do not allow nudity, but as long as you wear "something" you're OK.Same goes for a near-thong I got from He Swimwear and had made in tan-thru. No problems.So go for it! I expect that the policy is similar at many other places, so just be cool.Pete
clubthongs #1

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:12/17/2007 02:32:10Copy HTML

Locale also plays an important role. I recently felt very comfortable wearing thongs at the pool at the Hyatt Regency Acapulco but when I have stayed at Hyatts in the US I have worn more traditional rio back bikinis.
heeledmarc #2

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:12/19/2007 03:55:08Copy HTML

I only put thongs or g-strings in my suitcase when I am travelling. Though, I fell sometimes the center of attention, I never had any issues in major hotels (I am a Marriott and Hilton card holder, sometimes stay in Meridien as well). My behavior with thongs and g-strings is natural, not showing off, not boucing my butt in front of kids, just natural. So if you want to do it, do it!
jjoohhnnyy #3

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/04/2008 01:50:02Copy HTML

I was staying at a Hyatt for work for a few days attending a seminar. The seminar wasn't at the Hyatt, it was at a really expensive hotel down the street. My company couldn't afford putting me there. At the Hyatt there's a 2 lane lap pool and a small workout room attached with locker rooms. Like at most hotels, there wasn't a life guard.  I went down to workout at 6 in the morning.  Not another soul was there for the hour when I was in there, so I decided the next morning I would try some laps in a thong the next morning.

I woke up the next morning, put on my thong. It's nothing extreme, just a black thong with 1 inch sides. I wore sweats and a sweat shirt. I got down there and it wasthe same as the first day, not another person working out or swimming.

I went in the locker room and grabbed a towel, went out to the pool and set the towel and my bottle of water on a table and went back into the locker room to change. I pulled off my sweats and shirt, put them in a locker and headed for the pool. It's weird wearing a thong at an indoor pool. I've only wore one at a beach, not many times. I quickly jumped in and started doing my laps. When i was half way done I took a break, got out of the pool and drank some water.  Still there was no one around.  I got back in and started swimming again.

When I was almost done, I heard a door close. Out of the corner of my eye I saw two women had entered the pool area. They were older, I'd say in their 40's. I was really nervous, I knew sooner or later these women were going to see me in a thong.  They both were talking to each other then suddenly stopped and started whispering are a few seconds. I knew they had noticed what I was wearing. 

I was still doing laps, swimming on my side with my head out of the water. They walked along the side of the pool and set their stuff on the table right next to mine. I was near that end of the pool, one of them made eye contact with me and asked how the water was. I said "kinda cold right when you get in but it's not too bad after you get used to it." The other woman got in the pool and started doing laps. She was wearing swim goggles and I could tell she was checking me out as she swam by me. The woman I talked to was still out of the pool.

I decided to get out. I climbed up the ladder and walked towarded her to get my towel. She was staring at my suit and didn't try to hide that fact. She picked up my towel and handed it to me, I toweled off my face. She said "good swim?" I said "Oh yeah" and set my towel down and grabbed my water.

She said "I love your suit." I joked and said "Well, less is more, right?" Still staring at my suit she said "I don't know, let me see" and then made a motion with her hand for me to spin around. I did. As I turned I saw the other woman in the pool had stopped swimming, taken her goggles off and was leaning on the edge right next to us staring up at me. The one out of the pool said "Yep, less is definitely more."

I started walking towards the mens locker room door, the one out of the pool said "Nice seeing you!" I looked back and smiled, and left. 

Ex_Member #4

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/04/2008 02:22:59Copy HTML

Wow. That's a great story.<div>I too thong in hotel pools only if I know there won't be anyone there.I  usually do it more early mornings when the pool opens. With so many hotel pools with security cameras installed, there must've been some hotel staff that have seen me in my thong.</div>
jjoohhnnyy #5

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/04/2008 02:41:54Copy HTML

didn't think about hotel cameras in the pool area! maybe more people saw me than just those two women!
Mako Hawaii #6

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/05/2008 03:30:19Copy HTML

I had a business trip once and stayed in a major hotel and after a few day got up the courage to wear a g-string to the indoor pool. I had not run into anyone for about a week swimming so I changed it. Well nothing exciting but a few good laps. Then a few day after I got comfortable with the G-string I decided to try out my baggie swimming in the water. Well I walked down to the pool late in the evening for my swim wearing only a baggie and a towel wrapped around my waist. Since I wasn't used to anyone being there I just walked in and dropped my towel on a chair and turned toward the pool and saw two women sitting in the hot tub drinking a bottle of wine. I was shocked and stopped dead in my tracks. They smiled and laughed and said the girl at the front desk told them about a guest who swims in a g-string. Well from what they say there was no string from there view. So I turned to face them so they could see I wasn't completely naked and they said too bad. the older woman had on a one piece and the younger one had on a G-string bottom and was topless. I said I hope they were not offended and they said no problem and to join them in the hot tub after my swim, whick I did.later I saw the girl at the front desk and she smiled and said I see you met some friends tonight at the pool I said yeah. She said they had been watching me swim all week and since I had the essential covered and didn't bother anyone they had no problem with my suits but they did warn the ladies. That was when the younger one asked if she could go topless and the girl at the counter said she didn't see any harmin it
Beachlover492000 #7

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/24/2008 02:57:16Copy HTML

You guys are really daring. I have often worn tiny bikinis at hotel pools in the U.S., but not a g-string. Of course where I'm at Caribbean resort it's another story. The closest I ever came was that I did wear a Greg Perry Tarzan thong at hotel in Orlando. That suit has a flap that covers a thong back, and it takes a gust of wind or dive into the water to make it flip up. I did hear a couple of wolf whistles from the usual young male "guardians of morality," but it was still fun.
JM_Runs #8

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/24/2008 03:28:16Copy HTML

After doing a race in Orlando we returned to the hotel in the middle of the afternoon went to soke in the hotel hot tub.  This hotel was a low budget family place built around a central glass covered court yard where the pools were, so the pool and hot tub were protected from the rain.  I wore a thong swimsuit.

My girlfriend was a little dubious about me wearing a thong in the middle of the afternoon in a place filled with children and families. Trying to acting totally normally I just went ahead. When I climbed in there was a surprised look from some of the people in the large hot tub type pool. After we got to talking with another couple and their children every one then acted totally normally and later one mother even said she liked the suit.

It helped that it was not one of my more extreme thongs, it has one of the most conservative fronts, although the rear is a very narrow thong.

I think the reaction would have been different if I had not had my girlfriend with me, or if she telegraphed signs of discomfort to the other people in the pool.

Because there is a natural tendency for people to put up their guard when dealing with a single male, having some one else like a girlfriend or wife around, who acts nonchalantly to your thong wearing, telegraphs that you are not a threat and allows people to quickly warm up to you.

I_wishin #9

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/31/2008 04:07:45Copy HTML

 My wife and I spent the weekend at the new DaysInn In Regina,Sask. I wore a string side,semi-sheer animal print Rio cut bikini and my wife wore a Wicked Weasel lace top and a front & back slide string bottom to swim in the pool. We suspect I received more glances than she did. In the hot tub she wore both top and bottom to her black lace Wicked Weasel g-string. I admit it was a quiet weekend so at the most there were maybe 10 people in the pool,most of them younger than us. When we are in a new environment we tend to be on the cautious/conservative side(such as this weekend) until we can discover what is acceptable. But we both make a point never to travel without both a thong and g-string swim suit for both of us.
svqergo1 #10

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:03/02/2008 09:17:12Copy HTML

I've been thonging at major hotels (mostly Marriott brands) for 2+ years now (15 different hotels, mostly in California, totalling 20+ occasions) and I agree with the "just wear something" theory.  I've had hotel staff (in addition to guests) see me and not say anything.
svqergo1 #11

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:03/04/2008 01:28:02Copy HTML

 Good luck.  Let us know how it turns out.
DavyJ #12

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:03/20/2008 11:47:51Copy HTML

I have thonged in hotel pools many times and can't recall any problems.  Usually I will ask first if I have reason to suspect there may be a problem, but I am not sure that is really necessary.  My suggestion to anyone that is unsure as to whether they should or should not is to simply try it and see what happens.  If you ask first, then the worst thing that can happen is that they will say no (unlikely), in which case you aren't any worse off then if you had never asked.  Then if anyone complains (not likely) you can mention that you have "management's approval".
svqergo1 #13

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:03/20/2008 11:57:08Copy HTML

I've actually never asked beforehand.  I'd apologize and ask for forgiveness if there was a problem, but I've never had to.
modelnude4u #14

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:03/27/2008 12:32:28Copy HTML

HOtel thonging has always been one of my favorite reasons to travel.  I've had plenty of fun with people but most of them just let you be as long as you're not being a freak.
Ex_Member #15

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:06/12/2008 05:17:26Copy HTML

I alway wear a thong or g-string when I visit a hotel pool or sauna / steam room - either here in the UK or abroad. I am usually the only person wearing such gear. Once, I felt overdressed! I stayed in a hotel near Windsor, UK and, since it was a Friday night, there were very few guests so I headed for the pool and got changed into my g-string. I exited from the changing room and could see there was a guy in the pool and a girl in the jaccuzi. I walked into the pool and the guy said "sorry - we didn't think anyone would come in". I then saw he was naked. "No problem" I said - his partner was also nude it transpired. He swam a little more then his partner joined him - they swam a little longer then left to get changed. I saw them in the bar later but they seemed embarrassed and didn't want to make conversation. I saw them again in the pool next morning - I wore a g-string again - they were wearing normal swimwear.
The busiest hotel I visited with a g-string was the Adelphi in Liverpool - I never had any problems either in the pool or sauna / steam rooms.
Sometimes I go naked - a hotel in Carcassonne had a small health suite - I wore a small posing pouch when swimming but, after a while removed it to use the sauna. I stayed nude when I went for a dip in the pool and decided to remain naked. A couple of ladies came down - one to look at the pool, her friend to use it. I was in the pool - she had forgotten to get a key to the door to the changing rooms and asked if I could help - I got out of the pool and got my key and handed it to her - she didn't bat an eyelid. She joined me (with swimwear) in the pool and sauna - we had a chat but she never commented on the fact that I was naked. I went naked every day after that - no-one appeared to mind at all.
DavyJ #16

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:06/23/2008 08:27:51Copy HTML

Wow, that is pretty impressive!  I have worn a thong in hotel pools, sauna'a, hot tubs before, but have never tried going nude, (except for a few times when I knew no one else would be around).  Don't think you could get away with that here in ths USA.
tbck1000 #17

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:06/23/2008 09:55:22Copy HTML

 I've often slipped off my thong while soaking in the hotel hot tub at night.  What a great feeling, but you have to be careful.  I have been spotted before.  Usually, the bubble/jets make the water too turbulent to see through, but one hotel I went to recently had very weak jets and a very bright under water light.  I went for it anyway, and after a half hour or so Iooked up and there were two ladies looking down at me from their balcony - passing back and forth a pair of binoculars!

Another time, I went to the front desk after a nice nude soak to ask for something.  The girl behind he desk giggled  as she  helped me.  That's when I looked behind the desk and  saw a bank of closed circuit TV monitors with one showing the hot tub...
Mary0826 #18

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/05/2019 06:27:53Copy HTML

I just got back from a New Year Eve party in Indianapolis our company had for some of it's suppliers in Indiana.  We stayed at a Sheraton Hotel. There is a shopping mall (indoor) attached to the hotel.  It was a bit pricy, and had only up-scale places to shop, but we did walk around here to use up some energy.


Brad and Frank and Scott came along as my guests since we could all stay in one room.  We had a really good time -- and the weather was between 50 and 60 degrees so I wasn't even bothered that much by the cold weather or the fact it was Winter.  The pool is on the third floor if I remember right.  (My memory is sort of fuzzy from all the drinks and other things we were doing.)


The pool and the large hot-tub were both made of stainless steel!  I have never been in a stainless steel swimming pool, but it makes sense since once it is made, it will not corrode and will not leak.  A leak could shut down the lobby/restaurant area for days to fix and repair. 


They had a continuous drain around the entire pool and hot tub which was just a tiny bit lower than the water level.  Water from any splashing or waves would go down this drain, keep the surface of the pool increadably smooth.  The water flowed into this linear drain like a 360 degree waterfall.  The smooth water surface permitted clear observation of what was happening under the water surface.


When we were checking in Scott ask about thong swimsuits.  The 20 something lady at the desk said they were okay and that they had never seen as many girls and young women in them as they saw last summer (2018).  She said the ladies were wearing them in the pool, hot tub, and on the outdoor sun deck that was seperated from the pool by a row of windows. 


Brad, who is the boldest, ask if guys could wear thongs too.  She said she had heard a few times last summer about men who wore thongs when visiting the hotel, and that everyone in management knew about it and nobody said a thing, except to say men were doing "it".  She also said that she had only seen a guy in a thong once, on a beach in Florida, but he was about a block away and that she wouldn't mind getting a closer look at some cute guy who was similarly dressed.


She said that since the hotel had no spedific rules about men wearing thongs that she certainly wouldn't object if either I or one or more of my male friends wore thongs.  She did say we had to make sure we wore "real" swimwear and not just underwear since they did have a couple of girls who bought lacy thong panties and matching bras at the Victoria's Secrets at the mall and wore them in the pool and on the sun deck and it did create some issues for the hotel.


Brad assured her that we only wear swimwear when we are swimming or sunning, and she said "as long as you wear clothing that was made to swim or sun in, anything would be okay."  He then suggested that she come to the pool a little later if she wanted to see a guy in a thong since we all planned to take a dip before dinner. 


Frank ask if something with a "little" less coverage, like a G-string or something else a "little" skimpier would be okay.  Again she responded that any clothing designed for swimming or sunning and sold as swimwear would be okay.  Scott announced that he was comfortable wearing nothing but thongs, but that the other guys might wear a "lot less" as long as nobody cared.  She said that sounded interesting.


After checking out the room and changing into swimwear (and getting a good buzz), we put some coverup cloths on and headed to the pool.  Brad as promised wore a yellow g-string and Scott wore a more traditional thong.  Frank put on a baggy but wore some very short nylon (?) swimtrunks made in the 1970's that he got on e-bay.  I wore a black G-string. 


The guys went down bare-chested, and wore just their thongs or swim shorts in the case of Frank.  We didn't meet anyone on the way to the pool which sort of upset them a bit since they are all exhibitionists and love to show as much of their bodies off whenever they can.  I put on a pair of short, distressed cut-offs and an open-side T-shirt which was very thin and which showed off my swimsuit top nicely and which Scott had made with only about a two-inch back. 


Things were surprisingly slow at the pool and we were the only ones there, probably because it was mid-day.  Frank slipped out of his trunks when we first claimed a table and our chairs.  "This way my sorts won't get wet," he explained.  He spent the rest of the time at the pool in his baggy which did cover everything necessary, but not a millimeter more. 


Brad started to tease me and suggest maybe I should take my swimsuit top off.  I didn't do this voluntarily, but at the same time didn't put up any resistance when Frank and Brad ganged up on me and untied my top and took it off, much to Scott's amusement.  Frank then took it back up and put it on the table with the rest of our stuff. 


After doing this, he decided to look at the rules signs about use of the pool and hot tub.  "No swimwear rules here," he called out as he read each sign.  After checking things out inside he spent a minute or two looking at the sun deck and view of the city out the window.  He then went out on the sun deck but since the furniture was not set up could only stand there looking over the railing at the city view.  It was probably warm enough to be outside, but there was a strong wind and he soon came in saying the wind made it cold.


About this time, another couple came to the pool.  The man was a guy from my work, but two or three steps up the executive ladder.  "Cute swimsuit," he said to me very casually.  "I'm surprised the hotel lets you swim topless."  For the first time it dawned on me that everything under the water was easily visible from the side due to the amazingly smooth water surface.  The fact I was topfree obviously irritated his wife.


I ask if one of the guys would get my top, but they all refused.  I really didn't mind being topfree in front of this guy since in the Summer we would see each other over at Lake Lauramie State Park (Ohio).  This happened a few times a week after we got off work since the park is not too far from our offices.  On warmer days, we both liked to use the beach and catch some late-day sun after work, and I usually wore no more than a thong and rarely even bothered with a top, even when I walked from the parking area to the sand. 


My co-workers positive reactions didn't surprise me that much, but even though we had seen each other at the beach and sometimes even laid out together with only inches between our bodies, and even though he had seen me in much skimpier swimwear, like "invisible" G-strings, suspender suits, or beach wear that was shear this was the first time he said anything about my swimsuit.


Brad loves to show off is body and had already pulled his swimsuit off when this couple came to the pool.  A black lady about 40 came by with more towels.  Brad got out of the water to grab a few while she put them on the shelves, and she said she wished more guys would swim nude, or at least wear swimwear like Frank and Scott had on.  She said that she would should warn us that they had a closed circuit TV to monitor the pool area, but that as long as nobody complained, we probably could wear whatever we wanted.  The wife of the executive really liked seeing Brad running aorund the pool area and between the pool and the hot tub in the buff, and also liked Frank's baggy.


After the black lady left, the lady from the front desk came around to "check things out".  She said she saw we had gotten down to the pool on the closed circuit TV.  This time all three men I came with got out of the water one-by-one.  They did sort of a fashion show for the lady, getting out of the water on the far end of the pool, walking past her to the towel shelving, and then ruturning to stand close to where she was.  They made sure she saw every inch of exposed skin as they did their little show.  Scott in his traditional thong went first, Frank in his baggy went second, and last was Brad, wearing just his birthday suit and a big grin.


I don't think she expected any of my men to be so casual about showing off.  She ask the guy I work with and his wife if they were offended, and they said "no".  She then said she would not stop them from wearing thongs and the guys could even wear baggies, but that in the future, none of them could be naked.  She also said that while she thought that it should only be fair for me to go topfree since men could do the same, that in the future, I would have to wear "some type of a top".


She even suggested that arrangements could be made to use the pool after hours if we wanted to skinny dip or if I wanted to swim topfree.   She then thanked Scott and Frank for wearing just thongs, fulfilling something she had always wanted to see, and made a big fuss over Brad for taking it a step further.  She said she knew she would have some good dreams after seeing my men at the pool.


When it was time to leave, I trough on my open-side shirt, this time without my swimsuit top.   Frank and Brad wanted to wear just their thongs on the walk back to the room, but I made them at least cover their swimsuits with pool towels.  We got on the elevator, and the desk lady we had been talking with insisted that we had to leave the pool towels down at the pool.  She then took each of our towels away from us, gave us all a big grin, and told us to have a nice New Year.


We all used the pool a few times a day the rest of our visit, but didn't want to get into trouble so kept our swimware choices to thongs and G-strings.  I kept my top on as well.  We probably would have gone to the pool after hours, as suggested, but the pool closed at 11:00 PM and we were usually busy with customers until hours later, and were generally too tired to bother with going back to the pool just to be able to wear less.  We get a lot of chances to wear less at Ohio parks and other places, so the novelty of skinny dipping did not interest us.



Thongzo #19

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/05/2019 02:48:14Copy HTML

I wore a thong at a hotel pool when I stayed in Brussels. It was fine, except for one creepy guy who kept leering at me. But I walked into the sauna for a few minutes and then walked out and rinsed off in the pool shower right there in front of everyone. No big deal!
tbck1000 #20

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/05/2019 10:46:17Copy HTML


I have heard the comment: “...as long as it’s something made to wear for swimming..” several times and wondered how literally it was meant. I know I wear things that are not really bathing suits or underwear, as I’m sure many on this board do. These have never been questioned as bathing suits no matter how small.  This is one reason I quit asking for permission and hope not to ask for forgiveness 

ithongit #21

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/06/2019 03:51:19Copy HTML

I think the "made to wear for swimming" type comments are sort of ambiguous. Many on-line places will list their products for men as underwear/swimwear. In any event, the intention I assume it to keep things from being too suggestive, like the Victoria's Secrets underwear Mary mentions. Something that is too frilly or to thin or to tiny might be what they want to avoid. In this case, Mary and her male friends were permitted to wear pretty skimpy stuff, so maybe this rule, like most rules most places, are only enforced then there is a serious problem that they might need to deal with. I also wonder how "real" swimwear is determined. Do you need to take a copy of an ad to prove what it is? Randy has a swimsuit that was marketed that way and not as underware. It has a few holes in the front and they show genital skin all the time. If he is bold, he can slip his manhood or other personal appendages out the holes to show them off. His favorite way to wear this suit is to fish his manhood out the lower hole and back into the swimsuit through the upper hole. This is really extreme anyplace but perhaps a nude beach, but would meet the "made as/designed as" swimwear limits Mary mentions. Traci
JM_Runs #22

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/06/2019 07:47:06Copy HTML

I think the rule or phrase "made to wear for swimming" is not so much about thongs or small suits, but comes from preventing people from taking off their pants and swimming in their cotton underwear that they have been wearing all day, or week.  It is more about keeping tighty-whites with skid marks, big baggy cotton pants, or jean cuttoffs out of the pool. 

The swimming pool is not a place to wash your clothes by wearing them into the pool. Staff want you to change into something clean and fresh before entering the pool.
The same rule applies in many "proper" public swimming pools, but expressed as "no-street clothes". 

In the US some confusion is caused by men and boys who's underwear is boxer shorts, and swim suits look like baggy boxer shorts.
In many european pools such shorts would not be allowed at all, even if sold in the US as swim shorts.
The expression comes from limiting people who try to wear "too much", rather than too little.

wallygr40 #23

Re:Major hotels

Date Posted:01/07/2019 03:31:20Copy HTML

Interesting story, Mary. That hotel in about 5 minutes from my house. In fact, I have a friend of a friend that works there. I will have to ask her if there was any talk among the staff regarding it. Could be an interesting perspective.
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