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big daddy thong

Date Posted:08/31/2014 03:44:33Copy HTML

  This is just an observation from my point of view.  It seems that in American culture with all of the guilt from moral and religion restrains that men are shamed into not revealing  their penis, either in nude social settings or wearing a thong / speedo ( banana hamock) or even tights at the beach, pool or workout situations that many people considered vulgar.  Thus the case for board shorts and baggy below the knee shorts when in public.  I do believe that children need to be protected for sexual predators, but in natural and innocent settings, why is the world afraid of male frontal nudity?  Taking away the the prevert factor  of sex offenders v.s. exposing one's member in naturalist scences, men in general are taught to be  to be allowed to let it all hang out due to the Victorian mindset of male nudity.  The penis has many functions from urination to procreation.  The sight of a fully erect manhood has only been allowed in porn and is a scary sight to those seen outside private sexual viewing.  I'm not saying that a hard on in public sight is acceptable but  how can we as men not be ashamed to have our penis for the world to see either naked or in a skimpy thong.  Men should be allowed to have the right to be proud of their manhood in all conditions from soft to hard with out feeling that they have to keep it under wraps under the proper according situations.  What say you on this BOARD?
mack_back #1

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:08/31/2014 04:03:44Copy HTML

Big daddy. It's not shaming but level playing field not being judged. If every man was showing his penis outline to be seen some males would be mocked while others favored unfairly from the pack of average males. 
As for the kids they sometimes have trouble processing how individuals dress. For example i had on racerback tank top and crop leggings. While standing in line a indian mom was holding her daughters hand she maybe 8 or 9 years old. The girl kept looking back upon me. She was processing what i had on bet she never seen a man dressed as me.  To much to process and she was making a judgement call everything she was starring upon from my butt, legs, chest, abs, and yes bulge. The mom pushed her way passed from behind to get ahead of me so her child wouldn't be looking at my buns of steel or open upper muscular back. Yet the  child kept turning her head looking at me. 
So adults just ignore me while children are more honest. They know i stand out maybe admired or intrigued but attention and distraction. This is not good when things need to be done or concentration and safety is important.
Ex_Member #2

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:09/01/2014 12:45:42Copy HTML

 I do not parade around in a arroused state in my thong or g-strings, but all of my thongs and g-strings are unlined and my penis is outlined. The lighter color ones tend to get sheer when wet.  I have no problem with that, but am very careful when i exit the water. Sometimes I have no choice. A man should never be ashamed of his manhood. I refuse to feel guilt or  shame of my body just because some closed minded person tries to project that on me. 
tanlines2thin #3

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:09/01/2014 10:49:30Copy HTML

From the very first time I sported myself out in a Gee for public consumption, I've had a half-way decent physique. Consequently, the guilt or emotion of shame has never been part of the equation. Chalk it up to my exhibitionist streak, but - in a manner of speaking - I totally enjoy putting myself on display.

For me, It is all about the sun-worshipping in a very sexy Gee.
I accept that 99 % of society either don't have the backbone or stomach for who I am, they do not concern me.
Eyowell1968 #4

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:09/01/2014 01:51:21Copy HTML

In this very moment penis has became a taboo, so has vagina and female nipples. I'd like, if you don't mind, to go back in time when some people think clothing began. It is very likely that covering of genitalia started as a protective measure rather than a consequence of shame. Everyone that are regular of clothing optional places or have to work with naked people (eg a doctor) know that genitalia lose their attractive without context. Many primitive cultures have no taboo with genitalia viewing and, in the other hand, other cultures have taboo concerning some parts of body that are not for us (female faces in some part of middle east). If I go a little further I can say that barely covering a part of our bodies (genitalia or nipples) without showing them frontally could be a game with that taboo. That's not bad by itself, it's a game. Wearing thongs or bikinis or whatever is part of this game that most of the western world seems to have accepted. Personally I think that view of penis shouldn't be so demonized; maybe we have agreed not to show some parts of our bodies in some contexts, but children must be taught that genitalia are not filthy by themselves and are simply a part of our bodies. Is my idea too that much of the "naughty" vision of our genitalia come from regular and adult oriented media; I was very surprised the first time I heard about "camel toes"; before that I didn't know there was so much attention put in this specific situation and now there are even webpages devoted exclusively to this. Penises, vaginas and nipples are parts of our bodies that are as natural as ourselves and that we simply have agreed not to show all the time to everybody; they are not "perverted" by nature.
Ex_Member #5

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:09/02/2014 03:27:43Copy HTML

 I don't feel it's about others at all. It's all about your own self worth. If you think you look good, that's what matters. I had no problem going nude or in a thong years ago, and I occasionally do now, but I've let myself go, and prefer to wear shorts. 
nospam_TN1 #6

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:09/03/2014 03:42:24Copy HTML

big daddy:  I used to believe that theory too, but I easily disproved it by going commando with nothing but thin, hideously worn-out, almost see through, unlined gym shorts at waterparks and on those river tubing tours.  Everything is flopping around for the world to see, yet no one said a thing to me about.  However, if I'd dared to replace those shorts with a double layer of 5" side speedos, I would have certainly been harrassed by somebody at those same places.  I know because I've tried that before too.

I do this on purpose now, as a way of expressing an orwellian contempt for those who would mock or harrass me.  I do not like this, and I am not comfortabe, and even feel overexposed in those shorts, but I do it anyway.  I do not offer them my best, but instead save the very worst for the places that will have the greatest population of rednecks.  The best fitting briefs are for actual training or laying in the sun.  Worn-out, 10 year old see-through gym shorts from walmart are for the viewing pleasure of the rednecks present at the places I where sometimes end up swimming. 
John Howard #7

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:09/03/2014 05:23:43Copy HTML

 @ nospam_TN1

I think that what you do by wearing the walmart pair of shorts at those environments is quite funny,  you made me laugh,  rednecks like to mock guys wearing speedos, then why not parade wearing the walmart shorts, with surprise included...

I have a similar story back in the eighties, my former girlfriend had a beach house and I used to spend the day with her at the beach......
I used to wear a Hom 1 inch string bikini back then, nobody dared to wear rio bikinis that tiny  at that time, My girlfriend's sister had a boyfriend, he used to wear cheap running shorts as bathers, this was almost the norm for a lot of guys.
One day we were all sunning at the beach, ,  the guy fell asleep on his towel, and one of his hairy testicles came out of his cheap shorts for everyone to see;  there wasn't a big fuss about this;  however the immodesty of my Hom's was the topic of conversation most of the time.
This suit was made in France and was top quality product;  it was impossible for anyone to see even a milimetre of my genitals, however still now after so many years, my ex girlfriend and her circle of friends keep talking about me the guy who sunbaked almost naked wearing the loincloth ; but  nobody talks about the guy with the hairy testicle on display.

It's true, a good pair of speedos or a thong does the best job by covering the areas of the anatomy that need to be covered, whereas a pair of running shorts doesn't;   ironically the profile of a bulge completely covered can become more offensive than the actual genitalia exposed for everyone to see.

Sharon73 #8

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:10/19/2014 10:56:42Copy HTML

 I agree with BigDaddy, especially when he says "Men should be allowed to have the right to be proud of their manhood in all conditions from soft to hard "I enjoy seeing men fully nude as much as I do in a thong.  I like to see what they have to offer
big daddy thong #9

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:10/21/2014 03:49:51Copy HTML

Just this last weekend I went to hot yoga class wearing my newly ordred N2N exoctic bike shorts with a anatomic push out pouch.  I also wore a rubber c ring as well.  At first I was very nervous wth my moderate protruding manhood, but I put it out of my mind when I started the class.  During yoga no one really pays attention to what any one else wears since they are concentrating on the poses.
bmicro #10

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:10/21/2014 08:35:47Copy HTML

The fascinating thing is the fact that, through history, there has been an almost cyclical set of changes in the display or covering up of various body parts. In my early days, men routinely wore bikinis and showed a bulge. On my swim team, there was a constant search for the smallest bikini that one could get by with because the amount of cloth that you wore was linked to the amount of drag. There was certainly not enough cloth to hide the outline of the "goods".
Tailors would ask if you dressed left or right because pants were so tight a little extra space was necessary and the outline was obvious. So, as men were free to show a bulge or the outline of their penis, women were frowned upon if they showed the outline of their nipple and a cameltoe was unimaginable. Times have changed!
NudeNArizona #11

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:11/29/2018 01:38:32Copy HTML

bmicro, I agree with you when I was a teenager I was a life guard at the local public pool in my neighborhood and for life guards were were required to wear RED swimsuits and back then in the early to mid 80's it was usually a Speedo type bikini for men and a RED one piece for the ladies, then as the guards were competitive we all looked for the smallest coverage bikini's and the girls protested to wear bikini's as well instead of the one piece since the guys were getting better tans. My final year life guarding I wore a bikini which was more like a RIO in coverage and then no one seemed to care, this was also around the time thongs were becoming more popular and both guys and girls were transitioning to them, even though I couldn't wear them while working there was never an issue while hanging out off the chair. Then I moved away and traveled around the world for a decade not returning to the US again until 1997 and went to Key West where G-strings and thongs were still popular but when I moved to NC in 2000 thongs on men were now considered taboo
leo40 #12

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:11/30/2018 04:23:29Copy HTML


While I love to wear g-strings, the smaller the better, my opportunities to do that are far outnumbered by my time spent weekday lapswimming in a speedo (least allowed at Y') and in weekends spent at a nudist club.  The club is typical in that full nudity is required and some body jewelry is allowed.  Most women and a few men wear piercing nipple jewelry and maybe a third of the guys wear genital jewelry, about half of those of a piercing veriety.  My own is a serpent shaft ring with no piercing needed.  Newcomers adapt to all this quite quickly (15 min.) although these are limited to persons who will come through the gate initially.  People who are against us never inquire about the non-sexual nature of social nudism and are mostly angry activists of some kind.  My biggest fear is that the declining popularity of speedo suits in the textile world will eventually impact my Y' lap swims.

roninho #13

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:11/30/2018 06:00:59Copy HTML

at school back in the 70s the actual speedo make bikini became the replacement for the old style which nylon bathing suit that we had but still in the brief speedo style. With the introduction of the 'speedo' in lightweight fabric, I became very aware that my 'good's were more evident and even the feel of the fabric against them. just one slight stroke with , say a finger nail, gave quite a pleasant feeling which then caused a bit of growth. Though just wearing a brief bikini in this fabric with so much bulge now obvious, was enough , for me anyway, to display a larger than normal flacid cock. then when a friends mother lent me his ultra small bikini in a spandex type fabric this was even more of an arousal, given that the suit was tiny in comparison to my other one and gave a really nice outline. I ended up keeping it as he didn't like it that much. Oh for those days to return!!
mack_back #14

Re:Male frontal nudity? Penis shame!

Date Posted:02/19/2019 05:07:42Copy HTML

Big Daddy has point and i as well turn on the volume so to speak when thongs are banned to be worn by males. Often a modest thong covers me more upfront thicker denier fabric actually hides the bulge outline very well. When conservative people complain seeing my bare buns and bulge front they become the moral police to complain about me being naked or half naked. When i'm told thonging is against the rules or people complaining seeing me in such swimwear mostly facing me rarely seeing my buns it gets me angry. So i raise the bar wearing speedo briefs but the fabric is much more thin and sheer when wet outlining my bulge like being painted. The complaints may continue seeing me in brief speedo's but nothing management can do since this is proper swimwear. Laugh at the reactions of others and great way to get even with my haters. Often is the case thongs show less of my manhood then regular speedo depending on the fit. Yet because i show off larger bulge people tend to feel uncomfortable because that is the main area they focus on the body. Yet if some male hiding tucking his penis wears minimal swimwear and no bulge is seen people will criticize as well. Is he a male or female then be confused or scared. Wonder if females transitioning to a male having little penis growth would be treated any differently then guy like me showing a lot of bulge.
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